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Volume XIV, issue 3, 2014

Religion and Economic Development pp. 2-4 Downloads
Ciurlicã Rãducu-Iulian
Printed Media in Romania, Between Communication Exigencies and Economic Needs pp. 5-10 Downloads
Codãu Alexandra
The Importance of Environmental Resposibility in Firm Financial Performance pp. 11-15 Downloads
Dãnilã Alexandra and Horga Maria-Gabriela
Development of the Railway Freight Transport System – Evolutions and Perspectives regarding the Transport Corridors pp. 16-20 Downloads
Magdalena Dediu
Economic Evaluation of Policies for Creation of Railway Transport Corridors in Europe – Case Study for Micro-level Corridor A pp. 21-25 Downloads
Magdalena Dediu and Radu Riana Iren
Tax Evasion within European Union - VAT Fraud pp. 26-31 Downloads
Horga Maria-Gabriela and Dãnilã Alexandra
Research Concerning the Way the Community Perceives the Influence of Culture on the Economic and Social Life of a City pp. 32-37 Downloads
Juganaru Mariana and Juganaru Ion-Danut
The Effect of Public Debt on Economic Growth pp. 38-42 Downloads
Moraru Camelia and Norina Popovici
Testing the Ricardian Model: Do the Data Confirm the Assumptions? pp. 43-48 Downloads
Mihaela Muntean, Alexa Ioana-Veronica and Toma Simona Valeria
Competition Internalization in the European Market Economy, as an Objective of Romanian Economic Programs and Strategies pp. 49-52 Downloads
Niþu Oana, Niþu Claudiu Valentin and Tileagã Cosmin Virgil
The Controlling Function by Means of a Performance Management System pp. 53-56 Downloads
Niþu Oana, Niþu Claudiu Valentin and Tileagã Cosmin Virgil
The Influence of Business Simulation on Students’ Entrepreneurship pp. 57-64 Downloads
Ploae Cãtãlin
A Perspective on the Quality of Banking Services pp. 65-70 Downloads
Norina Popovici and Moraru Camelia
The Woman as a Product. A Case Study on Moxa's Universal Chronicle (1620) pp. 72-77 Downloads
Boboacã Iuliana-Valentina
Diferences in Society Outlined Through Stand-up Comedy pp. 78-81 Downloads
Bogdan Alina
Historical, Political and Ideological Influences in Translating Literature for Children pp. 82-86 Downloads
Chifane Cristina
The Religious Ethics of the Ecclesiastical Community in the History of Romanians pp. 87-91 Downloads
Ciobanu (Niþã) Janeta
Social Work and Spiritual Therapy in the Salvation of the Modern Man from Moral Collapse pp. 92-96 Downloads
Ciobanu (Niþã) Janeta
The A.S.C.R. Member Sandu Tudor and the Christian Paradigm pp. 97-102 Downloads
Ciornea Carmen, and Pantazi Doru-Emanuel
The Social and Misionary Role of Ortodox Church pp. 103-105 Downloads
Ciurlicã Rãducu-Iulian
Asceticism and Spirituality in Modern Times pp. 106-110 Downloads
Coisin Marius Marcel
Ecumenism - Ecumenical - Orthodoxy pp. 111-114 Downloads
Coisin Marius Marcel
Theories about Fashion as an Influential Factor in the Society pp. 115-118 Downloads
Creazã (Cornilã) Liliana
Romanian Symbol - Costumes, Traditions and Inspirations pp. 119-124 Downloads
Creazã (Cornilã) Liliana
From the Need for Responsibility as Philosophical Investigation to Responsibility as a Product of Moral Conscience; Methods of Operationalization pp. 125-130 Downloads
Croitor Ecaterina
The Scandal of the Goncourt Prize - Vintilã Horia pp. 131-135 Downloads
Dîrminã Mãdãlina-Violeta
The Publicist Ion Vinea’s Literary and Economic Directions pp. 136-140 Downloads
Dumitra (Manea) Alina Ramona
On Style and Language in Arthur Schopenhauer’s Philosophical Writings pp. 141-146 Downloads
Dumitrache (Vârlan) Cecilia-Iuliana
Peripheral Lives and Riots in Modern Europe: 3 Case Studies- Paris 2005, London 2011, Bucharest 2012 pp. 147-152 Downloads
Ganea Marcela and Udrescu Mircea
Gendered Geographies and the Economy of Bodily Topographies: The Representation of Border, Body and Space in Jeanette Winterson’s The Passion and Gut Symmetries pp. 153-158 Downloads
Lazãr Mihaela-Cristina
Narrativizing Disease, Consuming the „Other”: Food, Illness and Gender Stereotypes in Jeanette Winterson’s Written on the Body pp. 159-164 Downloads
Lazãr Mihaela-Cristina
The Genesis of a Compressed Society Ruled by Dictatorial Forces thru Terror Installment pp. 165-168 Downloads
Malciu Mihaela Denis
Self Identity Tension onto Compensation, Secret Will Mythology (Gnosiology Study upon Night Knowledge Novel Theme) pp. 169-173 Downloads
Malciu Mihaela Denis
The Political Speech in the Play O scrisoare pierdutã [A Lost Letter] pp. 174-178 Downloads
Moldovan Anda-Elena
Anton Holban’s Refuge through Prose during the Communist Regime pp. 179-182 Downloads
Moldoveanu Mirela
The Origins of Byzantine Music pp. 183-187 Downloads
Murariu Marius Constantin
Psalms in the Primary Church Neotestamentary and Patristical Testimonials pp. 188-193 Downloads
Murariu Marius Constantin
A Paradoxical Destiny and a Paradoxical Era pp. 194-198 Downloads
Onofrei Margareta
The Relationship between Church and State throughout History pp. 199-203 Downloads
