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Volume 69, issue 5, 1979

Short-Run Price Effects of the Corporate Income Tax and Implications for International Trade pp. 765-74 Downloads
James Melvin
The Migration Decision: What Role Does Job Mobility Play? pp. 775-86 Downloads
Ann P Bartel
Job Opportunities, the Offered Wage, and the Labor Supply of Married Women pp. 787-805 Downloads
Masao Nakamura, Alice Nakamura and Dallas Cullen
Public Employee Market Power and the Level of Government Spending pp. 806-17 Downloads
Paul Courant, Edward Gramlich and Daniel L Rubinfeld
The Monetary Approach to Official Reserves and the Foreign Exchange Rate in France, 1962-74: Some Structural Estimates pp. 818-31 Downloads
Jacques Melitz and Henri Sterdyniak
Growth and the Long-Run Theory of International Capital Movements pp. 832-42 Downloads
Roy J Ruffin
A Dynamic Disequilibrium Comparison of Fixed and Free Exchange-Rate Regimes pp. 843-54 Downloads
Kenneth Chan
Black-White Life Cycle Earnings Differences and the Vintage Hypothesis: A Longitudinal Analysis pp. 855-67 Downloads
Saul Hoffman
Efficient Wage Bargains under Uncertain Supply and Demand pp. 868-79 Downloads
Robert Hall and David M Lilien
The Optimal Tradeoff between the Probability and Magnitude of Fines pp. 880-91 Downloads
A. Mitchell Polinsky and Steven Shavell
Translog Flexible Functional Forms and Associated Demand Systems pp. 892-901 Downloads
Peter Simmons and Daniel Weiserbs
Shadow Pricing in Distorted Economies pp. 902-14 Downloads
Trent J Bertrand
A Theory of Federal Debt Management pp. 915-26 Downloads
V Vance Roley
Disadvantageous Syndicates in Public Goods Economies pp. 927-33 Downloads
Andrew Schotter
The Performance of Multiperiod Managerial Incentive Schemes pp. 934-40 Downloads
Peter Murrell
Inside the Monetarist Black Box: Comment pp. 941-43 Downloads
Francisco L Lopes
Inside the Monetarist Black Box: Reply pp. 944-46 Downloads
Jerome Stein
Welfare Measures in a Multimarket Framework pp. 947-54 Downloads
Richard Just and Darrell L Hueth
Inflationary Expectations and Momentary Equilibrium: Comment pp. 955
John S Pettengill
Inflationary Expectations and Momentary Equilibrium: Reply pp. 956
Lewis Johnson
Monopolistic Competition and Optimum Product Diversity: Comment pp. 957-60 Downloads
John S Pettengill
Monopolistic Competition and Optimum Product Diversity: Reply pp. 961-63 Downloads
Avinash Dixit and Joseph Stiglitz
On the Equivalence of Reference Price with Tariffs and Quotas pp. 964-67 Downloads
Anthony Y C Koo
Turnover and Mobility among the 100 Largest Firms: An Update pp. 968-73 Downloads
Robert J Stonebraker
A Simple Neutrality Result for Movements between Income and Consumption Taxes pp. 974-76 Downloads
John Whalley
Substitution vs. Addiction in the True Index of Real Wages pp. 977-82 Downloads
Louis Phlips and Pierre Pieraerts
Minimizing AEA Convention Transportation Costs pp. 983-88 Downloads
John Siegfried and Larry Nelson
Hedging and the Competitive Firm under Price Uncertainty pp. 989-95 Downloads
Duncan M Holthausen
Unanticipated Money Growth and Unemployment in the United States: Comment pp. 996-1003 Downloads
David H Small
Unanticipated Money Growth and Unemployment in the United States: Reply pp. 1004-09 Downloads
Robert Barro
Professorial Behavior Given a Stochastic Reward Structure pp. 1010-17 Downloads
William Becker

