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Volume 70, issue 5, 1980

Inflation and the Stock Market pp. 839-47 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
A Theory of Just Regulation pp. 848-62 Downloads
Li Way Lee
Basic Research and Productivity Increase in Manufacturing pp. 863-73 Downloads
Edwin Mansfield
Consensus Beliefs, Information Acquisition, and Market Information Efficiency pp. 874-84 Downloads
Robert E Verrecchia
Unemployment Spells and Unemployment Experience pp. 885-93 Downloads
George Akerlof and Brian G M Main
Community Development: The Effects of Growth and Uncertainty pp. 894-910 Downloads
J. Vernon Henderson
Racial Trends in Male Labor Force Participation pp. 911-20 Downloads
Donald Parsons
Increasing Downside Risk pp. 921-32 Downloads
C Menezes, C Geiss and John Tressler
Compensating Variation, Consumer's Surplus, and Welfare pp. 933-49 Downloads
John Chipman and James C Moore
Scale Economies, Product Differentiation, and the Pattern of Trade pp. 950-59 Downloads
Paul Krugman
Exchange Rates and the Current Account pp. 960-71 Downloads
Rüdiger Dornbusch and Stanley Fischer
The Short-Run Relation between Growth and Inflation in Latin America: A Quasi-Rational or Consistent Expectations Approach pp. 972-89 Downloads
James A Hanson
Interest Rates, Inflation Expectations, and Spurious Elements in Measured Real Income and Saving pp. 990-1004 Downloads
Gregory V Jump
Two Illustrations of the Quantity Theory of Money pp. 1005-14 Downloads
Robert Lucas
Reswitching, Wicksell Effects, and the Neoclassical Production Function: Note pp. 1015-17 Downloads
Klaus Pertz
The Ban on Indexed Bonds, 1933-77 pp. 1018-21 Downloads
J. Huston McCulloch
Inflation Uncertainty and the Phillips Curve: Some Empirical Evidence pp. 1022-27 Downloads
Maurice Levi and John Makin
Pareto-Desirable Redistribution in Kind: Comment pp. 1028-31 Downloads
Edgar Olsen
Pareto-Desirable Redistribution in Kind: Reply pp. 1032-36 Downloads
Geoffrey Brennan and Cliff Walsh
The Pigouvian Tax Rule under Monopoly pp. 1037-41 Downloads
A H Barnett
A Note on the Separability of Production and Location pp. 1042-45 Downloads
Hurter, Arthur P,, Joseph S Martinich and Enrique R Venta
Unique Equilibria, Pure Profits, and Efficiency in Location Models pp. 1046-53 Downloads
Dennis Capozza and Robert Van Order
Harold Hotelling and Marginal Cost Pricing pp. 1054-57 Downloads
Eugene Silberberg
Uncertain Externalities, Liability Rules, and Resource Allocation: Comment pp. 1058-59 Downloads
Varouj Aivazian and Jeffrey L Callen
Uncertain Externalities, Liability Rules, and Resource Allocation: Reply pp. 1060-63 Downloads
Peter H Greenwood and Charles A Ingene
Minimum and Maximum Prices, Uncertainty, and the Theory of the Competitive Firm pp. 1064-68 Downloads
Louis Eeckhoudt and Pierre Hansen
Estimating Demand Elasticities for Public Goods from Survey Data pp. 1069-76 Downloads
Betty Blecha Gibson
The Value of a Life: New Evidence from the Marketplace pp. 1077-82 Downloads
Rachel Dardis
Factor-Price Uncertainty with Variable Proportions: Note pp. 1083-88 Downloads
Stylianos Perrakis
A Model of the Parallel Team Strategy in Product Development pp. 1089-97 Downloads
Fred D Arditti and Haim Levy
Loschian Competition under Alternative Demand Conditions pp. 1098-1105 Downloads
Bruce Benson

