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Volume 103, issue 7, 2013

Adverse Selection and Inertia in Health Insurance Markets: When Nudging Hurts pp. 2643-82 Downloads
Benjamin R. Handel
Using Differences in Knowledge across Neighborhoods to Uncover the Impacts of the EITC on Earnings pp. 2683-2721 Downloads
Raj Chetty, John Friedman and Emmanuel Saez
Intertemporal Price Discrimination in Storable Goods Markets pp. 2722-51 Downloads
Igal Hendel and Aviv Nevo
Two Perspectives on Preferences and Structural Transformation pp. 2752-89 Downloads
Berthold Herrendorf, Richard Rogerson and Akos Valentinyi
"Reverse Bayesianism": A Choice-Based Theory of Growing Awareness pp. 2790-2810 Downloads
Edi Karni and Marie-Louise Vier?
Dynamic Deception pp. 2811-47 Downloads
Axel Anderson and Lones Smith
Debt Contracts with Partial Commitment pp. 2848-74 Downloads
Natalia Kovrijnykh
Information and Quality When Motivation Is Intrinsic: Evidence from Surgeon Report Cards pp. 2875-2910 Downloads
Jonathan T. Kolstad
When Do Secondary Markets Harm Firms? pp. 2911-34 Downloads
Jiawei Chen, Susanna Esteban and Matthew Shum
Time as a Trade Barrier pp. 2935-59 Downloads
David Hummels and Georg Schaur
Vertical Integration and Exclusivity in Platform and Two-Sided Markets pp. 2960-3000 Downloads
Robin Lee
Conclusions Regarding Cross-Group Differences in Happiness Depend on Difficulty of Reaching Respondents pp. 3001-21 Downloads
Ori Heffetz and Matthew Rabin
The Demand for Youth: Explaining Age Differences in the Volatility of Hours pp. 3022-44 Downloads
Nir Jaimovich, Seth Pruitt and Henry Siu
News, Noise, and Fluctuations: An Empirical Exploration pp. 3045-70 Downloads
Olivier Blanchard, Jean-Paul L'Huillier and Guido Lorenzoni
Polarization and Ambiguity pp. 3071-83 Downloads
Sandeep Baliga, Eran Hanany and Peter Klibanoff
Social Preferences under Risk: Equality of Opportunity versus Equality of Outcome pp. 3084-3101 Downloads
Kota Saito
Taxes, Cigarette Consumption, and Smoking Intensity: Reply pp. 3102-14 Downloads
Jerome Adda and Francesca Cornaglia

Volume 103, issue 6, 2013

Understanding the Mechanisms through Which an Influential Early Childhood Program Boosted Adult Outcomes pp. 2052-86 Downloads
James Heckman, Rodrigo Pinto and Peter Savelyev
The Effect of Education on Adult Mortality and Health: Evidence from Britain pp. 2087-2120 Downloads
Damon Clark and Heather Royer
The China Syndrome: Local Labor Market Effects of Import Competition in the United States pp. 2121-68 Downloads
David Autor, David Dorn and Gordon Hanson
Trade Liberalization and Embedded Institutional Reform: Evidence from Chinese Exporters pp. 2169-95 Downloads
Amit Khandelwal, Peter Schott and Shang-Jin Wei
Does the Classic Microfinance Model Discourage Entrepreneurship among the Poor? Experimental Evidence from India pp. 2196-2226 Downloads
Erica Field, Rohini Pande, John Papp and Natalia Rigol
How the West "Invented" Fertility Restriction pp. 2227-64 Downloads
Nico Voigtl?nder and Hans-Joachim Voth
Identifying Supply and Demand Elasticities of Agricultural Commodities: Implications for the US Ethanol Mandate pp. 2265-95 Downloads
Michael Roberts and Wolfram Schlenker
Urban Accounting and Welfare pp. 2296-2327 Downloads
Klaus Desmet and Esteban Rossi-Hansberg
Managing Conflicts in Relational Contracts pp. 2328-51 Downloads
Jin Li and Niko Matouschek
The Cost of Contract Renegotiation: Evidence from the Local Public Sector pp. 2352-83 Downloads
Philippe Gagnepain, Marc Ivaldi and David Martimort
Competition with Exclusive Contracts and Market-Share Discounts pp. 2384-2411 Downloads
Giacomo Calzolari and Vincenzo Denicol?
