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Volume 73, issue 5, 1983

A Transactions-Based Model of the Monetary Transmission Mechanism pp. 871-80 Downloads
Sanford Grossman and Laurence Weiss
Quality Uncertainty, Search, and Advertising pp. 881-94 Downloads
Steven N Wiggins and W J Lane
Financial Structure and Economic Activity pp. 895-911 Downloads
Robert Townsend
Incentive Effects of Terminations: Applications to the Credit and Labor Markets pp. 912-27 Downloads
Joseph Stiglitz and Andrew Weiss
The Quality of Schooling: Quantity Alone is Misleading pp. 928-46 Downloads
Jere Behrman and Nancy Birdsall
Input Measurement and Productivity Growth in Japanese and U.S. Manufacturing pp. 947-67 Downloads
John Norsworthy and David H Malmquist
The Effects of Inflation on Real Interest Rates pp. 968-80 Downloads
Joel Fried and Peter Howitt
Union Wage Settlements during a Disinflation pp. 981-93 Downloads
John Taylor
Government Debt, Government Spending, and Private Sector Behavior pp. 994-1010 Downloads
Roger Kormendi
Spatial Competition and Vertical Integration: Cement and Concrete Revisited pp. 1011-22 Downloads
Mark McBride
An Economic Model of Welfare Stigma pp. 1023-35 Downloads
Robert Moffitt
Computing the Impact of Social Security Using the Life Cycle Consumption Function pp. 1036-52 Downloads
Samuel H Williamson and Warren L Jones
Tax-Induced Distortions and the Business-Pleasure Borderline: The Case of Travel and Entertainment pp. 1053-65 Downloads
Charles Clotfelter
Dynamic Factor Demands and the Effects of Energy Price Shocks pp. 1066-79 Downloads
Robert Pindyck and Julio Rotemberg
New Evidence on the Free Banking Era pp. 1080-91 Downloads
Arthur J Rolnick and Warren Weber
Preemption, Divestiture, and Forward Contracting in a Market Dominated by a Single Firm pp. 1092-1101 Downloads
Tracy Lewis
Operational Interest Rate Rules pp. 1102-09 Downloads
Jeremy J Siegel
De Gustibus Est Disputandum: The Phenomenon of "Merit Wants" Revisited pp. 1110-21 Downloads
Edwin G West and Michael McKee
Relative Prices, Concentration, and Money Growth pp. 1122-26 Downloads
Henry Chappell and John Addison
Does Rising Productivity Explain Seniority Rules for Layoffs? pp. 1127-31 Downloads
Lorne Carmichael
Educational Expansion and the Kuznets Effect pp. 1132-36 Downloads
John Knight and R H Sabot
Understanding the Higher Unemployment Rate of Women Scientists and Engineers pp. 1137-40 Downloads
Michael G Finn
The Case for Unilateral Tariff Reductions: Foreign Tariffs Rediscovered [Is Unilateral Tariff Reduction Preferable to a Customs Union? The Curious Case of the Missing Foreign Tariff] pp. 1141-42 Downloads
Eitan Berglas
Measures of Unemployment Duration as Guides to Research and Policy: Comment [An Experience-Weighted Measure of Employment and Unemployment Duration] pp. 1143-50 Downloads
John A Carlson and Michael W Horrigan
Measures of Unemployment Duration as Guides to Research and Policy: Reply [An Experience-Weighted Measure of Employment and Unemployment Duration] pp. 1151-52 Downloads
George Akerlof and Brian G M Main
Applied Fairness Theory: Comment pp. 1153-56 Downloads
Randall Holcombe
Applied Fairness Theory: Comment pp. 1157-60 Downloads
Geoffrey Philpotts
Applied Fairness Theory: Reply pp. 1161-62 Downloads
William Baumol
Rents and Pecuniary Externalities in Cost-Benefit Analysis: Comment pp. 1163-70 Downloads
Yew-Kwang Ng
