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Volume XI, issue 2, 2011

The Environmental Impact of Trade Liberalisation and Economic Growth in Nigeria: An Empirical Analysis pp. 1-6 Downloads
Olanrewaju Adediran
An Assessment of Indigenous Ethnicity and Entrepreneurial Attitude in Nigeria pp. 12-17 Downloads
Amagionyeodiwe Lloyd Ahamefule, Olanrewaju Adediran and Adediran Afolake Olubusayo
How to Use Benchmarking in Small and Medium-Sized Businesses pp. 18-21 Downloads
Alexandrache (Hrimiuc) Olivia Bianca
Scoreboard—Managerial Accounting Instrument – Prerequisites for its Implementation in Public Cultural Institutions pp. 22-27 Downloads
Andreescu Gabriela and Eftene Nicoleta
Geographical Indications pp. 28-33 Downloads
Anechitoae Constantin and Grigoru? Lavinia-Maria
Central Banks’ Unconventional Policies within the Context of the Most Critical Global Financial Crisis of the 21st Century pp. 34-40 Downloads
Marius Apostoaie and Ciortescu Elena
Economic Crisis Effects Reflected in the Mass-media Speech pp. 41-45 Downloads
Apostol Mihaela-Simona and Cristea Anca Adriana
National Economic Advantage - The Role in Creation and Development of Competitive Clusters pp. 46-50 Downloads
Asalo? Nicoleta
The Role of the Accounting Professional in the Management of the Economic Crisis pp. 51-55 Downloads
Baba Camelia Mirela
Mutual Funds and the Impact of Financial Crises pp. 67-71 Downloads
Flavia Barna, Miruna Nachescu and Mihart Liliana
The Decision to Invest in the Crisis Situation pp. 72-77 Downloads
Bãlan Ioana
Sustainability of Economic Policies pp. 78-81 Downloads
Cristina Balaceanu
The Impact of Freight Tax Regime on European Fleet pp. 82-86 Downloads
Ghiorghe Batrinca and Raicu Gabriel
From Viral Marketing to Social CRM pp. 87-91 Downloads
Berþa Dora-Anca
Crisis – Achilles’ heel pp. 92-95 Downloads
Bicãjanu Vasile and Popescu (Spârchez) Nicoleta
Complementarities between the Internal and External Audit – Base for Increasing the Efficiency of the Financial and Economical Activity of the Public Entities pp. 96-100 Downloads
Bobeº Florina Maria
Factors which Influence the Management Accounting Organization Way within the Framework of the Economic Entities from the Coal Mining Industry pp. 101-106 Downloads
Boca (Rakos) Ileana – Sorina
From the Financial Crisis to the Sovereign Debt Crisis pp. 107-111 Downloads
Botescu Ion and Cîrnu Doru
Algerian Economic Structure: Opportunities or Threats in a Crisis Situation pp. 112-119 Downloads
Boualem-Ammar Chebira
The National Strategy and the National Action Plan on Climatic Change pp. 120-123 Downloads
Braºoveanu Florica
The Development of Cultures in Accordance with the Ecological Demands of the European Union pp. 124-127 Downloads
Braºoveanu Florica and Brezeanu Lisievici Alexandru Petru
The Structure of Financial Regulation pp. 128-132 Downloads
Bratu Renate Doina and Nicolae Petria
Mathematic Modeling Within Economics – a Critical Approach pp. 133-137 Downloads
Brãtian Vasile and Þãran Moroºan Adrian
The Development of a Multi-Item Scale to Measure Brand Equity pp. 138-144 Downloads
Brunello Adrian
The Quantitative-Qualitative Controversy in Marketing Research pp. 145-149 Downloads
Brunello Adrian and Petruºcã Claudia-Ioana
Does Migration Influence Regional Growth in Romania? pp. 150-156 Downloads
Bunea Daniela
Application of Actuarial Modelling in Insurance Industry pp. 157-161 Downloads
Burcã Ana-Maria and Ghiorghe Batrinca
The Effects of the Economic and Financial Crisis on the Romanian Entrepreneurship pp. 162-166 Downloads
Burcea Marin, Toma Sorin-George and Papuc Razvan
Corruption - between Myth and Reality pp. 167-169 Downloads
Burlacu Valentin
Bank Capital and the Functions Performed by It pp. 170-173 Downloads
Busuioc Witowschi Irina Raluca
The Crisis Situations in the Forestry Domain - Beyond the Appearances pp. 174-179 Downloads
Cãlean Ioana
Evolution of Large Retailers in Terms of Crisis pp. 180-183 Downloads
Cãlin Mariana Floricica
Evolution of Large Retailers in Terms of Crisis pp. 184-186 Downloads
Cãruntu Andreea Laura
Synthetic Analysis of the Effects and Impact of Financial Crisis in the National Context pp. 187-191 Downloads
Cãruntu Constantin and Lãpãduºi Mihaela Loredana
Profitability – Economic and Financial Performance of the Efficient Usage of Production Costs pp. 192-195 Downloads
Cãruntu Roxana Corina and Lãpãduºi Mihaela Loredana
Romanian Consumers Habits regarding Dental Hygiene pp. 196-201 Downloads
Cetinã Iuliana, Gârdan Daniel Adrian and Geangu Iuliana Petronela
Corporate Social Responsibility within Credit Institution in Romania pp. 202-207 Downloads
Chirleºan Dan and Marius Apostoaie
Epistemological Considerations on Complexity Economics pp. 208-213 Downloads
Cristina Ciote
The Economy as a Whole Living pp. 214-217 Downloads
Cristina Ciote
The Pension – a Substitution Income? pp. 218-221 Downloads
Cristina Ciuraru-Andrica
The Temptation to Exit the Eurozone in the Context of the Current Sovereign Debt Crisis pp. 222-227 Downloads
Cîndea Iuliana Marina and Cîndea Moise
Values of the EU Accounting Profession pp. 228-232 Downloads
Cîndea Moise and Ciurariu Gabriela
Using Data Mining Techniques in Economic Crisis pp. 233-236 Downloads
Codreanu Diana Elena, Popa Ionela and Denisa Elena Parpandel
Tax Evasion - the Main Component of the Underground Economy Matrix in Romania pp. 237-242 Downloads
Elena Condrea
Natural Non-Renewable Resources in Economic Theory pp. 243-247 Downloads
Constantin Alexandra Mihaela
Economic Growth under the Impact of the Depletion of Non-Renewable Resources pp. 248-251 Downloads
Constantin Alexandra Mihaela
Perspectives on the Worldwide Oil Market pp. 252-253 Downloads
Constantin Liana – Laura
Energy Reality pp. 254-257 Downloads
Constantin Liana – Laura
The Economy of the Romanian Naval Transports, in the Period 1900 – 1914 pp. 264-267 Downloads
Corduneanu Dumitru and Utureanu Simona
Offshore Financial Centers – A Recent and Debatable Reality in World Finance pp. 268-272 Downloads
Cosma Sorinel
Utilitarianism – Origins and Evolution pp. 273-276 Downloads
Cosma Sorinel
Knowledge Management in a Future Acceptance pp. 277-281 Downloads
Crãciun Bucur Matei and Oprea Margareta
Features and Tools Implementation of Knowledge Management pp. 282-286 Downloads
Crãciun Bucur Matei and Oprea Margareta
Corporate Social Responsibility – New Challenges for Strategy Romanian Companies pp. 287-292 Downloads
Cristache Nicoleta, Irina Susanu and Micu Adrian
Perspectives of Religious Tourism in the World Crisis Context pp. 293-297 Downloads
Cristea Adriana Anca, Apostol Mihaela-Simona and Ciobotã Gheorghe
The Migration of the Romanian Citizens „Defies” the Economic Crisis pp. 298-302 Downloads
Cristian Elena Raluca and Enache (Darzan) Mihaela
The Knowledge Based Society and Economy. Literature Review pp. 303-306 Downloads
Cuºu Dorinela
Knowledge Based Company– a Theoretical Approach pp. 307-310 Downloads
Cuºu Dorinela
The Role of the National Bank of Romania in Organizing the Surveillance of the Financial Sector and it’s Financial Stability During the Current Financial Crisis pp. 311-316 Downloads
David Delia, Dumiter Florin Cornel and Elek Ladislau
Analysis of the Recent Evolutions of the Romanian Motor Insurance Market pp. 317-322 Downloads
Dãnuleþiu Adina Elena and Dan Dănuleţiu
The Reform of the Romanian Banking System pp. 323-327 Downloads
Deca Claudiu
The Stock Market pp. 328-334 Downloads
Deca Claudiu
Tourism Development Activities in the European Economy and the Influences of the Actual Crises pp. 335-338 Downloads
Dionisie Cristina
The Benefits of Industrial Agglomerations in a Prolonged Economic Crisis pp. 339-343 Downloads
Dîrzu Mãdãlina-Stefania
The Mutations of Public Utilities Provided by Public Indebtedness in the Economic Downturn pp. 344-349 Downloads
Dobranschi Marian
Market Concentration and Economic Theory pp. 350-355 Downloads
Claudia Dobre
The Influence of Economics on Antitrust Law pp. 356-361 Downloads
Claudia Dobre
Euro Zone between Recent Evolutions and Perspectives pp. 362-369 Downloads
Dobre Elena
Profit Tax Impact on Economic Development in Romania pp. 370-375 Downloads
Dobrotã Gabriela and Chirculescu Maria Felicia
The Reflections of Risks and Uncertainties within the Enterprise’s Performance –Provisions, Contingent Assets / Debts in Public Institutions pp. 376-380 Downloads
Dragu Gabi Georgiana
The Role of Leisure Activities in the Revival of Romanian Tourism Industry pp. 381-384 Downloads
Dridea Catrinel Raluca
On the Competitiveness, between Inputs and Outputs. Romania’s Case in the EU pp. 385-390 Downloads
Cristina Drumea and Spatariu Elena Cerasela
CV Writing for Young Graduate pp. 391-395 Downloads
Dumitraºcu Elena
Accounting, Institution of the Economic Liberal System, and the Great Religions of the World. Prolegomena pp. 396-400 Downloads
Durã Nicolae V.
Preoccupations in the Field of Integrated Reporting pp. 413-418 Downloads
Enachi Mihaela
The European Commission Forecast on the Global Economy under the Economic Crisis pp. 419-422 Downloads
Epure Dãnuþ Tiberius, Orac Mãdãlina and Brãiloiu Liviu
Dynamic Global Economic Models pp. 423-426 Downloads
Epure Dãnuþ Tiberius, Orac Mãdãlina and Teliceanu Claudiu
The Influence of the Fiscal Policy in Perpetuating the World Crisis pp. 427-431 Downloads
Fãdur Cristina-Ionela and Ciotinã Daniela
Efficient Optimization Methods of all Technological Process by Development the Production Transfer Process pp. 432-436 Downloads
Filip Florina-Cristina and Marascu-Klein Vladimir
Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (Mice) Industry in the Global Context pp. 437-442 Downloads
Firoiu Daniela, Dodu Silvia Patricia and Patrichi (Petan) Ioana Cristiana
Innovativeness and Adoption of Innovation under Crisis Conditions pp. 443-448 Downloads
Florea Dorian-Lauren?iu
Risk and Performance – Purposes of Banking Supervison and Stability pp. 449-453 Downloads
Florea Drago?
