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Volume 82, issue 5, 1992

The Behavior of Worker Cooperatives: The Plywood Companies of the Pacific Northwest pp. 1083-105 Downloads
Ben Craig and John Pencavel
Imperfect Competition and Basing-Point Pricing: Evidence from the Softwood Plywood Industry pp. 1106-19 Downloads
Thomas W Gilligan
Examining Risk Preferences under High Monetary Incentives: Experimental Evidence from the People's Republic of China pp. 1120-41 Downloads
Steven J Kachelmeier and Mohamed Shehata
Anatomy of an Experimental Political Stock Market pp. 1142-61 Downloads
Robert Forsythe, Forrest Nelson, George R. Neumann and Jack Wright
The Effects of Logrolling on Congressional Voting pp. 1162-76 Downloads
Thomas Stratmann
Is the Extended Family Altruistically Linked? Direct Tests Using Micro Data pp. 1177-98 Downloads
Joseph Altonji, Fumio Hayashi and Laurence Kotlikoff
The Timing of Intergenerational Transfers, Tax Policy, and Aggregate Savings pp. 1199-220 Downloads
David Altig and Steven Davis
Price Cycles and Booms: Dynamic Search Equilibrium pp. 1221-33 Downloads
Chaim Fershtman and Arthur Fishman
Intertemporal Prices and the U.S. Trade Balance pp. 1234-53 Downloads
Michael Burda and Stefan Gerlach
An Exploration of the Eductive Justifications of the Rational-Expectations Hypothesis pp. 1254-78 Downloads
Roger Guesnerie
A Fallacy of Composition pp. 1279-92 Downloads
Ricardo Caballero
Research Joint Ventures and R&D Cartels pp. 1293-306 Downloads
Morton I Kamien, Eitan Muller and Israel Zang
Cooperative and Noncooperative R&D in an Oligopoly with Spillovers pp. 1307-20 Downloads
Kotaro Suzumura
Incentives for Conservation and Quality-Improvement by Public Utilities pp. 1321-40 Downloads
Tracy Lewis and David Sappington
Interindustry Wage Differentials: Evidence from Sweden and a Comparison with the United States pp. 1341-49 Downloads
Per-Anders Edin and Johnny Zetterberg
An Experimental Test of Equilibrium Dominance in Signaling Games pp. 1350-65 Downloads
Jordi Brandts and Charles Holt
An Experimental Examination of Intrinsic Values as a pp. 1366-73 Downloads
Boyce, Rebecca R, et al
Theory and Misbehavior of First-Price Auctions: Comment pp. 1374-78 Downloads
Daniel Friedman
Theory and Misbehavior in First-Price Auctions: Comment pp. 1379-91 Downloads
John Kagel and Alvin Roth
Theory and Misbehavior of First-Price Auctions: Comment pp. 1392-412 Downloads
James Cox, Vernon Smith and James Walker
Theory and Misbehavior of First-Price Auctions: Comment pp. 1413-25 Downloads
Antonio Merlo and Andrew Schotter
Theory and Misbehavior of First-Price Auctions: Reply pp. 1426-43 Downloads
Glenn Harrison

Volume 82, issue 4, 1992

The Institutional Structure of Production pp. 713-19 Downloads
Ronald Coase
Cooperation, Conflict, and Power in the Absence of Property Rights pp. 720-39 Downloads
Stergios Skaperdas
Equilibrium Product Lines: Competing Head-to-Head May Be Less Competitive pp. 740-55 Downloads
Paul Klemperer
Why Is Automobile Insurance in Philadelphia So Damn Expensive? pp. 756-72 Downloads
Eric Smith and Randall Wright
The Anatomy of Industry R&D Intensity Distributions pp. 773-99 Downloads
Wesley M Cohen and Steven Klepper
Deposit Insurance, Regulation, and Moral Hazard in the Thrift Industry: Evidence from the 1930's pp. 800-821 Downloads
Richard Grossman
Public Expenditure under Uncertainty: The Net-Benefit Criteria pp. 822-46 Downloads
Daniel A Graham
Participation in a Currency Union pp. 847-63 Downloads
Alessandra Casella
