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Volume 78, issue 5, 1988

An Empirical Study of an Auction with Asymmetric Information pp. 865-83 Downloads
Kenneth Hendricks and Robert Porter
Some Evidence of the Winner's Curse pp. 884-95 Downloads
Stuart E Thiel
Learning in Equilibrium Models of Arbitration pp. 896-912 Downloads
Robert Gibbons
Market Incentives for Safe Commercial Airline Operation pp. 913-35 Downloads
Severin Borenstein and Martin B Zimmerman
Demand Uncertainty and Sales: A Study of Fashion and Markdown Pricin g pp. 936-53 Downloads
B Peter Pashigian
Franchising and Risk Management pp. 954-68 Downloads
Robert E Martin
Irreversible Investment, Capacity Choice, and the Value of the Firm pp. 969-85 Downloads
Robert Pindyck
Regulating a Monopolist with Unknown Demand pp. 986-98 Downloads
Tracy Lewis and David Sappington
Imperfect Information and Staggered Price Setting pp. 999-1018 Downloads
Laurence Ball and Stephen Cecchetti
The Marginal Efficiency Cost of Redistribution pp. 1019-33 Downloads
Charles Ballard
Altruism within the Family Reconsidered: Do Nice Guys Finish Last? pp. 1034-45 Downloads
B. Douglas Bernheim and Oded Stark
Implicit Contracts, Labor Mobility, and Unemployment pp. 1046-66 Downloads
Richard Arnott, Arthur Hosios and Joseph Stiglitz
The Stabilization of the U.S. Economy: Evidence from the Stock Marke t pp. 1067-79 Downloads
Matthew Shapiro
Are Perceptions of Inflation Rational? Some Evidence for Sweden pp. 1080-87 Downloads
Lars Jonung and David Laidler
Sovereign Debt as a Contingent Claim: Excusable Default, Repudiation, and Reputation pp. 1088-97 Downloads
Herschel Grossman and John van Huyck
G. E. Moore and J. M. Keynes: A Missing Chapter in the History of the Expected Utility Model pp. 1098-1106 Downloads
Bradley W Bateman
Tax Reform and the Stock Market: An Asset Price Approach pp. 1107-17 Downloads
David Cutler
Predicting Stock Price Responses to Tax Policy Changes pp. 1118-30 Downloads
Thomas W Downs and Hassan Tehranian
Third-Degree Price Discrimination, Welfare and Profits: A Geometrical Analysis pp. 1131-32 Downloads
Stephen Layson
Cooperative and Noncooperative R&D in Duopoly with Spillovers pp. 1133-37 Downloads
Claude d'Aspremont and Alexis Jacquemin
Productivity Growth, Convergence, and Welfare: Comment pp. 1138-54 Downloads
J Bradford De Long
Productivity Growth, Convergence, and Welfare: Reply pp. 1155-59 Downloads
William Baumol and Edward Wolff
Replication in Empirical Economics: The Journal of Money, Credit and Banking Project: Comment pp. 1160-61 Downloads
Merrick, John J,
Replication in Empirical Economics: The Journal of Money, Credit and Banking Project: Reply pp. 1162-63 Downloads
William G Dewald, Jerry Thursby and Richard Anderson
Honesty in a Model of Strategic Information Transmission: Correction pp. 1164
Carolyn Pitchik and Andrew Schotter