Volume 69, issue 4, 1979

Rational Decision Making in Business Organizations pp. 493-513 Downloads
Herbert Simon
The Output Distribution Frontier: Alternatives to Income Taxes and Transfers for Strong Equality Goals pp. 514-25 Downloads
William Baumol and Dietrich Fischer
On Fiscal and Monetary Policies and the Government Budget Restraint pp. 526-38 Downloads
Carl Christ
An Analysis of a Macro-Econometric Model with Rational Expectations in the Bond and Stock Markets pp. 539-52 Downloads
Ray Fair
The Narrowing of Black-White Wage Differentials Is Illusory pp. 553-64 Downloads
Edward Lazear
Models of the Firm and International Trade under Uncertainty pp. 565-74 Downloads
David P Baron and Robert Forsythe
Multi-Intermediate-Goods Trade: The Gains and a Heckscher-Ohlin Analysis pp. 575-86 Downloads
William Der
Information, Entry, and Welfare: The Case for Collusion pp. 587-94 Downloads
Donald Dewey
Differential Inflationary Expectations and the Variability of the Rate of Inflation: Theory and Evidence pp. 595-609 Downloads
Alex Cukierman and Paul Wachtel
On the Mark: A Theory of Floating Exchange Rates Based on Real Interest Differentials pp. 610-22 Downloads
Jeffrey Frankel
Economic Theory of Choice and the Preference Reversal Phenomenon pp. 623-38 Downloads
David Grether and Charles Plott
Money, Bonds, and Foreign Exchange pp. 639-49 Downloads
Eugene Fama and André Farber
Testing the Demand Side of Comparative Advantage Models pp. 650-61 Downloads
Yutaka Horiba
Incomplete Markets, Price Regulation, and Welfare pp. 662-69 Downloads
H M Polemarchakis
The Measurement of Inequality: Comment pp. 670-72 Downloads
Kenneth L Wertz
The Measurement of Inequality: Reply pp. 673-77 Downloads
Morton Paglin
Monopoly Output under Alternative Spatial Pricing Techniques: Comment pp. 678-79 Downloads
Song-ken Hsu
Monopoly Output under Alternative Spatial Pricing Techniques: Reply pp. 680-81 Downloads
M L Greenhut and Hiroshi Ohta
Constant-Utility Index Numbers of Real Wages: Comment pp. 682-85 Downloads
P J Lloyd
Constant-Utility Index Numbers of Real Wages: Reply pp. 686-87 Downloads
John Pencavel
Valuing Market Benefits and Costs in Related Output and Input Markets pp. 688-96 Downloads
Dennis Carlton
Uncertainty and the Bidding for Incentive Contracts pp. 697-705 Downloads
Charles Holt
Price Controls and Optimal Export Policies under Alternative Market Structures pp. 706-14 Downloads
Richard Just, Andrew Schmitz and David Zilberman
Factor-Market Distortions and Dynamic Optimal Intervention: Comment pp. 715-17 Downloads
Edward J Ray
Factor-Market Distortions and Dynamic Optimal Intervention: Reply pp. 718-20 Downloads
Harvey Lapan
The Disequilibrium Model in a Controlled Economy: Comment pp. 721-25 Downloads
Barbara Katz
The Disequilibrium Model in a Controlled Economy: Comment pp. 726-32 Downloads
Machiko Nissanke
The Disequilibrium Model in a Controlled Economy: Reply and Further Results pp. 733-38 Downloads
David H Howard
On the Estimation of Disaggregate Welfare Losses with an Application to Price Distortions in Urban Transport pp. 739-46 Downloads
Stephen Glaister