International Evidence of the Historical Properties of Business Cycles pp. 864-88 Downloads
David Backus and Patrick Kehoe
Macroeconomic Shocks in a Dynamized Model of the Natural Rate of Unemployment pp. 889-900 Downloads
Hian Hoon and Edmund Phelps
The Federal Funds Rate and the Channels of Monetary Transmission pp. 901-21 Downloads
Ben Bernanke and Alan Blinder
The Construction of U.S. Consumption Data: Some Facts and Their Implications for Empirical Work pp. 922-41 Downloads
David Wilcox
A Sensitivity Analysis of Cross-Country Growth Regressions pp. 942-63 Downloads
Ross Levine and David Renelt
Growth Accounting When Technical Change Is Embodied in Capital pp. 964-80 Downloads
Charles R Hulten
Stock Price Volatility: Tests Based on the Geometric Random Walk pp. 981-92 Downloads
Stephen LeRoy and William R Parke
Have Postwar Economic Fluctuations Been Stabilized? pp. 993-1005 Downloads
Francis Diebold and Glenn Rudebusch
The Choice of a Conservative Central Banker in a Multisector Economy pp. 1006-12 Downloads
Christopher Waller
Income Tax Deductions for Losses as Insurance pp. 1013-17 Downloads
Louis Kaplow
Institutional Uncertainty and Taxpayer Compliance pp. 1018-26 Downloads
James Alm, Betty Jackson and Michael McKee
Medicare Physician-Payment Reform and the Resource-Based Relative Value Scale: A Re-creation of Efficient Market Prices? pp. 1027-30 Downloads
James R Baumgardner
Labor-Service Tenancy Contracts in a Latin American Context pp. 1031-42 Downloads
Elisabeth Sadoulet
International Macroeconomic Policy Coordination When Policymakers Do Not Agree on the True Model: Comment pp. 1043-51 Downloads
Gerald Holtham and Andrew Hughes Hallett
International Macroeconomic Policy Coordination When Policymakers Do Not Agree on the True Model: Reply pp. 1052-56 Downloads
Jeffrey Frankel, Scott Erwin and Katharine Rockett

Volume 82, issue 3, 1992

Changes in the Structure of Wages in the 1980's: An Evaluation of Alternative Explanations pp. 371-92 Downloads
John Bound and George Johnson
Intergenerational Income Mobility in the United States pp. 393-408 Downloads
Gary Solon
Regression toward Mediocrity in Economic Stature pp. 409-29
David Zimmerman
Current Real-Business-Cycle Theories and Aggregate Labor-Market Fluctuations pp. 430-50 Downloads
Lawrence Christiano and Martin Eichenbaum
The Coordination Problem and Equilibrium Theories of Recessions pp. 451-71 Downloads
Larry Jones and Rodolfo Manuelli
Money, Income, Prices, and Interest Rates pp. 472-92 Downloads
Benjamin M Friedman and Kenneth Kuttner
Animal Spirits pp. 493-507 Downloads
Peter Howitt and Randolph McAfee
Information-Aggregation Bias pp. 508-19 Downloads
Marvin Goodfriend
Target Zones and Realignments pp. 520-36 Downloads
Giuseppe Bertola and Ricardo Caballero
Seigniorage and Political Instability pp. 537-55 Downloads
Alex Cukierman, Sebastian Edwards and Guido Tabellini
Monitoring vis-a-vis Investigation in Enforcement of Law pp. 556-65 Downloads
Dilip Mookherjee and Ivan Png
Gathering Information before Signing a Contract pp. 566-78 Downloads
Jacques Crémer and Fahad Khalil
Bidding Rings pp. 579-99 Downloads
Randolph McAfee and John McMillan
Renegotiation-Proof Implementation and Time Preferences pp. 600-614 Downloads
Ariel Rubinstein and Asher Wolinsky
On the Theory of Piecemeal Tariff Reform: The Case of Pure Imported Intermediate Inputs pp. 615-25 Downloads
Ramon Lopez and Arvind Panagariya
Trade Reform, Policy Uncertainty, and the Current Account: A Non-Expected-Utility Approach pp. 626-33 Downloads
Sweder van Wijnbergen