Spontaneous Discrimination pp. 2412-36 Downloads
Marcin P?ski and Bal?zs Szentes
Incarceration and Incapacitation: Evidence from the 2006 Italian Collective Pardon pp. 2437-65 Downloads
Paolo Buonanno and Steven Raphael
Word-of-Mouth Communication and Percolation in Social Networks pp. 2466-98 Downloads
Arthur Campbell
The Nature of Risk Preferences: Evidence from Insurance Choices pp. 2499-2529 Downloads
Levon Barseghyan, Francesca Molinari, Ted O'Donoghue and Joshua Teitelbaum
Consumer Spending and the Economic Stimulus Payments of 2008 pp. 2530-53 Downloads
Jonathan Parker, Nicholas S. Souleles, David S. Johnson and Robert McClelland
Trading Away Wide Brands for Cheap Brands pp. 2554-84 Downloads
Swati Dhingra
Surplus Maximization and Optimality pp. 2585-2611 Downloads
Edward Schlee
News Shocks and the Slope of the Term Structure of Interest Rates pp. 2612-32 Downloads
André Kurmann and Christopher Otrok
Do We Follow Others When We Should? A Simple Test of Rational Expectations: Comment pp. 2633-42 Downloads
Anthony Ziegelmeyer, Christoph March and Sebastian Kr?gel

Volume 103, issue 5, 2013

The Growth of Low-Skill Service Jobs and the Polarization of the US Labor Market pp. 1553-97 Downloads
David Autor and David Dorn
Ownership Consolidation and Product Characteristics: A Study of the US Daily Newspaper Market pp. 1598-1628 Downloads
Ying Fan
Trade, Tastes, and Nutrition in India pp. 1629-63 Downloads
David Atkin
Time Use during the Great Recession pp. 1664-96 Downloads
Mark Aguiar, Erik Hurst and Loukas Karabarbounis
The Great Diversification and Its Undoing pp. 1697-1727 Downloads
Vasco Carvalho and Xavier Gabaix
Asset Prices and Institutional Investors pp. 1728-58 Downloads
Suleyman Basak and Anna Pavlova
The Political Resource Curse pp. 1759-96 Downloads
Fernanda Brollo, Tommaso Nannicini, Roberto Perotti and Guido Tabellini
Does Disability Insurance Receipt Discourage Work? Using Examiner Assignment to Estimate Causal Effects of SSDI Receipt pp. 1797-1829 Downloads
Nicole Maestas, Kathleen Mullen and Alexander Strand
When Should Sellers Use Auctions? pp. 1830-61 Downloads
James W. Roberts and Andrew Sweeting
Early Life Health Interventions and Academic Achievement pp. 1862-91 Downloads
Prashant Bharadwaj, Katrine Vellesen L?ken and Christopher Neilson
Taxation and International Migration of Superstars: Evidence from the European Football Market pp. 1892-1924 Downloads
Henrik Jacobsen Kleven, Camille Landais and Emmanuel Saez
Immigration, Offshoring, and American Jobs pp. 1925-59 Downloads
Gianmarco Ottaviano, Giovanni Peri and Greg Wright
Regional Effects of Trade Reform: What Is the Correct Measure of Liberalization? pp. 1960-76 Downloads
Brian K. Kovak
Limited Life Expectancy, Human Capital and Health Investments pp. 1977-2002 Downloads
Emily Oster, Ira Shoulson and E. Ray Dorsey
Intergenerational Occupational Mobility in Great Britain and the United States since 1850: Comment pp. 2003-20 Downloads
Yu Xie and Alexandra Killewald
Intergenerational Occupational Mobility in Great Britain and the United States since 1850: Comment pp. 2021-40 Downloads
Michael Hout and Avery M. Guest
Intergenerational Occupational Mobility in Great Britain and the United States since 1850: Reply pp. 2041-49 Downloads
Jason Long and Joseph Ferrie
Matching with Contracts: Comment pp. 2050-51 Downloads
Orhan Ayg?n and Tayfun S?nmez

Volume 103, issue 4, 2013

Intergenerational Occupational Mobility in Great Britain and the United States since 1850 pp. 1109-37 Downloads
Jason Long and Joseph Ferrie
Why Don't the Poor Save More? Evidence from Health Savings Experiments pp. 1138-71 Downloads
Pascaline Dupas and Jonathan Robinson
Unconventional Fiscal Policy at the Zero Bound pp. 1172-1211 Downloads
Isabel Correia, Emmanuel Farhi, Juan Pablo Nicolini and Pedro Teles
The Dynamic Effects of Personal and Corporate Income Tax Changes in the United States pp. 1212-47 Downloads