Rents and Pecuniary Externalities in Cost-Benefit Analysis: Reply pp. 1171-72 Downloads
Edward Foster

Volume 73, issue 4, 1983

Credible Commitments: Using Hostages to Support Exchange pp. 519-40 Downloads
Oliver Williamson
On Layoffs and Unemployment Insurance pp. 541-59 Downloads
Robert Topel
The Origin of Predictable Behavior pp. 560-95 Downloads
Ronald A Heiner
Preference Reversals: A Broader Perspective pp. 596-605 Downloads
Paul Slovic and Sarah Lichtenstein
The Generalized Theory of Transfers and Welfare: Bilateral Transfers in a Multilateral World pp. 606-18 Downloads
Jagdish N Bhagwati, Richard Brecher and Tatsuo Hatta
Fisher's Paradox and the Theory of Interest pp. 619-30 Downloads
Jeffrey Carmichael and Peter W Stebbing
A Competitive Theory of Monopoly Unionism pp. 631-43 Downloads
Edward Lazear
The Money Supply Announcements Puzzle: Review and Interpretation pp. 644-57 Downloads
Bradford Cornell
Implicit Contracts in the Absence of Enforcement and Risk Aversion pp. 658-71 Downloads
Clive Bull
Income Distribution, Lifetime Savings, and Bequests pp. 672-90 Downloads
Paul Menchik and Martin David
The Economics of Invention Incentives: Patents, Prizes, and Research Contracts pp. 691-707 Downloads
Brian Wright
Structural-Frictional vs. Deficient Demand Unemployment: Some New Evidence pp. 708-24 Downloads
Katharine Abraham
The Economies of Massed Reserves pp. 725-34 Downloads
James Mulligan
American Economic Growth and the Voyage of Columbus pp. 735-40 Downloads
Randolph McAfee
Uncertain Innovation and the Persistence of Monopoly pp. 741-48 Downloads
Jennifer Reinganum
Plea Bargaining and Social Welfare pp. 749-57 Downloads
Gene Grossman and Michael Katz
Government Irrelevance Results: A Simple Exposition pp. 758-61 Downloads
John Bryant
Expectations, Taxes, and Interest: The Search for the Darby Effect pp. 762-65 Downloads
Robert Ayanian
The Impact of Minimum Wages on the Distributions of Earnings for Major Race-Sex Groups: A Dynamic Analysis pp. 766-78 Downloads
Jere Behrman, Robin Sickles and Paul Taubman
The Price-Adjustment Process for Rental Housing and the Natural Vacancy Rate pp. 779-86 Downloads
Kenneth T Rosen and Lawrence B Smith
On Commons and Tragedies pp. 787-92 Downloads
Richard Cornes and Todd Sandler
Frameworks for Analyzing the Effects of Risk and Environmental Regulations on Productivity pp. 793-801 Downloads
W Viscusi
Scale and Productivity Measurement under Risk pp. 802-05 Downloads
Robert Chambers
Welfare Measurement in the Household Production Framework pp. 806-14 Downloads
Nancy E Bockstael and Kenneth McConnell
Inventories and Sticky Prices: Note pp. 815-16 Downloads
David P Schutte
Intrafirm Productivity: Comment [The Prisoners' Dilemma in the Visible Hand: An Analysis of Intrafirm Productivity] pp. 817-21 Downloads
M. Shahid Alam
Intrafirm Productivity: Reply [The Prisoners' Dilemma in the Invisible Hand: An Analysis of Intrafirm Productivity] pp. 822-23 Downloads
Harvey Leibenstein
The Neoclassical Maximization Hypothesis: Comment pp. 824-27 Downloads
Bruce J Caldwell
The Neoclassical Maximization Hypothesis: Reply pp. 828-30 Downloads
Lawrence Boland
Property Rights and X-Efficiency: Comment pp. 831-42 Downloads
Harvey Leibenstein
Property Rights and X-Efficiency: Reply pp. 843-45 Downloads
Louis De Alessi

Volume 73, issue 3, 1983

Nonmonetary Effects of the Financial Crisis in Propagation of the Great Depression pp. 257-76 Downloads
