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Volume 86, issue 5, 1996

Why Is Capital So Immobile Internationally? Possible Explanations and Implications for Capital Income Taxation pp. 1057-75 Downloads
Roger Gordon and Lans Bovenberg
Altered States: Taxes and the Location of Foreign Direct Investment in America pp. 1076-94 Downloads
James Hines
State Infrastructure and Productive Performance pp. 1095-1111 Downloads
Catherine Morrison Paul and Amy Schwartz
How Wide Is the Border? pp. 1112-25 Downloads
Charles Engel and John Rogers
The Payments System, Liquidity, and Rediscounting pp. 1126-38 Downloads
Scott Freeman
Central-Bank Independence, Economic Behavior, and Optimal Term Lengths pp. 1139-53 Downloads
Christopher Waller and Carl Walsh
Factor-Hoarding and the Propagation of Business-Cycle Shocks pp. 1154-74 Downloads
Craig Burnside and Martin Eichenbaum
Staggering and Synchronization in Price-Setting: Evidence from Multiproduct Firms pp. 1175-96 Downloads
Saul Lach and Daniel Tsiddon
Dynamic Capital Structure under Managerial Entrenchment pp. 1197-1215 Downloads
Jeffrey Zwiebel
Comparing Apples to Oranges: Productivity Convergence and Measurement across Industries and Countries pp. 1216-38 Downloads
Andrew Bernard and Charles Jones
The Productivity Slowdown: The Culprit at Last? Follow-Up on Hulten and Wolff pp. 1239-52 Downloads
Edward Wolff
Industry Differences in the Persistence of Firm-Specific Returns pp. 1253-65 Downloads
Geoffrey F Waring
Localization Economies, Vertical Organization, and Trade pp. 1266-78 Downloads
Gordon Hanson
Symmetric Tax Competition with Multiple Jurisdictions in Each Metropolitan Area pp. 1279-90 Downloads
Ralph M Braid
The Uncertain Unit Root in Real GNP: Comment pp. 1291-98 Downloads
Francis Diebold and Abdelhak S Senhadji
The Deadweight Loss of Christmas: Comment pp. 1299-1305 Downloads
Sara J Solnick and David Hemenway
The Deadweight Loss of Christmas: Reply pp. 1306-08 Downloads
Joel Waldfogel
The Impact of Global Warming on Agriculture: Comment pp. 1309-11 Downloads
William Cline
The Impact of Global Warming on Agriculture: Reply pp. 1312-15 Downloads
Robert Mendelsohn and William Nordhaus

Volume 86, issue 4, 1996

Monetary Policy as a Process of Search pp. 689-702 Downloads
Andrew Caplin and John Leahy
Capital-Market Imperfections and Countercyclical Markups: Theory and Evidence pp. 703-25 Downloads
Judith Chevalier and David Scharfstein
Arbitrage-Based Tests of Target-Zone Credibility: Evidence from ERM Cross-Rate Options pp. 726-40 Downloads
Jose Campa and P H Kevin Chang
A Regional Dynamic General-Equilibrium Model of Alternative Climate-Change Strategies pp. 741-65 Downloads
William Nordhaus and Zili Yang
The Evolution of Social Norms in Common Property Resource Use pp. 766-88 Downloads
Rajiv Sethi and E. Somanathan
Effects of Air Quality Regulation pp. 789-813 Downloads
J. Vernon Henderson
How (Not) to Sell Nuclear Weapons pp. 814-29 Downloads
Philippe Jehiel, Benny Moldovanu and Ennio Stacchetti
Reciprocal Exchange: A Self-Sustaining System pp. 830-51 Downloads
Rachel Kranton
Multinationals, Linkages, and Economic Development pp. 852-73 Downloads
Andres Rodriguez-Clare
Bequest Behavior and the Effect of Heirs' Earnings: Testing the Altruistic Model of Bequests pp. 874-92 Downloads
Mark Wilhelm
New Evidence on Altruism: A Study of TIAA-CREF Retirees pp. 893-908 Downloads
John Laitner and F. Juster
Migration with Endogenous Moving Costs pp. 909-30 Downloads
William J Carrington, Enrica Detragiache and Tara Vishwanath
Technical Change and Human-Capital Returns and Investments: Evidence from the Green Revolution pp. 931-53 Downloads
Andrew Foster and Mark Rosenzweig
The Price Is Right, but Are the Bids? An Investigation of Rational Decision Theory pp. 954-70 Downloads
Jonathan B Berk, Eric Hughson and Kirk Vandezande
Household Responses to Pricing Garbage by the Bag pp. 971-84 Downloads
Don Fullerton and Thomas C Kinnaman
Optimal Environmental Taxation in the Presence of Other Taxes: General-Equilibrium Analyses pp. 985-1000 Downloads
Lans Bovenberg and Lawrence H Goulder
Turning Points in the Civil War: Views from the Greenback Market pp. 1001-18 Downloads
Kristen L Willard, Timothy Guinnane and Harvey Rosen
A Signaling Explanation for Charity pp. 1019-28 Downloads
Amihai Glazer and Kai Konrad

