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Volume 90, issue 5, 2000

Does Exchange-Rate Stability Increase Trade and Welfare? pp. 1093-1109 Downloads
Eric van Wincoop and Philippe Bacchetta
Market Contagion: Evidence from the Panics of 1854 and 1857 pp. 1110-1124 Downloads
Cormac Ó Gráda and Morgan Kelly
Monetary Aggregates and Output pp. 1125-1135 Downloads
Finn Kydland and Scott Freeman
Endogenous Business Cycles and the Dynamics of Output, Hours, and Consumption pp. 1136-1159 Downloads
Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe
Does Schooling Cause Growth? pp. 1160-1183 Downloads
Pete Klenow and Mark Bils
Schooling, Labor-Force Quality, and the Growth of Nations pp. 1184-1208 Downloads
Dennis D. Kimko and Eric Hanushek
Does Competition among Public Schools Benefit Students and Taxpayers? pp. 1209-1238 Downloads
Caroline Hoxby
"Globalization" and Vertical Structure pp. 1239-1254 Downloads
John McLaren
Diversity and Trade pp. 1255-1275 Downloads
Giovanni Maggi and Gene Grossman
Economic Integration and Political Disintegration pp. 1276-1296 Downloads
Enrico Spolaore, Alberto Alesina and Romain Wacziarg
The Determinants of Equilibrium Unemployment pp. 1297-1322 Downloads
Eran Yashiv
Aggregate Employment Fluctuations with Microeconomic Asymmetries pp. 1323-1345 Downloads
Jonas Fisher and Jeffrey Campbell
Performance Pay and Productivity pp. 1346-1361 Downloads
Edward Lazear
Minimum Wages and Employment: A Case Study of the Fast-Food Industry in New Jersey and Pennsylvania: Comment pp. 1362-1396 Downloads
William Wascher and David Neumark
Minimum Wages and Employment: A Case Study of the Fast-Food Industry in New Jersey and Pennsylvania: Reply pp. 1397-1420 Downloads
Alan Krueger and David Card
Central-Bank Credibility: Why Do We Care? How Do We Build It? pp. 1421-1431 Downloads
Alan Blinder
Nominal Wage Rigidity and Industry Characteristics in the Downturns of 1893, 1929, and 1981 pp. 1432-1446 Downloads
Christopher Hanes
Money, Sticky Wages, and the Great Depression pp. 1447-1463 Downloads
Christopher Erceg, Michael Bordo and Charles Evans
Output Fluctuations in the United States: What Has Changed since the Early 1980's? pp. 1464-1476 Downloads
Gabriel Perez-Quiros and Margaret M. McConnell
Social Interactions and the Institutions of Local Government pp. 1477-1490 Downloads
William Strange and Robert Helsley
Social Limits to Redistribution pp. 1491-1507 Downloads
Hans Peter Gruner and Giacomo Corneo
Tax Competition When Governments Lack Commitment: Excess Capacity as a Countervailing Threat pp. 1508-1519 Downloads
Eckhard Janeba
Selective versus Universal Vouchers: Modelling Median Voter Preferences in Education pp. 1520-1534 Downloads
Edwin G. West and Zhiqi Chen
Erratum: A Reconsideration of the Twentieth Century pp. 1535-1535 Downloads
Robert Mundell

Volume 90, issue 4, 2000

Orchestrating Impartiality: The Impact of "Blind" Auditions on Female Musicians pp. 715-741 Downloads
Cecilia Rouse and Claudia Goldin
Wage Shocks and North American Labor-Market Integration pp. 742-764 Downloads
Raymond Robertson
Mentoring and Diversity pp. 765-786 Downloads
Christopher Avery, Susan Athey and Peter Zemsky
Asset Pricing with Distorted Beliefs: Are Equity Returns Too Good to Be True? pp. 787-805 Downloads
Pok-sang Lam, Stephen Cecchetti and Nelson Mark
Population, Technology, and Growth: From Malthusian Stagnation to the Demographic Transition and Beyond pp. 806-828 Downloads
David Weil and Oded Galor
Endogenous Growth and Cross-Country Income Differences pp. 829-846 Downloads
Peter Howitt
Aid, Policies, and Growth pp. 847-868 Downloads