Pantazi Doru-Emanuel, and Ciornea Carmen
Literature under Communism pp. 204-207 Downloads
Dumitrescu Maria Magdalena
Postmodern Anticipations during Communism pp. 208-211 Downloads
Dumitrescu Maria Magdalena
Fictions that Kill in Man in the Dark pp. 212-217 Downloads
Pascu Alina-Oana
Intermediality and Identity Metafiction in Paul Auster’s and Jonathan Safran Foer’s Novels pp. 218-223 Downloads
Pascu Alina-Oana
The Theme of Death and of the Self in Max Blecher’s Works pp. 224-227 Downloads
Peftiþi-Dobre (Ciobotaru) Anamaria
The Identity of Paratopie in Max Blecher’ s Novels pp. 228-231 Downloads
Peftiþi-Dobre (Ciobotaru) Anamaria
Bodily Resurrection and the Mystery of the Bodily Transformation in 1 Corinthians 15 pp. 232-237 Downloads
Pleºca Gianni
????? ??????: The Vision For A Life in Christ In The 2 Corinthians 5:17 pp. 238-243 Downloads
Pleºca Gianni
The Translator behind the Scenes pp. 244-247 Downloads
Praisler Alexandru
The Role of Media in Society pp. 248-250 Downloads
Sãvescu (Ghenghea) Elena
The Concept of Man in Ancient Mesopotamia pp. 251-254 Downloads
Vizante Dan
The Spiritual Being and Communion of Man with God, His Fellow People and All of Creation pp. 255-260 Downloads
Vizante Dan

Volume XIV, issue 2, 2014

China In The New World Economic Setting pp. 2-6 Downloads
Botescu Ion
Comparative Analysis between the Exception of the Non-performance of the Contract and Its Retroactive Termination pp. 7-12 Downloads
Cãzãnel Maria
International Tax Evasion in the Current Geopolitical Context pp. 13-17 Downloads
Constantin Sergiu-Bogdan
Romania’s Position in the European Union Intra-Community Agri-Food Trade pp. 18-23 Downloads
Camelia Gavrilescu
Current State of European Hotel Chains pp. 24-28 Downloads
Gurgui Amalia and Gribincea Alexandru
Ongoing Trends and Challenges in the Cruise Tourism Industry The Black Sea Region as an Emerging Cruise Destination pp. 29-34 Downloads
Popovici Veronica, Muhcinã Silvia and Bundã Nicoleta Ramona
Global Money Laundering - Impact on Economic Stability pp. 35-40 Downloads
Sav Irina
Foreign Trade of Multinationals in Romania pp. 41-46 Downloads
Scutaru Liliana
Effects of the US Financial Crisis on Nine Representative Countries pp. 47-52 Downloads
Stoian Andrei
BRIC in the Global Economy pp. 53-56 Downloads
Toma Sorin-George, Grãdinaru Cãtãlin and Stanciu Costel
Foreign Direct Investment and Its Worldwide Distribution in Recent Years pp. 57-60 Downloads
Voiculeþ Alina
Human Resource – a Strategic Resource in the European Transnational Corporations pp. 61-66 Downloads
Voiculeþ Alina and Belu Nicoleta
The Impact of E.U. Founds between 2007-2013 pp. 68-73 Downloads
Ciobanu Carmen Liliana
Social Policies regarding the Integration of Persons with Addictive Behavior into the Labor Market from Romania pp. 74-78 Downloads
Damean Doru Claudiu and Popovici Dumitru Dãnuþ
Regional Development in Romania under the Impact of Internal Requirements and Exigencies of the European Union pp. 79-83 Downloads
Hurjui Marcela Cristina and Hurjui Ioan
The Financial Integration in Romania and in the New Member States of the European Union pp. 84-88 Downloads
Camelia Milea
The New Dimension of Violence. Manifestations and Prevention pp. 89-94 Downloads
Mitra Mariana
Corruption – A Real Threat to Democracy and to the Rule of Law pp. 95-100 Downloads
Mitra Mariana
Strategies for Improving the Migration of Labor in the UE pp. 101-104 Downloads
Stana George
Pre-university Education Financing in the Context of the EU’s Economic Crisis pp. 105-108 Downloads
Stoica (Corbu) Luminiþa-Claudia
How Did the Economic and Financial Crisis the Groups of Companies and the Main Measures Exit pp. 110-114 Downloads
Duduialã Popescu Lorena
Aspects of the Confrontation of Ideas from Romanian Interwar Thinking Regarding Economic Policy pp. 115-118 Downloads
Ionescu Gr. Ion
A New Vision Regarding the Competitive Advantages in the Romanian Pharmaceutical Market pp. 119-131 Downloads
Margaritti Doina
Energy Security and Critical Infrastructures pp. 132-136 Downloads
Popescu Maria-Floriana
Romania and the Assessment of its Competitiveness Level pp. 137-142 Downloads
ªerbãnel Cristiana-Ioana
Minimum Wage Increase in a Competitive Economy pp. 144-148 Downloads
Burghelea Cristina, Bãlan Mariana and Vuþã Mariana
Considerations on Several Ways of Evolution of Public Pension System in Romania After 1990 pp. 149-157 Downloads
Colomeischi Tudor and Iancu aEugenia
Features of E-Commerce in Romania pp. 158-162 Downloads
Constandache Mihaela, Nenciu Daniela Simona and Stanciu Anca - Cristina
The Influence of the Financial Crisis on European Club Football pp. 163-167 Downloads
Dima Teodor
National Approaches to Consumer Problems – The Information Model vs. The Negotiation Model pp. 168-171 Downloads
Gabriela Gheorghiu
A Retrospective Look on the Ports Sector in Romania Before and After the Global Financial Crisis pp. 172-176 Downloads
