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Volume XVII, issue 2, 2017

The External Trade of Romania: Evolution Trends pp. 2-7 Downloads
Botescu Ion
Drivers to the Corporate Social Responsibility in Romania: The Banking Challenge pp. 8-13 Downloads
Frecea Georgiana-Loredana
Entrepreneurship in the World: The Analysis of the Global Entrepreneurship Index in the Period 2015-2017 pp. 14-18 Downloads
Grădinaru Cătălin, Toma Sorin-George and Papuc Răzvan
The Future of Traditional Commerce pp. 19-22 Downloads
Iancu Eugenia
Energy Crisis in Nigeria: Evidence from Lagos State pp. 23-28 Downloads
Isola Wakeel Atanda, Ekundayo Mesagan and Olorunfemi Alimi
The Importance of the European Union in International Trade pp. 29-33 Downloads
Jitaru Loredana
Imports vs Exports. Case Study: Romania pp. 34-37 Downloads
Moraru Camelia and Popovici Norina
Shrinking Cities in Poland: Demographic Perspective pp. 38-44 Downloads
Musiał-Malago Monika
Comparative Approach of Romania-Croatia in Terms of Touristic Services pp. 45-50 Downloads
Popovici Norina and Moraru Camelia
Promotion of Cultural Tourism through Cooperation in the Cross-Border Area pp. 51-56 Downloads
Rădulescu Corina Michaela and Izabela Pop
The World’s Largest Energy Companies in the Period 2016-2017 pp. 57-60 Downloads
Toma Sorin-George and Grădinaru Cătălin
Statistical and Econometric Analysis of the Correlations Between Migration and the Main Macro-aggregates in EU pp. 62-65 Downloads
Apostu Simona-Andreea
The Regional R&D Activity in Romania – A Perspective Post-EU Accession pp. 66-72 Downloads
Babucea Ana-Gabriela and Răbonțu Cecilia-Irina
The European Union: Challenges and Perspectives pp. 73-78 Downloads
Botescu Ion
Regional Development Through Investments in the Health Infrastructure in Romania, 2007-2013 Programming Period pp. 79-83 Downloads
Catană Aida
The “Europenity†Index. Statistical Survey on Five Target Groups pp. 84-88 Downloads
Duţă Alexandru
The Strategy for Development of the Railway Transport in the Dobrogea Region. The Passengers Transport pp. 89-94 Downloads
Iordănoaia Florin
Comparative Assessments of the Seasonality in "The Total Number of Overnight Stays" in Romania, Bulgaria and the European Union pp. 95-100 Downloads
Jugănaru Ion Dănuț, Aivaz Kamer Ainur and Jugănaru Mariana
The Global Economy and Religion: Contents, Specifications and Alienating Influences. Brief Considerations on the Phenomenon of Globalisation from an Orthodox Perspective pp. 101-104 Downloads
Manolache Stelian
Is Innovation the Premise of Social Progress? pp. 105-110 Downloads
Mihaela Mihai
Education in Romania under Crisis pp. 111-114 Downloads
Mihaela Mihai
The European Union Strategy for the Danube Region – Framework for Promoting Clusters pp. 115-119 Downloads
Păuna Carmen-Beatrice
Regional Approaches to Global Uncertainty pp. 120-125 Downloads
Puia M. George and Potts Mark
Classification of EU Countries in Terms of the Level of Sustainable Development pp. 126-131 Downloads
Stec Małgorzata and Grzebyk Mariola
The Role of Taxes in Financing of Public Expenditures and the Implications for Fiscal Policy in the Countries of the European Union pp. 132-138 Downloads
Toma Elena
Agrotourism in Romania - Sustainable Development Method for the Rural Environment pp. 139-143 Downloads
Vălimăreanu (Mircioi) Ileana and Năstase Marian
The Contradiction Between the Environment Created by Man and the Natural Environment in the Context of Globalization pp. 144-148 Downloads