The Contribution of the „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iaºi to the Generation of Human Capital in North-Eastern Region and in Romania in the Context of the Current Economic Crisis pp. 454-459 Downloads
Fotea Alexandru Cristian
Traditional and Modern Techniques of Transferring the Benefit of the Credit Insurance Contract in International Trade pp. 460-464 Downloads
Gavrilã Simona Petrina
International and Community Issues on Bankruptcy Regulation of Credit Institutions pp. 465-470 Downloads
Gavrilã Simona Petrina
Comparative Study on Male Vs Feminine Leadership in Public Administration in Maramures County, Romania pp. 471-475 Downloads
Gavrilescu Liviu
The Mechanism of Corporate Governance in Romania pp. 476-481 Downloads
Georgescu Cristina Elena
The Accounting Normalisation in Romania: Past, Present and Future pp. 482-486 Downloads
Georgescu Cristina Elena
Crisis Normality in the European Union Structure pp. 487-492 Downloads
Gheorghe Carmen Adriana and Stanciu Simona
Some Considerations on Internal Alignment in the Field of Energetic Efficiency of Buildings in European Legislation pp. 493-495 Downloads
Gheorghe Lucian
Determinants of Climate Pyramidal Organizations pp. 496-502 Downloads
Gheorghe Lucian
Rational Consumer Behavior and Its Importance for Real and Simulated Business Environment pp. 503-508 Downloads
Gabriela Gheorghiu
Irational Consumer Behavior and Its Importance for Real and Simulated Business Environment pp. 509-515 Downloads
Gabriela Gheorghiu
The Equality of Chances in the European Union and in Romania during the Crisis pp. 516-520 Downloads
Gherman Liliana – Victoria, Vechiu Camelia and Tudose Geanina
Applying Programmed Changes Management – a Condition of Applying Post-Crisis Reforms pp. 521-526 Downloads
Golea Pompiliu and Balogh Petru
Economic Crisis - a Result of Globalization? pp. 527-530 Downloads
Gradea Cristina Rodica
Links between Management and Communication pp. 531-536 Downloads
Adriana Grigorescu and Rusescu Gheorghe
The Functions of Marks pp. 537-539 Downloads
Cornel Grigorut and Grigorut Lavinia-Maria
Corporate Social Responsibility in Romania. Case Study pp. 540-545 Downloads
Grosu Maria
The Dashboard and Performance Improvement of the Company pp. 555-558 Downloads
Guni Claudia Nicoleta
Risk and Lucrativeness of the Financial Instruments pp. 559-563 Downloads
Guni Claudia Nicoleta
The Impact of Leadership on the Business Performance in Romania pp. 564-568 Downloads
Horga Maria-Gabriela
The Importance of Leadership to the Success of Total Quality Management pp. 569-574 Downloads
Horga Maria-Gabriela
The Necessity of Auditing Information Systems pp. 575-579 Downloads
Horga Maria-Gabriela
The Determination of Companies’ Fiscal Profit and Profit Tax pp. 580-585 Downloads
Horga Vasile
The Need of Activities Integration as Effect of Global Economic Crisis pp. 586-591 Downloads
Hotãran Ilinca
Opportunities to Develop the Extended Supply Chain under a Turbulent Environment pp. 592-597 Downloads
Hotãran Ilinca
Increasing the Competitiveness of Reinsurance Companies through Corporate Social Responsibility Practices pp. 598-603 Downloads
Irina-Eugenia Iamandi and Laura-Gabriela Constantin
Keep It Formative, Stupid! Brand-Related Model pp. 604-608 Downloads
Ichim Cosmin and Dumea Andrei-Cosmin
The Romanian Economy and Europe 2020 Strategy pp. 609-612 Downloads
Ioneci Mihaela, Antonescu Eugenia and Chirilã Andreea Camelia
Normality in the Current Economy pp. 613-616 Downloads
Ioneci Mihaela and Antonescu Eugenia
States’ role in Stimulating the Investment Process. Romania’s Case pp. 617-620 Downloads
Ionescu Alexandra
Firm Decisions: Determinants of Investments pp. 621-624 Downloads
Ionescu Alexandra
Business Portfolio Strategic Planning Process – A Pertinent Marketing Solution for the Worldwide Companies Facing the Global Economic Crisis pp. 625-630 Downloads
Ionescu Florin Tudor
Business Strategy in Banking Economy, in References with Marketing pp. 631-635 Downloads
Ionescu Gr. Ion
The Best Anti-crisis Solutions. The Polish Lesson pp. 636-641 Downloads
Ionescu Romeo
Comparative Study Between the Romanian Seaside Tourism and Bulgarian Seaside Tourism pp. 642-645 Downloads
Ioniþã Roxana and Pîndiche Elena
Distrust. The Enemy of Economic Recovery pp. 646-651 Downloads
Istrate Alina - Mariana
Financing of Investments – A Starting Point for the Economy Development Practical Application of EOP Biodiesel pp. 652-656 Downloads
Istrate Luminita Gabriela
A Brief Regard on the Cohesion Policy pp. 657-663 Downloads
Jaliu Drago?
Classification, Features and Benefits of CRM Cloud Computing-Based Systems pp. 664-669 Downloads
Jeflea Victor and Zaharescu Eugen
Effective Customer Relationship Management Using Cloud Computing pp. 670-676 Downloads
Jeflea Victor and Zaharescu Eugen
Community Trade Mark – Strategic Marketing Instrument pp. 677-681 Downloads
Juganaru Mariana and Juganaru Ion Danut
Conceptual Approach to Economic Efficiency Assessment of Finance Management System of Joint Stock Companies pp. 682-686 Downloads
Juscu Nicolae Cristian
Evaluation of Existing Methods for Determination the Economic Efficiency of Management and Control of Joint Stock Companies’ Finance pp. 687-691 Downloads
Juscu Nicolae Cristian and Calotã George
The Knowledge Stage of Economy based on Knowledge pp. 692-695 Downloads
Cristina Lazar
Reflections and Suggestions on Science and Technology Park “TehnopolIS” from Iasi. Solutions for Economic Development pp. 696-701 Downloads
Lazãr Roxana-Elena
The Role and Importance of Leverage Rates in the Financial Management of the Company pp. 702-706 Downloads
Lãpãduºi Mihaela Loredana
Study on Accounting for Assets use Change pp. 707-710 Downloads
Lenghel Radu Dorin
The Economic Recession, the Everlasting Bridge to the Informal Economy pp. 711-716 Downloads
Libardea Vlãducã Laura and Diana Tampu
A Keynesian Versus a Monetarist Perspective of Money and Monetary Policies pp. 717-722 Downloads
Liparã Daniel
A Wicksellian Approach Over an Active Monetary Policy pp. 723-727 Downloads
Liparã Daniel
Actual Application of the Intelligent Systems and their Implications in Financial-Accounting Field pp. 728-733 Downloads
Lupaºc Adrian, Lupaºc Ioana and Zamfir Cristina Gabriela
Post-december Developments in Public Expenditure for Education pp. 734-737 Downloads
Dan Lupu and Petriºor Bogdan
People Management Efficiency. New Challenges in the Current Economic Context pp. 738-742 Downloads
Luþ Dina Maria and Marius Miculescu
The Current Situation regarding the Use of Labor in Romania pp. 743-747 Downloads
Manea Ludmila Daniela
The Capital, Personal, Current and Total Expenditures of the Main Authorizing Officers of the State Budget - Component of the Public Sector's Effort in the Emerging Economy of Romania pp. 748-753 Downloads
Mardiros Daniela-Neonila
The Role of Financial Instruments for Regional Development in the Context of the Current Economic Crisis pp. 754-758 Downloads
Marin Aurelia – Camelia, Sima Isabella – Cristiana and Albici Mihaela
Process Communication – a Model For Communicating in a Challenging World pp. 759-762 Downloads
Mãruntelu Liliana and Mãruntelu Vladimir
Coordinates of Romanian Natural Gas Market pp. 763-769 Downloads
Micu Adrian and Micu Angela Eliza
Bukovina - A Romanian Brand Taking Shape pp. 770-777 Downloads
Micu Adrian, Irina Susanu and Cristache Nicoleta
The Income Statement: The Image of Financial Performance of a Public Health Entity pp. 778-781 Downloads
Marius Miculescu and Corina Miculescu
Cloud Accounting pp. 782-787 Downloads
Mihalache D. Arsenie-Samoil
Outsourcing Company Accounting pp. 788-793 Downloads
Mihalache D. Arsenie-Samoil
Consideration Concerning Country Rating in Romania pp. 794-798 Downloads
Mihalcea Lucean
Turkey and the Lessons of 2001 and 2009 Crisis pp. 799-802 Downloads
Mihãilescu Mariana and Culiþã Gica Gherghina
Good Practices for Quality Assurance in Romanian Higher Education pp. 803-808 Downloads
Militaru Cezar and Pavel Adina
The Analysis and Assessment of the Credit Risk pp. 809-814 Downloads
Mirea Marioara and Aivaz Kamer Ainur
Regulations regarding the Organisation and the Governance of the Accounting by the Legal Persons without Patrimonial Purposes pp. 815-820 Downloads
Mititelu Cãtãlina
The Impact of the Current Financial Crisis on Romania’ Budget pp. 821-824 Downloads
Mi?ac Mirela
The Overall Strategic Communication in Marketing Events in the Current Economic Crisis pp. 825-830 Downloads
Moise-Titei Adina and Daniel Moise
The Training Needs of Public Servants. The Role of the National Agency of Public Servants (NAPS) in Planning Professional Training and Development Programmes pp. 831-836 Downloads
Morariu Alunica
Fundamental Theories on Consumer Behaviour: An Overview of the Influences Impacting Consumer Behaviour pp. 837-841 Downloads
Moraru Andreea Daniela
Tendencies Shaping Consumer Behaviour in the Present Context pp. 842-846 Downloads
Moraru Andreea Daniela
Study Regarding Development of Electronic Commerce in Romania pp. 847-851 Downloads
Moraru Camelia and Norina Popovici
The Efficiency of the Management of Social Assistance Benefits pp. 852-857 Downloads
Mostavi Mihaela Cristina
Steps of Competitive Economic Development in Romania pp. 858-860 Downloads
Moºnianu Cristian
The Role of Competition in the Consolidation of Romania’s Market Economy pp. 861-862 Downloads
Moºnianu Cristian
Consolidated Accounts – Management Instrument for the Group of Companies and for the Thirds Information pp. 863-868 Downloads
Motoniu Ioan Dumitru
Relation: Information-Management Accounting-Decision, in the Framework of the Managerial Process pp. 869-874 Downloads
Motoniu Ioan Dumitru, Vlãdaia (Vlad) Madalina Lucia and Nistor Ion
The Effect of the Economic Crisis on the Value of Global Brands pp. 879-883 Downloads
Munteanu Claudiu-Cãtãlin
Mood and Investor Behavior pp. 884-889 Downloads
Aurora Murgea
Responding to the Impact of the Global Crisis on brain Drain: The European Perspective pp. 890-894 Downloads
Neagu Olimpia
Impact of World Economic Crisis on the Competitiveness of South-East Europe pp. 895-900 Downloads
Nechita Daniela
Particularities of the Intangible Assets Evaluation in Terms of Financial Crisis pp. 901-906 Downloads
Necsulescu Ecaterina and Onose Valeriu–Laurenþiu
The Impact of the Global Economic Crisis on the Local Economy. Case Study Pitesti City pp. 907-910 Downloads
Nedelea Adelin Daniel
Romania is Suffocating from Economic Point of View pp. 911-914 Downloads
Negoescu Gheorghe
Fundamental Contradictions Generated by Transition to Market Economy pp. 915-919 Downloads
Negoescu Gheorghe
Needs of Changing the Budgetary Process at the European Union Level pp. 920-925 Downloads
Neguri?ã Octav
Romania versus Bulgaria. Black Sea Tourism. Case Study pp. 926-928 Downloads
Niciporuc Tudor
Food Security in the Future Common Agricultural Policy pp. 929-933 Downloads
Niculescu Oana Marilena
Algorithms for Maximum Entropy Parameter Estimation pp. 934-937 Downloads
Nidelea Marinela