Actions versus Prospects: The Effect of Problem Representation on Regret pp. 634-49 Downloads
David Harless
Malthus's Abandonment of Agricultural Protectionism: A Discovery in the History of Economic Thought pp. 650-59 Downloads
Samuel Hollander
A Tight Upper Bound on the Money Metric Utility Function pp. 660-63 Downloads
Vicki Knoblauch
Further Tests of the Separation Theorem and the Capital Asset Pricing Model pp. 664-70 Downloads
Yoram Kroll and Haim Levy
Unilateral Divorce and the Labor-Force Participation Rate of Married Women, Revisited pp. 671-78 Downloads
Allen M Parkman
Marriage and Divorce: Comment pp. 679-85 Downloads
Douglas Allen
Marriage and Divorce: Reply pp. 687-93
Elizabeth Peters
Equilibrium Vertical Foreclosure: Comment pp. 694-97 Downloads
David Reiffen
Equilibrium Vertical Foreclosure: Reply pp. 698-703 Downloads
Janusz A Ordover, Garth Saloner and Steven C Salop

Volume 82, issue 2, 1992

The Postsocialist Transition and the State: Reflections in the Light of Hungarian Fiscal Problems pp. 1-21
János Kornai
The Remonetization of the Commonwealth of Independent States pp. 22-26 Downloads
Samantha Carrington
Communist Economic Efficiency Revisited pp. 27-30 Downloads
Abram Bergson
Spontaneous Order on the Road Back from Socialism: An Asian Perspective pp. 31-36 Downloads
Ronald McKinnon
Macroeconomic Issues of Soviet Reform pp. 37-42 Downloads
Stanley Fischer and Jacob Frenkel
Privatization in Russia: Some Lessons from Eastern Europe pp. 43-48 Downloads
Jeffrey D Sachs
Reforming the Soviet Grain Economy: Performance, Problems, and Solutions pp. 49-54 Downloads
Padma Desai
Real Exchange Rates, National Price Levels, and the Peace Dividend pp. 55-61 Downloads
Jeffrey Bergstrand
Trade Conflict and Resolution Methodologies pp. 62-66 Downloads
Christian E Petersen
Economic Regionalization in Western Europe: Asia-Pacific Economies (Macroeconomic Core: Microeconomic Optimization) pp. 67-73 Downloads
Manoranjan Dutta
Trade Policy Options for the Asia-Pacific Region in the 1990's: The Potential of Open Regionalism pp. 74-78 Downloads
Andrew Elek
Open Regionalism in the Pacific: A World of Trading Blocs? pp. 79-83 Downloads
Duk-Choong Kim
Economic Geography and the Political Economy of Regionalization: The Example of Western Europe pp. 84-87
Detlef Lorenz
Fiscal Federalism and European Economic Unification pp. 88-92 Downloads
Dominique Bureau and Paul Champsaur
High-Tech Competition and Industrial Restructuring in Light of the Single Market pp. 93-97 Downloads
Godefroy Dang N'Guyen and Robert Owen
Regulatory Reform in the European Community pp. 98-103 Downloads
Damien Neven
The Welfare and Policy Implications of the International Trade Consequences of "1992." pp. 104-08 Downloads
L. Winters
Government, Trade, and Economic Integration pp. 109-14 Downloads
Anne O Krueger
On Markets and Clubs: Economic and Political Integration of Regions with Unequal Productivity pp. 115-21 Downloads
Alessandra Casella
Government, Trade, and Comparative Advantage pp. 122-27
Richard Clarida and Ronald Findlay
Institutions and International Trade: Lessons from the Commercial Revolution pp. 128-33 Downloads
Avner Greif
Strategic Trade Policy and Mercantilist Trade Rivalries pp. 134-39 Downloads
Douglas Irwin
Principal-Agent Problems in Early Trading Companies: A Tale of Two Firms pp. 140-45 Downloads
Ann Carlos
The Origins of Uneven Development: The Indian Subcontinent pp. 146-50 Downloads
Amitava Dutt
Slavery and Atlantic Commerce, 1650-1800 pp. 151-57 Downloads
Joseph E Inikori
