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Volume 68, issue 6, 1978

The Age of Substitutability pp. 1-11
H E Goeller and Alvin M Weinberg
An Opponent-Process Theory of Motivation pp. 12-24 Downloads
Richard L Solomon and John D Corbit

Volume 68, issue 5, 1978

A Model of the Southern African-Type Economy pp. 743-55 Downloads
Richard C Porter
Optimal Tax Schedules and Rates: Mirrlees and Ramsey pp. 756-68 Downloads
Robert D Cooter
Fixed Rules vs. Activism in the Conduct of Monetary Policy pp. 769-83 Downloads
Roger Craine, Arthur Havenner and James Berry
Factor Abundance and Comparative Advantage pp. 784-800 Downloads
Jon P Harkness
Anticipated Inflation and Interest Rates: Further Interpretation of Findings on the Fisher Equation pp. 801-12 Downloads
Maurice Levi and John Makin
A Calculus Approach to the Theory of the Core of an Exchange Economy pp. 813-20 Downloads
Leif Johansen
Inflation, Hedging, and the Demand for Money pp. 821-33 Downloads
C F J Boonekamp
The Effect of Unemployment Insurance on Temporary Layoff Unemployment pp. 834-46 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
Rural Wages, Labor Supply, and Land Reform: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis pp. 847-61 Downloads
Mark Rosenzweig
Time in School: The Case of the Prudent Patron pp. 862-72 Downloads
Thomas Johnson
The Estimation of Labor Supply Models Using Experimental Data pp. 873-87 Downloads
Keeley, Michael C, et al
Public Utility Pricing under Risk: The Case of Self-Rationing pp. 888-95 Downloads
John C Panzar and David S Sibley
A Generalized Model of Spatial Competition pp. 896-908 Downloads
Dennis Capozza and Robert Van Order
Fixed Wages, Layoffs, Unemployment Compensation, and Welfare pp. 909-17 Downloads
Heraklis M Polemarchakis and Laurence Weiss
Biased Screening and Discrimination in the Labor Market pp. 918-22 Downloads
George Borjas and Matthew S Goldberg
Derived Demand and Distributive Shares in a Multifactor Multisector Model pp. 923-28 Downloads
David Bigman
Determining the Monetary Instrument: A Diagrammatic Exposition pp. 929-34 Downloads
Stephen LeRoy and David E Lindsey
Do Managers Use Their Information Efficiently? pp. 935-37 Downloads
Steven Shavell
Cartel Problems: Comment pp. 938-41 Downloads
David Mills and Kenneth Elzinga
Cartel Problems: Comment pp. 942-46 Downloads
William Holahan
Cartel Problems: Reply pp. 947-49 Downloads
D K Osborne
International Trade, Factor-Market Distortions, and the Optimal Dynamic Subsidy: Comment pp. 950-55 Downloads
James Cassing and Jack Ochs
International Trade, Factor-Market Distortions, and the Optimal Dynamic Subsidy: Reply pp. 956-59 Downloads
Harvey Lapan
The Genetic Determination of Income: Comment pp. 960-69 Downloads
Arthur Goldberger
What We Learn from Estimating the Genetic Contribution to Inequality in Earnings: Reply pp. 970-76 Downloads
Paul Taubman
Income Transfers as a Public Good: Comment pp. 977-81 Downloads
Southwick, Lawrence,
Income Transfers as a Public Good: Comment pp. 982-84 Downloads
Brad Schiller
Income Transfers as a Public Good: Comment pp. 985-89 Downloads
Hugh Spall
Income Transfers as a Public Good: Reply pp. 990-94 Downloads
Larry L Orr

