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Volume XV, issue 2, 2015

Islamic Economics and Finance – a Revival After the Recent Global Financial Crisis? pp. 2-6 Downloads
Laura-Ramona Benchea
The Crises Under The Globalization Of The World Economy pp. 7-12 Downloads
Ion Botescu
The Principle of Peaceful Settlement of International Disputes pp. 13-16 Downloads
Florica Bra?oveanu and Constantin Anechitoae
Several Aspects Regarding the Specialized Translation of Medical Texts. From Theory to Practice pp. 17-21 Downloads
Alina Buzarna-Tihenea (Galbeaza)
The Structure, Characters and Effects of Legal Rights Potestative pp. 22-25 Downloads
Maria Cãzãnel
CSR Crystallization in the Financial System: the World Bank Model pp. 26-31 Downloads
Georgiana-Loredana Frecea
Romania’s Electrical and Optical Equipment Industry Position on Global Value Chain in 2001-2011 periods pp. 32-36 Downloads
Cristiana-Ioana ªerbãnel
Developing Sustainable Human Resource Management in a Shipping Company - A Study Case pp. 37-41 Downloads
Ioana Farkas- Surugiu, Vanessa Just and Andreas Bartels
Towards a New World Economic Order pp. 42-45 Downloads
Sorin-George Toma, Paul Marinescu and Cosmin ?tefan
Power Public - Economic Stake of Romanian Tourism pp. 47-50 Downloads
Constanţa Enea and Constantin Enea
Romania's EU Advantages Integration pp. 51-56 Downloads
Constanţa Enea and Constantin Enea
Does Youth Migration for Education Have an Impact on Permanent Migration Decision? Case Study on Bessarabian Students in Romania pp. 57-61 Downloads
Simona Ghita, Cristina Boboc and Daniela Manea
Statistical-Based Insights in the Migration Process pp. 62-65 Downloads
Mihaela Grecu and Emilia Titan
Empirical Study on the Correlation Between the NPRD and the Amount of Funds Allocated by the Tractors and Main Agricultural Machines in 2011 - 2013 pp. 66-70 Downloads
Nela Loredana Mei?ã and Jenica Popescu
A Region of Welfare and a New Path for Europe pp. 71-74 Downloads
Constantin Schipor
The Principle of Non-interference in Internal Affairs pp. 76-79 Downloads
Florica Bra?oveanu and Constantin Anechitoae
The Structure-Performance Relationship In Romanian Banking System pp. 80-85 Downloads
Claudia Dobre
IT&C - A Job-Creating Industry during Crisis pp. 86-91 Downloads
Ilie Constantin Florea
When Companies Become Too Socially Innovative to Fail pp. 92-97 Downloads
Ilie Constantin Florea and Marc Sommer
Effects of the Global Financial Crisis on the Resources of Health System in Romania pp. 98-103 Downloads
Simona Ghita, Emilia Titan and Cristina Boboc
Negotiating T-TIP – Key Issues and Potential Implications for the Third Countries pp. 104-109 Downloads
Ioana Gutu
TTIP and the Implications for the Negotiation Process pp. 110-114 Downloads
Ioana Gutu
The Romanian Chambers of Commerce, Representative Organizations of Entrepreneurs. The Example of Constanta Chamber of Commerce pp. 115-120 Downloads
Ion Danut Juganaru and Mariana Juganaru
The Evolution of Creativity Trend of Students of Transilvania University pp. 121-124 Downloads
Dana Adriana Lupºa-Tãtaru and Florin Rãzvan Lupºa-Tãtaru
Institutional Diversity in the Post-socialist Area during Crisis pp. 125-130 Downloads
Michal Mádr
The Impact of Economic Policies on Economic Growth in a Group of Arabic Countries: Empirical Verification using Non-Stationary Panel Model pp. 131-137 Downloads
Slim Mahfoudh and Mohamed Ben Amar
Adequate Income – A (Pre)Condition for Economic Justice pp. 138-141 Downloads
Adina Moise – Titei and Eleonora Baca
(Re)Mapping Geographies of Development- BRIC(S) Superpower Challengers? pp. 142-145 Downloads
Adina Moise – Titei and Eleonora Baca
Estimated Reaction Function of Fiscal Policy in Romania pp. 146-149 Downloads
Camelia Moraru and Norina Popovici
Globalization and Next Level for Virtual Teams pp. 150-155 Downloads
Alexandru Mo?ã?ãianu, Oana Alexandra Vochin and Lilian Chiachir
The Knowledge Assessment Methodology of Countries pp. 156-159 Downloads
Dorinela Nancu
Excellence in Objective Strategic Education in the Military University pp. 160-165 Downloads
Liliana Nicodim, Gabriel-Iulian Tãnase and Marian Velica
African American Slavery - a Social Ecological Approach pp. 166-170 Downloads
Drago? Osoianu
Quality-oriented Organizational Culture pp. 171-174 Downloads
Anca Cristina Stanciu, Mihaela Constandache and Daniela Simona Nenciu
Aspects Concerning Quality in Tourism pp. 175-178 Downloads
Anca Cristina Stanciu, Mihaela Constandache and Daniela Simona Nenciu
The Loan in the Old Testament – Paradigm of the Contemporary Banking System pp. 179-183 Downloads
Adrian Vasile
Eco-theology – Church’s Solution on Humankind’s Environmental Issues pp. 184-188 Downloads