Voiculeţ Alina and Belu Nicoleta
In Romania, the Buzzing Economy is Unable to Attenuate the Uproar Caused by Economic Backslides pp. 150-155 Downloads
Barbu Cristian - Marian
Consumption Management Informatics Solution for Increasing Consumers’ Awareness towards Energy Efficiency pp. 156-161 Downloads
Bâra Adela and Oprea Simona Vasilica
ESP Teaching for Tourism. An Experimental Study pp. 162-167 Downloads
Buzarna-Tihenea (Gălbează) Alina and Nădrag Lavinia
Economic Concentrations vs State of Competitive Space pp. 168-172 Downloads
Caraganciu Anatolie and Tiuhtii Constanța
The Social Economy Enterprises in Romania pp. 173-178 Downloads
Chelariu Gabriel
Regional Cooperation on the Energy Markets – A Study of Romania’s Day-Ahead Market pp. 179-184 Downloads
Corbea (Florea) Alexandra Maria Ioana, Bâra Adela and Uță Adina
Business Intelligence Integrated Solutions pp. 185-189 Downloads
Marian Pompiliu Cristescu and Stancu Ana-Maria Ramona
The Socio-Cultural Consequences of the Migrations Phenomen on the Romanian Emigrants pp. 190-196 Downloads
Cristian Elena Raluca, Bărăgan Laura Georgeta and Mustea Șerban Răzvan
The Use of Superlatives in the Written Tourist Discourse pp. 197-202 Downloads
Dumitrașcu Elena and Mărunțelu Carmen-Liliana
Regional Unemployment Disparities in Romania pp. 203-207 Downloads
Grecu Mihaela
Unemployment Evolution in Romania pp. 208-212 Downloads
Grecu Mihaela
Trends in the Romanian Higher Education System pp. 213-221 Downloads
Gutu Ioana and Manolescu Irina
Macroeconomic Diagnosis and Prediction Through Software pp. 222-225 Downloads
Iancu Eugenia and Colomeischi Tudor
Rural Tourism and Agro-tourism in Romania pp. 226-231 Downloads
Ionel Marian
Travel Agencies in Romania pp. 232-236 Downloads
Ionel Marian
English Through the Filter of the Mother Tongue in Economics Students’ Formal Writing pp. 237-242 Downloads
Leonte Alina, Istratie-Macarov Alexandra-Lavinia and Vlad Loredana Gabriela
Considerations on the Common Agricultural Policy in Romanian Agriculture pp. 243-248 Downloads
Man Mariana and Ciurea Maria
Medical Services - A Significant Component of the Economic Activity pp. 249-252 Downloads
Mihalache Patricia and Ilie Rotariu
Evaluation of Social Justice in Europe pp. 253-257 Downloads
Moise – Titei Adina
Labour Productivity: Concept and Tendencies pp. 258-262 Downloads
Morariu Alunica
The Phenomenon of not Declaring Paid Activities to the Public Authorities pp. 263-267 Downloads
Morariu Alunica
ESP Teaching and Needs Analysis. Case Study pp. 268-273 Downloads
Nădrag Lavinia and Buzarna-Tihenea (Gălbează) Alina
Honey Market in Romania pp. 274-280 Downloads
Nica Maria
The Efficiency of Ambulatory Medical Services. Case Study - The Integrated Ambulatory Units of the Psychiatric Hospital “Dr. Gheorghe Preda†Sibiu pp. 281-287 Downloads
Nicoară (Ana) Florentina Denisa
Over-Tourism and Anti-Tourist Sentiment: An Exploratory Analysis and Discussion pp. 288-293 Downloads
Papathanassis Alexis
Cultural Infrastructure in Arges County pp. 294-299 Downloads
Pirvu (Mazilescu) Ionica-Diana and Goldbach Felix-Constantin
Ensuring and Maintaining the Quality Standards in the Tourism Entreprises’ Activity pp. 300-305 Downloads
Platon Nicolae
Tourism Multiplicator Effect for the National Economy of the Country pp. 306-312 Downloads
Platon Nicolae
Elements on the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Public Sector pp. 313-319 Downloads
Florina Popa
Quality and Social Responsibility pp. 320-323 Downloads