Ben Bernanke
Union Wages, Temporary Layoffs, and Seniority pp. 277-90 Downloads
Gene Grossman
Preliminary Evidence on the Use of Inputs by the Federal Reserve System pp. 291-304
William Shughart and Robert Tollison
Limited Information, Credit Rationing, and Optimal Government Lending Policy pp. 305-18 Downloads
Bruce Smith
Effects of Interest Rates and Inflation on Aggregate Inventory Investment in the United States pp. 319-28
M A Akhtar
Competition and Unanimity Revisited pp. 329-39
Louis Makowski
Private Discrimination and Social Intervention in Competitive Labor Markets pp. 340-47 Downloads
Shelly Lundberg and Richard Startz
The Liquidity Premium and the Solidity Premium pp. 348-61 Downloads
Susan E Woodward
Expectations and Reputations in Bargaining: An Experimental Study pp. 362-72 Downloads
Alvin Roth and Francoise Schoumaker
Asymmetric Price Rigidity and Inflationary Bias pp. 373-82 Downloads
Timur Kuran
Why Interest Rates Rise When an Unexpectedly Large Money Stock Is Announced pp. 383-88 Downloads
Donald Nichols, David H Small and Webster, Charles E,
Labor Market Contacts, Unanticipated Wages, and Employment Growth pp. 389-97 Downloads
Ronald Warren
Tax Policy, the Interest Elasticity of Saving, and Capital Accumulation: Numerical Analysis of Theoretical Models pp. 398-410
Owen J Evans
Budget Constraint Prices as Preference Changing Parameters of Generalized Fechner-Thurstone Direct Utility Functions pp. 411-13
R L Basmann, D J Molina and Daniel Slottje
Stabilization Policy and Endogenous Wage Stickiness pp. 414-19 Downloads
John McCallum
Liquidity Preference as Behavior toward Risk Is a Demand for Short-Term Securities-Not Money pp. 420-27 Downloads
Winston Chang, Daniel Hamberg and Junichi Hirata
A Rationale for Preference Reversal pp. 428-32 Downloads
Graham Loomes and Robert Sugden
Aggregate Consequences of Fixed Costs of Price Adjustment [Sticky Prices and Disequilibrium Adjustment in a Rational Model of the Inflationary Process] pp. 433-36 Downloads
Julio Rotemberg
Taxes in a Life Cycle Growth Model with Bequests and Inheritances pp. 437-41 Downloads
Laurence Seidman
Collateral in Credit Rationing in Markets with Imperfect Information: Note pp. 442-45 Downloads
Hildegard C Wette
Labor Supply and Tax Rates: A Correction of the Record pp. 446-51 Downloads
James Gwartney and Richard Stroup
Relative Risk Aversion in Comparative Statics pp. 452-53 Downloads
Eliakim Katz
Existence of Consistent Conjectures: Comment pp. 454-56 Downloads
Arthur Robson
Existence of Consistent Conjectures: Reply pp. 457-58 Downloads
Timothy Bresnahan
The Economics of Superstars: Comment pp. 459
Peter Bowbrick
The Economics of Superstars: Reply pp. 460-62 Downloads
Sherwin Rosen
Stock Returns, Real Activity, Inflation, and Money: Comment pp. 463-70 Downloads
Rati Ram and David Spencer
Stock Returns, Real Activity, Inflation, and Money: Reply pp. 471-72 Downloads
Eugene Fama
Currency Substitution and Instability in the World Dollar Standard: Comment pp. 473
Myron H Ross
Currency Substitution and Instability in the World Dollar Standard: Reply pp. 474-76 Downloads
Ronald McKinnon and Kong-Yam Tan
The Short-Run Relation between Growth and Inflation in Latin America: Comment pp. 477-82 Downloads
Sebastian Edwards
The Short-Run Relation between Growth and Inflation in Latin America: Reply pp. 483-85 Downloads