Volume 78, issue 4, 1988

Forecasting the Depression: Harvard versus Yale pp. 595-612 Downloads
Kathryn Dominguez, Ray Fair and Matthew Shapiro
Unemployment in the Soviet Union: Evidence from the Soviet Interview Project pp. 613-32 Downloads
Paul R Gregory and Irwin Collier
Costs of Price Adjustment and the Welfare Economics of Inflation and Disinflation pp. 633-46 Downloads
Leif Danziger
Servicing the Public Debt: The Role of Expectations pp. 647-61 Downloads
Guillermo Calvo
Social Contracts as Assets: A Possible Solution to the Time-Consistency Problem pp. 662-77 Downloads
Laurence Kotlikoff, Torsten Persson and Lars Svensson
Innovation in Large and Small Firms: An Empirical Analysis pp. 678-90 Downloads
Zoltan Acs and David Audretsch
Cash versus Kind, Self-selection, and Efficient Transfers pp. 691-700 Downloads
Charles Blackorby and David Donaldson
Economic and Political Foundations of Tax Structure pp. 701-12 Downloads
Walter Hettich and Stanley Winer
Plea Bargaining and Prosecutorial Discretion pp. 713-28 Downloads
Jennifer Reinganum
Domestic Politics, Foreign Interests, and International Trade Policy pp. 719-45
Arye Hillman and Heinrich Ursprung
Assisting Domestic Industries under International Oligopoly: The Relevance of the Nature of Competition to Optimal Policies pp. 746-58 Downloads
Leonard K Cheng
The Missing Link: The Ricardian Approach to the Factor Endowments Theory of Trade pp. 759-72 Downloads
Roy J Ruffin
Hyteresis in Import Prices: The Beachhead Effect pp. 773-85 Downloads
Richard Baldwin
The Theory of International Economic Sanctions: A Public Choice Approach pp. 786-93 Downloads
William H Kaemfer and Anton Lowenberg
Increasing Returns, Public Inputs, and International Trade pp. 794-95 Downloads
Suezo Ishizawa
Credibility and Policy Convergence in a Two-Party System with Rational Voters pp. 796-805
Alberto Alesina
The Deadline Effect in Bargaining: Some Experimental Evidence pp. 806-23 Downloads
Alvin Roth, John Murnighan and Francoise Schoumaker
A Further Test of Noncooperative Bargaining Theory: Comment pp. 824-36 Downloads
Janet Neelin, Hugo Sonnenschein and Matthew Spiegel
A Further Test of Noncooperative Bargaining Theory: Reply pp. 837-39 Downloads
Ken G Binmore, Avner Shaked and John Sutton

Volume 78, issue 3, 1988

Growth Theory and After pp. 307-17 Downloads
Robert Solow
International Macroeconomic Policy Coordination When Policymakers Do Not Agree on the True Model pp. 318-40 Downloads
Jeffrey Frankel and Katharine Rockett
Dynamic Strategic Monetary Policies and Coordination in Interdependent Economies pp. 341-61
Stephen J Turnovsky, Tamer Basar and Vasco d'Orey
Exchange Controls, Capital Controls, and International Financial Markets pp. 362-74 Downloads
Alan Stockman and Alejandro Hernandez D
Trade in Risky Assets pp. 375-94 Downloads
Lars Svensson
The Optimal Tariff, Production Lags, and Time Consistency pp. 395-401
Harvey Lapan
Investment, Capacity Utilization, and the Real Business Cycle pp. 402-17 Downloads
Jeremy Greenwood, Zvi Hercowitz and Gregory Huffman
Quality, Quantity, and Spatial Variation of Price pp. 418-30 Downloads
Angus Deaton
On the Organization of Rural Markets and the Process of Economic Development pp. 431-43 Downloads
Allan Drazen and Zvi Eckstein
Public-Utility Regulators Are Only Human: A Positive Theory of Rational Constraints pp. 444-62 Downloads
Lew Evans and Steven Garber
When Actions Speak Louder Than Prospects pp. 463-70 Downloads
Graham Loomes
Limited Contract Enforcement and Strategic Renegotiation pp. 471-84 Downloads
Gur Huberman and Charles Kahn
Long-term Relationships Governed by Short-term Contracts pp. 485-99 Downloads
Vincent Crawford
Experimental Tests of the Separation Theorem and the Capital Asset Pricing Model pp. 500-519 Downloads
Yoram Kroll, Haim Levy and Amnon Rapoport
Explosive Rational Bubbles in Stock Prices? pp. 520-30
Behzad Diba and Herschel Grossman
About Two Marks: Refugees and the Exchange Rate before the Berlin Wall pp. 531-42 Downloads
Irwin Collier and David Papell
The Relative Efficiency of Slavery Revisited: A Translog Production Function Approach pp. 543-49 Downloads
Elizabeth B Field
The Private R&D Investment Response to Federal Design and Technical Competitions pp. 550-59 Downloads
Frank Lichtenberg
Optimal Highway Durability pp. 560-69 Downloads
Kenneth Small and Clifford Winston
Income Redistribution in a Federal System pp. 570-73 Downloads
William Johnson
The Strategic Value of Flexibility: Reducing the Ability to Compromise pp. 574-80 Downloads
Nalin Kulatilaka and Stephen Gary Marks
Accounting Rates of Return: Comment pp. 581-87 Downloads
Shimon Awerbuch