Europe's Energy Dependence in the Current Petroleum Crisis pp. 938-941 Downloads
Nistor Costel, Mihaela Muntean and Nistor Rozalia
Borrowing Costs – Object of IPSAS Review pp. 942-946 Downloads
Nistor Cristina Silvia and Adela Deaconu
Basic Accounting Principles – Reference for the Consolidated Financial Reports pp. 947-950 Downloads
Nistor Ion
Information Systems Support for Business Decisions pp. 951-957 Downloads
Nistor Rozalia, Nistor Costel and Mihaela Muntean
Analysis of Competitive Policies in the Euro-Atlantic Area pp. 958-962 Downloads
Niþu Oana, Cosmin Tileaga and Niþu Claudiu Valentin
Analysis of Savings in the Classics View pp. 963-966 Downloads
Niþu Oana, Cosmin Tileaga and Niþu Claudiu Valentin
Multinational Enterprises – Key Sources for Global Development and Competitiveness pp. 967-972 Downloads
Claudia Ogrean and Mihaela Herciu
The Increase of Competitiveness in the Romania SME’s on the Current Crisis pp. 973-976 Downloads
Oncioiu Ionica
Financial Regulatory Reform – National and International Actions and Proposals pp. 977-982 Downloads
Orãºtean Ramona
Customer Oriented Organisations pp. 999-1001 Downloads
Pau Adriana
Measures to Stimulate the Activity of Research&Development in Romanian Enterprises pp. 1002-1006 Downloads
Doina Pacurari and Ionela Pravat
The Role of Migration in Shaping the Future pp. 1007-1012 Downloads
Pãdureþu Elena
Negative Immigration from a Cultural Perspective pp. 1013-1019 Downloads
Pãdureþu Elena
Structural Policies, Monetary and Fiscal Crisis Recovery in Romania pp. 1020-1025 Downloads
Pepi Miticã
The Insurance Market and the Crisis pp. 1026-1030 Downloads
Petrescu Eva-Cristina, Ioncicã Diana and Bicãjanu Vasile
Analysis regarding the International Competitiveness of the Business Sector in Romania in the Context of the Global Economic Crisis pp. 1037-1042 Downloads
Pirnea Ionela Carmen and Cãldãraru Elena Alexandra
Employment Policies Working in Romania - between Theory and Reality pp. 1043-1048 Downloads
Pivodã Roxana Mihaela
Results of Active Employment Measures in the Employment of Romanian Space pp. 1049-1054 Downloads
Pivodã Roxana Mihaela
Distribution Strategies in the European Space pp. 1055-1058 Downloads
Pîndiche Elena, Ioniþã Roxana and Ionescu Adriana
International Crisis in the Context of Globalization and Money Laundering pp. 1065-1069 Downloads
Popa George Dorel
The Establishment of the Implementation Mechanisms for the Integrated System in SMEs pp. 1070-1073 Downloads
Popa Liliana Viorica
Evolution of Foreign Direct Investment during the Global Economic Crisis pp. 1074-1078 Downloads
Popa Lucia Ramona and Culiþã Gica Gherghina
Quality Improvement of the Offered Services – Solution for the Banking System Management in Romania pp. 1079-1082 Downloads
Popescu Dan, Dinculescu Elena –Silvia and Bursugiu Mihaela
Increase Global Competitiveness of Firms in the Economic Crises through Employees' Flexible Work pp. 1083-1087 Downloads
Popescu Dorin Vicentiu, Popescu Manoela and Cecilia Luminita Crenicean
The Impact of International Financial Crisis on Bank Lending to Households. A VAR Approach pp. 1088-1094 Downloads
Popescu Iulian
Considerations regarding the Effects of Economic Crisis on Employee Communicational Behavior pp. 1095-1103 Downloads
Popescu Manoela and Crenicean Cecilia Luminita
From Financial Crisis to Euro Crisis or the Aftermath of a Prolonged Recession pp. 1104-1108 Downloads
Popovici Veronica
Factoring – Current Method of Financing Foreign Trade in the Context of Global Financial Crisis. Presentation, Analysis and Accounting Treatment pp. 1109-1113 Downloads
Ionela Pravat and Doina Pacurari
Green Accounting – From Green Policy to Eco-Balance pp. 1114-1117 Downloads
Radu Florin
The Influence of Globalization on Information Systems pp. 1118-1120 Downloads
Radu Florin
Analysis of Labour Productivity Dynamics of SNCF Navrom SA Progress through the Review of „Turnover” Indicator Evolution Based on a Unifactorial Model pp. 1121-1124 Downloads
Radu Riana Iren
Decision-Making Model for the Company’s Obligations Reduction in Current Crisis Conditions from Romania pp. 1125-1128 Downloads
Radu Riana Iren
The Management of The Technological Transfer in The Case of Chicken Meat Semi-Products Made at SC AVI-TOP SA IASI pp. 1129-1132 Downloads
Radu Steluta and Constandache Mihaela
The Impact of the Arab Media on the Economy pp. 1133-1137 Downloads
Resit Iren and Aivaz Kamer Ainur
Views on the Purpose of Management Accounting in the Romanian Energy Sector pp. 1138-1140 Downloads
Rof Letiþia Maria and Stanciu Ionela Cornelia
Financial Crisis’ Effects on Financial Reporting pp. 1141-1145 Downloads
Rotariu Valentin and Tak Isa
Romania's Foreign Trade with Third Countries after EU Accession pp. 1146-1150 Downloads
Rusu Nicoleta
Entrepreneur - Essential Vector of Economic Growth pp. 1151-1155 Downloads
Sergiu Rusu, Cureteanu Radu and Isac Florin
The Stady of Corporate Governance in Romania pp. 1156-1159 Downloads
Sarchizian Sergiu
Corporate Governance Systems Around the World pp. 1160-1163 Downloads
Sarchizian Sergiu
Changes in Public Expenditures Policy at European Union Level (after 1990) pp. 1164-1169 Downloads
Sava Anca-ªtefania
Economic Crisis an Essential Factor in the Outbreak of War Perspective pp. 1170-1174 Downloads
Savu Cosmina Silviana and Elena Gurgu
Research Concerning the Romanian Immigrants Owners of Grocery Stores with Romanian Food Products in Andalusia, Spain pp. 1175-1180 Downloads
Sãseanu Andreea Simona, Petrescu Raluca Mariana and Zgurã Ion-Daniel
The Necessity of Central Bank’s Involvement in Ensuring the Financial Stability pp. 1181-1185 Downloads
Sâmbotin ªtefan and Iulia Bucur
The Utility of Online Business Models from the Romanian Ecotourism in the Context of Present-Day Crisis pp. 1186-1190 Downloads
Sion Beatrice, Mihãlcescu Cezar and Mãrginean Alexandra
Risk Management – A General Approach pp. 1191-1194 Downloads
Spãtariu Elena Cerasela, Cristina Drumea and Cristina Lazar
The Role of the Conditional Structures in Business Negotiations pp. 1195-1197 Downloads
Stan Silvia
The Commercial Influence of Quality pp. 1198-1202 Downloads
Anca Stanciu and Constandache Mihaela
Estimating Potential Output in Romania using a Structural VAR pp. 1203-1207 Downloads
Stoica Tiberiu
Improving Human Resources Recruitment in Maritime Domain pp. 1208-1211 Downloads
Felicia Surugiu and Dragomir Cristina
Management of Quay Crane Exploitation in Constanta Harbour Area pp. 1212-1215 Downloads
Gheorghe Surugiu and Dragomir Cristina
Forecasts and Guidelines in Hospitality Business pp. 1216-1219 Downloads
Sztruten (Lefter) Gina Gilet
Financial Innovations and Their Implications for Monetary Policy pp. 1220-1225 Downloads
?argu Alina Camelia and Angela Roman
Considerations about Romania’s Public Debt and its Future Perspectives pp. 1226-1232 Downloads
ªarlea Mihaela, Manta ªtefan George and Vãidean Viorela Ligia
The Impact of Digital Economy for a Sustainable Rural Environment pp. 1232-1236 Downloads
?erban Comãnescu Adrian
The Impact of Digital Economy for a Sustainable Rural Environment pp. 1237-1241 Downloads
ªerbu Rãzvan
The Contribution of EU Cohesion Policy to Regional and Global Growth pp. 1242-1246 Downloads
ªorici Costin Octavian
Distance Education Strategies for Rapid Business-Related Vocabulary Acquisition pp. 1258-1260 Downloads
Tamas Cristina and Parvu Roxana Elena
Organizational Management, Efficiency, Efficacy and Competitiveness pp. 1261-1264 Downloads
Tãnãsoaica Laura-Georgeta
Analysis of the Personnel’s Performance and its Relationship with Work Satisfaction in Railway Transportation pp. 1265-1270 Downloads
Teodorescu (Roman) Gabriela
The Present Economic-Financial World Crisis – One of the Most Important Phenomena of the 21st Century pp. 1271-1273 Downloads
Ramona Todericiu, Dragomir (Fraticiu) Lucia Mariana and Popa Liliana
The Social Responsibility of Organizations in Times of Crisis: the Case of Toyota Motor Company pp. 1274-1278 Downloads
Toma Sorin-George, Burcea Marin and Papuc Razvan
The Uppsala Internationalization Process Model and the Concept of Learning pp. 1286-1290 Downloads
Trufin Ovidiu Serafim
Some Considerations Regarding the Role of “Academic Nepotism” in the Economic Research – the Case of Romania pp. 1291-1294 Downloads
?ãran-Moro?an Adrian and Brãtian Vasile
General Aspects on the Superior Education Sector in Romania and its Potential Contribution to Economic Development pp. 1295-1300 Downloads
Tigãnaºu Radu
World Economic Crisis: Present and Future pp. 1301-1303 Downloads
Turcas Mioara
Revitalizing Agriculture, a Way out of Crisis for Romania? pp. 1304-1306 Downloads
Turcas Mioara
Influence Factors on the Value of Reliability Estimators in Marketing Research pp. 1307-1310 Downloads
Ursachi George Marian
Studying Motivation and Productivity in Academic Research. A Methodological Proposal pp. 1311-1316 Downloads
Ioana Horodnic
Social Security in Times of Crisis pp. 1317-1320 Downloads
Utureanu Simona-Luize
Connections between Globalization and Transnational Companies pp. 1321-1324 Downloads
Varga Ungureanu Anca, Pistol Luminita and Ungureanu Gabriela
A New Model for the Global Economy - Economy of Communion pp. 1325-1330 Downloads
Vlad Maxim
Relationships with Institutional Customers as Development Factor of Underwear Industry in Podlaskie Voivodeship pp. 1331-1336 Downloads
Widelska Urszula and Michalczuk Gra¿yna
NLP Techniques Integration in Negotiation pp. 1337-1342 Downloads
Zamfir Cristina-Mihaela
E-Commerce in Romania: Significant Growth in 2012 pp. 1343-1347 Downloads
Zgurã Ion-Daniel, Sãseanu Andreea Simona and Toma Sorin George
The Employment of People with Disabilities in the Labor Market pp. 1348-1353 Downloads
Zodieriu Elena
Decision Making in Crisis Conditions using Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers pp. 7 - 11 Downloads
Ciprian Alecu

Volume XI, issue 1, 2011

Informal Employment in Romania in the Actual European Context pp. 1-6 Downloads
Aceleanu Mirela Ionela
Social and Environmental Performance - New Dimension of Performance in the Context of Sustainable Development pp. 7-12 Downloads
Monica Achim, Mirela-Oana Pintea and Borlea Sorin Nicolae
Detectors For Financial Statement Fraud pp. 13-18 Downloads
Achim Sorin Adrian and Souca Marius-Ionut
The Relation between Corporate Governance and Financial Statement Fraud pp. 19-23 Downloads
Achim Sorin Adrian and Souca Marius-Ionut
Aspects of the Financial Analysis pp. 24-28 Downloads
Achimescu Georgeta and Verisan Cristina-Alina
The Financial Diagnostic – Profitability and Risk pp. 29-33 Downloads
Achimescu Georgeta and Verisan Cristina-Alina
Human Development ad Poverty Reduction in Nigeria: An Assessment of Millenium Development Goals (1990-2010) pp. 34-45 Downloads
Adediran Olanrewaju Adelowe
The Semantic Dynamics of the Intellectual Capital Concept pp. 46-51 Downloads
Agoston Simona and Puia Ramona
Some Aspects Regarding the Relationship between the Exchange Rate and the Interest Rate pp. 52-55 Downloads
Aivaz Kamer Ainur
The Effects of the Environmentally Caused Issues on the Global Economy pp. 56-59 Downloads
