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Volume 89, issue 5, 1999

Using Field Experiments to Test Equivalence between Auction Formats: Magic on the Internet pp. 1063-1080 Downloads
David Reiley
The Effect of Price Advertising on Prices: Evidence in the Wake of 44 Liquormart pp. 1081-1096 Downloads
Joel Waldfogel and Jeffrey Milyo
Adverse Selection in Durable Goods Markets pp. 1097-1115 Downloads
Alessandro Lizzeri and Igal Hendel
Endogenous Lobby Formation and Endogenous Protection: A Long-Run Model of Trade Policy Determination pp. 1116-1134 Downloads
Devashish Mitra
Protection for Sale: An Empirical Investigation pp. 1135-1155 Downloads
Giovanni Maggi and Pinelopi Goldberg
On the Size of U.S. Government: Political Economy in the Neoclassical Growth Model pp. 1156-1181 Downloads
José-Víctor Ríos-Rull and Per Krusell
Bicameralism and Its Consequences for the Internal Organization of Legislatures pp. 1182-1196 Downloads
Roger Myerson and Daniel Diermeier
Marginal Tax Rates and Income Inequality in a Life-Cycle Model pp. 1197-1215 Downloads
Charles Carlstrom and David Altig
Monopoly Rights: A Barrier to Riches pp. 1216-1233 Downloads
Edward Prescott and Stephen Parente
On the Driving Forces behind Cyclical Movements in Employment and Job Reallocation pp. 1234-1258 Downloads
John Haltiwanger and Steven Davis
Changes in Unemployment and Wage Inequality: An Alternative Theory and Some Evidence pp. 1259-1278 Downloads
Daron Acemoglu
Do Investors Trade Too Much? pp. 1279-1298 Downloads
Terrance Odean
New Evidence on the Money's Worth of Individual Annuities pp. 1299-1318 Downloads
Olivia Mitchell
A Simple Approach for Deciding When to Invest pp. 1319-1326 Downloads
Jonathan B. Berk
Policy Persistence pp. 1327-1336 Downloads
Stephen Morris and Stephen Coate
Illegal Immigration, Border Enforcement, and Relative Wages: Evidence from Apprehensions at the U.S.-Mexico Border pp. 1337-1357 Downloads
Antonio Spilimbergo and Gordon Hanson
Longevity Complementarities under Competing Risks pp. 1358-1371 Downloads
Tomas Philipson, William Dow and Xavier Sala-i-Martin
Intrinsic Bubbles: The Case of Stock Prices: Comment pp. 1372-1376 Downloads
William C. Hunter and Lucy Ackert
Voting on the Budget Deficit: Comment pp. 1377-1381 Downloads
Robert Dur, Ben D. Peletier and Otto Swank
The Economics of Child Labor: Comment pp. 1382-1385 Downloads
Carol Rogers and Kenneth Swinnerton
The Economics of Child Labor: Reply pp. 1386-1388 Downloads
Van Pham and Kaushik Basu

