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Volume 42, issue 13, 2021

Entrepreneurial learning and strategic foresight pp. 2357-2388 Downloads
Aticus Peterson and Andy Wu
A house divided: Legislative competition and young firm survival in the United States pp. 2389-2419 Downloads
Manav Raj
Follow the smoke: The pollution haven effect on global sourcing pp. 2420-2450 Downloads
Heather Berry, Aseem Kaul and Narae Lee
Competing or complementary labels? Estimating spillovers in Chinese green building certification pp. 2451-2476 Downloads
Xia Li and Timothy Simcoe
Political affinity and investors' response to the acquisition premium in cross‐border M&A transactions — A moderation analysis pp. 2477-2492 Downloads
Christian Fieberg, Kerstin Lopatta, Thomas Tammen and Sebastian A. Tideman
The “butterfly effect” in strategic human capital: Mitigating the endogeneity concern about the relationship between turnover and performance pp. 2493-2510 Downloads
Ithai Stern, Xin Deng, Guoli Chen and Huasheng Gao

Volume 42, issue 12, 2021

Occupational, industry, and geographic exposure to artificial intelligence: A novel dataset and its potential uses pp. 2195-2217 Downloads
Edward Felten, Manav Raj and Robert Seamans
Competing both ways: How combining Porter's low‐cost and focus strategies hurts firm performance pp. 2218-2244 Downloads
Chi‐Hyon Lee, Manuela N. Hoehn‐Weiss and Samina Karim
Leveraging synergies versus resource redeployment: Sales growth and variance in product portfolios of diversified firms pp. 2245-2272 Downloads
Marco S. Giarratana, Martina Pasquini and Juan Santaló
Market exit and the potential for resource redeployment: Evidence from the global retail sector pp. 2273-2293 Downloads
Timo Sohl and Timothy B. Folta
Mapping a sector's scope transformation and the value of following the evolving core pp. 2294-2327 Downloads
Nicola Cetorelli, Michael G. Jacobides and Samuel Stern
Hedge fund investor activism and human capital loss pp. 2328-2354 Downloads
Guoli Chen, Philipp Meyer‐Doyle and Wei Shi

Volume 42, issue 11, 2021

Revisiting Zuckerman's (1999) categorical imperative: An application of epistemic maps for replication pp. 1963-1992 Downloads
Brent Goldfarb and Liyue Yan
Social capital and entrepreneur resilience: Entrepreneur performance during violent protests in Togo pp. 1993-2019 Downloads
Stefan Dimitriadis
The choice of value‐based strategies under rivalry: Whether to enhance value creation or bargaining capabilities pp. 2020-2046 Downloads
Afonso Almeida Costa and Peter Zemsky
Mi Casa Es Tu Casa: Immigrant Entrepreneurs as Pathways to Foreign Venture Capital Investments pp. 2047-2083 Downloads
Sarath Balachandran and Exequiel Hernandez
Anti‐counterfeiting strategy unfolded: A closer look to the case of a large multinational manufacturer pp. 2084-2103 Downloads
Francesco Rullani, Karin Beukel and Matteo De Angelis
Knowledge sources, innovation objectives, and their impact on innovation performance: Quasi‐replication of Leiponen and Helfat (2010) pp. 2104-2136 Downloads
Ravi Srinivasan, Adrian Choo, Sriram Narayanan, Soumodip Sarkar and Antti Tenhiälä
CEO early‐life disaster experience and corporate social performance pp. 2137-2161 Downloads
Don O'Sullivan, Leon Zolotoy and Qingliang Fan
The effects of board expertise‐risk misalignment and subsequent strategic board reconfiguration on firm performance pp. 2162-2191 Downloads
Karen Schnatterly, Felipe Calvano, John P. Berns and Chaoqun Deng