Stanciu Anca Cristina, Elena Condrea and Constandache Mihaela
Attainment of K-Means Algorithm using Hellinger distance pp. 324-329 Downloads
Stancu Ana-Maria Ramona, Marian Pompiliu Cristescu and Stoica Liviu Constantin
General Points of the Public Administration in Romania pp. 330-332 Downloads
Tincescu Ana-Maria
Analysis of the Teaching Staff in the Pre-University Education System pp. 333-337 Downloads
Todea Nicolae and Vitan Daniela
The Nature of the General Theory of Law pp. 338-341 Downloads
Trandafirescu Bogdan Cristian
Will Romania Overcome Underdevelopment pp. 342-347 Downloads
Țâra Sergiu
Differentiators of Organizational Dynamism pp. 348-353 Downloads
Voica Orlando Marian
The Seasonality in the Number of Overnight Stays by Residents in Romania and Bulgaria and Its Ranking in Connection to the EU Average Level pp. 355-360 Downloads
Aivaz Kamer Ainur, Jugănaru Mariana and Jugănaru Ion Dănut
Travels as Life Style in View of Russian Travel-Bloggers pp. 361-365 Downloads
Ananchenkova Polina
Cyclicity - Unavoidable Process in the Economic Evolution pp. 366-370 Downloads
Băeşu Camelia
The Travel Agency Website – Factor for Business Success pp. 371-375 Downloads
Băltescu Codruța Adina
The Services Identity and Their Management in the Actual Economic Context pp. 376-379 Downloads
Bărăgan Laura Georgeta, Cristian Elena Raluca and Mustea Șerban Răzvan
Strategic Planning Method Used in Enterprise Management pp. 380-386 Downloads
Ciobănică Mihaela – Lavinia
Study on the Decision-Making Process in Selecting Rail Infrastructure Managers pp. 387-392 Downloads
Dăneci-Pătrau Daniel
The Attitude of Service Consumers Regarding Tourist Advertising in Mountain Banat pp. 393-397 Downloads
Dinu Gabriel and Dinu Loredana
Tourism Promotion - Primary Element in Mountain Banat pp. 398-401 Downloads
Dinu Loredana and Dinu Gabriel
Computer Science within the Academic Curriculum Used in Maritime Training pp. 402-406 Downloads
Dragomir Cristina, Utureanu Simona and Manole IonuÈ›-Constantin
Calculus of the Resources Cumulative Task Using Different Technics and Software pp. 407-412 Downloads
Ilie Margareta
Leveling a Simple Manufacturing Process Using Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera pp. 413-418 Downloads
Ilie Margareta, Ilie Constantin and Jeflea Florin Victor
Pursuing Happiness in the Workplace, Purpose and Challenge for Human Resources Management pp. 419-424 Downloads
Micu Angela-Eliza and Necula Ramona Valentina
Working Capital Management and Firm Profitability. Empirical Evidence for the Romanian Industry pp. 425-429 Downloads
MiloÅŸ Marius Cristian and MiloÅŸ Laura Raisa
The Public Urban Transport and The Tourism Marketing pp. 430-434 Downloads
Muhcină Silvia
The Influence of Organizational Culture on Company Performance pp. 435-439 Downloads
Munteanu Valentina and Păun Oana Ileana
Is There a Positive Correlation between Promoting Communication at all Hierarchical Levels within the Organization and Organizational Performance? pp. 440-443 Downloads
Nancu Dorinela
Using Business Etiquette Nowadays. Qualitative Research on Business Phoning, Emailing and Meetings pp. 444-448 Downloads
Nicolau Cristina, Alsati Karam and Herțanu Andreea
The Impact of Life Coaching Sessions on the Behavior of Future Romanian Entrepreneurs - Pilot Study pp. 449-454 Downloads
Popescul Lorena Florentina
Research Framework Used in Management and International Affairs Fields pp. 455-460 Downloads
Popescul Lorena Florentina and Jitaru Loredana