Volume 69, issue 3, 1979

Industry Performance Gradient Indexes pp. 249-60 Downloads
Robert E Dansby and Robert D Willig
The "Stationarity" of Shadow Prices of Factors in Project Evaluation, with and without Distortions pp. 261-73
Jagdish N Bhagwati and Henry Wan
Social Security, the Supply of Labor, and Capital Accumulation pp. 274-83 Downloads
Sheng Cheng Hu
Informative Advertising and Welfare pp. 284-94
Y Kotowitz and F Mathewson
Measurement Errors and the Permanent Income Hypothesis: Evidence from Rural India pp. 295-307 Downloads
Surjit Bhalla
Approximating Expected Utility by a Function of Mean and Variance pp. 308-17
H Levy and H M Markowtiz
The Emergence of Countercyclical U.S. Fertility pp. 318-28
William P Butz and Michael P Ward
The Rate of Surplus Value, the Organic Composition, and the General Rate of Profit in the U.S. Economy, 1947-67 pp. 329-41 Downloads
Edward Wolff
Engineering and Econometric Interpretations of Energy-Capital Complementarity pp. 342-54 Downloads
Ernst R Berndt and David O Wood
Permanent Household Income and Consumption in Urban South America pp. 355-68 Downloads
Philip Musgrove
Welfare, Remarriage, and Marital Search pp. 369-79
Robert M Hutchens
Layoffs and Alternatives under Trade Unions in U.S. Manufacturing pp. 380-95 Downloads
James Medoff
Testing the Theory of Social Security and Life Cycle Accumulation pp. 396-410 Downloads
Laurence Kotlikoff
Job Search and Vacancy Contacts pp. 411-19 Downloads
John Seater
The Arrow-Lind Theorem in a Continuum Economy pp. 420-22 Downloads
Roy Gardner
On the Equivalence of Input and Output Market Marshallian Surplus Measures pp. 423-28
Stephen E Jacobsen
Inflation Expectations in the Monetarist Black Box pp. 429-34 Downloads
Shlomo Maital
The Wealth-Age Relation among the Aged pp. 435-43 Downloads
Thad W Mirer
The Relationship between Relative Prices and the General Price Level: A Suggested Interpretation pp. 444-47 Downloads
Alex Cukierman
Exchange Market Pressure in Postwar Brazil: An Application of the Girton-Roper Monetary Model pp. 448-54 Downloads
Michael Connolly and Jose Dantas da Silveira
Income and Substitution Effects in the Two-Sector Open Economy pp. 455-58 Downloads
Giora Hanoch and Mordechai Fraenkel
Should Government Subsidize Risky Private Projects? Comment pp. 459-61 Downloads
Marion B Stewart
Should Government Subsidize Risky Private Projects? Reply pp. 462-64 Downloads
Joram Mayshar
Consumer's Surplus without Apology: Comment pp. 465-68 Downloads
George W McKenzie
Consumer's Surplus without Apology: Reply pp. 469-74 Downloads
Robert D Willig
A Note on Optimal Taxation and Administrative Costs pp. 475-80 Downloads
Shlomo Yitzhaki
Capitalization of Intrajurisdictional Differences in Local Tax Prices: Comment pp. 481-84 Downloads
Dyer, James C, Iv and Michael D Maher
Capitalization of Intrajurisdictional Differences in Local Tax Prices: Reply pp. 485
Bruce W Hamilton