Volume 68, issue 4, 1978

American Indian Relative Ranching Efficiency pp. 503-16 Downloads
Ronald L Trosper
Optimal Pricing of Local Telephone Service pp. 517-37 Downloads
Bridger M Mitchell
Endogenous Bias in Technical Progress and Environmental Policy pp. 538-46 Downloads
Roger A McCain
Empirical Tests of the Life Cycle Hypothesis pp. 547-60 Downloads
Betsy Buttrill White
Vertical Integration: The Monopsony Case pp. 561-70 Downloads
Martin K Perry
Market Behavior with Demand Uncertainty and Price Inflexibility pp. 571-87 Downloads
Dennis Carlton
Market and Shadow Land Rents with Congestion pp. 588-600 Downloads
Richard Arnott and James MacKinnon
Devaluation, Wealth Effects, and Relative Prices pp. 601-13 Downloads
Harvey Lapan and Walter Enders
A Theory of Pricing under Decreasing Costs pp. 614-24 Downloads
John R Sorenson, John Tschirhart and Andrew B Whinston
Gold, Dollars, Euro-Dollars, and the World Money Stock under Fixed Exchange Rates pp. 625-42 Downloads
Alexander K Swoboda
Equilibrium in an Imperfect Market: A Constraint on the Number of Securities in the Portfolio pp. 643-58 Downloads
Haim Levy
On the Almost Total Inadequacy of Keynesian Balance-of-Payments Theory pp. 659-70 Downloads
Edward A Kuska
Dynamic Stability and the Theory of Factor-Market Distortions pp. 671-82 Downloads
J. Peter Neary
Optimal Rewards for Economic Regulation pp. 683-91 Downloads
Martin Weitzman
Security Price Changes and Transaction Volumes: Additional Evidence pp. 692-95 Downloads
Mark Hanna
Security Price Changes and Transaction Volumes: Comment pp. 696-97 Downloads
Meir I Schneller
Security Price Changes and Transaction Volumes: Reply pp. 698-700 Downloads
Thomas W Epps
The Long-Run Analysis of the Labor-Managed Firm: Comment pp. 701-05 Downloads
K V Berman and M D Berman
The Long-Run Analysis of the Labor-Managed Firm: Reply pp. 706-09 Downloads
Eirik G Furubotn
The Value of Human Life in the Demand for Safety: Comment pp. 710-11 Downloads
Philip J Cook
The Value of Human Life in the Demand for Safety: Comment pp. 712-16 Downloads
Jones-Lee, M W
The Value of Human Life in the Demand for Safety: Extension and Reply pp. 717-20 Downloads
Bryan C Conley
Inflation in Britain: A Monetarist Perspective: Comment pp. 721-25 Downloads
George Fane
Inflation in Britain: A Monetarist Perspective: Reply pp. 726-29 Downloads
David Laidler
Externalities, Extortion, and Efficiency: Comment pp. 730-35 Downloads
Daniel Bromley
Externalities, Extortion, and Efficiency: Reply pp. 736-38 Downloads
George Daly and J. Giertz

Volume 68, issue 3, 1978

The Technology of Risk and Return pp. 241-51 Downloads
Edward Greenberg, William J Marshall and Jess B Yawitz
Self-Financing of an R&D Project pp. 252-61 Downloads
Morton I Kamien and Nancy L Schwartz
Bargaining Theory, Wage Outcomes, and the Occurrence of Strikes: An Econometric Analysis pp. 262-71 Downloads
Henry S Farber
The Effects of a Firm's Investment and Financing Decisions on the Welfare of Its Security Holders pp. 272-84 Downloads
Eugene Fama
Welfare Evaluation and the Cost-of-Living Index in the Household Production Model pp. 285-99 Downloads
Robert Pollak
Uncertain Externalities, Liability Rules, and Resource Allocation pp. 300-310 Downloads
Peter H Greenwood and Charles A Ingene
Production, Efficiency, and Welfare in the Natural Gas Transmission Industry pp. 311-23 Downloads
Jeffrey L Callen
On the Optimal Provision of Journals qua Sometimes Shared Goods pp. 324-38 Downloads
Janusz A Ordover and Robert D Willig
Unfulfilled Long-Term Interest Rate Expectations and Changes in Business Fixed Investment pp. 339-47 Downloads
John C Warner
Estimation of Complete Demand Systems from Household Budget Data: The Linear and Quadratic Expenditure Systems pp. 348-59
Robert Pollak and Terence J Wales
Why Women Earn Less: The Theory and Estimation of Differential Overqualification pp. 360-73 Downloads
Robert Frank
Optimal Investment Strategy for Boomtowns: A Theoretical Analysis pp. 374-85
Ronald G Cummings and William D Schulze
Money, Saving, and Portfolio Choice under Uncertainty pp. 386-88
Eliakim Katz and Alfred Vanags
The Golden Rule and the Role of Government in a Life Cycle Growth Model pp. 389-96 Downloads
Toshihiro Ihori
Vertical Integration, Tying, and Antitrust Policy pp. 397-402
Roger D Blair and David L Kaserman
Dynamic Models of Portfolio Behavior: More on Pitfalls in Financial Model Building pp. 403-09 Downloads
Douglas Purvis
Dynamic Models of Portfolio Behavior: Comment on Purvis pp. 410-16 Downloads
Gary Smith
On Extortion: A Reply pp. 417-18
Harold Demsetz
Market Efficiency in an Arrow-Debreu Economy: A Closer Look pp. 419-22
Kose John
Money, Income, and Causality in the United States and the United Kingdom: A Theoretical Explanation of Different Findings pp. 423-27 Downloads
Bluford H Putnam and D Sykes Wilford
Currency Substitution, Flexible Exchange Rates, and Monetary Independence pp. 428-36
Marc A Miles
The Pure Theory of the Muggery pp. 437-45 Downloads
Philip A Neher
An Econometric Definition of the Inflation-Unemployment Tradeoff pp. 446-53 Downloads
Gregory Chow and Sharon Bernstein Megdal
Dynamic Instability of a Mixed City in the Presence of Neighborhood Externalities pp. 454-63 Downloads
Takahiro Miyao
The Rest of the World's Offer Curve: Note pp. 464-67
Wolfgang Mayer
Factor-Price Uncertainty with Variable Proportions pp. 468-73 Downloads
Marion B Stewart
On the Comparative Statics of a Competitive Industry with Inframarginal Firms pp. 474-78 Downloads
John C Panzar and Robert D Willig

