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Volume 77, issue 5, 1987

Multicountry, Multifactor Tests of the Factor Abundance Theory pp. 791-809 Downloads
Harry Bowen, Edward Leamer and Leo Sveikauskas
Vertical Product Differentiation and North-South Trade pp. 810-22 Downloads
Harry Flam and Elhanan Helpman
Discretionary Trade Policy and Excessive Protection pp. 823-37 Downloads
Robert Staiger and Guido Tabellini
The Cyclical Behavior of Marginal Cost and Price pp. 838-55 Downloads
Mark Bils
An Equilibrium Model with Involuntary Unemployment at Flexible, Competitive Prices and Wages pp. 856-74 Downloads
John Roberts
Ski-Lift Pricing, with Applications to Labor and Other pp. 875-90 Downloads
Robert Barro and Paul Romer
Strategic Behavior in Contests pp. 891-98 Downloads
Avinash Dixit
Priority Service: Pricing, Investment, and Market Organization pp. 899-916 Downloads
Hung-po Chao and Robert Wilson
The Relative Rigidity of Monopoly Pricing pp. 917-26 Downloads
Julio Rotemberg and Garth Saloner
Equilibrium Incentives in Oligopoly pp. 927-40 Downloads
Chaim Fershtman and Kenneth Judd
The Simple Analytics of Competitive Equilibrium with Multiproduct Firms pp. 941-53 Downloads
Glenn MacDonald and Al Slivinski
Economic Organization with Limited Communication pp. 954-71 Downloads
Robert Townsend
Women's Work, Sibling Competition, and Children's School Performance pp. 972-80 Downloads
Frank Stafford
Do Biases in Probability Judgment Matter in Markets? Experimental Evidence pp. 981-97 Downloads
Colin F Camerer
The Cost of Regulation: OSHA, EPA and the Productivity Slowdown pp. 998-1006 Downloads
Wayne Gray
Deficit Announcements and Interest Rates pp. 1007-12 Downloads
Paul Wachtel and John Young
The Price of Final Product after Vertical Integration pp. 1013-16 Downloads
Seung Hoon Lee
Industrialization, Deindustrialization, and North-South Trade pp. 1017-18 Downloads
Andre Burgstaller
The Public Finance of a Protective Tariff: The Case of an Oil Import Fee pp. 1019-22 Downloads
David S Bizer and Charles Stuart
Secession and the Limits of Taxation: Toward a Theory of Internal Exit pp. 1023-31 Downloads
James Buchanan and Roger L Faith
Honesty in a Model of Strategic Information Transmission pp. 1032-36 Downloads
Carolyn Pitchik and Andrew Schotter
Operative Gift and Bequest Motives pp. 1037-47 Downloads
Andrew Abel
A Model of Medieval Grain Prices: Comment [Corn at Interest: The Extent and Cost of Grain Storage in Medieval England] pp. 1048-53 Downloads
B Taub
The Dynamics of Population Growth, Differential Fertility, and Inequality: Note pp. 1054-56 Downloads
C Y Cyrus Chu
The Competitive Effects of Vertical Agreements: Comment pp. 1057-62 Downloads
G Frank Mathewson and Ralph Winter
The Competitive Effects of Vertical Agreements: Comment pp. 1063-68 Downloads
Marius Schwartz
The Competitive Effects of Vertical Agreements: Reply pp. 1069-72 Downloads
William S Comanor and Harry Frech
The Value of Federal Mineral Rights, Correction and Update: Erratum [Government Saving, Capital Formation and Wealth in the United States, 1947-1985] pp. 1073-74 Downloads
Michael J Boskin and Marc S Robinson

