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Volume 67, issue 5, 1977

On the Proper Cost Tests for Natural Monopoly in a Multiproduct Industry pp. 809-22 Downloads
William Baumol
Comparative Advantage, Trade, and Payments in a Ricardian Model with a Continuum of Goods pp. 823-39 Downloads
Rüdiger Dornbusch, Stanley Fischer and Paul Samuelson
Demand for International Media of Exchange pp. 840-50 Downloads
K Alec Chrystal
Structural Expectations and the Effectiveness of Government Policy in a Short-Run Macroeconomic Model pp. 851-66 Downloads
Stephen J Turnovsky
Public Services, Private Substitutes, and the Demand for Protection against Crime pp. 867-77 Downloads
Charles Clotfelter
Reswitching, Wicksell Effects, and the Neoclassical Production Function pp. 878-88 Downloads
David Laibman and Edward J Nell
Distributional Neutrality and Optimal Commodity Taxation pp. 889-98 Downloads
David Wildasin
Involuntary Saving through Unanticipated Inflation pp. 899-910 Downloads
Angus Deaton
Price Behavior in U.S. Manufacturing: An Empirical Analysis of the Speed of Adjustment pp. 911-25 Downloads
Leonard Sahling
Relative Earnings Mobility in the United States pp. 926-41 Downloads
Brad Schiller
How Far Can We Push the "Law of One Price"? pp. 942-48 Downloads
Peter Isard
Education and Screening pp. 949-58 Downloads
Kenneth I Wolpin
Trade as Aid: The Political Economy of Tariff Preferences for Developing Countries pp. 959-67 Downloads
Rachel McCulloch and Jose Pinera
The Regulated Firm with a Fixed Proportion Production Function pp. 968-71 Downloads
Thomas E Kennedy
Intergenerational Equity and the Investing of Rents from Exhaustible Resources pp. 972-74 Downloads
John Hartwick
Tariffs vs. Quotas as Revenue Raising Devices under Uncertainty pp. 975-81 Downloads
Partha Dasgupta and Joseph Stiglitz
Land and Zoning in an Urban Economy: Further Results pp. 982-86 Downloads
Elhanan Helpman and David Pines
Pareto-Desirable Redistribution in Kind: An Impossibility Theorem pp. 987-90 Downloads
Geoffrey Brennan and Cliff Walsh
Comparing Utility Functions in Efficiency Terms or, What Kind of Utility Functions Do We Want? pp. 991-95 Downloads
Burton A Weisbrod
The Value of Time in Consumption and Residential Location in an Urban Setting pp. 996-1003 Downloads
Oded Hochman and Haim Ofek
Labor Supply and the Payroll Tax: Note pp. 1004-05 Downloads
Robert Moffitt
Peak Load Pricing with Stochastic Demand pp. 1006-10 Downloads
Dennis Carlton
Search in the Labor Market and the Duration of Unemployment: Note pp. 1011-13 Downloads
Robert Feinberg

