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Volume X, issue 2, 2010

Aspects Regarding the Integration of the Graduates of the Faculty of Economics in the Economic Activity pp. 1-4 Downloads
Aivaz Kamer-Ainur, Anca Stanciu and Elena Condrea
Consequences of the Infringement of the Patent Right by Counterfeiting pp. 5-10 Downloads
Anechitoae Constantin, Cornel Grigorut and Grigorut Lavinia-Maria
Challenges to Inflation Targeting in the Context of the post-August 2007 Period pp. 11-16 Downloads
Marius Apostoaie
Financial Integration of European Money Market: from EMU to the Global Crisis and Beyond pp. 17-22 Downloads
Avadanei Andreea, Anamaria Avadanei and Nicolae Ghiba
Influence of Population Decline in Romania on Human Resources Management pp. 23-25 Downloads
Balogh Petru and Golea Pompiliu
The Effects of Financial Crisis on the Behaviour of Investors on the Romanian Capital Market pp. 26-30 Downloads
Barna Flavia and Dan Dănuleţiu
Considerations on World Economic Crisis pp. 31-35 Downloads
Baesu Camelia
The Interdependence between Ecotourism and Natural Protected Areas from China pp. 36-41 Downloads
Baltaretu Andreea
Going off the Rails: Social Impacts of Crisis and Globalization pp. 42-44 Downloads
Bâca Eleonora and Popescu Alina
Impact of Local Autonomy in Administrative-Territorial Decentralization in Republic of Moldova pp. 45-50 Downloads
Bilouseac Irina and Zaharia Petronela
A Method for Increasing the Randomness of Lagged Fibonacci Generators pp. 51-55 Downloads
Boriga Radu and Dascalescu Ana Cristina
The Economic Crisis Impact on Labour Productivity pp. 56-61 Downloads
Borza Mioara and Mardiros Daniela-Neonila
The Development of Public Services Through Decentralization During the Financial Crisis pp. 62-66 Downloads
Irina Bosie
Elements of Masculinity/Feminity Cultural Dimensions Between Authority and Success pp. 67-74 Downloads
Bostan Ionel and Morariu Alunica
Accounting for Fair Value Headging pp. 75-79 Downloads
Botea Elena Mihaela, Stanila Oana Georgiana and SSahlian Daniela Nicoleta
Actuarial Accounting – the New Dimension of Accounting pp. 80-85 Downloads
Botea Elena Mihaela, Stanila Oana Georgiana and SSahlian Daniela Nicoleta
External Debt – Evolution Trends pp. 86-90 Downloads
Botescu Ion
Dilemmas in the Banking Laws pp. 91-94 Downloads
Madalina Botina and Marin Marilena
Romania's Role in the New Global Security Architecture pp. 95-97 Downloads
Brasoveanu Florica and Lisievici Brezeanu Alexandru Petru
Marketing in the Economic Crisis pp. 98-103 Downloads
Brunello Adrian and Petrusca Claudia-Ioana
The Capitalisation of the Banking System pp. 104-107 Downloads
Busuioc (Witowschi) Irina Raluca
General Aspects Regarding The Economic And Financial Crisis In Romania pp. 108-111 Downloads
Caruntu Constantin and Lapadusi Mihaela Loredana
The Usefulness of Learning English within the Context of the Global Economic Crisis pp. 112-115 Downloads
Chirila Camelia-Andreea and Dumitrescu Adela
Defining Dry Ports by the Logistic Performance Index pp. 116-120 Downloads
Ciortescu Cezar-Gabriel
Economic Dimension of the Romanian Companies in Financial Crisis pp. 121-124 Downloads
Codreanu Carmen Mariana and Costuleanu Carmen Luiza
The Evaluation of Customer Satisfaction in Terms of Characteristics of Services Offered by Trodat Company pp. 125-127 Downloads
Constandache Mihaela, Ionescu Adriana and Radu Steluta
Public Private Partnership in Europe - Challenges During The Crisis pp. 128-134 Downloads
Core?chi Doru-Cristian
Knowledge and Sustainable Development pp. 135-138 Downloads
Cosma Sorinel
The Five E’s of Sustainability pp. 139-143 Downloads
Cosma Sorinel
International Financial Crisis and Creative Accounting pp. 144-148 Downloads
Costuleanu Carmen Luiza and Codreanu Carmen Mariana
The Impact of Progress in Information and Communication Technology on Distribution and Logistic Activities pp. 149-154 Downloads
Dan Gheorghe and Zamfir Cristina-Mihaela
New Configurations of Country Risk in the Context of the Economic and Financial Crisis pp. 155-160 Downloads
Deceanu Liviu and Mirela-Oana Pintea
Global Crises and the Dynamics of IPO Activity pp. 161-166 Downloads
Dencic-Mihajlov Ksenija
The Main Effects of Reducing the Economical Capacity pp. 172-175 Downloads
Dionisie Cristina
Global Crisis and International Trade: Prospects for 2010 pp. 176-182 Downloads
Claudia Dobre and Sorici Costin
American Troubled Assets Relief Program – One of the Most Important Measures Against Actual Crisis pp. 183-189 Downloads
Dobre Elena
Evolution of Internal Auditing in EU Member States pp. 190-195 Downloads
Dobre Mirela
The Standardization of Accounts Premise of Public Accounting Consolidation – Decentralized Achievement, Centralized Reporting pp. 196-201 Downloads
Dragu Gabi Georgiana
Representations of the Other and Stereotypes in the Process of Intercultural Learning pp. 207-209 Downloads
Dumitrascu Elena
The Global Financial Crisis on World Regions pp. 210-214 Downloads
Eftene Nicoleta and Stanescu Geanina
Accounting and Audit Versus Global Economic Crisis pp. 215-217 Downloads
Elefterie Liana and Ruse Elena
New Challenges of Contingency Theory in Management Accounting System, in Terms of Global Economic Crisis pp. 218-222 Downloads
Ene Dumitru
The Business Incubator Management Strategy Case study of the Business Incubator Located in Mangalia pp. 223-228 Downloads
Epure Danut Tiberius, Cusu Dorinela and Teliceanu Claudiu Daniel
Evolution and Perspectives of the Romanian Economy Related to the Economic and Financial Crisis pp. 229-231 Downloads
Epure Danut Tiberius, Cusu Dorinela and Nancu Dumitru
Optimization Methods of Production Planning Process in the Context of Global Economic Crisis pp. 232-235 Downloads
Filip Florina-Cristina
Risk and Uncertainty in the Banking Business Planning pp. 236-239 Downloads
Florea Dragos
Cultural Influences on Management Ethics pp. 240-245 Downloads
Gavrilescu Liviu
The Statement of Changes in Equity and Financial Performance. The Necessity of a Global Performance Situation pp. 246-249 Downloads
Gâdau Liana
Trends of Accounting Information Use for Managerial Decisions Making pp. 250-254 Downloads
Georgescu Cristina Elena
Necessity of Risk Management Systems Implementation in Air Transport pp. 255-258 Downloads
Gheorghe Camelia Monica and Sebea Mihai
Succinct Study on the Effects of the Global Crisis over the World’s Social, Environmental and Business Prospects pp. 259-265 Downloads
Anda Gheorghiu and Anca Gheorghiu
Succinct Study on the Effects of the Global Crisis over the World’s Social, Environmental and Business Prospects pp. 266-270 Downloads
Anda Gheorghiu
A Comparative Analysis of the Options trading on the Romanian Capital Market and Central and Eastern Europe Emerging Capital Markets during the Global Financial Crisis pp. 274-279 Downloads
Ghita-Mitrescu Silvia, Cristina Duhnea and Vancea Diane Paula Corina
Heuristic Approach to Some European Rail Companies Activity pp. 280-285 Downloads
Ghituleasa Anca-Andreea and Ghituleasa Liviu Gabriel
The Pension System in Romania Where To? pp. 286-292 Downloads
Golea Pompiliu and Balogh Petru
Romanian Migrants' Remittances: Past Trends and Short-term Prospects pp. 293-296 Downloads
Zizi Goschin, Aura Popa and Monica Roman
Turnover’s Forecasting at Arabesque Company by Multiple Regression Method pp. 297-299 Downloads
Gradea Cristina Rodica
Discriminant Geometric Analysis Model of Risk of Bankruptcy for a Company with “n” Branches pp. 300-303 Downloads
Gradea Cristina Rodica
The Importance of Internal Audit in Primary and Secondary Education pp. 304-307 Downloads
Grejdan Gabriela Elena, Joldos Ana Maria and Pintilie Corneliu
E-europe Development, States Implication and Role pp. 308-314 Downloads
Grigorescu Adriana and Grigorescu Adriana
The Trademark: A Marketing Concept pp. 315-319 Downloads
Cornel Grigorut, Anechitoae Constantin and Grigorut Lavinia-Maria
Effects of the Crisis on the Labor Market pp. 320-323 Downloads
Guni Claudia Nicoleta
The Financial Crisis and the Capital Market pp. 324-329 Downloads
Guni Claudia Nicoleta
Effects of the Current Crisis on the Global Economy pp. 330-334 Downloads
Haralambie George Alin
Intangible Assets as a Source of Competitive Advantage for the Romanian Small and Medium Enterprises pp. 335-339 Downloads
Holban (Oncioiu) Ionica
Management and Leadership. Planning and Orienting pp. 340-344 Downloads
Horga Maria-Gabriela, Horga Vasile and Ionescu Alexandra
The Renewable Energy Based Economy in the Context of the Current Crisis pp. 345-350 Downloads
Ichim Cosmin
Country Risk Management pp. 351-355 Downloads
Elena Iliescu and Constantinescu Maria Florentina
Economic Crisis and Its Impact on Unemployment pp. 356-359 Downloads
Ioneci Mihaela, Antonescu Eugenia and Mîndreci Georgiana
Romanian Economy in Terms of Economic and Financial Crisis pp. 360-363 Downloads
Ionescu Adriana, Constandache Mihaela and Elena Condrea
Managing Crises: Are Lax Fiscal Policies a Worthy Practice? pp. 364-368 Downloads
Ionescu Alexandra, Horga Maria Gabriel and Horga Vasile
Risk and Risk Culture in the Business Environment pp. 369-372 Downloads
Ionescu Gr. Ion
Marketing Strategy - The Axiology of the Strategy Valorification of Marketing pp. 373-376 Downloads
Ionescu Gr. Ion
Audit Manager Risk Behaviour in a Global Economy – a Research of the Theories on the Determinants of Risk Behaviour pp. 377-379 Downloads
Ionescu Iancu Octavian
The Importance of Auditor’s Professional Judgement in a Global Economy pp. 380-383 Downloads