Volume 78, issue 2, 1988

The Challenge of High Unemployment pp. 1-15
Alan Blinder
To Bargain or Not to Bargain: That Is the Question pp. 16-21 Downloads
Harvey Lapan and Todd Sandler
Free Riding and Paid Riding in the Fight against Terrorism pp. 22-26 Downloads
Dwight R Lee
Intervention Policy Analysis of Skyjackings and Other Terrorist Incidents pp. 27-31 Downloads
Jon Cauley and Eric Iksoon Im
The Persistence of Unemployment pp. 32-37 Downloads
Robert Barro
Long-term Unemployment and Macroeconomic Policy pp. 38-43 Downloads
Assar Lindbeck and Dennis Snower
Fairness and Unemployment pp. 44-49 Downloads
George Akerlof and Janet Yellen
Self-interest and National Security pp. 50-54 Downloads
William G Shepherd
Economic Consequences of the Arms Race: The Second-Rate Economy pp. 55-59 Downloads
Seymour Melman
U.S. Military Power, the Terms of Trade, and the Profit Rate pp. 60-65 Downloads
Tom Riddell
The Baby Boom's Legacy: Relative Wages in the Twenty-First Century pp. 66-69 Downloads
Phillip Levine and Olivia Mitchell
The Baby Boom, Housing, and Financial Flows pp. 70-75 Downloads
Joyce Manchester
Social Security Benefits and the Baby-Boom Generation pp. 76-80
Tabitha A Doescher and John A Turner
Child Support Payments: Evidence from Repeated Cross Sections pp. 81-85 Downloads
Andrea H Beller and John Graham
Getting into Poverty without a Husband, and Getting Out, With or Without pp. 86-90 Downloads
Thomas Kniesner, Marjorie B McElroy and Steven P Wilcox
Poverty among Women and Children: What Accounts for the Change? pp. 91-95 Downloads
Laurie J Bassi
Selling and Trading on Information in Financial Markets pp. 96-103 Downloads
Anat Admati and Paul Pfleiderer
Informational Theories of Employment pp. 104-09 Downloads
Beth Allen and Costas Azariadis
Parallel Search and Information Gathering pp. 110-16 Downloads
Tara Vishwanath
The Un-natural Rate of Unemployment: An Econometric Critique of the NAIRU Hypothesis pp. 117-23 Downloads
David M Gordon
The Growth of Low-Wage Employment: 1963-86 pp. 124-28 Downloads
Barry Bluestone and Bennett Harrison
The Reemergence of Segmented Labor Market Theory pp. 129-34 Downloads
William T Dickens and Kevin Lang
Contractarian Political Economy and Constitutional Interpretation pp. 135-39 Downloads
James Buchanan
Original Intent, History, and Doctrine: The Constitution and Economic Liberty pp. 140-44 Downloads
Harry N Scheiber
Contested Exchange: Political Economy and Modern Economic Theory pp. 145-50 Downloads
Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis
Income, Wealth, and Investment Behavior in the Black Community pp. 151-55 Downloads
Andrew F Brimmer
The Social Preference for Fair Housing: During the Civil Rights Movement and Since pp. 156-62 Downloads
Wilhelmina A Leigh
Uncertainty across Models pp. 163-67 Downloads
Christopher Sims
The Fate of Systems with "Adaptive" Expectations pp. 168-72 Downloads
Albert Marcet and Thomas Sargent
Consumption: Beyond Certainty Equivalence pp. 173-77 Downloads
Olivier Blanchard and N. Gregory Mankiw
Macroeconomic Implications of the Information Revolution pp. 178-81 Downloads
George von Furstenberg and Esfandiar Maasoumi
Beyond the Natural Rate Hypothesis pp. 182-87 Downloads
Olivier Blanchard and Lawrence Summers
Is European Unemployment Classical or Keynesian? pp. 188-93 Downloads
Robert M Coen and Bert G Hickman
West European Unemployment: Corporatism and Structural Change pp. 194-99 Downloads
Andrew Glyn and Bob Rowthorn
Investment, Financing Decisions, and Tax Policy pp. 200-205 Downloads
Steven Fazzari, Robert Hubbard and Bruce Petersen
Business Tax Policy, the Lucas Critique, and Lessons from the 1980's pp. 206-10 Downloads
Bob Chirinko
Investment Tax Incentives and Frequent Tax Reforms pp. 211-16 Downloads
Alan Auerbach and James Hines
Productivity and Economic Growth in Japan and the United States pp. 217-22 Downloads
Dale W Jorgenson
Industrial R&D in Japan and the United States: A Comparative Study pp. 223-28 Downloads
Edwin Mansfield
Why Are Americans Such Poor Imitators? pp. 229-34 Downloads
Nathan Rosenberg and W Steinmueller
Gender Differences: The Role of Endogenous Preferences and Collective Action pp. 235-39 Downloads
Elaine McCrate
Tied Transfers and Paternalistic Preferences pp. 240-44 Downloads
Robert Pollak
Risk, Private Information, and the Family pp. 245-50 Downloads
Mark Rosenzweig
A Report Card on the Economic Literacy of U.S. High School Students pp. 251-56