Ghita Simona, Emilia Titan and Manea Daniela
The Motivations of Electoral Absenteeism pp. 177-181 Downloads
Ghiu?ã Ovidiu-Aurel
Economic Effects of Tax Evasion pp. 182-186 Downloads
Iacob Oana Camelia, Volintiru Ana-Maria and Hohan Silvia
Innovative Economy and Knowledge Society Vectors pp. 187-193 Downloads
Iancu Eugenia, Burciu Aurel and Rozalia Kicsi
Analysis of Tourist Accommodation Establishments and Resident/Non-resident Tourist in Romania between 2002 and 2013 pp. 194-197 Downloads
Ilie Margareta, and Ilie Constatin
The Analysis of the Organizational Learning Processes in Local Organizations pp. 198-202 Downloads
Lazãr Cristina and Nancu Dorinela
Modeling a Product Launching Process Based on a Decision Tree pp. 203-206 Downloads
Lungu Ion and Stancu Ana-Maria Ramona
Theoretical Debates about Corporate Social Responsibility pp. 207-211 Downloads
Liviu-George Maha and Herþug Iulian
Impact of Economic Crisis on Education pp. 212-215 Downloads
Mihaela Mihai
How Strong is the Correlation between GII and GEI? pp. 216-219 Downloads
Moise – Titei Adina
The Gender Equality Index and the Gender Gaps for EU Countries pp. 220-223 Downloads
Moise – Titei Adina
Analysis of Fiscal Policy Measures during 2005 - 2013. The Case of Romania pp. 224-228 Downloads
Moraru Camelia and Norina Popovici
There is a Connection Between Wages and Human Capital in Romania? pp. 229-233 Downloads
Neagu Olimpia
Some Reflections on Knowledge Management within NGOs pp. 234-238 Downloads
Neagu Olimpia
Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan Analysis of Tourism Offer and Traffic Manifested at Constan ta County a County a County a County a County a County a County a County a County Level Level Level Level Level Level during during during during during during the Period 2005 the Period 2005 the Period 2005 the Period 2005 the Period 2005 the Period 2005 the Period 2005 the Period 2005 the Period 2005 the Period 2005 the Period 2005 the Period 2005 the Period 2005 the Period 2005 the Period 2005 the Period 2005 – 2013 pp. 239-243 Downloads
Nenciu Daniela Simona, Constandache Mihaela and Elena Condrea
Innovation and Market Value of Firms – A Challenge of a Changing Romanian SMEs pp. 244-249 Downloads
Oncioiu Ionica
The Transport of Goods and People. Aspects of Civil Liability Insurance pp. 250-254 Downloads
Pandele Adina Laura
Evaluation and Determining Risks in an Entity through Methods Adapted to Economic Vulnerability pp. 260-264 Downloads
Sintea (Anghel) Lucica
The Formation of the Incomes and their Social Significance pp. 265-269 Downloads
Urziceanu Ramona-Mihaela
Management and Financial Crisis Effects in the Period 2005 - 2009 in Romania pp. 271-275 Downloads
Anastase (Bãdulescu ) Ileana and Andru?ca Carmen Maria
A Way to Rise Competitiveness in Textile Industry According to Innovation-Research-Development pp. 276-280 Downloads
Asalos Nicoleta, Dinu Laurentiu and Vasile Iulian
Remarking as a Tool in Online Advertising pp. 281-284 Downloads
Blagorazumnaia Olga and Muntean Vlad
New Approaches of Supplier Relationship Management pp. 285-290 Downloads
Cârstea Gheorghe, Pãun Oana and Pãun Sorin
Identifying Strategies to Market Police Image in the Media pp. 291-296 Downloads
Ciabuca Alina
From Place Marketing to Place Branding within the Nation Branding Process: a Literature Review pp. 297-302 Downloads
Cotîrlea Denisa Adriana
The Perspective of Goods Distribution and Logistics pp. 303-308 Downloads
Dan Gheorghe
The Conceptual Framework of the Reward System in a Simulated Enterprise in the Hotel Industry pp. 309-314 Downloads
Daneci-Patrau Daniel and Neacsu Gabriela
Post Crisis Economic Recovery Investment In Human Capital pp. 315-332 Downloads
Dimitrescu Mihaela
Development of Maritime University-Maritime Industry Relationships in the “E” Era – Comparison Between Danish and Romanian Maritime Cluster pp. 333-337 Downloads
Dragomir Cristina and Utureanu Simona
Results-Oriented Educational Leadership pp. 338-342 Downloads
Grãdinaru Cãtãlin and Toma Sorin-George
Elements of Novelty in Corporate Reputation Research pp. 343-347 Downloads
Irina Ioana
The Social-Economic Characteristics of a City and Their Influence on Education pp. 348-353 Downloads
Juganaru Mariana and Juganaru Ion-Danut
An Analysis of the Process of Sport Performance Management pp. 354-359 Downloads
Molcuþ Alin, and Vãsuþ Elvira
What Means, in This Period, The Human Resources Strategy in an Organization? pp. 360-363 Downloads
Munteanu Anca-Ioana
Social Media - Return On Investment pp. 364-367 Downloads
Niþu Oana, Niþu Claudiu Valentin and Tileagã Cosmin
Organizational Culture – Essential Aspects. Casy Study: Turkish Airlines pp. 368-372 Downloads
Norina Popovici and Moraru Camelia
Loyalty Marketing: Attracting and Retaining Customers and Workers pp. 373-377 Downloads
Pricop Oliver Constantin and Robu Alexandru Drago?