Ionescu Iancu Octavian, Mihaela Mocanu and Turlea Eugeniu
The Necessity of a New Paradigm in the International Relationships under the Present Global Crisis pp. 384-389 Downloads
Ionescu Romeo
Opportunities to Reduce Expenses in Local Public Administration pp. 390-394 Downloads
Ionita (Predescu) Lorena, Istudor (Vintilescu) Ileana Iulia and Ionita (Nistor) Nicoleta
Planning Marketing Activity during Periods of Crisis pp. 395-400 Downloads
Iordache Maria Carmen and Ciochina Iuliana
National Strategies Necessary to the Development of the Rural Romanian Economy pp. 401-405 Downloads
Ispas Simona
The Usage of Web Mining in E-commerce pp. 406-410 Downloads
Istrate Mihai
The Effects of the Present Crisis on the Entreprises in Serbia pp. 411-415 Downloads
Ivanovic Djukic Maja and Zivkovic Suzana
A Study of the Localization of MTL-Algebras pp. 416-419 Downloads
Jeflea Antoneta
The Public Healthcare Expenses in Romania – Time Series Analysis pp. 420-423 Downloads
Lacatus Viorel-Dorin, Cuceu Ionut Constantin and Vaidean Viorela-Ligia
Assessing the Connection between Fiscal Policy and Private Consumption in Four Euro Area Candidates pp. 424-427 Downloads
Leonte Alexandru
Global Food Crisis and Recession pp. 428-431 Downloads
Lepojevic Vinko and Jankovic-Milic Vesna
Legal Restrictions and Freedom of Decision of the Administrative Authorities in Some European Countries pp. 432-435 Downloads
Lisievici Brezeanu Alexandru Petru and Brasoveanu Florica
Effects of Economic Crisis on Human Resources Management of Romanian Organizations pp. 436-439 Downloads
Lut Dina Maria
Joint Ventures – An Alternative and Efficient Form of Economic Organisation pp. 440-444 Downloads
Manea Ioana Livia and Popa Ioana-Anda
Public Career. Replacing the Formal and Political Leaders pp. 445-451 Downloads
Marinescu Gabriela
Issues in the Implementation of Fiscal, Income and Monetary Policy in order to Adjust Aggregate Demand pp. 452-456 Downloads
Mascu Simona
The Influences of Ethics and Responsibility in Marketing on the Lifestyle pp. 457-462 Downloads
Micu Adrian, Cristache Nicoleta and Irina Susanu
Cost – Volume - Profit Analysis Contribution On Overcoming the Current Crisis in Hospitality Industry pp. 463-467 Downloads
Mihalache Anita and Salagean Liana
Aspects Concerning the Part of Fair Value within Financial Reports on the Strength of Current Financial Crisis pp. 468-474 Downloads
Mihalciuc Camelia Catalina, Cibotariu Irina Stefana and Apetri Niculina
The Economic Crisis Vocabulary pp. 475-477 Downloads
Mihut Silvia
The Impact of Economic-Financial Crisis on the Multinational Companies from Romania pp. 478-481 Downloads
Militaru Cezar and Pavel Adina
The Accounting Profession – Guilty or Victim During the Current Crisis pp. 482-487 Downloads
Mitea Neluta
Unity and Uniqueness in the Accounting Profession pp. 488-493 Downloads
Mitea Neluta and Vlad Costica
The Effects of the Present Crisis on the Labour Market and on the Banking System in Constanta County pp. 494-497 Downloads
Mitac Mirela Claudia
Modelling Sustainable Management Process on Entreprise Level pp. 498-502 Downloads
Mocanu Nelu
Ethical Aspects of Human Resource Activities Serving Local and Regional Communities pp. 503-508 Downloads
Morariu Alunica
The Importance of Entertainment in Promotional Strategies of Romanian Seaside Tourism Enterprises pp. 509-512 Downloads
Moraru Andreea
Unemployment in Constanta County during 2006-2010 pp. 513-516 Downloads
Moraru Camelia and Norina Popovici
Restrictive Agreements or Concerted Practices in USA pp. 517-520 Downloads
Mosnianu Cristian
The Objectives of the Regional Development Policy in Romania pp. 521-524 Downloads
Mosnianu Cristian
The Marketing Environment in Tourism pp. 525-528 Downloads
Muhcina Silvia
Loan and Interest Rate in Romania. Evolutions, Correlations and Perspectives pp. 529-533 Downloads
Munteanu Irena and Negrea Alexandru
The Implication of Risks on Tourism Human Resources pp. 534-538 Downloads
Murgoci Cristiana Stefania, Dridea Catrinel Raluca and Ionescu Stefan Alexandru
European Post-Accession funds for SMEs: Challenges and Realities pp. 539-540 Downloads
Nancu Dumitru
Positive and Negative Effects of Consulting Companies in Crisis Period pp. 541-543 Downloads
Necsulescu Catherine
The Economical Background of Romanian Cities. Case Study: Cities Pitesti and Nehoiu pp. 544-547 Downloads
Nedelea Adelin and Puncioiu Ana
Effects of Reducing Salaries With 25% in Romania Upon The Process of Tax Evasion pp. 548-551 Downloads
Negoescu Gheorghe and Necsulescu Catherine
Ingenious Methos to Reduce Taxes and Contributions Owed to the Romanian State pp. 552-557 Downloads
Negoescu Gheorghe and Popovici Veronica
Marketing Strategies which Can Be Adopted by the Tourism Entrepreneurs in the County of Tulcea pp. 558-561 Downloads
Nenciu Daniela Simona and Secara Mirela
Studies and Analysis of Acquisition Methods and Processing Technology of Information Obtained by IMU/LIDAR/Soundings pp. 562-564 Downloads
Nidelea Marinela and Alexei Adrian
IPSAS Agriculture – Problems of a Start pp. 565-570 Downloads
Nistor Cristina Silvia and Cozma Ighian Diana
Forms for the Formation of Population's Savings pp. 571-576 Downloads
Nitu Oana, Nitu Claudiu Valentin and Nicodim Liliana
The Saving Process in Keynesian and Post-Keynesian Theory pp. 577-581 Downloads
Nitu Oana, Nitu Claudiu Valentin and Nicodim Liliana
Multinational Corporations and World Economy pp. 582-585 Downloads
Orac Camelia and Stefan Monica
The Trade Integration from the Developing Countries Perspective pp. 586-591 Downloads
Orac Camelia and Stefan Monica
Human Resources and the Risk Management pp. 592-595 Downloads
Panczel Zoltan Tibor
The Link between Multinational Companies and Intellectual Capital pp. 596-601 Downloads
Panczel Zoltan Tibor
How to Improve the Performance of the Public Administration in Romania pp. 602-604 Downloads
Panea Ionut Valentin
Protecting Consumers in Conditions of Economic Crisis pp. 605-609 Downloads
Pascu Emilia
Effects of Financial and Economical Crisis in Romanian Media and Advertising Industries pp. 610-615 Downloads
Camelia Pavel
Culture and Migration: Influence Factors in International Economy of Islam World pp. 616-621 Downloads
Paduretu Elena and Cristian Elena Raluca
Modeling Financial Audit in the Services and Financial Investments Companies pp. 622-628 Downloads
Pepi Mitica
Performing Internal Control by Taking into Consideration the International Economic Crisis pp. 629-632 Downloads
Petre Mihaela Cosmina
The Role of Accountancy and of the Expert Accountant within the Framework of Present International Economic Crisis pp. 633-637 Downloads
Petroianu Grazia – Oana
Unemployment in the Economic Impact of Financial Crisis pp. 638-643 Downloads
Pivoda Roxana Mihaela
Economic Figures and Perspectives at the Eastern Borders of the European Union in the Context of the Economic Crisis pp. 644-646 Downloads
Ploae Catalin
Economic Crisis in Mediterranean Partner Countries and Its Implications for the European Union pp. 647-651 Downloads
Ploae Victor
Quality Management in the Knowledge Based Economy – Kaizen Method pp. 652-654 Downloads
Popa Liliana Viorica
An Aftermath of the Present Economic Crisis pp. 655-658 Downloads
Popescu Alina and Bâca Eleonora
Reflections on the Dimensions of Population Characterization of CSR in Perspective in the Context of Global Economic Crisis pp. 659-662 Downloads
Popescu Manoela and Crenicean Cecilia Luminita
Nominal and Real Convergence in the Process of Single Currency Adoption in the New EU Member Countries pp. 678-683 Downloads
Potlog Dorian
The Analysis of Financial Conditions Imposed by Banks for the Approval of Long Term Credits Requested by Economical Agents pp. 684-687 Downloads
Riana Iren Radu
Competition among Top 25 International Accounting, Auditing and Consultancy Networks in Romania pp. 688-694 Downloads
Ristea Luminita
Unconventional Monetary Policy Measures and Their Role in Contending the Effects of the Current Global Financial Crisis pp. 695-700 Downloads
Angela Roman and Irina Bilan
The Importance of Corporate Governance Codes in European Union Countries pp. 701-704 Downloads
Sarchizian Sergiu
International Corporate Governance in Globalisation Context pp. 705-708 Downloads
Sarchizian Sergiu
The Evolution of European Tourism Within the Frame of the Economic Crisis pp. 709-713 Downloads
Sava Cipriana
Evolution and Perspectives of E-Commerce in Romania pp. 714-718 Downloads
Saseanu C. Andreea Simona, Toma Sorin George and Zgura Ion Daniel
Should We Continue the Process of Researching for Business or Give it up Because of the Crises? pp. 719-723 Downloads
Savescu Dan, Sima Mihaela-Georgia and Bârsan Simona-Clara
A Statistic Financial Analysis and its Purpose in Decision-Making in Touristic Companies under the Present Economic Downturn pp. 724-726 Downloads
Secara Mirela and Nenciu Daniela
The Effects of the Crises on Human Resorces and their Management pp. 727-730 Downloads
Sima Mihaela-Georgia and Cruceru Raluca
The Accountancy Profession in the Context of Global Financial Crisis pp. 731-737 Downloads
Socea Alexandra-Daniela
The Balance Sheet and the Financial Position of the Enterprise pp. 738-743 Downloads
Socea Alexandra-Daniela
The Analysis of the Leasing Activity in Romania – Advantages, Evolution and Perspectives pp. 744-746 Downloads
Spatariu Elena Cerasela, Asalos Nicoleta and Cristina Lazar
Aspects Concerning Production Costs Analysis pp. 747-750 Downloads
