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Volume 105, issue 12, 2015

Capital Tax Reform and the Real Economy: The Effects of the 2003 Dividend Tax Cut pp. 3531-63 Downloads
Danny Yagan
Market Externalities of Large Unemployment Insurance Extension Programs pp. 3564-96 Downloads
Rafael Lalive, Camille Landais and Josef Zweimüller
Media Influences on Social Outcomes: The Impact of MTV's 16 and Pregnant on Teen Childbearing pp. 3597-3632 Downloads
Melissa S. Kearney and Phillip Levine
The Housing Market Impacts of Shale Gas Development pp. 3633-59 Downloads
Lucija Muehlenbachs, Elisheba Spiller and Christopher Timmins
Imported Inputs and Productivity pp. 3660-3703 Downloads
László Halpern, Miklós Koren and Adam Szeidl
R&D, International Sourcing, and the Joint Impact on Firm Performance pp. 3704-39 Downloads
Esther Ann Bøler, Andreas Moxnes and Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe
A Seniority Arrangement for Sovereign Debt pp. 3740-65 Downloads
Satyajit Chatterjee and Burcu Eyigungor
Feedback Effects, Asymmetric Trading, and the Limits to Arbitrage pp. 3766-97 Downloads
Alex Edmans, Itay Goldstein and Wei Jiang

Volume 105, issue 11, 2015

Human Capital Risk, Contract Enforcement, and the Macroeconomy pp. 3223-72 Downloads
Tom Krebs, Moritz Kuhn and Mark Wright
Optimal Annuitization with Stochastic Mortality and Correlated Medical Costs pp. 3273-3320 Downloads
Felix Reichling and Kent Smetters
Exclusive Contracts and Market Dominance pp. 3321-51 Downloads
Giacomo Calzolari and Vincenzo Denicolo'
Fiscal Volatility Shocks and Economic Activity pp. 3352-84 Downloads
Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Pablo Guerron, Keith Kuester and Juan F Rubio-Ramirez
Estimating Neighborhood Choice Models: Lessons from a Housing Assistance Experiment pp. 3385-3415 Downloads
Sebastian Galiani, Alvin Murphy and Juan Pantano
Conveniently Upset: Avoiding Altruism by Distorting Beliefs about Others' Altruism pp. 3416-42 Downloads
Rafael Di Tella, Ricardo Perez-Truglia, Andres Babino and Mariano Sigman
Optimal Taxation and Debt with Uninsurable Risks to Human Capital Accumulation pp. 3443-70 Downloads
Piero Gottardi, Atsushi Kajii and Tomoyuki Nakajima
Reputation and School Competition pp. 3471-88 Downloads
W. Bentley Macleod and Miguel Urquiola
Psychological Frictions and the Incomplete Take-Up of Social Benefits: Evidence from an IRS Field Experiment pp. 3489-3529 Downloads
Saurabh Bhargava and Dayanand Manoli

Volume 105, issue 10, 2015

Averting Catastrophes: The Strange Economics of Scylla and Charybdis pp. 2947-85 Downloads
Ian Martin and Robert Pindyck
Disability Insurance and the Dynamics of the Incentive Insurance Trade-Off pp. 2986-3029 Downloads
Hamish Low and Luigi Pistaferri
Efficient Firm Dynamics in a Frictional Labor Market pp. 3030-60 Downloads
Leo Kaas and Philipp Kircher
Technical Change, Wage Inequality, and Taxes pp. 3061-3101 Downloads
Laurence Ales, Musab Kurnaz and Christopher Sleet
Non-optimal Mechanism Design pp. 3102-24 Downloads
Jason D. Hartline and Brendan Lucier
Delinking Land Rights from Land Use: Certification and Migration in Mexico pp. 3125-49 Downloads
Alain de Janvry, Kyle Emerick, Marco Gonzalez-Navarro and Elisabeth Sadoulet
The Next Generation of the Penn World Table pp. 3150-82 Downloads
Robert Feenstra, Robert Inklaar and Marcel Timmer
Competition, Markups, and the Gains from International Trade pp. 3183-3221 Downloads
Chris Edmond, Virgiliu Midrigan and Yi Xu