Modern Methods of Identification of the Risk in Romanian Management pp. 378-381 Downloads
Romanescu Marcel-Lauren?iu
Influence in the Organization's Strategic Business Management of the Firm under the Conditions of Globalization pp. 382-386 Downloads
Romanescu Marcel-Lauren?iu
Organizational Culture - Synthesis Particularities Give Personality And Dignity Of Each Human Group pp. 387-392 Downloads
Sanda Gheorghe Gabriel, Constanţa Enea and Enea Constantin
Marketing Specific Communication – A Support in Establishing the Connection with the Personnel of the Organization pp. 393-397 Downloads
Stoica (Mihali) Ana-Maria
Innovation in Business Strategies in the Cosmetic Industry to Address the MicroTrend of Sun-Haters pp. 398-402 Downloads
Tampa Mircea and Voicu-Dorobanþu Roxana
Airlines Alliances – Burst of Benefits or Competition Threats? pp. 403-407 Downloads
Utureanu Simona and Dragomir Cristina
Territorial Capital and Innovative Entrepreneurial Ecosystems – A Theoretical Approach pp. 408-411 Downloads
Voicu-Doroban?u Roxana
The Double Tax Treaties Signed by the EU Member States With Tax Haven Jurisdictions pp. 413-418 Downloads
Afrãsinei Mihai-Bogdan
The Financial Crisis and its Implications on the Balance Indicators in the Banking System. Case Study pp. 419-422 Downloads
Asalos Nicoleta
Fiscal and Monetary Policies’ Impact on Investment in Romania pp. 423-428 Downloads
Avram Alexandru, Hete? Roxana and Crâ?neac Alexandru
Interest Payments on Public Debt and the Quality of Public Finances pp. 429-435 Downloads
Irina Bilan and Angela Roman
SMEs Financial Reporting in European Union: Steps towards a More Harmonized Reporting pp. 436-441 Downloads
Buculescu (Costicã) Maria Mãdãlina and Stoica Anamaria
Innovative Techniques in Internal audit pp. 442-446 Downloads
Carata? Maria Alina and Spãtariu Elena Cerasela
What’s the main role of the Internal Audit in the Corporate Governance of a firm? pp. 447-452 Downloads
Carata? Maria Alina and Spãtariu Elena Cerasela
The Balanced Scorecard and its Importance for the Assessment of the Global Performance pp. 453-456 Downloads
Caruntu Constantin
Conceptualization of Public Policy on Employment Stimulation in Romania pp. 457-461 Downloads
Cibotariu Irina-ªtefana
The Financial Analysis of Citizens Financial Group, Inc.TM pp. 462-466 Downloads
Condrea Andrei and Mouries Alexandre
Online Disclosing Information on the Catastrophe Bonds Transactions – a European Perspective pp. 467-472 Downloads
Laura-Gabriela Constantin
Considerations on VAT Efficiency and VAT Evasion pp. 473-478 Downloads
Cuceu Ionuþ - Constantin and Vãidean Viorela-Ligia
Credit Scoring Model for Calculating Firm Financial Performance pp. 479-482 Downloads
Dãnilã Alexandra, Horga Maria-Gabriela and Negrea Alexandru
IAS 29 "Financial Reporting in Hyperinflationary Economies" - Analysis and Implications of Accounting, Tax and Legal pp. 483-488 Downloads
Dãucianu (Avram) Mihaela
Fair Value Measurement: Intricacy and Responsibility pp. 489-494 Downloads
Dobre Elena
Concept of Performance Between Theory and Practice pp. 495-500 Downloads
Georgescu Floarea
The Group of Companies and the Consolidated Financial Statements in Romania - Convergence and Harmonization pp. 501-505 Downloads
Guni Claudia Nicoleta and Munteanu Victor
Theoretical Delimitations and Positioning of the Performance of Group Companies pp. 506-511 Downloads
Guni Claudia Nicoleta and Munteanu Victor
Measuring Tax Gap on Income Tax and Social Contributions: Romania's Case pp. 512-516 Downloads
Horga Maria-Gabriela and Dãnilã Alexandra
Corporate Governance Dimensions and Financial Structure of the Companies in European Developing Countries pp. 517-524 Downloads
Ionescu Alin and Tudoreanu Petru
Trends and Policies Promoted in Public Debt Management pp. 525-530 Downloads
Lupulescu-Caruntu Roxana Corina, Caruntu Andreea Laura and Vezure Oana Sabina
Motivation of Revenue Specificity in Non-profit Organizations pp. 531-536 Downloads
Mihãlþan Delia Corina and Vitan Daniela
Controlling in Romania. A Literature Review pp. 537-540 Downloads
Mihaela Mocanu
Competition Structures and Trends in The Banking System of Romania pp. 541-546 Downloads
Munteanu Irena
Linguistic Issues Regarding the Financial Reporting in Romania pp. 547-550 Downloads
Mirela Nichita
Saving in Foreign Currency pp. 551-555 Downloads
Niþu Oana, Niþu Claudiu Valentin and Tileagã Cosmin
Financial Investments in Emerging Economies pp. 556-559 Downloads
Pãiuºan Luminiþa and Boiþã Marius
The Impact of Financial Crisis over the Audit Reports Issued for Listed Companies in Romania pp. 560-565 Downloads
Paunescu Mirela
Crisis Influence over the Aviation Market Segment pp. 566-571 Downloads
Paunicã Mihai and Honu Monica-Veronica
Romanian Macroeconomic Vulnerability in Terms of Credit Risk – a Restructuring Procedures Perspective pp. 572-575 Downloads
Sãveanu Cristina
Aspects Regarding the Accounting Information pp. 576-579 Downloads
Sãli?teanu (?tefan), Simona - Florina
Internal Audit and Relevance Within Companies pp. 580-584 Downloads