Volume 70, issue 4, 1980

The Slowing Down of the Engine of Growth pp. 555-64 Downloads
W. Lewis
The Dynamics of Spot and Forward Prices in an Efficient Foreign Exchange Market with Rational Expectations pp. 565-83 Downloads
Jerome Stein
Experiments with a Decentralized Mechanism for Public Good Decisions pp. 584-99 Downloads
Vernon Smith
A Model of the Firm as a Stockholder-Employee Cooperative Game pp. 600-610 Downloads
Masahiko Aoki
Tariffs, Nontraded Goods, and the Optimal Stabilization Policy pp. 611-25 Downloads
Robert Lucas
Unemployment, the Allocation of Labor, and Optimal Government Intervention pp. 626-35 Downloads
Donald Parsons
Fiscal Policies, Inflation, and Capital Formation pp. 636-50 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
A Model of Sales pp. 651-59 Downloads
Hal Varian
An Alternative Test of the Capital Asset Pricing Model pp. 660-71 Downloads
Pao L Cheng and Robert R Grauer
Explaining the Relative Efficiency of Slave Agriculture in the Antebellum South: Reply pp. 672-90 Downloads
Robert Fogel and Stanley L Engerman
On the Monopolistic Provision of Excludable Public Goods pp. 691-704 Downloads
Dagobert Brito and William H Oakland
Taxation, Human Capital, and Uncertainty pp. 705-15 Downloads
Jonathan Eaton and Harvey Rosen
Efficient Protection under Uncertainty pp. 716-31 Downloads
Elhanan Helpman and Assaf Razin
Unemployment, Inflation, and Monetarism-A Further Analysis: Comment pp. 732-37 Downloads
Kirker J Stephens
Unemployment, Inflation, and Monetarism-A Further Analysis: Reply pp. 738
Robert Van Order
On the "q" Theory of Investment pp. 739-43 Downloads
Hiroshi Yoshikawa
Optimal Corrective Taxes or Subsidies When Revenue Raising Imposes an Excess Burden pp. 744-51 Downloads
Yew-Kwang Ng
The Golden Rule with Endogenous Labor Participation Rate pp. 752-55 Downloads
Larry Samuelson
Incentives and the Choice of Optimal Plans pp. 756-62 Downloads
Susan I Cohen
The Forward Exchange Rate, Expectations, and the Demand for Money-The German Hyperinflation: Comment pp. 763-70 Downloads
Michael K Salemi
The Forward Exchange Rate, Expectations, and the Demand for Money-The German Hyperinflation: Reply pp. 771-75 Downloads
Jacob A Frenkel
Exchange Rate Dynamics, Portfolio Balance, and Relative Prices pp. 776-83 Downloads
Robert Driskill
X-Inefficiency and Nonpecuniary Rewards in a Rent-Seeking Society: A Neglected Issue in the Property Rights Theory of the Firm pp. 784-92 Downloads
W. Crain and Asghar Zardkoohi
Comparing Utility Functions in Efficiency Terms: Comment pp. 793-94 Downloads
Dana N Stevens and James Foster
Comparing Utility Functions in Efficiency Terms: Reply pp. 795
Burton A Weisbrod
Bank Credit and the Labor-Managed Firm: Comment pp. 796-99 Downloads
Frank H Stephen
Bank Credit and the Labor-Managed Firm: Reply pp. 800-804 Downloads
Eirik G Furubotn
Income, Labor Supply, and Urban Residence pp. 805-11 Downloads
John S Hekman
In Defense of Some "Paradoxes" of Trade Theory pp. 812-14 Downloads
Horst Herberg and Murray Kemp
This Side of Paradox, or, in Defense of the Correspondence Principle: A Reply to Herberg and Kemp pp. 815-18 Downloads
J. Peter Neary
Utility Function Transformations and Money Illusion: A Further Comment pp. 819-22 Downloads
Peter Howitt and Don Patinkin
Utility Function Transformations and Money Illusion: Reply and Further Results pp. 823-25 Downloads
Richard Dusansky
Utility Function Transformations and Money Illusion: A Further Comment pp. 826-28 Downloads
Peter Howitt and Don Patinkin
On the Comparison of the Stability Implications of Marshallian and Walrasian Adjustment Schemes: Note pp. 829-33 Downloads
Ian McDonald

