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Volume 94, issue 5, 2004

Bad Beta, Good Beta pp. 1249-1275 Downloads
John Campbell and Tuomo Vuolteenaho
Does Fund Size Erode Mutual Fund Performance? The Role of Liquidity and Organization pp. 1276-1302 Downloads
Joseph Chen, Harrison Hong, Ming Huang and Jeffrey D. Kubik
The Interest Rate, Learning, and Inventory Investment pp. 1303-1327 Downloads
Louis Maccini, Bartholomew J. Moore and Huntley Schaller
Markups, Aggregation, and Inventory Adjustment pp. 1328-1353 Downloads
Daniele Coen-Pirani
Intergenerational Persistence of Earnings: The Role of Early and College Education pp. 1354-1378 Downloads
Diego Restuccia and Carlos Urrutia
Constructing Price Indexes across Space and Time: The Case of the European Union pp. 1379-1410 Downloads
Robert Hill
Rationalizing the Penn World Table: True Multilateral Indices for International Comparisons of Real Income pp. 1411-1428 Downloads
J. Peter Neary
Gibrat's Law for (All) Cities pp. 1429-1451 Downloads
Jan Eeckhout
An Efficient Ascending-Bid Auction for Multiple Objects pp. 1452-1475 Downloads
Lawrence M. Ausubel
A Group Rule–Utilitarian Approach to Voter Turnout: Theory and Evidence pp. 1476-1504 Downloads
Stephen Coate and Michael Conlin
When Does Learning in Games Generate Convergence to Nash Equilibria? The Role of Supermodularity in an Experimental Setting pp. 1505-1535 Downloads
Yan Chen and Robert Gazzale
Confidence-Enhanced Performance pp. 1536-1557 Downloads
Olivier Compte and Andrew Postlewaite
Addiction and Cue-Triggered Decision Processes pp. 1558-1590 Downloads
B. Douglas Bernheim and Antonio Rangel
Capturing Knowledge within and across Firm Boundaries: Evidence from Clinical Development pp. 1591-1612 Downloads
Pierre Azoulay
Does School Integration Generate Peer Effects? Evidence from Boston's Metco Program pp. 1613-1634 Downloads
Joshua Angrist and Kevin Lang
International Protection of Intellectual Property pp. 1635-1653 Downloads
Gene M. Grossman and Edwin Lai
Riding the South Sea Bubble pp. 1654-1668 Downloads
Peter Temin and Hans-Joachim Voth
Why Parents Play Favorites: Explanations for Unequal Bequests pp. 1669-1681 Downloads
Audrey Light and Kathleen McGarry
Partnership Firms, Reputation, and Human Capital pp. 1682-1692 Downloads
Alan D. Morrison and William J. Wilhelm
The Effect of Health Risk on Housing Values: Evidence from a Cancer Cluster pp. 1693-1704 Downloads
Lucas Davis
Progressive Taxation and Long-Run Growth pp. 1705-1716 Downloads
Wenli Li and Pierre Daniel Sarte
Social Comparisons and Pro-social Behavior: Testing "Conditional Cooperation" in a Field Experiment pp. 1717-1722 Downloads
Bruno Frey and Stephan Meier

Volume 94, issue 4, 2004

Determinants of Long-Term Growth: A Bayesian Averaging of Classical Estimates (BACE) Approach pp. 813-835 Downloads
Xavier Sala-i-Martin, Gernot Doppelhofer and Ronald I. Miller
Why Does the Cyclical Behavior of Real Wages Change Over Time? pp. 836-856 Downloads
Kevin Huang, Zheng Liu and Louis Phaneuf
Inequality Aversion, Efficiency, and Maximin Preferences in Simple Distribution Experiments pp. 857-869 Downloads
Dirk Engelmann and Martin Strobel
The Long and Short of the Canada-U. S. Free Trade Agreement pp. 870-895 Downloads
Daniel Trefler
Sunk Investments Lead to Unpredictable Prices pp. 896-918 Downloads
George Mailath, Andrew Postlewaite and Larry Samuelson
Desegregation and Black Dropout Rates pp. 919-943 Downloads
Jonathan Guryan
The Macroeconomics of Labor and Credit Market Imperfections pp. 944-963 Downloads