Volume 105, issue 9, 2015

Has Consumption Inequality Mirrored Income Inequality? pp. 2725-56 Downloads
Mark Aguiar and Mark Bils
Education, HIV, and Early Fertility: Experimental Evidence from Kenya pp. 2757-97 Downloads
Esther Duflo, Pascaline Dupas and Michael Kremer
The Welfare Economics of Default Options in 401(k) Plans pp. 2798-2837 Downloads
B. Douglas Bernheim, Andrey Fradkin and Igor Popov
Credit Constraints and Growth in a Global Economy pp. 2838-81 Downloads
Nicolas Coeurdacier, Stéphane Guibaud and Keyu Jin
Cooperation, but No Reciprocity: Individual Strategies in the Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma pp. 2882-2910 Downloads
Yves Breitmoser
The Value of Relationships: Evidence from a Supply Shock to Kenyan Rose Exports pp. 2911-45 Downloads
Rocco Macchiavello and Ameet Morjaria

Volume 105, issue 8, 2015

Yours, Mine, and Ours: Do Divorce Laws Affect the Intertemporal Behavior of Married Couples? pp. 2295-2332 Downloads
Alessandra Voena
Country Solidarity in Sovereign Crises pp. 2333-63 Downloads
Jean Tirole
State Capacity and Economic Development: A Network Approach pp. 2364-2409 Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, Camilo García-Jimeno and James Robinson
Crossing Party Lines: The Effects of Information on Redistributive Politics pp. 2410-48 Downloads
Katherine Casey
Health Insurance for "Humans": Information Frictions, Plan Choice, and Consumer Welfare pp. 2449-2500 Downloads
Benjamin R. Handel and Jonathan T. Kolstad
Evaluating Behaviorally Motivated Policy: Experimental Evidence from the Lightbulb Market pp. 2501-38 Downloads
Hunt Allcott and Dmitry Taubinsky
No Taxation without Information: Deterrence and Self-Enforcement in the Value Added Tax pp. 2539-69 Downloads
Dina Pomeranz
Back to Fundamentals: Equilibrium in Abstract Economies pp. 2570-94 Downloads
Michael Richter and Ariel Rubinstein
On Discrimination in Auctions with Endogenous Entry pp. 2595-2643 Downloads
Philippe Jehiel and Laurent Lamy
Information Rigidity and the Expectations Formation Process: A Simple Framework and New Facts pp. 2644-78 Downloads
Olivier Coibion and Yuriy Gorodnichenko
How to Control Controlled School Choice pp. 2679-94 Downloads
Federico Echenique and M. Bumin Yenmez
In the Name of the Son (and the Daughter): Intergenerational Mobility in the United States, 1850-1940 pp. 2695-2724 Downloads
Claudia Olivetti and M. Daniele Paserman

Volume 105, issue 7, 2015

An Empirical Model of the Medical Match pp. 1939-78 Downloads
Nikhil Agarwal
Financial Entanglement: A Theory of Incomplete Integration, Leverage, Crashes, and Contagion pp. 1979-2010 Downloads
Nicolae Gârleanu, Stavros Panageas and Jianfeng Yu
Banking, Liquidity, and Bank Runs in an Infinite Horizon Economy pp. 2011-43 Downloads
Mark Gertler and Nobuhiro Kiyotaki
Do Firms Underinvest in Long-Term Research? Evidence from Cancer Clinical Trials pp. 2044-85 Downloads
Eric Budish, Benjamin N. Roin and Heidi Williams
Acquisitions, Productivity, and Profitability: Evidence from the Japanese Cotton Spinning Industry pp. 2086-2119 Downloads
Serguey Braguinsky, Atsushi Ohyama, Tetsuji Okazaki and Chad Syverson
Team Contests with Multiple Pairwise Battles pp. 2120-40 Downloads
Qiang Fu, Jingfeng Lu and Yue Pan
Vertical Contracting with Informational Opportunism pp. 2141-82 Downloads
Vianney Dequiedt and David Martimort
Revealed Preference, Rational Inattention, and Costly Information Acquisition pp. 2183-2203 Downloads
Andrew Caplin and Mark Dean
Estimating a War of Attrition: The Case of the US Movie Theater Industry pp. 2204-41 Downloads
Yuya Takahashi
Risk Preferences Are Not Time Preferences: On the Elicitation of Time Preference under Conditions of Risk: Comment pp. 2242-60 Downloads
Stephen Cheung
Risk Preferences Are Not Time Preferences: Balancing on a Budget Line: Comment pp. 2261-71 Downloads
Thomas Epper and Helga Fehr-Duda
Risk Preferences Are Not Time Preferences: Separating Risk and Time Preference: Comment pp. 2272-86 Downloads
Bin Miao and Songfa Zhong
Risk Preferences Are Not Time Preferences: Reply pp. 2287-93 Downloads
James Andreoni and Charles Sprenger