How Do Romanian Politicians Communicate Online ? An Emphasis on Facebook pp. 461-466 Downloads
Sasu Constantin and Androniciuc Andra
Effects of Economic and Social Implications of Tourism on Economic Flows pp. 467-471 Downloads
Șerban Comănescu Adrian
SWOT Analysis of the Romanian Tourism Market Component of the Marketing Plan pp. 472-476 Downloads
Șerban Comănescu Adrian
Particularities of Planning, Organizing and Managing Port Marketing pp. 477-482 Downloads
Sorescu Florin
Information as Object of Computer Science in Maritime Transport pp. 483-488 Downloads
Utureanu Simona, Dragomir Cristina and Manole IonuÈ›-Constantin
Management of Internal and External Factors of Decisive Policies in Agriculture in Macroeconomic Crisis Conditions pp. 489-491 Downloads
Vanghele Cristian
Premises and Limitations in Defining and Measuring Synergy from M&As pp. 493-498 Downloads
Aevoae George Marian
Factor Analysis of Credit Risk in Romania pp. 499-504 Downloads
Apostu Simona-Andreea
A VAR Analysis Regarding Tax Evasion and Tax Pressure in Romania pp. 505-509 Downloads
Boștină Florin
Internal Audit Role in Cybersecurity pp. 510-513 Downloads
Carataș Maria Alina, Spătariu Elena Cerasela and Gheorghiu Gabriela
Cybercurrencies pp. 514-518 Downloads
Carataș Maria Alina, Spătariu Elena Cerasela and Gheorghiu Gabriela
Financial Contagion in the Recent Financial Crisis: Evidence from the Romanian Capital Market pp. 519-524 Downloads
Cărăușu Dumitru-Nicușor
Motivations in Choosing Creative Accounting Techniques: A Managerial Perspective pp. 525-530 Downloads
Ciocan Claudia Cătălina
The Fiscal Councils – Independent Fiscal Institutions for Ensuring Fiscal Discipline pp. 531-536 Downloads
Comăniciu Carmen
Communication Tool in Central Banking. Increasing its Role for the New Reality pp. 537-541 Downloads
Adina Criste and Iulia Lupu
The Correlation between the Efficiency of Using the Assets and the Capitals and the Risks in what the Romanian Energy Industry is Concerned pp. 542-546 Downloads
Criveanu Maria Magdalena and Cârstina Silviu
Some Insights of Value-Added Tax Gap pp. 547-552 Downloads
Cuceu Ionuţ-Constantin, Văidean Viorela-Ligia and Maşca Simona-Gabriela
Direct Taxation of Certain Activities in Romania: Specific Tax pp. 553-557 Downloads
Dănilă Alexandra and Horga Maria-Gabriela
Some Differences in the Budgetary Situation of the Local Authorities from Romania’s “Centru†Region of Development pp. 558-564 Downloads
Dănuleţiu Dan-Constantin and Dănuleţiu Adina-Elena
Advance Pricing Agreements and Double Taxation – Key Concepts in the Context of Transfer Pricing pp. 565-570 Downloads
Ignat (Neacsu) Ioana
Internal Audit: “A Necessary Evil†or A Creator of Added Value? pp. 571-575 Downloads
Imbrescu Carmen Mihaela and Peța Crina
The Statistical Analysis of the Relationship Between Poverty and Public Expenses in the European Union Countries pp. 576-582 Downloads
Jitoreanu Doina and Chirilă Viorica
The Efficiency Market Theory: A Case of Commercial Banks Stocks in Nigeria pp. 583-587 Downloads
Ekundayo Mesagan and Amadi Nkem Agatha
Analysis of the Amendments to the Independent Auditor's Report Starting with the Auditing of the Financial Statements as at 31.12.2016 pp. 588-592 Downloads
Mortură Laura-Alexandra
The Time Value of Money in Financial Management pp. 593-597 Downloads
Munteanu Irena and Bacula Mariana
New Trends in Leasing Accounting pp. 598-603 Downloads
Nicolae Traian Cristin