Karel Mertens and Morten Ravn
A Theory of Strategic Voting in Runoff Elections pp. 1248-88 Downloads
Laurent Bouton
Going to a Better School: Effects and Behavioral Responses pp. 1289-1324 Downloads
Cristian Pop-Eleches and Miguel Urquiola
The Lure of Authority: Motivation and Incentive Effects of Power pp. 1325-59 Downloads
Ernst Fehr, Holger Herz and Tom Wilkening
Preferences and Incentives of Appointed and Elected Public Officials: Evidence from State Trial Court Judges pp. 1360-97 Downloads
Claire S. H. Lim
Just Luck: An Experimental Study of Risk-Taking and Fairness pp. 1398-1413 Downloads
Alexander Cappelen, James Konow, Erik ?. S?rensen and Bertil Tungodden
The Gravity of Knowledge pp. 1414-44 Downloads
Wolfgang Keller and Stephen Yeaple
Nonconvexities, Retirement, and the Elasticity of Labor Supply pp. 1445-62 Downloads
Richard Rogerson and Johanna Wallenius
Lemons Markets and the Transmission of Aggregate Shocks pp. 1463-89 Downloads
Pablo Kurlat
Placebo Reforms pp. 1490-1506 Downloads
Ran Spiegler
Discretionary Tax Changes and the Macroeconomy: New Narrative Evidence from the United Kingdom pp. 1507-28 Downloads
James Cloyne
Even (Mixed) Risk Lovers Are Prudent pp. 1529-35 Downloads
David Crainich, Louis Eeckhoudt and Alain Trannoy
Even (Mixed) Risk Lovers Are Prudent: Comment pp. 1536-37 Downloads
Sebastian Ebert
Investment Behavior, Observable Expectations, and Internal Funds: Corrigendum pp. 1538-39 Downloads
Jason G. Cummins, Kevin Hassett and Stephen D. Oliner

Volume 103, issue 3, 2013

President's Foreword pp. xi-xii Downloads
Claudia Goldin
Editor's Introduction pp. xiii-xiv Downloads
William Johnson and Samantha Bennett
A Nation of Gamblers: Real Estate Speculation and American History pp. 1-42 Downloads
Edward L. Glaeser
Glass-Steagall: A Requiem pp. 43-47 Downloads
Robert Lucas
Shifting Mandates: The Federal Reserve's First Centennial pp. 48-54 Downloads
Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff
The Most Dangerous Idea in Federal Reserve History: Monetary Policy Doesn't Matter pp. 55-60 Downloads
Christina D. Romer and David Romer
Not Just the Great Contraction: Friedman and Schwartz's A Monetary History of the United States 1867 to 1960 pp. 61-65 Downloads
Michael Bordo and Hugh Rockoff
The Missing Transmission Mechanism in the Monetary Explanation of the Great Depression pp. 66-72 Downloads
Christina D. Romer and David Romer
Shadowy Banks and Financial Contagion during the Great Depression: A Retrospective on Friedman and Schwartz pp. 73-78 Downloads
Kris James Mitchener and Gary Richardson
Married to Intolerance: Attitudes toward Intermarriage in Germany, 1900-2006 pp. 79-85 Downloads
Nico Voigtländer and Hans-Joachim Voth
The Transmission of Democracy: From the Village to the Nation-State pp. 86-92 Downloads
Paola Giuliano and Nathan Nunn
The Persistence of Inferior Cultural-Institutional Conventions pp. 93-98 Downloads
Marianna Belloc and Samuel Bowles
Cyclical Variation in Labor Hours and Productivity Using the ATUS pp. 99-104 Downloads
Michael Burda, Daniel Hamermesh and Jay Stewart
Comparisons of Weekly Hours over the Past Century and the Importance of Work-Sharing Policies in the 1930s pp. 105-10 Downloads
Todd C. Neumann, Jason E. Taylor and Price Fishback
The Life-Cycle Profile of Time Spent on Job Search pp. 111-16 Downloads
Mark Aguiar, Erik Hurst and Loukas Karabarbounis
Growth Forecast Errors and Fiscal Multipliers pp. 117-20 Downloads
Olivier Blanchard and Daniel Leigh
Using State Pension Shocks to Estimate Fiscal Multipliers since the Great Recession pp. 121-24 Downloads
Daniel Shoag
How Much Would US Style Fiscal Integration Buffer European Unemployment and Income Shocks? (A Comparative Empirical Analysis) pp. 125-28 Downloads
James Feyrer and Bruce Sacerdote
Are Government Spending Multipliers Greater during Periods of Slack? Evidence from Twentieth-Century Historical Data pp. 129-34 Downloads