Volume 67, issue 4, 1977

A Monetary Model of Exchange Market Pressure Applied to the Postwar Canadian Experience pp. 537-48 Downloads
Lance Girton and Don Roper
Hedonic Wage Equations and Psychic Wages in the Returns to Schooling pp. 549-58 Downloads
Robert Lucas
Homothetic and Non-Homothetic CES Production Functions pp. 559-69 Downloads
Ryuzo Sato
Who Benefits from Economic Development?-A Reexamination of Brazilian Growth in the 1960's pp. 570-82 Downloads
Gary Fields
Product Quality, Uncertainty, and Regulation: The Trucking Industry pp. 583-94 Downloads
Arthur S De Vany and Thomas R Saving
An Empirical Inquiry on the Short-Run Dynamics of Output and Prices pp. 595-609 Downloads
Roque Fernández
Stigler, Kindahl, and Means on Administered Prices pp. 610-19 Downloads
Leonard W Weiss
Income and Urban Residence: An Analysis of Consumer Demand for Location pp. 620-31 Downloads
William C Wheaton
On Donor Sovereignty and United Charities pp. 632-38 Downloads
Franklin M Fisher
Do Schools Make a Difference? pp. 639-52 Downloads
Anita A Summers and Barbara Wolfe
The Forward Exchange Rate, Expectations, and the Demand for Money: The German Hyperinflation pp. 653-70 Downloads
Jacob A Frenkel
Budget Displacement Effects of Inflationary Finance pp. 671-82 Downloads
Jerry Green and Eytan Sheshinski
Job Search, Labor Supply, and the Quit Decision: Theory and Evidence pp. 683-91 Downloads
John Barron and Stephen McCafferty
Faculty Skills and the Salary Structure in Academe: A Market Perspective pp. 692-702 Downloads
Howard P Tuckman, James H Gapinski and Robert P Hagemann
Health, Family Structure, and Labor Supply pp. 703-12 Downloads
Donald Parsons
Trade Creation and Trade Diversion in the Council of Mutual Economic Assistance: 1954-70 pp. 713-22 Downloads
Joseph Pelzman
Two-Sector Aggregative Models and the Investment Demand Function pp. 723-27 Downloads
Geoffrey Woglom
Some International Evidence on Output-Inflation Tradeoffs: Comment pp. 728-30 Downloads
Marcelle Arak
Some International Evidence on Output-Inflation Tradeoffs: Reply pp. 731
Robert Lucas
The Price Equation: A Cross-Sectional Approach pp. 732-40 Downloads
Ronald P Wilder, C Glyn Williams and Davinder Singh
Unemployment, Inflation, and Monetarism: A Further Analysis pp. 741-46 Downloads
Robert Van Order
Measurement of Tax Progressivity pp. 747-52 Downloads
Daniel B Suits
On the Optimal Size of Underpriced Facilities pp. 753-60 Downloads
Richard C Porter
Welfare-Maximizing Price and Output with Stochastic Demand: Note pp. 761-63 Downloads
Per Andersen
Equilibrium Concepts in the Theory of Public Goods pp. 764-65 Downloads
Bruce N Angier and Thomas S McCaleb
Multiperiod Consumption-Investment Decisions: Further Comments pp. 766-67 Downloads
William T Ziemba
On the Theory of the Competitive Firm under Price Uncertainty: Note pp. 768-69 Downloads
Yasunori Ishii
Externalities in a Regulated Industry: The Aircraft Noise Problem pp. 770-74 Downloads
Jerold B Muskin and John Sorrentino

Volume 67, issue 3, 1977

Concepts of Optimality and Their Uses pp. 261-74 Downloads
Tjalling Koopmans
Explaining the Relative Efficiency of Slave Agriculture in the Antebellum South pp. 275-96 Downloads
Robert Fogel and Stanley L Engerman
Monopolistic Competition and Optimum Product Diversity pp. 297-308 Downloads
Avinash Dixit and Joseph Stiglitz
Vertical Control by Labor Unions pp. 309-22 Downloads
Warren-Boulton, Frederick R
Black-White Male Wage Ratios: 1960-70 pp. 323-38 Downloads
James Smith and Finis R Welch
Tax Credits for Employment Rather Than Investment pp. 339-49 Downloads
Jonathan R Kesselman, Samuel H Williamson and Ernst R Berndt
Weak Invisible Hand Theorems on the Sustainability of Multiproduct Natural Monopoly pp. 350-65 Downloads
William Baumol, Elizabeth E Bailey and Robert D Willig
Risk and the Theory of Indexed Bonds pp. 366-75 Downloads
Nissan Liviatan and David Levhari
American Taxation of Multinational Firms pp. 376-89
Thomas Horst
Inflationary Finance and the Dynamics of Inflation: Indonesia, 1951-72 pp. 390-403 Downloads
Bijan B Aghevli and Mohsin Khan
The Use of Approximation Analysis to Test for Separability and the Existence of Consistent Aggregates pp. 404-18 Downloads
Michael Denny and Melvyn A Fuss
The Short-Run Dynamics of Prices and the Balance of Payments pp. 419-28 Downloads
Mario I Blejer
Measuring the Expected Real Rate of Interest: An Exploration of Macroeconomic Alternatives pp. 429-44
J Walter Elliott
The Deterrent Effect of Capital Punishment: Another View pp. 445-51 Downloads
Peter Passell and John Taylor
The Deterrent Effect of Capital Punishment: Reply pp. 452-58 Downloads
Isaac Ehrlich
The Coase Proposition, Information Constraints, and Long-Run Equilibrium: Comment pp. 459-61 Downloads
Henry B Hansmann
The Coase Proposition, Information Constraints, and Long-Run Equilibrium: Reply pp. 462-63 Downloads
William D Schulze and Ralph d'Arge
Nontraded Goods, Factor Market Distortions, and the Gains from Trade: Comment pp. 464-66 Downloads
Hiroshi Ono
Nontraded Goods, Factor Market Distortions, and the Gains from Trade: Reply pp. 467-68
Raveendra N Batra
Short-Term Interest Rates as Predictors of Inflation: Comment pp. 469-75
John A Carlson
Short-Term Interest Rates as Predictors of Inflation: Comment pp. 476-77 Downloads
Douglas Joines
Short-Term Interest Rates as Predictors of Inflation: On Testing the Hypothesis That the Real Rate of Interest is Constant pp. 478-86 Downloads
Charles Nelson and G. Schwert
Interest Rates and Inflation: The Message in the Entrails pp. 487-96 Downloads
Eugene Fama
The Measurement and Trend of Inequality: Comment pp. 497-501 Downloads
Eric R Nelson
The Measurement and Trend of Inequality: Comment pp. 502-04 Downloads
William Johnson
The Measurement and Trend of Inequality: Comment pp. 505-12 Downloads
Sheldon Danziger, Robert Haveman and Eugene Smolensky
The Measurement and Trend of Inequality: Comment pp. 513-16 Downloads
Joseph J Minarik
The Measurement and Trend of Inequality: Comment pp. 517-19 Downloads
C John Kurien
The Measurement and Trend of Inequality: Reply pp. 520-31 Downloads
Morton Paglin

