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Volume 71, issue 6, 1981

From Utopian Theory to Practical Applications: The Case of Econometrics pp. 1-16
Ragnar Frisch
The Use of Models: Experience and Prospects pp. 17-22
Jan Tinbergen
The Mainspring of Economic Growth pp. 23-29
John Hicks

Volume 71, issue 5, 1981

Identification and Estimation of Money Demand pp. 825-44 Downloads
Thomas Cooley and Stephen LeRoy
The Economics of Superstars pp. 845-58 Downloads
Sherwin Rosen
A Loanable Funds Theory of Unemployment and Monetary Disequilibrium pp. 859-79 Downloads
Meir Kohn
Rawlsian Justice as the Core of a Game pp. 880-95 Downloads
Roger E Howe and John Roemer
Wage Bargaining and Employment pp. 896-908 Downloads
Ian McDonald and Robert Solow
The Decline in Aggregate Share Values: Taxation, Valuation Errors, Risk and Profitability pp. 909-22 Downloads
Patric Hendershott
Spatial Nonlinear Pricing pp. 923-33 Downloads
Daniel Spulber
Duopoly Models with Consistent Conjectures pp. 934-45 Downloads
Timothy Bresnahan
A Reexamination of Natural Rate Theory pp. 946-60 Downloads
Costas Azariadis
Perceived and Expected Rates of Inflation in Sweden pp. 961-68 Downloads
Lars Jonung
Unemployment and Real Interest Rates: Econometric Testing of Inflation Neutrality pp. 969-77 Downloads
Richard Startz
The Simple Analytics of Neo-Ricardian Growth and Distribution pp. 978-93 Downloads
William Darity
Productivity Growth, Scale Economies, and Capacity Utilization in U.S. Railroads, 1955-74 pp. 994-1002 Downloads
Douglas W Caves, Laurits R Christensen and Joseph Swanson
An Experience-Weighted Measure of Employment and Unemployment Durations pp. 1003-11 Downloads
George Akerlof and Brian G M Main
William Jaffe, Historian of Economic Thought, 1898-1980 pp. 1012-19 Downloads
Donald A Walker
Sticky Prices and Disequilibrium Adjustment in a Rational Model of the Inflationary Process pp. 1020-27 Downloads
Michael Mussa
The Private and Social Utility of Extortion pp. 1028-30 Downloads
John A C Conybeare
On the Futility of Criticizing the Neoclassical Maximization Hypothesis pp. 1031-36 Downloads
Lawrence Boland
Cross-Section Tests of the Heckscher-Ohlin Theorem: Comment [Factor Abundance and Comparative Advantage] pp. 1037-39 Downloads
James Anderson
Cross-Section Tests of the Heckscher-Ohlin Theorem: Comment [Factor Abundance and Comparative Advantage] pp. 1040-43 Downloads
Edward Leamer and Harry Bowen
Cross-Section Tests of the Heckscher-Ohlin Theorem: Reply [Factor Abundance and Comparative Advantage] pp. 1044-48 Downloads
Jon Harkness
Do Union Members Receive Compensating Wage Differentials? Note pp. 1049-55 Downloads
Duane E Leigh
An Economic Model of Teaching Effectiveness pp. 1056-59 Downloads
Tony Lima
On the Mark: Comment [On the Mark: A Theory of Floating Exchange Rates Based on Real Interest Differential] pp. 1060-67 Downloads
Stephen E Haynes and Joe Stone
On the Mark: Comment [On the Mark: A Theory of Floating Exchange Rates Based on Real Interest Differential] pp. 1068-74 Downloads
Robert Driskill and Steven Sheffrin
On the Mark: Reply [On the Mark: A Theory of Floating Exchange Rates Based on Real Interest Differential] pp. 1075-82 Downloads
Jeffrey Frankel
Subsidy-Free Prices and Anonymous Equity [Cross-Subsidization: Pricing in Public Enterprises] pp. 1083-91 Downloads
Gerald R Faulhaber and Stephen B Levinson
Metzler on Classical Interest Theory: Comment pp. 1092-93 Downloads
Syed Ahmad
Metzler on Classical Interest Theory: Comment pp. 1094-95 Downloads
Meir Kohn
Metzler on Classical Interest Theory: Reply pp. 1096-97 Downloads
John H Wood
Tariffs as a Means of Altering Trade Patterns pp. 1098-99 Downloads
William J Rieber
Engineering and Econometric Interpretations of Energy-Capital Complementarity: Comment pp. 1100-1104 Downloads
James M Griffin
Engineering and Econometric Interpretations of Energy-Capital Complementarity: Reply and Further Results pp. 1105-10 Downloads
Ernst R Berndt and David O Wood
Basic Research and Productivity Increase in Manufacturing: Additional Evidence pp. 1111-12 Downloads
Albert Link