Volume 68, issue 2, 1978

Rationality as Process and as Product of Thought pp. 1-16
Herbert Simon
What do Economics Majors Learn? pp. 17-22 Downloads
David G Hartman
Is Economic Anthropology of Interest to Economists? pp. 23-27 Downloads
George Dalton
The Bazaar Economy: Information and Search in Peasant Marketing pp. 28-32 Downloads
Clifford Geertz
Towards a Marriage between Economics and Anthropology and a General Theory of Marriage pp. 33-37 Downloads
Shoshana Grossbard
Unemployment in Capitalist Regulated Market Economies and Socialist Centrally Planned Economies pp. 38-43 Downloads
Morris Bornstein
Unemployment in Western Europe and the United States: A Problem of Demand, Structure, or Measurement? pp. 44-50 Downloads
Robert Haveman
Unemployment Problems and Policies in Less Developed Countries pp. 51-55 Downloads
Henry J Bruton
Unemployment in Comparative Perspective: Discussion pp. 56-57 Downloads
Nancy Smith Barrett
Multiple Motives, Group Decisions, Uncertainty, Ignorance, and Confusion: A Realistic Economics of the Consumer Requires Some Psychology pp. 58-63 Downloads
James N Morgan
Economics, Psychology, and Protective Behavior pp. 64-69 Downloads
Howard Kunreuther and Paul Slovic
Recent Psychological Studies of Behavior under Uncertainty pp. 70-74 Downloads
David Grether
Psychology and Economics: Discussion pp. 75-76 Downloads
George Katona
Psychology and Economics: Discussion pp. 76-77
Vernon Smith
Sex Differences in Labor Supply Elasticity: The Implications of Sectoral Shifts in Demand pp. 78-83 Downloads
Cynthia B Lloyd and Beth Niemi
Women's Increasing Unemployment: A Cross-Sectional Analysis pp. 84-89
Christopher Lingle and Ethel B Jones
Unemployment Rate Targets and Anti-inflation Policy as More Women Enter the Workforce pp. 90-94 Downloads
Clair Vickery, Barbara R Bergmann and Katherine Swartz
The Effects of the Increased Labor Force Participation of Women on Macroeconomic Goals: Discussion pp. 95-96 Downloads
Barry Chiswick
The Effects of the Increased Labor Force Participation of Women on Macroeconomic Goals: Discussion pp. 96-97 Downloads
Marianne A Ferber
The Effects of the Increased Labor Force Participation of Women on Macroeconomic Goals: Discussion pp. 97-98
Ralph E Smith
Planning for a Resource-Rich Region: The Case of Alaska pp. 99-104 Downloads
David T Kresge and Daniel A Seiver
The Southwest: A Region under Stress pp. 105-09 Downloads
Lee Brown and Allen V Kneese
The New England States and Their Economic Future: Some Implications of a Changing Industrial Environment pp. 110-15 Downloads
John R Meyer and Robert A Leone
Problems of Regional Economic Development: Discussion pp. 116-17 Downloads
Walter Isard
Problems of Regional Economic Development: Discussion pp. 116
Benjamin Chinitz
Energy Policy and U.S. Economic Growth pp. 118-23 Downloads
Edward A Hudson and Dale W Jorgenson
Energy and Economic Growth: Discussion pp. 124-27 Downloads
Bullard, Clark W,
Energy and Economic Growth: Discussion pp. 124
Tjalling Koopmans
Energy and Economic Growth: Discussion pp. 127-28
William W Hogan
Energy and Economic Growth: Discussion pp. 128-30
Lester Lave
Disembodied Technical Progress: Does Employee Participation in Decision Making Contribute to Change and Growth? pp. 131-34 Downloads
Karl-Olof Faxen
Job Satisfaction as an Economic Variable pp. 135-41 Downloads