Volume 105, issue 6, 2015

Market Failures and Public Policy pp. 1665-82 Downloads
Jean Tirole
Consumer Search and Double Marginalization pp. 1683-1710 Downloads
Maarten Janssen and Sandro Shelegia
Government Policy with Time Inconsistent Voters pp. 1711-37 Downloads
Alberto Bisin, Alessandro Lizzeri and Leeat Yariv
Trafficking Networks and the Mexican Drug War pp. 1738-79 Downloads
Melissa Dell
Clientelism in Indian Villages pp. 1780-1816 Downloads
Siwan Anderson, Patrick Francois and Ashok Kotwal
The Value of Democracy: Evidence from Road Building in Kenya pp. 1817-51 Downloads
Robin Burgess, Remi Jedwab, Edward Miguel, Ameet Morjaria and Gerard Padró i Miquel
Fertility and Childlessness in the United States pp. 1852-82 Downloads
Thomas Baudin, David de la Croix and Paula Gobbi
Endogenous Liquidity and the Business Cycle pp. 1883-1927 Downloads
Saki Bigio

Volume 105, issue 5, 2015

Foreword pp. xi-xii Downloads
Richard Thaler
Editors' Introduction pp. xiii-xiv Downloads
William Johnson and Kelly Markel
Behavioral Economics and Public Policy: A Pragmatic Perspective pp. 1-33 Downloads
Raj Chetty
Capital and Wealth in the Twenty-First Century pp. 34-37 Downloads
David Weil
Capital Taxation in the Twenty-First Century pp. 38-42 Downloads
Alan Auerbach and Kevin Hassett
Yes, r > g. So What? pp. 43-47 Downloads
N. Gregory Mankiw
About Capital in the Twenty-First Century pp. 48-53 Downloads
Thomas Piketty
Secular Stagnation: A Supply-Side View pp. 54-59 Downloads
Robert J. Gordon
Demand Side Secular Stagnation pp. 60-65 Downloads
Lawrence Summers
Secular Stagnation: The Long View pp. 66-70 Downloads
Barry Eichengreen
Gary Becker as Teacher pp. 71-73 Downloads
Kevin M. Murphy
Gary Becker: Model Economic Scientist pp. 74-79 Downloads
James Heckman
Gary Becker's Impact on Economics and Policy pp. 80-84 Downloads
Edward P. Lazear
Human Capital and Growth pp. 85-88 Downloads
Robert Lucas
Mathiness in the Theory of Economic Growth pp. 89-93 Downloads
Paul Romer
Lessons from Schumpeterian Growth Theory pp. 94-99 Downloads
Philippe Aghion, Ufuk Akcigit and Peter Howitt
Globalization and Growth pp. 100-104 Downloads
Gene M. Grossman and Elhanan Helpman
Messaging and the Mandate: The Impact of Consumer Experience on Health Insurance Enrollment through Exchanges pp. 105-09 Downloads
Natalie Cox, Benjamin Handel, Jonathan Kolstad and Neale Mahoney
Narrow Networks on the Health Insurance Exchanges: What Do They Look Like and How Do They Affect Pricing? A Case Study of Texas pp. 110-14 Downloads
Leemore Dafny, Igal Hendel and Nathan Wilson
Measuring Consumer Valuation of Limited Provider Networks pp. 115-19 Downloads
Keith Ericson and Amanda Starc
The Impact of Market Size and Composition on Health Insurance Premiums: Evidence from the First Year of the Affordable Care Act pp. 120-25 Downloads
Michael J. Dickstein, Mark Duggan, Joe Orsini and Pietro Tebaldi
The Effect of Unemployment Benefits on the Duration of Unemployment Insurance Receipt: New Evidence from a Regression Kink Design in Missouri, 2003-2013 pp. 126-30 Downloads
David Card, Andrew Johnston, Pauline Leung, Alexandre Mas and Zhuan Pei
Veterans' Labor Force Participation: What Role Does the VA's Disability Compensation Program Play? pp. 131-36 Downloads
Courtney Coile, Mark Duggan and Audrey Guo
Earnings, Disposable Income, and Consumption of Allowed and Rejected Disability Insurance Applicants pp. 137-41 Downloads
Andreas Kostøl and Magne Mogstad
Recall Expectations and Duration Dependence pp. 142-46 Downloads
Arash Nekoei and Andrea Weber
The Great Recession and Credit Trends across Income Groups pp. 147-53 Downloads
Gene Amromin and Leslie McGranahan
Heterogeneity in the Impact of Economic Cycles and the Great Recession: Effects within and across the Income Distribution pp. 154-60 Downloads
Marianne Bitler and Hilary Hoynes
Changes in Safety Net Use during the Great Recession pp. 161-65 Downloads
Patricia Anderson, Kristin Butcher and Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach
Living Arrangements, Doubling Up, and the Great Recession: Was This Time Different? pp. 166-70 Downloads