Spatariu Elena Cerasela, Asalos Nicoleta and Lazar Cristina Mihaela
The Crisis Development and Human Respiritualization pp. 751-755 Downloads
Stanciu Miltiade
Are Confidence and Sentiment Indicators Crucial in Forecasting the Economic Growth of Romania during the Current Crisis? pp. 756-760 Downloads
Stoica Tiberiu
Human Resources Management in a Navigation Company in the Globalized Context pp. 761-764 Downloads
Felicia Surugiu, Utureanu Simona and Dragomir Cristina
The Role and Importance of the Modern Comerce in Organizations pp. 765-769 Downloads
Irina Susanu, Cristache Nicoleta and Micu Angela-Eliza
Reduce Volume of Hotel Investments in Context with World Economic Crisis pp. 770-773 Downloads
Sztruten (Lefter) Gina Gilet
Europe and Future Growth pp. 774-779 Downloads
Serban Dan
Progresses and Challenges in EU Funds Utilization for Private Sector Support pp. 780-783 Downloads
Sorici Costin Octavian and Claudia Dobre
Changes in Consumer Behaviour During an Economic Crisis pp. 784-787 Downloads
Stefura Gabriela
China and the U.S. face the Global Economic Crisis pp. 788-792 Downloads
Talmaciu Iuliana and Voicu Ioana-Iulica
Establishment and Development of Business Incubators pp. 793-796 Downloads
Teliceanu Claudiu Daniel
The Impact of Fiscal Competition about International Double Taxation in a Nash Equilibrium Point of View pp. 797-802 Downloads
Trandafir Adina
Structure of Organization, Diversity and Values in the Context of Globalization pp. 803-809 Downloads
Trofin Maria Irina
The Role and Place of the Anti-crisis Management in the System of Public Administration Management pp. 810-815 Downloads
Tureac Cornelia Elena, Filip Alin Constantin and Bordean Ioan
The Opportunity of Developing the Urban Tourism During the Economic Crisis pp. 816-819 Downloads
Tureac Cornelia Elena, Anca Turtureanu and Ivan Alexandra Maria
The Implications of the Economic Crisis on Tourism Activity pp. 820-823 Downloads
Anca Turtureanu, Filip Alin Constantin and Ivan Alexandra Maria
Maritime Human Element, Globalization and World Crisis pp. 824-827 Downloads
Utureanu Simona and Dragomir Cristina
New Paradigms of Management Control pp. 828-831 Downloads
Anca Antoaneta Vărzaru and Varzaru Mihai
Social Strategy and Added Value pp. 832-835 Downloads
Varzaru Mihai and Anca Antoaneta Vărzaru
Global Economy under the Current Economic Crisis Effects pp. 836-840 Downloads
Voicu Ioana-Iulica and Talmaciu Iuliana
Role of Loyalty Management in a Polish Company pp. 841-847 Downloads
Wereda Wioletta
Corporate Social Responsibility Concept in Marketing Activity of a Large Company pp. 848-854 Downloads
Wereda Wioletta

Volume X, issue 1, 2010

Analysis Correlation Between Accommodation in Function and Number of Turists Arriving in Romania during 2000-2008 pp. 2-5 Downloads
Ruxandra Andrei
Thoughts on Globalisation and Equality in Contemporary World pp. 6-10 Downloads
Eleonora Baca and Alina Popescu
Measuring the Creative Europe pp. 11-17 Downloads
Ana Bobirca, Paul-Gabriel Miclaus and Sorin Dumitrescu
Direct Foreign Investments - Factor of Economic Growth in Romania pp. 18-21 Downloads
Ion Botescu
Demo-economic Processes within the Context of Globalization pp. 22-26 Downloads
Florina Bran
The Relationship Between Information Technology and Tour-operators pp. 27-31 Downloads
Stela Georgiana Ciuchete
Considerations Regarding Countries Participation to International Trade pp. 32-37 Downloads
Claudia Dobre
Specific Infrastructure - Development and Variation Factor in the Leisure Industry pp. 38-42 Downloads
Catrinel Raluca Dridea and Cristiana Stefania Murgoci
Leasing - the Area Most Affected by the Financial Crisis pp. 43-45 Downloads
Silvia Dugan and Dindire Dindire
Global Economic Crisis pp. 46-49 Downloads
Tiberius Danut Epure, Ramona Gruescu and Liviu Brailoiu
Efficient Actions for Cutting Down the Costs in Tourism Industry Companies in a Crisis Period pp. 50-54 Downloads
Emilia Gabroveanu, Nicoleta Radneantu and Roxana Elena Stan
Mechanisms and Policies for Romanian Balance of Payments' Equilibrium pp. 55-59 Downloads
Andreea Gagea and Anca-Maria Stanculescu
The Economic and Social Benefits of Air Transport pp. 60-66 Downloads
Camelia Gheorghe and Mihai Sebea
Risk Characteristics and Their Impact on Tourism Industry pp. 67-71 Downloads
Camelia Gheorghe and Stela Georgiana Ciuchete
The Social Responsibility Influence of Corporations on Sustainable Development pp. 72-76 Downloads
Adriana Grigorescu and Andreea Saseanu
Public Goods in the Global Economy pp. 77-80 Downloads
Elena Iliescu and Maria Florentina Constantinescu
Labor Outsourcing in the Globalization Process pp. 81-84 Downloads
Elena Iliescu, Maria Florentina Constantinescu and Mariana Sorlescu
The Roadmap to Recovery - Main Measures Adopted in EuropeanCountries for Tourism Recovery pp. 85-90 Downloads
Ion Danut Juganaru
The Issues of Competitiveness. Romania's Competitive Positioning in Global Context pp. 91-96 Downloads
Mihaela Kardos
Liberalism and Globalisation pp. 97-100 Downloads
Rozalia Kicsi and Simona Buta
The Dynamics of the Business Tourism - Where to? pp. 101-106 Downloads
Mirela Mazilu, Roxana Ispas and Roxana Marinescu
A Vocabulary Analysis of the Restaurant Menus pp. 107-109 Downloads
Silvia Mihut
Verbal Communication Skills in Different Tourism Contexts pp. 110-114 Downloads
Silvia Mihut
Analysis of the Correlation between the Number of Employees and theGDP in the Romanian Tourism Industry pp. 115-118 Downloads
Cristiana Stefania Murgoci, Catrinel Raluca Dridea and Emilia Ionescu
Romania in the Context of Community Trade Policy Mechanisms pp. 119-125 Downloads
Costel Nistor, Mihaela Muntean and Rozalia Nistor
Pro or Anti-Crisis Measures in Romania? pp. 126-131 Downloads
Laura Patache and Izabella Gilda Grama
The Concept and Definition of EU Tax in EU Law and the Compatibility with the Romanian Law pp. 132-135 Downloads
Ciprian Adrian Paun and Octavian Jula
New Characteristics of Services within the Knowledge-based Society pp. 136-140 Downloads
Ion Plumb and Andreea Zamfir
Advantages and Risks Offered by Romanian to Foreign Investors pp. 141-146 Downloads
Lucia - Ramona Popa
The Impact of Direct Foreign Investments on the Economic Growth in Romania pp. 147-152 Downloads
Lucia - Ramona Popa
Cross-cultural Negotiation: Cultural Assumptions and Social Expectations pp. 153-158 Downloads
Raluca -Nicoleta Rogoveanu
Country Risk in The Contemporary Global Economy - Theoretical Concept and Operational Tool pp. 159-163 Downloads
Flavius - Ioan Rovinaru and Liviu - Daniel Deceanu
The Importance of Corporate Governance in the South Est Europe Countries pp. 164-167 Downloads
Sergiu Sarchizian
How Can We Measure the Corporate Governance ? pp. 168-172 Downloads
Sergiu Sarchizian
Challenges in Education in Today's Society pp. 173-175 Downloads
Costin Octavian Sorici and Diana-Mihaela Țîrcă (Pociovalisteanu)
Policy Priorities for Supporting Romanian Small And Medium Enterprises Internationalization pp. 176-182 Downloads
Anca-Maria Stanculescu
Sustainability in the Hotel Industry pp. 183-186 Downloads
(LEFTER) Gina Gilet Sztruten
Aspects of Economic Crisis and Globalization pp. 187-192 Downloads
Iuliana Talmaciu
Advance Pricing Arrangements an Alternative to The Transfer Pricing File. New Developments in Romania pp. 193-197 Downloads
Adina Trandafir and Luminita Ristea
Strategies and Techniques in Business Negotiating and Selling: Case Studies pp. 198-202 Downloads
Cristina-Mihaela Zamfir
Conceptual Approach Concerning the Main Components of Central Banks Independency pp. 204-210 Downloads
Anisoara Niculina Apetri, Irina Stefana Cibotariu and Camelia Cãtãlina Mihalciuc
The Challenges Facing Single Euro Payments Area Adoption in the Light of the Financial Crisis pp. 211-216 Downloads
Andreea Avadanei
The Banking Products and Services: the Globalisation Challenges pp. 217-222 Downloads
Costin Daniel Avram, Veronel Avram and Marioara Avram
Aspects Concerning the Access to the Structural Funds in Romania pp. 223-227 Downloads
Constantin Bob, Andreea Saseanu and Cristian Banacu
Considerations Regarding Social Protection and its Implications on the Romanian Economic and Social Conditions, in the EU Context pp. 228-233 Downloads
Constantin Bratu
Features and Management Team Project pp. 234-237 Downloads
Alina Brezoi and Roxana Enache
Demographic Imbalances and the Current Concepts of Social Security pp. 238-243 Downloads
Ana Carp
Labour Mobility And The Impact On Labor Market pp. 244-247 Downloads
Irina-Elena Chirtoc, PUPÃZAN Mariana-Claudia Mungiu and Ana-Maria Mãrgulescu
EMS Certification – Priority for Romania pp. 248-252 Downloads
Elena Condrea, Anca Stanciu and Marioara Mirea
Social and Cultural Effects of Romanian Migration in European Union pp. 253-258 Downloads
Elena Raluca Cristian, Elena Pãdure³u and Mariana Sorlescu
Comparative Analysis of the Adoption of the Euro. Case Study: Slovenia and Slovakia pp. 259-263 Downloads
Elena Croitoru, Alexandra Pricopi and Iuliana Predescu
Romanian Foreign Trade: Before and Three Years after EU Accession pp. 264-269 Downloads
Liviu – Daniel Deceanu and Mirela-Oana Pintea
Trade Effects of European Integration pp. 270-274 Downloads
Claudia Dobre
European Budget And The Regional Policy pp. 275-277 Downloads
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Implementation and Evaluation in Romania of the Integrated Border Security System (SISF) pp. 278-282 Downloads
Mircea Fulga and MARINESCU Desiree M.A.