James A Hanson
Contestable Markets: An Uprising in the Theory of Industry Structure: Comment pp. 486-87 Downloads
Martin Weitzman
Contestable Markets: An Uprising in the Theory of Industry Structure: Comment pp. 488-90 Downloads
Marius Schwartz and Robert J Reynolds
Contestable Markets: An Uprising in the Theory of Industry Structure: Reply pp. 491-96 Downloads
William Baumol, John C Panzar and Robert D Willig
The Choice of Discount Rates for Public Projects: Comment pp. 497-98 Downloads
Jandhyala L Sharma
The Choice of Discount Rates for Public Projects: Reply pp. 499-500 Downloads
Robert Mendelsohn
Expected Inflation and Interest Rates: Comment pp. 501-02 Downloads
Vito Tanzi
Expected Inflation and Interest Rates: Reply pp. 503-06 Downloads
Michael Melvin

Volume 73, issue 2, 1983

Monetary Policy and Economic Activity: Benefits and Costs of Monetarism pp. 1-12
Andrew F Brimmer
The Efficacy of Innovative Teaching Techniques in Economics: The U.K. Experience pp. 13-17 Downloads
Keith G Lumsden and Alex Scott
Modeling Multiple Outputs in Educational Production Functions pp. 17-22 Downloads
John F Chizmar and Thomas A Zak
Who Maximizes What? A Study in Student Time Allocation pp. 23-28 Downloads
Robert M Schmidt
Mortality Rates, Mortality Events, and the Number of Births pp. 29-32 Downloads
Randall J Olsen
Economic Analyses of the Spacing of Births pp. 33-37 Downloads
John Newman
Consumer Demand and Household Production: The Relationship between Fertility and Child Mortality pp. 38-42 Downloads
Mark Rosenzweig and T. Schultz
U.S. Monetary Policy and World Liquidity pp. 43-47 Downloads
Thomas D Willett
Monetary Policy: Domestic Targets and International Constraints pp. 48-53 Downloads
Jacob A Frenkel
Internationally Managed Moneys pp. 54-58
George von Furstenberg
Changes in Black Family Structure: Implications for Welfare Dependency pp. 59-64 Downloads
William Darity and Samuel Myers
Budget Cuts as Welfare Reform pp. 65-70 Downloads
Sheldon Danziger
The Determinants of Investment: Another Look pp. 71-75 Downloads
Ben Bernanke
Welfare Aspects of Current U.S. Corporate Taxation pp. 76-81 Downloads
Alan Auerbach
National Savings and Economic Policy: The Efficacy of Investment vs. Savings Incentives pp. 82-87
Laurence Kotlikoff
The Process of Financial Innovation pp. 89-95 Downloads
William L Silber
Policy Implications of Structural Changes in Financial Markets pp. 96-100 Downloads
Edward Kane
Financial Innovation in Canada: Causes and Consequences pp. 101-06 Downloads
Charles Freedman
An Entrepreneurial Problem pp. 107-11 Downloads
Peter Kilby
Chinese Entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia pp. 112-17 Downloads
Yuan-li Wu
The Levantines in Latin America pp. 118-22 Downloads
William Glade
Women and Absenteeism: Health or Economics? pp. 123-27 Downloads
Lynn Paringer
Women and the Use of Health Services pp. 128-33 Downloads
Gail R Wilensky and Gail Lee Cafferata
Time Allocation, Market Work, and Changes in Female Health pp. 134-39 Downloads
Barbara Wolfe and Robert Haveman
Long Waves and Technological Innovation pp. 141-45 Downloads
Edwin Mansfield
Long Waves and Economic Growth: A Critical Appraisal pp. 146-51 Downloads
Nathan Rosenberg and Claudio R Frischtak
Long Swings and the Nonreproductive Cycle pp. 152-57 Downloads
David M Gordon, Thomas E Weisskopf and Samuel Bowles
On the Effects of Federal Aid pp. 159-63 Downloads
