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Volume 92, issue 5, 2002

Bones, Bombs, and Break Points: The Geography of Economic Activity pp. 1269-1289 Downloads
Donald Davis and David Weinstein
Knowledge Spillovers and Inequality pp. 1290-1307 Downloads
Jan Eeckhout and Boyan Jovanovic
Economic Status and Health in Childhood: The Origins of the Gradient pp. 1308-1334 Downloads
Anne Case, Darren Lubotsky and Christina Paxson
Property Rights and Finance pp. 1335-1356 Downloads
Simon Johnson, John McMillan and Christopher Woodruff
Airport Congestion When Carriers Have Market Power pp. 1357-1375 Downloads
Jan Brueckner
Measuring Market Inefficiencies in California's Restructured Wholesale Electricity Market pp. 1376-1405 Downloads
Severin Borenstein, James Bushnell and Frank A. Wolak
Transport Costs and the Geography of Arbitrage in Eighteenth-Century China pp. 1406-1419 Downloads
Carol Shiue
Hazards of Expropriation: Tenure Insecurity and Investment in Rural China pp. 1420-1447 Downloads
Hanan Jacoby, Guo Li and Scott Rozelle
Two-Class Voting: A Mechanism for Conflict Resolution pp. 1448-1471 Downloads
Ernst Maug and Bilge Yilmaz
Racial Profiling, Fairness, and Effectiveness of Policing pp. 1472-1497 Downloads
Nicola Persico
Learning-by-Doing as a Propagation Mechanism pp. 1498-1520 Downloads
Yongsung Chang, João Gomes and Frank Schorfheide
Social Value of Public Information pp. 1521-1534 Downloads
Stephen Morris and Hyun Song Shin
Vouchers for Private Schooling in Colombia: Evidence from a Randomized Natural Experiment pp. 1535-1558 Downloads
Joshua Angrist, Eric Bettinger, Erik Bloom, Elizabeth King and Michael Kremer
Information Technology and the U.S. Productivity Revival: What Do the Industry Data Say? pp. 1559-1576 Downloads
Kevin Stiroh
Choosing Wisely: A Multibidding Approach pp. 1577-1587 Downloads
David Perez-Castrillo and David Wettstein
Effects of Environmental and Land Use Regulation in the Oil and Gas Industry Using the Wyoming Checkerboard as an Experimental Design pp. 1588-1593 Downloads
Mitch Kunce, Shelby Gerking and William Morgan
Winning Isn't Everything: Corruption in Sumo Wrestling pp. 1594-1605 Downloads
Mark Duggan and Steven Levitt
Estimating Individual Discount Rates in Denmark: A Field Experiment pp. 1606-1617 Downloads
Glenn Harrison, Morten Lau and Melonie B. Williams
The Halloween Indicator, "Sell in May and Go Away": Another Puzzle pp. 1618-1635 Downloads
Sven Bouman and Ben Jacobsen
Preference Reversals of a Different Kind: The "More Is Less" Phenomenon pp. 1636-1643 Downloads
John List
Risk Aversion and Incentive Effects pp. 1644-1655 Downloads
Charles Holt and Susan Laury
Art as an Investment and the Underperformance of Masterpieces pp. 1656-1668 Downloads
Jianping Mei and Michael Moses
Improving Efficiency of On-Campus Housing: An Experimental Study pp. 1669-1686 Downloads
Yan Chen and Tayfun Sönmez
One, Two, (Three), Infinity,...: Newspaper and Lab Beauty-Contest Experiments pp. 1687-1701 Downloads
Antoni Bosch-Domènech, José G. Montalvo, Rosemarie Nagel and Albert Satorra
Protection for Sale: An Empirical Investigation: Comment pp. 1702-1710 Downloads
Theo Eicher and Thomas Osang
Optimal Incentives for Teams: Comment pp. 1711-1711 Downloads
Shingo Ishiguro

Volume 92, issue 4, 2002

Inequality Among World Citizens: 1820-1992 pp. 727-744 Downloads
François Bourguignon and Christian Morrisson
The Returns to Entrepreneurial Investment: A Private Equity Premium Puzzle? pp. 745-778 Downloads
Tobias J. Moskowitz and Annette Vissing-Jørgensen
Managing Dynamic Competition pp. 779-797 Downloads