Costin Vasile
The Secularization of the Contemporary Society and Holy Church’s Attitude Toward This Phenomenon pp. 189-192 Downloads
Costin Vasile
Statistical Information Valencies Concerns the Economic Records at the University Level pp. 193-198 Downloads
Daniela Vitan
Dimensions of World Food Issue in the Ecological Crisis pp. 199-202 Downloads
Alina Voiculeþ and Nicoleta Belu
Innovative and Technological Transfer – a Requirement for Ensuring Economic Development pp. 204-207 Downloads
Ileana (Bãdulescu) Anastase and Cornel Grigorut
The Approaches on Human Resources Management Practices within Romanian Companies - an Empirical Study pp. 208-212 Downloads
Ionut Antohi and Andreea - Daniela Moraru
Clusters as a Tool for Development in the Wine Industry pp. 213-217 Downloads
Oana Bãrbulescu
Bilbao Effect – Presentation, Examples, Perspectives pp. 218-222 Downloads
Alexandru Bîrsan, Darko Shuleski and Crina Veronica Cristea
Theoretical Approaches and Practical Aspects on the Financial Management of a Local Public Institution pp. 223-228 Downloads
Daniel Dãneci-Pãtrãu and Andreea Arsenie
Managerial Accountability – a Key Factor in the Implementation of Internal Control Systems pp. 229-235 Downloads
Elena Doina Dascãlu and Laura Nasta
Considerations on Ship Management and Current Changes in Maritime Transport pp. 236-241 Downloads
Cristina Dragomir and Simona Utureanu
The Need for Consumer Protection in the Consumerist Society pp. 242-245 Downloads
Gabriela Gheorghiu
Quality Management in Healthcare Systems pp. 246-251 Downloads
Adriana Grigorescu, Elena Condrea and Christopher De Freitas Bradley
Strategic Alternatives Adopted by Travel Agencies to Develop Tourism Services pp. 252-255 Downloads
Roxana-Mihaela Ionitã
A Look at Managers’ Perception of the Innovation Activity in the Hotel Industry in Romania pp. 256-260 Downloads
Maria-Cristina Iorgulescu
The Quality of Hotel Services in Romania: an Application of the Servqual Model pp. 261-266 Downloads
Maria-Cristina Iorgulescu
Characteristics of Business Strategies and Management Systems within Automotive Industry pp. 267-274 Downloads
Andreas Kompalla and Jan Kopia
Study Regarding Consumer Protection and Satisfaction on Tourism Services Market. Case Study: Romania Versus France pp. 275-282 Downloads
Anca Madar and Nicoleta Andreea Neacºu
Leadership for the Virtual Age pp. 283-286 Downloads
Paul Marinescu, George-Sorin Toma and Cosmin-Alexandru ªtefan
The Role of Process Interactions Management in Ensuring Business Sustainability pp. 287-291 Downloads
Ruxandra Maria Mateescu, Steffen Lange and Heinemann Bastian
Managing Online Brand Identity: the Case of Two Pure Players pp. 292-299 Downloads
Angela-Eliza Micu and Alexandru Capatina
Few Aspects Concerning the Marketing Particularities in Healthcare Services pp. 300-305 Downloads
Silvia Muhcina and Veronica Popovici
The dynamics of Organically Certified Operators in Romania Between 2012 and 2014 pp. 306-311 Downloads
Adina Munteanu
Analysis of the Strategies Specific to Knowledge based Management pp. 312-315 Downloads
Dorinela Nancu
Quality Strategies Used by Market Leader in the Competitive Coffee Industry pp. 316-321 Downloads
Nicoleta Andreea Neacºu and Oana Bãrbulescu
Defining Influences Of Globalization On Education Management pp. 322-326 Downloads
Liliana Nicodim, George Bucãþa and Emanoil Muscalu
Customer Relationship Management Using Information Technology pp. 327-331 Downloads
Oana Niþu, Claudiu Valentin Niþu and Cosmin Tileagã
WEB 2.0 as a Customer Relationship Management Aplication - Specific Commercial Platform pp. 332-336 Downloads
Oana Niþu, Claudiu Valentin Niþu and Cosmin Tileagã
Competitiveness Issue in Romania pp. 337-340 Downloads
Loredana Maria Pãunescu
The Role of the Forecast in the Company’s Management pp. 341-348 Downloads
Raluca Podasca
Communication Style: Mirror of Individual’s Behavior pp. 349-353 Downloads
Norina Popovici, Gheorghe Moraru and Camelia Moraru
The Success Factors for Integrating Business Process Reengineering and Total Quality Management pp. 354-359 Downloads
Andrei Serban
Landing Pages Features to Attract Customers pp. 360-363 Downloads
Ioana Teodorescu and Viorel Vasile
Ship Management Benchmarking pp. 364-368 Downloads
Simona Utureanu and Cristina Dragomir
Takaful Insurance and its Development Perspectives pp. 370-375 Downloads
Flavia Mirela Barna, Miruna Nachescu and Victoria Seulean
Ab initio: A historical Perspective on Accounting pp. 376-379 Downloads
Larissa Bãtrâncea
Interviewing - An Investigative Technique Used by Forensic Accountants pp. 380-384 Downloads
Nicolae, Bobi?an and Diana Dumitrescu