The Roots of Divergence: Western Economic History in Comparative Perspective pp. 158-61 Downloads
Ronald Findlay
A Model of "Original Sin": Rise of the West and Lag of the Rest pp. 162-67 Downloads
William Darity
External Shocks and Financial Collapse: Foreign-Loan Guarantees and Intertemporal Substitution of Investment in Texas and Chile pp. 168-73 Downloads
Philip L Brock
Intertemporal Dimensions of International Economic Adjustment: Evidence from the Franco-Prussian War Indemnity pp. 174-79 Downloads
Michael Gavin
Institutional and Intertemporal Influences on the Trade of Developing Countries pp. 180-85 Downloads
Mark Gersovitz and Christina Paxson
Quid Pro Quo Foreign Investment pp. 186-90 Downloads
Jagdish N Bhagwati, Elias Dinopoulos and Kar-yiu Wong
Optimal Income Taxation and International Personal Mobility pp. 191-96 Downloads
John Wilson
Measuring International Capital Mobility: A Review pp. 197-202 Downloads
Jeffrey Frankel
Is There a Consensus among Economists in the 1990's? pp. 203-09 Downloads
Richard M Alston, J R Kearl and Michael B Vaughan
British Economic Opinion: Positive Science or Normative Judgment? pp. 210-15 Downloads
Martin Ricketts and Edward Shoesmith
Economics and Economists: A European Perspective pp. 216-20 Downloads
Bruno Frey and Reiner Eichenberger
The Shoup Tax System and the Postwar Development of the Japanese Economy pp. 221-25 Downloads
Keimei Kaizuka
The Changing Japanese Economy and the Need for a Fundamental Shift in the Tax System pp. 226-30 Downloads
Yukio Noguchi
The Nakasone-Takeshita Tax Reform: A Critical Evaluation pp. 231-36 Downloads
Tatsuo Hatta
Taxation and Housing: Old Questions, New Answers pp. 237-42 Downloads
James Poterba
Work Disincentive Effects of Taxes: A Reexamination of Some Evidence pp. 243-49 Downloads
Thomas MaCurdy
Do Taxes Matter? Lessons from the 1980's pp. 250-56 Downloads
Joel Slemrod
An Updated Agenda for Progressive Taxation pp. 257-62 Downloads
William Vickrey
On the Design and Reform of Capital-Gains Taxation pp. 263-67 Downloads
Alan Auerbach
Federal Tax Policy for the 1990's: The Prospect from the Hill pp. 268-73 Downloads
Joseph J Minarik
Equity Premises and the Case for Taxing Rent pp. 274-79 Downloads
Mason Gaffney
Being Just While Conceptions of Justice Are Changing pp. 280-84 Downloads
T Nicolaus Tideman
Choosing Metarules for Legal Change pp. 285-89 Downloads
David Friedman
Who's Afraid of the Public Debt? pp. 290-94 Downloads
Willem Buiter and Kenneth Kletzer
Deficits: Which, How Much, and So What? pp. 295-98 Downloads
Robert Eisner
Learning from the Reagan Deficits pp. 299-304
Benjamin M Friedman
Meaningfully Defining Deficits and Debt pp. 305-10 Downloads
William Vickrey
Income Distribution, Politics, and Growth pp. 311-16 Downloads
Roberto Perotti
Individuals and Institutions pp. 317-22 Downloads
Andrew Caplin and Barry Nalebuff
Public-Good Provision and Political Stability in Europe pp. 323-29 Downloads
Jonathan Feinstein
Macroeconomic Market Incentive Plans: History and Theoretical Rationale pp. 330-34 Downloads
Kenneth J Koford and Jeffrey Miller
A Real Theory of Inflation and Incentive Anti-inflation Plans pp. 335-40 Downloads
David Colander
Chock-Full Employment without Increased Inflation: A Proposal for Marketable Markup Warrants pp. 341-45 Downloads
William Vickrey
Liquidity Effects and the Monetary Transmission Mechanism pp. 346-53
Lawrence Christiano and Martin Eichenbaum
The Flow Approach to Labor Markets pp. 354-59 Downloads
Olivier Blanchard and Peter Diamond
Beyond the Partial-Adjustment Model pp. 360-64 Downloads