Volume 77, issue 4, 1987

Bonuses to Workers and Employers to Reduce Unemployment: Randomized Trials in Illinois pp. 513-30 Downloads
Stephen Woodbury and Robert G Spiegelman
Self-Selection and the Earnings of Immigrants pp. 531-53 Downloads
George Borjas
Measuring the Value of a Public Good: An Empirical Comparison of Elicitation Procedures pp. 554-66 Downloads
David Brookshire and Don L Coursey
Sex Discrimination in Labor Markets: The Role of Statistical Evidenc e pp. 567-83 Downloads
Peter Kuhn
The Optimal Use of Nonmonetary Sanctions as a Deterrent pp. 584-92 Downloads
Steven Shavell
If Homo Economicus Could Choose His Own Utility Function, Would He Want One with a Conscience? pp. 593-604 Downloads
Robert Frank
The Capital-Energy Complementarity Debate Revisited pp. 605-14 Downloads
John L Solow
Externalities from Contract Length pp. 615-29 Downloads
Laurence Ball
Social Security and Individual Welfare: Precautionary Saving, Borrowing Constraints, and the Payroll Tax pp. 630-46 Downloads
Robert Hubbard and Kenneth Judd
Monopolistic Competition and the Effects of Aggregate Demand pp. 647-66 Downloads
Olivier Blanchard and Nobuhiro Kiyotaki
Inventories and the Volatility of Production pp. 667-79 Downloads
James Kahn
The Information in Long-Maturity Forward Rates pp. 680-92 Downloads
Eugene Fama and Robert R Bliss
Is the Distinction between Anticipated and Unanticipated Money Growth Relevant in Explaining Aggregate Output? pp. 693-703 Downloads
Roman Frydman and Peter Rappoport
Inflation, Fixed Cost of Price Adjustment, and Measurement of Relative-Price Variability: Theory and Evidence pp. 704-13 Downloads
Leif Danziger
Black-White Differences in Schooling Investment and Human Capital Production in Segregated Schools pp. 714-23 Downloads
Peter Orazem
Farm Failures and Government Intervention: A Case Study of the 1930' s pp. 724-30 Downloads
Randal R Rucker and Lee Alston
Is the Concentration-Profit Correlation Partly an Artifact of Lumpy Technology? pp. 731-33 Downloads
Val Lambson
Public Utility Pricing under Risk; the Case of Self-Rationing: Comment and Extension pp. 734-39 Downloads
Peter M Schwarz and Thomas N Taylor
Auctions with Contingent Payments: Comment pp. 740-45 Downloads
William Samuelson
Auctions with Contingent Payments: Comment pp. 746
Jacques Crémer
The Conformity of Wage Indexation Models with the "Stylized Facts': A Comment pp. 747-49 Downloads
Roger Kaufman and Geoffrey Woglom
Spatial Competition and Vertical Integration; Cement and Concrete Revisited: Comment pp. 750-53 Downloads
Ronald N Johnson and Allen M Parkman
Spatial Competition and Vertical Integration; Cement and Concrete Revisited: Reply pp. 754-56 Downloads
Mark McBride

