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Volume 64, issue 6, 1974

Structure of the World Economy: Outline of a Simple Input-Output Formulation pp. 823-34 Downloads
Wassily Leontief
All for the Best: The Federal Reseve Board's 60th Annual Report pp. 835-50 Downloads
Edward Kane
On the Irrelevance of Corporate Financial Policy pp. 851-66 Downloads
Joseph Stiglitz
Unemployment, Inflation, and Monetarism pp. 867-87 Downloads
Jerome Stein
The Earnings and Promotion of Women Faculty pp. 888-903 Downloads
George Johnson and Frank Stafford
The Expected Impact of the Wage-Price Freeze on Relative Shares pp. 904-14 Downloads
Sol S Shalit and Ben-Zion, Uri
Pay and Performance in Major League Baseball pp. 915-30 Downloads
Gerald W Scully
Competitive Interest Payments on Bank Deposits and the Long-Run Demand for Money pp. 931-49 Downloads
Benjamin Klein
The Effect of Risk on the Investment in Human Capital pp. 950-63 Downloads
David Levhari and Yoram Weiss
The Measurement of Technical Change Biases with Many Factors of Production pp. 964-76 Downloads
Hans Binswanger-Mkhize
Household Production Theory, Quality, and the "Hedonic Technique." pp. 977-94 Downloads
John Muellbauer
Fairness and Envy pp. 995-1005 Downloads
Allan M Feldman and Alan Kirman
Investment Decisions Under Uncertainty: The "Irreversibility Effect." pp. 1006-12 Downloads
Claude Henry
Industrial Organization and International Trade: Some Theoretical Considerations pp. 1013-20 Downloads
Lawrence White
The Economics of Environmental Preservation: Comment pp. 1021-24 Downloads
Ronald G Cummings and Virgil Norton
The Economics of Environmental Preservation: Comment pp. 1025-29 Downloads
A Eugene Abrassart and Dale D McFarlane
The Economics of Environmental Preservation: Further Discussion pp. 1030-39 Downloads
Anthony C Fisher, John V Krutilla and Charles J Cicchetti
Gains from Trade Under Uncertainty pp. 1040-48 Downloads
Raveendra N Batra and William R Russell
Technological Change, Production, and Investment in Natural Resource Industries pp. 1049-59 Downloads
Gordon Rausser
Cropsharing Tenancy in Agriculture: Comment pp. 1060-66 Downloads
David M Newbery
Cropsharing Tenancy in Agriculture: Rejoinder pp. 1067-69 Downloads
Pranab Bardhan and T. Srinivasan
Incentive Contracts and Competitive Bidding: Comment pp. 1070-71 Downloads
Colin C Blaydon and Paul W Marshall
Incentive Contracts and Competitive Bidding: Reply pp. 1072-73 Downloads
David P Baron
Feige and Parkin on the Optimal Quantity of Money pp. 1074-76 Downloads
Thomas Russell
Population Growth, Agricultural Capital, and the Development of a Dual Economy pp. 1077-85 Downloads
Yoshio Niho
Comment on Corporate Income Taxes and the Cost of Capital: A Correction pp. 1086-87 Downloads
Pao Lun Cheng
Capital and Technology Movements and Economic Welfare pp. 1088-1100 Downloads
Nobuo Minabe
The Foundations of Money Illusion in a Neoclassical Micro-Monetary Model: Errata pp. 1101
Richard Dusansky and Peter J Kalman