Marianne Bitler and Hilary Hoynes
The Effect of Extended Unemployment Insurance Benefits: Evidence from the 2012-2013 Phase-Out pp. 171-76 Downloads
Henry S. Farber, Jesse Rothstein and Robert Valletta
Disability Insurance and the Great Recession pp. 177-82 Downloads
Nicole Maestas, Kathleen J. Mullen and Alexander Strand
Deconstructing the Energy-Efficiency Gap: Conceptual Frameworks and Evidence pp. 183-86 Downloads
Todd Gerarden, Richard Newell and Robert Stavins
Tagging and Targeting of Energy Efficiency Subsidies pp. 187-91 Downloads
Hunt Allcott, Christopher Knittel and Dmitry Taubinsky
Limited Attention and the Residential Energy Efficiency Gap pp. 192-95 Downloads
Karen Palmer and Margaret Walls
Individual Time Preferences and Energy Efficiency pp. 196-200 Downloads
Richard Newell and Juha Siikamäki
Are the Non-monetary Costs of Energy Efficiency Investments Large? Understanding Low Take-Up of a Free Energy Efficiency Program pp. 201-04 Downloads
Meredith Fowlie, Michael Greenstone and Catherine Wolfram
Immigration Enforcement and Crime pp. 205-09 Downloads
Paolo Pinotti
Effects of Immigrant Legalization on Crime pp. 210-13 Downloads
Scott Baker
The Criminal Justice Response to Policy Interventions: Evidence from Immigration Reform pp. 214-19 Downloads
Sarah Bohn, Matthew Freedman and Emily Owens
The Long-Run Effect of Mexican Immigration on Crime in US Cities: Evidence from Variation in Mexican Fertility Rates pp. 220-25 Downloads
Aaron Chalfin
Growth, Pollution, and Life Expectancy: China from 1991-2012 pp. 226-31 Downloads
Avraham Ebenstein, Maoyong Fan, Michael Greenstone, Guojun He, Peng Yin and Maigeng Zhou
Satellites, Self-Reports, and Submersion: Exposure to Floods in Bangladesh pp. 232-36 Downloads
Raymond Guiteras, Amir Jina and Ahmed Mobarak
Pay as You Go: Prepaid Metering and Electricity Expenditures in South Africa pp. 237-41 Downloads
B. Kelsey Jack and Grant Smith
Moving Up the Energy Ladder: The Effect of an Increase in Economic Well-Being on the Fuel Consumption Choices of the Poor in India pp. 242-46 Downloads
Rema Hanna and Paulina Oliva
Convergence in Adaptation to Climate Change: Evidence from High Temperatures and Mortality, 1900-2004 pp. 247-51 Downloads
Alan Barreca, Karen Clay, Olivier Deschenes, Michael Greenstone and Joseph Shapiro
Geography, Depreciation, and Growth pp. 252-56 Downloads
Solomon M. Hsiang and Amir S. Jina
Tropical Economics pp. 257-61 Downloads
Solomon M. Hsiang and Kyle C. Meng
Federal Crop Insurance and the Disincentive to Adapt to Extreme Heat pp. 262-66 Downloads
Francis Annan and Wolfram Schlenker
Why Don't Present-Biased Agents Make Commitments? pp. 267-72 Downloads
David Laibson
Present Bias: Lessons Learned and to Be Learned pp. 273-79 Downloads
Ted O'Donoghue and Matthew Rabin
Judging Experimental Evidence on Dynamic Inconsistency pp. 280-85 Downloads
Charles Sprenger
Loyalty, Exit, and Enforcement: Evidence from a Kenya Dairy Cooperative pp. 286-90 Downloads
Lorenzo Casaburi and Rocco Macchiavello
Ex Post (In) Efficient Negotiation and Breakdown of Trade pp. 291-94 Downloads
Rajkamal Iyer and Antoinette Schoar
The Catch-22 of External Validity in the Context of Constraints to Firm Growth pp. 295-99 Downloads
Greg Fischer and Dean Karlan
The Market for Training Services: A Demand Experiment with Bangladeshi Garment Factories pp. 300-304 Downloads
Rocco Macchiavello, Atonu Rabbani and Christopher Woodruff
Lending Booms, Smart Bankers, and Financial Crises pp. 305-09 Downloads
Anjan Thakor
Neglected Risks: The Psychology of Financial Crises pp. 310-14 Downloads
Nicola Gennaioli, Andrei Shleifer and Robert Vishny
Do Strict Capital Requirements Raise the Cost of Capital? Bank Regulation, Capital Structure, and the Low-Risk Anomaly pp. 315-20 Downloads
Malcolm Baker and Jeffrey Wurgler
Does a Bank's History Affect Its Risk-Taking? pp. 321-25 Downloads
Christa H. S. Bouwman and Ulrike Malmendier
Why Do Firms Have "Purpose"? The Firm's Role as a Carrier of Identity and Reputation pp. 326-30 Downloads