Etienne Wasmer and Philippe Weil
The Cost of Business Cycles Under Endogenous Growth pp. 964-990 Downloads
Gadi Barlevy
Are Emily and Greg More Employable Than Lakisha and Jamal? A Field Experiment on Labor Market Discrimination pp. 991-1013 Downloads
Marianne Bertrand and Sendhil Mullainathan
The Opportunity Criterion: Consumer Sovereignty Without the Assumption of Coherent Preferences pp. 1014-1033 Downloads
Robert Sugden
The Politician and the Judge: Accountability in Government pp. 1034-1054 Downloads
Eric Maskin and Jean Tirole
A New Measure of Monetary Shocks: Derivation and Implications pp. 1055-1084 Downloads
Christina Romer and David Romer
Running to Keep in the Same Place: Consumer Choice as a Game of Status pp. 1085-1107 Downloads
Ed Hopkins and Tatiana Kornienko
The Home-Market Effect and Bilateral Trade Patterns pp. 1108-1129 Downloads
Gordon Hanson and Chong Xiang
Insurance, Consumption, and Saving: A Dynamic Analysis in Continuous Time pp. 1130-1140 Downloads
R.A. Somerville
Rational Overoptimism (and Other Biases) pp. 1141-1151 Downloads
Eric Van den Steen
Effects of Technology on Incentive Design of Share Contracts pp. 1152-1168 Downloads
Priyanka Pandey
Saving, Risk Sharing, and Preferences for Risk pp. 1169-1182 Downloads
Maurizio Mazzocco
Balance Sheets and Exchange Rate Policy pp. 1183-1193 Downloads
Luis Cespedes, Roberto Chang and Andrés Velasco
Real Exchange Rate Fluctuations and the Dynamics of Retail Trade Industries on the U. S.-Canada Border pp. 1194-1206 Downloads
Jeffrey Campbell and Beverly Lapham
Policy Gambles pp. 1207-1222 Downloads
Sumon Majumdar and Sharun Mukand
A Comment on the Economics of Labor Adjustment: Mind the Gap pp. 1223-1237 Downloads
Russell Cooper and Jonathan Willis
A Comment on the Economics of Labor Adjustment: Mind the Gap: Reply pp. 1238-1244 Downloads
Ricardo Caballero and Eduardo Engel
A Comment on the Economics of Labor Adjustment: Mind the Gap: Rejoinder pp. 1245-1247 Downloads
Russell Cooper and Jonathan Willis

Volume 94, issue 3, 2004

Risk and Volatility: Econometric Models and Financial Practice pp. 405-420 Downloads
Robert Engle
Time Series Analysis, Cointegration, and Applications pp. 421-425 Downloads
Clive Granger
The Effects of Social Networks on Employment and Inequality pp. 426-454 Downloads
Antoni Calvó-Armengol and Matthew Jackson
Liquidity, Efficiency, and Bank Bailouts pp. 455-483 Downloads
Gary Gorton and Lixin Huang
Distinguishing Informational Cascades from Herd Behavior in the Laboratory pp. 484-498 Downloads
Boğaçhan Çelen and Shachar Kariv
Referrals pp. 499-525 Downloads
Luis Garicano and Tano Santos
The Role of Social Capital in Financial Development pp. 526-556 Downloads
Luigi Guiso, Paola Sapienza and Luigi Zingales
Irreversible Decisions and Record-Setting News Principles pp. 557-568 Downloads
Svetlana Boyarchenko
In-Kind Finance: A Theory of Trade Credit pp. 569-590 Downloads
Mike Burkart and Tore Ellingsen
What's in a Grade? School Report Cards and the Housing Market pp. 591-604 Downloads
David Figlio and Maurice E. Lucas
Does Foreign Direct Investment Increase the Productivity of Domestic Firms? In Search of Spillovers Through Backward Linkages pp. 605-627 Downloads
Beata Javorcik
Pareto-Improving Campaign Finance Policy pp. 628-655 Downloads
Stephen Coate
Workers' Education, Spillovers, and Productivity: Evidence from Plant-Level Production Functions pp. 656-690 Downloads
Enrico Moretti
Efficient Patent Pools pp. 691-711 Downloads
Josh Lerner and Jean Tirole