Volume 64, issue 4, 1974

The 1974 Report of the President's Council of Economic Advisers: International Issues pp. 523-34 Downloads
Anne O Krueger
The 1974 Report of the President's Council of Economic Advisers: The Control of Inflation and the Future of the International Monetary System pp. 535-43 Downloads
David Laidler
The 1974 Report of the President's Council of Economic Advisers: A Critique of Past and Prospective Economic Policies pp. 544-57 Downloads
Franco Modigliani
The 1974 Report of the President's Council of Economic Advisers: Energy in the Economic Report pp. 558-65 Downloads
William Nordhaus
Invariant Economic Index Numbers and Canonical Duality: Survey and Synthesis pp. 566-93 Downloads
Paul Samuelson and S Swamy
Technological Change in the Soviet Collective Farm pp. 594-603 Downloads
Raveendra N Batra
Investments in Human Capital and Growth in Personal Income 1956-1966 pp. 604-15 Downloads
Thomas Johnson and Frederick J Hebein
Optimal International Borrowing and Lending pp. 616-30 Downloads
James A Hanson
On Biased Technological Progress pp. 631-39 Downloads
Akira Takayama
The Sizes and Types of Cities pp. 640-56 Downloads
J. Vernon Henderson
Quality Competition, Industry Equilibrium, and Efficiency in the Price-Constrained Airline Market pp. 657-69 Downloads
George W Douglas and Miller, James C,
Factor Proportions and Economic Rationality in Soviet International Trade 1955-1968 pp. 670-81 Downloads
Steven Rosefielde
The Interaction Between Local Government and Urban Residential Location pp. 682-96 Downloads
Richard E Schuler
A Note on the Elasticity of Derived Demand Under Decreasing Returns pp. 697-700 Downloads
Assaf Razin
A Note on the Structure of Optimal Taxation pp. 701-06 Downloads
Agnar Sandmo
The Diagrammatic Analysis of Multiple Consumption Externalities pp. 707-14 Downloads
Edgar Browning
Priorities and Pollution: Comment pp. 715-17 Downloads
Abba P Lerner
Priorities and Pollution: Reply pp. 718-23 Downloads
Jerome Stein
An Analysis of Turning Point Forecasts: A Fairly Polite Comment pp. 724-27 Downloads
Rendigs Fels and C Elton Hinshaw
An Analysis of Turning Point Forecasts: A Polite Reply pp. 728-29 Downloads
Herman Stekler
Transport Costs and the Static Welfare Costs of Tariffs pp. 730-33 Downloads
Waters, W G,
The Theory of the Firm in "Long-Run" Equilibrium pp. 734-41 Downloads
Eugene Silberberg
Relative Efficiency in Wheat Production in the Indian Punjab pp. 742-51 Downloads
Surjit S Sidhu
Redistribution and the Pareto Criterion pp. 752-57 Downloads
Harold M Hochman and James D Rodgers
A Note on Welfare Surpluses and Gains From Trade in General Equilibrium pp. 758-62 Downloads
James Anderson
The Coase Proposition, Information Constraints, and Long-Run Equilibrium pp. 763-72 Downloads
William Schulze and Ralph d'Arge
The Process Analysis Alternative to Statistical Cost Functions: Comment pp. 773-76 Downloads
James R Marsden, David E Pingry and Andrew Whinston
The Process Analysis Alternative to Statistical Cost Functions: Reply pp. 777-79 Downloads
James M Griffin
Price Discrimination by Regulated Motor Carriers: Comment pp. 780-84 Downloads
M L Greenhut, M J Hwang and Hiroshi Ohta
Price Discrimination by Regulated Motor Carriers: Reply pp. 785-86 Downloads
Josephine E Olson
On the Durability of Capital Goods Under Imperfect Market Conditions pp. 787-96 Downloads
Wolfhard Ramm
Commodity Trade and Factor Mobility pp. 797-801 Downloads
Melvyn B Krauss
Choice Involving Unwanted Risky Events and Optimal Insurance: Comment pp. 802-03 Downloads
David Salkever
Choice Involving Unwanted Risky Events and Optimal Insurance: Reply pp. 804
Michael Parkin and S Y Wu
The Number of Firms and Competition: Comment pp. 805
Hajime Hori
The Number of Firms and Competition: Reply pp. 806
Eugene Fama and Arthur B Laffer