Aivaz Kamer Ainur and Resit Iren
Partnership between the U.S. and the E.U. through the Doha Round Agenda pp. 60-64 Downloads
Gina Albu
New World Order – Perspectives to Achieve pp. 65-68 Downloads
Gina Albu
Internal Audit - Pillar of Corporate Governance pp. 69-72 Downloads
Alexandru Georgiana and Constantin Nicolae Vasile
Political Risk and Foreign Investment pp. 73-78 Downloads
Amarandei Cristina Mihaela and Postolachi Andrei Teofil
2020 EU Agenda – A New Lisbon Strategy pp. 79-83 Downloads
Amarandei Cristina Mihaela and Postolachi Andrei Teofil
Rural Tourism and Sustainable Development pp. 84-88 Downloads
Andreiana Andreea, Dima Niculina and Alexe Adrian Gheorghe
The Seniority Principle and the Conversion Principle in the Defense of the Community Trademark pp. 89-93 Downloads
Anechitoae Constantin, Cornel Grigorut and Grigorut Lavinia-Maria
Capital Requirement under the Three Approaches for a Credit Institution in Romania pp. 94-99 Downloads
Anghelache Gabriela-Victoria, Olteanu Ana-Cornelia and Radu Alina-Nicoleta
The Transfer of Human Resources Management Practices Within Romanian Companies pp. 100-103 Downloads
Antohi Ionut, Ilie Constantin and Ilie Margareta
Development of Exchange-Traded Derivatives Markets in Selective Central and Eastern European Countries pp. 104-109 Downloads
Sorin Anton and Delia Diaconaşu
Economic and Accounting Issues Regarding Business Combination pp. 110-114 Downloads
Asalos Nicoleta and Georgescu Cristina Elena
The Importance of the Service Delivery Process in Achieving High Customer Satisfaction in Banking Services Industry pp. 115-119 Downloads
Asandei Mihaela and Micuda Dan
A Comparative Analysis of Corporate Governance Structures in Europe, USA and Latin America pp. 120-126 Downloads
Anamaria Avadanei
Analysis of Territorial Disparities Using Two-Way Dispersional Analysis pp. 127-130 Downloads
Ana Gabriela Babucea and Cecilia Rabontu
Management an Inexhaustible Resource of Development in the Context of Globalization of Firms’ Activities pp. 131-135 Downloads
Baesu Camelia
Global Managers’ Role in Determining and Implementing the Firm Strategies pp. 136-140 Downloads
Baesu Camelia
Attracting Customer Banking and Quality Assurance Services and Banking Products pp. 141-146 Downloads
Valeria Arina Balaceanu
Banking and Financial Markets in the New Economy. Impact of the Financial Institutions Banking pp. 147-152 Downloads
Valeria Arina Balaceanu
Unemployment, a Phenomenon of Global Imbalance. The Evolution in Romania in the Last 20 Years pp. 153-158 Downloads
Ana Balan
Intangible Assets – Important Resources or Barriers in the Development of the Organisations ? pp. 159-163 Downloads
Balan Ioana
The Architecture of the Business Intelligence Component in the Context of the Information System for Assisting the Decisions within the Wood Exploitation and Processing Companies pp. 164-167 Downloads
Balan Ioana
The General Architecture of the Integrated Information System of Assisting the Group Decisions for the Organizational Performance Management pp. 168-172 Downloads
Balan Ioana
Decision-Making: Art or Science ? pp. 173-178 Downloads
Barbu Catalin Mihail and Meghisan Flaviu
The Capacity of Absorbing the Structural Funds Romania vs. Bulgaria pp. 179-184 Downloads
Berica Corina
Budgetary Policy Rules and Their Efficiency in Limiting Public Debt’s Proportions in EU Member States pp. 185-190 Downloads
Irina Bilan
Managerial Accounting Principles and Cost Calculation Used by Economic Entities in the Coal Mining Industry pp. 191-195 Downloads
Boca (Rakos) Ileana – Sorina and Vatasoiu Cristian Ionel
Qualities and Requirements of the Financial – Accounting Information pp. 196-199 Downloads
Boghean Cristina Iuliana
From the Standardization to the Internationalization of the Accounting Information pp. 200-202 Downloads
Boghean Cristina Iuliana
The Objectives of Lisbon Strategy for Research, Development and Information Society. Examples in North West Region pp. 203-207 Downloads
Bologa Gabriela and Urziceanu Ramona-Mihaela
A Novel Pseudo-random Bit Generator Based on Some Transcendental Chaotic Systems pp. 208-212 Downloads
Boriga Radu and Dascalescu Ana Cristina
Considerations Regarding the Reduction of Rural-Urban Disparities in the Developing North-East Region: Study on Iasi Metropolitan Area pp. 213-218 Downloads
Borza Mioara and Talmaciu Mihai
Analysis of Fiscal Descentralization in the Context of Modern Governance pp. 219-222 Downloads
Irina Bosie
Insurance Risks – Hedging Techniques pp. 232-235 Downloads
Botea Elena Mihaela, Sahlian Daniela Nicoleta and Stanila Oana Georgiana
Techniques Used for Risk Measuring in the Insurance Field. Risk Management pp. 236-241 Downloads
Botea Elena Mihaela, Sahlian Daniela Nicoleta and Stanila Oana Georgiana
The Controversial Activity of Multinational Companies pp. 242-246 Downloads
Botescu Ion
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - a Theoretical Approach pp. 247-251 Downloads
Bradu Cosmina Paula
Interest and Role of the Economic and Financial Analysis in the System of Management Sciences pp. 252-256 Downloads
Bran (Stan) Nicoleta Cornelia, Margarit (Stanescu) Sorina-Geanina and Dragulescu Rodica
The Accountant Instrumentation of the Tangible Fixed Assets for the Companies in the Construction Field pp. 265-269 Downloads
Adela Breuer, Lesconi Frumusanu Mihaela and Jurchescu Dorel
Brands and Brand Equity pp. 270-275 Downloads
Brunello Adrian
Aspects of Social Policy in Romania in the Context of E.U. Integration pp. 276-280 Downloads
Bucur Ion, Dusmanescu Dorel and Bucur Cristian
Exchange Rate - a Tool to Influence Economic Life pp. 281-284 Downloads
Bucur Ion, Dusmanescu Dorel and Bucur Cristian
Absolute Convergence: the Main Challenge in the Enlarged European Union pp. 285-290 Downloads
Iulia Bucur and Mircea Mirela Cristina
Quality Management Impact upon Human Resources Development pp. 291-295 Downloads
Bujor Anca Liliana
Mentality and Paradigmatic Shifts Needed for Building a Global Quality Culture in Formal Education pp. 296-300 Downloads
Bunda Nicoleta Ramona
The Corporate Social Responsibility Theory in the Context of Globalization pp. 301-305 Downloads
Butnaru Gina Ionela and Ana Balan
Performance, Efficiency and Efficacy – Approach for an Economy Based on Knowledge pp. 306-310 Downloads
Butnaru Gina Ionela
The Evolution of the Purchasing Power in Corelation with the Prices pp. 311-313 Downloads
Cazan Doinita and Cucos Alina-Florentina
„Value” in Economic Theory and Practice pp. 314-318 Downloads
Calean Ioana
Consumer Behaviour in Time of Economic Crisis pp. 319-322 Downloads
Calin Mariana Floricica
Why the Tourist Chose the Romanian Coast pp. 323-326 Downloads
Calin Mariana Floricica
Net Present Value Criterion - Important Factor in Validating the Efficiency of an Investment pp. 327-331 Downloads
Caruntu Constantin and Lapadusi Mihaela Loredana
A Hybrid Architecture For Context-Aware Systems pp. 332-337 Downloads
Chelai Ozten
Regional Development Policy in European Union pp. 338-342 Downloads
Oana Chindris-Vasioiu and Cristian Pana
Impact of Globalization on Business pp. 343-347 Downloads
Oana Chindris-Vasioiu and Cristian Pana
The Marketing vs. R&D Dilemma in the Romanian Soft Drinks Industry and Implications on Consumer Health pp. 348-353 Downloads
Chiru Codrin
Assets and Liabilities Management – Concept and Optimal Organization pp. 354-358 Downloads
Ciobotea Adina and Oaca Sorina Cristina
Investment Decisions in the Romanian Pension Funds pp. 359-362 Downloads
Ciobotea Adina and Oaca Sorina Cristina
Views Regarding Floods in the Desnatui Plain and Their Effects upon Agriculture pp. 363-367 Downloads
Ciocan Elisabeta
Actions of Companies and Customers on the Financial Leasing Market in Romania pp. 368-372 Downloads
Ciorasteanu Gianina, Vechiu Camelia and Morozan Cristian
Actual Financial Crisis - A New Phase of Economic Cycles pp. 373-378 Downloads
Cristina Ciote
EU Actions and Progresses in Terms of Climate Change and Energy Policies pp. 379-384 Downloads
Cristina Ciote
Mergers and Acquisitions – an Incipient Field in Romania pp. 385-389 Downloads
Ciotina Daniela and Fadur Cristina-Ionela
Tendencies in Tour-operator’s Distribution Channels Portfolio pp. 390-393 Downloads
Ciuchete Stela Georgiana and Gheorghe Camelia Monica
The Public Pensions System, Where To? pp. 394-397 Downloads
Cristina Ciuraru-Andrica
The Ways to Combat Tax Evasion in Romania in Conditions of the World Economic Crisis pp. 398-400 Downloads
Ciurlau Loredana
Significant Historic Reference Points on Accountancy at Global Level pp. 401-406 Downloads
Cîndea Moise, Durdureanu Corneliu and Ciurariu Gabriela
Quality and Performance in Public Administration pp. 407-412 Downloads
Cîrnu Doru, Todorut Amalia Venera and Banta Victor
A Hayekian Economic Model of Thinking pp. 413-416 Downloads
Coca Veronica
Can SMEs Promote Sustainable Development? pp. 417-419 Downloads
Codreanu Carmen Mariana
Relationship between University and Entrepreneurial Capacity of Students pp. 420-424 Downloads
Codreanu Carmen Mariana and Costuleanu Carmen Luiza
Place of OLAP Technology in Data Warehouse pp. 425-428 Downloads
Codreanu Diana-Elena and Popa Ionela
Some Useful Information to Improve the Insertion of the Work Market Process to Students in “Statistics and Economic Foreseeing, and Economic Informatics” pp. 429-433 Downloads
Elena Condrea, Stanciu Anca Cristina and Mirea Marioara
Internal Audit and Risk Management pp. 434-437 Downloads
Constantin Nicolae Vasile and Alexandru Georgiana
Water as a Global Public Good pp. 443-446 Downloads
Cosma Sorinel
Quantification and Reflection of Economic Operations with Goods and Services in National Accounts pp. 447-450 Downloads
Costuleanu Carmen Luiza
The Efficiency of Applied Strategy Management Based on Knowledge pp. 451-457 Downloads
Craciun Bucur Matei
Knowledge Management. Synergy between Theory and Practice pp. 458-462 Downloads
Craciun Bucur Matei
From Economic Growth to Sustainable Development in a Globalized World pp. 463-466 Downloads
Craciun Liliana
Changes Management Accounting Faces in the Knowledge based Economy pp. 467-471 Downloads
Cretu Laura
Marketing Strategies in Tourism pp. 472-477 Downloads
Cristea Doina
Stages of Organizational Change pp. 478-482 Downloads
Cristea Doina
The Implications of the Migration Phenomenon in Romania pp. 483-488 Downloads
Cristian Elena Raluca and Paduretu Elena
Divergent Economic Growth and Employment Conditions within the Euro Area pp. 489-495 Downloads
Cristian Ovidiu Stefan
Foreign Direct Investments on the Economic Crisis Background pp. 501-504 Downloads
Croitoru Daniela
Mathematical Approach of an Oligopol Model pp. 505-510 Downloads
Croitoru Gabriel, Leonardo Badea and Valentin Radu
Opinions on the Importance of Knowledge Management pp. 511-514 Downloads
Cureteanu Radu Silviu, Isac Florin Lucian and Sergiu Rusu
Emotional Intelligence in Leadership pp. 515-519 Downloads
Cusu Dorinela, Horga Maria Gabriela and Ionescu Alexandra