Is There a Politically Optimal Level of Judicial Independence? pp. 712-729 Downloads
F. Andrew Hanssen
Money Does Matter! Evidence from Increasing Real Income and Life Satisfaction in East Germany Following Reunification pp. 730-740 Downloads
Paul Frijters, John Haisken-DeNew and Michael Shields
Examining the Role of Social Isolation on Stated Preferences pp. 741-752 Downloads
John List, Robert Berrens, Alok Bohara and Joe Kerkvliet
After the Big Bang? Obstacles to the Emergence of the Rule of Law in Post-Communist Societies pp. 753-763 Downloads
Karla Hoff and Joseph Stiglitz
Incentives and Discrimination pp. 764-773 Downloads
Eyal Winter
Aid, Policies, and Growth: Comment pp. 774-780 Downloads
William Easterly, Ross Levine and David Roodman
Aid, Policies, and Growth: Reply pp. 781-784 Downloads
Craig Burnside and David Dollar
Resistance to Reform: Status Quo Bias in the Presence of Individual-Specific Uncertainty: Comment pp. 785-795 Downloads
Antonio Ciccone
Opportunism in Multilateral Vertical Contracting: Nondiscrimination, Exclusivity, and Uniformity: Comment pp. 796-801 Downloads
Leslie Marx and Greg Shaffer
Opportunism in Multilateral Vertical Contracting: Nondiscrimination, Exclusivity, and Uniformity: Reply pp. 802-803 Downloads
Randolph McAfee and Marius Schwartz

Volume 94, issue 2, 2004

The Institutions of Monetary Policy pp. 1-13 Downloads
Mervyn King
Editors' Introduction pp. 7-7 Downloads
David J. Baldwin and Ronald Oaxaca
Foreword pp. 8-8 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
Asset Prices, Financial Instability, and Monetary Policy pp. 14-18 Downloads
Charles Bean
Inflation Illusion and Stock Prices pp. 19-23 Downloads
John Campbell and Tuomo Vuolteenaho
The Fed Response to Equity Prices and Inflation pp. 24-28 Downloads
Bill Dupor and Timothy Conley
Aggregate Short Interest and Market Valuations pp. 29-32 Downloads
Owen Lamont and Jeremy Stein
Risk and Uncertainty in Monetary Policy pp. 33-40 Downloads
Alan Greenspan
Panel Discussion pp. 41-48 Downloads
Martin Feldstein, Mervyn King and Janet Yellen
Preemption, Changing Structure, and U. S. Monetary Policy pp. 49-52 Downloads
Allen Sinai
Serial Default and the "Paradox" of Rich-to-Poor Capital Flows pp. 53-58 Downloads
Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff
Financial Openness, Sudden Stops, and Current-Account Reversals pp. 59-64 Downloads
Sebastian Edwards
Financial Opening and Development: Evidence and Policy Controversies pp. 65-70 Downloads
Joshua Aizenman
Monetary and Fiscal Remedies for Deflation pp. 71-75 Downloads
Alan Auerbach and Maurice Obstfeld
Policy Options in a Liquidity Trap pp. 76-79 Downloads
Gauti Eggertsson and Michael Woodford
Exchange-Rate Policy and the Zero Bound on Nominal Interest Rates pp. 80-84 Downloads
Günter Coenen and Volker Wieland
Conducting Monetary Policy at Very Low Short-Term Interest Rates pp. 85-90 Downloads
Ben Bernanke and Vincent Reinhart
Transparency of Information and Coordination in Economies with Investment Complementarities pp. 91-98 Downloads
George-Marios Angeletos and Alessandro Pavan
Deflation and Depression: Is There an Empirical Link? pp. 99-103 Downloads
Andrew Atkeson and Patrick Kehoe
Negative Nominal Interest Rates pp. 104-108 Downloads
Marco Bassetto
Wedges and Taxes pp. 109-113 Downloads
Narayana Kocherlakota
A Scapegoat Model of Exchange-Rate Fluctuations pp. 114-118 Downloads
Philippe Bacchetta and Eric van Wincoop
Accounting for Exchange-Rate Variability in Present-Value Models When the Discount Factor Is Near 1 pp. 119-125 Downloads