Seria Crina
Performance Audit of Resource Utilization During the Economic Crisis pp. 585-590 Downloads
Stefan Liviu and Pãunicã Mihai
The Evolution of the Fair Value Accounting – A Response to the Global Financial Crisis pp. 591-596 Downloads
Stoica Anamaria and Buculescu (Costicã) Maria Mãdãlina
Confidence Indexes and Their Influence on Macroeconomic Information on the Romanian Market pp. 597-601 Downloads
Þiþan Alexandra Gabriela
The Convergence of Accounting Standards: a Continuous Concern pp. 602-605 Downloads
Trãistaru Diana Andreea
Using the “Efficient Frontier” in Analyzing the Activity of a Sample of Hotels from the Romanian Seaside pp. 606-611 Downloads
Trandafir Raluca-Andreea
Measurement Indicators of the Value Creation within a company from the Romanian Seaside Hotel Industry pp. 612-616 Downloads
Trandafir Raluca-Andreea and Mirea Marioara
Governance Code - Solution to a Better Corporate Life pp. 617-622 Downloads
Tudose Geanina Gabriela and Petroianu Grazia-Oana
Determinants of Romania’s Public Healthcare Expenditure. A Quantitative Approach pp. 623-628 Downloads
Vãidean Viorela-Ligia and Maºca Simona-Gabriela
Accounting and Tax Treatment of VAT Collection pp. 629-632 Downloads
Velicescu Nicolae–Bogdan
Indicators for Measuring the Evolution of Local Budget Expenditure at the National Level, within the 2006-2012 pp. 633-636 Downloads
Vezure Oana Sabina and Lupulescu-Cãruntu Roxana-Corina

Volume XIV, issue 1, 2014

Recent Trends in Global M&A Activity pp. 2-6 Downloads
Claudia Dobre
Literary Globalization pp. 7-11 Downloads
Dumitrescu Maria Magdalena and Zaheer Eldin (Malciu) Mihaela
Multinational Companies and their Impact on the World Economy pp. 12-15 Downloads
Epure Dãnuþ Tiberius
The Globality of the Competitive Process pp. 16-20 Downloads
Anca Gheorghiu, Burghelea Constantin Octavian and Anda Gheorghiu
Factors Affecting Labor Demand in Shipping pp. 21-24 Downloads
Cornel Grigorut, Filip Nistor and Catalin Popa
Some Vulnerabilities of the World Trading Landscape During Economic Turmoils pp. 29-33 Downloads
Rozalia Kicsi and Burciu Aurel
The Future of Economic Power pp. 34-37 Downloads
Malanciuc Bogdan Simion
Effects of Discretionary Fiscal Policy in Romania pp. 38-42 Downloads
Marinaº Marius-Corneliu
EU Trade Complexity Analysis. The Case of Romania pp. 43-47 Downloads
Marinaº Marius-Corneliu
Identity in the New Globalizing Context pp. 48-51 Downloads
Pascu Alina-Oana
Post Crisis Regulatory Reforms – An Overview pp. 52-56 Downloads
Stoian Andrei and Becherescu Radu
Particularities in Determining the Applicable Law in the International Trade Contract before the Arbitral Tribunal pp. 57-61 Downloads
Trandafirescu Bogdan Cristian
Conflict of Laws Rules regarding the International Trade Contract in the Legal Systems of the non-EU European States pp. 62-67 Downloads
Trandafirescu Bogdan Cristian
Transnational Company – Main Player of Economic Life Globalization pp. 68-71 Downloads
Voiculeþ Alina
Automotive Industry Competition among Transnational Companies pp. 72-75 Downloads
Voiculeþ Alina and Belu Nicoleta
Empirical Evidences on Systematic Risk for Central and Eastern European Shares pp. 77-80 Downloads
Sorin Anton
The Indicators Developed by the IMF on Financial Stability at the level of Central and Eastern Europe pp. 81-86 Downloads
Apãtãchioae Adina
Institutions and Instruments of Fiscal Policy in the European Monetary Union pp. 87-92 Downloads
Aniºoara Niculina Apetri, Gheorghe Morosan and Ana Maria Hlaciuc
Analyzing the Influence of Lobbying on European Union Policies – Overview and Methods pp. 93-98 Downloads
Becherescu Radu and Stoian Andrei
Policy Options for Restoring Public Debt Sustainability in EU Member States pp. 99-104 Downloads
Irina Bilan
Evolution of the Cost to Income Ratio for the Two Main Romanian Banks Romanian Commercial Bank and BRD Groupe Societe Generale pp. 105-108 Downloads
Busuioc Witowschi Irina Raluca and Florin-Alexandru Luca
Analysis of the Banking System Performance in Romania During 2000-2012 pp. 109-114 Downloads
Cioca Ionela Cornelia
Influence of Europeanisation in the Reform of Public Sector pp. 115-118 Downloads
Duduialã Popescu Lorena
Evolution Trends of the Romanian Post-Accession Agrifood Trade pp. 119-124 Downloads
Camelia Gavrilescu
Patterns in Trade in Selected European Union Countries pp. 125-130 Downloads
Georgescu Vladimir
The Economic Policy Coordination in Economic and Monetary Union pp. 131-135 Downloads
Hlaciuc Ana Maria, Apetri Aniºoara Niculina and Grosu Veronica
Study on the Influence of the Number of the ATMs and Population upon Bank Branch Evolution pp. 136-140 Downloads
Iulia Iuga
Precautionary Measures to be Taken Following a Tax Audit or a Fraud Control Over a Taxpayer's Assets pp. 141-145 Downloads
Marin Marilena and Popescu Alina
The Basics of Land Rent and Lease Rent from the Legal and Economic Perspective pp. 146-150 Downloads
Marin Marilena and Popescu Alina
The Macroprudential Policy- Challenges and Perspectives at the European Level pp. 151-156 Downloads