Volume 67, issue 2, 1977

The Monetarist Controversy or, Should We Forsake Stabilization Policies? pp. 1-19
Franco Modigliani
Should Government Subsidize Risky Private Projects? pp. 20-28 Downloads
Joram Mayshar
"Strategic" Wage Goods, Prices, and Inequality pp. 29-41 Downloads
Jeffrey Williamson
Inequality: Earnings vs. Human Wealth pp. 42-53
Lee Lillard
Devaluation and Portfolio Balance pp. 54-63 Downloads
Russell Boyer
Price Dependent Preferences pp. 64-75 Downloads
Robert Pollak
De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum pp. 76-90
George Stigler and Gary Becker
Constant-Utility Index Numbers of Real Wages pp. 91-100 Downloads
John Pencavel
Unanticipated Money Growth and Unemployment in the United States pp. 101-15
Robert Barro
Mean-Risk Analysis with Risk Associated with Below-Target Returns pp. 116-26
Peter C Fishburn
Quality Choice and Competition pp. 127-37 Downloads
Hayne Leland
Residential Decentralization, Land Rents, and the Benefits of Urban Transportation Investment pp. 138-43 Downloads
William C Wheaton
A Bid-Rent Analysis of Housing Market Discrimination pp. 144-55 Downloads
George Galster
Intertemporal Utility Maximization and the Timing of Transactions pp. 156-65 Downloads
Peter Howitt
Did the 1968 Surcharge Really Work? Comment pp. 166-69 Downloads
Arthur M Okun
Did the 1968 Surcharge Really Work? Reply pp. 170-72 Downloads
William L Springer
Local vs. National Pollution Control: Note pp. 173-75 Downloads
Fredric Menz and Jon R Miller
Environment-Externalizing the Internalities? pp. 176-78 Downloads
Abba P Lerner
Market Structure and Product Varieties pp. 179-82 Downloads
Lawrence White
Import Demand and Export Supply: An Aggregation Theorem pp. 183-87 Downloads
Ronald W Jones and Eitan Berglas
A Note on the Arrow-Lind Theorem pp. 188-93 Downloads
L P Foldes and R Rees
On Returns to Scale and the Stability of Competitive Equilibrium pp. 194-98 Downloads
Gérard Gaudet
The Earnings and Promotion of Women Faculty: Comment pp. 199-206 Downloads
Stephen Farber
The Earnings and Promotion of Women Faculty: Comment pp. 207-13 Downloads
Myra H Strober and Aline O Quester
The Earnings and Promotion of Women Faculty: Reply pp. 214-17 Downloads
George Johnson and Frank Stafford
On the Length of Spells of Unemployment in Sweden: Comment pp. 218-21 Downloads
Roger Axelsson, Bertil Holmlund and Karl-Gustaf Lofgren
On the Length of Spells of Unemployment in Sweden: Reply pp. 222-24 Downloads
Nancy Smith Barrett
Earnings, Productivity, and Changes in Employment Discrimination during the 1960's: Additional Evidence pp. 225-27 Downloads
James E Long
Excess Demand, Search, and Price Dynamics pp. 228-35 Downloads
Stephen McCafferty
Firm-Specific Evidence on Racial Wage Differentials and Workforce Segregation pp. 236-45 Downloads
Robert Higgs
A Note on Short-Run Asset Effects on Household Saving and Consumption pp. 246-48 Downloads
Frederic Mishkin
Firm Output and Changes in Uncertainty pp. 249-51 Downloads
Donald V Coes
Academic Achievement and Job Performance: Note pp. 252-54 Downloads
Edward Lazear