Volume 42, issue 10, 2021

The role of competitive amplification in explaining sustained performance heterogeneity pp. 1769-1792 Downloads
Phebo D. Wibbens
Cleaning house before hosting new guests: A political path dependence model of political connection adaptation in the aftermath of anticorruption shocks pp. 1793-1821 Downloads
Han Jiang, Nan Jia, Tao Bai and Garry D. Bruton
Which patents to use as loan collaterals? The role of newness of patents' external technology linkage pp. 1822-1849 Downloads
Yan Anthea Zhang, Zhuo Emma Chen and Yuandi Wang
Shareholder activism and firms' voluntary disclosure of climate change risks pp. 1850-1879 Downloads
Caroline Flammer, Michael W. Toffel and Kala Viswanathan
Be careful what you wish for: CEO and analyst firm performance attributions and CEO dismissal pp. 1880-1908 Downloads
Sun Hyun Park, Sung Hun (Brian) Chung and Nandini Rajagopalan
Board design and governance failures at peer firms pp. 1909-1938 Downloads
Shelby L. Gai, J. Yo‐Jud Cheng and Andy Wu
Examining investor reactions to appointments of Black top management executives and CEOs pp. 1939-1959 Downloads
David M. Gligor, Millorad Novicevic, Javad Feizabadi and Andrew Stapleton

Volume 42, issue 9, 2021

The origins of time compression diseconomies pp. 1573-1599 Downloads
Kannan Srikanth, Jaideep Anand and Mihaela Stan
The Janus face of artificial intelligence feedback: Deployment versus disclosure effects on employee performance pp. 1600-1631 Downloads
Siliang Tong, Nan Jia, Xueming Luo and Zheng Fang
Using machine learning to revisit the diversification–performance relationship pp. 1632-1661 Downloads
Jaeho Choi, Anoop Menon and Haris Tabakovic
Corporate directors' implicit theories of the roles and duties of boards pp. 1662-1695 Downloads
Steven Boivie, Michael C. Withers, Scott D. Graffin and Kevin G. Corley
The role of procedural rationality in debiasing acquisition decisions of overconfident CEOs pp. 1696-1715 Downloads
Stevo Pavićević and Thomas Keil
Retaining problems or solutions? The post‐acquisition performance implications of director retention pp. 1716-1733 Downloads
Robert J. Campbell, John R. Busenbark, Scott D. Graffin and Steven Boivie
Giving a little to many or a lot to a few? The returns to variety in corporate philanthropy pp. 1734-1764 Downloads
Haram Seo, Jiao Luo and Aseem Kaul

Volume 42, issue 8, 2021

Do R&D investments in weak IPR countries destroy market value? The role of internal linkages pp. 1401-1431 Downloads
Rene Belderbos, Jinhyuck (Joseph) Park and Martin Carree
Back to the future: The effect of returning family successions on firm performance pp. 1432-1458 Downloads
Mario Daniele Amore, Morten Bennedsen, Isabelle Le Breton‐Miller and Danny Miller
David overshadows Goliath: Specializing in generality for internationalization in the global mobile money industry pp. 1459-1489 Downloads
Audra Wormald, Rajshree Agarwal, Serguey Braguinsky and Sonali K. Shah
Quantum leaps or baby steps? Expertise distance, construal level, and the propensity to invest in novel technological ideas pp. 1490-1515 Downloads
Matthew P. Mount, Markus Baer and Matthew J. Lupoli
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush: Technology search strategies and competition due to import penetration pp. 1516-1544 Downloads
Raffaele Morandi Stagni, Andrea Fosfuri and Juan Santalo
A storm is brewing: Antecedents of disaster preparation in risk prone locations pp. 1545-1570 Downloads
Jennifer Oetzel and Chang Hoon Oh

Volume 42, issue 7, 2021

The geography of female small business survivorship: Examining the roles of proportional representation and stakeholders pp. 1247-1274 Downloads
Arturs Kalnins and Michele Williams
Strategic management during the financial crisis: How firms adjust their strategic investments in response to credit market disruptions pp. 1275-1298 Downloads
Caroline Flammer and Ioannis Ioannou
On the origin of technological acquisition strategy: The interaction between organizational plasticity and environmental munificence pp. 1299-1325 Downloads
Luis A. Rios
Does nepotism run in the family? CEO pay and pay‐performance sensitivity in Indian family firms pp. 1326-1343 Downloads
Guoli Chen, Raveendra Chittoor and Balagopal Vissa
Is the division of labor limited by the extent of the market? Opportunity cost theory with evidence from the real estate brokerage industry pp. 1344-1378 Downloads
Gianluigi Giustiziero
Experience base, strategy‐by‐doing and new product performance pp. 1379-1398 Downloads
Liang Chen, Mengmeng Wang, Lin Cui and Sali Li