Volume 64, issue 3, 1974

General Economic Equilibrium: Purpose, Analytic Techniques, Collective Choice pp. 253-72 Downloads
Kenneth Arrow
Capital Importation and Sectoral Development: A Model Applied to Postwar Puerto Rico pp. 273-90 Downloads
John J Mingo
The Political Economy of the Rent-Seeking Society pp. 291-303 Downloads
Anne O Krueger
The Empirical Relationships Between the Dividend and Investment Decisions of Firms pp. 304-18 Downloads
Eugene Fama
On the Impact of Uncertainty on the Value and Investment of the Neoclassical Firm pp. 319-36 Downloads
Guy V G Stevens
Land Use and Zoning in an Urban Economy pp. 337-47 Downloads
William J Stull
The Neoclassical Production Function pp. 348-58 Downloads
Lowell E Gallaway and Vishwa Shukla
The Social Costs of Input-Market Distortions pp. 359-72 Downloads
Daniel Wisecarver
Private Incentives and Public Information pp. 373-90 Downloads
John M Marshall
Testing for the Existence of a Consistent Aggregate Index of Labor Inputs pp. 391-404 Downloads
Ernst R Berndt and Laurits R Christensen
The Stochastic Structure of the Velocity of Money pp. 405-18 Downloads
John P Gould and Charles Nelson
Faculty Salaries: Is There Discrimination by Sex, Race, and Discipline? pp. 419-27 Downloads
Nancy M Gordon, Thomas E Morton and Ina C Braden
The Rationale of the Mean-Standard Deviation Analysis: Comment pp. 428-30 Downloads
Karl Borch
The Rationale of the Mean-Standard Deviation Analysis: Comment pp. 431-33 Downloads
G O Bierwag
The Rationale of the Mean-Standard Deviation Analysis: Comment pp. 434-41 Downloads
Haim Levy
The Rationale of the Mean-Standard Deviation Analysis: Reply and Errata for Original Article pp. 442-50 Downloads
S C Tsiang
Externalities as Commodities: Comment pp. 451-53
Dolbear, F Trenery,
Externalities as Commodities: Comment pp. 454-59 Downloads
Talbot Page and John A Ferejohn
Externalities as Commodities: Reply pp. 460-61 Downloads
Robert A Meyer
On Taxation and the Control of Externalities: Comment pp. 462-66 Downloads
Thomas H Tietenberg
On Taxation and the Control of Externalities: Comment pp. 467-71 Downloads
Earl A Thompson and Ronald Batchelder
On Taxation and the Control of Externalities: Reply pp. 472
William Baumol
Consumer Preferences and Gains from Trade pp. 473-77 Downloads
Yeong-Her Yeh
A Note on the Price Adjustment Mechanism for Rental Housing pp. 478-81 Downloads
Lawrence B Smith
Phase II, Cost-Push Inflation, and Relative Wages pp. 482-91 Downloads
Michael L Wachter
Earnings, Employment, and Racial Discrimination: Additional Evidence pp. 492-501 Downloads
B F Kiker and W Pierce Liles
On Reanalyzing the Harris-Todaro Model: Policy Rankings in the Case of Sector-Specific Sticky Wages pp. 502-08 Downloads
Jagdish N Bhagwati and T. Srinivasan
The Nature of Quantities in Market Disequilibrium pp. 509-14 Downloads
Herschel Grossman
The Nature of Quantities in Market Disequilibrium: Comment pp. 515-17 Downloads
E C H Veendorp