Volume 67, issue 1, 1977

Two Centuries of Economic Growth: Reflections on U.S. Experience pp. 1-14
Simon Kuznets
What Difference Did the Beginning Make? pp. 15-20 Downloads
J R T Hughes
American Technology: Imported or Indigenous? pp. 21-26 Downloads
Nathan Rosenberg
Human Capital in the First 80 Years of the Republic: How Much Did America Owe the Rest of the World? pp. 27-31 Downloads
Robert E Gallman
Adam Smith on Human Capital pp. 32-36 Downloads
Joseph J Spengler
Smith and Ricardo: Aspects of the Nineteenth-Century Legacy pp. 37-41 Downloads
Samuel Hollander
A Modern Theorist's Vindication of Adam Smith pp. 42-49
Paul Samuelson
National Economic Planning: The U.S. Case pp. 50-54 Downloads
Richard A Musgrave
Market and Plan; Plan and Market: The Case of Yugoslavia pp. 55-60 Downloads
Deborah D Milenkovitch
Market and Plan; Plan and Market: The Soviet Case pp. 61-66 Downloads
Aron Katsenelinboigen and Herbert S Levine
Market and Plan; Plan and Market: Discussion pp. 67-68 Downloads
Paul M Sweezy
Market and Plan; Plan and Market: Discussion pp. 68-70
Gary Fromm
On International Comparisons of Inequality pp. 71-75 Downloads
Graham Pyatt
Entrepreneurship, Social Mobility, and Income Redistribution in South India pp. 76-80
E Wayne Nafziger
Information Costs, Corporate Hierarchies, and Earnings Inequality pp. 81-85 Downloads
Christopher K Clague
Financing Public Higher Education pp. 86-89 Downloads
Walter Adams
The Benefits and Burdens of Federal Financial Assistance to Higher Education pp. 90-95 Downloads
Earl F Cheit
Economic Problems Confronting Higher Education: An Institutional Perspective pp. 96-100 Downloads
William G Bowen
What Economics Is Most Important to Teach: The Hansen Committee Report pp. 101-04
Rendigs Fels
Teaching Principles of Economics: The Joint Council Experimental Economics Course Project pp. 105-09 Downloads
Allen C Kelly
Capital Shortage: Myth and Reality pp. 110-15 Downloads
Robert Eisner
Does the United States Save too Little? pp. 116-21
Martin Feldstein
Some Reflections on Capital Requirements for 1980 pp. 122-27 Downloads
Beatrice N Vaccara
The Theory of Domestic Inflation pp. 128-34 Downloads
Robert Gordon
Measuring Prices-and Wages pp. 135-40 Downloads
Jack E Triplett
An Integrated Model of Final and Intermediate Demand by Stage of Process: A Progress Report pp. 141-47 Downloads
Joel Popkin
The Explanation of Inflation: Some International Evidence pp. 148-54 Downloads
Karl Brunner and Allan Meltzer
Export Prices and the Transmission of Inflation pp. 155-63 Downloads
Irving B Kravis and Robert Lipsey
A "Monetarist" Analysis of the Generation and Transmission of World Inflation: 1958-71 pp. 164-71 Downloads
Michael Parkin
Micro Theory of International Financial Intermediation pp. 172-79 Downloads
Charles Freedman
The Microeconomics of the Firm in an Open Economy pp. 180-89 Downloads
Michael Adler and Bernard Dumas
Modeling the Interdependence of National Money and Capital Markets pp. 190-99 Downloads
Dale Henderson
Irving Fisher and Autoregressive Expectations pp. 200-205 Downloads
John Rutledge
The Anatomy of Monetary Theory pp. 206-12 Downloads
Robert W Clower
Price Expectations and Stability in a Short-Run Multi-Asset Macro Model pp. 213-18 Downloads
Edwin Burmeister and Stephen J Turnovsky
Extended Sympathy and the Possibility of Social Choice pp. 219-25 Downloads
Kenneth Arrow
Information and Performance in the (New)2 Welfare Economics pp. 226-34 Downloads
Stanley Reiter
Marginal Cost Pricing in the 1930's pp. 235-39 Downloads