Tracy Lewis and Huseyin Yildirim
Rigidity, Discretion, and the Costs of Writing Contracts pp. 798-817 Downloads
Pierpaolo Battigalli and Giovanni Maggi
Contractual Structure and Wealth Accumulation pp. 818-849 Downloads
Dilip Mookherjee and Debraj Ray
Monitoring, Motivation, and Management: The Determinants of Opportunistic Behavior in a Field Experiment pp. 850-873 Downloads
Daniel S. Nagin, James Rebitzer, Seth Sanders and Lowell J. Taylor
Rating Banks: Risk and Uncertainty in an Opaque Industry pp. 874-888 Downloads
Donald Morgan
How Regional Blocs Affect Excluded Countries: The Price Effects of MERCOSUR pp. 889-904 Downloads
Won Chang and L. Winters
Testing Intertemporal Substitution, Implicit Contracts, and Hours Restriction Models of the Labor Market Using Micro Data pp. 905-927 Downloads
John Ham and Kevin Reilly
Targeting Nominal Income Growth or Inflation? pp. 928-956 Downloads
Henrik Jensen
Did the Elimination of Mandatory Retirement Affect Faculty Retirement? pp. 957-980 Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter and David Card
Geography of the Family pp. 981-998 Downloads
Kai Konrad, Harald Künemund, Kjell Lommerud and Julio Robledo
Longer-Term Effects of Head Start pp. 999-1012 Downloads
Eliana Garces, Duncan Thomas and Janet Currie
Dynamic Inconsistencies: Counterfactual Implications of a Class of Rational-Expectations Models pp. 1013-1028 Downloads
Arturo Estrella and Jeffrey Fuhrer
Terror as a Bargaining Instrument: A Case Study of Dowry Violence in Rural India pp. 1029-1043 Downloads
Francis Bloch and Vijayendra Rao
Antidumping Investigations and the Pass-Through of Antidumping Duties and Exchange Rates pp. 1044-1061 Downloads
Bruce Blonigen and Stephen E. Haynes
Revisiting Kindness and Confusion in Public Goods Experiments pp. 1062-1069 Downloads
Daniel Houser and Robert Kurzban
Implementing the Efficient Allocation of Pollution pp. 1070-1078 Downloads
John Duggan and Joanne Roberts
The Gains From Self-Ownership and the Expansion of Women's Rights pp. 1079-1092 Downloads
Rick Geddes and Dean Lueck
Last-Minute Bidding and the Rules for Ending Second-Price Auctions: Evidence from eBay and Amazon Auctions on the Internet pp. 1093-1103 Downloads
Alvin Roth and Axel Ockenfels
The Risk Premium for Equity: Implications for the Proposed Diversification of the Social Security Fund pp. 1104-1115 Downloads
Simon Grant and John Quiggin
A New Measure of Horizontal Equity pp. 1116-1125 Downloads
Alan Auerbach and Kevin Hassett
Do Corrupt Governments Receive Less Foreign Aid? pp. 1126-1137 Downloads
Alberto Alesina and Beatrice Weder
Testing Mixed-Strategy Equilibria When Players Are Heterogeneous: The Case of Penalty Kicks in Soccer pp. 1138-1151 Downloads
Pierre Chiappori
International Spillovers and Water Quality in Rivers: Do Countries Free Ride? pp. 1152-1159 Downloads
Hilary Sigman
Reservation Wages: An Analysis of the Effects of Reservations on Employment of American Indian Men pp. 1160-1168 Downloads
Patricia B. Reagan
R&D Cooperation and Spillovers: Some Empirical Evidence from Belgium pp. 1169-1184 Downloads
Bruno Cassiman and Reinhilde Veugelers
Savings and Portfolio Choice in a Two-Period Two-Asset Model pp. 1185-1191 Downloads
Saku Aura, Peter Diamond and John Geanakoplos
Education, Social Cohesion, and Economic Growth pp. 1192-1204 Downloads
Mark Gradstein and Moshe Justman
Malthus to Solow pp. 1205-1217 Downloads
Gary Hansen and Edward Prescott
Hardnose the Dictator pp. 1218-1221 Downloads
Todd Cherry, Peter Frykblom and Jason Shogren
Competitive Pressure and Labor Productivity: World Iron-Ore Markets in the 1980's pp. 1222-1235 Downloads