Volume 71, issue 4, 1981

Capital Taxation and Accumulation in a Life Cycle Growth Model pp. 533-44 Downloads
Lawrence Summers
Stock Returns, Real Activity, Inflation, and Money pp. 545-65 Downloads
Eugene Fama
Partial Adjustment in the Demand for Money: Theory and Empirics pp. 566-78 Downloads
Anthony M Santomero and John Seater
Bargaining under Uncertainty pp. 579-90 Downloads
W. Craig Riddell
A Search Model of Real Estate Broker Behavior pp. 591-605 Downloads
John Yinger
Agency, Earnings Profiles, Productivity, and Hours Restrictions pp. 606-20 Downloads
Edward Lazear
Income-Leisure Tradeoffs of Animal Workers pp. 621-32 Downloads
Raymond Battalio, Leonard Green and John Kagel
Retail Inventory Investment and the Cost of Capital pp. 633-48 Downloads
Irvine, F Owen,
Dynamic Programming Models of Fishing: Competition pp. 649-61 Downloads
David Levhari, Ron Michener and Leonard Mirman
Exact Consumer's Surplus and Deadweight Loss pp. 662-76 Downloads
Jerry Hausman
Corporate Tax Integration in the United States: A General Equilibrium Approach pp. 677-91 Downloads
Fullerton, Don, et al
Income Maintenance Schemes under Wage-Rate Uncertainty pp. 692-703 Downloads
Frank Cowell
Is Unilateral Tariff Reduction Preferable to a Customs Union? The Curious Case of the Missing Foreign Tariffs pp. 704-14 Downloads
Paul Wonnacott and Ronald Wonnacott
Cost-Benefit Analysis under Uncertainty pp. 715-25 Downloads
Daniel A Graham
The Optimal Tariff in the Antebellum United States pp. 726-34 Downloads
John James
A Theory and Test of Credit Rationing: Some Further Results pp. 735-37 Downloads
Enrique R Arzac, Robert A Schwartz and David K Whitcomb
The Welfare Effects of Market Shapes in the Loschian Location Model: Squares vs. Hexagons [The Non-Uniqueness of Equilibrium in the Loschian Location Model] pp. 738-46 Downloads
William Holahan and Richard E Schuler
Job Search and Vacancy Contacts: Note pp. 747-52 Downloads
John Barron and Otis W Gilley
Hedging and the Competitive Labor-Managed Firm under Price Uncertainty [Hedging and the Competitive Firm under Price Uncertainty] pp. 753-57 Downloads
John Hey
Competitive Equilibria in Uniform Delivered Pricing Models pp. 758-63 Downloads
Timothy Gronberg and Jack Meyer
A Note on Estimating Treatment Effects [The Estimation of Labor Supply Models Using Experimental Data] pp. 764-69 Downloads
Peter Gottschalk
The General Nonneutrality of Income and Consumption Taxes: Comment [A Simple Neutrality Result for Movements between Income and Consumption Taxes] pp. 770-72 Downloads
J Gregory Ballentine
The General Nonneutrality of Income and Consumption Taxes: Reply [A Simple Neutrality Result for Movements between Income and Consumption Taxes] pp. 773
John Whalley
Keynesian Balance of Payments Models: Comment [On the Almost Total Inadequacy of Keynesian Balance-of-Payments Theory] pp. 774-77 Downloads
Alan Deardorff
Keynesian Balance of Payments Models: Comment [On the Almost Total Inadequacy of Keynesian Balance-of-Payments Theory] pp. 778-83 Downloads
Norman C Miller
Keynesian Balance of Payments Models: Comment [On the Almost Total Inadequacy of Keynesian Balance-of-Payments Theory] pp. 784-95 Downloads
Willem Buiter and Jonathan Eaton
The Output Distribution Frontier: Comment pp. 796-99 Downloads
Donald Keenan and Paul Rubin
The Output Distribution Frontier: Reply pp. 800
William Baumol and Dietrich Fischer
Estimation with Correctly Interpreted Dummy Variables in Semilogarithmic Equations [The Interpretation of Dummy Variables in Semilogarithmic Equations] pp. 801
Peter Kennedy