Volume 77, issue 3, 1987

The Constitution of Economic Policy pp. 243-50 Downloads
James Buchanan
Health Insurance and the Demand for Medical Care: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment pp. 251-77 Downloads
Manning, Willard G, et al
Job Duration, Seniority, and Earnings pp. 278-97 Downloads
Katharine Abraham and Henry S Farber
Savings of the Elderly and Desired Bequests pp. 298-312
Michael Hurd
Emigration to South Africa's Mines pp. 313-30 Downloads
Robert Lucas
A General Equilibrium Analysis of Partial-Equilibrium Welfare Measures: The Case of Climate Change pp. 331-41 Downloads
Mary F Kokoski and V. Smith
Comparative Productivity: The USSR, Eastern Europe, and the West pp. 342-57
Abram Bergson
The Adjustment of Expectations to a Change in Regime: A Study of the Founding of the Federal Reserve pp. 358-74 Downloads
N. Gregory Mankiw, Jeffrey Miron and David Weil
Awarding Monopoly Franchises pp. 375-87 Downloads
Michael Riordan and David Sappington
Contracts as a Barrier to Entry pp. 388-401
Philippe Aghion and Patrick Bolton
R&D Rivalry with Licensing or Imitation pp. 402-20 Downloads
Michael Katz and Carl Shapiro
Two-moment Decision Models and Expected Utility Maximization pp. 421-30 Downloads
Jack Meyer
Trade in a Tiebout Economy pp. 431-41 Downloads
John Wilson
Specification Tests of the Lucas-Rapping Model pp. 442-45 Downloads
Myra K Hart
Informal Job Search and Black Youth Unemployment pp. 446-52 Downloads
Harry Holzer
Licensing and Nontransferable Rents pp. 453-55 Downloads
Lott, John R,
On Perfect Rent Dissipation pp. 456-59 Downloads
John T Wenders
A Note on Bilateral Monopoly and Formula Price Contracts pp. 460-63 Downloads
Roger D Blair and David L Kaserman
Seasonality, Aggregation and the Testing of the Production Smoothing Hypothesis pp. 464-69 Downloads
Moheb A Ghali
The Validity of ROI as a Measure of Business Performance pp. 470-78 Downloads
Robert Jacobson
On the Comparative Statics of a Competitive Industry pp. 479-85 Downloads
Michael Braulke
The Elasticity of Scale, the Shape of Average Costs, and the Envelope Theorem pp. 486-88 Downloads
Charles F Revier
Unemployment as a Discipline Device with Heterogeneous Labor [Equilibrium Unemployment as a Worker Discipline Device] pp. 489-93 Downloads
Jon Strand
Exact Consumer's Surplus and Deadweight Loss: A Correction pp. 494-95 Downloads
Robert Haveman, Mary Gabay and James Andreoni
The Relevance of Quasi Rationality in Competitive Markets: Comment pp. 496-98 Downloads
S Keith Berry
The Relevance of Quasi Rationality in Competitive Markets: Reply pp. 499-501 Downloads
Thomas Russell and Richard Thaler