Ricardo Caballero and Eduardo Engel
Business Confidence and Depression Prevention: A Mesoeconomic Perspective pp. 365-71 Downloads
Yew-Kwang Ng
Continuum of Equilibria and Business Cycles: A Dynamic Model of Mesoeconomics pp. 372-78 Downloads
He-ling Shi
Aggregate Supply Functions in Closed and Open Economies: A Mesoeconomic Analysis pp. 379-85 Downloads
Kaludura Abayasiri-Silva
Specialization and a New Approach to Economic Organization and Growth pp. 386-91 Downloads
Jeff Borland and Xiaokai Yang
Specialization and Product Diversity pp. 392-98 Downloads
Xiaokai Yang and He-ling Shi
Specialization, Household Production, and the Measurement of Economic Growth pp. 399-403 Downloads
John Devereux and Luis Locay
Labor Specialization and Endogenous Growth pp. 404-08 Downloads
Sunwoong Kim and Hamid Mohtadi
Schumpeterian Growth and International Business Cycles pp. 409-14
Leonard K Cheng and Elias Dinopoulos
Accounting for Growth with New Inputs: Theory and Evidence pp. 415-21 Downloads
Robert Feenstra, James Markusen and William Zeile
GATT, Trade, and Growth pp. 422-27 Downloads
Luis Rivera-Batiz and Danyang Xie
Empirical Estimation and Partitioning of X-Inefficiency: A Data-Envelopment Approach pp. 428-33 Downloads
Harvey Leibenstein and Shlomo Maital
X-Efficiency and Allocative Efficiency: What Have We Learned? pp. 434-38 Downloads
Roger Frantz
Ownership Structure, Institutional Organization and Measured X-Efficiency pp. 439-45 Downloads
Kenneth Button and Weyman-Jones, Thomas G
Rent Regulation and Housing-Market Dynamics pp. 446-51 Downloads
Carol Rapaport
A Poisson Regression Model of Highway Fatalities pp. 452-56 Downloads
Ron Michener and Carla Tighe
Public Choice and the Allocation of Public Goods: An Empirical Analysis of Local School Expenditures pp. 457-63 Downloads
Patricia Ann Nold
Economic Incentives for Environmental Protection: Integrating Theory and Practice pp. 464-68 Downloads
Robert Hahn and Robert Stavins
Rates of Time Preference for Saving Lives pp. 469-72 Downloads
Maureen Cropper, Sema K Aydede and Paul R Portney
Environmental Valuation under Sustainable Development pp. 473-77 Downloads
Richard Howarth and Richard B Norgaard
The Toxic Intensity of Industrial Production: Global Patterns, Trends, and Trade Policy pp. 478-81 Downloads
Hemamala Hettige, Robert Lucas and David Wheeler
Trip Scheduling in Urban Transportation Analysis pp. 482-86 Downloads
Kenneth Small
The Use of Straw Men in the Economic Evaluation of Rail Transport Projects pp. 487-93 Downloads
John Kain
A Game-Theoretic Approach to the Analysis of Simple Congested Networks pp. 494-500 Downloads
André de Palma
Testing for Price Anomalies in Real-Estate Auctions pp. 501-05 Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter and David Genesove
Joint Bidding in Federal OCS Auctions pp. 506-11 Downloads
Kenneth Hendricks and Robert Porter
Updating the Reserve Price in Common-Value Auctions pp. 512-18 Downloads
Randolph McAfee and Daniel Vincent
The End of a Riveting Experience: Occupational Shifts at Ford after World War II pp. 519-25 Downloads
Sherrie A Kossoudji and Laura J Dresser
Gender Differences in Wage Growth and Job Mobility pp. 526-32 Downloads
Pamela J Loprest
The Gender Earnings Gap: Learning from International Comparisons pp. 533-38 Downloads
Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn
The Fall in Private Pension Coverage in the United States pp. 539-45 Downloads
David Bloom and Richard Freeman
Rising Inequality? Changes in the Distribution of Income and Consumption in the 1980's pp. 546-51 Downloads