Volume 71, issue 3, 1981

A Modigliani-Miller Theorem for Open-Market Operations pp. 267-74 Downloads
Neil Wallace
Self-Selection in the Labor Market pp. 275-84 Downloads
J Luis Guasch and Andrew Weiss
The Effect of Changes in the Population on Several Measures of Income Distribution pp. 285-94 Downloads
Samuel A Morley
Are Market Forecasts Rational? pp. 295-306
Frederic Mishkin
On the Usefulness of Controlling Individuals: An Economic Analysis of Rehabilitation, Incapacitation, and Deterrence pp. 307-22 Downloads
Isaac Ehrlich
The Future Price of Houses, Mortgage Market Conditions, and the Returns to Homeownership pp. 323-33 Downloads
Susan I Ranney
Vertical Integration: Does Product Price Rise or Fall? pp. 334-46 Downloads
Fred M Westfield
A Theory of Monopoly Pricing Schemes with Demand Uncertainty pp. 347-65
Milton Harris and Artur Raviv
A Pure Theory of Strategic Behavior and Social Institutions pp. 366-80 Downloads
Earl A Thompson and Roger L Faith
Optimal Auctions pp. 381-92 Downloads
John Riley and William F Samuelson
Credit Rationing in Markets with Imperfect Information pp. 393-410 Downloads
Joseph Stiglitz and Andrew Weiss
The Generational Optimum Economy: Extracting Monopoly Gains from Posterity through Taxation of Capital pp. 411-20 Downloads
Lawrence D Krohn
Do Stock Prices Move Too Much to be Justified by Subsequent Changes in Dividends? pp. 421-36 Downloads
Robert Shiller
Adoption of Cost-Saving Innovations by a Regulated Firm pp. 437-47 Downloads
George Sweeney
Price Controls and the Behavior of Auction Markets: An Experimental Examination pp. 448-59
R. Isaac and Charles Plott
A Monetary Approach to the Balance of Trade pp. 460-66 Downloads
Gary A Craig
On Nonbinding Price Controls in a Competitive Market pp. 467-74 Downloads
Vernon Smith and Arlington Williams
Firm-Specific Human Capital as a Shared Investment pp. 475-82 Downloads
Masanori Hashimoto
Fixed Wages, Layoffs, Unemployment Compensation, and Welfare: Note pp. 483-84 Downloads
Herschel Grossman and Kenneth Happy
The Technology of Risk and Return: Comment pp. 485-90 Downloads
Christopher James
The Technology of Risk and Return: Reply pp. 491-92 Downloads
Edward Greenberg, William J Marshall and Jess B Yawitz
Ownership Arrangements and Congestion-Prone Facilities pp. 493-502 Downloads
David Mills
Capacity, Output, and Sequential Entry pp. 503-14 Downloads
Daniel Spulber
Multinational Firms and the Theory of International Trade and Investment: A Correction and a Stronger Conclusion pp. 515-16 Downloads
A Wahhab Khandker
A Model of Sales: Errata pp. 517
Hal Varian