Possibilities of Using the Typical Survey in Audit pp. 385-391 Downloads
Sorin Briciu and Dimi Ofileanu
Capital Market Efficiency in CEE Countries pp. 392-397 Downloads
Dumitru-Nicu?or Cãrãu?u
Annual Financial Statements and the Financial Information Supply pp. 398-401 Downloads
Genu Alexandru Cãruntu and Loredana Ciurlãu
Various Approaches to Economic Development and Fiscal Policy for the European Union Member Countries pp. 402-405 Downloads
Maria Felicia Chirculescu and Gabriela Bu?an
The Role of Foreign Banks in Ensure Performance the Romanian Banking System pp. 406-409 Downloads
Loredana Ciurlãu and Genu Alexandru Cãruntu
Efficiency of Tax Claims Collection through Foreclosure pp. 410-416 Downloads
Elena Doina Dascãlu and Laura Nasta
Accountancy and Management of Human Resources Employed on Subsidized Places - Young Graduates - pp. 417-422 Downloads
Carmen Maria Dindiri, Cristian Drãgan and Valeriu Brabete
Accounting and Tax Challenges Regarding the Joint Ventures pp. 423-427 Downloads
Cristian Drãgan, Magdalena Mihai and Carmen Maria Dindiri
The Aspects of Revaluation of Tangible Assets pp. 428-433 Downloads
Andreea Elena Dreghiciu
Financing Policies in the Romanian SMEs pp. 434-438 Downloads
Lucian Gãban
Financial Autonomy in Local Romanian Administration pp. 439-443 Downloads
Lucian Gãban and Liviu Bechiº
The Relation Corporate Governance - Financial Communication - Social Responsibility to the Level of the Group of Companies pp. 444-448 Downloads
Claudia Nicoleta Guni
The Monetary Transmission in the Selected CEE Countries pp. 449-452 Downloads
Eliška Horká
Indicators of Current Assets that Succinctly Express the Performance of Their Use pp. 453-457 Downloads
Mihaela Loredana Lãpãduºi
Do Fiscal Constraints Actually Work in the EU? pp. 458-463 Downloads
Florin-Alexandru Macsim and Florin Oprea
Preoccupations and Tendencies within the Romanian Accounting Space Regarding the Capitalization of Intangible, Incorporate Assets Owned by Companies in the International Context of Integrated Reporting pp. 464-469 Downloads
Marinela – Daniela Manea
The Procedure Of The Joint Stock Company’s Capital Increase By Converting The Debts pp. 470-474 Downloads
Gabriel Mihai
The Economic Impact of the Collective Dismissal Procedure Performed at the Level of an Insolvent Employer pp. 475-480 Downloads
Luiza – Corina Mihai
The Corporate Governance of Public Entities in Romania – Necessity or Formality? pp. 481-487 Downloads
Marioara Mirea and Ionela Munteanu
January Effect and Market Conditions: a Case of Romania pp. 488-493 Downloads
Aurora Murgea
Holliday Effect in Contemporary Capital Markets pp. 494-499 Downloads
Aurora Murgea
Methodology on the Classification of Guarantees, the Establishment, Regulation and use of Risk Provisions for S.M.E. Loan Guarantees pp. 500-504 Downloads
Dumitru Nancu
The impact of Implementing a New Rating System for the Framework Covenant on the Guarantee and Counter-Guarantee Coverage Level for SME Loans on the Access to Finance pp. 505-510 Downloads
Dumitru Nancu
BITCOIN Currency - Methods of Adapting to the Economic Crisis pp. 511-514 Downloads
Gheorghe Negoescu, Andrei-Mirel Florea and Aurora Aurelia Diaconu
The Accounting Model for Calculating Performance of Entities and Share Based Payments pp. 515-519 Downloads
Traian Cristin Nicolae
Considerations Regarding Lean Approach Within Management Accounting pp. 520-524 Downloads
Dimi Ofileanu
Real Economic Growth for Romania – the Key Element Savior for a Long Period of Time? pp. 525-528 Downloads
Loredana Maria Pãunescu
Regulatory Accounting When Securities Markets Are Stressed pp. 529-533 Downloads
Mitica Pepi
Defining and Measuring Bank’s Equity Risk: Evidence from the Erste Bank Group Romania pp. 534-538 Downloads
Ioana Ple?cãu
The Impact of Accounting and Fiscal Regulations on Corporate Income Tax Information Provided to Stakeholders pp. 539-545 Downloads
Nicu Popa and Adriana Florina Popa
Financing of the EU SMEs by the Capital Markets: An Overview pp. 546-551 Downloads
Angela Roman and Valentina Rusu
The Impact of Funding Research and Development Activities through the Core Programme pp. 552-555 Downloads
Mircea-Iosif Rus
Ethics and Morality in the Accounting Profession pp. 556-559 Downloads
Diana Andreea Trãistaru
The Influence of the Private Sector Financing on the Decision to Invest in Romania pp. 560-564 Downloads
Adina Trandafir
External Financing for EU SMEs – Challenges, Measures and Trends pp. 565-569 Downloads
Laura Vasilescu and Sorin Tudor

Volume XV, issue 1, 2015

Been There, Done That, Bought It! - Economic and Cultural Impacts of Mass Media on Consumption pp. 2-5 Downloads
Baca Eleonora