Michael Owyang, Valerie Ramey and Sarah Zubairy
The Mystique Surrounding the Central Bank's Balance Sheet, Applied to the European Crisis pp. 135-40 Downloads
Ricardo Reis
Output Spillovers from Fiscal Policy pp. 141-46 Downloads
Alan Auerbach and Yuriy Gorodnichenko
Forecasting the Recovery from the Great Recession: Is This Time Different? pp. 147-52 Downloads
Kathryn Dominguez and Matthew Shapiro
Extreme Wage Inequality: Pay at the Very Top pp. 153-57 Downloads
Brian Bell and John van Reenen
Family, Education, and Sources of Wealth among the Richest Americans, 1982-2012 pp. 158-62 Downloads
Steven N. Kaplan and Joshua D. Rauh
Bailouts and the Optimal Taxation of Bonus Pay pp. 163-67 Downloads
Timothy Besley and Maitreesh Ghatak
Income Inequality, Mobility, and Turnover at the Top in the US, 1987-2010 pp. 168-72 Downloads
Gerald Auten, Geoffrey Gee and Nicholas Turner
Deconstructing Income and Income Inequality Measures: A Crosswalk from Market Income to Comprehensive Income pp. 173-77 Downloads
Philip Armour, Richard Burkhauser and Jeff Larrimore
Consumption and Income Inequality and the Great Recession pp. 178-83 Downloads
Bruce Meyer and James Sullivan
Measuring the Trends in Inequality of Individuals and Families: Income and Consumption pp. 184-88 Downloads
Jonathan Fisher, David S. Johnson and Timothy M. Smeeding
The Scale and Selectivity of Foreign-Born PhD Recipients in the US pp. 189-92 Downloads
Jeffrey Grogger and Gordon Hanson
Immigration and Employer Transitions for STEM Workers pp. 193-97 Downloads
Sari Pekkala Kerr and William Kerr
Why Do Programmers Earn More in Houston Than Hyderabad? Evidence from Randomized Processing of US Visas pp. 198-202 Downloads
Michael Clemens
Pathways to Adjustment: The Case of Information Technology Workers pp. 203-07 Downloads
John Bound, Breno Braga, Joseph M. Golden and Sarah Turner
A Trapped-Factors Model of Innovation pp. 208-13 Downloads
Nicholas Bloom, Paul Romer, Stephen Terry and John van Reenen
Sources of Wage Inequality pp. 214-19 Downloads
Anders Akerman, Elhanan Helpman, Oleg Itskhoki, Marc-Andreas Muendler and Stephen Redding
The Geography of Trade and Technology Shocks in the United States pp. 220-25 Downloads
David Autor, David Dorn and Gordon Hanson
Long-Term Neighborhood Effects on Low-Income Families: Evidence from Moving to Opportunity pp. 226-31 Downloads
Jens Ludwig, Greg Duncan, Lisa A. Gennetian, Lawrence Katz, Ronald C. Kessler, Jeffrey Kling and Lisa Sanbonmatsu
Achieving Escape Velocity: Neighborhood and School Interventions to Reduce Persistent Inequality pp. 232-37 Downloads
Roland G. Fryer and Lawrence Katz
Place Based Policies with Unemployment pp. 238-43 Downloads
Patrick Kline and Enrico Moretti
Career, Family, and the Well-Being of College-Educated Women pp. 244-50 Downloads
Marianne Bertrand
Female Labor Supply: Why Is the United States Falling Behind? pp. 251-56 Downloads
Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn
Shocking Labor Supply: A Reassessment of the Role of World War II on Women's Labor Supply pp. 257-62 Downloads
Claudia Goldin and Claudia Olivetti
Is Ignorance Bliss? The Effect of Asymmetric Information between Spouses on Intra-household Allocations pp. 263-68 Downloads
Carolina Castilla and Thomas Walker
Trade Liberalization and Gender Inequality pp. 269-73 Downloads
Chinhui Juhn, Gergely Ujhelyi and Carolina Villegas-Sanchez
Sexual Violence against Women and Labor Market Outcomes pp. 274-78 Downloads
Joseph J. Sabia, Angela Dills and Jeffrey DeSimone
The Effects of School Calendar Type on Maternal Employment across Racial Groups: A Story of Child Care Availability pp. 279-83 Downloads
Jennifer Graves
The Impact of Crime and Insecurity on Trust in Democracy and Institutions pp. 284-88 Downloads
Luisa Blanco and Isabel Ruiz
Earnings Inequality and the Intersectionality of Gender and Ethnicity in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of Tanzanian Manufacturing pp. 289-92 Downloads