Volume 71, issue 2, 1981

Economics and Political Economy pp. 1-10
Robbins, Lionel [Lord]
Inventories and the Structure of Macro Models pp. 11-16 Downloads
Alan Blinder
Investment in Finished Goods Inventories: An Analysis of Adjustment Speeds pp. 17-22
Louis Maccini and Robert Rossana
Merchant Wholesaler Inventory Investment and the Cost of Capital pp. 23-29
Irvine, F Owen,
Capital-Labor Conflict and the Productivity Slowdown pp. 30-35 Downloads
David M Gordon
Industrial Conflict and Its Implications for Productivity Growth pp. 36-41 Downloads
Michele I Naples
A Conflict Theory Approach to Inflation in the Postwar U.S. Economy pp. 42-47 Downloads
Sam Rosenberg and Thomas E Weisskopf
Capacity Utilization Measures: Underlying Economic Theory and an Alternative Approach pp. 48-52 Downloads
Ernst R Berndt and Catherine Morrison Paul
Stochastic Equilibrium and Capacity Utilization pp. 53-57 Downloads
Arthur De Vany and N G Frey
Long-Run Changes in the Workweek of Fixed Capital pp. 58-63 Downloads
Murray F Foss
Slack Capacity: Productive or Wasteful? pp. 64-69 Downloads
Walter Oi
Female Labor Supply in the Context of Inflation pp. 70-75 Downloads
Beth T Niemi and Cynthia B Lloyd
A Time-Series Analysis of Women's Labor Force Participation pp. 76-80 Downloads
June O'Neill
The Economic Risks of Being a Housewife pp. 81-86 Downloads
Barbara R Bergmann
The Roles of Jurisdictional Competition and of Collective Choice Institutions in the Market for Local Public Goods pp. 87-92 Downloads
Dennis Epple and Allan Zelenitz
On Local Finance and the Tiebout Model pp. 93-98 Downloads
Wallace Oates
Capitalization and the Median Voter pp. 99-103 Downloads
John Yinger
Antitrust Standards and Railway Freight Pricing: New Round in an Old Debate pp. 104-09 Downloads
John C Spychalski
The Nature, Effectiveness, and Importance of Motor Common Carrier Service Obligations pp. 110-15 Downloads
Benjamin J Allen
The Role of the Interstate Commerce Commission in the 1980's pp. 116-21 Downloads
John Guandolo
Is Equal Opportunity Enough? pp. 122-26 Downloads
Glenn Loury
Affirmative Action and Its Enforcement pp. 127-33 Downloads
Finis Welch
Monetarist Principles and the Money Stock Growth Rule pp. 134-38 Downloads
Bennett McCallum
Monetarist, Keynesian, and New Classical Economics pp. 139-44 Downloads
Jerome Stein
Stabilization, Accommodation, and Monetary Rules pp. 145-49 Downloads
John Taylor
What Is Left of the Multiplier Accelerator? pp. 150-54 Downloads
Olivier Blanchard
Bankruptcy, Liquidity, and Recession pp. 155-59
Ben Bernanke
Estimated Effects of the Oct. 1979 Change in Monetary Policy on the 1980 Economy pp. 160-65 Downloads
Ray Fair
The Allocation of Landing Rights by Unanimity among Competitors pp. 166-71 Downloads
David Grether, R. Isaac and Charles Plott
Investment Decisions with Economies of Scale and Learning pp. 172-77 Downloads
Richard Gilbert and Richard Harris
Contestability and the Design of Regulatory and Antitrust Policy pp. 178-83 Downloads
Elizabeth E Bailey
Potential Competition May Reduce Welfare pp. 184-89 Downloads
Joseph Stiglitz
The Revised Test of Understanding College Economics pp. 190-94 Downloads
Phillip Saunders, Rendigs Fels and Arthur L Welsh
Specification and Development of New Pre-College Tests: BET and TEL pp. 195-99 Downloads
John F Chizmar and John C Soper
Social Welfare Dominance pp. 200-204 Downloads
Robert D Willig
Arbitration and Conflict Resolution in Labor-Management Bargaining pp. 205-10 Downloads
Vincent Crawford
Estimation and Control of Rational Expectations Models pp. 211-16 Downloads
Gregory Chow
Capital Mobility and Devaluation in an Optimizing Model with Rational Expectations pp. 217-21 Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld
The Determinants of the Variability of Stock Market Prices pp. 222-27 Downloads
Sanford Grossman and Robert Shiller