Volume 86, issue 3, 1996

Rat Race Redux: Adverse Selection in the Determination of Work Hours in Law Firms pp. 329-48 Downloads
Renee M Landers, James Rebitzer and Lowell J Taylor
Veblen Effects in a Theory of Conspicuous Consumption pp. 349-73 Downloads
Laurie Simon Bagwell and B. Douglas Bernheim
The Gender Gap, Fertility, and Growth pp. 374-87 Downloads
Oded Galor and David Weil
The Timing and Incidence of Exploratory Drilling on Offshore Wildcat Tracts pp. 388-407 Downloads
Kenneth Hendricks and Robert Porter
The Swing Voter's Curse pp. 408-24
Timothy J Feddersen and Wolfgang Pesendorfer
How Do Senators Vote? Disentangling the Role of Voter Preferences, Party Affiliation, and Senate Ideology pp. 425-41 Downloads
Steven Levitt
Revenue Effects and Information Processing in English Common Value Auctions pp. 442-60 Downloads
Dan Levin, John Kagel and Jean-Francois Richard
Avoidable Cost: Ride a Double Auction Roller Coaster pp. 461-77 Downloads
Mark Van Boening and Nathaniel Wilcox
Holdups, Standard Breach Remedies, and Optimal Investment pp. 478-501 Downloads
Aaron Edlin and Stefan Reichelstein
Employee Buyout in a Bargaining Game with Asymmetric Information pp. 502-23 Downloads
Avner Ben-Ner and Byoung Jun
Aggregation without Separability: A Generalized Composite Commodity Theorem pp. 524-43 Downloads
Arthur Lewbel
Voluntary Export Restraints, Antidumping Procedure, and Domestic Politics pp. 544-61 Downloads
B. Rosendorff
Entry, Exit, Growth, and Innovation over the Product Life Cycle pp. 562-83 Downloads
Steven Klepper
Heterogeneity, Stratification, and Growth: Macroeconomic Implications of Community Structure and School Finance pp. 584-609 Downloads
Roland Benabou
Investment Lags pp. 610-22 Downloads
Avner Bar-ilan and William Strange
On the Dixit-Stiglitz Model of Monopolistic Competition pp. 623-29 Downloads
Claude d'Aspremont, Rodolphe Dos Santos Ferreira and Louis-André Gérard-Varet
R&D Spillovers and the Geography of Innovation and Production pp. 630-40 Downloads
David Audretsch and Maryann P Feldman
Company-Scientist Locational Links: The Case of Biotechnology pp. 641-52 Downloads
David Audretsch and Paula Stephan
Social Distance and Other-Regarding Behavior in Dictator Games pp. 653-60 Downloads
Elizabeth Hoffman, Kevin McCabe and Vernon Smith
Money, Expectations, and U.S. Civil War pp. 661-71 Downloads
McCandless, George T,
Contracts as a Barrier to Entry: Comment pp. 672-74 Downloads
Steffen Ziss
Serving the Public Debt: The Role of Expectations: Comment pp. 675-79 Downloads
Roel Beetsma