Principles of European Union’s Action for Consumer Protection in the Internal Market pp. 283-287 Downloads
Gabriela Gheorghiu
The Current Account and the External Trade Balance Sheet of Romania. Evolution and Features after 1990 pp. 288-293 Downloads
Adriana Giurgiu, Adrian Negrea and D.B. Anca Hategan
The Impact of the European Integration Process on the New Member States Banking Sectors pp. 294-298 Downloads
Bogdan Ilut
The Movement of Persons and Employment in EU States pp. 299-303 Downloads
Dumitrita Ionescu and Alina Larion
Aspects Regarding the Financing of Higher Education Institutions pp. 304-308 Downloads
Dragos Mihai Ipate and Iuliana Parvu
The Role of EU funds for Agriculture and Rural Development in the Global Economic Crisis pp. 309-312 Downloads
Nicolae Istudor, Victor Manole and Achim Irimescu
The Sustainability of the European Model of Development Facing the Challenges of the New Era pp. 313-317 Downloads
Mihaela Kardos
Community Legislation and the Incrimination of Acts pp. 318-323 Downloads
Daniela Iuliana Lãmãsanu
Financial Interests of the European Union and their Criminal Protection pp. 324-326 Downloads
Daniela Iuliana Lãmãsanu
Art and Science in Management Projects to Increase Employees’ and Society Adaptability Established through Sector Operational Program of Human Resources Development pp. 327-331 Downloads
Paula Cornelia Mitran and Mihaela Bebeselea
EU Budget – An Economic Integration Support pp. 332-335 Downloads
Madalina Orac, Constantin Mihai and Aurica Bujdoveanu
Corporate Social Responsibility - The Romanian Case Study pp. 336-341 Downloads
Mirela Pintea and Ioan Nistor
Greece, the Head of the Iceberg pp. 342-346 Downloads
Alexandra Pricopi and Elena Croitoru
Considerations Regarding the Coordination of Pension Funds of the Member States of EU pp. 347-350 Downloads
Lucia Risti, Lavinia Cuc and Mioara Pantea
Controversies Regarding the Necessity of an Integrated Supervision for the EU-27 Financial Markets pp. 351-355 Downloads
Alina Sargu
European Statistics and Globalization. Romania’s case pp. 356-360 Downloads
Constantin Secareanu
Single Currency of the European Union pp. 361-366 Downloads
Isabella Sima, Camelia Marin and Ionela Popa
The Quality of the Commercial Services pp. 367-371 Downloads
Anca Stanciu and Elena Condrea
European Integration Process between Divergent and Convergent Points of View pp. 372-375 Downloads
Miltiade Stanciu and Ana Maria Stoica
The Schengen Agreement and the Free Movement within the European Union pp. 376-378 Downloads
Florica Brasoveanu, Alexandru Petru and Lisievici Brezeanu
The Free Movement of Goods, Persons, Services and Capital pp. 379-382 Downloads
Florica Brasoveanu, Alexandru Petru and Lisievici Brezeanu
Romania vs Global Crisis pp. 383-386 Downloads
Romeo Ionescu
Trading Partners are in Conflict. Mediation, Arbitration, Court – the Current Settlement Possibilities pp. 387-391 Downloads
Marilena Marin
Interdependence Between Public and Private Sector in Services - a Regional Development Tool pp. 392-397 Downloads
Constantin Bob and Alina Elena Balalia
The Role of SMEs in Diminishing Territorial Disparities. Case Study: Gorj County pp. 398-402 Downloads
Cristian Braghinã, Ilinca-Valentina Stoica and Daniela Zamfir
Irrigation in Dobrudja’s agriculture retrospective and historical perspective pp. 403-407 Downloads
Constantin Chrilã and Aurel Lup
Migration and Density – Major Problems for the Economic Future of Emerging Economies pp. 408-410 Downloads
Gica Gherghina Culi³ã, Gianina Ciorãsteanu and Mariana Mihãilescu
Gheorghe Durac and Mãdãlina Voicu
Questioning EU Regional Cohesion Policy in Romania pp. 416-421 Downloads
Izabella Gilda Grama and Laura Patache
Tourism Impact of European Cultural Capital Programs – Sibiu 2007 Preliminary Findings of a Follow up Aproach pp. 422-425 Downloads
Richards Greg and Ilie Rotariu
Resource Allocation for PreuniversitaryInstitutions Based on Standard Costs pp. 426-429 Downloads
Gabriela Elena Grejdan, Ana-Maria Joldos and Livia Oltean
Pathways on the Evolution of European Union Economical Regional Policy Nowadays for Future Accomplishments pp. 430-434 Downloads
Viorina Maria Judeu, Liviu Brailoiu and Constantin Mihai
Eco-Management and Audit Scheme – a Tool for Sustainable Development pp. 435-438 Downloads
Ildiko Ioan and Carmen Radulescu
Networking a basic instrument for regional development pp. 439-443 Downloads
Claudia Ionescu
Regional Dimension of Romania in the New Global Context pp. 444-448 Downloads
Camelia Marin, Isabella Sima and Diana Codreanu
The Analysis of Labour Regional Imbalance in Romania pp. 449-453 Downloads
Ioana-Alina Negotei and Georgiana Balaban
Portuguese Regional Unemployment Patterns: A k-Means Cluster Analysis Approach pp. 454-458 Downloads
Alcina Nunes and Elisa Barros
A Cost Benefit Analysis on Developments in the EU Regional Policy pp. 459-462 Downloads
Madalina Orac, Virginia Stefanica and Costin Damasaru
The Importance of Intangible Resources in Regional Developing:human capital, social capital pp. 463-467 Downloads
Florina Popa
Green Certificates – An Incentive For Investors pp. 468-470 Downloads
Luminiþa Ristea, Andreea Ceauªescu and Leonardo Petre Ceauªescu
Review of environmental issues in sustainable strategic development of România and analysis of the connection between ethics and sustainable development pp. 471-476 Downloads
Letitia Maria Rof
Resources and Priorities in Maramureº County pp. 477-480 Downloads
Simona Sabou, Liliana Adela Zima and Rada Florina Hahn
The Speleological Tourism Developing Strategy in the West Development Region pp. 481-484 Downloads
Cipriana Sava
The impact of cultural diversity on ecotourism – an opportunity for regional development pp. 485-489 Downloads
Oxana, Soimu and Victoria Trofimov
The Role of SMEs in the Development of Romanian Rural Areas. Case Study: Sucarpathian Rural Area between Buzãu and Slãnic Valleys (Buzãu Subcarpathians) pp. 490-495 Downloads
Ilinca-Valentina Stoica, Simina Mita and Ana Puncioiu
Considerations Concerning the Economic Regional Situation on the Verge of Global Crisis-the Maramures Area County pp. 496-499 Downloads
Ana Maria Tohatan
Purging Wastewater – a Priority for Romania pp. 500-503 Downloads
Ioana-Iulica Voicu and Eugenia Antonescu
Proposals concerning project management for local communities development pp. 504-506 Downloads
Constantin Bragaru
Sustainable Municipal Waste Management Process – Environmental Protection and Profitable Public Investments pp. 507-510 Downloads
Florina State
Aspects Regarding the Constantza Harbour Traffic Seasonality pp. 511-516 Downloads
Aivaz Kamer-Ainur and Mirea Marioara
Intellectual Capital Evaluation Models pp. 517-521 Downloads
Agoston Simona, Puia Ramona Stefania and Orzea Ivona
Human Resources Development (HRD) of Public Entities in the Globalization Era pp. 522-526 Downloads
Anghel Panait, Morariu Alunica and PhD. Stusent Bejan Marius
The Impact of the Global Crisis on the Labour Market in Romania pp. 527-532 Downloads
Balanescu Madalina
The Knowledge Economy – a Chance for a Lasting Economical Growth After the Crisis pp. 533-537 Downloads
Belostecinic Grigore
The Analysis of the Main Factors of the Macro-medium Influencing the Dynamics of Public Services in Romania pp. 538-542 Downloads
Bicajanu Vasile and Ioncica Maria
The Shadow Economy and Corruption in Romania pp. 543-546 Downloads
Claudiu Bocean
Labour Taxation in EU Countries. Comparative Analysis pp. 547-550 Downloads
Boglea Vanina Adoriana and Iacob Mihaela Ioana
Electronic Commerce Versus Traditional Commerce: Trends, Similarities, Differences pp. 551-554 Downloads
Boldureanu Gabriela
Assessments Regarding the Economic Development from Ecological Perspective pp. 555-559 Downloads
Borza Mioara and Mardiros Daniela-Neonila
Efficiency of Capital Investments in the Context of Time Factor pp. 560-565 Downloads
Botezatu Mihai
Education for Sustainable Development: National, Regional and Global Perspectives pp. 566-571 Downloads
Bunda Nicoleta Ramona, Livia Baciu and Cristina Ciote
The role of the human capital in the economic growth pp. 572-579 Downloads
Buta Simona and Rozalia Kicsi
Teleworking Survey pp. 580-583 Downloads
Chiru Claudiu and Grecu Iulia
The external competitiveness of the New Member States pp. 584-587 Downloads
Nicoleta Ciurila
Impact of Consumption Models’ Change on Sustainable Development pp. 588-591 Downloads
Coculescu Cristina, Despa Radu and Folcut Ovidiu
Application Integration - Financial Accounting Model in Applications Enterprise Resource Planning pp. 592-595 Downloads
Codreanu Diana-Elena, Popa Ionela and Marin Camelia
E-governance Between Whim and Necessity pp. 596-601 Downloads
Horga Maria-Gabriela, Coman Marius and Virforeanu Mihaela-Denisa
Access Customized Forms pp. 602-605 Downloads
Cosma Emil and Jeflea Victor
Landmarks in Ecological Economics pp. 606-612 Downloads
Cosma Sorinel
Smart Grid Technology pp. 613-617 Downloads
Cosma Sorinel
Aspects Reffering to Utility and Risk of Investments Decision Systems pp. 618-622 Downloads