Volume 64, issue 2, 1974

The Economics of Resources or the Resources of Economics pp. 1-14
Robert Solow
The Economics of the Steady State pp. 15-21 Downloads
Herman E Daly
Resources as a Constraint on Growth pp. 22-26 Downloads
William Nordhaus
A Growth Model with Population Endogenous pp. 27-32 Downloads
Richard F Kosobud and William D O'Neill
Resource and Amenity Implications of Population Changes pp. 33-38 Downloads
Ronald G Ridker
The Role of Population in Models of Economic Growth pp. 39-44 Downloads
Allen C Kelley
The Impact of Population Growth on Employment pp. 45-50 Downloads
Alan Sweezy and Aaron Owens
The Political Economy of World Petroleum pp. 51-57 Downloads
James W McKie
Politics, Economics, and World Oil pp. 58-67 Downloads
M A Adelman
Three Lessons pp. 68-70 Downloads
Paul W McCracken
A Strange Expansion pp. 71-74 Downloads
William J Fellner
Lessons from the Current Economic Expansion pp. 75-77 Downloads
Paul Samuelson
A Plethora of Lessons from the Recent Expansion pp. 78-81 Downloads
Otto Eckstein
The Legacy of Phase II Price Controls pp. 82-87 Downloads
Robert F Lanzillotti and Blaine Roberts
Wages and the Pay Board pp. 88-92 Downloads
Daniel J B Mitchell and Arnold R Weber
The Inflation Problem During Phase III pp. 93-99 Downloads
Barry Bosworth
Price Controls in 1973: Strategies and Problems pp. 100-04 Downloads
Mary T Hamilton
Alternatives to Monetary Policy pp. 105-11 Downloads
James S Duesenberry
Alternative Monetary-Fiscal Policies and Sectoral Credit Flows pp. 112-20 Downloads
Andrew F Brimmer
The Clouded Crystal Ball pp. 121-24 Downloads
Robert L Heilbroner
Some Conjectures on Policy Problems of the 1970's pp. 125-28 Downloads
Kermit Gordon
Economists as Servants of Power pp. 129-32 Downloads
Samuel Bowles
Some Secular Changes in Business Cycles pp. 133-37 Downloads
Geoffrey H Moore
Policy Issues in the International Economy of the 1970's pp. 138-40 Downloads
Hendrik Houthakker
Some Reasons for the Maximin Criterion pp. 141-46 Downloads
John Rawls
Achieving the Just Polity pp. 147-52 Downloads
Dennis Mueller
Political Constraints on Contractual Redistribution pp. 153-57 Downloads
James Buchanan and Winston C Bush
Concepts of Distributional Equity: Discussion pp. 158-61 Downloads
Alvin K Klevorick
The Concentration of Personal Wealth, 1922-1969 pp. 162-67
James D Smith and Stephen D Franklin
Who Paid the Taxes in 1966? pp. 168-74 Downloads
Benjamin A Okner and Joseph A Pechman
Income Conditioning in a System of Transfer Programs pp. 175-80 Downloads
Barry L Friedman and Leonard J Hausman
Sorting Out the Social Grant Programs: An Economist's Criteria pp. 181-89 Downloads
Charles L Schultze
Cash Versus In-Kind Transfers pp. 190-95 Downloads
Lester Thurow
Earnings Capacity and the Target Efficiency of Alternative Transfer Programs pp. 196-204 Downloads
Irwin Garfinkel and Robert Haveman
Conflicting Objectives in Income Maintenance Programs pp. 205-11
Robert Lerman and Alair A Townsend
A New View of Property Tax Incidence pp. 212-21 Downloads
Henry Aaron
Is a Property Tax on Housing Regressive? pp. 222-29 Downloads
Richard A Musgrave
The Property Tax: Progressive or Regressive? Discussion pp. 230-31
Harvey E Brazer
The Property Tax: Progressive or Regressive? Discussion pp. 231-32
Dick Netzer
The Property Tax: Progressive or Regressive? Discussion pp. 232-33 Downloads
Ann F Friedlander
The Administered-Price Thesis Denied: Note pp. 232-34 Downloads
J Fred Weston, Steven Lustgarten and Nanci Grottke
The Property Tax: Progressive or Regressive? Discussion pp. 233-34
Earl R Rolph
The Property Tax: Progressive or Regressive? Discussion pp. 234-35
George E Peterson
Recent Trends and Long-Run Prospects for Female Earnings pp. 236-42 Downloads
Victor Fuchs
Education and Home Production pp. 243-50
Arleen Leibowitz
The Effects of Government Expenditures and Taxes on Female Labor pp. 251-56 Downloads
Michael J Boskin
The Elasticity of Substitution and Cyclical Behavior of Productivity, Wages, and Labor's Share pp. 257-63 Downloads
Thomas Sargent and Neil Wallace
A Disequilibrium Model of Demand for Factors of Production pp. 264-70 Downloads
Sherwin Rosen and M Ishaq Nadiri
Multinational Corporations and the International Adjustment Process pp. 271-75 Downloads
Gary Hufbauer
Competition Policy Toward Multinational Corporations pp. 276-82 Downloads
Raymond Vernon
Problems and Policies Affecting Labor's Interests pp. 283-88 Downloads
George H Hildebrand
Prospects and Policy for U.S.-Soviet Trade pp. 289-93 Downloads
Gregory Grossman
Sino-American Trade Prospects and Policy pp. 294-99 Downloads
Alexander Eckstein and Bruce Reynolds
Prospects for U.S.-East European Trade pp. 300-06 Downloads
Alan A Brown, Paul Marer and Egon Neuberger
Capital Controversies: Ancient and Modern pp. 307-16 Downloads
John Hicks
On the Relevance of the New Economics of the Family pp. 317-19 Downloads
Gary Becker
Economic Theory and Its Discontents pp. 320-22 Downloads
Vernon Smith
The State of Theory pp. 323-24 Downloads
Harry G Johnson
Is the Theory of Competitive Equilibrium With It? pp. 325-29 Downloads
Tjalling Koopmans
On Stabilization Policy: Goals and Models pp. 330-37 Downloads
Thomas Muench and Neil Wallace
On Optimal Taxation with Costly Administration pp. 338-45 Downloads
Walter P Heller and Karl Shell
How Can Experiments Be More Useful? pp. 346-54 Downloads
Alice M Rivlin
The Use of Surveys for Policy Research pp. 355-64 Downloads
F. Juster
Airline Capacity Limitation Controls: Public Vice or Public Virtue? pp. 365-71 Downloads
George C Eads
Amtrak in Perspective: Where Goest the Pointless Arrow? pp. 372-77 Downloads
Edwin P Patton
The Wheel: Should We Reinvent It? pp. 378-83 Downloads
Hugh S Norton
The Market for Goods and the Market for Ideas pp. 384-91 Downloads
Ronald Coase
Regulation and Diversity in Communications Media pp. 392-99 Downloads
William F Baxter
The Economics of the First Amendment: Discussion pp. 400-02 Downloads
Bruce Owen
Developing Independent Problem-Solving Ability in Elementary Economics pp. 403-07 Downloads
Rendigs Fels
Computer-Aided Instruction for Large Elementary Courses pp. 408-13 Downloads
Bernard H Booms and D Lynne Kaltreider
Introducing Freshmen to the Social System pp. 414-19 Downloads
Kenneth E Boulding and Elise Boulding
The Investment Income Formula of the American Economic Association pp. 420-26 Downloads
Donald Nichols
What Is Permanent Endowment Income? pp. 427-32 Downloads
James Tobin
A Plan for the Definition of Endowment Income pp. 433-37 Downloads
James M Litvack, Burton G Malkiel and Richard E Quandt
Endowment Income, Capital Gains and Inflation Accounting: Discussion pp. 438-41 Downloads
Robert Eisner
Endowment Income, Capital Gains and Inflation Accounting: Discussion pp. 441-42
Stanley Black

