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123791: Design Thinking und Innovationskultur in der Industrie: Eine empirische Untersuchung Downloads
Edmund Christian Salzmann
123675: The Impact of Structural Changes on Corporate Real Estate Ownership: evidence from Germany
Julian Seger and Andreas Pfnür
123657: Classroom or Pub - Where are Persistent Peer Relationships between University Students Formed?
Thomas Fischer and Johannes Rode
123633: Variational Clustering: Leveraging Variational Autoencoders for Image Clustering
Vignesh Prasad, Dipanjan Das and Brojeshwar Bhowmick
123632: Customer Responses to Service Robots–Comparing Human-Robot Interaction with Human-Human Interaction
Moritz Merkle
123631: A cross-country comparison of attitudes toward humanoid robots in Germany, the US, and India
N. Homburg and Moritz Merkle
123630: A Service Robot Acceptance Model: User acceptance of humanoid robots during service encounters
Ruth Stock and Moritz Merkle
123618: Using the Kano Model to Build a Manager App Portal Accommodating their User Preferences
J. H. Mayer, M. Esswein, Reiner Quick and Sanjar Sayar
123617: The impact of assurance on compliance management systems on bank directors' decisions Downloads
Reiner Quick and Sanjar Sayar
123615: Wissenschaftsbasierte Klimaziele in Unternehmen - eine empirische Anlayse von Motiven und Herausforderungen
Anette von Ahsen
123513: The impact of Guanxi on the selection of Logistics Service Providers in China Downloads
Johannes Kern
123482: Human-Robot Teams: A review
Franziska Wolf and Ruth Stock-Homburg
123481: Advances in Human-Robot Handshaking
Vignesh Prasad and Ruth Stock-Homburg
123480: Conversational Flow in Human-Robot Interactions at the Workplace: Comparing Humanoid and Android Robots
Ruth Stock-Homburg, Martin Hannig and Lucie Lilienthal
123479: Is There a Privacy Paradox in the Workplace?
Ruth Stock-Homburg and Martin Hannig
123478: Need-solution pair recognition by household sector individuals: Evidence, and a cognitive mechanism explanation
Ruth Stock-Homburg, Shannon Heald, Christian Holthaus, Lennart Gillert and Eric von Hippel
123477: Integrating Home and Work: How the Work Environment Enhances Household-Sector Innovations
Carmen Lukoschek and Ruth Stock-Homburg
123415: Modal shift and logistics integration in intermodal transport networks
J. Monios and R. Elbert
123277: Assimilation and Diffusion of Multi-Sided Platforms in Dynamic B2B Networks: Inhibiting Factors and Their Consequences Downloads
Sören Wallbach
123183: The impact of controllable production rates on the performance of inventory systems: A systematic review of the literature
C. H. Glock and E. H. Grosse
123182: Ökonomisch und ergonomisch optimierte Gestaltung von U-förmigen Kommissionierlagern
H. Diefenbach and C. H. Glock
123174: ZIA-CREM-Studie 2020 - Die Rolle der öffentlichen Hand in der immobilienwirtschaftlichen Transformation deutscher Unternehmen Downloads
Andreas Pfnür
123161: Time Series Analyses of Global Oil Prices: Shocks, Effects and Predictability Downloads
Sebastian Ruths Sion
123138: Wohnungsunternehmen im Interessenkonflikt: Entwicklung eines Stakeholder-orientierten Managementansatzes
Stephanie Heitel
123132: Der Zusammenhang zwischen Immobilieneigentum und der Unternehmensperformance am Kapitalmarkt – Eine empirische Untersuchung anhand deutscher Non-Property Unternehmen
Benjamin Wagner
123131: Transformation of the real estate and construction industry: empirical findings from Germany
Andreas Pfnür and Benjamin Wagner