Rebecca Henderson and Eric Van den Steen
Organizational Culture and Performance pp. 331-35 Downloads
Elizabeth A. Martinez, Nancy Beaulieu, Robert Gibbons, Peter Pronovost and Thomas Wang
Corporate Culture, Societal Culture, and Institutions pp. 336-39 Downloads
Luigi Guiso, Paola Sapienza and Luigi Zingales
Understanding Ethnic Identity in Africa: Evidence from the Implicit Association Test (IAT) pp. 340-45 Downloads
Sara Lowes, Nathan Nunn, James Robinson and Jonathan Weigel
Religion and Innovation pp. 346-51 Downloads
Roland Benabou, Davide Ticchi and Andrea Vindigni
Measuring Vote-Selling: Field Evidence from the Philippines pp. 352-56 Downloads
Allen Hicken, Stephen Leider, Nico Ravanilla and Dean Yang
More Money, More Problems? Can High Pay Be Coercive and Repugnant? pp. 357-60 Downloads
Sandro Ambuehl, Muriel Niederle and Alvin Roth
Sacred Values? The Effect of Information on Attitudes toward Payments for Human Organs pp. 361-65 Downloads
Julio Elias, Nicola Lacetera and Mario Macis
Deciding When to Quit: Reference-Dependence over Slot Machine Outcomes pp. 366-70 Downloads
Jaimie W. Lien and Jie Zheng
Testing for the Disposition Effect on Optimal Stopping Decisions pp. 371-75 Downloads
Jacopo Magnani
Loss Aversion in Post-Sale Purchases of Consumer Products and Their Substitutes pp. 376-80 Downloads
Debajyoti Ray, Matthew Shum and Colin F. Camerer
Bankruptcy Rates among NFL Players with Short-Lived Income Spikes pp. 381-84 Downloads
Kyle Carlson, Joshua Kim, Annamaria Lusardi and Colin F. Camerer
Principles of (Behavioral) Economics pp. 385-90 Downloads
David Laibson and John List
Teaching a Behavioral Economics Elective: Highlighting the Science of Economics pp. 391-95 Downloads
Ted O'Donoghue
Behavioral Economics and Public Policy 102: Beyond Nudging pp. 396-401 Downloads
Saurabh Bhargava and George Loewenstein
Standing United or Falling Divided? High Stakes Bargaining in a TV Game Show pp. 402-07 Downloads
Dennie van Dolder, Martijn J. van den Assem, Colin F. Camerer and Richard Thaler
Cooperation in a Dynamic Fishing Game: A Framed Field Experiment pp. 408-13 Downloads
Charles Noussair, Daan van Soest and Jan Stoop
I Take Care of My Own: A Field Study on How Leadership Handles Conflict between Individual and Collective Incentives pp. 414-19 Downloads
Romain Gauriot and Lionel Page
Liquidity in Retirement Savings Systems: An International Comparison pp. 420-25 Downloads
John Beshears, James Choi, Joshua Hurwitz, David Laibson and Brigitte Madrian
The Composition Effect of Consumption around Retirement: Evidence from Singapore pp. 426-31 Downloads
Sumit Agarwal, Jessica Pan and Wenlan Qian
Defined Contribution Pension Plans: Mutual Fund Asset Allocation Changes pp. 432-36 Downloads
Clemens Sialm, Laura Starks and Hanjiang Zhang
The Retirement Consumption Puzzle in China pp. 437-41 Downloads
Hongbin Li, Xinzheng Shi and Binzhen Wu
Do Private Equity Owned Firms Have Better Management Practices? pp. 442-46 Downloads
Nicholas Bloom, Raffaella Sadun and John van Reenen
Formal Measures in Informal Management: Can a Balanced Scorecard Change a Culture? pp. 447-51 Downloads
Robert Gibbons and Robert S. Kaplan
The Real Effects of Relational Contracts pp. 452-56 Downloads
Steven Blader, Claudine Gartenberg, Rebecca Henderson and Andrea Prat
The Impact of Ethnic Diversity in Bureaucracies: Evidence from the Nigerian Civil Service pp. 457-61 Downloads
Imran Rasul and Daniel Rogger
Do Natural Field Experiments Afford Researchers More or Less Control Than Laboratory Experiments? pp. 462-66 Downloads
Omar Al-Ubaydli and John List
Heterogeneous Treatment Effects in Impact Evaluation pp. 467-70 Downloads
Eva Vivalt
Learning from Experiments When Context Matters pp. 471-75 Downloads
Lant Pritchett and Justin Sandefur
A Measure of Robustness to Misspecification pp. 476-80 Downloads
Susan Athey and Guido Imbens
Machine Learning Methods for Demand Estimation pp. 481-85 Downloads
Patrick Bajari, Denis Nekipelov, Stephen Ryan and Miaoyu Yang