The Standardization of Risk Management Practices at the International Level pp. 6-11 Downloads
Lucian Belascu and Horobet Alexandra
Multinational Companies – Main Players In The Globalization Economy pp. 12-16 Downloads
Botescu Ion
Comparative Analysis between the Exception of a Non-performance of the Contract and the Lien – Similarities pp. 17-20 Downloads
Cãzãnel Maria
General Issues Regarding the Offence of the Trafficking in Migrants pp. 21-26 Downloads
Draghici Vasile and Cornel Grigorut
Terms and Conditions for a Romanian Sovereign Wealth Fund pp. 27-31 Downloads
Drãniceanu Doina Ana
Late National Approaches of Consumer Problems pp. 32-35 Downloads
Gabriela Gheorghiu
Competitiveness of Automotive Clusters in Romania pp. 36-40 Downloads
Scutaru Liliana
European Clustering Landscape - a Short Description pp. 41-46 Downloads
ªtefãniþã ªuºu and Rozalia Kicsi
The World’s Largest Oil and Gas Companies in the Period 2013-2014 pp. 47-50 Downloads
Toma Sorin-George, Marinescu Paul and ?tefan Cosmin
Psychic Distance, Foreign Direct Investments and Host Country pp. 51-55 Downloads
Trufin Ovidiu Serafim
Flexible Corporate Legal Framework in the Actual Context of European Integration pp. 57-61 Downloads
Madalina Botina, Dobre Elena and Munteanu Alexandra
Partnership Principle – A Theoretical Approach within Cohesion Policy pp. 62-67 Downloads
Caranica Cristina-Nicoleta
The ERDF Contribution to the Development of the Social and Educational Infrastructure, as well as to the Reduction of Local Disparities in Cluj, Brasov, Vaslui and Giurgiu Counties in the Period 2007-2013 pp. 68-74 Downloads
Catana Aida and Titan Emilia
Concentration in the Banking Sector in Romania and Bulgaria pp. 75-79 Downloads
Claudia Dobre
Causality-Based Frameworks for Sustainable Development Indicators: Strengths and Weaknesses pp. 80-85 Downloads
Ghita Simona
Youth Unemployment in European Union pp. 86-90 Downloads
Grecu Mihaela and Titan Emilia
Agreeing over TTIP: the Ninth Negotiation Round pp. 91-96 Downloads
Gutu Ioana
NEETs Analysis in Romania pp. 97-102 Downloads
Mihaela Mihai
Ovidius University of Constanta Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences pp. 103-107 Downloads
Pandele Adina Laura
Tertiary ESP Courses, Internationalization and the EU Labor Market pp. 108-113 Downloads
Popescu Alina
The European Social Models Facing the Economic Crisis pp. 114-117 Downloads
Schipor Constantin
Pink Collar Crime vs. White Collar Crime Overview on the Specific Features Related to the Antisocial Behavior of Women pp. 118-122 Downloads
Stãiculescu Ana Rodica and Neagu Carmen-Mariana
Romanian Public External Audit Integration in the European Union Acquis pp. 123-128 Downloads
Stefan Liviu and Pãunicã Mihai
European Union Market and Attraction of Foreign Direct Investment pp. 129-132 Downloads
The Main Ways of the Development in the Shipbuilding Industry in Ukraine pp. 134-138 Downloads
Babachenko Marina
Theoretical Approaches on Financing through Programs in Social Assistance Field pp. 139-142 Downloads
Cibotariu Irina-ªtefana
The Evolution of the Romanian Microenterprises financed by the European Regional Development Fund pp. 143-147 Downloads
Ciocoiu Cristina-Elena
Importance and Trends of the Resource Productivity in Romania pp. 148-153 Downloads
Simona Frone and Frone Dumitru Florin
The Process of Achieving Economic Convergence Regions in Romania in Terms of EU Funds pp. 154-160 Downloads
Geambazi Petris
A Quantitative Analysis of the Main Components of EU Sustainable Tourism, in the context of Information Society pp. 161-165 Downloads
Ghita Simona, Boboc Cristina and Manea Daniela
Format of Strategic Planning in Cruise Shipping pp. 166-169 Downloads
Golubkova Irina
A Short Analysis of the Romanian’s Main National Accounts Tax, GDP, General, Central and Local Government and Unemployment Rate Between 2005 and 2014 pp. 170-173 Downloads
Ilie Margareta and Ilie Constantin
Prospects of Yacht Tourism Development in the Black Sea Region of Ukraine pp. 174-178 Downloads
Levinska Tetyana
The Role of the Caspian Region in World Energy Security and Diversification of Energy Supply pp. 179-182 Downloads
Mamuladze Roman and Revutska Nataliia
The Evolution Of Constanta Port’ Activities During The Current Crisis Period pp. 183-188 Downloads
Miþac Mirela Claudia
The Regional Economic Convergence in Romania: an Analysis Based on the Entropy Approach pp. 189-194 Downloads
Neagu Olimpia
Main Directions of Strategic Development of the Ukrainian Sector of Cruise Tourism pp. 195-198 Downloads
Peresypkina Natalia
The Scheme of the Regulation and Financing of Transport Infrastructure Projects of the Regions of Ukraine pp. 199-202 Downloads
Sotnichenko L.L.