George Tolley, Ronald Krumm and Jeffrey Sanders
Industrial Bases and City Sizes pp. 164-68 Downloads
J. Vernon Henderson
Economists, Economics, and State Economic Policy pp. 169-71 Downloads
Roger J Vaughan
Leading Issues of Fact and Theory pp. 173-77 Downloads
Michael J Greenwood
International Migration Models and Policies pp. 178-82 Downloads
Edwin P Reubens
Trade Theory, Distribution of Income, and Immigration pp. 183-87
Francisco Rivera-Batiz
Marginal vs. Average Cost Pricing in the Presence of a Public Monopoly pp. 189-93 Downloads
Donald Brown and Geoffrey Heal
The Present Direction of the FCC: An Appraisal pp. 194-97 Downloads
Nina W Cornell and Douglas W Webbink
The First Step in Bank Deregulation: What about the FDIC? pp. 198-203
John H Kareken
Technological Change and Market Structure: An Empirical Study pp. 205-09 Downloads
Edwin Mansfield
R&D and Productivity Growth: Policy Studies and Issues pp. 210-14 Downloads
Rolf Piekarz
R&D and Declining Productivity Growth pp. 215-18 Downloads
F M Scherer
Is Unemployment a Macroeconomic Problem? pp. 219-22 Downloads
Robert Hall
Microeconomic Developments and Macroeconomics pp. 223-27 Downloads
Milton Harris and Bengt Holmstrom
Is There a Monetary Business Cycle? pp. 228-33
Christopher Sims
Changing Trends in World Food Production and Trade pp. 235-38 Downloads
G Edward Schuh
Food Prospects for the Developing Countries pp. 239-43 Downloads
John W Mellor
Food Prospects in the Developing Countries: A Qualified Optimistic View pp. 244-48 Downloads
Malcolm D Bale and Ronald C Duncan
Labor Market Segmentation: To What Paradigm Does It Belong? pp. 249-53 Downloads
Michael J Piore
Segmented Labor Markets in LDCs pp. 254-59 Downloads
Dipak Mazumdar
The Internalization of Labor Markets: Causes and Consequences pp. 260-65 Downloads
Bernard Elbaum
Raising Rivals' Costs pp. 267-71 Downloads
Steven C Salop and David T Scheffman
The Welfare Effects of Intermittent Interruptions of Trade pp. 272-77 Downloads
Glenn Loury
Information, Competition, and Markets pp. 278-83 Downloads
Barry Nalebuff and Joseph Stiglitz
Budget Expansion and Cost Inflation pp. 285-90 Downloads
Assar Lindbeck
The Interconnection between Public Expenditure and Inflation in Britain pp. 291-96
Walter Eltis
Money, Credit Constraints, and Economic Activity pp. 297-302 Downloads
Alan Blinder and Joseph Stiglitz
Marx and the Iron Law of Wages pp. 303-08 Downloads
William Baumol
The Classical Theory of Wages and the Role of Demand Schedules in the Determination of Relative Prices pp. 309-13 Downloads
Pierangelo Garegnani
On the Interpretation of Ricardian Economics: The Assumption Regarding Wages pp. 314-18 Downloads
Samuel Hollander
Price Adjustment, the Responsibility System, and Agricultural Productivity pp. 319-24
Thomas B Wiens
Economic Reforms and External Imbalance in China, 1978-81 pp. 325-28 Downloads
Bruce L Reynolds
Enterprise-Level Reforms in Chinese State-Owned Industry pp. 329-32
William Byrd
'De-Skilling,' Skilled Commodities, and the NICs' Emerging Competitive Advantage pp. 333-37 Downloads
Alice H Amsden
Linking Up to Distant Markets: South to North Exports of Manufactured Consumer Goods pp. 338-42 Downloads
Donald B Keesing
New Theories of Trade among Industrial Countries pp. 343-47 Downloads
Paul Krugman
Lender of Early Resort: The IMF and the Poorest pp. 349-53 Downloads
G K Helleiner