Charles Engel and Kenneth West
Can Portfolio Rebalancing Explain the Dynamics of Equity Returns, Equity Flows, and Exchange Rates? pp. 126-133 Downloads
Harald Hau and Helene Rey
Why Is Manufacturing Trade Rising Even as Manufacturing Output is Falling? pp. 134-138 Downloads
Raphael Bergoeing, Timothy Kehoe, Vanessa Strauss-Kahn and Kei-Mu Yi
Variety Growth and World Welfare pp. 139-144 Downloads
Christian Broda and David Weinstein
On the Measurement of Product Variety in Trade pp. 145-149 Downloads
Robert Feenstra and Hiau Looi Kee
Dissecting Trade: Firms, Industries, and Export Destinations pp. 150-154 Downloads
Jonathan Eaton, Samuel Kortum and Francis Kramarz
How Much Equity Does the Government Hold? pp. 155-160 Downloads
Alan Auerbach
Toward a Consumption Tax, and Beyond pp. 161-165 Downloads
Roger Gordon, Laura Kalambokidis, Jeffrey Rohaly and Joel Slemrod
What Do Aggregate Consumption Euler Equations Say About the Capital-Income Tax Burden? pp. 166-170 Downloads
Casey Mulligan
Taxation and Corporate Payout Policy pp. 171-175 Downloads
James Poterba
Is the Social Security Trust Fund a Store of Value? pp. 176-181 Downloads
Kent Smetters
Social Security Financing: Facts, Fantasies, Foibles, and Follies pp. 182-186 Downloads
Robert L. Clark
Improving Social Security's Progressivity and Solvency with Hybrid Indexing pp. 187-191 Downloads
Robert Pozen, Sylvester J. Schieber and John B. Shoven
CEO Pay and Appointments: A Market-Based Explanation for Recent Trends pp. 192-196 Downloads
Kevin J. Murphy and Jan Zabojnik
Inequality and the Organization of Knowledge pp. 197-202 Downloads
Luis Garicano and Esteban Rossi-Hansberg
Task-Specific Human Capital pp. 203-207 Downloads
Robert Gibbons and Michael Waldman
Balanced Skills and Entrepreneurship pp. 208-211 Downloads
Edward Lazear
The Structure of Wages and Internal Mobility pp. 212-216 Downloads
Edward Lazear and Paul Oyer
Using "Insider Econometrics" to Study Productivity pp. 217-223 Downloads
Casey Ichniowski and Kathryn Shaw
Integrated Longitudinal Employer-Employee Data for the United States pp. 224-229 Downloads
John Abowd, John Haltiwanger and Julia Lane
Changing Labor-Market Opportunities for Women and the Quality of Teachers, 1957-2000 pp. 230-235 Downloads
Sean Corcoran, William Evans and Robert M. Schwab
Pulled Away or Pushed Out? Explaining the Decline of Teacher Aptitude in the United States pp. 236-240 Downloads
Caroline Hoxby and Andrew Leigh
Teacher Testing, Teacher Education, and Teacher Characteristics pp. 241-246 Downloads
Joshua Angrist and Jonathan Guryan
The Impact of Individual Teachers on Student Achievement: Evidence from Panel Data pp. 247-252 Downloads
Jonah E. Rockoff
Efficiency in the Use of Technology in Economic Education: Some Preliminary Results pp. 253-258 Downloads
Kim Sosin, Betty J. Lecha, Rajshree Agarwal, Robin L. Bartlett and Joseph Daniel
What Students Remember and Say about College Economics Years Later pp. 259-265 Downloads
Sam Allgood, William Bosshardt, Wilbert van der Klaauw and Michael Watts
Ph. D. Program Learning and Job Demands: How Close Is the Match? pp. 266-271 Downloads
Wendy A. Stock and Lee W. Hansen
The Market for New Ph. D. Economists in 2002 pp. 272-285 Downloads
John Siegfried and Wendy A. Stock
Panel Discussion pp. 286-290 Downloads
Alan Auerbach, Francine Blau and John B. Shoven
Can Demand-Side Variables Explain the Low Numbers of Minority Faculty in Higher Education? pp. 291-295 Downloads
Stephen Cole and Elizabeth Arias