What Do We Know about Benefits of Reduced Mortality from Air Pollution Control? pp. 228-34 Downloads
Shelby Gerking and William Schulze
Measuring the Benefits from Reduced Morbidity pp. 235-40 Downloads
Maureen Cropper
Valuing Health Risk pp. 241-45 Downloads
Sherwin Rosen
Federal Reserve System Implementation of Monetary Policy: Analytical Foundations of the New Approach pp. 246-52 Downloads
Stephen H Axilrod and David E Lindsey
Monetary and Fiscal Policies in an Open Economy pp. 253-58 Downloads
Jacob A Frenkel and Michael Mussa
Rational Expectations and the Conduct of Monetary Policy pp. 259-67 Downloads
Andrew F Brimmer and Allen Sinai
Economies of Scope pp. 268-72 Downloads
John C Panzar and Robert D Willig
Sustainability and the Entry Process pp. 273-77 Downloads
Kenneth C Baseman
On the Political Sustainability of Taxes pp. 278-82 Downloads
Janusz A Ordover and Andrew Schotter
U.S. Incomes Policies in the 1970's-Underlying Assumptions, Objectives, Results pp. 283-87 Downloads
D Quinn Mills
Government Intervention in the Inflation Process: The Econometrics of "Self-Inflicted Wounds" pp. 288-94 Downloads
Jon Frye and Robert Gordon
Equity and Tradeoffs in a Tax-Based Incomes Policy pp. 295-300
Laurence Seidman
Implicit Contracts, Moral Hazard, and Unemployment pp. 301-07 Downloads
Sanford Grossman and Oliver Hart
Contractual Models of the Labor Market pp. 308-13 Downloads
Bengt Holmstrom
Technical Change, Returns to Scale, and the Productivity Slowdown pp. 314-19 Downloads
M Ishaq Nadiri and M A Schankerman
Public Regulations and the Slowdown in Productivity Growth pp. 320-25 Downloads
Gregory B Christainsen and Robert Haveman
The Productivity Growth Slowdown and Capital Accumulation pp. 326-31 Downloads
Martin Neil Baily
Cultivation of Taste, Catastrophe Theory, and the Demand for Works of Art pp. 332-34 Downloads
Roger A McCain
Economic Theory and the Positive Economics of Arts Financing pp. 335-40 Downloads
Bruce Seaman
Supply Decisions of Professional Artists pp. 341-46 Downloads
Leslie P Singer
Revenue Implications of Money Creation under Leviathan pp. 347-51
Geoffrey Brennan and James Buchanan
Inflation, Bank Profits, and Government Seigniorage pp. 352-55 Downloads
Jeremy J Siegel
Who Should Control the Money Supply? pp. 356-61 Downloads
Earl A Thompson
The Inflation Process: Where Conventional Theory Falters pp. 362-67 Downloads
James W Dean
The Inflation Process: A Micro-Behavioral Analysis pp. 368-73 Downloads
Harvey Leibenstein
Increasing Unemployment and Changing Labor Market Expectations among Black Male Teenagers pp. 374-78 Downloads
Laurence C Morse
Federal Minimum Wage Laws and the Employment of Minority Youth pp. 379-84 Downloads
Charles L Betsey and Bruce H Dunson
Market Structure and Concentration in the Regulated Trucking Industry pp. 385-88 Downloads
Russell C Cherry and Carl Backman
Price Distortions and Second Best Investment Rules in the Transportation Industries pp. 389-93 Downloads
Ann F Friedlaender
Railroad Regulation, Deregulation, and Workable Competition pp. 394-98 Downloads
Richard C Levin
Information and the Law: Evaluating Legal Restrictions on Competitive Contracts pp. 399-404 Downloads
Janusz Ordover and Andrew Weiss
The Economics of Privacy pp. 405-09 Downloads
Richard A Posner
Information Remedies for Consumer Protection pp. 410-13 Downloads
Howard Beales, Richard Craswell and Steven Salop
A Note on Efficiency vs. Distributional Equity in Legal Rulemaking: Should Distributional Equity Matter Given Optimal Income Taxation? pp. 414-18 Downloads
Steven Shavell
Inflation and the Tax Treatment of Firm Behavior pp. 419-23 Downloads
Alan Auerbach
Private Pensions and Inflation pp. 424-28 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
Inflation, the Stock Market, and Owner-Occupied Housing pp. 429-34 Downloads
Lawrence Summers