Volume 69, issue 2, 1979

Applications of Economics to an Imperfect World pp. 1-13
Alfred Kahn
Research on Economic Education: Is It Asking the Right Questions? pp. 14-21
Burton A Weisbrod
Research on Economic Education: How Well Is It Answering the Questions Asked? pp. 22-27 Downloads
Thomas Johnson
A Confusion of Economists? pp. 28-37 Downloads
Kearl, J R, et al
Who's in the Labor Force: A Simple Counting Problem? pp. 38-42
Arvil V Adams
Measuring Economic Hardship in the Labor Market pp. 43-47 Downloads
Diane Werneke
Counting the Labor Force with the Current Population Survey pp. 48-53 Downloads
Curtis Gilroy
Second Thoughts on Keynesian Economics pp. 54-59 Downloads
Robert Barro
Evaluating the Non-Market-Clearing Approach pp. 60-63
Peter Howitt
Why Does Aggregate Employment Fluctuate? pp. 64-69 Downloads
Herschel Grossman
The Productivity of Foreign Resource Inflow to the Soviet Economy pp. 70-75 Downloads
Padma Desai
Some Systemic Factors Contributing to the Convertible Currency Shortages of Centrally Planned Economies pp. 76-80 Downloads
Franklyn D Holzman
Temporary Taxes as Macro-Economic Stabilizers pp. 81-85 Downloads
Walter Dolde
On Modeling the Effects of Government Policies pp. 86-91 Downloads
Ray Fair
Equilibrium and Welfare in Unregulated Airline Markets pp. 92-95 Downloads
John C Panzar
The Economic Gradient Method pp. 96-101 Downloads
Robert D Willig and Elizabeth E Bailey
Quasi-Walrasian Theories of Unemployment pp. 102-07 Downloads
Guillermo Calvo
Staggered Wage Setting in a Macro Model pp. 108-13 Downloads
John Taylor
Backward and Forward Solutions for Economies with Rational Expectations pp. 114-18 Downloads
Olivier Blanchard
The Potential Impact of Employment Policy on the Unemployment Rate Consistent with Nonaccelerating Inflation pp. 119-23 Downloads
George Johnson and Arthur Blakemore
Selective Employment Subsidies: Can Okun's Law be Repealed? pp. 124-30 Downloads
John Bishop and Robert Haveman
Retirement Policies, Employment, and Unemployment pp. 131-36 Downloads
Ronald Ehrenberg
The Market for Ph.D. Economists: The Academic Sector pp. 137-42
Charles E Scott
Stocks and Flows of Academic Economists pp. 143-47 Downloads
Barbara B Reagan
Mobility in the Labor Market for Academic Economists pp. 148-53 Downloads
David E Ault, Gilbert L Rutman and Thomas Stevenson
The Cartelization of World Commodity Markets pp. 154-58 Downloads
Robert Pindyck
National and International Policies toward Food Security and Price Stabilization pp. 159-63 Downloads
David Bigman and Shlomo Reutlinger
Measuring the Impact of Primary Commodity Fluctuations on Economic Development: Coffee and Brazil pp. 164-68 Downloads
F. Gerard Adams, Jere Behrman and Romualdo A Roldan
Robust Stabilization Policies for International Commodity Agreements pp. 169-72 Downloads
Bruce Gardner
The New Jobs Tax Credit: An Evaluation of the 1977-78 Wage Subsidy Program pp. 173-79 Downloads
Jeffrey Perloff and Michael L Wachter
Stimulating the Macro Economy through State and Local Governments pp. 180-85 Downloads
Edward Gramlich
Economic Development and the Theory of International Trade pp. 186-90 Downloads
Ronald Findlay
Efficiency of LDC Trading Patterns: The Case of Iran pp. 191-95 Downloads
Hossein Askari, John T Cummings and Gunter Richter
Trade and Employment: Chile in the 1960's pp. 196-201 Downloads
Vittorio Corbo and Patricio Meller
The Role of a Tax-Based Incomes Policy pp. 202-06 Downloads
Laurence Seidman
Comparing TIP to Wage Subsidies pp. 207-11 Downloads
Donald Nichols
Implementation and Design of Tax-Based Incomes Policies pp. 212-15 Downloads
Richard E Slitor
Welfare Comparisons and Equivalence Scales pp. 216-21 Downloads
Robert Pollak and Terence J Wales
Comparing Households with Different Structures: The Problem of Equity pp. 222-26 Downloads
Marilyn E Manser
The Social Security Benefit Structure: Equity Considerations of the Family as Its Basis pp. 227-31
Carol T F Bennett
Financial Policies in Open Economies pp. 232-39 Downloads
Dale Henderson
The Current State of the Policy-Ineffectiveness Debate pp. 240-45
Bennett McCallum
A Case for Monetary Reform pp. 246-50 Downloads
James L Pierce
The Economics of the Oceans: Environment, Issues, and Economic Analysis pp. 251-55 Downloads
Maurice Wilkinson
The Economics of Marine Fisheries Management in the Era of Extended Jurisdiction: The Canadian Perspective pp. 256-60 Downloads
Parzival Copes
The Economics of the Eastern Bloc Ocean Policy pp. 261-65
Vladimir Kaczynski
Marine Resources: The Economics of U.S. Ocean Policy pp. 266-71 Downloads
James A Crutchfield
The Outlook for Social Security pp. 272-74 Downloads
A Haeworth Robertson
Disability Insurance pp. 275-78 Downloads
Paul N Van de Water
Medicare: Its Financing and Future pp. 279-83 Downloads
Uwe E Reinhardt
Social Security Financing and Retirement Behavior pp. 284-87
Anthony J Pellechio
Alternative Economic Policies for the Revitalization of U.S. Central Cities pp. 288-92 Downloads
Cleveland A Chandler and Wilfred L David
Hospital Production--Can Costs be Contained? pp. 293-97 Downloads
Charles E Anderson
Housing Segregation and Black Employment: Another Look at the Ghetto Disperal Strategy pp. 298-302 Downloads
Samuel Myers and Kenneth E Phillips
Noncooperative Equilibrium and Market Signalling pp. 303-07 Downloads
John Riley
Equilibrium and Agency--Inadmissible Agents in the Public Agency Problem pp. 308-12
Stephen Ross
Equilibrium and Adverse Selection pp. 313-17 Downloads
Charles A Wilson
Stability of the Demand Function for Money: An Unresolved Issue pp. 318-23
Thomas Cargill and Robert A Meyer
Structural and Technological Change in Money Demand pp. 324-29 Downloads
Charles Lieberman
Some Clues in the Case of the Missing Money pp. 330-34 Downloads
Gillian Garcia and Simon Pak
Strategic Entry Deterrence pp. 335-38 Downloads
Steven C Salop
Equilibrium in Product Markets with Imperfect Information pp. 339-45 Downloads
Joseph Stiglitz
Multiproduct Technology and Market Structure pp. 346-51 Downloads
Robert D Willig
The Performance of Government in Energy Regulations pp. 352-56 Downloads
Walter J Mead
The Role of the Government in Subsidizing Solar Energy pp. 357-61 Downloads
Michael D Yokell
Another Look at Energy Conservation pp. 362-68 Downloads
Lee Schipper
Energy Substitution and National Energy Policy pp. 369-71
Savas Ozatalay, Stephen Grubaugh and Long, Thomas Veach,