Post-Selection and Post-Regularization Inference in Linear Models with Many Controls and Instruments pp. 486-90 Downloads
Victor Chernozhukov, Christian Hansen and Martin Spindler
Prediction Policy Problems pp. 491-95 Downloads
Jon Kleinberg, Jens Ludwig, Sendhil Mullainathan and Ziad Obermeyer
Can Online Learning Bend the Higher Education Cost Curve? pp. 496-501 Downloads
David Deming, Claudia Goldin, Lawrence Katz and Noam Yuchtman
Evaluating Econometric Evaluations of Post-Secondary Aid pp. 502-07 Downloads
Joshua Angrist, David Autor, Sally Hudson and Amanda Pallais
Connecting Student Loans to Labor Market Outcomes: Policy Lessons from Chile pp. 508-13 Downloads
Harald Beyer, Justine Hastings, Christopher Neilson and Seth Zimmerman
What High-Achieving Low-Income Students Know about College pp. 514-17 Downloads
Caroline Hoxby and Sarah Turner
Factoryless Goods Producing Firms pp. 518-23 Downloads
Andrew Bernard and Teresa Fort
How Well Is US Intrafirm Trade Measured? pp. 524-29 Downloads
Kim Ruhl
Multinational Production: Data and Stylized Facts pp. 530-36 Downloads
Natalia Ramondo, Andres Rodriguez-Clare and Felix Tintelnot
Markup and Cost Dispersion across Firms: Direct Evidence from Producer Surveys in Pakistan pp. 537-44 Downloads
David Atkin, Azam Chaudhry, Shamyla Chaudhry, Amit K. Khandelwal and Eric Verhoogen
Informal Employment in a Growing and Globalizing Low-Income Country pp. 545-50 Downloads
Brian McCaig and Nina Pavcnik
Trade Liberalization and the Skill Premium: A Local Labor Markets Approach pp. 551-57 Downloads
Rafael Dix-Carneiro and Brian K. Kovak
History and the Sizes of Cities pp. 558-63 Downloads
Hoyt Bleakley and Jeffrey Lin
Declining Mortality Inequality within Cities during the Health Transition pp. 564-69 Downloads
Dora Costa and Matthew Kahn
Killer Cities: Past and Present pp. 570-75 Downloads
W Hanlon and Yuan Tian
The Impact of Temporary Protected Status on Immigrants' Labor Market Outcomes pp. 576-80 Downloads
Pia Orrenius and Madeline Zavodny
The Labor Market Impacts of Forced Migration pp. 581-86 Downloads
Isabel Ruiz and Carlos Vargas-Silva
The Impact of Economic Freedom on the Black/White Income Gap pp. 587-92 Downloads
Gary Hoover, Ryan Compton and Daniel Giedeman
Income Inequality, Capitalism, and Ethno-linguistic Fractionalization pp. 593-97 Downloads
Jan-Egbert Sturm and Jakob de Haan
Falling through the Cracks? Grade Retention and School Dropout among Children of Likely Unauthorized Immigrants pp. 598-603 Downloads
Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes and Mary Lopez
Academic Undermatching of High-Achieving Minority Students: Evidence from Race-Neutral and Holistic Admissions Policies pp. 604-10 Downloads
Sandra Black, Kalena E. Cortes and Jane Arnold Lincove
Household Asset Allocation, Offspring Education, and the Sandwich Generation pp. 611-15 Downloads
Vicki L. Bogan
An A for Effort pp. 616-20 Downloads
Omari Swinton
Trust and Reciprocity between Spouses in India pp. 621-24 Downloads
Carolina Castilla
Can Alcohol Prohibition Reduce Violence against Women? pp. 625-29 Downloads
Dara Lee Luca, Emily Owens and Gunjan Sharma
The Labor Supply Effects of Delayed First Birth pp. 630-37 Downloads
Jane Leber Herr
Child Gender and Parental Inputs: No More Son Preference in Korea? pp. 638-43 Downloads
Eleanor Jawon Choi and Jisoo Hwang
Demand Shocks and Open Economy Puzzles pp. 644-49 Downloads
Yan Bai and José-Víctor Ríos-Rull
Macroeconomic Uncertainty Indices Based on Nowcast and Forecast Error Distributions pp. 650-55 Downloads
Barbara Rossi and Tatevik Sekhposyan
FOMC Forward Guidance and Investor Beliefs pp. 656-61 Downloads
Arunima Sinha
(Indirect) Input Linkages pp. 662-66 Downloads
Marcela Eslava, Ana Cecília Fieler and Yi Xu
Minutes of the Annual Business Meeting: Boston, MA, January 3, 2015 pp. 669-70 Downloads
Peter Rousseau
Report of the Secretary pp. 671-74 Downloads
Peter Rousseau
Report of the Treasurer pp. 675-78 Downloads
Peter Rousseau
American Economic Association Universal Academic Questionnaire Summary Statistics pp. 679-81 Downloads
Charles E. Scott and John Siegfried