Economic Sizing Stock Production in the Economic Entities pp. 520-524 Downloads
Cusu Dorinela
Goods Distribution and Logistics in the Current Economic and Financial Crisis pp. 525-528 Downloads
Dan Gheorghe
A Multiple Regression Model for Country Risk Assessment for European Countries pp. 529-534 Downloads
Danciu Aniela-Raluca and Zizi Goschin
Trends Regarding the Romanian Banking System pp. 535-540 Downloads
David Delia, Pojar Daniela and Dumiter Florin Cornel
The Global Economic Crisis... Is This the Beginning of a Large Recession? pp. 541-546 Downloads
David Delia and Pojar Daniela
Staff Policies in Rail Transport pp. 547-552 Downloads
Daneci-Patrau Daniel
A Novel Pseudo-random Bit Generator Based on a New Couple of Chaotic Systems pp. 553-558 Downloads
Dascalescu Ana Cristina and Boriga Radu
Country Risk in the Post-Crisis Landscape pp. 559-564 Downloads
Deceanu Liviu and Rovinaru Flavius
Creativity in Business Ethics and Financial Accounting of the Romanian Organizations pp. 565-571 Downloads
Demian Gabriela, Joldos Ana Maria and Pintilie Corneliu
The Balanced Scorecard – System of Indicators for the Assessment of Intellectual Capital pp. 572-576 Downloads
Dicu Roxana-Manuela
Theoretical Approaches Regarding the Management of Museum Resources pp. 577-582 Downloads
Dima Niculina, Andreiana Andreea and Popescu Delia Mioara
The Impact of Globalization about Capital Market pp. 583-587 Downloads
Din Alina Valentina and Meghisan Flaviu
Combating Tax Evasion Between Legality and Illegality in Romania pp. 588-593 Downloads
Din Alina Valentina and Diaconu Mihaela
Individual Career Planning pp. 594-597 Downloads
Dina Paul, Teliceanu Viorel Gabriel and Chiriac Marius
The Role of Risk Management in Banking Institutions Activity pp. 598-600 Downloads
Dinculescu Elena – Silvia and Buican Monica
Descriptive Study of the Promotional Communication Systems Successfully Applied in Banking Institutions pp. 601-604 Downloads
Dindire Laura and Munteanu Andreea
Global Trends in Advertising Campaigns – Integration of Social Media pp. 605-609 Downloads
Dindire Laura and Munteanu Andreea
The Process of Data Preprocessing for Web Usage Data Mining through a Complete Example pp. 610-612 Downloads
Dinuca Claudia Elena
E-Business, a New Way of Trading in Virtual Environment Based on Information Technology pp. 613-616 Downloads
Dinuca Claudia Elena
Training of Eco-skills for Development of Sustainable Business pp. 617-621 Downloads
Dionisie Cristina
Demands in Educational Management Strategies for Management Skills Training pp. 622-627 Downloads
Dionisie Cristina and Mihaela Diaconu
Public Indebtedness in Developing Cuntries: Romanian Case pp. 628-632 Downloads
Dobranschi Marian
Merger Trends and Assessment in the Midst of a Financial Crisis pp. 633-638 Downloads
Claudia Dobre
Performance Management of International Reserves National Bank of Romania in Actual Crisis Period pp. 639-645 Downloads
Dobre Elena
Ethnicity Discrimination in Romania`s Labour Market pp. 646-651 Downloads
Dobre Mihaela Hrisanta
The Knowledge Based Organisation – A Major Challenge of the 21st Century pp. 652-655 Downloads
Dragomir Lucia Mariana, Varga Melinda and Dragomir Constantin
Tax Evasion and Underground Economy: Challenges of the Contemporary World pp. 656-659 Downloads
Dragomir Lucia Mariana, Varga Melinda and Dragomir Constantin
Activity Based Costing versus Traditional Technique pp. 660-664 Downloads
Simona Dragomirescu and Daniela Solomon
Energy Efficiency Contracts – A Challenge for Public Institutions pp. 665-670 Downloads
Dragu Gabi Georgiana and Marinescu Desiree
Perspective for the Development of Romanian Cultural Events pp. 671-674 Downloads
Dridea Catrinel Raluca
Financial Performance and Social Responsibility: Romanian Scenario pp. 675-677 Downloads
Florinita Duca
Coordinates and Approaches in the Practice of Internal Audit pp. 678-679 Downloads
Ducu Corina Maria, Maracine Mihaela Simona and Chirila Camelia
The Importance of Sovereign Rating for Romania in the Crisis Context pp. 680-687 Downloads
Dudian Monica and Trasca Daniela Livia
Factoring, a Financing Alternative for Romanian Exporters During Crisis pp. 688-689 Downloads
Dugan Silvia and Pepenel Madelaine-Lorelai
EU funds absorption in Romania through Sectorial Operational Program for Human Resources Development between 2007 and February 2011 – an analysis pp. 690-695 Downloads
Cristina Duhnea and Ghita Mitrescu Silvia
Communication Analysis for a Tourism Enterprise pp. 696-701 Downloads
Dumitrascu Elena and Maruntelu Liliana
The Efficiency of Internal Public Audit Activity for the Local Public Administration pp. 702-705 Downloads
Dumitrescu Adelina
Opportunities for Upgrading the Local Community Budget pp. 706-710 Downloads
Dumitru Franca
The Specifics of Expenditures’ Execution at Public Institutions of Culture pp. 711-714 Downloads
Dumitru Franca
Performance Audit and its Role in Improving the Management pp. 715-719 Downloads
Durdureanu Corneliu and Cîndea Moise
The Aesthetical and Utilitar Cathegories in the Consumption Society pp. 720-723 Downloads
Dutu Mihaela
Brief Analysis of Financial Architecture of European Union and Romania from Single Market Perspective pp. 724-729 Downloads
Enescu Roxana and Voroneanu Constantin-Bogdan
Relationship Marketing: Conceptualization and Main Economic Fields of Implementation pp. 730-734 Downloads
Alina Filip, Plesea Doru and Daniel Moise
The Local Autonomy in the European Integration Process pp. 735-739 Downloads
Florea (Ionescu) Dumitrita and Larion Alina
The Concept of Citizenship in the Public International Law pp. 740-745 Downloads
Florea (Ionescu) Dumitrita, Ungureanu Ciprian and Larion Alina
Some Aspects Concerning the Statement of the Cash-Flow Within the Public Entities pp. 746-749 Downloads
Florea Gheorghe
Measurement and Appraisal in the Accounting System of the Economic Entities of Romania Within the Public Entities pp. 750-753 Downloads
Florea Gheorghe
The Role and Importance of the National Civil of Social Insurance in Romania pp. 754-756 Downloads
Florea Ianc Maria Mirabela and Florea Ianc Maria Claudia
The Insurance Risk Transfer as a Tool pp. 757-758 Downloads
Florea Ianc Maria Mirabela and Florea Ianc Zaharica
The Corporate System in Some European Countries – a Comparative Approach pp. 759-765 Downloads
Frunza Ramona
Cultural Influences on Management Ethics pp. 766-771 Downloads
Gavrilescu Liviu
Moral Norms in Management Ethics pp. 772-777 Downloads
Gavrilescu Liviu
The Normalization Process of Recognition of the Elements in the Financial Statements. The Credibility and Relevance of Information pp. 778-781 Downloads
Gâdau Liana
Leasing versus Bank Loan a Comparative Analysis in Terms of Tax Effects pp. 782-787 Downloads
Geambazi Petris
The Usability of the Dashboard and of the Balanced Scorecard in the Context of Decision Making pp. 788-792 Downloads
Georgescu Cristina Elena and Asalos Nicoleta
The Romanian Property Taxation System pp. 793-798 Downloads
Maria - Andrada Georgescu and Dana Murgescu
Transport Time in Tourism... a Value or a Cost ? pp. 799-803 Downloads
Gheorghe Camelia Monica and Ciuchete Stela Georgiana
The Financial Statements, Synthesis of the Compromise between the Accuracy of Enterprise Activities and the Handling of Accounting Information’s pp. 804-809 Downloads
Gheorghe Dumitru
Development of the Romanian Legal Framework in the Field of Consumer Protection in the Context of E.U. Integration pp. 810-813 Downloads
Gabriela Gheorghiu, Gheorghiu Liviu and Anghel Ion
The Permanent Development of the Human Resources pp. 814-818 Downloads
Gherman Liliana - Victoria
The Relationship Between Productivity and Relative Prices in Romania (Balassa-Samuelson Internal Mechanism) pp. 819-823 Downloads
Nicolae Ghiba
Credit Institutions – Actors on the Romanian Capital Market pp. 824-829 Downloads
Ghita-Mitrescu Silvia and Cristina Duhnea
Economic Versus Social - Economic Efficiency Assessment Criteria pp. 830-834 Downloads
Golea Pompiliu and Balogh Petru
Services Cost Analysis Under Risk pp. 835-838 Downloads
Golea Pompiliu and Balogh Petru
Worldwide and European Methods for Assessing Living Standards pp. 839-845 Downloads
Gorobievschi Svetlana and Nadrag Lavinia
Understanding the Efficiency of R&D Investments from the Aggregate Production Functions Perspective pp. 846-849 Downloads
Zizi Goschin and Danciu Aniela-Raluca
Credit Insurance, Fluidization Level of Exchange of Goods pp. 850-854 Downloads
Gotcu Cezar Augustin Vasile
Eco-Marketing - a 3rd Millennium Premise for the Commercial Practice and Business Pattern Development pp. 855-859 Downloads
Grec Aurica and Rosu Alexandra
The Regions of Economic Development and Categories of Activities pp. 860-866 Downloads
Adriana Grigorescu
Managerial Functions: Leverage to Improve Performance Indicators pp. 867-873 Downloads
Adriana Grigorescu and Odagiu Cristian
The International River Law Supporting the Development of Global Economy pp. 874-877 Downloads
Cornel Grigorut, Anechitoae Constantin and Grigorut Lavinia-Maria
Corporate Responsibility and Control Risk pp. 878-883 Downloads
Grosu Maria
The Link between Company Competitiveness and Financial Performance pp. 884-889 Downloads
Gruian Claudiu-Marian
Corporate Governance Practices That Positively Influence Company’s Financial Performance pp. 890-895 Downloads
Gruian Claudiu-Marian
Credit Risk and the Change in Fair Value pp. 896-899 Downloads
Gudan Paulina and Oprea Margareta
Financial Instruments. Nature and Extent of Risks pp. 900-902 Downloads
Gudan Paulina and Oprea Margareta
Production of Organic Beekeeping – an Area of Interest of Romanian Export pp. 903-905 Downloads
Gudei Corina Simona and Cretoiu Raluca Ionela
The Informational Limits of the Profit and Loss Account in Accurately Portraying the Company’s Performances pp. 906-908 Downloads
Guni Claudia Nicoleta
Income and Expenditure – Factors Influencing the Company’s Financial Performance pp. 909-911 Downloads
Guni Claudia Nicoleta
Models of Credit Risk Measurement pp. 912-917 Downloads
Alina Hagiu
The Evolution of the European Car Industry in the Context of the Economic Crisis pp. 918-924 Downloads
Alina Hagiu
Alvin Toffler’s Acceptance about the Society on the Millenniums Threshold and Its Determinant Factors pp. 925-929 Downloads
Alina Haller
Main Determinants of Living Standard in Modern Society pp. 930-936 Downloads
Alina Haller
Community Budget Financial Instrument of EU pp. 937-942 Downloads
Haralambie George Alin
Study Regarding FDI Flows and International Competitiveness in European Union Countries pp. 943-947 Downloads
Mihaela Herciu and Claudia Ogrean
The Core-Periphery Pattern. Methods to Measure the Peripherality pp. 948-954 Downloads
Horodnic Adrian Vasile and Mazilu Sorin
Mergers & Acquisitions Market in 2010 pp. 955-958 Downloads
Huma Elena
Data Distribution Techniques in Distributed Databases pp. 959-962 Downloads
Iacob (Ciobanu) Nicoleta - Magdalena
Distributed Transactions in Transnational Companies pp. 963-966 Downloads
Iacob (Ciobanu) Nicoleta - Magdalena