Volume 70, issue 3, 1980

Price Expectations in the United States: 1947-75 pp. 269-77 Downloads
Rodney L Jacobs and Robert Jones
Multinational Firms and the Theory of International Trade and Investment pp. 278-90 Downloads
Raveendra N Batra and Rama Ramachandran
The Terms of Trade and Equilibrium Growth in the World Economy pp. 291-99 Downloads
Ronald Findlay
Taxing Tar and Nicotine pp. 300-311 Downloads
Jeffrey E Harris
An Almost Ideal Demand System pp. 312-26 Downloads
Angus Deaton and John Muellbauer
A Structural Model of Murder Behavior and the Criminal Justice System pp. 327-41 Downloads
Stephen A Hoenack and William C Weiler
Capital Contracting and the Regulated Firm pp. 342-54 Downloads
H Stuart Burness, W David Montgomery and James P Quirk
Do Union Members Receive Compensating Wage Differentials? pp. 355-71 Downloads
Greg Duncan and Frank Stafford
The Marginal Utility of Income Does not Increase: Borrowing, Lending, and Friedman-Savage Gambles pp. 372-79 Downloads
Martin J Bailey, Mancur Olson and Paul Wonnacott
On the Method of Taxation and the Provision of Local Public Goods pp. 380-92 Downloads
David A Starrett
On the Impossibility of Informationally Efficient Markets pp. 393-408
Sanford Grossman and Joseph Stiglitz
Further International Evidence of Output-Inflation Tradeoffs pp. 409-21 Downloads
Richard T Froyen and Roger Waud
Global Properties of Flexible Functional Forms pp. 422-32 Downloads
Douglas W Caves and Laurits R Christensen
International Impact of U.S. Money Supply: The Case of Mexico pp. 433-43 Downloads
Mike Farrell
The Optimal Order for Submitting Manuscripts pp. 444-48
Sharon Oster
Consumer's Surplus in Commodity Space pp. 449-55 Downloads
Alan Randall and John R Stoll
On the Effect of Rate of Return Regulation under Uncertainty pp. 456-60 Downloads
Satya Das
Limits on Public Provision of Private Goods pp. 461-65
Robert J Staaf and E G West
Limits on Public Provision of Private Goods: Reply and Further Analysis pp. 466-73
Arthur Denzau and Robert J Mackay
The Interpretation of Dummy Variables in Semilogarithmic Equations pp. 474-75 Downloads
Robert Halvorsen and Raymond Palmquist
Production, Information Costs, and Economic Organization: The Buyer Monitoring Case pp. 476-78
Nancy L Jacob and Alfred N Page
Paglin's Gini Measure of Inequality: A Modification pp. 479-82
John P Formby and Terry G Seaks
Conglomerate Power without Market Power: The Effects of Conglomeration on a Risk-Averse Quantity-Adjusting Firm pp. 483-87 Downloads
Ralph Bradburd
A Note on the Representation of Preferences in the Lindahl-Johansen Diagram pp. 488-92 Downloads
Geoffrey Philpotts
Measuring the Expected Real Rate of Interest-An Exploration of Macroeconomic Alternatives: Comment pp. 493-97 Downloads
Merrick, John J,
Measuring the Expected Real Rate of Interest-An Exploration of Macroeconomic Alternatives: Reply and Further Thoughts pp. 498-500 Downloads
J Walter Elliott
Excess Burden, Benefit Taxation and Efficiency in Public Expenditure pp. 501-06 Downloads
Thomas S McCaleb
Optimal Public Investment and Dispersion Policy in a System of Open Cities pp. 507-14 Downloads
Elhanan Helpman and David Pines
Gains from Trade under Uncertainty: Further Comment pp. 515-17 Downloads
Hiroya Akiba
The Comparative Statics of the Competitive, Increasing-Cost Industry pp. 518-21 Downloads
Joseph Hughes
Tariffs vs. Quotas under Uncertainty: An Extension pp. 522-27 Downloads
Lealie Young
Further Results in Input Choices under Uncertain Demand pp. 528-32 Downloads
Satya Das