Volume 69, issue 1, 1979

Economics among the Sciences pp. 1-13
Tjalling Koopmans
Fertility, Women's Wage Rates, and Labor Supply pp. 14-24
Belton Fleisher and Rhodes, George F,
Appropriative Water Rights and the Efficient Allocation of Resources pp. 25-37 Downloads
H Stuart Burness and James P Quirk
Optimal Pricing with Intermodal Competition pp. 38-49
Ronald R Braeutigam
On the Information Content of Prices pp. 50-59 Downloads
Kenneth Garbade, Jay L Pomrenze and William L Silber
An Essay on Monopoly Power and Stable Price Policy pp. 60-72
S Y Wu
Labor Supply Functions in a Poor Agrarian Economy pp. 73-83 Downloads
Pranab Bardhan
The Design of an Optimal Insurance Policy pp. 84-96 Downloads
Artur Raviv
Income Redistribution: A Probabilistic Approach pp. 97-105 Downloads
Michael Intriligator
A Theoretical Foundation for the Gravity Equation pp. 106-16 Downloads
James Anderson
A Model of the Natural Rate of Unemployment pp. 117-25 Downloads
Steven C Salop
On the "Importance" of Productivity Change pp. 126-36 Downloads
Charles R Hulten
Vertical Integration of Successive Oligopolists pp. 137-41
M L Greenhut and Hiroshi Ohta
Charitable Contributions: New Evidence on Household Behavior pp. 142-51 Downloads
William S Reece
Optimal Financing of the Government's Budget: Taxes, Bonds, or Money? pp. 152-60 Downloads
Elhanan Helpman and Efraim Sadka
Alternative Theories of Pricing, Distribution, Saving, and Investment pp. 161-65 Downloads
Hans Brems
The North-South Differential and the Migration of Heterogeneous Labor pp. 166-75 Downloads
Don Bellante
Short- and Long-Run Effects of Monetary and Fiscal Policies under Flexible Exchange Rates and Perfect Capital Mobility pp. 176-82 Downloads
Carlos Rodríguez
Hedonic Theory and the Demand for Cable Television pp. 183-89 Downloads
Bryan Ellickson
On Regulation and Uncertainty: Comment pp. 190-94 Downloads
Nicholas Rau
On Regulation and Uncertainty: Reply pp. 195-99 Downloads
Yoram C Peles and Jerome Stein
The Supply of Storage: Stein vs. Snape pp. 200-202 Downloads
Barry A Goss
Labor Supply under Uncertainty: Note pp. 203-05 Downloads
Gideon Yaniv
Explaining the Relative Efficiency of Slave Agriculture in the Antebellum South: A Reply to Fogel-Engerman pp. 206-07 Downloads
Thomas L Haskell
The Relative Efficiency of Slave Agriculture: A Comment pp. 208-12 Downloads
Donald F Schaefer and Mark D Schmitz
Explaining the Relative Efficiency of Slave Agriculture in the Antebellum South: Comment pp. 213-18 Downloads
Paul David and Peter Temin
The Efficiency of Slavery: Another Interpretation pp. 219-26 Downloads
Gavin Wright
Monopoly and the Rate of Extraction of Exhaustible Resources: Note pp. 227-30
Tracy Lewis, Steven Matthews and H Stuart Burness
Monopoly and the Rate of Extraction of Exhaustible Resources: Note pp. 231-33 Downloads
Gordon Tullock
Monopoly and Crude Oil Extraction pp. 234-39 Downloads
John J Soladay
Constant-Utility Index Numbers of Real Wages: Revised Estimates pp. 240-43
John Pencavel
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