Abba P Lerner
Welfare Economics: Discussion pp. 240-42
Thomas Marschak
Welfare Economics: Discussion pp. 240
Abram Bergson
Welfare Economics: Discussion pp. 242-43
Jerry S Kelly
Uncertainty, Production Lags, and Pricing pp. 244-49 Downloads
Dennis Carlton
Resource Extraction with Differential Information pp. 250-54 Downloads
Richard Gilbert
Nonprice Competition pp. 255-59
A. Spence
Does Your Probability of Death Depend on Your Environment? A Microanalytic Study pp. 260-64 Downloads
Orcutt, Guy H, et al
Macroeconomic Effects of a Humphrey-Hawkins Type Program pp. 265-70 Downloads
Barbara R Bergmann and Robert L Bennett
Simulation of Schumpeterian Competition pp. 271-76 Downloads
Richard Nelson and Sidney Winter
Competition and Market Processes in a Simulation Model of the Swedish Economy pp. 277-81 Downloads
Gunnar Eliasson
Public Expenditure and Private Profit: Budgetary Decision in the British Empire, 1860-1912 pp. 282-87 Downloads
Lance E Davis and Robert A Huttenback
U.K. Savings in the Age of High Imperialism and After pp. 288-94 Downloads
Michael Edelstein
Some Lessons from the New Public Finance pp. 295-301 Downloads
Joseph Stiglitz and Michael J Boskin
Investment and Pricing Policy in the French Public Sector pp. 302-13 Downloads
Levy-Lambert, H
Impact of Recent Developments in Public Finance Theory on Public Policy Decisions: Discussion pp. 314-15 Downloads
David Bradford
Ethics in Economics pp. 316-20 Downloads
Leonard S Silk
Professional Standards for the Performance of the Government Economist pp. 321-25 Downloads
John B Henderson
Environment, Health, and Economics-The Case of Cancer pp. 326-32 Downloads
Allen V Kneese and William D Schulze
Incidence of the Benefits and Costs of Environmental Programs pp. 333-40 Downloads
Robert Dorfman
Economic Growth and Climate: The Carbon Dioxide Problem pp. 341-46 Downloads
William Nordhaus
Externalities in a Regulated Industry: The Aircraft Noise Problem pp. 347-50 Downloads
Jerold B Muskin and John Sorrentino
Second Best Pricing Policies for an Exhaustible Resource pp. 351-54 Downloads
Donald A Hanson
Public Policies Toward the Use of Scrap Materials pp. 355-58 Downloads
Robert C Anderson
Consumer Protection Regulation in Ethical Drugs pp. 359-64 Downloads
Henry G Grabowski and John M Vernon
The Characteristics of Optimum Inventions: An Isotech Approach pp. 365-69 Downloads
Roger A McCain
The Effects of the Rural Income Maintenance Experiment on the School Performance of Children pp. 370-75 Downloads
Rebecca A Maynard
Sons of Immigrants: Are They at an Earnings Disadvantage? pp. 376-80
Barry Chiswick
Short-run Housing Responses to Changes in Income pp. 381-86 Downloads
Elizabeth A Roistacher
Toward a Marxian Model of Economic Growth pp. 387-92 Downloads
David Laibman
Econometric Methodology in Radical Economics pp. 393-99 Downloads
Dale J Poirier
A Labor Force Competition Theory of Discrimination in the Labor Market pp. 400-404 Downloads
David H Swinton
Black-White Differences in Income and Wealth pp. 405-09 Downloads
Stephen D Franklin and James D Smith
Wives' Labor Force Behavior and Family Consumption Patterns pp. 410-17 Downloads
Myra H Strober
Capacity: An Integrated Micro and Macro Analysis pp. 418-22 Downloads
Gordon Winston
A General Equilibrium Approach to Estimating the Costs of Domestic Distortions pp. 423-28 Downloads
Jaime de Melo
Agricultural Development on the Frontier: The Case of Siberia under Nicholas II pp. 429-32
Daniel R Kazmer
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