The Effects of Ph. D. Supply on Minority Faculty Representation pp. 296-301 Downloads
Samuel Myers and Caroline S. Turner
Panel Discussion pp. 302-306 Downloads
John Brooks Slaughter, Ronald Ehrenberg and Eric Hanushek
Institutional Strategies to Achieve Gender Equity in Intercollegiate Athletics: Does Title IX Harm Male Athletes? pp. 307-311 Downloads
Deborah J. Anderson and John J. Cheslock
Understanding How Child-Support Arrears Reached $18 Billion in California pp. 312-316 Downloads
Elaine Sorensen
Are All the Good Men Married? Uncovering the Sources of the Marital Wage Premium pp. 317-321 Downloads
Kate Antonovics and Robert Town
Occupation, Sex-Integration, and Divorce pp. 322-325 Downloads
Terra McKinnish
Wealth, Health, and Health Services in Rural Rajasthan pp. 326-330 Downloads
Abhijit Banerjee, Angus Deaton and Esther Duflo
Medical Compliance and Income-Health Gradients pp. 331-335 Downloads
Anne Case, Ingrid Le Roux and Alicia Menendez
Do Conditional Cash Transfers Improve Child Health? Evidence from PROGRESA's Control Randomized Experiment pp. 336-341 Downloads
Paul Gertler
The Role of Information in Medical Markets: An Analysis of Publicly Reported Outcomes in Cardiac Surgery pp. 342-346 Downloads
David Cutler, Robert Huckman and Mary Beth Landrum
Managed Care, Information, and Diffusion: The Case of Treatment for Heart-Attack Patients pp. 347-351 Downloads
Laurence C. Baker, Christopher C. Afendulis and Paul A. Heidenreich
Hospital Transaction Prices and Managed-Care Discounting for Selected Medical Technologies pp. 352-356 Downloads
Avi Dor, Michael Grossman and Siran M. Koroukian
The Productivity of Physician Specialization: Evidence from the Medicare Program pp. 357-361 Downloads
Katherine Baicker and Amitabh Chandra
Repetition and Reputation: Implications for Trust and Trustworthiness When Institutions Change pp. 362-366 Downloads
Iris Bohnet and Steffen Huck
Mood-Driven Behavior in Strategic Interactions pp. 367-372 Downloads
C. Monica Capra
Social Capital and Contributions in a Public-Goods Experiment pp. 373-376 Downloads
Lisa Anderson, Jennifer Mellor and Jeffrey Milyo
Gender and Competition at a Young Age pp. 377-381 Downloads
Uri Gneezy and Aldo Rustichini
Property Rights to Technical Knowledge in Premodern Europe, 1300-1800 pp. 382-387 Downloads
Stephan R. Epstein
Was Electricity a General Purpose Technology? Evidence from Historical Patent Citations pp. 388-394 Downloads
Petra Moser and Tom Nicholas
Institutions and Democratic Invention in 19th-Century America: Evidence from "Great Inventors," 1790-1930 pp. 395-401 Downloads
Zorina Khan and Kenneth Sokoloff
Do We Underestimate the Benefits of Cultural Competition? pp. 402-407 Downloads
Bryan Caplan and Tyler Cowen
Psychology and the Market pp. 408-413 Downloads
Edward Glaeser
Does Competition Destroy Ethical Behavior? pp. 414-418 Downloads
Andrei Shleifer
A Behavioral-Economics View of Poverty pp. 419-423 Downloads
Marianne Bertrand, Sendhil Mullainathan and Eldar Shafir
Design Choices in Privatized Social-Security Systems: Learning from the Swedish Experience pp. 424-428 Downloads
Henrik Cronqvist and Richard Thaler
Toward National Well-Being Accounts pp. 429-434 Downloads
Daniel Kahneman, Alan Krueger, David Schkade, Norbert Schwarz and Arthur Stone
Persuasion in Politics pp. 435-439 Downloads
Kevin Murphy and Andrei Shleifer
The Employment Consequences of Wrongful-Discharge Laws: Large, Small, or None at All? pp. 440-446 Downloads
David Autor, John Donohue and Stewart J. Schwab