Volume 105, issue 4, 2015

Climate Clubs: Overcoming Free-Riding in International Climate Policy pp. 1339-70 Downloads
William Nordhaus
The Housing Market(s) of San Diego pp. 1371-1407 Downloads
Tim Landvoigt, Monika Piazzesi and Martin Schneider
Has the US Finance Industry Become Less Efficient? On the Theory and Measurement of Financial Intermediation pp. 1408-38 Downloads
Thomas Philippon
The Anatomy of a Credit Crisis: The Boom and Bust in Farm Land Prices in the United States in the 1920s pp. 1439-77 Downloads
Raghuram Rajan and Rodney Ramcharan
How Elastic Are Preferences for Redistribution? Evidence from Randomized Survey Experiments pp. 1478-1508 Downloads
Ilyana Kuziemko, Michael I. Norton, Emmanuel Saez and Stefanie Stantcheva
Wages and Informality in Developing Countries pp. 1509-46 Downloads
Costas Meghir, Renata Narita and Jean-Marc Robin
Medicare Part D: Are Insurers Gaming the Low Income Subsidy Design? pp. 1547-80 Downloads
Francesco Decarolis
Punishment and Deterrence: Evidence from Drunk Driving pp. 1581-1617 Downloads
Benjamin Hansen
Until the Bitter End: On Prospect Theory in a Dynamic Context pp. 1618-33 Downloads
Sebastian Ebert and Philipp Strack
Correlation Neglect, Voting Behavior, and Information Aggregation pp. 1634-45 Downloads
Gilat Levy and Ronny Razin
Competitive Policy Development pp. 1646-64 Downloads
Alexander V. Hirsch and Kenneth W. Shotts

Volume 105, issue 3, 2015

The Limits of Price Discrimination pp. 921-57 Downloads
Dirk Bergemann, Benjamin Brooks and Stephen Morris
Credit Supply and the Price of Housing pp. 958-92 Downloads
Giovanni Favara and Jean Imbs
The Cyclicality of Sales, Regular and Effective Prices: Business Cycle and Policy Implications pp. 993-1029 Downloads
Olivier Coibion, Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Gee Hee Hong
Adverse Selection and an Individual Mandate: When Theory Meets Practice pp. 1030-66 Downloads
Martin Hackmann, Jonathan T. Kolstad and Amanda Kowalski
The War on Poverty's Experiment in Public Medicine: Community Health Centers and the Mortality of Older Americans pp. 1067-1104 Downloads
Martha Bailey and Andrew Goodman-Bacon
New Trade Models, New Welfare Implications pp. 1105-46 Downloads
Marc Melitz and Stephen Redding
The Virtues of Hesitation: Optimal Timing in a Non-stationary World pp. 1147-76 Downloads
Urmee Khan and Maxwell B. Stinchcombe
Measuring Uncertainty pp. 1177-1216 Downloads
Kyle Jurado, Sydney Ludvigson and Serena Ng
Inequality, Leverage, and Crises pp. 1217-45 Downloads
Michael Kumhof, Romain Rancière and Pablo Winant
Preferences for Flexibility and Randomization under Uncertainty pp. 1246-71 Downloads
Kota Saito
Debt Relief and Debtor Outcomes: Measuring the Effects of Consumer Bankruptcy Protection pp. 1272-1311 Downloads
Will Dobbie and Jae Song
Vehicle Scrappage and Gasoline Policy pp. 1312-38 Downloads
Mark R. Jacobsen and Arthur A. van Benthem