David Dollar and Craig Burnside
A Reassessment of the Relationship between Inequality and Growth pp. 869-887 Downloads
Kristin Forbes
Intelligence, Social Mobility, and Growth pp. 888-908 Downloads
Sevi Rodríguez Mora and John Hassler
A Representative Consumer Theory of Distribution pp. 909-926 Downloads
Jaume Ventura and Francesco Caselli
Meetings with Costly Participation pp. 927-943 Downloads
Jeffrey S. Rosenthal, Martin Osborne and Matthew Turner
Motivating Wealth-Constrained Actors pp. 944-960 Downloads
David Sappington and Tracy Lewis
Demand Reduction in Multiunit Auctions: Evidence from a Sportscard Field Experiment pp. 961-972 Downloads
David Reiley and John List
Does Culture Matter in Economic Behavior? Ultimatum Game Bargaining among the Machiguenga of the Peruvian Amazon pp. 973-979 Downloads
Joseph Henrich
Cooperation and Punishment in Public Goods Experiments pp. 980-994 Downloads
Simon Gächter and Ernst Fehr
Asset Markets: How They Are Affected by Tournament Incentives for Individuals pp. 995-1004 Downloads
R. Isaac and Duncan James
Losing Sleep at the Market: The Daylight Saving Anomaly pp. 1005-1011 Downloads
Lisa Kramer, Mark Kamstra and Maurice Levi
Private Information and Trade Timing pp. 1012-1018 Downloads
Lones Smith
A Preference Regime Model of Bull and Bear Markets pp. 1019-1033 Downloads
Pascal St-Amour and Stephen Gordon
Learning and Forgetting: The Dynamics of Aircraft Production pp. 1034-1054 Downloads
C. Lanier Benkard
Optimal Risk Adjustment in Markets with Adverse Selection: An Application to Managed Care pp. 1055-1071 Downloads
Thomas G. McGuire and Jacob Glazer
Fair Shares: Accountability and Cognitive Dissonance in Allocation Decisions pp. 1072-1091 Downloads
James Konow

Volume 90, issue 3, 2000

A Reconsideration of the Twentieth Century pp. 327-340 Downloads
Robert Mundell
Saving and Growth with Habit Formation pp. 341-355 Downloads
Jody Overland, Christopher Carroll and David Weil
Tax Policy and Aggregate Demand Management under Catching Up with the Joneses pp. 356-366 Downloads
Harald Uhlig and Lars Ljungqvist
Habit Formation in Consumption and Its Implications for Monetary-Policy Models pp. 367-390 Downloads
Jeffrey Fuhrer
Habit Formation in Consumer Preferences: Evidence from Panel Data pp. 391-406 Downloads
Karen E. Dynan
What Do a Million Observations on Banks Say about the Transmission of Monetary Policy? pp. 407-428 Downloads
Jeremy Stein and Anil Kashyap
Federal Reserve Information and the Behavior of Interest Rates pp. 429-457 Downloads
David Romer and Christina Romer
What Inventory Behavior Tells Us about Business Cycles pp. 458-481 Downloads
James Kahn and Mark Bils
Job Destruction and Propagation of Shocks pp. 482-498 Downloads
Garey Ramey, Wouter J. den Haan and Joel Watson
Efficiency and Information Aggregation in Auctions pp. 499-525 Downloads
Jeroen Swinkels and Wolfgang Pesendorfer
Ownership Risk, Investment, and the Use of Natural Resources pp. 526-549 Downloads
Robert Deacon and Henning Bohn
Standardization in Decentralized Economies pp. 550-570 Downloads
Michel Benaim and Emmanuelle Auriol
The Labeling Effect of a Child Benefit System pp. 571-583 Downloads
Peter Kooreman
A Time-Series Analysis of Crime, Deterrence, and Drug Abuse in New York City pp. 584-604 Downloads
Naci Mocan and Hope Corman
A Theory of Rigid Extremists and Flexible Moderates with an Application to the U.S. Congress pp. 605-620 Downloads
Joseph Harrington and Stephen Blomberg
Sovereign Debt as Intertemporal Barter pp. 621-639 Downloads
Brian Wright and Kenneth Kletzer