Volume 70, issue 2, 1980

Can Capitalism Survive?-An Old Question in a New Setting pp. 1-9
Tibor Scitovsky
Post-Keynesian Economics: A Promise That Bounced? pp. 10-14 Downloads
L Tarshis
On Keynesian Economics and the Economics of the Post-Keynesians pp. 15-25 Downloads
Janet Yellen
Bias in Economics Education Research from Random and Voluntary Selection into Experimental and Control Groups pp. 29-34 Downloads
John Siegfried and George H Sweeney
Pooled Cross-Section, Time-Series Evaluation pp. 35-40 Downloads
William Becker and Mathew J Morey
Guessing and the Error Structure of Learning Models pp. 41-46 Downloads
Michael K Salemi and George Tauchen
Regulation and Technical Change: Some Largely Unexplored Influences pp. 50-54 Downloads
George C Eads
What Do R & D Numbers Tell Us about Technological Change? pp. 55-61 Downloads
Nestor E Terleckyj
Production Sets, Technological Knowledge, and R & D: Fragile and Overworked Constructs for Analysis of Productivity Growth? pp. 62-67 Downloads
Richard Nelson
How Effective Have Fiscal Policies Been in Changing the Distribution of Income and Wealth? pp. 72-76 Downloads
Mervyn A King
Income Redistribution through the Fiscal System: The Limits of Knowledge pp. 77-81 Downloads
Richard Bird
The Indirect Incidence of Government Expenditures pp. 82-87 Downloads
Lester Thurow
Economic Development in Historical Perspective pp. 91-95
Lloyd G Reynolds
Comparative Indian Economic Growth: 1870 to 1970 pp. 96-101 Downloads
Alan Heston and Robert Summers
Brazilian Development in Long-Term Perspective pp. 102-08 Downloads
Albert Fishlow
The Welfare State in Trouble: Systemic Crisis or Growing Pains? pp. 113-16 Downloads
Albert Hirschman
Accounts of the Welfare State and the New Mood pp. 117-22 Downloads
Ira Katznelson
Equality, Incentives, and Economic Policy pp. 123-27 Downloads
Ransford W Palmer
The Persistence of Racial Inequality in Urban Areas and Industries, 1950-70 pp. 128-31 Downloads
Michael Reich
Guaranteed Employment, Work Incentives, and Welfare Reform: Insight from the Work Equity Project pp. 132-37 Downloads
Stephanie Wilson, Danny Steinberg and Jane C Kulik
Rates of Return to Human Capital: A Test Using El Salvador Data pp. 138-41 Downloads
Lascelles Anderson
How Interested Groups Have Responded to a Proposal for Economic Competition in Health Services pp. 142-48 Downloads
Alain C Enthoven
Health Insurance and Cost-Containment Policies: The Experience Abroad pp. 149-56
Uwe E Reinhardt
Stabilization Policy and Capital Formation pp. 157-63 Downloads
Robert Hall
Issues in the Taxation of Capital Income in the United States pp. 164-70 Downloads
Michael J Boskin and John B Shoven
What Is Labor Supply and Do Taxes Affect It? pp. 171-76 Downloads
Harvey Rosen
Private Saving pp. 177-81 Downloads
George von Furstenberg
Tax Rules and the Mismanagment of Monetary Policy pp. 182-86 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
Urban Land Use and the Growth in Two-Earner Households pp. 191-97 Downloads
Janice Fanning Madden
Consequences of the Rise of the Two-Earner Family: The Breakdown of the Sexual Division of Labor pp. 198-202 Downloads
Julie A Matthaei
Real Income Equivalence among One-Earner and Two-Earner Families pp. 203-08 Downloads
Edward Lazear and Robert T Michael
Labor Force Participation Rates of Women and the Rise of the Two-Earner Family pp. 209-12 Downloads
Daniel C Quinlan and Jean A Shackelford
Investment and Growth in an Econometric Model of the United States pp. 214-19 Downloads
Robert M Coen and Bert G Hickman
The Contribution of Capital to Economic Growth pp. 220-24 Downloads
Edward F Denison
Total Income, Total Investment, and Growth pp. 225-31
Robert Eisner
Exchange Rates, Prices, and Money: Lessons from the 1920's pp. 235-42 Downloads
Jacob A Frenkel
A Consistent Characterization of a Near-Century of Price Behavior pp. 243-49 Downloads
Robert Gordon
Comparison of Interwar and Postwar Business Cycles: Monetarism Reconsidered pp. 250-57
Christopher Sims
Capital and the Theory of Productivity Measurement pp. 260-67 Downloads
Walter Diewert
Welfare Comparison under Exact Aggregation pp. 268-72 Downloads
Dale W Jorgenson, Lawrence J Lau and Thomas M Stoker
Group Cost-of-Living Indexes pp. 273-78 Downloads
Robert Pollak
Interactions between Industrialization and Exports pp. 281-87 Downloads
Hollis B Chenery
Trade Policy as an Input to Development pp. 288-92 Downloads
Anne O Krueger
Government Policies and Changing Shares in World Trade pp. 293-98 Downloads
Charles P Kindleberger
Regulation and the Choice of Prescription Drugs pp. 301-05 Downloads
Peter Temin
The Market for Regulation: The ICC from 1887 to 1920 pp. 306-10 Downloads
Thomas S Ulen
Regulation, Deregulation, and Economic Efficiency: The Case of the CAB pp. 311-15 Downloads
John C Panzar
Profitability and Capital Costs for Manufacturing Corporations and All Nonfinancial Corporations pp. 320-25 Downloads
Daniel M Holland and Stewart C Myers
Rates of Return by Industrial Sector in the United States, 1948-76 pp. 326-30 Downloads
Barbara M Fraumeni and Dale W Jorgenson
Vignettes on the World Capital Market pp. 331-37 Downloads
Arnold Harberger
Improving Productivity Measurement pp. 340-42 Downloads
Albert Rees
R & D and the Productivity Slowdown pp. 343-48 Downloads
Zvi Griliches
Sectoral Productivity Slowdown pp. 349-52 Downloads
M Ishaq Nadiri
Transaction Cost Determinants of "Unfair" Contractual Arrangements pp. 356-62 Downloads
Benjamin Klein
Strict Liability vs. Negligence in a Market Setting pp. 363-67 Downloads
A. Mitchell Polinsky
Vehicle and Nonvehicle Currencies in International Trade pp. 368-73 Downloads
Stephen P Magee and Ramesh K S Rao
The Efficiency of Foreign Exchange Markets and Measures of Turbulence pp. 374-81 Downloads
Jacob A Frenkel and Michael Mussa
Dollar Stabilization and American Monetary Policy pp. 382-87 Downloads
Ronald McKinnon
Structural Change and Regulatory Reform in the Utilities Industries pp. 388-92 Downloads
Harry M Trebing
Radio Spectrum Allocation: Role of the Market pp. 393-97
William H Melody
State Initiatives in State-Federal Relations pp. 398-402 Downloads
Thomas K Standish
Population as a System in Regional Development pp. 405-09 Downloads
William Alonso
Some Dynamics of Central City-Suburban Interactions pp. 410-14 Downloads
Katharine Bradbury, Anthony Downs and Kenneth Small
Neighborhood Stability in Changing Cities pp. 415-19 Downloads
Michael A Stegman and David Rasmussen