Despa Radu,, Folcut Ovidiu and Coculescu Cristina
The Competitiveness of the Romanian Tourism within the European Market pp. 623-626 Downloads
Dodu Silvia Patricia and Patrichi Ioana Crsitiana
Economic Education for Understanding Economic Behavior pp. 627-632 Downloads
Elena Druica, Cornescu Viorel and Bratu Anca
Finding a Minimal Transport Cost for a Transport Problem pp. 633-637 Downloads
Dumitru Ileana and Teodorescu Ana-Maria
The neural model of the European Union (EU-27) annual growth rates pp. 638-644 Downloads
Elefterie Liana and Tudoroiu Nicolae
Considerations Regarding The Methodology Of Analysis And Performance Evaluation for Modern Romanian Small And Medium Enterprises pp. 645-650 Downloads
Enusi Mariana
Justifications for Intervention in the Marketplace in Favor of Consumer Protection pp. 651-655 Downloads
Gabriela Gheorghiu, Popovici Veronica and Bunda Ramona Nicoleta
Considerations Regarding the Importance of the Service Sector in the National Economy. A Romanian Case Study pp. 656-662 Downloads
Emilia Herman and Pop-Florea Mioara
Evolution of Fiscal Pressure in Romania Compared to other European Union Member States pp. 663-666 Downloads
Iacob Mihaela Ioana and Boglea Vanina Adoriana
Moldova Republic’s Gross Domestic Product Prevision Using artificial Neural Network Techniques pp. 667-671 Downloads
Ilie Constantin and Ilie Margareta
The Software Effect on the Quality of the Financial Activity of the Companies pp. 672-676 Downloads
Ioanas Corina, Dinescu Emilian and Tapliga Pusa Tania
Tourism in Romania pp. 677-680 Downloads
Ioneci Mihaela
Cultural Strategizing: Shadows of IT Governance pp. 681-687 Downloads
Iorga Oana and Soos Cristina
Data Preprocessing in Web Usage Mining pp. 688-691 Downloads
Istrate Mihai
Data Collection in Web Usage Mining pp. 692-695 Downloads
Istrate Mihai
Financial Calculations in Access 2007 (SQL) pp. 696-699 Downloads
Jeflea Victor and Cosma Emil
Globalisation and Data Security in Electronic Commerce pp. 700-705 Downloads
Cristina Lazar, Spatariu Elena Cerasela and Lazar Claudiu
Impulse-Response Analysis in a Simple DSGE Framework pp. 706-709 Downloads
Leonte Alexandru
A Rescue Plan for the Finances of Consumer – the Incomes and Expenses pp. 710-714 Downloads
Ioana Lupasc, Lupasc Adrian and Zamfir Cristina Gabriela
Projecting the Economic Impact of Strategic Development through Technology pp. 715-720 Downloads
Mares Valerica, Caraivan Mitrut Corneliu and Mares Marius Daniel
The causes of the 1997 Asian crisis. The start of subprime crisis pp. 721-726 Downloads
Mihut Marius
Human Development and Romania’s Position in the World pp. 727-730 Downloads
Moise-Titei Adina
Economic Behavior According to the Principles of Sustainable Development pp. 731-733 Downloads
Moise-Titei Adina and Baca Eleonora
Legal Regime Applicable to Local Budget’s Execution pp. 734-739 Downloads
Morariu Alunica, Ionel Marian and Ph.D Student Mihailescu Emil Raul
Recent Macroeconomic Developments in the New Member States pp. 740-745 Downloads
Bogdan Muraraşu
Aspects of Using Data Mining Techniques in the Study of Student Performance pp. 746-750 Downloads
Oprea Cristina, Marian Zaharia and Enachescu Daniela
G. Mladenatz and his Writings: the International Echo of a Romanian Co-operative Theorist pp. 751-754 Downloads
Paiusan Robert
The Improvement of the Performance of the Public Administration in Romania pp. 755-757 Downloads
Panea Ionut Valentin
Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Components pp. 758-762 Downloads
Paunescu Loredana-Maria
Some References Regarding the Public Function Development Stage in Romania pp. 763-767 Downloads
Ph.D Student Perifan Mihai, Ph.D Student Caraman Tania and Ph.D Student Teliceanu Claudiu
Advantages and Disadvantages of Globalization pp. 768-771 Downloads
Podasca Raluca
Environmental ethics pp. 772-775 Downloads
Popa Cristina and PhD Candidate Maricescu Liliana Denisa
Automatic Detection of Common Long-Term Monetary Policies on Global Exchange Market Using Gabor Analytic Phase Binary Encoder pp. 776-779 Downloads
Nicolaie Popescu-Bodorin
Bioeconomics – the Essence of Nicholas Georgescu–Roegen’s Legacy pp. 780-786 Downloads
Popovici Veronica
Innovation as a competitive weapon in the uncertain service economy pp. 787-792 Downloads
Monica Ratiu, Oprescu Alina, and Lucian Botea
The Firewall and Security of Information Systems pp. 793-795 Downloads
Radut Carmen, Albici Mihaela and Cristina Tenovici
An Overview of Systems Development pp. 796-801 Downloads
Rosca Doina, Logica Bănică and Mirela Sirbu
Managing Operational Risk pp. 802-806 Downloads
Victoria Stanciu, Ali Eden and Ivancenco Veronica Constanta
Managing IT Risks pp. 807-812 Downloads
Victoria Stanciu and Bran Florin Paul Ph.D
Data and Information Exchange via the Internet pp. 813-815 Downloads
Stancu Ana-Maria Ramona
Support provided by SQL Server for XML language pp. 816-818 Downloads
Stancu Ana-Maria Ramona
A Risk Correlation Model for an European Emerging Country and its Integration in a Global Macroeconometric Model pp. 819-824 Downloads
Stoenescu Cimpoeru Smaranda
Dynamic Model for Evaluation the Economical-Ecological Equilibrium for an Investment Project pp. 825-829 Downloads
Szentesi Silviu Gabriel, Crisan Simona and Frantescu Marius
Implementation of Best Sustainable Practices in the Hospitality Industry pp. 830-833 Downloads
Sztruten (Lefter) Gina Gilet
Budgetary Procedures in the Administrative-Territorial Units pp. 834-836 Downloads
Teliceanu Claudiu, Bujdoveanu Aurica and Mihailescu Emil Raul
Integrating in the EU or in the World? pp. 837-842 Downloads
Urziceanu Ramona-Mihaela
The Concept of Intellectual Capital in Maritime Transport pp. 843-847 Downloads
Utureanu Simona and Nistor Cristina
The Statistical Analysis of the Consumer Attitudes toward the Hospitality Services from Romania pp. 848-851 Downloads
Ramona Vasilescu and Saierli Olivia
Applications of the Chunking Technique in Business Communication pp. 852-855 Downloads
Zamfir Cristina-Mihaela
The Management of Media Organizations – from Theory to Practice pp. 856-862 Downloads
(MANOLACHE) Cristina Andreescu
The Trademark and Its Dismemberments pp. 863-864 Downloads
Constantin Anechitoae and Cornel Grigorut
Mathematical Models in Investment Strategies Regarding Portfolio of Minimal Risk pp. 865-867 Downloads
Anghel Panait
The Influence of Communication in Achieving the Objectives of an Organization pp. 868-870 Downloads
Anghel Stefania Rodica and Mitu Cristina-Dana
The Role of Human Resources Management within the Romanian Companies pp. 871-874 Downloads
Antohi Ionut
Issues Concerning the Transfer Strategies of Human Resources Management Practices within Romanian Companies pp. 875-877 Downloads
Antohi Ionut
Balanced Scorecard vs. Six Sigma Business Scorecard pp. 878-881 Downloads
PhD Prof. Petru Balogh
Innovation Management and Support pp. 882-885 Downloads
Barsan Simona-Clara and Sima Mihaela-Georgia
Percentage Programming Approach for Portfolio Optimization pp. 886-889 Downloads
Silviu Bârza
Organizational Structure and Management in Romanian Health System pp. 890-893 Downloads
Boldureanu Daniel and Boldureanu Gabriela
C-Marketing through IT&C pp. 894-899 Downloads
Caraivan Mitrut Corneliu, Mares Valerica and Mares Marius Daniel
Impediments in developing dry ports – A heuristic view pp. 900-904 Downloads
Cezar-Gabriel Ciortescu
Health Claims and Communication of Benefits of Functional Foods – Way of Ensuring the Succes of Those Products on Market and to Protect Consumers against Fraudulent Claims pp. 905-910 Downloads
Constandache Mihaela and Moraru Camelia
Managerial elements in the educational system – characteristics and functions of the educational management. Types of managers pp. 911-916 Downloads
Drd. Lucica (Mitican) Cristea
HR Strategies, the Company's Step Ahead pp. 917-921 Downloads
Prof. PhD. Ion Criveanu and Ec. PhD. Loredana Iordache
Developing Skills- a Priority for the Management of Human Resources pp. 922-925 Downloads
Radu Catalin Criveanu, Marius Mitrache and Magdalena Criveanu
The Automobile Buyer Behaviour: Emotional or Rational? pp. 926-931 Downloads
Economist Phd. Candidate CRUCERU Gheorghe and Dan Micuda
Organizational justice, key point in economic crisis management, a comparative study: can Romanian problems be solved by foreign solutions? pp. 932-936 Downloads
Cruceru Raluca
The Impact of Knowledge Management Systems Upon the University of Petrosani pp. 937-941 Downloads
Cucu Ioan and Isac Claudia
Strategy Making through Innovation pp. 942-945 Downloads
Cureteanu Radu, Isac Florin and Sergiu Rusu
Managing Intelligence Teams pp. 946-950 Downloads
Cureteanu Radu, Sergiu Rusu and Isac Florin
Future Exigencies Regarding the Necessity of Reorganization of the “CN CFR” National Society pp. 951-956 Downloads
D?neci-P?tr?u Daniel
The Role of the Professional Training of the Human Resources in the Employee-Employer Durable Partnership pp. 956-963 Downloads
Alecxandrina Deaconu and Lavinia Rasc?