David Cutler and Lawrence Katz
Changing Inequality of Wealth pp. 552-58 Downloads
Edward Wolff
Balancing the Economics Curriculum: Content, Method, and Pedagogy pp. 559-64 Downloads
Robin L Bartlett and Susan F Feiner
Evaluating Undergraduate Courses on Women in the Economy pp. 565-69 Downloads
Cecilia A Conrad
Feminist Pedagogy: A Means for Bringing Critical Thinking and Creativity to the Economics Classroom pp. 570-76 Downloads
Jean Shackelford

Volume 82, issue 1, 1992

Some Economics of Global Warming pp. 1-14
Thomas Schelling
Using Weather Variability to Estimate the Response of Savings to Transitory Income in Thailand pp. 15-33 Downloads
Christina Paxson
Rural Reforms and Agricultural Growth in China pp. 34-51 Downloads
Justin Lin
Poverty and Landownership pp. 52-64 Downloads
Karl Ove Moene
Domino Dumping, I: Competitive Exporters pp. 65-83 Downloads
James Anderson
Strategic Commercial Policy Revisited: A Supply-Function Equilibrium Model pp. 84-99
Didier Laussel
Strikes and Holdouts in Wage Bargaining: Theory and Data pp. 100-121 Downloads
Peter Cramton and Joseph Tracy
Changes in the Cyclical Sensitivity of Wages in the United States, 1891-1987 pp. 122-40
Steven Allen
Prices during the Great Depression: Was the Deflation of 1930-1932 Really Unanticipated? pp. 141-56 Downloads
Stephen Cecchetti
Was the Deflation during the Great Depression Anticipated? Evidence from the Commodity Futures Market pp. 157-78 Downloads
James Hamilton
Optimal Inflation Tax under Precommitment: Theory and Evidence pp. 179-94 Downloads
Guillermo Calvo and Leonardo Leiderman
On the Prevalence of Labor Contracts with Fixed Duration pp. 195-206 Downloads
Leif Danziger
Expectation Calculation and Macroeconomic Dynamics pp. 207-24 Downloads
George Evans and Garey Ramey
Causation, Spending, and Taxes: Sand in the Sandbox or Tax Collector for the Welfare State? pp. 225-48 Downloads
Kevin Hoover and Steven Sheffrin
Workfare versus Welfare Incentive Arguments for Work Requirements in Poverty-Alleviation Programs pp. 249-61 Downloads
Timothy Besley and Stephen Coate
Convergence of the South and Non-South Income Distributions, 1969-1979 pp. 262-72 Downloads
John A Bishop, John P Formby and Paul D Thistle
Optimal Commitment in Monetary Policy: Credibility versus Flexibility pp. 273-86 Downloads
Susanne Lohmann
Search Technology, Staggered Price-Setting, and Price Dispersion pp. 287-98 Downloads
Arthur Fishman
Private-Sector Training and the Earnings of Young Workers pp. 299-312
Lisa Lynch
Unemployment Duration: Compositional Effects and Cyclical Variability pp. 313-21 Downloads
Michael Baker
The Importance of Lifetime Jobs in the U.S. Economy, Revisited pp. 322-35 Downloads
Manuelita Ureta
Employment Tenure and Earnings Profiles in Japan and the United States: Comment pp. 336-45 Downloads
Robert L Clark and Naohiro Ogawa
Employment Tenure and Earnings Profiles in Japan and the United States: Reply pp. 346-54
Masanori Hashimoto and John Raisian
Fairness as a Constraint on Profit Seeking: Comment pp. 355-58 Downloads
Raymond F Gorman and James B Kehr
Strategic Behavior in Contests: Comment pp. 359-62 Downloads
Kyung H Baik and Jason Shogren
Real Effects of Academic Research: Comment pp. 363-67 Downloads
Zoltan Acs, David Audretsch and Maryann P Feldman
The Origin of Predictable Behavior: Comment pp. 368
Ciaran Driver
Erratum: Standards versus Standards: The Effects of Different Pollution Restrictions pp. 369
Gloria E Helfand
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