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Volume XVI, issue 2, 2016

Beyond Economic and Political Borders-Identities in American Homelands pp. 2-5 Downloads
Eleonora Baca and Alina Popescu
The Exception of Non-performance and its Role in Debt Assignments pp. 6-9 Downloads
Maria Căzănel
The Effects of Debt Assignments pp. 10-13 Downloads
Maria Căzănel
Global Economic Crisis and Government Intervention pp. 14-19 Downloads
Claudia Dobre and Costin I. Răsăuţeanu
Modern Management and Its Importance in Achieving Success in Business. Concrete Examples pp. 20-25 Downloads
Constanţa Enea
Business Structures Considered "Success" in Business Contemporary pp. 26-30 Downloads
Constanţa Enea
Brief Analysis on the Share of Romania Related to International Trade in Services During 2001 – 2010 pp. 31-36 Downloads
Ion Gr. Ionescu
EU-China Trade Partnership: Strategic Importance of Central and Eastern European Members pp. 37-41 Downloads
Loredana Jitaru and Spiridon Pralea
Shadow Banking – Developments in Times of Financial Crisis pp. 42-48 Downloads
Bogdan Munteanu
Quality of Life in Europe pp. 49-54 Downloads
Norina Popovici and Camelia Moraru
A New Way for Europe through the Damage Control pp. 55-60 Downloads
Constantin Schipor
How the Ten Largest Corporations of the World Evolved in the Period 2014-2015 pp. 61-66 Downloads
Sorin-George Toma, Paul Marinescu and Ionut Constantin
Tax Havens - The "Black Hole" of the International Finance pp. 68-73 Downloads
Florin Boghean and Carmen Boghean
Particularities Regarding the Evolution and Role of Foreign Direct Investments in Romania’s Economy pp. 74-81 Downloads
Ion Botescu
Foreign Debt: Causes and Measures Taken pp. 82-89 Downloads
Ion Botescu
Chinа – thе Cоuntry Whо Bеаt thе Cарitаlism pp. 90-94 Downloads
Lоrеnа Duduiаlă Рореscu
Comрetitiveness of the Main Countries by the World pp. 95-98 Downloads
Lоrеnа Duduiаlă Рореscu
Advantages and Disadvantages Romania's Transition to the Euro pp. 99-103 Downloads
Maria Mirabela Florea Ianc and Loredana Ciurlău
Globalizing the Romanian Economy: A Financial View pp. 104-109 Downloads
Georgiana-Loredana Frecea
The Role of Logistics in the Implementation of the Intermodal Transport Strategy in Romania. Strategies for the Road Infrastructure in Dobrogea Region pp. 110-115 Downloads
Iordanoaia Florin
Analysis of Budgetary Decommitment Risk for the Programming Period 2007-2013 pp. 116-122 Downloads
Florian Marin
Economy and Climate Change The Paris Conference - December 2015 pp. 123-128 Downloads
Viorel Pop
Migrant Identities and Diasporic Spaces pp. 129-132 Downloads
Alina Popescu and Eleonora Baca
A New Perspective of the Welfare State in the European Context pp. 133-136 Downloads
Constantin Schipor
Asymmetric Influences of the EU Macro- Regional Development Policies on the EU Eastern Neighbourhood Policies pp. 137-142 Downloads
Ana Rodica Staiculescu and Anamaria Lucretia Molcutescu
Tourism-Environment Impact Relationship on the Romanian Black Sea Coast pp. 143-147 Downloads
Anca Cristina Stanciu, Ramona Nicoleta Dinu and Norina Popovici
Maritime Spatial Planning – Opportunities and Limits pp. 148-152 Downloads
Diane Paula Corina Vancea, Gabriela Badea and Ionela Ionițiu
Not to Indict and non Arraignment Solutions, Adopted by the Prosecutor pp. 154-158 Downloads
Marian Alexandru
Complaints against Measures and Acts of Criminal Prosecution pp. 159-162 Downloads
Marian Alexandru
Main Results in Romanian Antitrust Domain, Period 2010-2014 pp. 163-168 Downloads
Florentina Cristina Bâldan and Emilia Ungureanu
Practical Approach of the PEST Analysis from the Perspective of the Territorial Intelligence pp. 169-174 Downloads