Volume 64, issue 1, 1974

Limited Knowledge and Economic Analysis pp. 1-10
Kenneth Arrow
Myopic Optimizing and Rules of Thumb in a Micro-Model of Industrial Growth pp. 11-23 Downloads
Richard H Day, Samuel A Morley and Kenneth R Smith
International Capital Movements and the Patterns of Economic Growth pp. 24-36 Downloads
Yusuke Onitsuka
The Demand and Supply of Durable Goods and Durability pp. 37-55 Downloads
Richard W Parks
Competitive Price Adjustments: An Empirical Study pp. 56-65 Downloads
Bennett McCallum
An Economic Model of Production and Investment for Petroleum Reservoirs pp. 66-79 Downloads
Robert G Kuller and Ronald G Cummings
Can Equalization of Opportunity Reduce Social Mobility? pp. 80-90 Downloads
John Conlisk
Toward a Theory of Multiple Customs Unions pp. 91-101 Downloads
Sukesh K Ghosh
The Dynamics of Inflation in Latin America, 1950-1969 pp. 102-14 Downloads
Robert C Vogel
The Foundations of Money Illusion in a Neoclassical Micro-Monetary Model pp. 115-22 Downloads
Richard Dusansky and Peter J Kalman
Accounting for the Growth of Output pp. 123-35 Downloads
Spencer Star
The Stability Properties of Optimal Economic Policies pp. 136-48 Downloads
Stephen J Turnovsky
Product Liability: The Case of an Asset with Random Life pp. 149-61 Downloads
John P Brown
Capital Markets and the Dynamics of Growth pp. 162-69
Mathew Shane
Labor Supply Under Uncertainty and the Rate of Unemployment pp. 170-75 Downloads
Michael J Hartley and Nagesh S Revankar
Default Risk, Homemade Leverage, and the Modigliani-Miller Theorem pp. 176-82 Downloads
David P Baron
Patent Life and R & D Rivalry pp. 183-87 Downloads
Morton I Kamien and Nancy L Schwartz
Life Cycle Consumption and Labor Supply: An Explanation of the Relationship Between Income and Consumption Over the Life Cycle pp. 188-94 Downloads
James Heckman
Money Illusion and the Aggregate Consumption Function: Note pp. 195-99 Downloads
George D Craig
Semivariance and Stochastic Dominance: A Comparison pp. 200-04 Downloads
R Burr Porter
The Precautionary Demand for Reserves pp. 205-10
Ernst Baltensperger
Risk Premiums and the Life Cycle Hypothesis pp. 211-16 Downloads
Roger J Bowden
Private and Social Rates of Return to Education of Academicians: Note pp. 217-19 Downloads
Figa-Talamanca, Lorenzo
Private and Social Rates of Return to Education of Academicians: Note pp. 220-24 Downloads
John A Tomaske
Housing Market Discrimination, Homeownership, and Savings Behavior: Comment pp. 225-29 Downloads
John McDonald
Housing Market Discrimination, Homeownership, and Savings Behavior: Reply pp. 230-31
John Kain and John Quigley
Job Quitting and Frictional Unemployment pp. 235-39 Downloads
J Peter Mattila
Soviet Postwar Economic Growth and Capital-Labor Substitution: Comment pp. 240-42 Downloads
Krishna Kumar and Ephraim Asher
Soviet Postwar Economic Growth and Capital-Labor Substitution: Reply pp. 243
Martin Weitzman
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