William B Walstad and John C Soper
Variables Affecting Success in Economic Education: Preliminary Findings from a New Data Base pp. 257-62 Downloads
William Baumol and Robert J Highsmith
The Effects of Advanced Placement on College Introductory Economics Courses pp. 263-68 Downloads
Stephen Buckles and John S Morton
Fluctuations in Equilibrium Unemployment pp. 269-75 Downloads
Robert Hall
The Role of Wages in the Inflation Process pp. 276-83 Downloads
Robert Gordon
The Measurement of Unemployment pp. 284-88
Janet L Norwood
What Is So Natural about High Unemployment? pp. 289-93 Downloads
Richard S Krashevski
Evaluating the European View that the United States Has No Unemployment Problem pp. 294-99 Downloads
Richard Freeman
Product Liability and Regulation: Establishing the Appropriate Institutional Division of Labor pp. 300-304 Downloads
W Viscusi
The Political Economy of Workers' Compensation: Lessons for Product Liability pp. 305-10 Downloads
Patricia Danzon
The Political Economy of Product Liability Reform pp. 311-15 Downloads
Richard A Epstein
Surprises of Airline Deregulation pp. 316-22 Downloads
Alfred Kahn
Surprises from Telephone Deregulation and the AT&T Divestiture pp. 323-27 Downloads
Robert W Crandall
Interaction of Financial and Regulatory Innovation pp. 328-34 Downloads
Edward Kane
On Macroeconomic Implications of Price Setting in the Open Economy pp. 335-40 Downloads
Jean-Paul Fitoussi and Jacques Le Cacheux
Exchange Rates, Wages, and the International Allocation of Capital pp. 341-45
Slobodan Djajic
A Working Model of Slump and Recovery from Disturbances to Capital-Goods Demand in an Open Nonmonetary Economy pp. 346-50 Downloads
Edmund Phelps
Pareto Inefficiency of Market Economies: Search and Efficiency Wage Models pp. 351-55 Downloads
Bruce Greenwald and Joseph Stiglitz
"High-Low Search" in Product and Labor Markets pp. 356-62 Downloads
Steve Alpern and Dennis Snower
The Search Equilibrium Approach to Fluctuations in Employment pp. 363-68 Downloads
Christopher Pissarides
Self-fulfilling Optimism in a Trade-Friction Model of the Business Cycle pp. 369-72 Downloads
Allan Drazen
Time and the New Industrial State pp. 373-76 Downloads
John Kenneth Galbraith
Time and the New Industrial State: Discussion pp. 377-78 Downloads
Barry Bluestone
Time and the New Industrial State: Discussion pp. 378-80
Robert Solow
Time and the New Industrial State: Discussion pp. 380-82
F M Scherer
Relative Wages, Efficiency Wages, and Keynesian Unemployment pp. 383-88 Downloads
Lawrence Summers
Unemployment, Labor Relations, and Unit Labor Costs pp. 389-94 Downloads
James Rebitzer
Labor Discipline and Aggregate Demand: A Macroeconomic Model pp. 395-400
Samuel Bowles and Robert Boyer
Consumption, Saving, and Fiscal Policy pp. 401-07 Downloads
Michael J Boskin
Consumption, Computation Mistakes, and Fiscal Policy pp. 408-12 Downloads
Laurence Kotlikoff, William Samuelson and Stephen Johnson
Are Consumers Forward Looking? Evidence from Fiscal Experiments pp. 413-18 Downloads
James Poterba
Industry Effects and Appropriability Measures in the Stock Market's Valuation of R&D and Patents pp. 419-23 Downloads
Iain Cockburn and Zvi Griliches
Appropriability, R&D Spending, and Technological Performance pp. 424-28 Downloads
Richard C Levin
Interindustry R&D Spillovers, Rates of Return, and Production in High-Tech Industries pp. 429-34 Downloads
Jeffrey Bernstein and M Ishaq Nadiri
Credit, Money, and Aggregate Demand pp. 435-39 Downloads
Ben Bernanke and Alan Blinder
Monetary Policy without Quantity Variables pp. 440-45 Downloads
Benjamin M Friedman
Money and Credit in the Monetary Transmission Process pp. 446-51 Downloads
Karl Brunner and Allan Meltzer
Economic Reforms within and beyond the State Sector pp. 452-56 Downloads
Tamas Bauer
On the Strategy for Implementing Economic Reform in the USSR pp. 457-60 Downloads
Valery L Makarov
Choosing a Strategy for China's Economic Reform pp. 461-66 Downloads
Jinglian Wu and Bruce L Reynolds
What We Have Learned about Prices and Quantities from International Comparisons: 1987 pp. 467-73 Downloads
Alan Heston and Robert Summers
National Price Levels and the Prices of Tradables and Nontradables pp. 474-78 Downloads
Irving B Kravis and Robert Lipsey
The Sensitivity of International Comparisons of Capital Stock Measures to Different "Real" Exchange Rates pp. 479-83 Downloads
Edward Leamer