Nucu Anca Elena and Angela Roman
The Economic Activities Carried out by Sole Proprietors in the Light of the European Regulations Included in the National Legislation pp. 157-162 Downloads
Pandele Adina Laura
Political and Business Cycles: Interferences and Socio-Economic Implications in Romania and Republic of Moldova pp. 163-168 Downloads
Percic Stanislav, Marius Apostoaie and Ulian Galina
Mutations Driven by the Global Financial Crisis on the Hierarchy of Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanism Channels in CEE Countries pp. 169-177 Downloads
Popescu Iulian Vasile
The Institution of Rehabilitation in the Current Legal and Criminal Law Regulatory Context pp. 178-182 Downloads
Radu Mariana (Mitra)
Interdisciplinary Aspects on the Convistions Which Do Not Attract Relapse pp. 183-187 Downloads
Radu (Mitra) Mariana
The Impact of Capital Flows on the Real Exchange Rate: the Case of Romania pp. 188-193 Downloads
Angela Roman, Ghita-Mitrescu Silvia and Sadoveanu Diana
The Influence of Lending on Business Cycles pp. 194-197 Downloads
Sãveanu Cristina and Tofãnicã Ramona-Ionela
Romanian Banking System in the New Regulatory and Economic Post Crisis Framework pp. 198-202 Downloads
Taºcã Marius George
Econometric Model to Quantify the Performance of Romanian Banking System pp. 203-207 Downloads
Tofãnicã Ramona-Ionela and Sãveanu Cristina
The Liturgical Mission of the Church in the Age of Mondialization pp. 208-212 Downloads
Tucã Nicuºor
Analysis of GDP, Labor and Unemployment evolutions in Romania during the Financial Crisis pp. 214-217 Downloads
Ilie Margareta, and Ilie Constatin
Implications and Modalities to Mitigate Seasonality in the Romanian Seaside pp. 218-222 Downloads
Ionitã Roxana-Mihaela and Nenciu Daniela Simona
Aspects Concerning Certain Powers of Regional Collectivities in EU Countries pp. 223-227 Downloads
Florina Popa
The Maritime Law System in Romania pp. 228-231 Downloads
Popa George Dorel
Aspects of Unemployment in Oneºti Depression pp. 232-237 Downloads
ªtreangã Constantin
Characteristics Regarding the Restructuring of Borzeºti Industrial Platform pp. 238-243 Downloads
ªtreangã Constantin
Legal and Economic Perspectives on Cash Payments made by Professionals pp. 245-250 Downloads
Apan Rodica Diana and Sabou Simona
Romania’s Investment in Renewable Energy – Positive or Negative Results? pp. 251-256 Downloads
Babonea Alina-Mihaela and Gherman Monica Gabriela
Exploring the Long-Run Relationship between GDP and Private Consumption of Romania through Cointegration Analysis pp. 257-262 Downloads
Raluca-Maria Bălă
Underground Economy - Evolutions and Trends in Romania pp. 263-267 Downloads
Burghelea Cristina and Aceleanu Mirela Ionela
Cost Optimization of a 3-index Maritime Container Transportation Problem using the Modified Han Algorithm pp. 268-273 Downloads
Carp Doina, Popa Constantin and Serban Cristina
The Functions of the Exception for the Non-performance of the Civil Contract pp. 274-278 Downloads
Cãzãnel Maria
Quality of Services between Expectations and Performance pp. 279-284 Downloads
Cioban Gabriela-Liliana
Quality Assessment of Romanian’s Diet by Healthy Eating Index pp. 285-290 Downloads
Constandache Mihaela, Elena Condrea and Stanciu Anca-Cristina
Copper Tenure Versus Inflation. Austerity is not Over. What are the Commodities Trends Tell us About the Economy? pp. 291-295 Downloads
Cristina Drumea
Consideration regarding the Improvement of the Financial Crisis Forecasting Models for Enterprises in Emerging Countries pp. 296-301 Downloads
Dana-Codruta Duda-Daianu and Piroi Marioara
Inflation - a Phenomenon with Multiple Causes? pp. 302-305 Downloads
Florea (Moise) Ortansa
Issues and Objectives of a Green Tax Reform pp. 306-311 Downloads
Simona Frone and Frone Dumitru Florin
National Approaches to Consumer Problems – The Protection Model pp. 312-316 Downloads
Gabriela Gheorghiu
Mobilising Public and Private Investment by Developing Public Private Partnership Projects pp. 317-321 Downloads
Gherman Monica-Gabriela and Babonea Alina-Mihaela
The Level of Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility in Romania Today pp. 322-326 Downloads
Grigore Ana-Maria, Marinescu Paul and Toma Sorin-George
Sectoral Dynamics of the Economic Crisis in Romania pp. 327-332 Downloads
Gust Marius
Knowledge and the Concept of Knowledge Society pp. 333-337 Downloads
Eugenia Iancu, Pa?cu Paul and Morariu Nicolae
Federalism and Autonomy pp. 338-343 Downloads
Cristi Iftene
The Importance and the Implications of the Study of Multiplicators On MTL-Algebra pp. 344-346 Downloads
Jeflea Antoneta
Statistical Aspects of the Dependence between Pollution and Economic Results pp. 347-350 Downloads
Moise – Titei Adina
The Determinants of the Economy-Environment Relationship pp. 351-354 Downloads
Moise – Titei Adina
Communication, Public Relations’ Pillar pp. 355-358 Downloads
Moldoveanu Mirela
Analysis of Budget deficit in Romania during 2000-2013 pp. 359-362 Downloads
Moraru Camelia and Norina Popovici