Homophily in Social Networks, Bridging and Bonding Social Capital. Implications for Development pp. 203-208 Downloads
Târnovan Anabella-Maria
Proposals for Implementing Data Analysis Solutions for Fraud Detection pp. 210-215 Downloads
Bãnãrescu Adrian
Emergence and Progress of the New Paradigm of Development – the Sustainable Development pp. 216-220 Downloads
Lucian Belascu
Theoretical Debates on the Potential of Social Enterprises pp. 221-224 Downloads
Bucaciuc Anamaria
An Analysis of Specialized Translation and Terminology. Case Study pp. 225-228 Downloads
Buzarna-Tihenea (Gãlbeazã) Alina
Legal Distinction between the Exception of a Non-performance Contract and the Lien pp. 229-232 Downloads
Cãzãnel Maria
The Effects of Merger and Acquisition on Employee pp. 233-236 Downloads
Chiriac Irina
The Study of the Evolution of M&As in the Current Economic Context pp. 237-241 Downloads
Chiriac Irina and Georgescu Iuliana Eugenia
Knowledge Economy Index in the Structure of World Economies pp. 242-247 Downloads
Cioban Gabriela Liliana
Dynamics of Mandatory Private Pension Funds from Romania in May 2008 - March 2015 and from the Perspective of Contributions and Assets pp. 248-254 Downloads
Colomeischi Tudor and Iancu Eugenia
ActiveX Controls in Microsoft Excel pp. 255-258 Downloads
Cosma Emil
Form Controls in Microsoft Excel pp. 259-263 Downloads
Cosma Emil
A Journey into the History of Migration pp. 264-268 Downloads
Cristian Elena Raluca and Bãrãgan Laura Georgeta
Strategies Concerning the Translation of Specialized Texts pp. 269-274 Downloads
Dan (Nãdrag) Lavinia
Institutional Autonomy vs. Political Control pp. 275-280 Downloads
Iftene Cristi*
Good administration. National and European regulatory framework pp. 281-285 Downloads
Iftene Cristi*
Current Employment Trends in Georgia pp. 286-289 Downloads
Koblianidze Tamar, Toria Mamuka and Veshaguri Maia
The Governance’s Impact on the Decline of the Romanian Cooperative Sector pp. 290-294 Downloads
Manea Marinela – Daniela
The Impact of Savings in Economic Growth. Comparative Study Between Japan and China pp. 295-298 Downloads
Mihu? Marius Ioan
Specific Features of Female Criminality pp. 299-304 Downloads
Mitra Mariana
Criminological Approaches on Tax Evasion pp. 305-309 Downloads
Mitra Mariana
The Relationship between Intergenerational Justice Index and Human Development Index pp. 310-313 Downloads
Moise – Titei Adina
An Empirical Measure for Economic Justice pp. 314-317 Downloads
Moise – Titei Adina
SMEs - The Main Promoters of the Knowledge based Economy pp. 318-321 Downloads
Nancu Dorinela
Mobile Youth Culture pp. 322-326 Downloads
Nãdrag (Bala) Monica and (Nãdrag) Dan Lavinia
Participation of Romanian Social Enterprises in the Public Procurement Market pp. 327-331 Downloads
Pîrvu Daniela
Aspects regarding the Importance of Development Resources in the Economic Growth pp. 332-340 Downloads
Florina Popa
An Overview of Millennials’ Coming of Age. The Emergence of Generation Y and its Underlying and Consequential Socio-Economic Aspects pp. 341-346 Downloads
Popovici Veronica and Muhcina Silvia
Financing Green Energy in Romania pp. 347-353 Downloads
Regnealã Horaþiu and Paicu (Coraº) Eliza Laura
Explanatory Models of Consumer Behaviour from a Psychological Perspective pp. 354-357 Downloads
Rus Mihaela
Performance management to civil servants pp. 358-362 Downloads
Rus Mihaela
The Impact of Legal Form on Tax Liability of Economic Entities pp. 363-367 Downloads
State Violeta and Tãnase Loredana Cristina
General Aspects of the Patrimonial Rights in the New Civil Code pp. 368-371 Downloads
Stoica Adrian
The Assets under the New Civil Code pp. 372-378 Downloads
Stoica Adrian
Theoretical Analysis of The Development of Fiscal Relations Management Through the Viewpoint of Economic Theories pp. 379-384 Downloads
Stoica Carmen
Fiscal Management: Methods and Principles pp. 385-390 Downloads
Stoica Carmen
Tomorrow’s Worker- a Short Portrait pp. 391-394 Downloads
ªtefan Cosmin-Alexandru, Toma George-Sorin and Marinescu Paul
Tendecies in Communication Through Mass Media and the Economic Implications Nationally and Internationally pp. 395-399 Downloads
Terchilã Sorin
Application of the Analytic Network Process to competency Assessment Process of IT Professionals pp. 400-405 Downloads