Volume 42, issue 6, 2021

It did not work? Unlearn and try again—Unlearning success and failure beliefs in changing environments pp. 1057-1082 Downloads
Dirk Martignoni and Thomas Keil
Standing out from the crowd: Dedicated institutional investors and strategy uniqueness pp. 1083-1108 Downloads
Jana Oehmichen, Sebastian Firk, Michael Wolff and Franz Maybuechen
Reputations in flux: How a firm defends its multiple reputations in response to different violations pp. 1109-1138 Downloads
Jonathan Bundy, Farhan Iqbal and Michael D Pfarrer
Reexamining investor reaction to covert corporate political activity: A replication and extension of Werner (2017) pp. 1139-1158 Downloads
Ishva Minefee, Mary‐Hunter McDonnell and Timothy Werner
Organizing for innovation: A contingency view on innovative team configuration pp. 1159-1183 Downloads
Keyvan Vakili and Sarah Kaplan
Generalist versus specialist CEOs and acquisitions: Two‐sided matching and the impact of CEO characteristics on firm outcomes pp. 1184-1214 Downloads
Guoli Chen, Sterling Huang, Philipp Meyer‐Doyle and Denisa Mindruta
Engineering serendipity: When does knowledge sharing lead to knowledge production? pp. 1215-1244 Downloads
Jacqueline N. Lane, Ina Ganguli, Patrick Gaule, Eva Guinan and Karim R. Lakhani

Volume 42, issue 5, 2021

What makes dynamic strategic problems difficult? Evidence from an experimental study pp. 865-897 Downloads
Hazhir Rahmandad, Jerker Denrell and Drazen Prelec
Technological choices under uncertainty: Does organizational aspiration matter? pp. 898-916 Downloads
John Qi Dong
When the weak are mighty: A two‐sided matching approach to alliance performance pp. 917-940 Downloads
Darcy K. Fudge Kamal, Florence Honoré and Cristina Nistor
Platform governance and the rural–urban divide: Sellers' responses to design change pp. 941-967 Downloads
Wesley W. Koo and Charles E. Eesley
A database of CEO turnover and dismissal in S&P 1500 firms, 2000–2018 pp. 968-991 Downloads
Richard J. Gentry, Joseph S. Harrison, Timothy J. Quigley and Steven Boivie
Categories, attention, and the impact of inventions pp. 992-1023 Downloads
Balázs Kovács, Gianluca Carnabuci and Filippo Carlo Wezel
Information disclosure and the market for acquiring technology companies pp. 1024-1053 Downloads
George Chondrakis, Carlos J. Serrano and Rosemarie H. Ziedonis

Volume 42, issue 4, 2021

Work‐from‐anywhere: The productivity effects of geographic flexibility pp. 655-683 Downloads
Prithwiraj (Raj) Choudhury, Cirrus Foroughi and Barbara Larson
Homing and platform responses to entry: Historical evidence from the U.S. newspaper industry pp. 684-709 Downloads
Kyeonggook Francis Park, Robert Seamans and Feng Zhu
The evolution of cooperation in the face of conflict: Evidence from the innovation ecosystem for mobile telecom standards development pp. 710-740 Downloads
Stephen L. Jones, Aija Leiponen and Gurneeta Vasudeva
From necessity to opportunity: Scaling bricolage across resource‐constrained environments pp. 741-773 Downloads
Christian Busch and Harry Barkema
Better to have led and lost than never to have led at all? Lost leadership and effort provision in dynamic tournaments pp. 774-801 Downloads
Cédric Gutierrez, Tomasz Obloj and Douglas H. Frank
Basking in reflected glory: Reverse status transfer from foreign to home markets pp. 802-832 Downloads
Heewon Chae, Jaeyong Song and Donald Lange
Do university entrepreneurship programs promote entrepreneurship? pp. 833-861 Downloads
Charles E. Eesley and Yong Suk Lee