Theoretical and Practical Overview of ISO 26000 – Social Responsibility Application at the European Level pp. 967-972 Downloads
Irina-Eugenia Iamandi and Laura-Gabriela Constantin
Comparative Study of Agro-Food Sector in Romania and EU-27 pp. 973-977 Downloads
Ignat Raluca
Economical Questions Raised by the Last Economic Crisis pp. 978-981 Downloads
Ilie Constantin, Ilie Margareta and Antohi Ionut
A Single European Corporate Governance Model – An Overview pp. 982-986 Downloads
Ilut Bogdan and Chirlesan Dan
Methods of Forecasting the Market Evolution Case Study on the Romanian Insurance Market pp. 987-992 Downloads
Ioncica Maria, Petrescu Eva-Cristina and Petrescu Marian
The Implementation of the Phillips Curve to Romania’s Realities pp. 993-996 Downloads
Ioneci Mihaela and Mîndreci Georgiana
Population Ageing and Its Effects on the Pension System pp. 997-1000 Downloads
Ioneci Mihaela and Mîndreci Georgiana
Analysis on the Evolution of Public Expenditure Financed by the State Budget Law of Romania pp. 1001-1005 Downloads
Ionescu Alexandra
A View of Capital Market Internationalization Bank Wave Mergers and Acquisitions pp. 1006-1010 Downloads
Ionescu Gr. Ion
Shipping Marketing and Management pp. 1011-1015 Downloads
Ionescu Gr. Ion and Pacea Otilia
Financial Auditor’s Professional Judgement and Challenges Faced in a Global Audit Environment pp. 1016-1019 Downloads
Ionescu Iancu Octavian
Personal Factors That Influence Audit Manager’s Risk Behaviour pp. 1020-1022 Downloads
Ionescu Iancu Octavian and Turlea Eugeniu
Financial and Macro-Economic Views of the Mondial Economic Crisis pp. 1023-1027 Downloads
Ionescu Ionel Eduard and Oprea Cristian Constantin
The Global Economic Crisis, Deglobalisation and Recovery pp. 1028-1033 Downloads
Ionescu (Eftene) Nicoleta, Mihai (Andreescu) Gabriela and Uta Tatiana
The Impact of the Global Crisis on the European Labour Market. Case Study: the Labour Markets of Spain and Romania pp. 1034-1038 Downloads
Ionescu Romeo
European Accounting Normalization between Directives and IFRS Standards pp. 1039-1044 Downloads
Ionita (Nistor) Nicoleta and Ionita (Predescu) Lorena
Strategies for Tourism Development in Coastal Spas, Nationally and Internationally pp. 1045-1049 Downloads
Ionita Roxana and Pîndiche Elena
Country Risk - an Externality of the Globalization Process pp. 1050-1055 Downloads
Iovitu Mariana and Elena Iliescu
The Impact of the Economic Crisis on the Public Debt of Romania pp. 1056-1060 Downloads
Ispas Roxana, Simion Dalia and Patrutescu Monica
Fiscal Levers Meant to Attenuate the Effects of Crisis and to Support Economic Revival under the Conditions of the Financial Markets Imbalance pp. 1061-1066 Downloads
Istrate Luminita Gabriela
Concept of Web Usage Mining pp. 1067-1071 Downloads
Istrate Mihai
Web Mining Techniques for E-Commerce pp. 1072-1075 Downloads
Istrate Mihai
Opinions and Controversy regarding Fair Value pp. 1076-1081 Downloads
Istudor Ileana Iulia, Mocanu Florina and Predescu Lorena
Reimbursement Mechanism for the ESF Projects in Romania. Case Study: SOP HRD 2007-2013 pp. 1082-1085 Downloads
Jaliu Dragos
The Lattice of Filters of a Pseudo BL-Algebra pp. 1086-1089 Downloads
Jeflea Antoneta
Performance Indicators in the Customer Relationship pp. 1090-1093 Downloads
Jeflea Victor
CRM Information System in the Insurances Field pp. 1094-1096 Downloads
Jeflea Victor
A Synthetic Form of a Public Policy Implementation and the Exogenous Factors that Determine the Performance of a Policy pp. 1097-1100 Downloads
Judeu Viorina Maria
The Evolution of European Union Regional Policy - Social, Political and Economic Arguments pp. 1101-1106 Downloads
Judeu Viorina Maria, Caraman Tania and Teliceanu Claudiu Daniel
Clusters in Romanian Tourism pp. 1107-1111 Downloads
Jugãnaru Ion-Dãnuþ and Jugãnaru Mariana
Clusters and Regional Development Strategies pp. 1112-1116 Downloads
Jugãnaru Mariana, Jugãnaru Ion-Dãnuþ and Moraru Andreea
Methodology of Economic Assessment of Corporate Finance Management Effectiveness pp. 1117-1119 Downloads
Juscu Nicolae Cristian
The Opportunity of Joint Venture Strategies in the Present Economic Context pp. 1120-1123 Downloads
Mihaela Kardos and Zegrean Adela
Human Resource Planning pp. 1124-1130 Downloads
Catalina Lache
Digital Economy Impact on Society pp. 1131-1133 Downloads
Cristina Lazar, Epure Dãnuþ Tiberius and Spãtariu Elena Cerasela
International Regulation of the Right to Life pp. 1134-1138 Downloads
Lazãr Patrick
Logistics Platforms – Optimization Factor of Transportation and Distribution Processes pp. 1139-1142 Downloads
Lãpãduºi Mihaela Loredana and Cãruntu Constantin
Early Warning System – a Strategic Instrument for Turbulent Times pp. 1143-1148 Downloads
Ramona Leon
Supervision of Applicants of the Structural Funds Finance Projects pp. 1149-1153 Downloads
Lesconi Frumusanu Mihaela, Adela Breuer and Jurchescu Dorel
An Empirical Study Regarding the Impact of Foreign Direct Investments over the Gross Domestic Product of Central and Eastern Europe Countries pp. 1154-1159 Downloads
Liparã Daniel
Why Is Human Capital a Driver for Economic Growth? pp. 1160-1165 Downloads
Liparã Daniel
The Role of Local Government in Waste Management pp. 1166-1169 Downloads
Lisievici Brezeanu, Alexandru Petru and Braºoveanu Florica
Highlighting the Response of Real Economy to the Changes of Fiscal Policy Variables. The Romanian Case pp. 1170-1175 Downloads
Lobonþ Oana-Ramona
The Coordinates of Good Governance between Design, Proportions and Guidelines pp. 1176-1180 Downloads
Lobonþ Oana-Ramona
The Politics of Ethical Consumption pp. 1181-1186 Downloads
Manea Ioana Livia
Replacement Value - Representation of Fair Value in Accounting. Techniques and Modeling Suitable for the Income Based Approach pp. 1187-1192 Downloads
Manea Marinela – Daniela
Food Security in Romania pp. 1193-1201 Downloads
Manole Victor and Istudor Nicolae
Indirect Tax Burden and Consumption in the EU Member States pp. 1202-1207 Downloads
Eugenia Mara, Roiban Iosif and Diana Sabau-Popa
The Purpose of the Information Accounting System for the Process of Taking Investment Decisions pp. 1208-1212 Downloads
Marcu Niculina
Objectives and Principles in the Statutary Audit pp. 1213-1217 Downloads
Marcu Niculina
Agriculture - Sustainable Development Component of the South-West Oltenia Region pp. 1218-1221 Downloads
Marin Camelia, Voiculeþ Alina and Sima Isabella
Estimating the Beveridge Curve of Romania between 2004 and 2010 pp. 1222-1227 Downloads
Marinaº Marius-Corneliu, Cristian Socol and Socol Aura-Gabriela
Critical Aspects in Evaluation of Infrastructure Projects Submitted for Financing under European Programmes in Romania pp. 1228-1233 Downloads
Marinescu Desiree and Dragu Gabi Georgiana
Leadership: the Engine of Adaptive Change in Education pp. 1234-1239 Downloads
Marinescu Paul, Sãseanu Andreea and Toma Sorin George
Posttransition Word Associations of Bulgarian Students – a Comparison to the 1980s Norms pp. 1240-1243 Downloads
Georgi Marinov and Levkova Irena
Financial Tool for SME Competitivity Increase pp. 1244-1248 Downloads
Mateescu Mihaela, Suba Gabriela and Glod Alina
Financial Tool for SME Competitivity Increase pp. 1249-1263 Downloads
Mathur Somesh Kumar
Trade Analysis of CSG subcategories for Regional Groups and Some Selected Member States of ESCAP1 in 2002-2008 pp. 1264-1279 Downloads
Mathur Somesh Kumar
Specific Features of the Current Economic Recession in Japan and Ways of Managing It pp. 1280-1283 Downloads
Maºcu Simona and Marcean Dana-Elena
Regional Development in the Creative Age pp. 1284-1287 Downloads
Mazilu Sorin and Horodnic Adrian Vasile
Entrepreneurship - Requirement and Necessity of the Current Economic Context pp. 1288-1291 Downloads
Mãrãcine Mihaela Simona and Ducu Corina Maria
How Globalized is Romania? New Challenges in Measuring Economic Globalization pp. 1292-1297 Downloads
Silvia Mărginean
Models of the 21st Century Learner pp. 1298-1302 Downloads
Mãrunþelu Carmen Liliana
The Development of Mixed Portfolios Using Risk Covering Strategies pp. 1303-1308 Downloads
Micu Angela Eliza and Doina Iacob
The Elaboration of the Mixed Portfolios by Using Complex Strategies of Options Trading pp. 1309-1314 Downloads
Micu Angela Eliza and Doina Iacob
Innovation Typologies in the Financial Services Sector: Limits and Implications pp. 1315-1320 Downloads
Micuda Dan and Asandei Mihaela
E-Government Portal. Main Instrument for Electronic Services Delivery pp. 1321-1323 Downloads
Mihai Gabriel
E-Governance and New Communication Instruments pp. 1324-1328 Downloads
Mihai Gabriel
The Audit of Accounting Information System Infrastructure pp. 1333-1338 Downloads
Mihalache D. Arsenie-Samoil
Security of the Accounting Information System Infrastructure pp. 1339-1345 Downloads
Mihalache D. Arsenie-Samoil
The Impact of Inflation Rate Upon Interest Rate in Romania pp. 1346-1350 Downloads
Mihut Ioana Sorina
The Implications of the Bologna Process on the Romanian Higher Education System pp. 1351-1356 Downloads
Militaru Cezar and Pavel Adina
Economic Crisis - Implications and Perspective on the European Economy pp. 1357-1362 Downloads
Militaru Mãdãlina
Current Issues Concerning Management of Protected Areas pp. 1363-1368 Downloads
Minciu Rodica, Bãltãreþu Andreea and Popescu Delia
Methods of Assessment of Tourism Impact in Protected Areas pp. 1369-1375 Downloads
Minciu Rodica, Pãdurean Mihaela and Hornoiu Remus
Path to Achieve Global Convergence pp. 1376-1380 Downloads
Mircea Mirela Cristina and Iulia Bucur
Intensification of Disparities between New Member State – Consequence of Capital Flow pp. 1381-1385 Downloads
Moise Elena and Dârzan Mihaela
Consumer Behavior – A Consequence of Economic and Social Changes pp. 1386-1389 Downloads
Moise Elena and Dârzan Mihaela
The Evolution of Romania’ Balance of Payments Current Account and of Romania’ External Debt between 2007 and 2010 pp. 1390-1394 Downloads
Moise-Þiþei Adina and Miþac Mirela Claudia
The Effects of the Present Crisis on the Romanian Banking System pp. 1395-1399 Downloads
Moise-Þiþei Adina and Miþac Mirela Claudia
Economic Competitiveness: a Theoretical Overview pp. 1400-1404 Downloads
Moldovan Nicoleta–Claudia
Sales Management in Small Business pp. 1405-1407 Downloads
Moraru Camelia, Norina Popovici and Strambeanu George
Introduction in the Accounting Systems Convergence and Convergence as an Accounting Concept pp. 1408-1413 Downloads
Moraru Maria
Principles and Evolutions of the Internet Marketing pp. 1414-1419 Downloads
Morozan Cristian, Enache Elena and Ciorãºteanu Gianina
The Theory of Games and the Corresponding Applicability pp. 1420-1422 Downloads
Moºnianu Cristian
Theories of Competition pp. 1423-1425 Downloads
Moºnianu Cristian
Eco-tourism on the Black Sea Coast pp. 1426-1431 Downloads
Muhcinã Silvia, ªerban Comãnescu Adrian and Gruescu Ramona
Financial and Economic Crisis during Current Economic Restructuring pp. 1432-1437 Downloads
Mungiu-Pupãzan Mariana Claudia, Chirtoc Irina Elena and Vasilescu Maria
The American Mortgage Crisis – Global Economic Crisis Triggering Factor pp. 1438-1444 Downloads