Volume 89, issue 4, 1999

Does Where You Stand Depend on Where You Sit? Tithing Donations and Self-Serving Beliefs pp. 703-727 Downloads
Michael Ransom and Gordon Dahl
Do Workplace Smoking Bans Reduce Smoking? pp. 728-747 Downloads
Matthew C. Farrelly, William Evans and Edward Montgomery
The Redesign of the Matching Market for American Physicians: Some Engineering Aspects of Economic Design pp. 748-780 Downloads
Elliott Peranson and Alvin Roth
Gaming against Managers in Incentive Systems: Experimental Results with Chinese Students and Chinese Managers pp. 781-804 Downloads
David Cooper
Measuring Duopoly Power in the British Electricity Spot Market pp. 805-826 Downloads
Catherine D. Wolfram
An Empirical Examination of Information Barriers to Trade in Insurance pp. 827-846 Downloads
Tomas Philipson and John Cawley
Emergence of Money as a Medium of Exchange: An Experimental Study pp. 847-877 Downloads
Jack Ochs and John Duffy
A Dynamic Economy with Costly Price Adjustments pp. 878-901 Downloads
Leif Danziger
Household Production and the Excess Sensitivity of Consumption to Current Income pp. 902-920 Downloads
Urban Jermann and Marianne Baxter
Machine Replacement and the Business Cycle: Lumps and Bumps pp. 921-946 Downloads
John Haltiwanger, Russell Cooper and Laura Power
The Response of Household Consumption to Income Tax Refunds pp. 947-958 Downloads
Nicholas Souleles
The Reaction of Household Consumption to Predictable Changes in Social Security Taxes pp. 959-973 Downloads
Jonathan Parker
Commodity Taxes under Fiscal Competition: Stackelberg Equilibrium and Optimality pp. 974-981 Downloads
You-Qiang Wang
Rents, Competition, and Corruption pp. 982-993 Downloads
Rafael Di Tella and Alberto Ades
The Costs of Carbon Sequestration: A Revealed-Preference Approach pp. 994-1009 Downloads
Robert Stavins
Are Risk Regulators Rational? Evidence from Hazardous Waste Cleanup Decisions pp. 1010-1027 Downloads
James T. Hamilton and W Viscusi
Models of Energy Use: Putty-Putty versus Putty-Clay pp. 1028-1043 Downloads
Patrick Kehoe and Andrew Atkeson
The Impact of Global Warming on Agriculture: A Ricardian Analysis: Comment pp. 1044-1045 Downloads
John Horowitz and John Quiggin
The Impact of Global Warming on Agriculture: A Ricardian Analysis: Reply pp. 1046-1048 Downloads
William Nordhaus and Robert Mendelsohn
The Impact of Global Warming on Agriculture: A Ricardian Analysis: Comment pp. 1049-1052 Downloads
Roy Darwin
The Impact of Global Warming on Agriculture: A Ricardian Analysis: Reply pp. 1053-1055 Downloads
William Nordhaus and Robert Mendelsohn
Central-Bank Independence, Economic Behavior, and Optimal Term Lengths: Comment pp. 1056-1062 Downloads
Xiang Lin

Volume 89, issue 3, 1999

The Possibility of Social Choice pp. 349-378 Downloads
Amartya Sen
Does Trade Cause Growth? pp. 379-399 Downloads
David Romer and Jeffrey Frankel
Voluntary Export Restraints on Automobiles: Evaluating a Trade Policy pp. 400-430 Downloads
James Levinsohn, Steven Berry and Ariel Pakes
Aid, Nontraded Goods, and the Transfer Paradox in Small Countries pp. 431-449 Downloads
Jeffrey Nugent and Makoto Yano
A Schumpeterian Model of Protection and Relative Wages pp. 450-472 Downloads
Paul Segerstrom and Elias Dinopoulos
The Twin Crises: The Causes of Banking and Balance-of-Payments Problems pp. 473-500 Downloads
Carmen Reinhart and Graciela Kaminsky
Competing for Endorsements pp. 501-524 Downloads
Elhanan Helpman and Gene Grossman
Follow the Leader: Theory and Evidence on Political Participation pp. 525-547 Downloads
Barry Nalebuff and Ron Shachar
What's in a Name? Reputation as a Tradeable Asset pp. 548-563 Downloads
Steven Tadelis
The Market for Evaluations pp. 564-584 Downloads
Paul Resnick, Christopher Avery and Richard Zeckhauser
Unequal Treatment of Identical Agents in Cournot Equilibrium pp. 585-604 Downloads
Greg Shaffer and Stephen Salant
Do Domestic Firms Benefit from Direct Foreign Investment? Evidence from Venezuela pp. 605-618 Downloads
Ann Harrison and Brian J. Aitken
Roads to Prosperity? Assessing the Link between Public Capital and Productivity pp. 619-638 Downloads
John Fernald
International Stock Market Equilibrium with Heterogenous Tastes pp. 639-648 Downloads
Leslie Young and James A. Bennett
Unbiased Value Estimates for Environmental Goods: A Cheap Talk Design for the Contingent Valuation Method pp. 649-665 Downloads
Laura Taylor and Ronald G. Cummings
State Taxes and Interstate Hazardous Waste Shipments pp. 666-677 Downloads
Arik Levinson
Anomalous Behavior in a Traveler's Dilemma? pp. 678-690 Downloads
C. Monica Capra
Strategic Behavior in Contests: Comment pp. 691-693 Downloads
Onsong Shin and Michael Baye
Strategic Behavior in Contests: Reply pp. 694-694 Downloads
Avinash Dixit