Stages of Evolution of the Market Economy in Romania pp. 363-366 Downloads
Mo?nianu Cristian
World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreements on Competition Policy pp. 367-371 Downloads
Mo?nianu Cristian
Employee Motivation-Source of Organizational Performance pp. 372-375 Downloads
Nancu Dorinela, Cristina Lazar and Ionescu Alexandra
Information Sharing and its Role in Achieving Organizational Performance pp. 376-379 Downloads
Nancu Dorinela and ªarpe Daniela Ancuþa
Analysis and Forecast of the Gross Domestic Product in Romania Using Econometric Methods pp. 380-385 Downloads
Nec?ulescu Consuela and ?erbãnescu Lumini?a
The Impact of Intangible Assets on the Output of SMEs’ Growth and Labor Productivity pp. 386-391 Downloads
Oncioiu Ionica
Community Sense of the Property in the Vision of the Church pp. 392-396 Downloads
Pleºca Gianni
Study of the Normality of a Distribution pp. 397-400 Downloads
Podaºcã Raluca
The Financial Relationships and the Financial System in Romania pp. 401-404 Downloads
Popa George Dorel
Economic Diplomacy – the Case of Slovenia pp. 405-407 Downloads
Romih Dejan
Motivating Employees -a Key Component of Human Resources in Organizations pp. 408-412 Downloads
Rus Mihaela
The Evolution of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Within Maramureº County during 2009- 2013 pp. 413-417 Downloads
Sabou Simona and Zima Liliana Adela
The Obligation to Inform the Future Employee/ Employee upon the Conclusion/ Amendment of the Individual Employment Contract pp. 418-422 Downloads
Sileanu Lucia- Adriana
The Impact of Aging on Social Protection Systems in the European and National Level pp. 423-426 Downloads
Zodieriu Elena
Vegetable Distribution and Marketing, Productivity Indicators pp. 428-432 Downloads
Alboiu Cornelia
Management by Objectives pp. 433-436 Downloads
Andru?cã Maria Carmen
An Overview of Different Approaches on Human Resources Management Practices within Organizations pp. 437-440 Downloads
Antohi Ionut
An Inquiry on How Intelligent Systems (I.S.) Solutions can Influence Consumer Behavior pp. 441-444 Downloads
Balint Antoniu Ovidiu, Cristea Andrei Mihai and Vidraºcu Paula Angela
Usage of Sales Promotion in the Tourism Activity pp. 445-450 Downloads
Bunghez Corina Larisa
Corporate Governance Challenges in a Transitional Economy. Case Study: Romania pp. 451-454 Downloads
Carata? Maria Alina and Spãtariu Elena Cerasela
The Concept of Tourist Motivation pp. 460-463 Downloads
Caruntu Andreea Laura
External Influences on Caras-Severin Voters pp. 464-469 Downloads
Dinu Gabriel and Dinu Loredana
Virtual Communication - Modern Business Communication pp. 470-475 Downloads
Adriana Grigorescu and Lupu Maria-Magdalena
Banking Security Characteristics in Cloud Computing Technology pp. 482-485 Downloads
Jeflea Victor and Georgescu Mircea
Research on How the Port May Influence the Social Life of the Community pp. 486-491 Downloads
Juganaru Mariana and Juganaru Ion-Danut
Study Concerning Information Management and Knowledge Management at Chamber of Commerce and Industry Braºov pp. 492-495 Downloads
Lupºa-Tãtaru Florin Rãzvan and Vladimir Mãrãscu-Klein
The Potential of the Relationship Capital pp. 496-500 Downloads
Marinescu Paul, Toma Sorin George and Grigore Ana – Maria
Design and Aesthetic Elements on the Energy Drink Market Case Study: Red Bull pp. 501-504 Downloads
Neacºu Nicoleta Andreea and Madar Anca
Povizion’s Model for Salary Benefits Granted under the Collective Work Agreement pp. 505-508 Downloads
Negoescu Gheorghe
Fundamentals of Smart Geolocation Solutions for Business pp. 513-518 Downloads
Petac Eugen, Alzoubaidi Abdel Rahman and Prodan-Palade Doina
Challenges of Modern Management. Crowdsourcing pp. 519-523 Downloads
Norina Popovici, Moraru Camelia and Cucu Eugenia
Methods for Determining the Advertising Budget and its Distribution in Different Media pp. 524-527 Downloads
Serban Comanescu Adrian
Trends in the Evolution of Retail Commerce pp. 528-533 Downloads
Stanciu Anca Cristina, Constandache Mihaela and Condrea Elena
Financial and Banking Markets and Data Mining Techniques pp. 534-538 Downloads
Stancu Ana- Maria Ramona and Perez-Danielescu Dominic
Particularities of Recruitment in Crewing Agencies pp. 539-542 Downloads
Utureanu Simona and Dragomir Cristina
Bidding Price Foundation And Update pp. 543-546 Downloads
Vãduva Cecilia Elena
Management Control and Social Balance, Instruments of Company’s Performance pp. 547-551 Downloads
Anca Antoaneta Vărzaru and Vãrzaru Mihai
The International Nature of Human Resources Management. Case Study at Ford Romania S. A and Lafarge Romania S. A pp. 552-557 Downloads
Vãrzaru Dan Constantin, Albu Carmen Cristina and Tudor Sorin
The Business Environment: A Stakeholder of the University: An Exploratory Approach pp. 558-563 Downloads
Razvan Zaharia, Zaharia Rodica Milena and Diaconu Mihaela
The Need and the Importance of Diagnosis and Evaluation for the Enterprises in Difficulty pp. 565-568 Downloads
Bologa Gabriela