The Management of the Credit Institutions in the Context of the Elaboration and Implementation of the Banking Strategy pp. 964-967 Downloads
Dinculescu Elena Silvia and Mindreci Georgiana
Optimization Strategy to Capitalize on the Romanian Tourism Potential pp. 968-972 Downloads
PhD Lecturer Dindire Laura and PhD Reader Dugan Silvia
Dinu Cristina, Iatagan Mariana and Natalia Manea
Intercultural -a Successful Key- Factor in International HR? pp. 979-984 Downloads
Dumitrascu Elena and Maruntelu Carmen Liliana
The SWOT Analysis in the Surgery Section: Instrument of Elaborating the Management Strategy Oriented Towards Marketing pp. 985-990 Downloads
Dumitru Graziella Corina, Bâtca Viorel and Irimescu Alina Mihaela
“4P” Versus “STAP”Adapting Modalities in the Medical System pp. 991-996 Downloads
Dumitru Graziella Corina, Bâtca Viorel and Irimescu Alina Mihaela
The Organizational Framework of Modern Companies – Present and Forthcoming Tendencies pp. 997-1001 Downloads
Codruta Dura and Cucu Ioan
Customer Relationship Management pp. 1002-1004 Downloads
Conf. univ. dr. Enache Elena, Asist. univ. drd. Marin Carmen and Conf. univ. dr. Vechiu Camelia
Communication During Human Resources Recruitment, Selection and Integration Processes in Organizations pp. 1005-1010 Downloads
Florea Nicoleta Valentina
Role of Public Relations in the Information Society pp. 1011-1014 Downloads
Forfolea Mariana
Methods of penetration in foreign markets pp. 1015-1019 Downloads
Lector Univ. Drd. Franca Stancu
The Improvement of the Company’s Management Using Econometric Techniques pp. 1020-1023 Downloads
Cornelia Gaber
The Romanian Market of Ecological Products pp. 1024-1029 Downloads
Gangone Andreea-Daniela and Chirila Camelia-Andreea
The Logistic Centre, Expression of the Distribution Globalization pp. 1030-1033 Downloads
Gheorghe Dan
Changes within Distribution System for Goods pp. 1034-1038 Downloads
Gheorghe Dan
Establishing the Connection Between Wage and Economic Activity of the Organization pp. 1039-1044 Downloads
Grecu Gheorghe and Manolescu Aurel
Supporting the Design and Choice of Wage Systems According to Ergonomic Requirements pp. 1045-1048 Downloads
Grecu Gheorghe and Grecu Iulia
Romanian Public Marketing in Terms of Necessity,Collaboration and Mix pp. 1049-1054 Downloads
Adriana Grigorescu and Alina Elena Blalia,
Trademark vs. Brand, emblem or logo pp. 1055-1058 Downloads
Cornel Grigorut and Constantin Anechitoae
Achievements and Prospects of Higher Education in Romania pp. 1059-1063 Downloads
Hanganu Silvia and Ramona Lile
Winners And Losers In The Context Of Global Economic Crisis pp. 1064-1066 Downloads
Huma Elena
1929, 1973, 2008: Brand-related Attitudes pp. 1067-1072 Downloads
Ichim Cosmin
Product Lifecycle Management and Project Life Cycle Management pp. 1073-1076 Downloads
Ilie Margareta and Ilie Constantin
The Quality of Romanian Touristic Services and Products pp. 1077-1080 Downloads
Ionita Roxana and Pîndiche Elena
Employees’ Motivation, Essential Premise of Performance Ensuring pp. 1081-1085 Downloads
Loredana Iordache and Ion Criveanu
Marketing Research – Tool within the Leonardo da Vinci Program pp. 1086-1090 Downloads
Mariana Juganaru and Andreea Moraru
Is the Behaviour of Tourism Services Consumers Different According to Gender? Quantitative Research in the Centre Development Region pp. 1091-1095 Downloads
Erika Kulcsár
The evaluation of job satisfaction – study conducted in the organisations from Bucharest pp. 1096-1101 Downloads
Viorel Lefter and Ramona Stefania Puia
Leadership in Opposition to Facilitating Change for the Romanian Organizations pp. 1102-1106 Downloads
Ramona Lile and Silvia Hanganu
Human Resource Management Improvement in the Romanian Trade Enterprises in the Context of the Demands Induced by Globalisation and the EU Integration pp. 1107-1112 Downloads
Lut Dina Maria
The impact of using expatriate employees in multinational companies on human resource management pp. 1113-1116 Downloads
Aurel Manolescu, Cristian Virgil Marinas and Ramona Stefania Puia
Career Management in the Psychiatric Hospital Socola Iasi pp. 1117-1122 Downloads
Alexandra Marinescu, and Gabriela Marinescu
Considerations on Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Funded Projects as Part of Their Implementation pp. 1123-1127 Downloads
Desiree M.A. Marinescu
New Management. Empowerment and Ethics pp. 1128- 1131 Downloads
Gabriela Marinescu and Alexandra Marinescu
Competency vs. and Morality – an Effective Approach to Leadership pp. 1132-1136 Downloads
Maruntelu Liliana and Dumitrascu Elena
A New View on Intrinsic Motivation pp. 1137-1141 Downloads
Matei Mirabela-Constan?a and Abrudan Maria-Madela
The Evolution of the Romanian Leasing Market Related to the Current Global Crisis pp. 1142-1145 Downloads
Maracine Mihaela Simona
Strategies of Merges and Acquisitions on the Telecommunications Market pp. 1146-1150 Downloads
Gheorghe Meghisan and Georgeta-Madalina Meghisan
Project Management Techniques pp. 1151-1155 Downloads
Mihalache Anita and Salagean Liana
The Importance of Quality Information In Continuing Education Throughout Life pp. 1156-1159 Downloads
Mitu Cristina-Dana
Tendencies for development in Tourist Air Transport Services in Romania in order to meet modern customers’ demands pp. 1160-1163 Downloads
Andreea Moraru and Mariana Juganaru
Head Hunting – Innovative Method of Recruting pp. 1164-1167 Downloads
Moraru Camelia and Constandache Mihaela
The New Products’ Development Process in Tourism Marketing pp. 1168-1172 Downloads
Silvia Muhcina, Simona Utureanu and Adrian Serban Com?nescu
Conflicts in the Distribution Circuits pp. 1173-1176 Downloads
Silvia Muhcina and Adrian SERBAN Comanescu
Image of the Public Institutions – Historic, Evolution, Trends pp. 1177-1182 Downloads
Marilena-Oana Nedelea and Alexandru Nedelea
The Importance of the Online Business Models on the Internet Businesses Evolution, in Romania, in Economic Crisis Conditions pp. 1183-1186 Downloads
Eugen-Remus Negoi and Beatrice Sion
Analysis of the Tourist’s Circulation Manifested in the County of Mures During 2005 – 2009 pp. 1187-1191 Downloads
Nenciu Daniela Simona and Secar? Mirela
Conceptual operationally of Business Intelligence – an epistemological view pp. 1192-1196 Downloads
Claudia Nicolau
Methods and techniques of organizational development pp. 1197-1203 Downloads
Niculae Tudorel, Dorin Coita and Niculae Sabin-Mihai
The Organizational Culture in the Romanian Multinational Companies pp. 1203-1207 Downloads
Rozalia Nistor, Costel Nistor and Mihaela Muntean
The Ethical Consumer in the Context of Globalisation pp. 1208-1213 Downloads
Oboroceanu (cas. Popa) Ioana Anda and Manea Ioana
Factors Influencing the Employability of the Graduates in a Knowledge-Driven Economy pp. 1214-1218 Downloads
Iuliana Pârvu and Dragos Mihai Ipate
Kinetic Analysis of Quality, Utility and Price Changes of the Second-HandCars in Poland pp. 1219-1223 Downloads
Pawel Luka and Krystyna Kwiatkowska-Sienkiewicz
Attractiveness Estimation of the Second-Hand Cars pp. 1224-1228 Downloads
Pawel Luka and Krystyna Kwiatkowska-Sienkiewicz
Studying the Factors Which Influence Consumer Behavior on the Insurance Market pp. 1229- 1233 Downloads
Petrescu Eva-Cristina, Ioncica Diana, and Petrescu Marian,
Exogenous Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior on the Insurance Market pp. 1234-1238 Downloads
Petrescu Marian,, Ioncic? Diana Eugenia, and Petrescu Eva-Cristina,
The Corporations` Social Responsibility – A New Attitude on the Working Force Market pp. 1239-1244 Downloads
Pivoda Roxana Mihaela
Employment Strategies. Objectives and Achievements pp. 1245-1249 Downloads
Pivoda Roxana Mihaela
Market Strategies Regarding the Integration and Confrontation of Small and Medium Enterprises with the Exigency of the Competitive Market pp. 1250-1252 Downloads
Pîndiche Elena and IonitaRoxana
Purchasing Decision Process in the Context of the Economic Crisis in Romania pp. 1253-1258 Downloads
Magdalena Platis
The Role of Change in Higher Education an Empirical Research pp. 1259-1262 Downloads
Maria Popescu
Ways to Improve Competitiveness and Crew Personnel Strategy pp. 1263-1267 Downloads
Norina Popovici and Cristina Nistor
Research and Development, New Contemporary Management Challenges pp. 1268-1274 Downloads
Norina Popovici, Sorici Costin Octavian and Radulescu Nicolae
The Bearers of Information in Healthcare and their Dynamics pp. 1275-1278 Downloads
Ileana G. R?ducanu and