Alexandru Bîrsan, Darko Shuleski and Crina Veronica Cristea
The Population’ Income, Expenses and Savings as Descriptive Aspects of the Standard of Living pp. 175-180 Downloads
Mălina-Ionela Burlacu
Aspects of Poverty and Social Exclusion in the Romania’s Development Regions pp. 181-186 Downloads
Gabriela Bușan and Nicolae Ecobici
Strategies for Preventing the Stress of Employees Working in the Primary Health Care System pp. 187-191 Downloads
Galina Buta and Lavinia Nădrag
The Challenges of Technical Translation: Case Study pp. 192-197 Downloads
Alina Buzarna-Tihenea (Galbeaza) and Lavinia Nadrag
Determinants of Financing Decisions in Innovative Firms: A Review on Theoretical Backgrounds and Empirical Evidence pp. 198-203 Downloads
Mihaela Diaconu
Discourse Analysis of the Multi-Voiced Tourist Guide. Discursive Particularities of Guided Tours pp. 204-208 Downloads
Elena Dumitrascu and Liliana -Carmen Maruntelu
Romanian Media Industry – A Look Back at Responses to Crises and Disruptive Changes pp. 209-214 Downloads
Ilie Constantin Florea
Competition Policy and its Implementation in Romania pp. 215-218 Downloads
Gabriela Gheorghiu and Elena Cerasela Spatariu
Tourist Services in Romania pp. 219-222 Downloads
Marian Ionel
The Play of Familiarity and Predictability in English Business Idioms pp. 223-226 Downloads
Alexandra-Lavinia Istratie-Macarov and Alina Leonte
Making Promises Good: The Anti-Money Laundering Regime as a Multi-Purpose Tool for Governance pp. 227-232 Downloads
Stavros Katsios
‘Taking the Bull by the Horns’ with English Business Idioms pp. 233-238 Downloads
Alina Leonte and Alexandra-Lavinia Istratie-Macarov
Modern Paradigm in Macroeconomic Monetary Theories pp. 239-242 Downloads
Daniel Lipară
Higher Education and the Labour Market pp. 243-247 Downloads
Adina Moise – Titei
Combating Tourism-related Corruption: Effective Countermeasures Derived from Analysing Tourists’ Perceptions and Experiences pp. 248-255 Downloads
Alexis Papathanassis
Innovative Approach for the Agriculture Development. Case Study of South-East Europe pp. 256-261 Downloads
Carmen-Beatrice Păuna
Millennials, Peer-to-Peer Accommodation and the Hotel Industry pp. 262-267 Downloads
Alma Pentescu
Dentist-Patient Relationship pp. 268-272 Downloads
Gheorghe Raftu
The Influence of Leadership in Organizations pp. 273-277 Downloads
Mihaela Rus and Mihaela Luminița Sandu
The Social Impact of Economic Downturn Quantitative Media Analysis on Theft Offenses Committed by Women pp. 278-283 Downloads
Ana Rodica Stăiculescu and Carmen-Mariana Neagu
Essentialities of Energy Market Liberalisation in Romania pp. 284-289 Downloads
Emilia Ungureanu and Florentina Cristina Bâldan
The High Performance Work Practices and Labour Productivity in Romanian Companies pp. 291-296 Downloads
Ionut Antohi and Andreea-Daniela Moraru
Analysis of the Retail Market in Brasov pp. 297-301 Downloads
Marius Bălășescu
The Assessment of Restaurants’ Authenticity from the Perspective of Young Population pp. 302-305 Downloads
Dana Boșcor and Codruța Adina Băltescu
Theoretical Approaches on Successful Email Marketing Campaigns pp. 306-311 Downloads
Camelia Budac
New Employees’ Integration and Orientation Management in Hotel Companies pp. 312-317 Downloads
Daniel Daneci-Patrau
The Influence of Emag Image Brand Among Resita's Online Consumers pp. 318-322 Downloads
Gabriel Dinu and Loredana Dinu
Drills and Training on board Ship in Maritime Transport pp. 323-328 Downloads
Cristina Dragomir and Simona Utureanu
The Strategy of Integration for the Navigation Specialization Students on Maritime Market pp. 329-334 Downloads