123005: Sourcingentscheidungen bei Immobilienprojektentwicklungen - Optimierungspotenziale bei der Abwicklung von Neubauprojekten unter Berücksichtigung von lebenszyklusübergreifenden Wertschöpfungspartnerschaften Downloads
Anne Sophia Dörr
122683: Transformation of the real estate and construction industry: empirical findings from Germany
Andreas Pfnür and Benjamin Wagner
122646: User preferences for coworking spaces; a comparison between the Netherlands, Germany and the Czech Republic Downloads
Rianne Appel-Meulenbroek, Minou Weijs-Perrée, Marko Orel, Felix Gauger and Andreas Pfnür
122642: Serviceroboter im Alltag und in der Arbeitswelt
Moritz Merkle and Ruth Stock-Homburg
122639: CHOIVACY – Ein mehrdimensionaler Ansatz zur Bewertung des Privacy-Managements von Unternehmen
Ruth Stock-Homburg and Christian Holthaus
122638: Roboter und KI in der Arbeitswelt – Szenarien, Chancen und Herausforderungen Downloads
Ruth Stock-Homburg and Moritz Merkle
122637: How User Motives and Social Exchange Enhance Quality of User Innovations – an Integrative Perspective
Carmen Lukoschek and Ruth Stock
122616: Zukunftsfähigkeit messen und gestalten mit dem Future Work Navigator Downloads
Ruth Stock-Homburg and Carmen Lukoschek
122615: Can a Service Robot Delight Customers? Investigation of Robotic Innovative Behavior Cues
Ruth Stock and Moritz Merkle
122609: Will Self‐Love Take a Fall? Effects of Top Executives' Positive Self‐Regard on Firm Innovativeness
Ruth Stock, Matthias Groß and Katherine Xin
122608: Containing COVID-19 through physical distancing: the impact of real-time crowding information
Martin Adam, Dominick Werner, Charlotte Wendt and Alexander Benlian
122605: Why Don’t You Join In? A Typology of Information System Certification Adopters
Sebastian Lins, Theresa Kromat, Julian Löbbers, Alexander Benlian and Ali Sunyaev
122604: Perceived input control on digital platforms: a mixed-methods investigation of web-browser platforms
Evgheni Croitor, Martin Adam and Alexander Benlian
122498: Mit Daten modellieren
R. Elbert and T. Sarnow
122400: Einführung von additiven Fertigungsverfahren – Eine Analyse der Supply Chain-bezogenen Entscheidungsfaktoren der Implementierungsentscheidung
R. Elbert, A. Friedrich and E. Schuhmann
122398: Kann ÖPNV auch Güterverkehr? Downloads
R. Elbert and J. Rentschler
122337: Classroom or Pub - Where are Persistent Peer Relationships between University Students Formed?
Thomas Fischer and Johannes Rode
122326: Tax or subsidy? Design and selection of regulatory policies for remanufacturing
Y Zhang, Z Hong, Z Chen and C. H. Glock
122325: A new iterative method for solving the joint dynamic storage location assignment, order batching and picker routing problem in manual picker-to-parts warehouses
Patrick Kübler, C. H. Glock and Thomas Bauernhansl
122255: Berichterstattung zu Forschung und Entwicklung in den Konzernlageberichten der Unternehmen im DAX und MDAX
Reiner Quick, Nicolas Pappert and Julia Meier-Scheuven
122247: Robust spotter scheduling in trailer yards Downloads
Giorgi Tadumadze, Nils Boysen and Simon Emde
121968: Social Nudges as Mitigators in Privacy Choice Environments Downloads
Johannes Klumpe
121967: Wissen und lokale Entscheidungsrationalität. Eine Analyse kommunaler Strategien am Beispiel energetischer Gebäudesanierung in deutschen Großstädten Downloads
Marina Hofmann
121959: Structure, motives, and performance effects of divestitures Downloads
Ludwig Sebastian Erl
121747: Evaluation of the Handshake Turing Test for anthropomorphic Robots Downloads
Ruth Stock-Homburg, J. Peters, K. Schneider, V. Prasad and L. Nukovic
121743: Corporate real estate holdings and the stock market performance
Andreas Pfnür, Julian Seger and Ao Li