Juliet U. Elu and Linda Loubert
Access to Credit by Firms in Sub-Saharan Africa: How Relevant Is Gender? pp. 293-97 Downloads
Elizabeth Asiedu, Isaac Kanyama, Leonce Ndikumana and Akwasi Nti-Addae
Fidelity Networks and Long-Run Trends in HIV/AIDS Gender Gaps pp. 298-302 Downloads
Roland Pongou and Roberto Serrano
The Informational Role of Voluntary Certification: Evidence from the Mexican Clean Industry Program pp. 303-08 Downloads
Andrew D. Foster and Emilio Gutierrez
Liquidity Constraints and Deforestation: The Limitations of Payments for Ecosystem Services pp. 309-13 Downloads
Seema Jayachandran
What Does Reputation Buy? Differentiation in a Market for Third-Party Auditors pp. 314-19 Downloads
Esther Duflo, Michael Greenstone, Rohini Pande and Nicholas Ryan
A Numerical Investigation of the Potential for Negative Emissions Leakage pp. 320-25 Downloads
Niven Winchester and Sebastian Rausch
Linking Numerical and Analytical Models of Carbon Leakage pp. 326-31 Downloads
Jared Carbone
Leakage, Welfare, and Cost-Effectiveness of Carbon Policy pp. 332-37 Downloads
Kathy Baylis, Don Fullerton and Daniel H. Karney
Natural Gas: From Shortages to Abundance in the United States pp. 338-43 Downloads
Paul Joskow
Transportation Fuels Policy since the OPEC Embargo: Paved with Good Intentions pp. 344-49 Downloads
Christopher Knittel
Efficient Retail Pricing in Electricity and Natural Gas Markets pp. 350-55 Downloads
Steven Puller and Jeremy West
Transaction Networks: Evidence from Mobile Money in Kenya pp. 356-61 Downloads
William Jack, Adam Ray and Tavneet Suri
Behavioral Biases and Firm Behavior: Evidence from Kenyan Retail Shops pp. 362-68 Downloads
Michael Kremer, Jean Lee, Jonathan Robinson and Olga Rostapshova
The Home Economics of E-Money: Velocity, Cash Management, and Discount Rates of M-Pesa Users pp. 369-74 Downloads
Isaac Mbiti and David Weil
Informal Risk Sharing, Index Insurance, and Risk Taking in Developing Countries pp. 375-80 Downloads
Ahmed Mobarak and Mark Rosenzweig
Profitability of Fertilizer: Experimental Evidence from Female Rice Farmers in Mali pp. 381-86 Downloads
Lori Beaman, Dean Karlan, Bram Thuysbaert and Christopher Udry
Deposit Collecting: Unbundling the Role of Frequency, Salience, and Habit Formation in Generating Savings pp. 387-92 Downloads
Suresh de Mel, Craig McIntosh and Christopher Woodruff
Benefit-Cost Analysis for Financial Regulation pp. 393-97 Downloads
Eric Posner and Eric Weyl
Financial Innovation and Portfolio Risks pp. 398-401 Downloads
Alp Simsek
Reflections on Finance and the Good Society pp. 402-05 Downloads
Robert Shiller
Can Financial Engineering Cure Cancer? pp. 406-11 Downloads
David E. Fagnan, Jose Maria Fernandez, Andrew Lo and Roger M. Stein
Health Care Usage and Health Status of Immigrant Children: The Effects of Nativity versus Citizenship pp. 412-17 Downloads
Mónica García-Pérez
The Effects of Job Corps Training on Wages of Adolescents and Young Adults pp. 418-22 Downloads
German Blanco, Carlos A. Flores and Alfonso Flores-Lagunes
The Poverty Gap in School Spending Following the Introduction of Title I pp. 423-27 Downloads
Elizabeth Cascio and Sarah Reber
Achieving the DREAM: The Effect of IRCA on Immigrant Youth Postsecondary Educational Access pp. 428-32 Downloads
Kalena E. Cortes
HIV Risk and Adolescent Behaviors in Africa pp. 433-38 Downloads
Anne Case and Christina Paxson
Learning from Others' HIV Testing: Updating Beliefs and Responding to Risk pp. 439-44 Downloads
Susan Godlonton and Rebecca Thornton
Do Sex Workers Respond to Disease? Evidence from the Male Market for Sex pp. 445-50 Downloads
Manisha Shah
Inheritances, Intergenerational Transfers, and the Accumulation of Health pp. 451-55 Downloads
Katherine Carman
Adult Antiretroviral Therapy and Child Health: Evidence from Scale-Up in Zambia pp. 456-61 Downloads
Adrienne Lucas and Nicholas Wilson
SSI for Disabled Immigrants: Why Do Ethnic Networks Matter? pp. 462-66 Downloads
