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146693: Social networks, promotions, and the glass-ceiling effect
Michael Neugart and Anna Zaharieva
146677: On the Role of Summary Content Units in Text Summarization Evaluation Downloads
Marcel Nawrath, Agnieszka Wiktoria Nowak, Tristan Ratz, Danilo Constantin Walenta, Juri Opitz, Leonardo F. R. Ribeiro, João Sedoc, Daniel Deutsch, Simon Mille, Yixin Liu, Sebastian Gehrmann, Lining Zhang, Saad Mahamood, Miruna Clinciu, Khyathi Chandu and Yufang Hou
146674: Combined Rail-Road Transport in Europe - Improvement Potential and Impact of Environmental Policy on Competitiveness Downloads
Michael Gleser
146558: Minimum wages in an automating economy Downloads
Marcel Steffen Eckardt
146553: The performance of corporate bond issuers in times of financial crisis: empirical evidence from Latin America Downloads
Marc Berninger, Bruno Fiesenig and Dirk Schiereck
146367: Is there Chaos on the German Labor Market? / Ist der deutsche Arbeitsmarkt chaotisch? Downloads
Michael Neugart
146365: Skills, Innovation, and Growth: An Agent-Based Policy Analysis Downloads
Herbert Dawid, Simon Gemkow, Philipp Harting, Kordian Kabus, Michael Neugart and Klaus Wersching
146364: Rallying around the EU flag: Russia's invasion of Ukraine and attitudes toward European integration Downloads
Nils D. Steiner, Ruxanda Berlinschi, Etienne Farvaque, Jan Fidrmuc, Philipp Harms, Alexander Mihailov, Michael Neugart and Piotr Stanek
146360: Turnover intention during COVID-19 – learnings for HR on better understanding the home office
Kyra Voll, Felix Gauger and Andreas Pfnür
146350: A new roadmap for an age-inclusive workforce management practice and an international policies comparison
N. Katiraee, N. Berti, A. Das, I. Zennaro, R. Aldrighetti, V. Dimovski, D. Peljhan, D. Dobbs, C. H. Glock, G Pacheco, P. Neumann, A. Ogawa and D. Battini
146302: Fiscal transfers and regional economic growth Downloads
H. Dawid, P. Harting and Michael Neugart
146301: Social preferences, monopsony and government intervention Downloads
Laszlo Goerke and Michael Neugart
146300: Effects of technological change and automation on industry structure and (wage-)inequality: insights from a dynamic task-based model Downloads
Herbert Dawid and Michael Neugart
146282: Redistributive pensions in the developing world Downloads
Achim Kemmerling and Michael Neugart
146280: Female Employment and Divorce: Taking Into Account a Social Multiplier Downloads
Michael Neugart
146279: Endogenous matching functions: An agent-based computational approach Downloads
Michael Neugart
146278: Complicated dynamics in a flow model of the labor market Downloads
Michael Neugart
146183: Human-and-cost-centric storage assignment optimization in picker-to-parts warehouses
H. Diefenbach, E.H. Grosse and C.H. Glock
146182: Die Psychologie einer Krise
M. Keil
146096: Spear Phishing 2.0: Wie automatisierte Angriffe Organisationen vor neue Herausforderungen stellen Downloads
Anjuli Franz and Alexander Benlian
146095: Watch Me Improve — Algorithm Aversion and Demonstrating the Ability to Learn Downloads
Benedikt Berger, Martin Adam, Alexander Rühr and Alexander Benlian
146094: AI-Based Information Systems Downloads
Peter Buxmann, Thomas Hess and Jason Bennett Thatcher
146062: The impact of changes to auditors' reporting and audit committee strength on bank directors' perceptions and decisions: An experimental investigation Downloads
Michelle Höfmann, Christiane Pott and Reiner Quick
146054: Multi-functional MRI studies of disordered brain circuits in schizophrenic and affective psychoses
O. Gruber, E.K. Diekhof, K. Zvonik, S. Trost, K. Weber, A. Petrovic, I. Henseler, D. Zilles, T. Melcher, M. Keil, P. Dechent and P. Falkai
146052: Network fingerprints to distinguish bipolar and unipolar depression by fMRI Downloads
R. Goya-Maldonado, K. Brodmann, M. Keil, S. Trost, P. Dechent and O. Gruber
146046: Driving Big Data – Integration and Synchronization of Data Sources for Artificial Intelligence Applications with the Example of Truck Driver Work Stress and Strain Analysis Downloads
M. Klumpp, B. Severin, H. Lechte, J.H.D. Menck, M. Keil, S.M. Straub, C. Ruiner, V. Millke, V. Hagemann and M. Hesenius
146003: An evaluation of factors affecting order picking performance in the fishbone warehouse