Comparative Analysis of the Social Assistance System in Romania vs. Hungary pp. 604-608 Downloads
Oprișan Oana, Țileagă Cosmin and Nicodim Liliana
European Fiscal Policy and Taxation System in Italy pp. 609-612 Downloads
Oprișan Oana, Țileagă Cosmin and Nicodim Liliana
Designing a Complete Model for Evaluating Companies in "The Modern Economy" and Refining Financial-Accounting Information pp. 613-619 Downloads
Pepi Mitică
Financial Investments in Romania. A Comparative Analysis between Open-end Mutual Funds and Bank Deposits pp. 620-626 Downloads
Izabela Pop and Hordău Anne Marie
Cost - Volume - Profit Analysis – An Instrument of Managerial Control of the Economic Entities in the Extractive Industry pp. 627-632 Downloads
Răscolean Ilie and Rakos Ileana-Sorina
Budgetary Consolidation – Expression of Fiscal-Budgetary Policy pp. 633-638 Downloads
Răscolean Ilie and Rakos Ileana-Sorina
Threshold Analysis of Fiscal Deficits with Respect to Monetary Growth: Evidence from Nigeria pp. 639-643 Downloads
Sanusi Kazeem Abimbola
Accounting Changes on Green Certificates in Romania pp. 644-648 Downloads
Sava Raluca
The Perception of the Internal Managerial Control System – the Case of the Romanian Public Entities pp. 649-654 Downloads
State Violeta, Tănase Loredana Cristina and Voinea Cristina Maria
Effective Tax Rate of Corporate Income Tax in the Post-Crisis Period: The Case of Non-Financial Companies Listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange pp. 655-661 Downloads
Mihaela Teodorescu and Istudor Ileana Iulia
Vulnerabilities and Risks in Romanian Public Financial Accounting pp. 662-666 Downloads
Terinte Paula-Andreea and Cărăușu Dumitru-Nicușor
Impact of Costing and Cost Analysis Methods on the Result of the Period: Methods Based on Full Cost Theory pp. 667-670 Downloads
Toma Maria
Impact of Costing and Cost Analysis Methods on the Result of the Period: Methods Based on Partial Cost Theory pp. 671-675 Downloads
Toma Maria
Affecting the Sustainability of Public Finances by the Social Measures Adopted in Romania between 2006 and 2017 pp. 676-682 Downloads
Trandafir Adina
Taxation of Undeclared Assets pp. 683-686 Downloads
Trandafirescu Bogdan Cristian
The Analysis of the IFRS Adoption Effects on the Accounting Quality in the European Context pp. 687-690 Downloads
Tudor Liviu-ALexandru
Study Concerning Exercising an Adequate Professional Reasoning in Developing the Evaluation and Audit pp. 691-696 Downloads
Vârteiu Daniel Petru, Mortură Laura Alexandra and Dreghiciu Andreea Elena
Accounting for Activity Units which Perform Agricultural Sector pp. 697-702 Downloads
Vârteiu Daniel Petru and Vilijencova Nicoleta
The Concept of Efficient Capital Market pp. 703-708 Downloads
Vlad Costică

Volume XVII, issue 1, 2017

Euro – Single Currency of the European Union pp. 2-8 Downloads
Amarița Adrian
The Effects of Great Britain's Exit from the European Union pp. 9-13 Downloads
Amarița Adrian
Protectionism in the Current International Context pp. 14-19 Downloads
Botescu Ion
Rules for the Enforcement of the Exception of Non-Performance in Civil Proceedings pp. 20-25 Downloads
Calafus Sorin
Exercising the Exception of Contract Non-Performance in the Extrajudicial Area pp. 26-29 Downloads
Calafus Sorin
Crisis Implications over Corporate Governance and Financial Performance pp. 30-34 Downloads
Dan Roxana Loredana and Avram Alexandru
Greed and Global Financial Crisis: Reflections on the Repeal of Glass-Steagall Act pp. 35-40 Downloads
Claudia Dobre and Răsăuţeanu Costin I.