Delia Furtado and Nikolaos Theodoropoulos
Boys' Cognitive Skill Formation and Physical Growth: Long-Term Experimental Evidence on Critical Ages for Early Childhood Interventions pp. 467-71 Downloads
Tania Barham, Karen Macours and John Maluccio
Incentive Effects of Inheritances and Optimal Estate Taxation pp. 472-77 Downloads
Wojciech Kopczuk
The Estate Tax and Inter Vivos Transfers over Time pp. 478-83 Downloads
Kathleen McGarry
Income and Substitution Effects of Estate Taxation pp. 484-88 Downloads
James Hines
Estate Taxation with Altruism Heterogeneity pp. 489-95 Downloads
Emmanuel Farhi and Iván Werning
Optimal Progressive Labor Income Taxation and Education Subsidies When Education Decisions and Intergenerational Transfers Are Endogenous pp. 496-501 Downloads
Dirk Krueger and Alexander Ludwig
Optimal Pension Systems with Simple Instruments pp. 502-07 Downloads
Mikhail Golosov, Ali Shourideh, Maxim Troshkin and Aleh Tsyvinski
Some Basic Economics of National Security pp. 508-11 Downloads
Kevin M. Murphy and Robert H. Topel
Modest, Secure, and Informed: Successful Development in Conflict Zones pp. 512-17 Downloads
Eli Berman, Joseph H. Felter, Jacob N. Shapiro and Erin Troland
Insurgent Compensation: Evidence from Iraq pp. 518-22 Downloads
Benjamin W. Bahney, Radha K. Iyengar, Patrick B. Johnston, Danielle F. Jung, Jacob N. Shapiro and Howard Shatz
An Analysis of Economic Warfare pp. 523-27 Downloads
Jeffrey Clemens
Genetic Diversity and the Origins of Cultural Fragmentation pp. 528-33 Downloads
Quamrul Ashraf and Oded Galor
Social Organizations, Violence, and Modern Growth pp. 534-38 Downloads
Avner Greif and Murat Iyigun
Not the Opium of the People: Income and Secularization in a Panel of Prussian Counties pp. 539-44 Downloads
Sascha Becker and Ludger Woessmann
From Stagnation to Sustained Growth: The Role of Female Empowerment pp. 545-49 Downloads
Claude Diebolt and Faustine Perrin
Nonparametric Instrumental Variables Estimation pp. 550-56 Downloads
Whitney Newey
What Do Instrumental Variable Models Deliver with Discrete Dependent Variables? pp. 557-62 Downloads
Andrew Chesher and Adam Rosen
Control Functions and Simultaneous Equations Methods pp. 563-69 Downloads
Richard Blundell, Dennis Kristensen and Rosa Matzkin
What Goes Up Must Come Down? Experimental Evidence on Intuitive Forecasting pp. 570-74 Downloads
John Beshears, James Choi, Andreas Fuster, David Laibson and Brigitte Madrian
Estimating the Effect of Salience in Wholesale and Retail Car Markets pp. 575-79 Downloads
Meghan R. Busse, Nicola Lacetera, Devin G. Pope, Jorge Silva-Risso and Justin R. Sydnor
Distinguishing Probability Weighting from Risk Misperceptions in Field Data pp. 580-85 Downloads
Levon Barseghyan, Francesca Molinari, Ted O'Donoghue and Joshua Teitelbaum
The Importance of Being Marginal: Gender Differences in Generosity pp. 586-90 Downloads
Stefano DellaVigna, John List, Ulrike Malmendier and Gautam Rao
Two Happiness Puzzles pp. 591-97 Downloads
Angus Deaton and Arthur A. Stone
Subjective Well-Being and Income: Is There Any Evidence of Satiation? pp. 598-604 Downloads
Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers
Aggregating Local Preferences to Guide Marginal Policy Adjustments pp. 605-10 Downloads
Daniel Benjamin, Ori Heffetz, Miles Kimball and Nichole Szembrot
The Psychology of Tail Events: Progress and Challenges pp. 611-16 Downloads
Nicholas Barberis
An Approach to Incorporating Psychology into Economics pp. 617-22 Downloads
Matthew Rabin
Salience and Asset Prices pp. 623-28 Downloads
Pedro Bordalo, Nicola Gennaioli and Andrei Shleifer
Views among Economists: Professional Consensus or Point-Counterpoint? pp. 629-35 Downloads
Roger Gordon and Gordon Dahl
Economic Experts versus Average Americans pp. 636-42 Downloads
Paola Sapienza and Luigi Zingales
Course Requirements for Bachelor's Degrees in Economics pp. 643-47 Downloads