Florin Iordanoaia
The Managerial Culture. A Literature Review pp. 335-339 Downloads
Ramona – Diana Leon and Raluca Anne-Marie Tone
Social Media Impact on Human Resources Management Strategies pp. 340-344 Downloads
Angela-Eliza Micu and Marius Geru
Few Aspects Regarding the Promotional Tools Used in the Marketing Activity of Publishing Houses pp. 345-349 Downloads
Silvia Muhcina and Veronica Popovici
Conflict Management pp. 350-354 Downloads
Valentina Munteanu
Policies and Strategies Quality Courier Services Market Case Study DHL pp. 355-360 Downloads
Nicoleta Andreea Neacşu and Simona Bălăşescu
Entrepreneurial Coordinator Management of Individual Career Planning of the Organizations in Romania pp. 361-366 Downloads
Liliana Nicodim, Gabriel Croitoru and Mircea Duica
Quantitative Investigation on the Influence of Social Customer Relationship Management on the Profitability of Companies pp. 367-371 Downloads
Liliana Nicodim, Claudiu Valentin Niţu and Gabriel Croitoru
Training Future Entrepreneurs Using European Funds. A Descriptive Research on Start-Up Romania Programs pp. 372-377 Downloads
Cristina Nicolau and Tiberiu Foris
The Role and Importance of the Manager in the Management Process pp. 378-382 Downloads
Oana Oprișan, George Bucăţa and Cosmin Tileagă
Considerations Concerning the Redesign of the Management System at the Level of the Organization – Quality Perspective pp. 383-387 Downloads
Oana Oprișan, George Bucăţa and Cosmin Tileagă
Dental Practice Management pp. 388-392 Downloads
Gheorghe Raftu
The Importance of Communication in Quality Management pp. 393-396 Downloads
Anca Cristina Stanciu, Elena Condrea and Cristina Zamfir
Managerial Ship Procedures in Case of Oil Pollution in Maritime Transport pp. 397-401 Downloads
Simona Utureanu and Cristina Dragomir
Causality Macroeconomic Crisis-Management pp. 402-407 Downloads
Cristian Vanghele
Cash Holdings and Firm Value: A Study of Listed Firms in Romania pp. 409-414 Downloads
Sorin Anton
Considerations on the Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Economies from Eastern Europe pp. 415-420 Downloads
Lucian Belașcu and Camelia Budac
Macroeconomic Environment and Banking Sector Soundness in CEE Countries pp. 421-426 Downloads
Irina Bilan and Angela Roman
The Impact of Management Control on Sustainability Reports pp. 427-433 Downloads
Aliona Birca
Outlook on the Cost Reduction Decision, the Component of an Effective Corporate Governance pp. 434-438 Downloads
Florin Boghean
Considerations Regarding Students’ Social Protection pp. 439-444 Downloads
Iuliana Cenar
Aspects Regarding Policy and the Financing Mechanism of the Consolidated General Deficitary Budget pp. 445-449 Downloads
Maria Felicia Chirculescu
The Distributional Effects of Value Added Tax pp. 450-454 Downloads
IonuÈ›-Constantin Cuceu
Risk Modeling Approaches in Terms of Volatility Banking Transactions pp. 455-460 Downloads
Angelica CucÅŸa (Stratulat)
Analysis of the Local Budget’s Expenditures Structure at Different Types of Administrative Units in Romania pp. 461-466 Downloads
Dan Dănuleţiu and Adina-Elena Danuletiu
Budgetary Deficit and Its Effects on Public Debt pp. 467-470 Downloads
Gabriela Dobrotă
The Influences of the Exchange Rate on the Performance of Romanian Trade pp. 471-475 Downloads
Gabriela Dobrotă
Aspects Concerning Financial Debts and Assets’ Evaluation at Fair Value pp. 476-480 Downloads
Andreea Elena Dreghiciu
Peculiarities of Reevaluation Results Treatment Pertained to Grounds According to Their Destination pp. 481-485 Downloads
Andreea Elena Dreghiciu