Mihaela Muntean, Nistor Costel and Nistor Rozalia
Monetary Policy Aspects in Central and East European Countries pp. 1445-1448 Downloads
Munteanu Irena
The Philosofical and Economical Fundations of the Free Market pp. 1449-1452 Downloads
Munteanu Ligia
Free Market and Prosperity- an Empirical Aproach pp. 1453-1455 Downloads
Munteanu Ligia
Derivatives Market in the Aftermath of the Lessons Learned from the Crises pp. 1456-1460 Downloads
Aurora Murgea
Exchange Traded Funds – A New Way of Dealing With Risk? pp. 1461-1466 Downloads
Miruna Nachescu and Barna Flavia- Mirela
Situation of Workforce in Albania and Moldova - Evolution and Trends pp. 1467-1472 Downloads
Neacºu Gabriela
From Internal Marketing to Human Resource Marketing. A Conceptual Framework of the Human Resources Marketing pp. 1473-1476 Downloads
Neagu Olimpia
The Impact of the European Employment Strategy on Romanian Employment Policy pp. 1477-1482 Downloads
Neagu Olimpia
The Economic Role of Activities in the People Process of the City of Pitesti in the Post-Revolutionary Period pp. 1483-1487 Downloads
Nedelea Adelin
Real Estate Market Situation in Romania in the Context of Economic Crisis pp. 1488-1490 Downloads
Negoescu Gheorghe and Botescu Ion
Features Regarding the Proportion of Online and Traditional Business Environment pp. 1491-1495 Downloads
Negoi Eugen Remus
The Credit Activity Impact of Small and Medium Enterprises on the Economic Recovery of Romania pp. 1496-1501 Downloads
Neguriþã Octav
The Refinancing Loan as a Compromise Factor Between Costs Widening and the Insuring of the Financial Stability of Individuals pp. 1502-1506 Downloads
Neguriþã Octav
Strategic Directions within the Product Policy of the Travel Agencies in Cluj County pp. 1507-1510 Downloads
Nenciu Daniela Simona, Constandache Mihaela and Secarã Mirela
Adjustment of the Macedonian Monetary Policy with the European Union Monetary Policy pp. 1511-1514 Downloads
Tome Nenovski and Makrevska Elena
Macedonian Denar (MKD) Depreciation, Introduction of the New Foreign Exchange Regime or Introduction of the Euro? pp. 1515-1519 Downloads
Tome Nenovski and Makrevska Elena
Best Practices for Developing the Management of a Media Organisation in Romania pp. 1520-1522 Downloads
Niculescu Andrei
Electronic Book – A Threat or an Opportunity to the Management of a Media Organization pp. 1523-1525 Downloads
Niculescu Andrei
Greek Economic Crisis pp. 1526-1531 Downloads
Niculescu Oana-Marilena
Model of Acquisition, Transformation and Usage of Geographic Data Within an Informational System Adapted to Projecting Necessities pp. 1532-1535 Downloads
Nidelea Marinela and Barbaresso Mariana
The Impact of Globalization on the European Union pp. 1536-1542 Downloads
Nistor Costel, Mihaela Muntean and Nistor Rozalia
2005-2010 Sony Ericsson Financial Activity Analysis Abstract2005-2010 Sony Ericsson Financial Activity Analysis pp. 1543-1548 Downloads
Niþu Oana, Niþu Claudiu Valentin and Nicodim Liliana
Market Analysis Savings Accounts and Deposits in Romania pp. 1549-1553 Downloads
Niþu Oana, Niþu Claudiu Valentin and Nicodim Liliana
The Stability of the Romanian Banking System: an Overview during the International Crisis of 2007 pp. 1554-1558 Downloads
Nucu Anca Elena
Ecological Consumer Behavior – Influencial Factors - pp. 1559-1564 Downloads
Oboroceanu (Popa) Anda and Manea Ioana Livia
The World Bank Vision on the Need of a Global Economic Forecast in the Contemporary Crisis Conditions pp. 1565-1569 Downloads
Orac Mãdãlina, Dina Paul and Chiriac Marius
The Multinational Corporations and the Global Economy pp. 1570-1573 Downloads
Orac Mãdãlina, Brãiloiu Liviu and Teliceanu Viorel Gabriel
Sovereign Debt Crisis in Europe – Romania’ Vulnerabilities pp. 1574-1577 Downloads
Orãºtean Ramona
General Issues Concerning the Reconciliation of the Accounting Earnings with the Taxable Earnings pp. 1578-1582 Downloads
Paliu - Popa Lucia and Cosneanu Lavinia
Basic Problems Concerning Budgeting in Coal Extraction Units pp. 1583-1587 Downloads
Paliu - Popa Lucia and Dina Ionela-Claudia
Some Considerations on the Liberalization of Maritime Cabotage within the Context of EU Integration pp. 1588-1591 Downloads
Pandele Adina Laura
Maritime Insurance. On Damage and Means of Coverage pp. 1592-1595 Downloads
Pandele Adina Laura
Orange Brand Image on the Romanian Mobile Telephony and its Effect on Company’s Performance in Crisis Context pp. 1596-1600 Downloads
Denisa Elena Parpandel, Mariana Gănescu and Pepenel Madeleine
Impact of Economic Crisis on Business to the Franchise System in Romania pp. 1601-1603 Downloads
Denisa Elena Parpandel, Mariana Gănescu and Codreanu Diana Elena
The Accounting Information: between Handling and Audit Quality pp. 1604-1607 Downloads
Pa?cu Ana-Maria
Human Development in Dobrogea Area – from Crisis to Crises pp. 1608-1613 Downloads
Laura Patache
Higher Education and the Labour Market – Romania Case of Study pp. 1614-1619 Downloads
Laura Patache
Learning in a Virtual University pp. 1620-1623 Downloads
Pãcuraru Raluca
Evaluation in a Virtual University pp. 1624-1628 Downloads
Pãcuraru Raluca
Economic Culture and National Ethics pp. 1629-1633 Downloads
Pãdureþu Elena and Cristian Elena Raluca
Role of Share Based Compensations in Romanian Environment pp. 1634-1637 Downloads
Petre Mihaela Cosmina
Insurance as a Social Protection Instrument – Direct Research on the Romanian Market pp. 1638-1643 Downloads
Petrescu Marian, Ioncicã Diana and Petrescu Eva-Cristina
The Contribution of Accountancy Intelligence to the Development of the Economic Intelligence pp. 1644-1648 Downloads
Petroianu Grazia – Oana
Brand Loyalty- a Valuable Asset pp. 1649-1654 Downloads
Petruºcã Claudia-Ioana and Brunello Adrian
Financial Innovations pp. 1655-1658 Downloads
Gabriela Piciu and Georgiana Chitiga
The Role of Information Technology on the Banking Industry pp. 1659-1661 Downloads
Gabriela Piciu and Georgiana Chitiga
Sustainable Development Through Global Performance pp. 1662-1667 Downloads
Mirela-Oana Pintea and Monica Achim
Population, a Decisive Component of Creation and Size of Labor Resources. From Theory to Reality pp. 1668-1673 Downloads
Pivodã Roxana Mihaela
Expressions of Continuous and Uninterrupted Decline of Population in Romania, at Labor Markets pp. 1674-1680 Downloads
Pivodã Roxana Mihaela
European Union's Reactions to the Global Financial Crisis pp. 1681-1685 Downloads
Pîrlac Ana and Leuciuc Eugenia Gabriela
The Crisis – Basic and Repeatable Economic Phenomenon pp. 1686-1690 Downloads
Ploae Catalin
International Trade Crisis pp. 1691-1697 Downloads
Popa Diana
Cluster as an Element for Regional Competitiveness Strengthening pp. 1698-1702 Downloads
Florina Popa
Strategic Management of Regional Development in the Context of Contemporary Economy pp. 1703-1707 Downloads
Popa Gabriela, Badea Alexandru and Cernea Valeriu
The Direct Foreign Investments Effects on Workforce pp. 1708-1711 Downloads
Popa Lucia-Ramona
The Impact of Direct Foreign Investments on the Balance of Trade and on the Budget Income and Expenditures pp. 1712-1716 Downloads
Popa Lucia-Ramona
Trends in Strategic Management of Romanian Banking Institutions pp. 1717-1720 Downloads
Popescu Dan and Dinculescu Elena –Silvia
Personal Development from the Perspective of the Management of Public Institutions pp. 1721-1726 Downloads
Popescu Delia Mioara, Stoica Camelia and Alexe Gheorghe Adrian
Systemic Perspective of Communication - Business Development Premises in the Context of Global Crisis pp. 1727-1732 Downloads
Popescu Manoela and Crenicean Luminiþa Cecilia
Considerations on the Rationale and Approach of Decision Science pp. 1733-1738 Downloads
Popescu Oana Catalina
Human Resources Management Using Diversity Managing Tools pp. 1739-1745 Downloads
Popescu Silvia
Developing Human Resources Plan in “Doina” Hotel from Mamaia Resort pp. 1746-1749 Downloads
Norina Popovici, Moraru Camelia and Strârmbeanu George
Estimating the Size of Underground Economy pp. 1755-1762 Downloads
Popovici Veronica and Paruba Loredana Elena
Using Ontologies in the Design of Forest Accounting Information Systems. Literature Review pp. 1763-1768 Downloads
Postolache (Maleº) I. Daniela
The CR-Marketing Strategy pp. 1769-1772 Downloads
Pricop Oliver Constantin
Comparative Analysis between the Economies of the Euro Area and the USA pp. 1773-1778 Downloads
Puiu Cristina
Rose Effect: How Far Can it be Argued that the Euro Increased Trade? pp. 1779-1784 Downloads
Puiu Cristina
The Persuasive Communication in Marketing Strategies pp. 1785-1790 Downloads
Purice Suzana and ªerban Monica
Strategic Measures to Decrease the Adverse Effects of Financial Crisis pp. 1791-1796 Downloads
Riana Iren Radu
Innovative Strategies Development of the Company in Terms of Global Competition pp. 1797-1800 Downloads
Riana Iren Radu and Necsulescu Ecaterina
Eco Tourism Contribution to Sustainable Development in Romania pp. 1801-1806 Downloads
Cecilia Rabontu and Ana Gabriela Babucea
Sibiu - The European Cultural Capital and Beyond pp. 1807-1811 Downloads
Richards Greg and Ilie Rotariu
Going Concern after the Global Downturn pp. 1812-1817 Downloads
Ristea Luminiþa and Trandafir Adina
Improvement of Managerial Accounting in Electricity Industry by Applyng the ABC Method (Activity Based Costing) pp. 1818-1821 Downloads
Rof Letiþia Maria and Stanciu Ionela Cornelia
Error Detection in ESL Teaching pp. 1822-1826 Downloads
Rogoveanu Raluca
Teaching and Learning Culture pp. 1827-1831 Downloads
Rogoveanu Raluca
The Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanism under Financial Distress. An Overview pp. 1832-1838 Downloads
Angela Roman and Avadanei Andreea
Considerations Regarding the Managerial Competence pp. 1839-1842 Downloads
Roºca Constantin
The Methodological Framework of the COMOR Research pp. 1843-1846 Downloads
Roºca Doina, Roºca Adrian Sorin and Sârbu Mirela
The Analysis of Some Dimensions of the Organizational Culture in Suceava County pp. 1847-1851 Downloads
Roºca Doina, Roºca Adrian Sorin and Sârbu Mirela
Customers’ Perceptions Regarding Channel Innovation in the Retail Banking Sector: a study on Internet Banking in Romania pp. 1852-1856 Downloads
Roºu Anca Maria
Stress and Adaptive Mechanisms of the Seafarers pp. 1857-1860 Downloads
Rus Mihaela
Protection Public Policies of Children whose Families are Temporary at Work Abroad pp. 1861-1869 Downloads
Rus Mihaela
Decision-Making through Costs and Relevant Information pp. 1870-1874 Downloads
Ruse Elena and Elefterie Liana
Influence of the Cost Structure in order to Manage the Relation Risk-Return pp. 1875-1878 Downloads
Ruse Elena and Elefterie Liana
Structural Adjustment of Romanian Foreign Trade after EU Accession pp. 1879-1884 Downloads
Rusu Nicoleta
Business Ethics from the Perspective of the Students in Business and Economics – Identifying the Factors of Variation pp. 1885-1888 Downloads
Rusu Sabina Mihaela
The Labor Force International Migration and its Causes pp. 1889-1894 Downloads