M. Masae, W. Boonreung, P. Vichitkunakorn and C.H. Glock
145967: roboKOM - Potentielle Einsatzbereiche mobiler Kommissionierroboter
R. Elbert and J. Wenzel
145876: Auditor‐provided non‐audit services and perceived audit quality: Evidence from the cost of equity and debt capital Downloads
Christian Friedrich, Reiner Quick and Florian Schmidt
145780: Retained earnings, foreign portfolio ownership, and the German current account: A firm-level approach Downloads
Stefan Goldbach, Philipp Harms, Axel Jochem, Volker Nitsch and Alfons Weichenrieder
145777: Über den Zusammenhang von Glück, Belohnung und Kreativität: Ein Beitrag aus der Hirnforschung mit funktioneller MRT Downloads
M. Keil, S.E. Kernke, E. Libelt and W. Dittrich
145776: A functional neuroimaging study assessing gender differences in the neural mechanisms underlying the ability to resist impulsive desires
E.K. Diekhof, M. Keil, K.U. Obst, I. Henseler, P. Dechent, P. Falkai and O. Gruber
145775: Disturbed Anterior Prefrontal Control of the Mesolimbic Reward System and Increased Impulsivity in Bipolar Disorder Downloads
S. Trost, E.K. Diekhof, K. Zvonik, M. Lewandowski, J. Usher, M. Keil, D. Zilles, P. Falkai, P. Dechent and O. Gruber
145774: CREB1 Genotype Modulates Adaptive Reward-Based Decisions in Humans
C. Wolf, H. Mohr, E.K. Diekhof, H. Vieker, R. Goya-Maldonado, S. Trost, B. Krämer, M. Keil, E.B. Binder and O. Gruber
145773: Investigating the Impact of Genome-Wide Supported Bipolar Risk Variant of MAD1L1 on the Human Reward System
S. Trost, E.K. Diekhof, H. Mohr, H. Vieker, B. Krämer, C. Wolf, M. Keil, P. Dechent, E.B. Binder and O. Gruber
145771: Gender differences in verbal and visuospatial working memory performance and networks
D. Zilles, M. Lewandowski, H. Vieker, I. Henseler, E. Diekhof, T. Melcher, M. Keil and O. Gruber
145762: Patient Innovation as a Psychological Rollercoaster: Outcomes of Patient Innovators Expectation-Disconfirmation Gap
Meike Kietzmann, Patrick Großpötzl and Ruth Stock-Homburg
145744: Containerisierung des Einzelwagenverkehrs - Wie die Trennbarkeit von Güterwagen und Behälter die Zukunft des Einzelwagenverkehrs beeinflusst
R. Elbert and A. Altun
145743: Simulation des Hafens Aktau
R. Elbert and Y. Tang
145734: Bereits jedes zweite Unternehmen in Deutschland nutzt Strom aus erneuerbaren Energien – der Einsatz von klimafreundlicher Wärme ist deutlich seltener Downloads
Anke Brüggemann and Johannes Rode
145733: Das Potenzial für Haushaltsphotovoltaik in Deutschland Downloads
Johannes Rode
145732: Half of all firms in Germany already use electricity from renewables but use of climate-friendly heat is much less common Downloads
Anke Brüggemann and Johannes Rode
145721: Dissociating pathomechanisms of depression with fMRI: bottom-up or top-down dysfunctions of the reward system
R. Goya-Maldonado, K. Weber, S. Trost, E.K. Diekhof, M. Keil, P. Dechent and O. Gruber
145720: Differentiating unipolar ans bipolar depression by alterations in large-scale brain networks
R. Goya-Maldonado, K. Brodmann, M. Keil, S. Trost, P. Dechent and O. Gruber
145719: Reactivity of the Reward System in Artists During Acceptance and Rejection of Monetary Rewards
R. Goya-Maldonado, M. Keil, K. Brodmann and O. Gruber
145718: Logistics Work, Ergonomics and Social Sustainability: Empirical Musculoskeletal System Strain Assessment in Retail Intralogistics
D. Loske, M. Klumpp, M. Keil and T. Neukirchen
145716: KV-Radar 2023 - Delphi-Studie zur Maßnahmenermittlung und -bewertung für die Stärkung des Kombinierten Straßen-/Schienengüterverkehrs in Deutschland
R. Elbert and Y. Tang
145665: M&A in der internationalen Chemiebranche Downloads
Talitha Seifert
145527: Gamified monetary reward designs: Offering certain versus chance‐based rewards Downloads
Martin Adam, Annika Reinelt and Konstantin Roethke
145491: Stock picking with machine learning Downloads
Dominik Wolff and Fabian Echterling
145440: Exploring Design Principles Promoting Organizational Knowledge Creation via Robo-Advisory: The Case of Collaborative Group Decision-Making in the After Sales Management
Nicole Namyslo, Dominik Jung and Timo Sturm
145394: Die Bedeutung der deutschen Wertpapierbörsen als Markt für Eigenkapital seit 1950 Downloads
Bruno Fiesenig, Jonas Kuhnke and Dirk Schiereck