Volume 78, issue 1, 1988

Family Economics and Macro Behavior pp. 1-13
Gary Becker
The Effects of Fiscal Policies when Incomes Are Uncertain: A Contradiction to Ricardian Equivalence pp. 14-23 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
Asset Prices, Commodity Prices, and Money: A General Equilibrium, Rational Expectations Model pp. 24-45 Downloads
Glenn Boyle and Leslie Young
The Effects of Commodity Price Stabilization Programs pp. 46-58 Downloads
Mario Miranda and Peter G Helmberger
Counterfeit-Product Trade pp. 59-75 Downloads
Gene Grossman and Carl Shapiro
Foreign-Owned Land pp. 76-88
Jonathan Eaton
New Estimates of Quality of Life in Urban Areas pp. 89-107 Downloads
Glenn Blomquist, Mark Berger and John Hoehn
The Division of Markets is Limited by the Extent of Liquidity (Spatial Competition with Externalities) pp. 108-21 Downloads
Nicholas Economides and Aloysius Siow
On the Strategic Choice of Spatial Price Policy pp. 122-37 Downloads
Jacques Thisse and Xavier Vives
Will Share Contracts Increase Economic Welfare? pp. 138-54 Downloads
Russell Cooper
The Economics of Rising Stars pp. 155-66 Downloads
Glenn MacDonald
Cooperation, Harassment, and Involuntary Unemployment: An Insider-Outsider Approach pp. 167-88 Downloads
Assar Lindbeck and Dennis Snower
Bertrand Competition for Inputs and Walrasian Outcomes pp. 189-201 Downloads
Dale Stahl
On the Interpretation of Near Random-walk Behavior in GNP pp. 202-09 Downloads
Kenneth West
Determinants of the Equilibrium Real Exchange Rate pp. 210-15 Downloads
J. Peter Neary
Nonadditive Preferences and the Marginal Propensity to Consume pp. 216-23 Downloads
Ehud I Ronn
Farmers' Cooperatives as Behavior Toward Risk pp. 224-32 Downloads
Miles Kimball
Does the Preference Reversal Phenomenon Necessarily Contradict the Independence Axiom? pp. 233-36 Downloads
Uzi Segal
Is Increased Price Flexibility Stabilizing? Comment pp. 0234
Stephen R King
Uncertain Tax Policies, Individual Behavior, and Welfare pp. 237-45 Downloads
James Alm
Tobin's q and the Importance of Focus in Firm Performance pp. 246-50 Downloads
Birger Wernerfelt and Cynthia A Montgomery
Oligopoly and Vertical Integration: Note pp. 251-54
Y Joseph Lin
Families and the Economics of Risks to Life pp. 255-60 Downloads
Maureen Cropper and Frances G Sussman
Some Welfare Implications of Job Mobility in General Equilibrium pp. 261-66 Downloads
Earl L Grinols and Steven Matusz
Is Increased Price Flexibility Stabilizing? Reply pp. 273-76 Downloads
J Bradford De Long and Lawrence Summers
The Choice Among Medical Insurance Plans: Comment pp. 277-80 Downloads
Frank D Gianfrancesco
The Choice Among Medical Insurance Plans: Reply pp. 281
Yael Benjamini and Yoav Benjamini
The Disinterest in Deregulation: Comment pp. 282-83 Downloads
Joe A Bell
The Disinterest in Deregulation: Reply pp. 284
Robert McCormick, William Shughart and Robert Tollison
Price Leadership and Welfare Losses in U.S. Manufacturing: Comment pp. 285-87 Downloads
Vaughan Dickson
Price Leadership and Welfare Losses in U.S. Manufacturing: Reply pp. 288-89 Downloads
Micha Gisser
Advertising and Economic Welfare: Comment pp. 290-96 Downloads
Oded Hochman and Israel Luski
Diamonds are a Government's Best Friend: Burden-free Taxes on Goods Valued for their Values: Comment pp. 297
David Friedman
Rate of Profit in the U.S. Economy, 1947-67: A Critique and Update of Wolff's Estimates pp. 298-303 Downloads
Fred Moseley
Rate of Profit in the U.S. Economy, 1947-67: Reply pp. 304-06 Downloads
Edward Wolff
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