Volume 42, issue 3, 2021

Information frictions and entrepreneurship pp. 491-528 Downloads
Deepak Hegde and Justin Tumlinson
Out of character: CEO political ideology, peer influence, and adoption of CSR executive position by Fortune 500 firms pp. 529-557 Downloads
Abhinav Gupta, Anna Fung and Chad Murphy
CEO emotions and firm valuation in initial coin offerings: An artificial emotional intelligence approach pp. 558-578 Downloads
Paul P. Momtaz
Bad news for announcers, good news for rivals: Are rivals fully seizing transition‐period opportunities following announcers' top management turnovers? pp. 579-607 Downloads
Cord H. Burchard, Juliane Proelss, Utz Schäffer and Denis Schweizer
Using the SHAPLEY value approach to variance decomposition in strategy research: Diversification, internationalization, and corporate group effects on affiliate profitability pp. 608-623 Downloads
Dmitry Sharapov, Paul Kattuman, Diego Rodriguez and F. Javier Velazquez
Structural power, corporate strategy, and performance pp. 624-651 Downloads
David H. Zhu and James D. Westphal

Volume 42, issue 2, 2021

Platform diffusion at temporary gatherings: Social coordination and ecosystem emergence pp. 233-272 Downloads
Tommy Pan Fang, Andy Wu and David R. Clough
Avoid, acquiesce … or engage? New insights from sub‐Saharan Africa on MNE strategies for managing corruption pp. 273-301 Downloads
Charles E. Stevens and Aloysius Newenham‐Kahindi
Ownership competence pp. 302-328 Downloads
Nicolai J. Foss, Peter G. Klein, Lasse B. Lien, Thomas Zellweger and Todd Zenger
Analytic models in strategy, organizations, and management research: A guide for consumers pp. 329-360 Downloads
Douglas P. Hannah, Ron Tidhar and Kathleen M. Eisenhardt
Exploration and exploitation in complex search tasks: How feedback influences whether and where human agents search pp. 361-385 Downloads
Stephan Billinger, Kannan Srikanth, Nils Stieglitz and Terry R. Schumacher
Charting a path between firm‐specific incentives and human capital‐based competitive advantage pp. 386-412 Downloads
David Kryscynski, Russ Coff and Benjamin Campbell
Economizing and strategizing: How coalitions and transaction costs shape value creation and appropriation pp. 413-434 Downloads
Christian G. Asmussen, Kirsten Foss, Nicolai J. Foss and Peter G. Klein
Optimal distinctiveness in platform markets: Leveraging complementors as legitimacy buffers pp. 435-461 Downloads
Karl Taeuscher and Hannes Rothe
Being extraordinary: How CEOS' uncommon names explain strategic distinctiveness pp. 462-488 Downloads
Yungu Kang, David H. Zhu and Yan Anthea Zhang

Volume 42, issue 1, 2021

Innovation, short‐termism, and the cost of strong corporate governance pp. 3-29 Downloads
D. Daniel Keum
Machine learning for pattern discovery in management research pp. 30-57 Downloads
Prithwiraj Choudhury, Ryan T. Allen and Michael G. Endres
How media coverage of corporate social responsibility and irresponsibility influences cross‐border acquisitions pp. 58-83 Downloads
Olga Hawn
The liabilities of foreign institutional ownership: Managing political dependence through corporate political spending pp. 84-113 Downloads
Wei Shi, Cheng Gao and Ruth V. Aguilera
The corporate parenting advantage, revisited pp. 114-143 Downloads
Emilie R. Feldman
The strategic allocation of inventors to R&D collaborations pp. 144-169 Downloads
Neus Palomeras and David Wehrheim
The crisis‐response match: An empirical investigation pp. 170-184 Downloads
Sascha Raithel and Stefan J. Hock
Signaling a successor? A theoretical and empirical analysis of the executive compensation‐chief executive officer succession relationship pp. 185-201 Downloads
Spenser M. Essman, Donald J. Schepker, Anthony J. Nyberg and Caitlin Ray
Risk management and corporate social responsibility pp. 202-230 Downloads
Sol Kim, Geul Lee and Hyoung‐Goo Kang
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