William Bosshardt, Michael Watts and William Becker
One Essay on Dissertation Formats in Economics pp. 648-53 Downloads
Wendy A. Stock and John Siegfried
How Economists Allocate Time to Teaching and Research pp. 654-58 Downloads
Sam Allgood and William B. Walstad
Economic Understanding in US High School Courses pp. 659-63 Downloads
William B. Walstad
Minutes of the Annual Business Meeting: San Diego, CA, January 5, 2013 pp. 667-68 Downloads
Peter Rousseau
Report of the Secretary pp. 669-72 Downloads
Peter Rousseau
Report of the Treasurer pp. 673-77 Downloads
Peter Rousseau
American Economic Association Universal Academic Questionnaire Summary Statistics pp. 678-82 Downloads
Charles E. Scott and John Siegfried
List of Online Reports pp. 683-683 Downloads
Peter Rousseau
Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee: Chicago, IL, April 27, 2012 pp. 685-91 Downloads
John Siegfried
Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee: San Diego, CA, January 3, 2013 pp. 692-700 Downloads
Peter Rousseau
Report of the Editor: American Economic Review pp. 701-12 Downloads
Pinelopi Goldberg
Report of the Editor: Journal of Economic Literature pp. 713-15 Downloads
Janet Currie
Report of the Editor: Journal of Economic Perspectives pp. 716-18 Downloads
David Autor
Report of the Editor: American Economic Journal: Applied Economics pp. 719-22 Downloads
Esther Duflo
Report of the Editor: American Economic Journal: Economic Policy pp. 723-26 Downloads
Alan Auerbach
Report of the Editor: American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics pp. 727-31 Downloads
John Leahy
Report of the Editor: American Economic Journal: Microeconomics pp. 732-34 Downloads
Andrew Postlewaite
Report of the Director: Job Openings for Economists pp. 735-37 Downloads
John Siegfried
Report: Committee on Economic Education pp. 738-43 Downloads
Sam Allgood
Report: Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession pp. 744-55 Downloads
Marjorie B. McElroy
Report: Committee on the Status of Minority Groups in the Economics Profession pp. 756-66 Downloads
Cecilia Rouse
Report: American Economic Association Committee on Statistics pp. 767-68 Downloads
Robert Feenstra
Report: Committee on Government Relations pp. 769-71 Downloads
Robert Moffitt
Report: Ad Hoc Committee on Criterion for the John Bates Clark Medal pp. 772-73 Downloads
Jonathan Gruber, Christina Paxson, Valerie Ramey and Michael Woodford
Report: Ad Hoc Search Committee for the Editor of the American Economic Journal: Economic Policy pp. 774-774 Downloads
David Cutler, Amy Finkelstein, Adriana Lleras-Muney, James Poterba, David Romer and Robert Shimer
Report: Ad Hoc Search Committee for the Editor of the Journal of Economic Literature pp. 775-775 Downloads
Anil Kashyap

Volume 103, issue 2, 2013

Paper Money pp. 563-84 Downloads
Christopher Sims
Designing Random Allocation Mechanisms: Theory and Applications pp. 585-623 Downloads
Eric Budish, Yeon-Koo Che, Fuhito Kojima and Paul Milgrom
Inferring Strategic Voting pp. 624-62 Downloads
Kei Kawai and Yasutora Watanabe
Dynamic Matching and Bargaining Games: A General Approach pp. 663-89 Downloads
Stephan Lauermann
The Effect of Language on Economic Behavior: Evidence from Savings Rates, Health Behaviors, and Retirement Assets pp. 690-731 Downloads
M. Keith Chen
Intermediary Asset Pricing pp. 732-70 Downloads
Zhiguo He and Arvind Krishnamurthy
Job Selection and Wages over the Business Cycle pp. 771-803 Downloads
Marcus Hagedorn and Iourii Manovskii
Optimal Expectations and Limited Medical Testing: Evidence from Huntington Disease pp. 804-30 Downloads
Emily Oster, Ira Shoulson and E. Ray Dorsey
Public Monopoly and Economic Efficiency: Evidence from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board's Entry Decisions pp. 831-62 Downloads
Katja Seim and Joel Waldfogel
Commercial Imperialism? Political Influence and Trade during the Cold War pp. 863-96 Downloads