Volume 86, issue 2, 1996

The Missing Piece in Policy Analysis: Social Security Reform pp. 1-14
Martin Feldstein
Household Survey Data from Developing Countries: Progress and Prospects pp. 15-19 Downloads
Margaret E Grosh and Paul Glewwe
International Price and Quantity Comparisons: Potentials and Pitfalls pp. 20-24 Downloads
Alan Heston and Robert Summers
International Comparisons of the Sources of Economic Growth pp. 25-29
Chrys Dougherty and Dale W Jorgenson
Measurement and Mismeasurement of Social Indicators pp. 30-34 Downloads
John Strauss and Duncan Thomas
Trade, Technology, and Wages: A Tale of Two Countries pp. 35-40 Downloads
Ronald W Jones and Stanley L Engerman
The United States in a New Global Economy? A Century's Perspective pp. 41-46 Downloads
Douglas Irwin
Modeling Global Interdependence: Centers, Peripheries, and Frontiers pp. 47-51 Downloads
Ronald Findlay
Regional Trading Arrangements: Natural or Supernatural pp. 52-56 Downloads
Jeffrey Frankel, Ernesto Stein and Shang-Jin Wei
How Severe Is Global Retaliation Risk under Increasing Regionalism? pp. 57-61 Downloads
Carlo Perroni and John Whalley
Free-Trade Agreements: For Better or Worse? pp. 62-66 Downloads
Ronald Wonnacott
Asset-Market Structure and International Trade Dynamics pp. 67-70 Downloads
Athanasios V Arvanitis and Anne Mikkola
Incomplete Exchange-Rate Pass-Through and Imperfect Competition: The Effect of Local Production pp. 71-76
Anne Gron and Deborah Swenson
U.S. Equity Investment in Foreign Markets: Portfolio Rebalancing or Return Chasing? pp. 77-81 Downloads
Henning Bohn and Linda Tesar
The Theory of Preferential Trade Agreements: Historical Evolution and Current Trends pp. 82-87 Downloads
Jagdish Bhagwati and Arvind Panagariya
Compatibility of Regional and Multilateral Trading Agreements: Reforming the WTO Process pp. 88-92 Downloads
Gary P Sampson
Regionalism and the (Dis)advantage of Dispute-Settlement Access pp. 93-98 Downloads
Philip Levy and T. Srinivasan
Distributional Conflicts, Factor Mobility, and Political Integration pp. 99-104 Downloads
Patrick Bolton and Gérard Roland
Fiscal Consolidation in Europe: Composition Matters pp. 105-10 Downloads
Roberto Perotti
Monetary Cohabitation in Europe pp. 111-16 Downloads
Torsten Persson and Guido Tabellini
Theoretical Aspects of Transition pp. 117-22 Downloads
Olivier Blanchard
Enterprises and Workers in the Transition: Econometric Evidence pp. 123-27 Downloads
Jan Svejnar
The Transition at Mid Decade pp. 128-33 Downloads
Jeffrey D Sachs
Federalism, Fiscal Restraints, and European Monetary Union pp. 134-38 Downloads
Juergen von Hagen and Barry Eichengreen
Implementing EMU pp. 139-42 Downloads
Richard Portes
The New EMS: Narrow Bands inside Deep Bands pp. 143-46 Downloads
Vincent Labhard and Charles Wyplosz
Economic Transition and the Exchange-Rate Regime pp. 147-52 Downloads
Jeffrey D Sachs
Recent Exchange-Rate Experience and Proposals for Reform pp. 153-58 Downloads
Jeffrey Frankel
Exchange Rates and the Political Economy of Macroeconomic Discipline pp. 159-63 Downloads
Sebastian Edwards
One Year of Solitude: Some Pilgrim Tales about Mexico's 1994-1995 Crisis pp. 164-69 Downloads
Gil-Diaz, Francisco and Agustin Carstens
Petty Crime and Cruel Punishment: Lessons from the Mexican Debacle pp. 170-75 Downloads
Guillermo Calvo and Enrique Mendoza
Exchange-Rate Anchors, Credibility, and Inertia: A Tale of Two Crises, Chile and Mexico pp. 176-80 Downloads
Sebastian Edwards
The "Fundamental Transformation" in Macroeconomics pp. 181-86 Downloads
Ricardo Caballero and Mohamad L Hammour
Modeling Aggregate Liquidity pp. 187-91 Downloads
Bengt Holmstrom and Jean Tirole
Trading Costs, Price, and Volume in Asset Markets pp. 192-96 Downloads
Andrew Caplin and John Leahy
The First Industrial Revolution: A Guided Tour for Growth Economists pp. 197-201 Downloads
Nicholas Crafts
Why, Indeed, in America? Theory, History, and the Origins of Modern Economic Growth pp. 202-06 Downloads
Paul Romer
Hybridizing Growth Theory pp. 207-12 Downloads
Martin Weitzman
Inflation's Children: Tales of Crises That Beget Reforms pp. 213-17 Downloads
Michael Bruno and William Easterly
International Measures of Schooling Years and Schooling Quality pp. 218-23 Downloads
Robert Barro and Jong-Wha Lee
Accounting for China's Growth Performance pp. 224-28 Downloads
Eduardo Borensztein and Jonathan Ostry
Economies in Transition: The Beginnings of Growth pp. 229-33 Downloads
Stanley Fischer, Ratna Sahay and Carlos Vegh
U.S. Trade with Developing Countries and Wage Inequality pp. 234-39 Downloads