Identifying the Effects of the Americans with Disabilities Act Using State-Law Variation: Preliminary Evidence on Educational Participation Effects pp. 447-453 Downloads
Christine Jolls
Estimating the Value of a Statistical Life: The Importance of Omitted Variables and Publication Bias pp. 454-460 Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter and Michael Greenstone
What Is a Barrier to Entry? pp. 461-465 Downloads
Preston R. Fee, Hugo Mialon and Michael Williams
Why Barriers to Entry Are Barriers to Understanding pp. 466-470 Downloads
Dennis Carlton
Sunk Costs and Antitrust Barriers to Entry pp. 471-475 Downloads
Richard Schmalensee

Volume 94, issue 1, 2004

Social Security pp. 1-24 Downloads
Peter Diamond
Constitutional Rules and Fiscal Policy Outcomes pp. 25-45 Downloads
Torsten Persson and Guido Tabellini
Bidder Discounts and Target Premia in Takeovers pp. 46-56 Downloads
Boyan Jovanovic and Serguey Braguinsky
Costly Voting pp. 57-66 Downloads
Tilman Börgers
Factor Proportions and the Structure of Commodity Trade pp. 67-97 Downloads
John Romalis
Do We Really Know That the WTO Increases Trade? pp. 98-114 Downloads
Andrew Rose
Do Police Reduce Crime? Estimates Using the Allocation of Police Forces After a Terrorist Attack pp. 115-133 Downloads
Rafael Di Tella and Ernesto Schargrodsky
Dynamic Pricing in the Presence of Antidumping Policy: Theory and Evidence pp. 134-154 Downloads
Bruce Blonigen and Jee-Hyeong Park
The Effect of Education on Crime: Evidence from Prison Inmates, Arrests, and Self-Reports pp. 155-189 Downloads
Lance Lochner and Enrico Moretti
Testing for Indeterminacy: An Application to U.S. Monetary Policy pp. 190-217 Downloads
Thomas Lubik and Frank Schorfheide
Internet Job Search and Unemployment Durations pp. 218-232 Downloads
Peter Kuhn and Mikal Skuterud
Public Housing, Housing Vouchers, and Student Achievement: Evidence from Public Housing Demolitions in Chicago pp. 233-258 Downloads
Brian A. Jacob
Pareto-Efficient International Taxation pp. 259-275 Downloads
Michael Keen and David Wildasin
Understanding Trend and Cycle in Asset Values: Reevaluating the Wealth Effect on Consumption pp. 276-299 Downloads
Martin Lettau and Sydney Ludvigson
Export Versus FDI with Heterogeneous Firms pp. 300-316 Downloads
Elhanan Helpman, Marc Melitz and Stephen Yeaple
Vertical Relationships and Competition in Retail Gasoline Markets: Empirical Evidence from Contract Changes in Southern California pp. 317-328 Downloads
Justine Hastings
How Will 401(k) Pension Plans Affect Retirement Income? pp. 329-343 Downloads
Andrew Samwick and Jonathan Skinner
The Impact of Labor Strikes on Consumer Demand: An Application to Professional Sports pp. 344-357 Downloads
Martin Schmidt and David Berri
Estimating the Effect of Mother's Schooling on Children's Schooling Using a Sample of Adoptees pp. 358-368 Downloads
Erik Plug
On A Political Solution to the NIMBY Conflict pp. 369-381 Downloads
Eli Feinerman, Israel Finkelshtain and Iddo Kan
Verifying the Solution from a Nonlinear Solver: A Case Study: Comment pp. 382-390 Downloads
Ron Shachar and Barry Nalebuff
Verifying the Solution from a Nonlinear Solver: A Case Study: Reply pp. 391-396 Downloads
B McCullough and Hrishikesh Vinod
Verifying the Solution from a Nonlinear Solver: A Case Study: Comment pp. 397-399 Downloads
David M. Drukker and Vince Wiggins
Verifying the Solution from a Nonlinear Solver: A Case Study: Reply pp. 400-406 Downloads
B McCullough and Hrishikesh Vinod
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