Volume 70, issue 1, 1980

On Theories of Unemployment pp. 1-11
Robert Solow
Inflationary Expectations, Economic Activity, Taxes, and Interest Rates pp. 12-21 Downloads
Vito Tanzi
Oligopoly and Competition in Large Markets pp. 22-31 Downloads
Masahiro Okuno-Fujiwara, Andrew Postlewaite and John Roberts
Price Inflation, Portfolio Choice, and Nominal Interest Rates pp. 32-48 Downloads
Benjamin M Friedman
Forecasting the Market for New Ph.D. Economists pp. 49-63 Downloads
Hansen, W L, et al
The Substitution Bias of the Laspeyres Price Index: An Analysis Using Estimated Cost-of-Living Indexes pp. 64-77 Downloads
Steven D Braithwait
The Changing Cyclical Behavior of Wages and Prices: 1890-1976 pp. 78-90 Downloads
Jeffrey Sachs
Family Size and the Distribution of Real Per Capita Income pp. 91-107
Edward Lazear and Robert T Michael
Sources of Quality Change in Labor Input pp. 108-19 Downloads
Peter T Chinloy
Efficient Foreign Exchange Markets and the Monetary Approach to Exchange-Rate Determination pp. 120-34 Downloads
Douglas W Caves and Edgar Feige
Metzler on Classical Interest Theory pp. 135-48 Downloads
John H Wood
Inflation Expectations and Money Growth in the United States pp. 149-61
Donald J Mullineaux
Measuring Technological Bias pp. 162-73 Downloads
Rodney Stevenson
Queuing Analysis and Value of Service Pricing in the Trucking Industry: Comment pp. 174-80 Downloads
Kenneth D Boyer
Competition and Value of Service Pricing in the Trucking Industry: Reply pp. 181-85 Downloads
A S De Vany and T R Saving
The Quality of Education and Cohort Variation in Black-White Earnings Differentials: Comment pp. 186-91 Downloads
John Akin and Irv Garfinkel
The Quality of Education and Cohort Variations in Black-White Earnings Differentials: Reply pp. 192-95 Downloads
Finis Welch
The Quality of Education and Cohort Variation in Black-White Earnings Differentials: Reply pp. 196-203 Downloads
Charles Link, Edward Ratledge and Kenneth Lewis
Measurement of Tax Progressivity: Comment pp. 204-07 Downloads
David G Davies
Measurement of Tax Progressivity: Comment pp. 208-10 Downloads
Edward C Kienzle
Measurement of Tax Progressivity: Reply pp. 211
Daniel B Suits
Price Uncertainty and the Cooperative Firm pp. 212-16 Downloads
Jacob Paroush and Nava Kahana
The Ranking of Behavioral Modes of the Firm Facing Uncertain Demand pp. 217-24 Downloads
Chin Lim
Many, Few, One: Social Harmony and the Shrunken Choice Set pp. 225-32
David Friedman
Distributional Neutrality and Optimal Commodity Taxation: Comment pp. 233-36 Downloads
Leslie Young
Distributional Neutrality and Optimal Commodity Taxation: Reply pp. 237-41 Downloads
David Wildasin
Who Benefits from Economic Development? Comment pp. 242-45 Downloads
Ahluwalia, Montek S, et al
Who Benefits from Economic Development? Comment pp. 246-49 Downloads
Paul Beckerman and Donald Coes
Who Benefits from Economic Development? Comment pp. 250-56
Albert Fishlow
Who Benefits from Economic Development? Reply pp. 257-62 Downloads
Gary Fields
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