Indicators Used in the Dynamic Analysis of Turnover pp. 486-491 Downloads
Mihaela Loredana Ecobici
Indicators of Financial Analysis Employed in Quantifying the Financial Performance of a Company pp. 492-497 Downloads
Mihaela Loredana Ecobici
The Price Stability-Important Lever within the Economy pp. 498-501 Downloads
Maria Mirabela Florea Ianc and Loredana Ciurlău
The CSR Orientation in the Romanian Banking Industry pp. 502-507 Downloads
Georgiana-Loredana Frecea
Internet Banking in Romania at a Glance pp. 508-514 Downloads
Silvia Ghita-Mitrescu and Cristina Duhnea
Creativity in Managerial Accounting: the Syndrome of Clone-type Production Costs pp. 515-520 Downloads
Flavius-Andrei Guinea
Financial Indicators of Performance Measurement: Reality, Relevance and Distortion pp. 521-526 Downloads
Flavius-Andrei Guinea
The Difference GAP – The Main Instrument Used in the Management of Banking Assets and Liabilities pp. 527-531 Downloads
Luminita Gabriela Istrate
Ways to Improve the Access to Finance of Romanian SME pp. 532-537 Downloads
Valentin Mihai Leoveanu
Balance Sheet - General Information on Financial Health, Liquidity and Solvency of an Economic Entity pp. 538-543 Downloads
Andreea Mihaela Marin and Cristiana Daniela Lazăr
The Economic Risks Arising from the Analysis of the Balance Sheet of an Economic Entity pp. 544-549 Downloads
Andreea Mihaela Marin and Cristiana Daniela Lazăr
Financial Integration and Tax Efficiency –Premises of Antitrust Policy and Economic Growth pp. 550-553 Downloads
Mihai Mărginean, Anca Florentina Gavriluţă (Vatamanu) and Otilia Roxana Oprea
Concrete Aspects Regarding the Imputation of Current Tax Receivables in Insolvency Proceedings pp. 554-558 Downloads
Marioara Mirea and Cristina Stroie
The Romanian Banking System –Key Dimensions and Visibility of CSR Practices pp. 559-564 Downloads
Andreea-Daniela Moraru and Silvia Ghita-Mitrescu
Econometric Modeling of the Effect of Budget Deficit and Public Debt on GDP within Romanian Economy pp. 565-569 Downloads
Camelia Moraru and Dorinela Nancu
The Influence of Available Cash Evaluation in the Issuing of Financial Auditor’s Opinion pp. 570-576 Downloads
Mortură Laura-Alexandra
Why do Goals Matter? Sport Events and Capital Market Returns pp. 577-582 Downloads
Aurora Murgea and Milena-Jana Schank
The Usefulness of Financial Statements in Making Financial Diagnosis pp. 583-588 Downloads
Mitica Pepi
XBRL – The business Language in the Digital Age pp. 589-594 Downloads
Florin Radu
The Information - Connexion Between Financial Accounting and Management Accounting pp. 595-599 Downloads
Florin Radu
Financing Research and Development Activities in the Construction Materials Industry. Comparative Study pp. 600-604 Downloads
Mircea-Iosif Rus
The Impact of Economic Sentiments on Foreign Direct Investments pp. 605-610 Downloads
Milena - Jana Schank
The Role of the Patrimonial Result Account in Rendering Performance in the Secondary Educational Institutions pp. 611-616 Downloads
Daniela Vitan

Volume XVI, issue 1, 2016

The Incompatibility Triangle pp. 2-6 Downloads
Adrian Amari?a
The International Macro-Environment of an Organization pp. 7-13 Downloads
Ileana (Badulescu) Anastase and Cornel Grigorut
Intercultural Management and the Importance of the Culture pp. 14-18 Downloads
Claudia Dobre
Culture and Traditions: Contemporary Criminological Factors pp. 19-23 Downloads
Mariana Mitra-Nita
The Evolution of Public Expenditures in Romania during 2000 - 2013 pp. 24-28 Downloads
Camelia Moraru and Norina Popovici
Economic Dependence – Key Factor in the Interstate Relations between Russia and Eastern Partnership’s Countries pp. 29-34 Downloads