Richard Freeman
Psychic Income: Useful or Useless? pp. 142-45 Downloads
Lester Thurow
Quality of Working Life: Discussion pp. 146-47
Rudy Oswald
Quality of Working Life: Discussion pp. 147-48
George Strauss
The Costs of Inflation pp. 149-54
Gardner Ackley
The Private and Social Costs of Unemployment pp. 155-58 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
Stabilization Goals: Balancing Inflation and Unemployment pp. 159-64 Downloads
Henry C Wallich
The Structure of Female Wages pp. 165-70 Downloads
Mary Corcoran
The Improving Economic Status of Black Americans pp. 171-78 Downloads
James Smith
The Economic Status of Blacks and Whites pp. 179-85 Downloads
Marcus Alexis
Discrimination in Mortgage Lending pp. 186-91 Downloads
Harold Black, Robert L Schweitzer and Lewis Mandell
Differences in Unemployment Experience between Blacks and Whites pp. 192-97 Downloads
Charles L Betsey
Racial Disparities and Policies to Eliminate Them: Discussion pp. 198-99
Karl D Gregory
A Partial Survey of Recent Research on the Labor Supply of Women pp. 200-207
James Heckman
Fertility and Child Mortality over the Life Cycle: Aggregate and Individual Evidence pp. 208-15
T. Schultz
Altruism as an Outcome of Social Interaction pp. 216-22 Downloads
Mordecai Kurz
Bayesian Decision Theory and Utilitarian Ethics pp. 223-28 Downloads
John Harsanyi
Altruism, Meanness, and Other Potentially Strategic Behaviors pp. 229-30
Thomas Schelling
Economics and Ethics: Altruism, Justice, Power: Discussion pp. 231
Roger Myerson
Economics and Ethics: Altruism, Justice, Power: Discussion pp. 231-32
John Harsanyi
The Economy of the Body pp. 233-37
Michael T Ghiselin
Competition, Cooperation, and Conflict in Economics and Biology pp. 238-43 Downloads
Jack Hirshleifer
Economics and Biology: Evolution, Selection, and the Economic Principle: Discussion pp. 244-45 Downloads
Ronald Coase
The Economics of Special Interest Politics: The Case of the Tariff pp. 246-50 Downloads
William Brock and Stephen P Magee
Understanding Collective Action: Matching Behavior pp. 251-55 Downloads
Joel M Guttman
Voters, Legislators and Bureaucracy: Institutional Design in the Public Sector pp. 256-60 Downloads
Morris P Fiorina and Roger Noll
Decentralization, Bureaucracy, and Government: Discussion pp. 261-62 Downloads
Daniel McFadden
Decentralization, Bureaucracy, and Government: Discussion pp. 262-63 Downloads
Wallace Oates
International Markets for LDCs-The Old and the New pp. 264-69 Downloads
Diaz-Alejandro, Carlos F
Alternative Trade Strategies and Employment in LDCs pp. 270-74 Downloads
Anne O Krueger
Some Aspects of Technology Transfer and Direct Foreign Investment pp. 275-79 Downloads
Ronald Findlay
International Trade and the Developing Countries: Discussion pp. 280-81 Downloads
Gary Hufbauer
International Trade and the Developing Countries: Discussion pp. 281-82
Ronald McKinnon
International Trade and the Developing Countries: Discussion pp. 282-83
Robert Baldwin
Consumer Product Safety Regulation pp. 284-89
Henry G Grabowski and John M Vernon
Egonomics, or the Art of Self-Management pp. 290-94 Downloads
Thomas Schelling
Safety Decisions and Insurance pp. 295-98 Downloads
Martin J Bailey
Economics of Life and Safety: Discussion pp. 299-300 Downloads
Roland N McKean
Economics of Life and Safety: Discussion pp. 300