Sergiu Rusu, Isac Florin Lucian and Cureþeanu Radu Silviu
Coordination between the Common Monetary Policy and the National Fiscal Policies – Principles, Methods and Difficulties pp. 1944-1948 Downloads
Socol Cristian, Socol Aura and Marinaº Marius
In addition to classical indicators used in financial analysis also occur modern performance measurement indicators that are considering the concept of value creation. With enterprise’s modern performance measurement indicators is quite simple to express performance shareholders’ point of view and quite difficult in terms of other business partners pp. 1949-1952 Downloads
Daniela Solomon and Simona Dragomirescu
Financial Equilibrium Analysis at Firm Level pp. 1953-1955 Downloads
Spãtariu Elena Cerasela, Epure Dãnuþ Tiberius and Cristina Lazar
Cash Flow Analysis Using Methods of Measuring Financial Flows by Type of Activity pp. 1956-1960 Downloads
Spineanu-Georgescu Luciana
Analysis of Financial Position Based on the Balance Sheet pp. 1961-1965 Downloads
Spineanu-Georgescu Luciana
Rising Wage Inequality in India: a Translog Cost Function Analysis pp. 1966-1970 Downloads
Srivastava Archana
Creating a Teamwork – based Culture in Romanian Organizations pp. 1971-1974 Downloads
Stan ªtefania Anca
Benefits of the Informal Organization pp. 1975-1979 Downloads
Stan ªtefania Anca
Considerations about Retailing Trends pp. 1980-1985 Downloads
Anca Stanciu and Elena Condrea
Accounting Policies Regarding Environmental Costs pp. 1986-1991 Downloads
Stanciu Ionela Cornelia and Rof Letiþia Maria
Access Database Using ASP Technology pp. 1992-1994 Downloads
Stancu Ana-Maria Ramona
Distributed Database Design pp. 1995-1997 Downloads
Stancu Ana-Maria Ramona
The Cluster Approach for Facilitating Romanian Firms’ Access to the European Single Market pp. 1998-2003 Downloads
Stãnculescu Anca-Maria, Gagea Andreea Mihaela and Niculae Tudorel
Virtual Enterprises Development and Facilitation on the European Single Market Cluster AbstractThe article analyses the possibilities for virtual enterprises development and facilitation on the European Single Market, with a special emphasis on the case of Romania, as new Member State of the European Union, which can use this possibility to quicker and easier involve in the Single Market. Virtual enterprises are organizational structures of the knowledge economy, with great potential for development in the near future. Their characteristics, as well as advantages and limitations are considered, in order to identify the issues and the appropriate measures related to their development and facilitation in the context of the European Single Market and Romania pp. 2004-2009 Downloads
Stãnculescu Anca-Maria, Gagea Andreea Mihaela and Niculae Tudorel
Specified of Substantiation of Administrative Decisions of Investments pp. 2010-2015 Downloads
Stignei Pasa Veronica
Communication Potential of Fidelity Cards pp. 2016-2018 Downloads
Stoica Ana-Maria
The Role of Organizational Identity regarding Change Management pp. 2019-2022 Downloads
Stoica Camelia, Alexe Gheorghe Adrian and Dima Niculina
Profile of the ECO-HOTEL Market in Romania pp. 2023-2026 Downloads
Sztruten (Lefter) Gina Gilet
The Necessity of the European Capital Markets Development in the Current Economic Environment pp. 2027-2034 Downloads
ªargu Alina Camelia, Chirleºan Dan and Potlog Dorian
Financial Innovation and Its Effects on Financial Stability and Efficiency pp. 2035-2041 Downloads
ªargu Alina Camelia and Angela Roman
The New Labour Content and the Sustainable Development pp. 2046-2049 Downloads
ªerban Andreea Claudia
Consumer Behavior Determined by Social Classes pp. 2050-2051 Downloads
ªerban Comãnescu Adrian and Muhcinã Silvia
A Relationship between the Degree of Search and Evolution of Assets pp. 2052-2055 Downloads
Serban Florentin and Buºu Mihail
The Management of the Translation Services pp. 2056-2060 Downloads
ªerban Monica and Purice Suzana
The Management of the Translation Services pp. 2061-2065 Downloads
ªerban Monica and Purice Suzana
New Directions for Businesses in Recession and Recovery pp. 2066-2069 Downloads
ªerbu Rãzvan and Bratu Renate
The European Union as an Answer to Global Challenges pp. 2070-2073 Downloads
Sorici Costin Octavian
Morale and Ethics in Taxpayer Behaviour pp. 2074-2078 Downloads
ªtefura Gabriela
Tax Compliance Behaviour pp. 2079-2083 Downloads
ªtefura Gabriela
Linguistic and Cultural Interferences in Translating Economic Texts by Means of Borrowing Words from the Source Language-Culture pp. 2084-2090 Downloads
Tamas Cristina
Dimension and Directions of the ''Brain Drain” Phenomenon pp. 2091-2096 Downloads
Tãlmaciu Iuliana
Grid Concept in Business Application pp. 2097-2102 Downloads
Carmen Timofte
E-Commerce Protocols: Overview, Trend and Verification pp. 2103-2108 Downloads
Carmen Timofte
Knowledge Based Economy Strategies and Policies in Romania pp. 2109-2113 Downloads
Madalina Tocan
Modern Approaches in Romanian Management - Knowledge Based Management pp. 2114-2118 Downloads
Madalina Tocan
The Promotion of Quality Culture in the European Union Space pp. 2119-2124 Downloads
Todoruþ Amalia-Venera, Cîrnu Doru and Chirtoc Irina-Elena
Assessment Criteria for the University Scientific Research Projects pp. 2125-2130 Downloads
Toma Cristian Marius
The Importance of Building and Developing University Scientific Research Projects for the Achievement of the Proposed Final Results pp. 2131-2137 Downloads
Toma Cristian Marius, Toma Vasilica and Foia Liliana
Fiscal Coordination vs. Fiscal Competition among Corporations in EU pp. 2138-2143 Downloads
Trandafir Adina
The Analysis of the Operational Efficiency pp. 2144-2147 Downloads
Trandafir Raluca Andreea and Truicã Luiza Denisa
The Assessment of the Founding Structure pp. 2148-2153 Downloads
Trandafir Raluca Andreea and Truicã Luiza Denisa
Diagnosis of Tourist Activity on the Romanian Coast pp. 2154-2157 Downloads
Traºcã Elisabeta
The Modernization and the Development of Romanian Tourism Present and Future pp. 2155-2162 Downloads
Traºcã Elisabeta
Cultural Values and Entrepreneurial Culture in the Romanian Space pp. 2163-2169 Downloads
Trofin Maria Irina
The Investment Development Path – Literature Review pp. 2170-2174 Downloads
Trufin Ovidiu Serafim
Agriculture - a Chance for the Economy in Crisis of Romania pp. 2175-2180 Downloads
Tudose Geanina, Enache Elena and Culiþã Gica
The Need for the Emergence and Development of Ecotechnology that Science pp. 2181-2184 Downloads
Turof Mihaela
The EU Strategy of Development for Inland Water Transport on the Danube. Intermodality and Logistics Services pp. 2185-2190 Downloads
Þarþavulea Ramona Iulia, Mihaela Gabriela Belu and Paraschiv Dorel Mihai
Economic Transition Process between Ambition and Reality pp. 2191-2194 Downloads
Cosmin Tileaga and Cosmescu Ioan
Implementation of International Standards on Auditing in the EU- Objective Necessity pp. 2195-2200 Downloads
Þugui Valentina
Emphasizing the Role of Financial Audit by World Financial Crisis pp. 2201-2207 Downloads
Þugui Valentina
The Development of Transnational Companies under Big Umbrella of Globalization pp. 2208-2212 Downloads
Ungureanu Adrian, Varga Anca and Ungureanu Gabriela
Cluster – A Motor of Competitiveness and Innovation in Regional Development pp. 2213-2217 Downloads
Ungureanu Carmen Doina and Gabriela Bilevsky
The Agrotourism - a Vivid Chance for the Rural Life pp. 2218-2222 Downloads
Ungureanu Carmen Doina and Brãgaru Constantin
Influence Factors on the Value of Reliability Estimators in Marketing Research pp. 2223-2228 Downloads
Ursachi George Marian and Ioana Horodnic
Motivation in Academic Research as an Important Factor in Increasing International Visibility pp. 2229-2235 Downloads
Ioana Horodnic and Ursachi George Marian
Motivation to Join Maritime Sector - Norway’s Case pp. 2236-2241 Downloads
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Synopsis of Competition in the Shipping Market pp. 2242-2246 Downloads
Utureanu Simona,, Burcã Ana-Maria and Dragomir Cristina
The Sensitivity of the Taxes as Fiscal Stabilizers for Economic Crises in Turkey pp. 2247-2252 Downloads
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The Internet of Things: the Electronic Passport pp. 2253-2258 Downloads
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Regional Development Strategy pp. 2259-2263 Downloads
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The Sources of Regional Development Funding and the European Regional Development Fund pp. 2264-2268 Downloads
Maria Vaduva
Econometric Modeling of Healthcare Expenditure – EU-27 Panel Study pp. 2269-2273 Downloads
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Management Control and Remuneration System pp. 2274-2277 Downloads
Anca Antoaneta Vărzaru
The Credit Risk Control in the Context of the Economic Crisis pp. 2278-2282 Downloads
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Building a Scoring Model for Bankruptcy Risk Prediction on Multiple Discriminant Analysis pp. 2283-2288 Downloads
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Convergence of Social Insurance Public System with Private Pension System in Romania pp. 2289-2292 Downloads
Vîrlãnuþã Florina
Dimensions of Electronic Commerce in Romania pp. 2293-2296 Downloads
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Present Issues of Global Economy pp. 2297-2302 Downloads
Vlad Costicã and Mitea Neluþa
Postwar Romanian Exterior Trade – Evolutions and Tendencies pp. 2303-2307 Downloads
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Business Strategy of Multinational Corporations Representative for Food Services - McDonald's pp. 2308-2310 Downloads
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The Prospects of the European Social Model – A Post-Crisis Approach pp. 2311-2314 Downloads
Voicu Victor
Optimum Currency Areas Theory: Economic Foundation for Monetary Unification pp. 2315-2320 Downloads
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Paradoxes in the Diet of Modern Consumer at the Confluence between Food Science and Food Industry pp. 2321-2325 Downloads
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Measurements of Local Community Autonomy from the Perspective of Local Public Administration Management pp. 2326-2330 Downloads
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Strategic Management of Service Organizations in the Context of the Regional Development pp. 2331-2335 Downloads
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Mortgage Loan Negotiating – Applications and Outcomes pp. 2336-2340 Downloads
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Zamfir Cristina-Mihaela
Persons with Disabilities and Employment pp. 2346-2351 Downloads
Zodieriu Elena
Rationality, Intuition and Flair in Entrepreneur’s Configuration - an Epistemological Approach pp. 2352-2358 Downloads
Raluca Zoltan and Vancea Romulus
The Synergy Issues in Organizations’ Strategies in a Global Economy pp. 2359-2365 Downloads
Raluca Zoltan
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