Role Models and Arguments for Affirmative Action pp. 640-648 Downloads
Kim-Sau Chung
Political Influence and the Dynamic Consistency of Policy pp. 649-666 Downloads
Jaewoo Lee and Michelle Garfinkel
The Role of a Variable Input in the Relationship between Investment and Uncertainty pp. 667-680 Downloads
Kwanho Shin and Jaewoo Lee
Optimal Income Taxation: An Example with a U-Shaped Pattern of Optimal Marginal Tax Rates: Comment pp. 681-686 Downloads
Michel Strawczynski and Momi Dahan
Capital Mobility in NeoClassical Models of Growth: Comment pp. 687-694 Downloads
Petr Duczynski
Herd Behavior and Investment: Comment pp. 695-704 Downloads
Peter Sørensen and Marco Ottaviani
Herd Behavior and Investment: Reply pp. 705-706 Downloads
Jeremy Stein and David Scharfstein

Volume 90, issue 2, 2000

International Financial Crises: Causes, Prevention, and Cures pp. 1-16 Downloads
Lawrence Summers
Crisis and Risk Management pp. 17-21 Downloads
Myron Scholes
Tunneling pp. 22-27 Downloads
Simon Johnson
U.S. Banks, Crises, and Bailouts: From Mexico to LTCM pp. 28-31 Downloads
Dong Lee, Bong-Chan Kho and René Stulz
Floating, Fixed, or Super-Fixed? Dollarization Joins the Menu of Exchange-Rate Options pp. 32-37 Downloads
Rachel McCulloch and Blake Lebaron
Conflicting Demands on the International Monetary Fund pp. 38-42 Downloads
Anne O. Krueger
Rules and Authorities in International Monetary Arrangements: The Role of the Central Bank pp. 43-47 Downloads
Robert Z. Aliber
Why Did the Ruble Collapse in August 1998? pp. 48-52 Downloads
Padma Desai
The Polish Zloty, 1990-1999: Success and Underperformance pp. 53-58 Downloads
Domenico Mario Nuti
Capital-Markets Crises and Economic Collapse in Emerging Markets: An Informational-Frictions Approach pp. 59-64 Downloads
Enrique Mendoza and Guillermo Calvo
Mirage of Floating Exchange Rates pp. 65-70 Downloads
Carmen Reinhart
Exchange-Rate Policy for Developing Countries pp. 71-75 Downloads
Andres Velasco and Roberto Chang
Telling Better Stories in Introductory Macro pp. 76-80 Downloads
David Colander
Eight Reasons Why Real versus Nominal Interest Rates Is the Most Important Concept in Macroeconomics Principles Courses pp. 81-84 Downloads
Peter Kennedy
The Principles of Macroeconomics at the Millennium pp. 85-89 Downloads
Michael Parkin
Teaching Modern Macroeconomics at the Principles Level pp. 90-94 Downloads
John Taylor
The First Year of the Eurosystem: Inflation Targeting or Not? pp. 95-99 Downloads
Lars Svensson
Pitfalls of Forward-Looking Monetary Policy pp. 100-104 Downloads
Michael Woodford
Inflation Targeting in Emerging-Market Countries pp. 105-109 Downloads
Frederic Mishkin
Requiem for the Representative Consumer? Aggregate Implications of Microeconomic Consumption Behavior pp. 110-115 Downloads
Christopher Carroll
Testing the (S, s) Model pp. 116-119 Downloads
Erik Hurst, Christopher Foote and John Leahy
The Savers-Spenders Theory of Fiscal Policy pp. 120-125 Downloads
N. Gregory Mankiw
Political Losers as a Barrier to Economic Development pp. 126-130 Downloads
James Robinson and Daron Acemoglu
Ethnicity and Development in Africa: A Reappraisal pp. 131-134 Downloads
Robert Bates
Capture and Governance at Local and National Levels pp. 135-139 Downloads
Dilip Mookherjee and Pranab Bardhan
Participatory Politics, Social Cooperation, and Economic Stability pp. 140-144 Downloads
Dani Rodrik
Beyond the Algebra of Explanation: HOV for the Technology Age pp. 145-149 Downloads
Susan Chun Zhu and Daniel Trefler
International Trade as an "Integrated Equilibrium": New Perspectives pp. 150-154 Downloads
David Weinstein and Donald Davis