Communication Networks in Business Settings pp. 1279-1283 Downloads
Raluca –Nicoleta Rogoveanu
The Motivational Dominants of Communication in Crisis Situations pp. 1284-1290 Downloads
Rus Mihaela and Ana Rodica St?iculescu
Data Equivalence in International Marketing Research pp. 1291-1296 Downloads
Rusu Sabina Mihaela
Quality Assurance of Statistic Data of Romanian Tourism pp. 1297-1300 Downloads
Secar? Mirela and Nenciu Daniela
Gaining Customers` Trust In Online Stores pp. 1301-1304 Downloads
Anamaria Severin-Humelnicu
What Can Be Done About the Situation of SMEs Today? pp. 1305-1309 Downloads
Sima Mihaela-Georgia and Barsan Simona-Clara
Impact of knowledge based economy on career pp. 1310-1314 Downloads
Mirela Sirbu, Rosca Doina and Mangra Madalina Georgiana
The Swot Analysis Of The Rural Tourism In The South- Eastern Romania pp. 1315-1319 Downloads
Spatariu Elena Cerasela, Trandafir Raluca Andreea and Lazar Cristina Mihaela
Stoyanova M and Stanciulescu G.,
Ethical Consumerism in the 21st Century pp. 1327-1331 Downloads
Stefura Gabriela
Ethical Behaviour in Business - Premise for Obtaining Performance under Crisis Conditions pp. 1332-1336 Downloads
Iuliana Talmaciu and Mihaela Simona Maracine
The Informational Component in Teaching the Language for Economics through an Authentic Material pp. 1337-1340 Downloads
Tama? Cristina
Human Assets in the Social Control Management pp. 1341-1344 Downloads
Anca Antoaneta Vărzaru and Varzaru Mihai
New Organizational Forms and their Influence on Human Resources Function pp. 1345-1352 Downloads
Varzaru Mihai and Anca Antoaneta Vărzaru
Evaluating Online Destination Image by Analyzing Pictures Used in Presenting Romania on Websites pp. 1353-1357 Downloads
Oana Catalina Vicol and Sinziana Spiridon
Enhancement of Collectivities’ Autonomy from Administrative-Territorial Units in the Management of Local Public Administration pp. 1358-1363 Downloads
Petronela Zaharia and Irina Bilouseac
Real Option Techniques in Project Management pp. 1364-1367 Downloads
Mihaela Mateescu and Gabriela Suba
Global Economical Strategy and the Romanian Reality pp. 1368-1371 Downloads
Madalina Matei (Nitoiu)
Analysis of the Segmentation Strategy – the Case of Elpreco Company pp. 1372-1378 Downloads
Meghisan Gheorghe, Georgeta-Madalina Meghisan and Dan Caprioara
Creativity - a Determinant of Business Success in the Context of Global Crisis pp. 1379-1383 Downloads
Manoela Popescu and Cecilia Luminita Crenicean
Researches Concerning Quality Management of Semi-manufactured Poultry Products During the Frozen Procces pp. 1384-1387 Downloads
Steluta Radu and Luminita Pirvulescu
Researches Concerning the Optimization of Quality of Semi-manufactured Poultry Products with Nutritive Addition Functioning as New Food on the Iasi Market pp. 1388-1392 Downloads
Steluta Radu, Aurel Chiran and Elena Gindu
The business plan – A Business Tool of Attraction of Sources ofFinancing pp. 1393-1398 Downloads
Achimescu Georgeta and Verisan Cristina Alina
Common points and particularities between financial audit and internal audit pp. 1399-1405 Downloads
Alexandru Georgiana
Accounting Standards, Regulations and Herd Behavior pp. 1406-1411 Downloads
Anghel Flavia Gabriela, Alina Avrigeanu and Bogdan Glavan
Monetary Policy Strategies in Romania. Historical overview and challenges for the future pp. 1412-1417 Downloads
Marius Apostoaie and Manta Alina
Considerations of Performances in Tourism pp. 1418-1421 Downloads
Asalos Nicoleta,, Georgescu Cristina Elena, and Trandafir Raluca Andreea
Assigning Strategic Objectives and Managing Profitability Ratios pp. 1422-1425 Downloads
Ph D Professor Aslau Titus and Ph D Lecturer Cuc Lavinia Denisia
The Impact of the Economic and Financial Global Crisis on Public Indebtedness in Developed Economies pp. 1426-1430 Downloads
Irina Bilan
New Challenges Faced by European Companies and their Stakeholders pp. 1431-1435 Downloads
PhD Student Bobe Claudia-Maria, Costantin Roman and PhD Student Mocanu Mihaela
Aspects Regarding the Accountancy of Mines Closure Projects Financed Owing to Loans Ratified by the World Bank pp. 1436-1440 Downloads
Boca (Rakos) Ileana-Sorina
The Accounting Systems of the Main Member States of the EU pp. 1441-1444 Downloads
Bostan Ionel, Grosu Veronica and Eugenia Iancu
Bostan Ionel, Grosu Veronica and Eugenia Iancu
Evolution and Tendencies Concerning the Romanian Insurance Accounting pp. 1451-1456 Downloads
Botea Elena Mihaela and Sahlian Daniela Nicoleta
Profitability of the Credit Institutions within Actual Context Financial Economical Crisis pp. 1457-1462 Downloads
Bratu Silviu Marius and Bratu Alina Ramona
The Order Method – a Calculation System Used in Constructions pp. 1463-1468 Downloads
Adela Breuer, Lesconi Frumusanu Mihaela and Ciurea Jeanina Biliana
The Views of Accounting – Management Relation pp. 1469-1472 Downloads
Budacia Lucian Constantin Gabriel
Internal Control - Key Element of the Financial Control System in the European Union pp. 1473-1477 Downloads
Budacia Lucian Constantin Gabriel
Quality Control of Accounting Information Provided by Annual Financial Statements pp. 1478-1482 Downloads
Bulgariu Catalin, Costuleanu Carmen Luiza and Calistru Roxana Angela
Complex issue regarding the bankruptcy risk by using the scoring method pp. 1483-1488 Downloads
Caruntu Constantin and Lapadusi Mihaela Loredana
Specific Implementation of Fiscal Policy in Some New EU Members, Former Communis Countries pp. 1489-1493 Downloads
Cibotariu Irina Stefana, Student Apetri Anisoara Niculina and Mihalciuc Camelia Catalina
An Analysis of the Catastrophe Bonds Market. Modelling the Volatility of an Index pp. 1494-1499 Downloads
Laura-Gabriela Constantin, Bogdan Cernat-Gruici and Irina-Eugenia Iamandi
Legal Changes Brought by Order 3055/2009 Regarding the Structure of the Profit and Loss Account in Annual Financial Statements pp. 1500-1503 Downloads
Carmen Luiza Costuleanu, Bulgariu Catalin and Lupu Diana Viorica
Fair value assessment – valences and limitations pp. 1504-1509 Downloads
Cozma Ighian Diana and Nistor Cristina Silvia
Lean accounting, a new global approach pp. 1510-1515 Downloads
Cretu Laura
Taxation of Revenues from Transfer of Real Estate Assets to Own Patrimony pp. 1516-1520 Downloads
Cucosel Constantin
Analysis and Evolution of School-Related Budget Expenses in the Town of „Viseu de Sus”, Maramures pp. 1521-1525 Downloads
Cucosel Constantin
Leasing – original technique of financing investments of small and medium enterprises facing the current economic situation pp. 1526-1530 Downloads
Cusu Dorinela, Ionescu Alexandra and Horga Gabriela
The Impact of the UE Integration on Inflation Phenomenon in Romania pp. 1531-1537 Downloads
Damian Monica
Comparison between CPI and HICP in Romania pp. 1538-1544 Downloads
Damian Monica
Financial Crisis: causes and consequences pp. 1545-1551 Downloads
Magdalena Dediu and Alina Dobrea
Some Aspects Concerning Global Performance Reporting in Romania pp. 1552-1555 Downloads
Deju Mihai and Daniela Solomon
Long-Term Financing Alternatives pp. 1556-1559 Downloads
Dobre Elena
Financial Instrument for the Environment – LIFE+ pp. 1560-1563 Downloads
Ion Dobre and Daniela Hincu
The Accounting Image of Public Entities from the Perspective of Suplliers-Users of Accounting Information Local Public Administration Sector pp. 1564-1569 Downloads
Ph.D Student Dragu Gabi Georgiana
The Relationship Between Environmental Accounting and Sustainable Development pp. 1570-1572 Downloads
Ducu Corina, Ioneci Mihaela and Enache Tasica Daniela
The Leasing – Source of Financing Investments. Modern Forms of Leasing Contracts pp. 1573-1578 Downloads
PhD. ec. Dumitrean Ioan
The Internal Audit in Private Companies pp. 1579-1581 Downloads
Enache Tasica-Daniela, Ducu Corina and Stefan Petre
New Approaches of Cost Calculation and Impact on Performance in The Furniture Industry, XXI Century Perspective pp. 1582-1587 Downloads
Ene Dumitru
Risk analysis in credit activity pp. 1588-1592 Downloads
Florea Dragos and Florea Nicoleta Valentina
Searching for the Unique Conceptual Accounting Framework. The IASB Conceptual Framework Versus the FASB Conceptual Framework pp. 1593-1597 Downloads
Gadau Liana
The Use of Cash-Flow Statement for Decision-Making pp. 1598-1601 Downloads
Georgescu Cristina Elena and Asalos Nicoleta
Leasing, a Solution to Credit Rationing pp. 1602-1607 Downloads
Maria - Andrada Georgescu
From Financial Tradition to Innovation in Contemporary Banking pp. 1608-1613 Downloads