Toader Elena Alexandra
Education Analysis in Romania- a Quantitative Approach pp. 406-409 Downloads
Ungureanu Emilia
A Model of Innovation and Sustainability: the Regional Business Ecosystem pp. 410-413 Downloads
Voicu-Dorobantu Roxana
Turning Forests into Added Value: Romania's Furniture Trade pp. 414-417 Downloads
Voicu-Dorobantu Roxana and Ploae Catalin
Increasing Global Population – An Actual Issue of World Countries pp. 418-421 Downloads
Voicule? Alina
Intangible Assets as a Source of Competitiveness pp. 423-426 Downloads
Alexandru Vlad Cãtãlina, Ungureanu Gabriela and Militaru Mãdãlina
The Corporate Communication and the Entrepreneur. Business Opportunity pp. 427-433 Downloads
Anastase (Badulescu) Ileana, Cornel Grigorut and Bucur Carmen Maria
The High Performance Working Systems within Romanian Companies pp. 434-438 Downloads
Antohi Ionut
Conceptual Aspects and a New Vision of Competitiveness in Actual Economic Context pp. 439-443 Downloads
Asalo? Nicoleta and Vasile Iulian
Strategy: Between Misuse and Abuse of the Label and the Concept pp. 444-449 Downloads
Bogdan Bacanu
The Gemba Walk – A Tool For Management and Leadership pp. 450-455 Downloads
Gratiela Boca
The Creation of New Businesses in Romania pp. 456-461 Downloads
Boldureanu Gabriela
Reorganisations a Two-Way Road Between Economic Drivers and Tax Planning pp. 462-467 Downloads
Butnaru Iulia
The Impact of New Technologies on Customer Relationship Management pp. 468-473 Downloads
Cerchia Alina Elena
On the Issue of Tourism Potential of Kutaisi and Its Surrounding Area pp. 474-478 Downloads
Chikhladze Niko and Valishvili Tea
Feedback as an Main Instrument of Managementi pp. 479-485 Downloads
Chi?escu Rãzvan Ion
The Road to Competitive Advantage must be Paved with a Respectful Attitude towards the Environment pp. 486-491 Downloads
Chivu Ramona Maria
Assesing the Degree of Customer Satisfaction Regarding Food Services Quality in President Restaurant of Mangalia pp. 492-496 Downloads
Constandache Mihaela, Nenciu Daniela Simona and Condrea Elena
Consumer Mind - a Real Black Box pp. 497-501 Downloads
Dinu Gabriel and Dinu Loredana
Emerging Labor Force and Specific HR Retention Approach in the Organization’s Competitive Advantage Outline pp. 502-508 Downloads
Cristina Drumea
An Approach of Romanian Labor Force Including Emigrants and Romanian Diaspora pp. 509-513 Downloads
Hordãu Anne-Marie Andreea
Sustainable Development and its Influence on the Change of Consumer’s Behaviour pp. 514-518 Downloads
Juganaru Mariana and Juganaru Ion-Danut
Postal Services Marketing pp. 519-525 Downloads
Lãzãrescu Caius
The Management of Institutional Communication in the Public vs. the Private Sector pp. 526-531 Downloads
Florin-Alexandru Luca, Filipeanu Dumitru and Cãnãnãu Mihaela
Increasing the efficiency of Chamber of Commerce and Industry from Brasov by using information technologies pp. 532-535 Downloads
Lupºa-Tãtaru Florin Rãzvan and Vladimir Mãrãscu-Klein
Prospects of Development of Dairy Products Market in Georgia pp. 536-539 Downloads
Malania Elisabed, Kochlamazashvili Lela and Kandashvili Teimuraz
Consumption Expenditure in Romania – between Present Constraints and Past Habits pp. 552-555 Downloads
Moraru Andreea-Daniela and Baca Eleonora
Social Entrepreneur and Skills Profile pp. 556-559 Downloads
Munteanu Valentina
Organizational Consequences of Internal Marketing Naghi Remus pp. 560-565 Downloads
Naghi Remus Ionuþ, Preda Gheorghe and Para Iulia
Supply Chain Management – A Theoretical Approach pp. 566-570 Downloads
Nancu Dumitru
A Conceptual Model for the Analysis of Supply Chain Performance by Reducing Costs pp. 571-576 Downloads
Nancu Dumitru and Nancu Dorinela
Services Quality in Catering Industry Case Study: Forest Restaurant - Sinaia pp. 577-580 Downloads
Neacºu Nicoleta Andreea and Madar Anca
Direct Research on Marketing concerning the Accessibility Degree of Seventeen Makeup Cosmetic Products marketed by Company X, among Customers pp. 581-585 Downloads
Nenciu Daniela Simona, Constandache Mihaela and Stanciu Anca-Cristina
Efficient Management in the Educational Process pp. 586-590 Downloads
Nicodim Liliana, Tãnase Gabriel-Iulian and Velica Marian
The New Organizational Culture pp. 591-594 Downloads
Nicodim Liliana, Bucãþa George and Tãnase Gabriel-Iulian