121680: ICT-enabled Connectedness: Implications for Sharing Economy and Communication Contexts Downloads
Olga Abramova
121625: Transformation of the real estate and construction industry: empirical findings from Germany
Andreas Pfnür and Benjamin Wagner
121620: Der Erfolg von Mergers & Acquisitions mit afrikanischen Zielunternehmen
Binjam Berhane
121436: Widerstände gegen Agilität: Agiles Change Management als Erfolgsfaktor in Projekten der digitalen Transformation Downloads
Lukas Heidt, Felix Gauger, Benjamin Wagner and Andreas Pfnür
121424: Determinanten bei der Wahl des quartalsweisen Veröffentlichungsformats
M. Berninger
121333: Mehr IT-Sicherheitsgründungen braucht das Land – Eine empirische Untersuchung der Chancen und Risiken für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft
Nihal Islam and Peter Buxmann
121248: Unlashing the Next Wave of Business Models in the Internet of Things Era: New Directions for a Research Agenda based on a Systematic Literature Review
Mirheta Omerovic, Nihal Islam and Peter Buxmann
121209: Designing new models and algorithms to improve order picking operations Downloads
Ivan Žulj
121180: Deal selection and investor value-added in entrepreneurial equity financing: new evidence from venture capital and crowdfunding
Simon Tatomir
121127: Berichterstattung über Compliance-Management-Systeme (CMS) in den Nachhaltigkeitsberichten des HDAX und SDAX - Eine inhaltsanalytische Untersuchung: Branchenunterschiede und Einflüsse von Unternehmenseigenschaften
Reiner Quick and Sanjar Sayar
121083: A Taxonomy of Optimization Factors for Platooning Downloads
Timo Sturm, Christian Krupitzer, Michele Segata and Christian Becker
121028: Reaktionen der Kryptowährungsmärkte auf die COVID-19-Pandemie
D. Häfner, J. He and D. Schiereck
120947: Corporate Incubation: How centralized, employee-focused innovation activities enhance the hosting companies’ innovativeness Downloads
Tobias Kruft
120853: Opening the Black Box: Consumer's Willingness to Pay for Transparency of Intelligent Systems Downloads
Felix Peters, Luisa Pumplun and Peter Buxmann
120852: “Hello, I'm here to help you” – Medical care where it is needed most: Seniors’ acceptance of health chatbots Downloads
Neda Mesbah and Luisa Pumplun
120719: Do bad experiences loom larger than good ones? The role of prior purchase experiences on the effectiveness of IS certifications
Nils Siegfried, Nane Winkler and Alexander Benlian
120718: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Individual Performance: Exploring the Fit between Task, Data, and Technology Downloads
Timo Sturm and Felix Peters
120714: A multi-perspective lens on web assurance seals: contrasting vendors’ intended and consumers’ perceived effects
Julian Löbbers, Sebastian Lins, Theresa Kromat, Alexander Benlian and Ali Sunyaev
120705: Trust-Building Effects of Blockchain Features – An Empirical Analysis of Immutability, Traceability and Anonymity Downloads
Sören Wallbach, Roland Lehner, Konstantin Röthke, Ralf Elbert and Alexander Benlian
120703: The Role of Resistance to Change in Software Updates’ Impact on Information Systems Continuance Downloads
Tillmann Grupp, Sören Wallbach and Evgheni Croitor
120702: Overcoming Shadow Customization by Empowering the Users: The Role of Ad Quantity Customization Downloads
Dominick Werner, Martin Adam, Sebastian Wittor and Alexander Benlian
120680: Stumbling over the Trust Tipping Point – The Effectiveness of Web Seals at Different Levels of Website Trustworthiness Downloads
Martin Adam, Lars Niehage, Sebastian Lins, Alexander Benlian and Ali Sunyaev