Jeffrey D Sachs and Howard Shatz
Globalization, Outsourcing, and Wage Inequality pp. 240-45 Downloads
Robert Feenstra and Gordon Hanson
Searching for the Effect of Immigration on the Labor Market pp. 246-51 Downloads
George Borjas, Richard Freeman and Lawrence Katz
Technology, Skill, and the Wage Structure: Insights from the Past pp. 252-57 Downloads
Claudia Goldin and Lawrence Katz
With What Skills Are Computers a Complement? pp. 258-62 Downloads
Frank Levy and Richard Murnane
Human-Capital Investments and Productivity pp. 263-67 Downloads
Sandra Black and Lisa Lynch
Do Men Whose Wives Work Really Earn Less? pp. 268-73 Downloads
Joyce Jacobsen and Wendy Rayack
Domestic Violence: The Value of Services as Signals pp. 274-79 Downloads
Amy Farmer and Jill Tiefenthaler
Gender Differences in Overeducation: A Test of the Theory of Differential Overqualification pp. 280-84 Downloads
KimMarie McGoldrick and John Robst
Wage Disparities and Affirmative Action in the 1980's pp. 285-89
Jonathan Leonard
The Effect of Federal Contractor Status on Racial Differences in Establishment-Level Employment Shares: 1979-1992 pp. 290-93 Downloads
Rodgers, William M, and William E Spriggs
Do Preferential Procurement Programs Benefit Minority Business? pp. 294-97 Downloads
Timothy Bates and Darrell Williams
The Ebb and Flow of Enforcing Executive Order 11246 pp. 298-301
Bernard E Anderson
Changes in the Distribution of Wages and Unemployment in OECD Countries pp. 302-08 Downloads
Stephen Nickell and Brian Bell
Wage Inequality from International Competition and Technological Change: Theory and Country Experience pp. 309-14 Downloads
Edward Leamer
Reorganization of Firms and Labor-Market Inequality pp. 315-21
Assar Lindbeck and Dennis Snower
Challenges for the Post-Apartheid Economy pp. 322-25 Downloads
Francis Wilson
Compulsory Centralization of Collective Bargaining in South Africa pp. 326-29 Downloads
Peter Moll
Education across Generations in South Africa pp. 330-34 Downloads
Duncan Thomas
Education Returns across Quantiles of the Wage Function: Alternative Explanations for Returns to Education by Race in South Africa pp. 335-39 Downloads
Germano Mwabu and T. Schultz
Some Effects of Taxes on Schooling and Training pp. 340-46 Downloads
Dupor, Bill, et al
On the Divergence between "Ideal" and Conventional Income-Tax Treatment of Human Capital pp. 347-52 Downloads
Louis Kaplow
How Should Government Allocate Subsidies for Human Capital? pp. 353-57 Downloads
C. Eugene Steuerle
Different Approaches for Dealing with Social Security pp. 358-62 Downloads
Edward Gramlich
Social Security Privatization: A Structure for Analysis pp. 363-67 Downloads
Olivia Mitchell and Stephen Zeldes
Privatizing School Security at Home and Abroad pp. 368-72 Downloads
Laurence Kotlikoff
Social Security Reform: Around the World in 80 Ways pp. 373-77 Downloads
Sylvester J Schieber and John B Shoven
The Effect of Medicaid Expansions on Public Insurance, Private Insurance, and Redistribution pp. 378-83 Downloads
David Cutler and Jonathan Gruber
Do (More and Better) Drugs Keep People Out of Hospitals? pp. 384-88 Downloads
Frank Lichtenberg
HMO Penetration and the Cost of Health Care: Market Discipline or Market Segmentation? pp. 389-94 Downloads
Laurence C Baker and Kenneth Corts
Budget Institutions and Fiscal Policy in the U.S. States pp. 395-400 Downloads
James Poterba
Fiscal Discipline and the Budget Process pp. 401-07 Downloads
Alberto Alesina and Roberto Perotti
European versus American Perspectives on Balanced-Budget Rules pp. 408-13
Giancarlo Corsetti and Nouriel Roubini
Structural Analysis of Auction Data pp. 414-20 Downloads
Jean-Jacques Laffont and Quang Vuong
Empirical Models of Discrete Strategic Choices pp. 421-26 Downloads
Peter C Reiss
Public-Policy Uses of Discrete-Choice Dynamic Programming Models pp. 427-32 Downloads
Kenneth I Wolpin
Religion, Science, and Rationality pp. 433-37 Downloads
Rodney Stark, Laurence Iannaccone and Roger Finke
The Discontents of Islamic Economic Morality pp. 438-42 Downloads
Timur Kuran
Contemplations on the Economic Approach to Religious Behavior pp. 443-47 Downloads
James D Montgomery
Chalk and Talk: A National Survey on Teaching Undergraduate Economics pp. 448-53 Downloads
William Becker and Michael Watts
Laboratory-Based Experimental and Demonstration Initiatives in Teaching Undergraduate Economics pp. 454-59 Downloads
Cardell, N Scott, et al
Teacher Training Programs in Economics: Past, Present, and Future pp. 460-64 Downloads
Michael K Salemi, Phillip Saunders and William B Walstad