Some Aspects of Intrusion Detection in IoE pp. 595-599 Downloads
Eugen Petac and Petru? Duma
Dilemmas on Student's Place in Defining the Higher Education Institutions’ Marketing Strategy pp. 600-604 Downloads
Popa Adela Laura
The University as a Generator of Entrepreneurial Education pp. 605-610 Downloads
Ro?ca Remus and ?ipo?-Gug Sebastian
Assessing Mentoring Activities in the Management of Knowledge Based Organizations pp. 611-615 Downloads
Ruginosu Alexandra Teodora
Entrepreneurship and Small Business in Tourism pp. 616-620 Downloads
Sergiu Rusu and Isac Florin Lucian
Romanian C o mpanies R estructuring D uring the C risis pp. 621-624 Downloads
Sarchizian Sergiu
The Role of Transformational Leadership in Knowledge-Based Organizations pp. 625-630 Downloads
Tãnase Mihaela
Analysis of Leader’s Characteristics on Perfomance in the Knowledge-Based Organizations pp. 631-636 Downloads
Tãnase Mihaela
Strategies for Sustainable Development and Tourism in Central Dobrogea pp. 637-641 Downloads
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Review on Lean Tools used in Manufacturing Process Improvement (I) pp. 642-647 Downloads
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Informal Groups in Global Work Environment: Group Work or Team Work? pp. 648-653 Downloads
Raluca Zoltan and Vancea Romulus
Romania from Connection to Disconnection between Taxation and Accounting - a Comparative Analysis of the Two Areas pp. 655-659 Downloads
Bãcanu Mihaela-Nicoleta
Exiting the Unconventional Monetary Policies pp. 660-664 Downloads
Badescu Bogdan
The Current Situation of the Public External Audit Activity in Romania and Proposals for Improving the Activity pp. 665-669 Downloads
Bobe? Florina-Maria
Changes in Conservatism after the Adoption of the IFRS: Evidence from Romania pp. 670-675 Downloads
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Analysis Models of Bankruptcy Risk pp. 676-681 Downloads
Bumbescu Sorina Simona
Basel III. How Far Have We Come? pp. 682-686 Downloads
Busuioc Witowschi Irina Raluca and Florin-Alexandru Luca
Integrated ERP Systems at Trade Entities pp. 687-691 Downloads
Caraiman Adrian-Cosmin
The Accounting Option: Fair Or Favourable Image? pp. 692-696 Downloads
Carata? Maria Alina, Spãtariu Elena Cerasela and Margaritti Doina
Accounting Systems in the Organizational Culture Context pp. 697-701 Downloads
Carata? Maria Alina and Spãtariu Elena Cerasela
Analysis of Correlation between Gross Domestic Product and Value Added Tax in the European Union Countries pp. 702-706 Downloads
Cioca Ionela Cornelia
Conceptual Approaches Concerning the Internal Control under the Conditions of a Global Economy pp. 707-710 Downloads
Ciurlãu Loredana and Cãruntu Genu Alexandru
Monetary Policy of Quantitative Easing in United Kingdom pp. 711-715 Downloads
Coroiu Sorina Ioana
Equal Opportunities and Gender Equality: Some Considerations on Personal Loan and Insurance Markets pp. 716-720 Downloads
Covrig Mihaela
Trends Specific to the Members States of the European Union on Individual Income Taxation pp. 721-727 Downloads
Csatlos (Homorodean) Ana-Patricia
Corporate Governance - Leading Factor of Firm Financial Performance? pp. 728-732 Downloads
Dãnilã Alexandra
Provisions and Contingencies: Considerations regarding recognition and measurement pp. 733-737 Downloads
Dicu Roxana Manuela and Mardiros Daniela Neonila
The Implementation and Employment of the Information Technologies in the Romanian Companies pp. 738-742 Downloads
Valentin Florentin Dumitru
The Provisions for the Risk of Loss in the Case of the Loans Granted by the European Banks pp. 743-747 Downloads
Georgescu Cristina Elena and Radu Riana Iren
IFRS 9’s Impact on the Romanian Banking System’s Provisions pp. 748-753 Downloads
Ghi?ã-Mitrescu Silvia and Cristina Duhnea
Connection between the Significance Threshold and the Risk of Audit in Entities in the Constructions Field pp. 754-757 Downloads
Grigore Marian
Comprehensive Income Reporting by Listed Companies on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. Econometric Study pp. 758-763 Downloads
Grosu Maria and Mihalciuc Camelia
Theoretical Fundaments and References on the Elaboration and Presentation of the Financial Situations pp. 764-768 Downloads
Guni Claudia Nicoleta
Evolutions of the Concentration Degree in the Romanian Banking System pp. 769-773 Downloads