Jose Galdon-Sanchez and James Schmitz
Using Electoral Cycles in Police Hiring to Estimate the Effect of Police on Crime: Comment pp. 1236-1243 Downloads
Justin McCrary
Using Electoral Cycles in Police Hiring to Estimate the Effects of Police on Crime: Reply pp. 1244-1250 Downloads
Steven Levitt
Losing Sleep at the Market: Comment pp. 1251-1256 Downloads
J. Michael Pinegar
Losing Sleep at the Market: The Daylight Saving Anomaly: Reply pp. 1257-1263 Downloads
Mark Kamstra, Lisa Kramer and Maurice Levi
The Swing Voter's Curse: Comment pp. 1264-1268 Downloads
Mark Fey and Jaehoon Kim

Volume 92, issue 3, 2002

Behavioral Macroeconomics and Macroeconomic Behavior pp. 411-433 Downloads
George Akerlof
Signaling in Retrospect and the Informational Structure of Markets pp. 434-459 Downloads
A. Spence
Information and the Change in the Paradigm in Economics pp. 460-501 Downloads
Joseph Stiglitz
What Explains the Industrial Revolution in East Asia? Evidence From the Factor Markets pp. 502-526 Downloads
Chang-Tai Hsieh
Technological Change, Technological Catch-up, and Capital Deepening: Relative Contributions to Growth and Convergence pp. 527-548 Downloads
Subodh Kumar and R. Robert Russell
An Experimental Test of an Optimal Growth Model pp. 549-570 Downloads
Vivian Lei and Charles Noussair
Fiscal Policy, Profits, and Investment pp. 571-589 Downloads
Alberto Alesina, Silvia Ardagna, Roberto Perotti and Fabio Schiantarelli
Tax Reform and Automatic Stabilization pp. 590-612 Downloads
Thomas Kniesner and James Ziliak
Can Expected Utility Theory Explain Gambling? pp. 613-624 Downloads
Roger Hartley and Lisa Farrell
Efficiency in Auctions with Private and Common Values: An Experimental Study pp. 625-643 Downloads
Theo Offerman
Reputation and Competition pp. 644-663 Downloads
Johannes Hörner
Troubled Banks, Impaired Foreign Direct Investment: The Role of Relative Access to Credit pp. 664-682 Downloads
Michael Klein, Joe Peek and Eric Rosengren
Litigation Costs and Returns to Experience pp. 683-705 Downloads
Paul Oyer and Scott Schaefer
The Household Bankruptcy Decision pp. 706-718 Downloads
Scott Fay, Erik Hurst and Michelle J. White

Volume 92, issue 2, 2002

Editors' Introduction pp. vii-vii Downloads
Robert Lucas
Foreword pp. viii-viii Downloads
Robert Lucas
Prosperity and Depression pp. 1-15 Downloads
Edward Prescott
Policy-Driven Productivity in Chile and Mexico in the 1980's and 1990's pp. 16-21 Downloads
Raphael Bergoeing, Patrick Kehoe, Timothy Kehoe and Raimundo Soto
Accounting for the Great Depression pp. 22-27 Downloads
Patrick Kehoe and Ellen McGrattan
The U.S. and U.K. Great Depressions Through the Lens of Neoclassical Growth Theory pp. 28-32 Downloads
Harold Cole and Lee Ohanian
A Dual Liquidity Model for Emerging Markets pp. 33-37 Downloads
Ricardo Caballero and Arvind Krishnamurthy
Bank Bailouts and Aggregate Liquidity pp. 38-41 Downloads
Douglas Diamond and Raghuram Rajan
Domestic and International Supply of Liquidity pp. 42-45 Downloads
Bengt Holmstrom and Jean Tirole
Balance-Sheet Contagion pp. 46-50 Downloads
Nobuhiro Kiyotaki and John Moore
Payment Arrangements and Inflation pp. 51-57 Downloads
Edward Green
Money: What's the Question and Why Should We Care About the Answer? pp. 58-61 Downloads
Narayana Kocherlakota
Evil Is the Root of All Money pp. 62-66 Downloads
Nobuhiro Kiyotaki and John Moore
Matching and Money pp. 67-71 Downloads
P. Dean Corbae, Ted Temzelides and Randall Wright
Chaotic Interest-Rate Rules pp. 72-78 Downloads
Jess Benhabib, Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe and Martín Uribe