Volume 71, issue 1, 1981

Welfare Quandaries and Productivity Concerns pp. 1-17
Moses Abramovitz
Competition and Unanimity pp. 18-27 Downloads
Harry DeAngelo
The Homogenization of Heterogeneous Inputs pp. 28-38 Downloads
James Buchanan and Robert Tollison
Bank Regulation and Macro-Economic Stability pp. 39-53 Downloads
Anthony M Santomero and Jeremy J Siegel
The Economics of Risks to Life pp. 54-64 Downloads
W B Arthur
Two-Part Tariffs and Optimum Taxation: The Case of Railway Rates pp. 65-79 Downloads
Sylvester Damus
Workmen's Compensation and Occupational Safety under Imperfect Information pp. 80-93 Downloads
Samuel Rea
Black-White Human Capital Differences: Impact on Agricultural Productivity in the U.S. South pp. 94-107 Downloads
Wallace Huffman
Control and Decontrol of Wages in the United States: An Empirical Analysis pp. 108-20 Downloads
Frank Reid
The Duration of Unemployment and Unexpected Inflation: An Empirical Analysis pp. 121-31 Downloads
Anders Bjorklund and Bertil Holmlund
Output, the Stock Market, and Interest Rates pp. 132-43 Downloads
Olivier Blanchard
Deregulation and Oligopolistic Price-Quality Rivalry pp. 144-54 Downloads
James H Vander Weide and Julie H Zalkind
Bankruptcy, Limited Liability, and the Modigliani-Miller Theorem pp. 155-70
Martin Hellwig
The Treatment of Rents in Cost-Benefit Analysis pp. 171-78 Downloads
Edward Foster
Cartel Problems: Note pp. 179-81 Downloads
Robert Rothschild
A Risk-Return Model with Risk and Return Measured as Deviations from a Target Return pp. 182-88 Downloads
Duncan M Holthausen
Sweepstakes Contests: Analysis, Strategies, and Survey pp. 189-95 Downloads
Selby, Edward B, and William Beranek
A Monopoly Model of Public Goods Provision: The Uniform Pricing Case pp. 196-206 Downloads
Geoffrey Brennan and Cliff Walsh
Competitive Production and Increases in Risk pp. 207-11 Downloads
Steven A Lippman and John J McCall
Price Regulation, Product Quality, and Asymmetric Information pp. 212-20 Downloads
David P Baron
Variable Returns to Scale in Production and Patterns of Specialization pp. 221-30 Downloads
Arvind Panagariya
Dynamic Models of Portfolio Behavior: A General Integrated Model Incorporating Sequencing Effects [Dynamic Models of Portfolio Behavior: More on Pitfalls in Financial Model Building] pp. 231-38 Downloads
Dorian Owen
The Choice of Discount Rates for Public Projects pp. 239-41 Downloads
Robert Mendelsohn
Output and Welfare Implications of Monopolistic Third-Degree Price Discrimination pp. 242-47 Downloads
Richard Schmalensee
An Explanation for the Correlation of Stocks of Nonhuman Capital with Investment in Human Capital pp. 248-55 Downloads
John Graham
Managed Float: An Evaluation of Alternative Rules in the Presence of Speculative Capital Flows pp. 256-60 Downloads
Carlos Rodríguez
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