The Relationship between Doing Business and Economic Freedom around the World in the Period 2014-2016 pp. 41-45 Downloads
Grădinaru Cătălin and Toma Sorin-George
China’s Rise and Its Implications for the Global Economy pp. 46-50 Downloads
Jitaru Loredana and Popescul Lorena Florentina
Kinetic Corporation: an Ethos for the New Realities in Business Environment pp. 51-56 Downloads
Rozalia Kicsi and Ailenei Lucia
European Sovereign Bond-Backed Securities – a Proposal to Mitigate Risks Arisen from the Lack of an Euro Area Common Fiscal Policy pp. 57-62 Downloads
Munteanu Bogdan
The Internationalisation of Higher Education, as Keystone for Developement in Eastern Europe. A Case Study on Bucharest University of Economic Studies in Romania pp. 63-68 Downloads
Ploae Cătălin, Năstase Marian and Vălimăreanu Ileana
The World’s Most Innovative Companies in the Period 2015-2016 pp. 69-73 Downloads
Toma Sorin-George and Gradinaru Catalin
EU Contribution to Strengthening Regional Development and Cooperation in the Black Sea Basin pp. 74-78 Downloads
Voicu-Dorobanțu Roxana and Ploae Cătălin
Constructive Solutions in Achieving Sustainable Development Objectives pp. 80-86 Downloads
Caprita Diana Elena
The Quality of Life in Romania Viewed from the Perspective of the Sustainable Development pp. 87-92 Downloads
Criveanu Maria Magdalena
Prospects of Development of the Transit Function of Georgia under the Conditions of Globalization pp. 93-98 Downloads
Kavtaradze Medea and Bejanidze Natia
The Importance of European Capital Markets Union for the Romanian Companies pp. 99-104 Downloads
Miţac Mirela Claudia
The United States of America and Mexico-NAFTA or Trump? pp. 105-108 Downloads
Năstase Luiza Loredana
Developed Countries: Current Situation and Where are They Going? pp. 109-112 Downloads
Năstase Luiza Loredana
Coastal Tourism and Its Impact on the Development of the Region pp. 113-117 Downloads
Popovici Norina and Moraru Camelia
Effects of the Global Population Growth pp. 118-122 Downloads
Voiculeţ Alina
Public Policies on Unemployment pp. 124-126 Downloads
Anastase Ileana (Badulescu) and Cornel Grigorut
Congenital Anomalies in the Pediatric Population of the Republic of Moldova: A Retrospective and Descriptive Study pp. 127-133 Downloads
Buta Galina and Russu-Deleu Raisa
Developing Teamwork and Reading Skills in the ESP Classroom. Case Study pp. 134-140 Downloads
Buzarna-Tihenea (Gălbează) Alina and Nădrag Lavinia
Cyber Attacks and Combat Behavior pp. 141-144 Downloads
Carataș Maria Alina, Spătariu Elena Cerasela and Gabriela Gheorghiu
Unit Value of Net Asset to Mandatory Privately Managed Pension Funds in Romania during May 2008 - December 2015 pp. 145-149 Downloads
Colomeischi Tudor and Iancu Eugenia
The Criteria Underlying The Romanians Emigration Intent pp. 150-154 Downloads
Cristian Elena Raluca, Bărăgan Laura Georgeta and Mustea Șerban Răzvan
Estimation of Unemployment Duration in BotoÅŸani County Using Survival Analysis pp. 155-161 Downloads
Darabă Gabriel, Sandu Christiana Brigitte and Jaba Elisabeta
Management Accounting as a Knowledge Based Organization Value Driver for the 21st Century Business pp. 162-167 Downloads
Marius Daraban
Economic Value Added – A General Review of the Concept pp. 168-173 Downloads
Marius Daraban
Advertising Radio Discourse – Lexical Analysis pp. 174-177 Downloads
Dumitrascu Elena and Maruntelu Liliana
Computer Graphics Design and the Means of Education in Maritime Safety Domain pp. 178-182 Downloads
Manole IonuÈ›-Constantin, Dragomir Cristina and Utureanu Simona
Teaching ESP through the Internet. Case Study pp. 183-188 Downloads
Nădrag Lavinia and Buzarna-Tihenea (Gălbează) Alina
Efficiency of Hospital Expenses Projects Funded Through Partnership with an NGO Case Study pp. 189-194 Downloads
Nicoara (Ana) Florentina Denisa
A Multi-Sectoral Study of Financial Inclusion and Economic Output in Nigeria pp. 195-204 Downloads
Olaniyi Evans and Olaniyi Lawanson
Aspects of Population Savings and Quality of Life in Romania pp. 205-210 Downloads
Oprișan Oana and Tileagă Cosmin
R-Tourism: Introducing the Potential Impact of Robotics and Service Automation in Tourism pp. 211-216 Downloads