Volume 86, issue 1, 1996

Economics, Values, and Health Care Reform pp. 1-24
Victor Fuchs
Mortgage Lending in Boston: Interpreting HMDA Data pp. 25-53
Alicia Munnell, Geoffrey Tootell, Lynn E. Browne and James McEneaney
Productivity and the Density of Economic Activity pp. 54-70 Downloads
Antonio Ciccone and Robert Hall
Real-Business-Cycle Models and the Forecastable Movements in Output, Hours, and Consumption pp. 71-89
Julio Rotemberg and Michael Woodford
Money and Output: A Test of Reverse Causation pp. 90-111 Downloads
Wilbur Coleman
Business Cycles and Labor-Market Search pp. 112-32 Downloads
David Andolfatto
The Spirit of Capitalism and Stock-Market Prices pp. 133-57 Downloads
Gurdip S Bakshi and Zhiwu Chen
Income Risk, Borrowing Constraints, and Portfolio Choice pp. 158-72 Downloads
Luigi Guiso, Tullio Jappelli and Daniele Terlizzese
The LeChatelier Principle pp. 173-79 Downloads
Paul Milgrom and John Roberts
Auctions versus Negotiations pp. 180-94 Downloads
Jeremy Bulow and Paul Klemperer
Organizational Design and Technology Choice under Intrafirm Bargaining pp. 195-222 Downloads
Lars Stole and Jeffrey Zwiebel
Divisionalization, Franchising, and Divestiture Incentives in Oligopoly pp. 223-36 Downloads
Michael Baye, Keith J Crocker and Jiandong Ju
Strategic Trade Policies with Endogenous Mode of Competition pp. 237-58 Downloads
Giovanni Maggi
Understanding the Costs of Sovereign Default: American State Debts in the 1840's pp. 259-75 Downloads
William B English
Canadian National Health Insurance and Infant Health pp. 276-84 Downloads
Maria J Hanratty
Health Insurance and Precautionary Savings pp. 285-95
Martha Starr
Budget Constraints and Time-Series Evidence on Consumption: Comment pp. 296-97 Downloads
William Roberds
Budget Constraints and Time-Series Evidence on Consumption: Reply pp. 298-99
Jordi Gali
Monetary Policy and Credit Conditions: Evidence from the Composition of External Finance: Comment pp. 300-309 Downloads
Stephen Oliner and Glenn Rudebusch
Monetary Policy and Credit Conditions: Evidence from the Composition of External Finance: Reply pp. 310-14 Downloads
Anil Kashyap, Jeremy Stein and David Wilcox
Collective Bargaining in the Public Sector: Comment pp. 315-26
Morley Gunderson, Robert Hebdon and Douglas Hyatt
Collective Bargaining in the Public Sector: Reply pp. 327-28 Downloads
Janet Currie and Sheena McConnell
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