Moro?an Magdalena
Aspects of Legal Translation in Contracts of Carriage pp. 35-40 Downloads
Lavinia Nãdrag and Alina Buzarna-Tihenea (Galbeaza)
Company Mergers and Acquisitions on the Edge of Unlawful Competition pp. 41-46 Downloads
Elena - Mãdãlina Rotaru
Considerations on the Right to Asylum pp. 48-52 Downloads
Florica Brasoveanu
Considerations on the Right to a Healthy Living Environment pp. 53-57 Downloads
Florica Brasoveanu
FDI in European Economic Architecture. The Case of Romania as an EU Member State pp. 58-63 Downloads
Aurel Burciu and Rozalia Kicsi
Are the Investments from Structural Funds Meeting the Citizens’ Expectations? – Evidence from Sofia and Bucharest pp. 64-68 Downloads
Cristina-Elena Ciocoiu
Evolution of Renewable Energy Capacities in Europe after the Lisbon Treaty pp. 69-74 Downloads
Daniela Enachescu
Curing the ‘Beach Disease’: Corruption and the Potential of Tourismled Transformation for Developing Countries and Transitional Economies pp. 75-80 Downloads
Alexis Papathanassis
Ontology based Approach for an Insurance Company Activity Modelling pp. 81-85 Downloads
Aurelia Pãtraºcu
Short Essay on Managing Multicultural Students Groups within Diversity Context pp. 86-89 Downloads
Cãtãlin Ploae
Cluster - Smart Specialization Relationship? pp. 90-96 Downloads
Florina Popa
Determining Factors of Entrepreneurial Motivation: Evidence from EU Countries pp. 97-103 Downloads
Angela Roman and Valentina Rusu
Before and After the European Neighbourhood Policy in Moldova: Past Economic Background, Current Developments pp. 104-107 Downloads
Ioana Sandu
Aspirations, Achievements and Challenges of European Social Economic Models pp. 108-113 Downloads
Constantin Schipor
Global Competitiveness and Innovation in the Period 2013-2015 pp. 114-119 Downloads
Sorin-George Toma, Paul Marinescu and Catalin Gradinaru
Living Labs and C2P Partnerships: A Participatory Solution or Just Another Buzz Concept for Regional and Local Development? pp. 120-126 Downloads
Roxana Voicu-Dorobanþu
Regional Policy - Major Part in the European Union pp. 127-131 Downloads
Alina Voiculeþ
Factors That Influence Aging In Romania pp. 133-136 Downloads
Loredana Monica Anton and Gabriela Iuliana Munteanu
Reflections on the Economic Prospects pp. 137-142 Downloads
Cristian - Marian Barbu
Mastering the Content- The Challenges of an Academic Course Design pp. 143-146 Downloads
Eleonora Baca and Adina Moise – Titei
Promoting Competition Rules in Romania, 2010 - 2014 Period pp. 147-152 Downloads
Florentina Cristina Bâldan and Violeta Claudia Stanciu Tolea
The Impact of the Regional Electricity Market’s Coupling on the Romanian Day Ahead Market Prices pp. 153-157 Downloads
Andrei Covatariu and Cosmin Dobrin
Analyzing the Romanian Healthcare Bureaucracy Using a Tree Diagram pp. 158-162 Downloads
Ruxandra Dinulescu
General Considerations Concerning the Principle of Territoriality of the Romanian Criminal Law pp. 163-167 Downloads
Vasile Draghici
General Aspects Regarding the Crime of Human Trafficking pp. 168-172 Downloads
Vasile Draghici
Influence of Life Insurance on the Romanian Insurance Market pp. 173-176 Downloads
Maria Mirabela Florea Ianc
The Need for the Dissemination of Statistical Data and Information pp. 177-179 Downloads
Anna-Alexandra Frunza and Gabriela Iuliana Munteanu
Analyse of the Influence of Major Romanian Indices over the Number of Early Leavers from Education and Training pp. 180-186 Downloads
Margareta Ilie and Constantin Ilie
Hospitality Industry pp. 187-191 Downloads
Marian Ionel