Volume 89, issue 2, 1999

In Defense of Inequality pp. 1-17 Downloads
Finis Welch
Fifty Years of U.S. Income Data from the Current Population Survey: Alternatives, Trends, and Quality pp. 18-22 Downloads
Daniel Weinberg
U.S. Wage-Inequality Trends and Recent Immigration pp. 23-28 Downloads
Robert Lerman
Some Income-Measurement Issues and Their Policy Implications pp. 29-33 Downloads
John C. Weicher
Why Do Different Wage Series Tell Different Stories? pp. 34-39 Downloads
James Spletzer, Katharine Abraham and Jay Stewart
Economic Growth: How Good Can It Get? pp. 40-44 Downloads
Frank Stafford
Measuring Labor's Share pp. 45-51 Downloads
Alan Krueger
The NAIRU and Wages in Local Labor Markets pp. 52-57 Downloads
Robert M. Coen
Does the NAIRU Have the Right Dynamics? pp. 58-62 Downloads
Ray Fair
Behind This Structural Boom: The Role of Asset Valuations pp. 63-68 Downloads
Edmund Phelps
Wage Dynamics: Reconciling Theory and Evidence pp. 69-74 Downloads
Lawrence Katz and Olivier Blanchard
Toward a General Theory of Wage and Price Rigidities and Economic Fluctuations pp. 75-80 Downloads
Joseph Stiglitz
Price Dynamics and Production Lags pp. 81-88 Downloads
Dennis Snower and Assar Lindbeck
Firm-Size Wage Differentials in Switzerland: Evidence from Job-Changers pp. 89-93 Downloads
Josef Zweimüller and Rudolf Winter-Ebmer
Productivity Differences across Employers: The Roles of Employer Size, Age, and Human Capital pp. 94-98 Downloads
Julia Lane, John Haltiwanger and James Spletzer
Examining the Employer-Size Wage Premium in the Manufacturing, Retail Trade, and Service Industries Using Employer-Employee Matched Data pp. 99-103 Downloads
Kenneth Troske and Kimberly Bayard
Workers Are More Productive in Large Firms pp. 104-108 Downloads
Walter Oi and Todd Idson
Information Technology and Growth pp. 109-115 Downloads
Kevin Stiroh and Dale W. Jorgenson
The Information-Technology Revolution and the Stock Market pp. 116-122 Downloads
Boyan Jovanovic and Jeremy Greenwood
U.S. Economic Growth since 1870: One Big Wave? pp. 123-128 Downloads
Robert Gordon
Zipf's Law and the Growth of Cities pp. 129-132 Downloads
Xavier Gabaix
Productivity Growth and Factor Prices in East Asia pp. 133-138 Downloads
Chang-Tai Hsieh
Growth: With or Without Scale Effects? pp. 139-144 Downloads
Charles Jones
Population and Economic Growth pp. 145-149 Downloads
Edward Glaeser, Gary Becker and Kevin Murphy
From Malthusian Stagnation to Modern Growth pp. 150-154 Downloads
David Weil and Oded Galor
Income-Distribution Dynamics with Endogenous Fertility pp. 155-160 Downloads
Daniel Chen and Michael Kremer
Generational Accounting around the Globe pp. 161-166 Downloads
Bernd Raffelhuschen and Laurence Kotlikoff
Generational Accounting in Europe pp. 167-170 Downloads
Bernd Raffelhuschen
Lessons from Generational Accounting in Japan pp. 171-175 Downloads
Yukinobu Kitamura and Noriyuki Takayama
Analyzing the Fiscal Impact of U.S. Immigration pp. 176-180 Downloads
Philip Oreopoulos and Alan Auerbach
Are Immigrants Favorably Self-Selected? pp. 181-185 Downloads
Barry Chiswick
Immigrants and Human-Capital Investment pp. 186-191 Downloads
Mark Regets and Harriet Orcutt Duleep
Immigration Policy and Immigrant Quality: The Australian Points System pp. 192-197 Downloads
Paul Miller
Women's Wages in Women's Work: A U.S./Canada Comparison of the Roles of Unions and "Public Goods" Sector Jobs pp. 198-203 Downloads
Nicole Fortin and Michael Baker
Exchange Rates and Employment Instability: Evidence from Matched CPS Data pp. 204-210 Downloads
Joseph Tracy, Linda Goldberg and Stephanie Aaronson
Employment and Retirement Following a Late-Career Job Loss pp. 211-216 Downloads
Ann Stevens and Sewin Chan
Medicare Reform: Obstacles and Options pp. 217-221 Downloads
Linda Bilheimer and Joseph Antos
Prefunding Medicare pp. 222-227 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
The Geography of Medicare pp. 228-233 Downloads
Louise Sheiner and David Cutler
Household Resource Allocation in Stepfamilies: Darwin Reflects on the Plight of Cinderella pp. 234-238 Downloads
I-Fen Lin, Anne Case and Sara McLanahan
Parental Resources and Child Abuse and Neglect pp. 239-244 Downloads
Jane Waldfogel and Christina Paxson
Is the Impact of Health Shocks Cushioned by Socioeconomic Status? The Case of Low Birthweight pp. 245-250 Downloads
Rosemary Hyson and Janet Currie
Population Growth, Dependency, and Consumption pp. 251-255 Downloads
David Weil
Fertility Decline in the Developed World: Where Will It End? pp. 256-260 Downloads
John Bongaarts
U.S. Abortion Policy and Fertility pp. 261-264 Downloads
Jacob Alex Klerman
Measures of Agricultural Support Policies in Transition Economies: 1994-1997 pp. 265-270 Downloads
Alberto Valdes
Land Reform and Farm Restructuring: What Has Been Accomplished to Date? pp. 271-275 Downloads