Taylor Rules in a Model that Satisfies the Natural-Rate Hypothesis pp. 79-84 Downloads
Charles Carlstrom and Timothy Fuerst
The Choice of an Inflation Target Range in a Small Open Economy pp. 85-89 Downloads
Christopher Erceg
The Fed and Interest Rates - A High-Frequency Identification pp. 90-95 Downloads
Monika Piazzesi
The Natural Rate of Q pp. 96-101 Downloads
Bill Dupor
Inflation-Targeting, Exchange-Rate Pass-Through, and Volatility pp. 102-107 Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld
The Fed and the New Economy pp. 108-114 Downloads
Laurence Ball and Robert R. Tchaidze
Monetary-Policy Rules and the Great Inflation pp. 115-120 Downloads
Athanasios Orphanides
A Rehabilitation of Monetary Policy in the 1950's pp. 121-127 Downloads
Christina Romer and David Romer
Monetary Policy, Banking Crises, and the Friedman Rule pp. 128-134 Downloads
Bruce Smith
Excess Asset Returns with Limited Enforcement pp. 135-140 Downloads
Costas Azariadis and Luisa Lambertini
Self-Insurance, Social Insurance, and the Optimum Quantity of Money pp. 141-147 Downloads
Chris Edmond
The U.S. Technology Frontier pp. 148-152 Downloads
Francesco Caselli and Wilbur Coleman
The U.S. Demographic Transition pp. 153-159 Downloads
Jeremy Greenwood and Ananth Seshadri
The Role of Agriculture in Development pp. 160-164 Downloads
Douglas Gollin, Stephen Parente and Richard Rogerson
Interpreting the Tariff–Growth Correlation of the Late 19th Century pp. 165-169 Downloads
Douglas Irwin
The Mystery of the Excess Trade (Balances) pp. 170-174 Downloads
Donald Davis and David Weinstein
Cost of Protection: Where Do We Stand? pp. 175-179 Downloads
Arvind Panagariya
Trade and Poverty in the Poor Countries pp. 180-183 Downloads
Jagdish Bhagwati
Firm and Product Life Cycles and Firm Survival pp. 184-190 Downloads
Rajshree Agarwal and Michael Gort
The Decline of Cities and Inequality pp. 191-197 Downloads
Mehmet Yorukoglu
The Q-Theory of Mergers pp. 198-204 Downloads
Boyan Jovanovic and Peter Rousseau
The Economics of Copyright "Fair Use" in a Networked World pp. 205-208 Downloads
Benjamin Klein, Andres V. Lerner and Kevin Murphy
The Case Against Intellectual Property pp. 209-212 Downloads
Michele Boldrin and David Levine
When Should We Use Intellectual Property Rights? pp. 213-216 Downloads
Paul Romer
On the Supply of Creative Work: Evidence from the Movies pp. 217-220 Downloads
Kai-Lung Hui
150 Years of Patent Protection pp. 221-225 Downloads
Josh Lerner
Accounting for Innovation and Measuring Innovativeness: An Illustrative Framework and an Application pp. 226-230 Downloads
Jacques Mairesse and Pierre Mohnen
Technological Change, Entry, and Stock-Market Dynamics: An Analysis of Transition in a Monopolistic Industry pp. 231-235 Downloads
Bipasa Datta and Huw Dixon
The Internet and International Trade in Services pp. 236-240 Downloads
Caroline Freund and Diana Weinhold
Explaining Diversity: Symmetry-Breaking in Complementarity Games pp. 241-246 Downloads
Kiminori Matsuyama
Spatial Agglomeration Dynamics pp. 247-252 Downloads
Danny Quah
Is Equality Stable? pp. 253-259 Downloads
Dilip Mookherjee and Debraj Ray
Inheritances and Wealth Inequality, 1989–1998 pp. 260-264 Downloads
Edward Wolff
Simulating the Transmission of Wealth Inequality pp. 265-269 Downloads
Jagadeesh Gokhale and Laurence Kotlikoff
Wealth Inequality and Altruistic Bequests pp. 270-273 Downloads
John Laitner
The Importance of Bequests and Life-Cycle Saving in Capital Accumulation: A New Answer pp. 274-278 Downloads
Karen E. Dynan, Jonathan Skinner and Stephen Zeldes