Volume 77, issue 2, 1987

The Law and Economics Movement pp. 1-13
Richard A Posner
The Centrality of Economics in Teaching Economic Statistics pp. 14-17 Downloads
Glen Cain
Teaching Statistical Methods to Undergraduate Economics Students pp. 18-23 Downloads
William Becker
Coping with the Diversity of Student Aptitudes and Interests pp. 24-28
Vijaya G Duggal
The Interrelations of Finance and Economics: Theoretical Perspectives pp. 29-34 Downloads
Stephen Ross
The Interrelations of Finance and Economics: Empirical Perspectives pp. 35-41 Downloads
Michael R Gibbons
A Dynamic Theory of Factor Taxation pp. 42-48 Downloads
Kenneth Judd
Evaluating Fiscal Policy with a Dynamic Simulation Model pp. 49-55 Downloads
Alan Auerbach and Laurence Kotlikoff
Growth Based on Increasing Returns Due to Specialization pp. 56-62 Downloads
Paul Romer
Dynamic Coalitions: Engines of Growth pp. 63-67 Downloads
Edward Prescott and John H Boyd
What Have We Learned from the Economics of the Family? pp. 68-81 Downloads
Robert Willis
Multiple Equilibria in Models of Credit pp. 82-86 Downloads
Peter Diamond
Ultimate pp. 87-92 Downloads
Robert Shiller
Three Questions about Sunspot Equilibria as an Explanation of Economic Fluctuations pp. 93-98
Michael Woodford
On the Issue of Causality in the Economic Model of Crime and Law Enforcement: Some Theoretical Considerations and Experimental Evidence pp. 99-106 Downloads
Isaac Ehrlich and George D Brower
A Model of Optimal Incapacitation pp. 107-10
Steven Shavell
Permanent and Transitory Components in Macroeconomic Fluctuations pp. 111-17 Downloads
John Campbell and N. Gregory Mankiw
Are Cyclical Fluctuations in Productivity Due More to Supply Shocks or Demand Shocks? pp. 118-24 Downloads
Matthew Shapiro
The Development of Keynesian Macroeconomics pp. 125-29 Downloads
Bennett McCallum
Keynes, Lucas, and Scientific Progress pp. 130-36 Downloads
Alan Blinder
Rational Models of Irrational Behavior pp. 137-42 Downloads
George Akerlof and Janet Yellen
Residual Differences by Sex: Perspectives on the Gender Gap in Earnings pp. 143-51 Downloads
Claudia Goldin and Solomon Polachek
Race and Poverty: A Forty-Year Record pp. 152-58 Downloads
James Smith and Finis Welch
Debt, Capital Flows, and LDC Growth pp. 159-64 Downloads
Anne O Krueger
Sharing the Burden of the International Debt Crisis pp. 165-70 Downloads
Stanley Fischer
The Debt Crisis and the Future of International Bank Lending pp. 171-75 Downloads
H Robert Heller
Understanding Rent Dissipation: On the Use of Game Theory in Industrial Organization pp. 176-83 Downloads
Drew Fudenberg and Jean Tirole
Informational Asymmetries, Strategic Behavior, and Industrial Organization pp. 184-93 Downloads
Paul Milgrom and John Roberts
Exchange Rate Management: What Role for Intervention? pp. 194-99 Downloads
Peter Kenen
Exchange Rate Management: The Role of Target Zones pp. 200-204 Downloads
John Williamson
The International Monetary System: Should It Be Reformed? pp. 205-10
Jacob A Frenkel
Earnings Inequality, the Spatial Concentration of Poverty, and the Underclass pp. 211-15 Downloads
Sheldon Danziger and Peter Gottschalk
Do Transfer Payments Keep the Poor in Poverty? pp. 216-22 Downloads
William Darity and Samuel Myers
Economic Theory and Working Class Poverty towards a Reformulation pp. 223-28 Downloads
David H Swinton
Audit Classes and Tax Enforcement Policy pp. 229-33 Downloads
Suzanne Scotchmer
Tax Evasion and Capital Gains Taxation pp. 234-39 Downloads
James Poterba
Are We a Nation of Tax Cheaters? New Econometric Evidence on Tax Compliance pp. 240-45 Downloads
Jeffrey A Dubin, Michael J Graetz and Louis L Wilde
Gender Differences in the Cost of Displacement: An Empirical Test of Discrimination in the Labor Market pp. 246-51 Downloads
Janice Fanning Madden
Gender, Unions, and Internal Labor Markets: Evidence from the Public Sector in Two States pp. 252-56 Downloads
Deborah M Figart
Nonprofit Firms in Medical Markets pp. 257-62 Downloads
Mark V Pauly
Valuing Health--A "Priceless' Commodity pp. 263-68 Downloads
Victor Fuchs and Richard Zeckhauser
Health Economics and Econometrics pp. 269-74 Downloads
Joseph Newhouse
The Israeli Stabilization Program, 1985-86 pp. 275-78 Downloads
Stanley Fischer
The Bolivian Hyperinflation and Stabilization pp. 279-83 Downloads
Jeffrey Sachs
The Austral Plan pp. 284-87 Downloads
Daniel Heymann
Brazil's Tropical Plan pp. 288-92 Downloads
Eliana Cardoso and Rüdiger Dornbusch
Economic Conditions and Gubernatorial Elections pp. 293-97 Downloads
Sam Peltzman
The Revealed Preferences of Political Action Committees pp. 298-302
Keith T Poole, Thomas Romer and Howard Rosenthal
Bargaining and Agenda Formation in Legislatures pp. 303-09 Downloads
David P Baron and John Ferejohn
The Conceit of Labor Market Discrimination pp. 310-15 Downloads
Thomas F D'Amico
Discrimination: Empirical Evidence from the United States pp. 316-20 Downloads
Francine Blau and Marianne A Ferber
The Economics of Discrimination: Economists Enter the Courtroom pp. 321-25 Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter and Ronald Oaxaca
Allocative Disturbances and Specific Capital in Real Business Cycle Theories pp. 326-32 Downloads
Steven Davis
Sectoral vs. Aggregate Shocks in the Business Cycle pp. 333-36 Downloads
Long, John B, and Charles Plosser
Is Consumption Insufficiently Sensitive to Innovations in Income? pp. 337-41 Downloads
Lawrence Christiano
Arbitrator Behavior pp. 342-46
Orley Ashenfelter
Why Is There Disagreement in Bargaining? pp. 347-52 Downloads
Henry S Farber and Max H Bazerman
Negotiator Behavior under Arbitration pp. 353-58 Downloads
David Bloom and Christopher L Cavanagh