Corruption as a Governance Challenge and the Role of Civil Society pp. 192-197 Downloads
Stavros Katsios
Banks’ Influence, through Tailor Made Services Offered to Tourists, on Encouraging International Transit: High-Tech Tourism of the 20th Century pp. 198-202 Downloads
Aurora Costina Lincã and Adrian Cãtãlin Voinilã
Some Aspects Concerning the Concept of Rent in the Romanian Law pp. 203-206 Downloads
Marilena Marin
Considerations on the Regional Disparities in the Romanian Academic Education pp. 207-212 Downloads
Adina Moise – Titei and Eleonora Baca
The Evolution of the Turnover From the Point of View of the Number of Employees, the Net Realized Investments and the Average Gross Salary in the Romanian Footwear Industry pp. 213-217 Downloads
Dimi Ofileanu
It’s All About Economics –The Urban Ecology in T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land pp. 218-222 Downloads
Drago? Osoianu
A Critical Review of the Most Relevant Welfare Indicators from an Environmental Perspective pp. 223-230 Downloads
Stanislav Percic and Constantin-Marius Apostoaie
Experiential Business English Teaching pp. 231-234 Downloads
Alina Popescu and Cristina Dana Popescu (Mitu)
Is Romania Ready for Cooperative Structures? Romania – Italy Comparative Study pp. 235-240 Downloads
Maria Claudia Preda (Diaconeasa)
Impact of Research Regarding the Processing of organic waste resulted from food industry in the North - East, South-East and Center Regions of Romania in Particular, in Relation to Consumer and Environmental Protection pp. 241-246 Downloads
Steluta Radu, Mihaela Constandache and Elena Condrea
What Is to Be Done to Reduce the Effects of Emotionality and Conflicts on One’s Satisfaction at Workplace pp. 247-251 Downloads
Aurelia Stãnescu
University Politehnica of Bucharest pp. 252-257 Downloads
Sergiu ?âra
The Right to Property and Inheritance in the Old Testament pp. 258-262 Downloads
Adrian Vasile
The High Performance Working Practices in Romanian Companies – an Empirical Study pp. 264-268 Downloads
Ionut Antohi
Reward Management Practices-Evidence from Constanta County, Romania pp. 269-273 Downloads
Ionut Antohi and Andreea-Daniela Moraru
The Development of Boutique Hotels in Bra?ov City pp. 274-278 Downloads
Codru?a Adina Bãltescu and Dana Bo?cor
Neuro-Linguistic Programming Principles in Negotiations pp. 279-283 Downloads
Cristi Berea
Environment-Oriented CSR Activities of Romanian Companies pp. 284-289 Downloads
Liviu Bozga, Daniela Nicoleta Bãleanu and Raluca Elisabeta Bozga
Orientation and Integration of New Employees in an Organization Hotel pp. 290-295 Downloads
Daniel Dãneci-Pãtrãu
Differences of Organizational Culture between Small and Large Enterprises pp. 296-301 Downloads
Ovidiu-Iliuta Dobre
The Significance of Resources Purchases over the Business’s Competitiveness pp. 302-305 Downloads
Paul Gheorghe and Anna-Alexandra Frunzã
The Need To Reposition The Insurance Logistics Management In M.A.I. Units pp. 306-310 Downloads
Paul Gheorghe
Marketing Mix in Services pp. 311-314 Downloads
Cãtãlin Grãdinaru, Sorin-George Toma and Paul Marinescu
The SWOT Analysis of a Romanian Post-Sanitary Institution in Romania pp. 315-319 Downloads
Cristina Iorga and Andrei Serban
The Cost Structure - Key Element in the Development of Product Policy pp. 320-324 Downloads
Daniel Jiroveanu, Georgiana Costache and Cătălina Radu
Traditional and Current Aspects Regarding Fairs and Exhibitions Organized by Constanta Chamber of Commerce pp. 325-330 Downloads
Ion Danut Juganaru and Mariana Juganaru
Historical Traces and Contemporary Approaches regarding Fairs and Exhibitions, as complex Instruments in Marketing pp. 331-335 Downloads