The Behavioral and Distributional Implications of Aid for College pp. 279-285 Downloads
Susan Dynarski
Semiparametric Reduced-Form Estimation of Tuition Subsidies pp. 286-292 Downloads
Hidehiko Ichimura and Christopher Taber
Financial Aid, Borrowing Constraints, and College Attendance: Evidence from Structural Estimates pp. 293-297 Downloads
Michael Keane
A Multinomial-Choice Model of Neighborhood Effects pp. 298-303 Downloads
William Brock and Steven Durlauf
Identifying Hedonic Models pp. 304-309 Downloads
Ivar Ekeland, James Heckman and Lars Nesheim
On the Demographic Composition of Colleges and Universities in Market Equilibrium pp. 310-314 Downloads
Dennis Epple, Richard Romano and Holger Sieg
Asymmetric Information in Community Banking and Its Relationship to Credit-Market Discrimination pp. 315-319 Downloads
Christopher Henderson
A Dream Deferred or Realized: The Impact of Public Policy on Fostering Black Homeownership in New York City Throughout the 1990's pp. 320-324 Downloads
Lance Freeman and Darrick Hamilton
Cooperatives and Wealth Accumulation: Preliminary Analysis pp. 325-329 Downloads
Jessica Gordon Nembhard
Wealth: Asset-Accumulation Differences by Race–SCF Data, 1995 and 1998 pp. 330-334 Downloads
Ronald L. Straight
A Foundation for Behavioral Economics pp. 335-338 Downloads
Jessica L. Cohen and William T. Dickens
IQ and Income Inequality in a Sample of Sibling Pairs from Advantaged Family Backgrounds pp. 339-343 Downloads
Charles Murray
The Nature and Nurture of Economic Outcomes pp. 344-348 Downloads
Bruce Sacerdote
Wage Gains Associated with Height as a Form of Health Human Capital pp. 349-353 Downloads
T. Schultz
The Motherhood Wage Penalty: Which Mothers Pay It and Why? pp. 354-358 Downloads
Deborah J. Anderson, Melissa Binder and Kate Krause
Children and Household Income Packages: A Cross-National Analysis pp. 359-362 Downloads
Erin Todd and Dennis Sullivan
Child Abuse and Abortion Availability pp. 363-367 Downloads
Marianne Bitler and Madeline Zavodny
All in the Family: A Simultaneous Model of Parenting Style and Child Conduct pp. 368-372 Downloads
Peter Burton, Shelley Phipps and Lori Curtis
Labor Supply at the Extensive and Intensive Margins: The EITC, Welfare, and Hours Worked pp. 373-379 Downloads
Bruce Meyer
Welfare, Employment, and Income: Evidence on the Effects of Benefit Reductions from California pp. 380-384 Downloads
V. Joseph Hotz, Charles H. Mullin and John Scholz
The Behavioral Effects of Welfare Time Limits pp. 385-389 Downloads
Jeffrey Grogger
The Wage Gap and Public Support for Social Security pp. 390-395 Downloads
Assaf Razin, Efraim Sadka and Phillip Swagel
Pension Reforms and the Opinions of European Citizens pp. 396-401 Downloads
Tito Boeri, Axel Boersch-Supan and Guido Tabellini
Asset-Market Effects of the Baby Boom and Social-Security Reform pp. 402-406 Downloads
Robin Brooks
Intergenerational Risk-Sharing via Social Security when Financial Markets Are Incomplete pp. 407-410 Downloads
Dirk Krueger and Felix Kubler
Taxation of Financial Services under a VAT pp. 411-416 Downloads
Alan Auerbach and Roger Gordon
Capital-Income Taxation with Imperfect Competition pp. 417-421 Downloads
Kenneth Judd
Exchange-Traded Funds: A New Investment Option for Taxable Investors pp. 422-427 Downloads
James Poterba and John B. Shoven
Modern Evidence on the Firm pp. 428-432 Downloads
Scott Masten
Complexity, Flexibility, and the Make-or-Buy Decision pp. 433-437 Downloads
Steven Tadelis
The Lens of Contract: Private Ordering pp. 438-443 Downloads
Oliver Williamson