145350: How German Labor Courts Decide: An Econometric Case Study Downloads
Helge Berger and Michael Neugart
145348: The Innovation Spillover Effect: How Household Ingenuity Spills Into Business Innovation
Ruth Stock-Homburg and Meike Kietzmann
145334: The impact of incentive-based programmes on job-shop scheduling with variable machine speeds
M. Füchtenhans and C. H. Glock
145333: A hybrid approach integrating genetic algorithm and machine learning to solve the order picking batch assignment problem considering learning and fatigue of pickers
M. Gabellini, F. Calabrese, A. Regattieri, D. Loske and M. Klumpp
144965: Financial center expertise, investors’ expectations and the new European anti-money laundering authority Downloads
Bruno Fiesenig, Leonard Grebe and Dirk Schiereck
144928: Transferring Domain Knowledge with (X)AI-Based Learning Systems
Phillip Spitzer, Niklas Kühl, Marc Goutier, Manuel Kaschura and Gerhard Satzger
144927: Automatic Classification of IS Research Papers: A Design Science Approach
Jan-Hendrik Schmidt, Marc Goutier, Ludwig Koch, Ronja Schwinghammer and Alexander Benlian
144926: Algorithmic Control Configurations: A Comparative Study of Platform and Non-platform Workers' Legitimacy Judgments
Felix Hirsch, Dix Maik Gräubig, Martin Wiener and Alexander Benlian
144916: The efficiency scope of work from home: A multidimensional approach and the significance of real estate Downloads
Yassien Nico Bachtal
144869: Agility and new forms of work: applications, challenges and potentials Downloads
Lukas Otto Heidt
144827: Examining the Commonalities and Differences Between Gamblification and Gamification: A Theoretical Perspective Downloads
Joseph Macey, Martin Adam and Alexander Benlian
144789: The potential for household photovoltaics in Germany Downloads
Johannes Rode
144741: Visual analytics for technology and innovation management: An interaction approach for strategic decision making Downloads
Kawa Nazemi, Dirk Burkhardt and Alexander Kock
144706: Transformation of the real estate and construction industry: empirical findings from Germany Downloads
Andreas Pfnür and Benjamin Wagner
144672: The pricing of European non-performing real estate loan portfolios: evidence on stock market evaluation of complex asset sales Downloads
Florian Manz, Birgit Müller and Dirk Schiereck
144651: Why Executives Can’t Get Comfortable With AI Downloads
Marc Pinski, Monideepa Tarafdar and Alexander Benlian
144620: Anomalies of the Volatility Surface - Structural Errors and Speculative Bubbles Downloads
Philip Stahl
144613: AI-based chatbots in customer service and their effects on user compliance Downloads
Martin Adam, Michael Wessel and Alexander Benlian
144607: From Fair Value to NFTs: Essays on Transparency and Regulation in Financial Markets Downloads
Fritz Günther Lattermann
144589: Navigating the M&A Landscape: Financial Sponsor Backing, Innovation, and Legal Disputes Downloads
Mattheo Kaufmann
144498: Intelligent and efficient? An empirical analysis of human–AI collaboration for truck drivers in retail logistics
D. Loske and M. Klumpp
144497: Together, we travel: empirical insights on human-robot collaborative order picking for retail warehousing
J. Koreis, D. Loske and M. Klumpp
144496: Exploring the performance impact of unit load selection in order picking: evidence from a cold retail supply chain
D. Loske, T. Modica, M. Klumpp and R. Montemanni
144495: Robust data envelopment analysis with variable budgeted uncertainty
A. Arabmaldar, A. Hatami-Marbini, D. Loske, M. Hammerschmidt and M. Klumpp
144493: The Impact of Writing Direction on Order Picking Performance: Empirical Evidence on Diversity and Efficiency in Operations Management
D. Loske, M. Klumpp, J. De Vries, A.D. Bührmann, J. Giese and J. Lübke
144487: On the Role of Summary Content Units in Text Summarization Evaluation
Marcel Nawrath, Agnieszka Nowak, Tristan Ratz, Danilo C Walenta, Juri Opitz, Leonardo FR Ribeiro, João Sedoc, Daniel Deutsch, Simon Mille, Yixin Liu, Lining Zhang, Sebastian Gehrmann, Saad Mahamood, Miruna Clinciu, Khyathi Chandu and Yufang Hou
144485: Kompetenzprofile von Aufsichtsrats- und Prüfungsausschussmitgliedern - Inhaltsanalyse der Qualifikationsmatrizen Downloads
Reiner Quick, Kevin Gauch and Rebekka Ballering
144441: Chief Digital Officer - Nur Manager der digitalen Transformation?