Zvi Lerman
Inside China's Cities: Institutional Barriers and Opportunities for Urban Migrants pp. 276-280 Downloads
Xuejin Zuo and Wang Feng
Leaving the Countryside: Rural-to-Urban Migration Decisions in China pp. 281-286 Downloads
Yaohui Zhao
Migration, Remittances, and Agricultural Productivity in China pp. 287-291 Downloads
J. Edward Taylor, Scott Rozelle and Alan deBrauw
Markets and Inequality in Rural China: Parallels with the Past pp. 292-295 Downloads
Loren Brandt and Dwayne Benjamin
Income Distribution in Urban China during the Period of Economic Reform and Globalization pp. 296-300 Downloads
Keith Griffin, Azizur Rahman Khan and Carl Riskin
China's Lagging Poor Areas pp. 301-305 Downloads
Jyotsna Jalan and Martin Ravallion
Urban-Biased Policies and Rising Income Inequality in China pp. 306-310 Downloads
Dennis Yang
The Geographic Concentration of Industry: Does Natural Advantage Explain Agglomeration? pp. 311-316 Downloads
Edward Glaeser and Glenn Ellison
Scale of Local Production and City Size pp. 317-320 Downloads
Thomas Holmes
Spatial Evolution of Population and Industry in the United States pp. 321-327 Downloads
J. Vernon Henderson and Duncan Black
Decomposition of Productivity and Unit Costs pp. 328-332 Downloads
Lawrence Slifman and Carol Corrado
Quality Improvement in Health Care: A Framework for Price and Output Measurement pp. 333-337 Downloads
Matthew Shapiro, Irving Shapiro and David Wilcox
Discrepancies in International Data: An Application to China-Hong Kong Entrepot Trade pp. 338-343 Downloads
Robert Feenstra
How Departments of Economics Evaluate Teaching pp. 344-349 Downloads
Michael Watts and William Becker
What Do College Seniors Know about Economics? pp. 350-354 Downloads
Sam Allgood and William B. Walstad
The State of Economic Education pp. 355-361 Downloads
John Siegfried and Michael K. Salemi
Credit and Banking Structure: Asian and African-American Experience in Los Angeles pp. 362-366 Downloads
Lisa Mohanty and Gary Dymski
What Can We Expect from Community-Based Lending for the District of Columbia pp. 367-371 Downloads
Gwendolyn Flowers
The Economic Performance of African-American-Owned Banks: The Role of Loan Loss Provisions pp. 372-376 Downloads
Christopher C. Henderson
Portfolio Choices of Parents and Their Children as Young Adults: Asset Accumulation by African-American Families pp. 377-380 Downloads
Frank Stafford and Ngina S. Chiteji
Financial Decision-Making: Are Women Really More Risk-Averse? pp. 381-385 Downloads
Renate Schubert
Gender and Culture: International Experimental Evidence from Trust Games pp. 386-391 Downloads
Nancy Buchan and Rachel Croson
Cracks in the Glass Ceiling: Gender and Promotion in the Economics Profession pp. 392-396 Downloads
Larry D. Singell, John McDowell and James Ziliak
Gender Differences in Salary and Promotion in the Humanities pp. 397-402 Downloads
Kathy J. Hayes and Donna K. Ginther
Same Song, Same Refrain? Economic Sanctions in the 1990's pp. 403-408 Downloads
Gary Hufbauer and Kimberly Elliott
Sanctions: Some Simple Analytics pp. 409-414 Downloads
Maxim Engers and Jonathan Eaton
Sanctions on South Africa: What Did They Do? pp. 415-420 Downloads
Philip Levy
Recent Theoretical Work on the Soft Budget Constraint pp. 421-425 Downloads
Eric Maskin
Policy Burdens, Accountability, and the Soft Budget Constraint pp. 426-431 Downloads
Guofu Tan and Justin Lin
The Myth of the East Asian Miracle: The Macroeconomic Implications of Soft Budgets pp. 432-437 Downloads
Yijiang Wang and Chong-En Bai
Institutions, Innovations, and Growth pp. 438-443 Downloads
Chenggang Xu and Haizhou Huang
Minutes of the Annual Meeting pp. 447-448 Downloads
John Siegfried
Minutes of the Executive Committee Meetings pp. 449-461 Downloads
John Siegfried
Report of the Secretary for 1998 pp. 462-464 Downloads
John Siegfried
Report of the Treasurer for the Year Ending December 31, 1998 pp. 465-465 Downloads
C. Elton Hinshaw
Report of the Finance Committee pp. 466-466 Downloads
C. Elton Hinshaw
Report of the Editor: American Economic Review pp. 467-475 Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter
Report of the Editor: Journal of Economic Literature pp. 476-478 Downloads
John McMillan
Report of the Editor: Journal of Economic Perspectives pp. 479-483 Downloads
Alan Krueger
Report of the Director: Job Openings for Economists pp. 484-485 Downloads
C. Elton Hinshaw
Report of the Committee on Economic Education pp. 486-487 Downloads
Michael K. Salemi
Report of the Committee on the Status of Minority Groups in the Economics Profession pp. 488-491 Downloads
Susan M. Collins
Report of the Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession pp. 492-498 Downloads
Robin L. Bartlett
American Economic Association Universal Academic Questionnaire Summary Statistics pp. 499-502 Downloads
Charles E. Scott