Philip J Cook
The "Rationality" of Economic Forecasts pp. 301-05 Downloads
Stephen K McNees
An Error Analysis of Econometric and Noneconometric Forecasts pp. 306-12 Downloads
Vincent Su
On the Accuracy and Properties of Recent Macroeconomic Forecasts pp. 313-19 Downloads
Victor Zarnowitz
How Have Forecasts Worked? Discussion pp. 320-21 Downloads
Otto Eckstein and Paul M Warburg
The Business of Business is Serving Markets pp. 322-27 Downloads
Joseph L Bower
On the Basic Proposition of X-Efficiency Theory pp. 328-32 Downloads
Harvey Leibenstein
Efficiency of Managerial Decision Processes: Discussion pp. 333-34 Downloads
Richard H Day
What Can Stabilization Policy Achieve? pp. 335-41
Robert Gordon
Labor Market Structure: Implications for Micro Policy pp. 342-47 Downloads
Charles C Holt
Efficient Disinflationary Policies pp. 348-52
Arthur M Okun
Unemployment Policy pp. 353-57 Downloads
Robert Lucas
The Invisible Fist: Have Capitalism and Democracy Reached a Parting of the Ways? pp. 358-63 Downloads
Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis
Markets, States, and the Extent of Morals pp. 364-68 Downloads
James Buchanan
Illusions of Necessity in the Economic Order pp. 369-73 Downloads
Roberto Mangabeira Unger
Endogenous Tastes in Demand and Welfare Analysis pp. 374-79
Robert Pollak
Stochastic Properties of Changing Preferences pp. 380-85 Downloads
Edgar A Pessemier
On the Study of Taste Changing Policies pp. 386-91
Thomas Marschak
The Current Experience with Floating Exchange Rates: An Appraisal of the Monetary Approach pp. 392-97 Downloads
John Bilson
New Views of Exchange Rates and Old Views of Policy pp. 398-405 Downloads
Peter Kenen
Monetary vs. Traditional Approaches to Balance-of-Payments Analysis pp. 406-11 Downloads
Norman C Miller
International Exchange Rates and the Macroeconomics of Open Economies: Discussion pp. 412-13 Downloads
Rüdiger Dornbusch
International Exchange Rates and the Macroeconomics of Open Economies: Discussion pp. 413-15
Jacob A Frenkel
International Exchange Rates and the Macroeconomics of Open Economies: Discussion pp. 415-16
Marc A Miles
Altruism in Law and Economics pp. 417-21
William Landes and Richard A Posner
Capital Punishment and Homicide in England: A Summary of Results pp. 422-27 Downloads
Kenneth I Wolpin
The Subtle Impact of Price Controls on Domestic Oil Production pp. 428-33
Rodney T Smith and Charles E Phelps
Economics and Law: Discussion pp. 434-35 Downloads
Stephen Breyer
Economics and Law: Discussion pp. 435-36
A. Mitchell Polinsky

Volume 68, issue 1, 1978

Second Best Pricing with Stochastic Demand pp. 41-53 Downloads
Roger Sherman and Michael Visscher
On the Optimality of Forward Markets pp. 54-66 Downloads
Robert Townsend
The Impact of Demand and Price Expectations on the Behavior of Prices pp. 134-45
Louis Maccini
A Model of Agenda Influence on Committee Decisions pp. 146-60
Charles Plott and Michael Levine
Graduate Students in Economics, 1940-74 pp. 182-87 Downloads
William E Spellman and D Bruce Gabriel
The Role of Money in a Simple Growth Model: Note pp. 188-93 Downloads
William B Marxsen
Related Market Conditions and Interindustrial Mergers: Comment pp. 221-24 Downloads
Martin K Perry
Input Choices and Uncertain Demand: Comment pp. 231-32
Wolfgang Mayer
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