Mariana Juganaru and Ion Danut Juganaru
Challenges of Hotel Branding. An Overview of the Romanian Seaside Hotel Industry pp. 336-340 Downloads
Andreea-Daniela Moraru
Few Considerations On Brand Loyalty and Equity pp. 341-344 Downloads
Silvia Muhcina and Veronica Popovici
Assessing the Organizational Culture of Local Organizations pp. 345-349 Downloads
Dorinela Nancu
Is There a Positive Correlation between the Organizational Culture, Focused on Creating a Pleasant Working Environment and Organizational Performance? pp. 350-354 Downloads
Dorinela Nancu
Design and Aesthetics on Organic Cosmetics Market Case Study: Face Creams pp. 355-360 Downloads
Nicoleta Andreea Neac?u and Anca Madar
Aspects of the Transformation of Educational Management in Schools pp. 361-366 Downloads
Liliana Nicodim, George Bucãþa and Emanoil Muscalu
Issues Regarding the Need of Transformation of Educational Management in the Current European Context pp. 367-372 Downloads
Liliana Nicodim, George Bucãþa and Claudiu Valentin Niþu
The Challenge of Private Cloud for the Digital Business pp. 373-379 Downloads
Eugen Petac and Andreea-Oana Petac
About Security Solutions in Fog Computing pp. 380-385 Downloads
Eugen Petac and Andreea-Oana Petac
Implementating Information Technology in E-Human Resource Management pp. 386-390 Downloads
Cristina-Dana Popescu (Mitu) and Alina Popescu
Motivational Aspects within Healthcare Units pp. 391-396 Downloads
Norina Popovici, Camelia Moraru and Gheorghe Moraru
An Exploratory Study of Career Anchors in Business Higher Education pp. 397-402 Downloads
Cătălina Radu, Daniel Jiroveanu and Georgiana Costache
Organic Agriculture in the World, European Union and Romania between 2010 -2014 pp. 403-408 Downloads
Raluca-Mihaela Sandu
Considerations Regarding the Quality Management of Banking Services pp. 409-412 Downloads
Anca Cristina Stanciu, Mihaela Constandache and Daniela Simona Nenciu
The Analysis of Factors Involved in Assessing of University Scientific Research pp. 413-419 Downloads
Cristian Marius Toma, Carmen Luiza Costuleanu and Vasilica Toma
Emotional Intelligence: Requiring Attention pp. 420-423 Downloads
Monica Tudor
Inter-Connected Roles of the Ship, Seafarers and Ship Management Company pp. 424-428 Downloads
Simona Utureanu and Cristina Dragomir
The Contribution of the Human Resources Information System to Human Capital Performance Management within the Organization pp. 429-434 Downloads
Dan Constantin Vãrzaru and Anca Antoaneta Vărzaru
Opportunities for Improvement and Implementation of Management Accounting in Public Cultural Institutions pp. 436-440 Downloads
Gabriela Andreescu
Private Equity Market in Romania. Why Is its Infancy so Long? pp. 441-446 Downloads
Sorin Anton
The Study On International Cooperation Made By The Romanian Professional Accountancy Bodies pp. 447-452 Downloads
Greti Daniela Avram, Marioara Avram and Veronel Avram
Aspects of Influence on the Accounting-Taxation Relation at the Legislative Level in Romania pp. 453-457 Downloads
Mihaela-Nicoleta Bãcanu
Municipal Debt and Its Economic Effects – The Romanian Case pp. 458-463 Downloads
Irina Bilan and Florin Oprea
Analysis of Commercial Companies Profitability in the Garment Industry in Romania pp. 469-473 Downloads
Cristina Caprian
Evaluation of Accounting Information System Performance at Trade Entities - Economic Efficiency of Accounting Information System at Trade Entities pp. 474-480 Downloads
Adrian-Cosmin Caraiman
Analysis of Correlation Between Gross Domestic Product and Corporate Income Tax in the European Union Countries pp. 481-486 Downloads