Papathanassis Alexis
Education as a Factor in Globalization through Academic Mobility pp. 217-220 Downloads
Pârgaru Ion, Alecu Iulia and Emanoil Călin Ioan
Methods and Techniques Used for Statistical Investigation pp. 221-225 Downloads
Podaşcă Raluca
Theoretical Approaches Concerning Statistical Survey pp. 226-230 Downloads
Podaşcă Raluca
Migration and its Determinants: an Europe 2020 Perspective pp. 231-236 Downloads
Prada Elena Maria
Public Perceptions of Immigration in European Union: A Survey Analysis of Eurobarometer 83.3 and 85.2 pp. 237-241 Downloads
Phd Prada Elena Maria
Correlations between Labor Employment and Economic Growth pp. 242-247 Downloads
Sfichi Elena Daniela and Bratiloveanu Alina
The Use of Accounting Information as a Means of Fraud pp. 248-252 Downloads
Spătărelu Ionuț and Petec (Călinescu) Daniela
Middle Class in Romania: Fiction or Reality? pp. 253-258 Downloads
Țâra Sergiu
Safety Management and the Modern Teaching Environment pp. 259-263 Downloads
Utureanu Simona, Dragomir Cristina and Manole IonuÈ›-Constantin
Analyzing Seasonality and Forecasting the Number of Tourists’ Overnight Stays in Constanta Municipality pp. 265-270 Downloads
Aivaz Kamer Ainur, Jugănaru Mariana and Jugănaru Ion Dănut
Social Networks and Social Revolution. Evidence from Romania pp. 271-276 Downloads
Androniciuc Andra and Ichim Daniela
Tourists’ Perception Of Tourism Activities Offered In Suceava County pp. 277-282 Downloads
Cioban Gabriela-Liliana
Research on the Decision-Making Process for the Selection of Managers in Branch "CREIR CF" Constanta pp. 283-288 Downloads
Dăneci Pătrău Daniel and Jenaru Andreea
Staff MοtÑ–vatіοn: FunÑ tіοns, PrÑ–nÑ Ñ–plеs and SοurÑ Ðµs pp. 289-295 Downloads
FurduеsÑ u Bοgdan - Alехandru
The Leadership's Role in Motivating Employees pp. 296-301 Downloads
Horga Maria Gabriela and Nancu Dorinela
Website - Tool of Marketing Strategy? pp. 302-306 Downloads
Iancu Eugenia
Analyzing the Concentration of Overnight Stays in Constanta City, over the Period 2010-2016 pp. 307-312 Downloads
Jugănaru Mariana, Jugănaru Ion Dănut and Aivaz Kamer Ainur
Influence of TQM Practices and Service Innovation Types on Performances of the IT Romanian Companies pp. 313-318 Downloads
Mateescu Mihaela, Muscalu Sabin and Bozga Raluca
Decision Conceptual Model for Innovation Ways using the Competitive Intelligence System pp. 319-324 Downloads
Mateescu Mihaela, Muscalu Sabin and Bozga Raluca
Strategic Leadership pp. 325-329 Downloads
Mohammad Jaradat and Al-Rabie Mashhour
Few Marketing Tools to Communicate and Promote the Vaccination Campaigns pp. 330-335 Downloads
Muhcina Silvia and Popovici Veronica
Assessing Communication within Local Organizations pp. 336-339 Downloads
Nancu Dorinela, Popovici Veronica and Horga Maria Gabriela
The Importance of Promoting a Rural Touristic Destination: The Case of RacoÅŸ Village pp. 340-344 Downloads
Neacșu Nicoleta Andreea and Madar Anca
The Strategic Behavior of Companies in Romanian Competitive Environment pp. 345-350 Downloads
Nicodim Liliana, Croitoru Gabriel and Duică Mircea
Big Data - A Revolutionary "Space" that Changes the Way Business is Done pp. 351-355 Downloads
Nicodim Liliana, Niţu Claudiu Valentin and Croitoru Gabriel
Artificial Intelligence - A New Field of Computer Science Which Any Business Should Consider pp. 356-360 Downloads
Oprișan Oana, Tileagă Cosmin and Niţu Claudiu Valentin
The Impact of Marketing in the Touristic Entities pp. 361-366 Downloads
Păiuşan Luminiţa, Boiţă Marius and Pribeanu Gheorghe
The Impact of Transfer Pricing on Tourism Entities pp. 367-372 Downloads
Păiuşan Luminiţa, Boiţă Marius and Ajtay Eduard
A MPLS Simulation for Use in Design Networking for Multi Site Businesses pp. 373-378 Downloads
Petac Eugen
Tourism – Sector of Interest in Marketing Vision pp. 379-383 Downloads
Serban-Comanescu Adrian
The Impact of Tourism on the Global Economic System pp. 384-387 Downloads
Serban-Comanescu Adrian
Quality Management in E-Commerce pp. 388-391 Downloads
Stanciu Anca Cristina, Elena Condrea and Zamfir Cristina
Motivation of the Personal pp. 392-396 Downloads
Tomescu Ioan-Adrian and Tincescu Ana-Maria