Volume 77, issue 1, 1987

Economics and the Political Process pp. 1-10
Alice M Rivlin
On the Marginal Welfare Cost of Taxation pp. 11-23 Downloads
Edgar Browning
Voluntary Donations and Public Expenditures in a Federal System pp. 24-36
Richard Steinberg
The Distribution of Public Services: An Exploration of Local Governmental Preferences pp. 37-49 Downloads
Jere Behrman and Steven Craig
Intertemporal Labor Supply and Long-term Employment Contracts pp. 50-68 Downloads
John Abowd and David Card
Queues, Rations, and Market: Comparisons of Outcomes for the Poor and the Rich pp. 69-77 Downloads
Raaj Sah
Irrelevance of Open Market Operations in Some Economies with Government Currency Being Dominated in Rate of Return pp. 78-92 Downloads
Thomas Sargent and Bruce Smith
Exchange Rates and Prices pp. 93-106
Rüdiger Dornbusch
Exchange Rate Management: Intertemporal Tradeoffs pp. 107-23
Elhanan Helpman and Assaf Razin
The Global Correspondence Principle: A Generalization pp. 124-32 Downloads
Jagdish N Bhagwati, Richard Brecher and Tatsuo Hatta
Using Survey Data to Test Standard Propositions Regarding Exchange Rate Expectations pp. 133-53 Downloads
Jeffrey Frankel and Kenneth Froot
The Welfare Effects of Third-Degree Price Discrimination in pp. 154-67 Downloads
Michael Katz
Contract Duration and Relationship-Specific Investments: Empirical Evidence from Coal Markets pp. 168-85 Downloads
Paul Joskow
Diamonds Are a Government's Best Friend: Burden-Free Taxes on Goods Valued for Their Values pp. 186-91 Downloads
Yew-Kwang Ng
A Note on Indivisibilities, Specialization, and Economies of Scale pp. 192-94 Downloads
Brian Edwards and Ross M Starr
Rigidity vs. License pp. 195-97 Downloads
Joseph Farrell
Searching for Leviathan: Comment and Extension pp. 198-204 Downloads
Michael Nelson
The Validity of Studies with Line of Business Data: Comment [The Validity of Profits-Structure Studies with Particular Reference to the FTC's Line of Business Data] pp. 205-17
Scherer, F M, et al
The Validity of Studies with Line of Business Data: Reply [The Validity of Profits-Structure Studies with Particular Reference to the FTC's Line of Business Data] pp. 218-23 Downloads
George J Benston
Credit Rationing: A Further Remark [Credit Rationing in Markets with Imperfect Information] [Incentives Effects of Terminations: Applications to the Credit and Labor Markets] pp. 224-27 Downloads
John Riley
Credit Rationing: Reply [Credit Rationing in Markets with Imperfect Information] [Incentives Effects of Terminations: Applications to the Credit and Labor Markets] pp. 228-31 Downloads
Joseph Stiglitz and Andrew Weiss
Pechman's Tax Incidence Study: A Response pp. 232-34 Downloads
Joseph A Pechman
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