On Seeking to Improve the IMF Conditionality pp. 354-58 Downloads
John Williamson
Devaluation: A Critical Appraisal of the IMF's Policy Prescriptions pp. 359-63 Downloads
Louka T Katseli
On Contracting with Publishers: Author's Information Updated pp. 365-81 Downloads
Martin Shubik, Peggy Heim and William Baumol

Volume 73, issue 1, 1983

Commodities and Capital: Prices and Quantities pp. 1-16
Gardner Ackley
Why Do Companies Pay Dividends? pp. 17-30 Downloads
Martin Feldstein and Jerry Green
Let's Take the Con Out of Econometrics pp. 31-43 Downloads
Edward Leamer
Why Real Interest Rates Were So Low in the 1970's pp. 44-53 Downloads
James A Wilcox
Loyalty Filters pp. 54-63
George Akerlof
Property Rights, Transaction Costs, and X-Efficiency: An Essay in Economic Theory pp. 64-81 Downloads
Louis De Alessi
On the Misuse of Accounting Rates of Return to Infer Monopoly Profits pp. 82-97
Franklin M Fisher and John J McGowan
A Model of Housing Tenure Choice pp. 98-113 Downloads
J. Vernon Henderson and Yannis Ioannides
On Divergence of Opinion and Imperfections in Capital Markets pp. 114-28 Downloads
Joram Mayshar
An Essay on the Foundations of Friedman's Methodology pp. 129-44 Downloads
Frazer, William J, and Lawrence Boland
Enlistments in the All-Volunteer Force: A Military Personnel Supply Model and Its Forecasts pp. 145-55 Downloads
J Colin K Ash, Bernard Udis and Robert McNown
Working Capital Finance Considerations in a National Income Theory pp. 156-65 Downloads
Douglas R Shaller
Substitution between Wage and Nonwage Benefits pp. 166-82 Downloads
Stephen Woodbury
Exchange Risk, Political Risk, and Macroeconomic Equilibrium pp. 183-89
Jonathan Eaton and Stephen J Turnovsky
The Kennedy Round: Evidence on the Regulation of International Trade in the United States pp. 190-97 Downloads
Howard P Marvel and Edward J Ray
The Rational Expectations Hypothesis in Retrospect pp. 198-203
Filippo Cesarano
The Distributional and Efficiency Effects of Increasing the Minimum Wage: A Simulation pp. 204-11 Downloads
William Johnson and Edgar Browning
Social Security and Household Saving in an International Cross Section pp. 212-17 Downloads
Erkki Koskela and Matti Viren
Price Controls in a Posted Offer Market pp. 218-21 Downloads
Don L Coursey and Vernon Smith
Government Debt in an Overlapping-Generations Model with Bequests and Gifts pp. 222-27 Downloads
John Burbidge
Optimal Investment under Uncertainty pp. 228-33
Andrew Abel
Do Stock Prices Move Too Much to Be Justified by Subsequent Changes in Dividends?: Comment pp. 234-35 Downloads
Copeland, Basil L,
Do Stock Prices Move Too Much to Be Justified by Subsequent Changes in Dividends?: Reply pp. 236-37 Downloads
Robert Shiller
Duopoly Models with Consistent Conjectures: Comment pp. 238-39 Downloads
Daniel, Coldwell,
Duopoly Models with Consistent Conjectures: Reply pp. 240-41 Downloads
Timothy Bresnahan
Theory of Screening and the Behavior of the Firm: Comment pp. 242-45 Downloads
Shiro Yabushita
Alternative Approaches to Analyzing Markets with Asymmetric Information: Reply [The Theory of 'Screening,' Education, and the Distribution of Income] pp. 246-49 Downloads
Joseph Stiglitz and Andrew Weiss
Product Differentiation Advantages of Pioneering Brands: Errata pp. 250
Richard Schmalensee
Inventory Investment and the Theory of the Firm: Errata pp. 251
Lanny Arvan and Leon N Moses
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