Aggregation Bias in the Factor Content of Trade: Evidence from U.S. Manufacturing pp. 155-160 Downloads
Gordon Hanson and Robert Feenstra
U.S. Economic Growth at the Industry Level pp. 161-167 Downloads
Kevin Stiroh and Dale W. Jorgenson
Economic and Productivity Growth in Canadian Industries pp. 168-171 Downloads
Frank Lee, Wulong Gu and Jianmin Tang
A Comparison of Industrial Productivity Growth in Canada and the United States pp. 172-175 Downloads
Mun Ho and Wulong Gu
Productivity Levels and International Competitiveness between Canadian and U.S. Industries pp. 176-179 Downloads
Jianmin Tang and Frank Lee
The IBM and Microsoft Cases: What's the Difference? pp. 180-183 Downloads
Franklin M. Fisher
A Competitive Perspective on Internet Explorer pp. 184-187 Downloads
Kevin Murphy and Steven Davis
Toward a Quantification of the Effects of Microsoft's Conduct pp. 188-191 Downloads
Robert Hall and Chris E. Hall
Antitrust Issues in Schumpeterian Industries pp. 192-196 Downloads
Richard Schmalensee
Has the "Million-Dollar Cap" Affected CEO Pay? pp. 197-202 Downloads
Catherine Wolfram and Nancy Rose
Agents with and without Principals pp. 203-208 Downloads
Sendhil Mullainathan and Marianne Bertrand
Optimal Exercise Prices for Executive Stock Options pp. 209-214 Downloads
Kevin Murphy and Brian J. Hall
Knowledge Spillovers and Patent Citations: Evidence from a Survey of Inventors pp. 215-218 Downloads
Manuel Trajtenberg, Adam Jaffe and Michael S. Fogarty
Who Benefits Most from Employee Involvement: Firms or Workers? pp. 219-223 Downloads
Morris M. Kleiner and Richard Freeman
Is Cost-Cutting Evidence of X-Inefficiency? pp. 224-227 Downloads
Joseph Farrell and Severin Borenstein
Economists and Field Research: "You Can Observe a Lot Just by Watching." pp. 228-232 Downloads
Susan Helper
Can Downstream Waste Disposal Policies Encourage Upstream "Design for Environment"? pp. 233-237 Downloads
Margaret Walls and Paul Calcott
Two Generalizations of a Deposit-Refund Systems pp. 238-242 Downloads
Ann Wolverton and Don Fullerton
Restricting the Trash Trade pp. 243-246 Downloads
Molly Macauley, Eduardo Ley and Stephen Salant
Economic Measurement: Progress and Challenges pp. 247-252 Downloads
Michael J. Boskin
Getting the 21st-Century GDP Right: What's Underway? pp. 253-258 Downloads
Brent Moulton
New Directions in National Economic Accounting pp. 259-263 Downloads
William Nordhaus
The Income and Tax Share of Very High-Income Households, 1960-1995 pp. 264-270 Downloads
James Poterba and Daniel Feenberg
Taxes, High-Income Executives, and the Perils of Revenue Estimation in the New Economy pp. 271-275 Downloads
Austan Goolsbee
Capital-Gains Realizations of the Rich and Sophisticated pp. 276-282 Downloads
Jonathan Siegel and Alan Auerbach
Tax Policy and Entrepreneurial Entry pp. 283-287 Downloads
Robert Hubbard and William Gentry
How Much Should Americans Be Saving for Retirement? pp. 288-292 Downloads
B. Douglas Bernheim
Generational Accounts for the United States: An Update pp. 293-296 Downloads
Jagadeesh Gokhale
Saver Behavior and 401(k) Retirement Wealth pp. 297-302 Downloads
Steven Venti, James Poterba and David Wise
Generational Aspects of Medicare pp. 303-307 Downloads
Louise Sheiner and David Cutler
Racial and Ethnic Economic Inequality: The International Record pp. 308-311 Downloads
Jessica Gordon Nembhard and William Darity
Persistent Discrimination: Racial Disparity in the United States, 1967-1988 pp. 312-316 Downloads
Patrick Mason
Intergroup Economic Inequality in South Africa: The Post-apartheid Era pp. 317-321 Downloads
George Sherer