Hannah Venohr and Leonard Grebe
144440: More is less? Wealth effects of Italian stocks to the increase in allowed voting rights Downloads
Bruno Fiesenig and Dirk Schiereck
144439: Zukunftsfinanzierungsgesetz und Börsenneunotierungen: Was lässt die Wiedereinführung von Mehrstimmrechtsaktien erwarten? Downloads
Bruno Fiesenig, Marc Steffen Rapp and Dirk Schiereck
144414: Developing a Holistic AI Literacy Assessment Matrix - Bridging Generic, Domain-Specific, and Ethical Competencies Downloads
Nils Knoth, Marie Decker, Matthias Carl Laupichler, Marc Pinski, Nils Buchholtz, Katharina Bata and Ben Schultz
144388: MoVEInt: Mixture of Variational Experts for Learning Human-Robot Interactions from Demonstrations
Vignesh Prasad, Alap Kshirsagar, Dorothea Koert, Ruth Stock-Homburg, Jan Peters and Georgia Chalvatzaki
144373: Robust spotter scheduling in trailer yards Downloads
Giorgi Tadumadze, Nils Boysen and Simon Emde
144371: Nonparametric portfolio efficiency measurement with higher moments Downloads
Jens J. Krüger
144321: AI Literacy for the top management: An upper echelons perspective on corporate AI orientation and implementation ability Downloads
Marc Pinski, Thomas Hofmann and Alexander Benlian
144309: The rationality of M&A targets in the choice of payment methods Downloads
Michael Klitzka, Jianan He and Dirk Schiereck
144275: Sustainable energy consumption behaviour with smart meters: The role of relative performance and evaluative standards Downloads
Charlotte Wendt, Dominick Kosin, Martin Adam and Alexander Benlian
144254: New solution procedures for the order picker routing problem in U-shaped pick areas with a movable depot Downloads
Heiko Diefenbach, Simon Emde, Christoph H. Glock and Eric H. Grosse
144226: Transformation der Innenstädte – Empirische Studie bei privaten Haushalten. Teil II: Bürgerpräferenzen zur Transformation des Innenstadtquartiers und -immobilien Downloads
Andreas Pfnür and Jonas Rau
144225: Transformation der Innenstädte – Empirische Studie bei privaten Haushalten. Teil I: Nutzungskonzepte deutscher Innenstädte Downloads
Andreas Pfnür and Jonas Rau
144201: Ownership Structure and Corporate Decisions: Capital Structure, M&A Activity, and Acquisition Financing Downloads
Timm Gödecke
144179: Initial coin offerings and the cryptocurrency hype - the moderating role of exogenous and endogenous signals Downloads
Ferdinand Thies, Sören Wallbach, Michael Wessel, Markus Besler and Alexander Benlian
144177: Gamblified digital product offerings: an experimental study of loot box menu designs Downloads
Martin Adam, Konstantin Roethke and Alexander Benlian
144176: Which investors’ characteristics are beneficial for initial coin offerings? Evidence from blockchain technology-based firms Downloads
Christian Hackober and Carolin Bock
144169: Opposing effects of input control and clan control for sellers on e-marketplace platforms Downloads
Evgheni Croitor, Dominick Werner, Martin Adam and Alexander Benlian
144086: Dezentrale Planung von Platoons im Straßengüterverkehr mithilfe einer KI auf Basis einzelner Lkw
R. Elbert and F. Roeper
144078: Tauschbörse für Zeitfenster – Flexibilitätssteigerung bei der Tourenplanung mit Zeitfenstervorgaben im Straßengüterverkehr
R. Elbert and F. Roeper
143960: Wirkung von Laststeuerungsprogrammen in Wertschöpfungsketten Downloads
M. Füchtenhans and C.H. Glock
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