Silvia Ghita Mitrescu, Cristina Duhnea and Oana Nitu
Economic Crises Deepen Country Budget Deficits and Deficits Deepen Economic Crises pp. 1614-1618 Downloads
Mihaela Göndör and Munteanu Anca
Overall Performance of the Company - Means of Evaluating It and Influential Factors pp. 1619-1623 Downloads
Guni Claudia Nicoleta
Agricultural Credit for Romanian Farms pp. 1624-1628 Downloads
Harangus Daniela
Challenges in Estimating Goodwill in Current Financial Crisis pp. 1629-1632 Downloads
Holban (Oncioiu) Ionica
Consequences of financial crisis on ethics in business pp. 1633-1636 Downloads
Holban (Oncioiu) Ionica
Evolution of Fiscal Pressure in Romania Compared to other European Union Member States pp. 1637-1640 Downloads
Mihaela Ioana Iacob and Vanina Adoriana Boglea
Regulation of System of Revenue and Expenditures at the Local Community Level pp. 1641-1644 Downloads
Ionel Marian, Radulescu Nicolae and PhD. Damasaru Costin
Fiscal Policy Challenges in Times of Crisis pp. 1645-1649 Downloads
Ionescu Alexandra, Dobre Elena and Cusu Dorinela
From Professional Judgement to Audit Professionalism in a Global Economy pp. 1650-1652 Downloads
Ionescu Iancu Octavian
The Larosiere Report - the Road to Financial Stability in the European Union pp. 1653-1656 Downloads
Ionescu Iancu Octavian
Public Debt. Content. Typology. Evolution pp. 1657-1660 Downloads
Ionescu Ionel Eduard and Oprea Constantin Cristian
A Rescue Plan for the Finances of Consumer – the Incomes and Expenses pp. 1661-1664 Downloads
Ioana Lupasc, Lupasc Adrian and Zamfir Cristina Gabriela
Rules of Valuation and Presentation of Assets in Balance Sheets pp. 1665-1669 Downloads
Lupu Diana Viorica and Calistru Roxana Angela
Architecture of the Public Revenues and Expenditures in Romania in the Economic Crisis pp. 1670-1674 Downloads
Eugenia Mara, Student Nita Gheorghe and Student Chirculescu Maria Felicia
The role of the audit report in the enterprise evaluation pp. 1675-1679 Downloads
Marcu Niculina and Ene Sebastian George
Ethical Banks: An Alternative in the Financial Crisis pp. 1680-1684 Downloads
Mascu Simona
Case Study on the Importance of Pertinent Costs in the Decision Making Process pp. 1685-1688 Downloads
Mihalache Anita and Salagean Liana
Intangible Capital Accounting pp. 1689-1694 Downloads
Mihalache Arsenie-Samoil
The Impact of Using New Information Technologies on Accounting Organizations pp. 1695-1699 Downloads
Mihalache Arsenie-Samoil
Does the Model of Evaluation Based on Fair Value Answer the Requests of Financial Information Users? pp. 1700-1705 Downloads
Mitea Neluta and Sarac Aldea Laura
Cash flows management pp. 1706-1709 Downloads
Mitran Paula Cornelia and Bebeselea Mihaela
The effects of the Global Crisis on the Loan System pp. 1710-1712 Downloads
Mocanu Nelu
The Involvement of the International Monetary Fund in Financing the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries pp. 1713-1716 Downloads
Irena Munteanu
Aspects Regarding the Dispersal of the Financial Crisis within the Banking Systems of the USA and the UK pp. 1717-1720 Downloads
Irena Munteanu
Materiality – Precondition or Consequence of Applying Professional Reasoning in Preparing and Presenting Financial Statements pp. 1721-1725 Downloads
Prof.univ.dr. Victor Munteanu, Lector univ.dr Marilena Zuca and Lector univ.dr. Alice Tînta
Professor Doctor Negoescu Gheorghe, Riana Iren Radu and Viorica Ioan
Some Considerations on the Measures to Counter the Risk of Bankruptcy for Small and Medium Enterprises during the Financial Crisis pp. 1731-1736 Downloads
Professor Doctor Negoescu Gheorghe, Riana Iren Radu and Ioana Lupasc
Comparative study on the insurance market between AIG Life products and ASIROM Vienna Insurance Group pp. 1737-1740 Downloads
Nicodim Liliana, Nitu Claudiu Valentin and Bucur Cristina Raluca
National budget – an ethical dilemma of financial crisis pp. 1741-1743 Downloads
Nicodim Liliana, Nitu Claudiu Valentin and Bucur Cristina Raluca
Impairment of assets - between regulation and deregulation pp. 1744-1749 Downloads
Ph.D. Professor Traian Nicolae
Aspects on improving the financial reporting framework pp. 1750-1755 Downloads
Ph.D. Professor Traian Nicolae
Present and future of the accountant in the Romanian economic environment pp. 1756-1760 Downloads
Ph D Professor Nicolaescu Cristina and Ph D Lecturer Pantea Mioara Florina
Measuring social firm performance by accounting pp. 1761-1764 Downloads
Ph D Professor Nicolaescu Cristina and Ph D Lecturer Tagaduan Diana
Aspects Regarding the Elaborating and Approval of IPSASs Improvements 2009 pp. 1765-1770 Downloads
Nistor Cristina Silvia, Cirstea Andreea and Cozma Ighian Diana
Accounting Models Regarding the Transactions of Inward Processing of Goods pp. 1771-1776 Downloads
Paliu-Popa Lucia, Nicolae Ecobici and Dina Ionela-Claudia
Financial Modeling in the Investments Companies pp. 1777-1780 Downloads
Pepi Mitica
Audit in the Services and Financial Investments Companies pp. 1781-1784 Downloads
Pepi Mitica
The fraude with the credit cards pp. 1785-1787 Downloads
Lector univ. dr. Daniela Petrascu
International Development Concerning Classification and Evaluation of Financial Instruments pp. 1788-1792 Downloads
Mihaela – Cosmina Petre and Cristina Bunea-Bontas
The Accounting Activity – a Basic Element in the Strategic Management of an Organization pp. 1793-1797 Downloads
Petroianu Grazia - Oana and Petre Mihaela - Cosmina
Risks Related to Public Debt Management pp. 1798-1802 Downloads
Postole Anca, Rodica Gherghina and Marilena Ciobanasu
Phd. student Ioana RADU
The management of the financial balance pp. 1807-1812 Downloads
Rascolean Ilie and Szabo Robert
Evolutions and Implications of the Convergence Indicators in Romania's Crisis Damaged Economy pp. 1813-1818 Downloads
Mihai Rebiga
Implications of the Current Financial Crisis on SME Sector in Romania pp. 1819-1824 Downloads
Angela Roman and Ignatescu Valentina Diana
Study on the Application of the Accounting Regulations by the Economic Agents from Romania – Issues Concerning the Disclosure of Additional Information in the Explanatory Notes to the Financial Statements pp. 1825-1830 Downloads
Aristita Rotila and Enachi Mihaela
Extending the Cost Calculation by Allocating Fixed Expeditures Using the Direct-Costing Method pp. 1831-1834 Downloads
Prof. Univ. Dr. Ruse Elena
The IPO Underpricing Phenomenon – An Analysis of the Romanian Capital Market pp. 1835-1839 Downloads
Phd. Sandu Diana Ramona
The Role of Investment in Terms of Crisis pp. 1840-1844 Downloads
Sarac Aldea Laura and Mitea Neluta
The Implications of Public Expenditures and Debt Accumulation for Economic Recovery in Romania pp. 1845-1850 Downloads
Sava Anca-Stefania and Dobranschi Marian
Relevant Aspects of the Credit pp. 1851-1854 Downloads Adrian Simon,
Firm Acquisitions Strategy pp. 1855-1858 Downloads Adrian Simon,
Possibilities to Improve the Quality of Accounting Information pp. 1859-1865 Downloads
Lector univ.dr. Tinta Alice, Prof.univ.dr. Munteanu Victor and Lector univ.dr. Zuca Marilena
Tulvinschi Mihaela
Resolving Ethical Dilemmas in Financial Audit pp. 1871-1876 Downloads
Professor PhD Turlea Eugeniu and Mihaela Mocanu
Principles for factoring transactions accounting and tax pp. 1877-1880 Downloads
Viorel Turcanu and Anna Zachernicinaia
Fiscal Tendencies within the Community’s Field pp. 1881-1884 Downloads
Prof. Dr. Viorel lurcanu, Drd. Perifan Mihai and Drd. Caraman Tania
The IMF governance?! pp. 1885-1888 Downloads
Vancea Diane Paula Corina and Aivaz Kamer
The Dynamics of the World Population between Demographic Explosion and Implosion (period 1950-2050) pp. 1889-1897 Downloads
Mirela Ionela Aceleanu, Doina Iacob and Angela-Eliza Micu
Influence of Implementing Social Responsibility Programmes on the Evolution of Companies pp. 1895-1899 Downloads
Adrian Micu, Nicoleta Cristache and Irina Susanu
Managerial Integration of Corporate Social Responsibility pp. 1900-1904 Downloads
Angela-Eliza Micu, Adrian Micu and Nicoleta Cristache
Regulation and deregulation of the financial markets pp. 1905-1908 Downloads
Cristina Duhnea, Silvia Ghita Mitrescu and Oana Nitu
Management methods and techniques used in the companies to have a profitable business pp. 1909-1911 Downloads
Enea ConstanNa and Enea Constantin
The Balance Point’s Role In The “Cost-Volume-Profit” Analysis pp. 1912-1916 Downloads
Prof. Univ. Dr. Elena Ruse
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