Ionela Cornelia Cioca
Tax Havens in the Offshore World pp. 487-491 Downloads
Sergiu-Bogdan Constantin
Conceptual Approaches in Financial Instruments Sphere pp. 492-496 Downloads
Georgeta Covaliov-Rusu
Considerations Regarding the Contents of Internal Control pp. 497-502 Downloads
Victoria Isabela Dragomir, Marioara Avram and Sorinel Domniºoru
Conceptual Valences Regarding the Economic and Financial Performance of the Public Sector Institutions pp. 503-508 Downloads
Cristina-Petrina Drãguºin, Daniel Cîrciumaru and Silviu-Valentin Cârstina
Specific Procedures and Techniques of the Creative Accounting Concerning Tangible Assets Reevaluation pp. 509-514 Downloads
Andreea Elena Dreghiciu and Alina Pu?an
CSR Communication in the Romanian Banking System pp. 515-520 Downloads
Georgiana-Loredana Frecea
The Adjusted Net Asset Valuation Method – Connecting the dots between Theory and Practice pp. 521-526 Downloads
Silvia Ghi?ã-Mitrescu and Cristina Duhnea
Particularities of Profit and Loss Account Audit and the Production Process in Constructions pp. 527-531 Downloads
Marian Grigore
The Financial and Accounting Information: a Genuine Power Factor, in the Report Win - Loss of the Investment on the Capital Market pp. 532-537 Downloads
Claudia Nicoleta Guni
Personal Bankruptcy Regulations in Central and Eastern Europe pp. 538-543 Downloads
Roxana Hetes-Gavra, Alexandru Avram and Costin Daniel Avram
The Models of Personal Bankruptcy in Western Europe pp. 544-550 Downloads
Roxana Hetes-Gavra, Alexandru Avram and Costin Daniel Avram
Analysis of Financial Intermediation in Romania pp. 551-556 Downloads
Iulia Iuga
Assessing the Portfolio of Bank Guarantees by Specific Indicators for Determining Risks pp. 557-562 Downloads
Dumitru Nancu
Study on Risk Analysis and the Way of Framing the Activity of Credit Guarantee for SMEs in Prudential Requirements/ Indicators pp. 563-568 Downloads
Dumitru Nancu
Techniques Applied for Accounting of Revenues with Deferred Payments pp. 569-572 Downloads
Traian Cristin Nicolae
Analysis of Local Taxes in the European Union pp. 573-577 Downloads
Oana Oprisan, Cosmin Tileagã and Claudiu Valentin Niþu
Analysis of Revenues and Expenditures of a Carrier for a Voyage Charter Trip pp. 578-582 Downloads
Oana Oprisan, Cosmin Tileagã and Gabriel Croitoru
Aspects of the Evolution of the Existing Pre-university Education at Regional Level in 1996-2014 pp. 583-588 Downloads
Aurelia Pãtra?cu
Methods For Improving Performances In Corporate Governace In Financial Markets For Stakeholders Interest pp. 589-594 Downloads
Mitica Pepi
Considerations on the Fiscal Consequences of Accounting Result pp. 595-599 Downloads
Petec ( Cãlinescu) Daniela and Ionu? Spãtãrelu
Unconventional Monetary Policy and Bank Risk Taking in Euro Area pp. 600-605 Downloads
Ioana Ple?cãu and Vasile Cocri?
Aspects Concerning Taxes in the Evaluation Perspective. Romanian Case pp. 606-610 Downloads
Alina Pu?an and Andreea Elena Dreghiciu
The Importance of Accounting Information in Decision Making pp. 611-615 Downloads
Ionu? Spãtãrelu and Daniela Petec (Cãlinescu)
The Impact of Applying the IFRS Accounting Rules on the Business Environment pp. 616-621 Downloads
Diana Andreea Trãistaru
Application of the Activity Based Costing System to the Wood Industry pp. 622-627 Downloads
Daniel Petru Vârteiu and Cristian Florin Bota
Managing a "N" Securities Portfolio pp. 628-633 Downloads
Costicã Vlad
The Romanian Healthcare Institutions – Managing Budget Limitations and Liquidity Issues pp. 634-640 Downloads
Cristina Duhnea and Silvia Ghi?ã-Mitrescu
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