Gust Marius
The Actuals of Crowdfunding pp. 774-778 Downloads
Ilie Margareta and Ilie Constantin
The Impact of the Exchange Rate Evolution on Romanian Exports pp. 779-784 Downloads
Iulia Iuga
Meeting Users’ Information Needs through Integrated Reporting pp. 785-790 Downloads
Jinga Gabriel and Madalina Dumitru
The Perception of Professional Accountants on Management Accounting pp. 791-796 Downloads
Lesconi-Frumuºanu Nãtãliþa-Mihaela and Marin Adreea-Mihaela
Harmonization of Monetary and Fiscal Policies. Mix or Separation? An Overview of Romania’s Economic Reality Between 2000 - 2013 pp. 797-802 Downloads
Liparã Daniel and Dãnilã Alexandra
How the Distribution System and the Granting of Drug Discounts, is an Influencing Factor for a Pharmaceutical Units’ Financial Performance pp. 803-808 Downloads
Margaritti Doina and Tomos Sirma
The Continuity of Conservatism in the Standards Developed by the IASB pp. 809-814 Downloads
Ma?ca Ema
Accounting Conservatism - An Argument for Sustainable Businesses pp. 815-820 Downloads
Ma?ca Ema
Implications of Taxation on the Accounting of Results in NPOs pp. 821-826 Downloads
Mihãlþan Delia Corina and Sãliºteanu (ªtefan) Simona Florina
The Analysis of the Correlation Between the Sources of Funding, Performance and Risk Exposure of a Company pp. 827-830 Downloads
Mocanu Florina and Istudor Ileana Iulia
A VAR Analysis of the Connection between Taxation and Economic Growth. Case Study: Romania pp. 831-835 Downloads
Moraru Camelia, Popovici Norina and Ioni?ã Roxana
Risk and Banking Performance: the Correlation between Credit Risk Ratio and ROA in the Romanian Banking System pp. 836-841 Downloads
Munteanu Irena
Capital Market and Happiness in United States pp. 842-847 Downloads
Murgea Aurora
Scrutinizing the Tax Compliance Puzzle via Tax Literacy pp. 848-851 Downloads
Nichita Ramona-Anca
The Accounting for Revenues and Impact of Fair Value pp. 852-857 Downloads
Nicolae Traian Cristin
Fiscal Behavior Patterns pp. 858-861 Downloads
Niþu Oana, Niþu Claudiu Valentin and Tileagã Cosmin
Health Insurance Related Leaves and Allowances: Romania vs Sweden pp. 862-865 Downloads
Niþu Oana, Niþu Claudiu Valentin and Tileagã Cosmin
Possibilities of Using Simple Random Survey in Audit pp. 866-871 Downloads
Dimi Ofileanu and Chiriac Silviu Cornel Virgil
Expected Credit Losses - IFRS 9 and Basel III moving towards convergence? pp. 872-876 Downloads
Oros Olivera Ecaterina
Implications of Bank Failures – Case Study:Daiwa Bank pp. 877-880 Downloads
Gabriela Piciu
Bank-specific and Macroeconomic Determinants of the Quality of Bank Loans Portfolio in Romania and Bulgaria pp. 881-886 Downloads
Angela Roman and Irina Bilan
Is Bancassurance Concept Profitable for the Banking and Insurance Field in Romania? pp. 887-892 Downloads
Sahlian Daniela Nicoleta
The Importance of Managerial Accounting for Enterprise Management pp. 893-896 Downloads
Sãli?teanu (?tefan) Simona - Florina and Mihãlþan Delia Corina
Effects of Direct Taxation in Romania on the Evolution of Business Environment pp. 897-902 Downloads
Trandafir Adina
Strategies for Improving the Economic and Financial Performance of the Hotel Companies in the Romanian Seaside Area pp. 903-906 Downloads
Trandafir Raluca-Andreea
Arguments for the Assessment of the Inventories at Net Realisable Value pp. 907-912 Downloads
Untaru Mircea
The Relationship Between Budgets and Performance Measurement Systems pp. 913-917 Downloads
Anca Antoaneta Vărzaru
Cost Benefit Analysis, Modern Vision of the Project Investment Approach pp. 918-923 Downloads
Vlad Costicã
Socio-Economic Context for the Rural Tourism Development in Gorj and Mehedinþi Counties pp. 924-928 Downloads
Matei (Titilinã) Florentina Daniela
The IFRS9 Standard: Assessment of the Impacts on the European Banking Industry pp. 930-935 Downloads
Halep Maria
TIP TAXATION – Necessity or Inconvenience? pp. 936-939 Downloads
Irimescu Alina Mihaela and Dumitru Graziella Corina
Incursion in the Depreciation Testing of the Non – Cash – Generating Assets Belonging to the Public Sector pp. 940-945 Downloads
Manea Marinela – Daniela
Aspects Regarding the Application of Lean Accounting in Taking the Managerial Decisions pp. 946-949 Downloads
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