120679: Do neighbors help finding a job? Social networks and labor market outcomes after plant closures Downloads
Elke Jahn and Michael Neugart
120678: Perceived Input Control on Digital Platforms: an Empirical Investigation Downloads
Evgheni Croitor and Martin Adam
120675: What Matters Most - A Meta-Analysis of Automated Vehicles Acceptance Studies
Jennifer Wiefel
120617: Tactical network planning and design in multimodal transportation – A systematic literature review Downloads
R. Elbert, J. P. Müller and J. Rentschler
120615: Human factors in production and logistics systems of the future
F. Sgarbossa, E. H. Grosse, W. P. Neumann, D. Battini and C. H. Glock
120609: Exact and heuristic algorithms for scheduling jobs with time windows on unrelated parallel machines Downloads
Giorgi Tadumadze, Simon Emde and Heiko Diefenbach
120604: Verbesserung der Energieeffizienz im Lager durch intelligente Beleuchtungssysteme Downloads
M. Füchtenhans, E. H. Grosse and C. H. Glock
120592: Environmental, social and governance reporting in annual reports: A textual analysis
P. Baier, M. Berninger and F. Kiesel
120574: Simulation-based Analysis of a Load-oriented Driving Ban in Darmstadt
R. Elbert and C. Friedrich
120555: Zahlt sich Datenqualität aus? Downloads
C. H. Glock
120491: Dataflow in maritime transport chains
R. Elbert and F. Walter
120471: Simulationsbasierte Analyse der Transportkosten und -dauern im Kombinierten Straßen-/Schienengüterverkehr und Straßengüterverkehr auf Relationsebene
R. Elbert and J. P. Müller
120243: Market potential of innovative handling technologies in combined transport (MitKV)
R. Elbert, E. Truschkin and L. Seikowsky
120208: Spear Phishing 2.0: Wie automatisierte Angriffe Organisationen vor neue Herausforderungen stellen
Anjuli Franz and Alexander Benlian
120031: Nutzer als treibende Kraft – Projektentwicklung: Veränderte Anforderungen bestimmen die Wertschöpfung von morgen und erfordern ganzheitliche Lösungen
Andreas Pfnür, Benjamin Wagner and Kevin Meyer
119972: Aktivierung eigener Entwicklungskosten und Bilanzpolitik. Eine theoretische und empirische Analyse von HGB-Konzernabschlüssen nicht-kapitalmarktorientierter Unternehmen Downloads
Julian Hahn
119906: Interlinking of seaports and rail-bound hinterland traffic to increase rail transport performance
R. Elbert, F. Walter and H. Pontow
119837: Simulation automatisierter Hinterland-Containerterminals
R. Elbert, C. Friedrich and R. Lehner
119772: Optimal order picker routing in the chevron warehouse Downloads
Makusee Masae, C. H. Glock and Panupong Vichitkunakorn
119771: Arbeitswelten im Wandel: Coworking Spaces Downloads
Felix Gauger, Andreas Pfnür and Jan Skarabi
119699: Accuracy evaluation of two markerless motion capture systems for measurement of upper extremities: Kinect V2 and Captiv Downloads
Tim Steinebach, E. H. Grosse, C. H. Glock, Jurij Wakula and Alexander Lunin
119698: Ein bisschen Schwund ist immer- Wie sich fehlerhafte Daten von Lagerbeständen auf Unternehmen wirtschaftlich auswirken Downloads
C. H. Glock
119600: Industry 4.0 and the Human Factor – A Systems Framework for Successful Development
S. Winkelhaus, E. H. Grosse, W. P. Neumann and C. H. Glock
119476: The Trust-Building Nature of Identity Verification in the Sharing Economy: An Online Experiment
Nils Siegfried, Julian Löbbers and Alexander Benlian
119471: Non-performing loans: determinants - default - divestiture
Florian Manz
119468: Scheduling personnel for the build-up of unit load devices at an air cargo terminal with limited space Downloads
Simon Emde, Hamid Abedinnia, Anne Lange and C. H. Glock
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