Daniel Berger, William Easterly, Nathan Nunn and Shanker Satyanath
Assessing the Incidence and Efficiency of a Prominent Place Based Policy pp. 897-947 Downloads
Matias Busso, Jesse Gregory and Patrick Kline
Selection, Agriculture, and Cross-Country Productivity Differences pp. 948-80 Downloads
David Lagakos and Michael Waugh
Testing for Racial Differences in the Mental Ability of Young Children pp. 981-1005 Downloads
Roland G. Fryer and Steven Levitt
Merger Policy with Merger Choice pp. 1006-33 Downloads
Volker Nocke and Michael Whinston
Inferior Good and Giffen Behavior for Investing and Borrowing pp. 1034-53 Downloads
Felix Kubler, Larry Selden and Xiao Wei
Misclassification Errors and the Underestimation of the US Unemployment Rate pp. 1054-70 Downloads
Shuaizhang Feng and Yingyao Hu
Self-Enforcing Trade Agreements: Evidence from Time-Varying Trade Policy pp. 1071-90 Downloads
Chad Bown and Meredith Crowley
A Theory of Charitable Fund-Raising with Costly Solicitations pp. 1091-1107 Downloads
Alvaro J. Name-Correa and Huseyin Yildirim

Volume 103, issue 1, 2013

The 'Out of Africa' Hypothesis, Human Genetic Diversity, and Comparative Economic Development pp. 1-46 Downloads
Quamrul Ashraf and Oded Galor
Pandering to Persuade pp. 47-79 Downloads
Yeon-Koo Che, Wouter Dessein and Navin Kartik
School Admissions Reform in Chicago and England: Comparing Mechanisms by Their Vulnerability to Manipulation pp. 80-106 Downloads
Parag Pathak and Tayfun Sönmez
Coercive Contract Enforcement: Law and the Labor Market in Nineteenth Century Industrial Britain pp. 107-44 Downloads
Suresh Naidu and Noam Yuchtman
Price Discrimination and Bargaining: Empirical Evidence from Medical Devices pp. 145-77 Downloads
Matthew Grennan
Selection on Moral Hazard in Health Insurance pp. 178-219 Downloads
Liran Einav, Amy Finkelstein, Stephen Ryan, Paul Schrimpf and Mark R. Cullen
Are Consumers Myopic? Evidence from New and Used Car Purchases pp. 220-56 Downloads
Meghan R. Busse, Christopher Knittel and Florian Zettelmeyer
The Impact of Medical Liability Standards on Regional Variations in Physician Behavior: Evidence from the Adoption of National-Standard Rules pp. 257-76 Downloads
Michael Frakes
Innovation and Institutional Ownership pp. 277-304 Downloads
Philippe Aghion, John van Reenen and Luigi Zingales
Cross-Country Differences in Productivity: The Role of Allocation and Selection pp. 305-34 Downloads
Eric Bartelsman, John Haltiwanger and Stefano Scarpetta
Making Sense of Nonbinding Retail-Price Recommendations pp. 335-59 Downloads
Stefan Buehler and Dennis Gärtner
Entropy and the Value of Information for Investors pp. 360-77 Downloads
Antonio Cabrales, Olivier Gossner and Roberto Serrano
Technological Diversification pp. 378-414 Downloads
Miklós Koren and Silvana Tenreyro
Dictating the Risk: Experimental Evidence on Giving in Risky Environments pp. 415-37 Downloads
J. Michelle Brock, Andreas Lange and Erkut Ozbay
Children's Resources in Collective Households: Identification, Estimation, and an Application to Child Poverty in Malawi pp. 438-71 Downloads
Geoffrey Dunbar, Arthur Lewbel and Krishna Pendakur
Cultural Change as Learning: The Evolution of Female Labor Force Participation over a Century pp. 472-500 Downloads
Raquel Fernández
Submission Fees and Response Times in Academic Publishing pp. 501-09 Downloads
Christopher Cotton
Impatience and Uncertainty: Experimental Decisions Predict Adolescents' Field Behavior pp. 510-31 Downloads
Matthias Sutter, Martin Kocher, Daniela Glätzle-Rützler and Stefan Trautmann
Preferences for Truthfulness: Heterogeneity among and within Individuals pp. 532-48 Downloads
Rajna Gibson, Carmen Tanner and Alexander Wagner
Fairness and Redistribution: Comment pp. 549-53 Downloads
Rafael Di Tella and Juan Dubra
Fairness and Redistribution: Reply pp. 554-61 Downloads
Alberto Alesina, George-Marios Angeletos and Guido Cozzi
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