Volume 105, issue 2, 2015

The Impact of the Great Migration on Mortality of African Americans: Evidence from the Deep South pp. 477-503 Downloads
Dan Black, Seth G. Sanders, Evan J. Taylor and Lowell J. Taylor
Overconfidence in Political Behavior pp. 504-35 Downloads
Pietro Ortoleva and Erik Snowberg
Robustness and Linear Contracts pp. 536-63 Downloads
Gabriel Carroll
Systemic Risk and Stability in Financial Networks pp. 564-608 Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, Asuman Ozdaglar and Alireza Tahbaz-Salehi
Price Subsidies, Diagnostic Tests, and Targeting of Malaria Treatment: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial pp. 609-45 Downloads
Jessica Cohen, Pascaline Dupas and Simone Schaner
Self-Confirming Equilibrium and Model Uncertainty pp. 646-77 Downloads
Pierpaolo Battigalli, Simone Cerreia-Vioglio, Fabio Maccheroni and Massimo Marinacci
Environmental Health Risks and Housing Values: Evidence from 1,600 Toxic Plant Openings and Closings pp. 678-709 Downloads
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Bankruptcy as Implicit Health Insurance pp. 710-46 Downloads
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Leader Punishment and Cooperation in Groups: Experimental Field Evidence from Commons Management in Ethiopia pp. 747-83 Downloads
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The Price of Experience pp. 784-815 Downloads
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Information Disclosure as a Matching Mechanism: Theory and Evidence from a Field Experiment pp. 886-905 Downloads
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Thar SHE Blows? Gender, Competition, and Bubbles in Experimental Asset Markets pp. 906-20 Downloads
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Volume 105, issue 1, 2015

Price Reaction to Information with Heterogeneous Beliefs and Wealth Effects: Underreaction, Momentum, and Reversal pp. 1-34 Downloads
Marco Ottaviani and Peter Sørensen
Infrastructure Quality and the Subsidy Trap pp. 35-66 Downloads
Shaun McRae
Efficient Matching under Distributional Constraints: Theory and Applications pp. 67-99 Downloads
Yuichiro Kamada and Fuhito Kojima
Teacher Quality Policy When Supply Matters pp. 100-130 Downloads
Jesse Rothstein
Reallocation and Technology: Evidence from the US Steel Industry pp. 131-71 Downloads
Allan Collard-Wexler and Jan De Loecker
Mergers When Prices Are Negotiated: Evidence from the Hospital Industry pp. 172-203 Downloads
Gautam Gowrisankaran, Aviv Nevo and Robert Town
Paying Attention or Paying Too Much in Medicare Part D pp. 204-33 Downloads
Jonathan D. Ketcham, Claudio Lucarelli and Christopher A. Powers
Cellular Service Demand: Biased Beliefs, Learning, and Bill Shock pp. 234-71 Downloads
Michael Grubb and Matthew Osborne
Rational Inattention to Discrete Choices: A New Foundation for the Multinomial Logit Model pp. 272-98 Downloads
Filip Matejka and Alisdair McKay
Revealed (P)Reference Theory pp. 299-321 Downloads
Efe Ok, Pietro Ortoleva and Gil Riella
How Do Voters Respond to Information? Evidence from a Randomized Campaign pp. 322-53 Downloads
Chad Kendall, Tommaso Nannicini and Francesco Trebbi
Institutional Corruption and Election Fraud: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Afghanistan pp. 354-81 Downloads
Michael Callen and James D. Long
The Effect of the TseTse Fly on African Development pp. 382-410 Downloads
Marcella Alsan
When Does Regulation Distort Costs? Lessons from Fuel Procurement in US Electricity Generation pp. 411-44 Downloads
Steve Cicala
The Cost of Financial Frictions for Life Insurers pp. 445-75 Downloads
Ralph S. J. Koijen and Motohiro Yogo
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