The Analysis of the Influences Coming from Different Solvency Systems on the Construction of the European Solvency System “Solvency II” pp. 569-573 Downloads
Butaci Casian
Base Criteria Used in the Evaluation of Investment Projects pp. 574-579 Downloads
Cãruntu Constantin and Lãpãduºi Mihaela Loredana
The Estimates of Environmental Protection Costs pp. 580-584 Downloads
Chiþiga Georgiana and Isachi Silvia Elena
Priorities and Premises Concerning the Fiscal Politics pp. 585-588 Downloads
Cibotariu Irina-?tefana, and Eugenia Iancu
Considerations over the Foreseen Level of Government Gross Debt in Romania pp. 589-592 Downloads
Cibotariu Irina-ªtefana,
Approaches Related to Tangible Assets Depreciation pp. 593-596 Downloads
Dima Florin-Constantin and Ducu Corina-Maria
Measuring Internal Audit Performance (KPIs) pp. 597-601 Downloads
Dumitrescu Diana, Bobi?an Nicolae and Costuleanu Carmen
Characteristics of Nuclear Risk Insurances pp. 602-605 Downloads
Frant Florin, and Clipici Emilia
Comparative Analysis Regarding Fixed Assets: IAS/IFRS – Romanian Regulations pp. 606-611 Downloads
Georgescu Cristina Elena
Tangible Assets Audit in Construction Entities pp. 612-616 Downloads
Grigore Marian
Comparative Study Regarding Financial Communication by Means of Annual Financial Statements – IASB/FASB pp. 617-621 Downloads
Guni Claudia Nicoleta and Munteanu Victor
The Dashboard and the Balanced Scorecard – Performance Management Tools pp. 622-626 Downloads
Guni Claudia Nicoleta and Munteanu Victor
Methodological Study on the Calculation of Pilot Indicators and their Role for the Management of an Energy Producing Entity pp. 627-632 Downloads
Isac Leti?ia Maria
The Trends of the Fiscal Information System pp. 633-636 Downloads
Isachi Silvia Elena and Chi?iga Georgiana
Global Investments and Strategies of Recovery from Recession pp. 637-640 Downloads
Istrate Luminiþa Gabriela
Highlights of the Strategy for Managing Government Debt in Romania pp. 647-651 Downloads
Lupulescu-Caruntu Roxana Corina, Vezure Oana Sabina and Caruntu Andreea Laura
The Transition to European Standards Harmonized by Accounting for the Public Sector – Necessity and Perspectives pp. 652-657 Downloads
Manea Marinela – Daniela
The Evolution of the Nongovernmental Credit in Romania, during 2004-2013. Lending Trends in 2014 pp. 658-663 Downloads
Mirea Marioara, Aivaz Kamer Ainur and Trandafir Raluca-Andreea
A Standarised Accounting Model Of Intellectual Capital To Firms pp. 664-668 Downloads
Nevado Pena Domingo and López Ruiz Víctor-Raúl
Taxation, between Positive and Negative Effects pp. 669-673 Downloads
Nicodim Liliana, Moldovan Iosif and Tileagã Cosmin
Ensuring a Balance in Conducting the Tax Inspection pp. 674-678 Downloads
Nicodim Liliana, Moldovan Iosif and Niþu Claudiu Valentin
Financial Accounting and Transparency of Information pp. 679-683 Downloads
Nicolae Traian Cristin
The Accounting for Intangible Assets and Impact of Assets Impairment pp. 684-689 Downloads
Nicolae Traian Cristin
A Comparative Analysis of the Romanian and Swedish Public Health Systems pp. 690-695 Downloads
Niþu Oana, Ghi?ã Constantin and Dincã Gheorghi?a
Accounting Outsourcing pp. 696-699 Downloads
Pãtraºcu Daniela Raluca Violeta
Use of Internal Control by the Management for the Evaluation of Information Contained in Annual Financial Statements pp. 700-703 Downloads
Pãtruþescu Monica and ªerban Claudiu
Sustainable Development of Tourism in Romania and its Transmission Mechanism in GDP pp. 704-709 Downloads
Pepi Mitica
Environmental Economy - Integrated Assessment of Environmental Costs and Investments pp. 710-713 Downloads
Gabriela Piciu
Balance Scorecard in Hospital Units pp. 714-719 Downloads
Pu?an Alina and Oana Raluca Ivan
Funding Romanian Medical Services pp. 720-725 Downloads
Pu?an Alina and Oana Raluca Ivan
Dimensioning and Allocation of the Financial Founds of the Company by Using Dynamic Programming pp. 726-731 Downloads
Sãlãgean Liana Ramona and Pantazi Paula Iulia
Budget Balance: Fiscal Policy Target or Tool pp. 732-737 Downloads
Savu Nicoleta Andreea
Internal Audit Function, Organizational Culture and Their Influence on Corporate Governance pp. 738-742 Downloads
Spãtariu Elena Cerasela and Carata? Maria Alina
Using the Methods of Data Analysis Scoring for Estimating the Risk of Bankruptcy of Firms pp. 743-747 Downloads
ªuºu ªtefãniþã
Particularities of the Expenses' Accounting within the Nonprofit Organizations pp. 748-753 Downloads
Todea Nicolae and Mihãlþan Delia Corina
The Role of International Accounting Systems in Economic Development pp. 754-758 Downloads
Þogoe Greti Daniela, Avram Costin Daniel and Jorj Mircea
Profitability - Vector Sustainable Development, Progress and Viable Accounting Normalization Requirements - Going Statutory Audit and Regulations pp. 759-764 Downloads
Tudose Geanina Gabriela, Petroianu Grazia-Oana and Dãucianu (Avram) Mihaela
Forms of Export Credit Insurance Found in International Practice pp. 765-769 Downloads
Vãduva Maria
Financial Sustainability of the Company pp. 775-779 Downloads
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