Volume 89, issue 1, 1999

Catching Up with the Economy pp. 1-21 Downloads
Robert Fogel
The Voracity Effect pp. 22-46 Downloads
Philip Lane and Aaron Tornell
Endogenous Technological Change and Wage Inequality pp. 47-77 Downloads
Huw Lloyd-Ellis
Technological Revolutions pp. 78-102 Downloads
Francesco Caselli
Doing It Now or Later pp. 103-124 Downloads
Matthew Rabin and Ted O'Donoghue
Cooperative Investments and the Value of Contracting pp. 125-147 Downloads
Donald B. Hausch and Yeon-Koo Che
Rules of Thumb versus Dynamic Programming pp. 148-174 Downloads
Harald Uhlig and Martin Lettau
The Generalized War of Attrition pp. 175-189 Downloads
Paul Klemperer and Jeremy Bulow
The Role of Multilateral Institutions in International Trade Cooperation pp. 190-214 Downloads
Giovanni Maggi
An Economic Theory of GATT pp. 215-248 Downloads
Robert Staiger and Kyle Bagwell
Technology, Employment, and the Business Cycle: Do Technology Shocks Explain Aggregate Fluctuations? pp. 249-271 Downloads
Jordi Gali
Scale Economies and Industry Agglomeration Externalities: A Dynamic Cost Function Approach pp. 272-290 Downloads
Donald Siegel and Catherine Morrison Paul
Can Affirmative Action Be Cost Effective? An Experimental Examination of Price-Preference Auctions pp. 291-305 Downloads
Andrew Schotter and Allan Corns
Overconfidence and Excess Entry: An Experimental Approach pp. 306-318 Downloads
Dan Lovallo and Colin Camerer
The Winner's Curse and Public Information in Common Value Auctions: Comment pp. 319-324 Downloads
Samuel H. Dinkin, James Cox and Vernon Smith
The Winner's Curse and Public Information in Common Value Auctions: Reply pp. 325-334 Downloads
John Kagel, Colin Campbell and Dan Levin
Social Distance and Other-Regarding Behavior in Dictator Games: Comment pp. 335-339 Downloads
Bruno Frey and Iris Bohnet
Social Distance and Other-Regarding Behavior in Dictator Games: Reply pp. 340-341 Downloads
Kevin McCabe, Elizabeth Hoffman and Vernon Smith
Optimal Inflation Targets, "Conservative" Central Banks, and Linear Inflation Contracts: Comment pp. 342-347 Downloads
Henrik Jensen and Roel Beetsma
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