Can Web Courses Replace the Classroom in Principles of Microeconomics? pp. 444-448 Downloads
Byron W. Brown and Carl Liedholm
Microeconomic Principles Teaching Tricks pp. 449-453 Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh
Reconsidering Crucial Concepts in Micro Principles pp. 454-458 Downloads
Karl Case
The Economic Naturalist: Teaching Introductory Students How to Speak Economics pp. 459-462 Downloads
Robert Frank
Use It or Lose It: Teaching Literacy in the Economics Principles Course pp. 463-472 Downloads
W. Lee Hansen, Michael K. Salemi and John Siegfried

Volume 92, issue 1, 2002

Markets and Diversity pp. 1-15 Downloads
Sherwin Rosen
Racial Integration as an Innovation: Empirical Evidence from Sports Leagues pp. 16-26 Downloads
Brian L. Goff, Robert McCormick and Robert Tollison
The Impact of Economic Conditions on Participation in Disability Programs: Evidence from the Coal Boom and Bust pp. 27-50 Downloads
Dan Black, Kermit Daniel and Seth Sanders
Insuring Consumption Against Illness pp. 51-70 Downloads
Paul Gertler and Jonathan Gruber
Endogenous Federal Grants and Crowd-out of State Government Spending: Theory and Evidence from the Federal Highway Aid Program pp. 71-92 Downloads
Brian Knight
Increasing Returns and All That: A View from Trade pp. 93-119 Downloads
Werner Antweiler and Daniel Trefler
Geographic Localization of International Technology Diffusion pp. 120-142 Downloads
Wolfgang Keller
When Do Research Consortia Work Well and Why? Evidence from Japanese Panel Data pp. 143-159 Downloads
Lee G. Branstetter and Mariko Sakakibara
Induced Innovation and Energy Prices pp. 160-180 Downloads
David Popp
Plant-Level Irreversible Investment and Equilibrium Business Cycles pp. 181-197 Downloads
Marcelo Veracierto
How Important Is Human Capital for Development? Evidence from Immigrant Earnings pp. 198-219 Downloads
Lutz Hendricks
Sources of U.S. Economic Growth in a World of Ideas pp. 220-239 Downloads
Charles Jones
Machiavellian Privatization pp. 240-258 Downloads
Bruno Biais and Enrico Perotti
Journal Pricing and Mergers: A Portfolio Approach pp. 259-269 Downloads
Mark J. McCabe
Do Women Pay More for New Vehicles? Evidence from Transaction Price Data pp. 270-279 Downloads
David Harless and George Hoffer
Did Community Rating Induce an Adverse Selection Death Spiral? Evidence from New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut pp. 280-294 Downloads
Thomas Buchmueller and John DiNardo
The Rise in Old-Age Longevity and the Market for Long-Term Care pp. 295-306 Downloads
Darius Lakdawalla and Tomas Philipson
Public Schooling for Young Children and Maternal Labor Supply pp. 307-322 Downloads
Jonah Gelbach
Does Increasing Women's Schooling Raise the Schooling of the Next Generation? pp. 323-334 Downloads
Jere Behrman and Mark Rosenzweig
Intergenerational Income Mobility Among Daughters pp. 335-344 Downloads
Laura Chadwick and Gary Solon
Owner-Occupied Housing and the Composition of the Household Portfolio pp. 345-362 Downloads
Marjorie Flavin and Takashi Yamashita
Does Federalism Lead to Excessively High Taxes? pp. 363-370 Downloads
Michael Keen and Christos Kotsogiannis
Charitable Giving, Income, and Taxes: An Analysis of Panel Data pp. 371-382 Downloads
Gerald E. Auten, Holger Sieg and Charles Clotfelter
A Century of Missing Trade? pp. 383-393 Downloads
Antoni Estevadeordal and Alan Taylor
The Case of the Missing Trade and Other Mysteries: Comment pp. 394-404 Downloads
Patrick J. Conway
The Case of the Missing Trade and Other Mysteries: Reply pp. 405-410 Downloads
Daniel Trefler
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