Does Caste Still Define Disparity? A Look at Inequality in Kerala, India pp. 322-325 Downloads
Ashwini Deshpande
The Convergence in Black-White Infant Mortality Rates during the 1960's pp. 326-332 Downloads
Michael Greenstone and Kenneth Chay
Labor-Market Dropouts and the Racial Wage Gap: 1940-1990 pp. 333-338 Downloads
Amitabh Chandra
Evaluating a Simple Method for Estimating Black-White Gaps in Median Wages pp. 339-343 Downloads
Yuichi Kitamura, William Johnson and Derek Neal
Understanding Black-White Wage Differentials, 1960-1990 pp. 344-349 Downloads
Thomas M. Lyons, James Heckman and Petra Todd
Immigration, Social Security, and Broader Fiscal Impacts pp. 350-354 Downloads
Timothy Miller and Ronald Lee
Foreign-Born Teaching Assistants and the Academic Performance of Undergraduates pp. 355-359 Downloads
George Borjas
Do Immigrant Inflows Lead to Native Outflows? pp. 360-367 Downloads
John DiNardo and David Card
Immigrant Earnings Assimilation: Estimates from Longitudinal Data pp. 368-372 Downloads
Wei-Yin Hu
Welfare Benefits and Female Headship in U.S. Time Series pp. 373-377 Downloads
Robert Moffitt
The Economics of Fatherhood pp. 378-382 Downloads
Robert Willis
Women on Welfare: A Macroeconomic Analysis pp. 383-388 Downloads
Nezih Guner, Jeremy Greenwood and John Knowles
Carrots and Sticks: Fertility Effects of China's Population Policies pp. 389-392 Downloads
Dennis Yang and Marjorie McElroy
Child Health and Household Resources in South Africa: Evidence from the Old Age Pension Program pp. 393-398 Downloads
Esther Duflo
Agricultural Volatility and Investments in Children pp. 399-404 Downloads
Robert Jensen
Sibling Rivalry in Africa pp. 405-409 Downloads
Jonathan Morduch
The Power of Incentives pp. 410-414 Downloads
Edward Lazear
The Use of Performance Measures in Incentive Contracting pp. 415-420 Downloads
George Baker
What Trade-Off of Risk and Incentives? pp. 421-425 Downloads
Canice Prendergast
Emotions in Economic Theory and Economic Behavior pp. 426-432 Downloads
George Loewenstein
A Boundedly Rational Decision Algorithm pp. 433-438 Downloads
David Laibson and Xavier Gabaix
Thinking and Feeling pp. 439-443 Downloads
Paul Romer
Growth in Women's Relative Wages and in Inequality among Men: One Phenomenon or Two? pp. 444-449 Downloads
Finis Welch
The Rise of Female Professionals: Are Women Responding to Skill Demand? pp. 450-455 Downloads
Chinhui Juhn and Sandra Black
Are Women's Wage Gains Men's Losses? A Distributional Test pp. 456-460 Downloads
Thomas Lemieux and Nicole Fortin
Career and Marriage in the Age of the Pill pp. 461-465 Downloads
Lawrence Katz and Claudia Goldin
Why Are Women Such Reluctant Economists? Evidence from Liberal Arts Colleges pp. 466-470 Downloads
Ann Owen and Elizabeth Jensen
Do Colleges Shortchange Women? Gender Differences in the Transition from College to Work pp. 471-475 Downloads
Lois Joy
Harriet Taylor Mill pp. 476-479 Downloads
Michele A. Pujol and Janet A. Seiz
Nineteenth-Century American Feminist Economics: From Caroline Dall to Charlotte Perkins Gilman pp. 480-484 Downloads
Robert Dimand
JOHN BATES CLARK MEDALIST pp. 486-486 Downloads
Andrei Shleifer
Minutes of the Annual Meeting pp. 487-487 Downloads
John Siegfried
Minutes of the Executive Committee Meetings pp. 488-494 Downloads
John Siegfried
Report of the Secretary for 1999 pp. 495-497 Downloads
John Siegfried
Report of the Treasurer for the Year Ending December 31, 1999 pp. 498-498 Downloads
C. Elton Hinshaw
Report of the Finance Committee pp. 499-499 Downloads
C. Elton Hinshaw
Report of the Editor: American Economic Review pp. 500-507 Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter
Report of the Editor: Journal of Economic Literature pp. 508-510 Downloads
John McMillan
Report of the Editor: Journal of Economic Perspectives pp. 511-513 Downloads
Alan Krueger
Report of the Director: Job Openings for Economists pp. 514-516 Downloads
C. Elton Hinshaw
Report of the Committee on Economic Education pp. 517-518 Downloads
Michael K. Salemi
Report of the Committee on the Status of Minority Groups in the Economics Profession pp. 519-520 Downloads
William Darity
Report of the Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession pp. 521-527 Downloads
Robin L. Bartlett
Report of the AEA Committee on the Journals pp. 528-531 Downloads
Thomas Schelling
Report of the Representative to the National Bureau of Economic Research pp. 532-533 Downloads
John Siegfried
American Economic Association Universal Academic Questionnaire Summary Statistics pp. 534-536 Downloads
Charles E. Scott

Volume 90, issue 1, 2000

Population, Food, and Knowledge pp. 1-14 Downloads
D. Johnson
Optimal Adoption of Complementary Technologies pp. 15-29 Downloads
Dmitriy Stolyarov and Boyan Jovanovic
Collateral Damage: Effects of the Japanese Bank Crisis on Real Activity in the United States pp. 30-45 Downloads
Eric Rosengren and Joe Peek
Endogenous Inequality in Integrated Labor Markets with Two-Sided Search pp. 46-72 Downloads
Larry Samuelson, George Mailath and Avner Shaked
Labor-Market Integration, Investment in Risky Human Capital, and Fiscal Competition pp. 73-95 Downloads
David Wildasin
Unequal Societies: Income Distribution and the Social Contract pp. 96-129 Downloads
Roland Benabou
Mobility, Targeting, and Private-School Vouchers pp. 130-146 Downloads
Thomas Nechyba
Liberalization, Moral Hazard in Banking, and Prudential Regulation: Are Capital Requirements Enough? pp. 147-165 Downloads
Kevin C. Murdock, Thomas Hellmann and Joseph Stiglitz
ERC: A Theory of Equity, Reciprocity, and Competition pp. 166-193 Downloads
Axel Ockenfels and Gary Bolton
The Choice between Market Failures and Corruption pp. 194-211 Downloads
Thierry Verdier and Daron Acemoglu
Elephants pp. 212-234 Downloads
Charles Morcom and Michael Kremer
Credit Rationing? pp. 235-239 Downloads
Dan Bernhardt
Third-Degree Price Discrimination in Input Markets: Output and Welfare pp. 240-246 Downloads
Yoshihiro Yoshida
A Simple Mechanism for the Efficient Provision of Public Goods: Experimental Evidence pp. 247-264 Downloads
Josef Falkinger
Limiting Buyer Discretion: Effects on Performance and Price in Long-Term Contracts pp. 265-281 Downloads
Lisa J. Cameron
Economic Growth and the Elasticity of Substitution: Two Theorems and Some Suggestions pp. 282-291 Downloads
Olivier de La Grandville and Rainer Klump
Economies of Scale and Constant Returns to Capital: A Neglected Early Contribution to the Theory of Economic Growth pp. 292-295 Downloads
Edmund Cannon
Naked Exclusion: Comment pp. 296-309 Downloads
Michael Whinston and Ilya R. Segal
Naked Exclusion: Reply pp. 310-311 Downloads
John Ramseyer, Eric Rasmusen and John Shepard Wiley
The Phillips Curve, the Persistence of Inflation, and the Lucas Critique: Evidence from Exchange-Rate Regimes: Comment pp. 312-315 Downloads
Alex Lammertsma and Clemens Kool
Unique Equilibrium in a Model of Self-Fulfilling Currency Attacks: Comment pp. 316-318 Downloads
Frank Heinemann
The Deadweight Loss of Christmas: Comment pp. 319-324 Downloads
Orit Tykocinski and Bradley Ruffle
The Deadweight Loss of Christmas: Reply pp. 325-325 Downloads
David Hemenway and Sara J. Solnick
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