Some Considerations on The Role of Financial Communication Within Corporate Governance pp. 398-402 Downloads
Avram Costin Daniel
Annual Financial Statements as a Financial Communication Support pp. 403-406 Downloads
Avram Costin Daniel, Avram Marioara and Dragomir Isabela
The Relation between Accounting Result and Tax Result in the Case of the Profit Tax pp. 407-412 Downloads
Băcanu Mihaela-Nicoleta
A Comparative Analysis in the Field of the Economic Exposure to Currency Risk pp. 413-418 Downloads
Belascu Lucian
The Relevant Skills for Forensic Accountants – Can the Romanian Accounting Education Programs offer them? pp. 419-423 Downloads
Bobițan Nicolae and Dumitrescu Diana
Integrated Reporting for a Good Corporate Governance pp. 424-428 Downloads
Bobitan Roxana-Ioana and Stefea Petru
The Economic Importance and Characteristics of Cost Calculation in the Clothing Industry in Romania pp. 429-434 Downloads
Caprian Cristina
Culture and Accounting Practices pp. 435-438 Downloads
Carataș Maria Alina, Spătariu Elena Cerasela and Drăgoi Mihaela Cristina
A Qualitative Research of Mergers in Non-profit Sector pp. 439-444 Downloads
Chelariu Gabriel and Aevoae George Marian
Fiscal and Accounting Aspects Regarding the Tax Specific on Certain Activities pp. 445-450 Downloads
Cioca Ionela Cornelia
True and Fair View: Incentive or Inhibitor for Creative Accounting? pp. 451-455 Downloads
Ciocan Claudia-Cătălina
The Right for Deducting VAT pp. 456-461 Downloads
Constantin Sergiu-Bogdan Constantin
Web Controls for Financial Calculations in Visual Studio 2015 pp. 462-467 Downloads
Cosma Emil
Reflections on Corporate Governance pp. 468-473 Downloads
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Study Concerning the Measure of Using Accounting, Economical and Administrative Evaluation in Practice pp. 474-479 Downloads
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Accounting in Historical Costs – since when and until when? pp. 497-502 Downloads
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GDP Correlation Analysis - HICP Inflation Rate in Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria pp. 503-508 Downloads
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Classification After Three Significant Criteria and Calculation of the Frequencies for Direct Procurement Deficiencies, Appealed in the Audit Engagement pp. 509-513 Downloads
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The Work Sample Verification and the Calculation of the Statistical, Mathematical and Economical Probability for the Risks of the Direct Procurement pp. 514-517 Downloads
Lazăr Cristiana Daniela, Marin Andreea Mihaela and Pereș Ion
Tax Collection Costs in Romania pp. 518-523 Downloads
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Sustainability of the Public Acquisitions System in Romania in the Process of Transition to a Green Economy pp. 524-529 Downloads
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Financing of Cultural Institutions in the Arges County pp. 530-534 Downloads
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Credit Policy within BRD Bank pp. 535-538 Downloads
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Considerations Concerning the Application of Target Costing Method in the Industry of Dairy Products pp. 545-550 Downloads
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The Role of Financial Instruments and Their Impact on the SME Sector pp. 556-561 Downloads
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The Impact of Management Accounting Innovations on Millennials Business pp. 568-572 Downloads
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A Split in The Middle East Financial System pp. 573-577 Downloads
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Monetary Policy and Inflation: Is there a Neo- Fisher Effect? Evidence from Inflation Targeting Countries in Central and Eastern Europe pp. 578-583 Downloads
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Provisions and Enhancements Brought by Basel II Agreement pp. 606-610 Downloads
Munteanu Bogdan
Speaking of Securitization of Financial Assets pp. 611-615 Downloads
Munteanu Bogdan
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