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Volume 44, issue 13, 2023

Missed chances and unfulfilled hopes: Why do firms make errors in evaluating technological opportunities? pp. 3067-3097 Downloads
Amit Kumar and Elisa Operti
Cashing in on the culture wars? CEO activism, wokewashing, and firm value pp. 3098-3121 Downloads
Gaia Melloni, Andrea Patacconi and Nick Vikander
Network advantage: Uncontested structural holes and organizational performance in market crises pp. 3122-3154 Downloads
Andrew Shipilov, Stan X. Li, Matthew S. Bothner and Nghi Truong
The growth of hierarchy in organizations: Managing knowledge scope pp. 3155-3184 Downloads
Megan Lawrence and Christopher Poliquin
Different people, different pathways: Human capital redeployment in multi‐business firms pp. 3185-3216 Downloads
Christopher Albert Sabel and Amir Sasson
CSR decoupling within business groups and the risk of perceived greenwashing pp. 3217-3251 Downloads
Joel Bothello, Ioannis Ioannou, Vlad‐Andrei Porumb and Yasemin Zengin‐Karaibrahimoglu
The half‐life of political capital: An examination of the temporal effects of board political connections pp. 3252-3288 Downloads
Ashton Hawk, Debtanu Lahiri and Gonçalo Pacheco‐ de‐Almeida
The octopus that shrank: A historical analysis of how multinationals address policy and contractual uncertainty in a global value chain pp. 3289-3323 Downloads
Marcelo Bucheli, Luciano Ciravegna and Luis Felipe Sáenz

Volume 44, issue 12, 2023

Effect of organizational status on employment‐related corporate social responsibility: Evidence from a regression discontinuity approach pp. 2833-2857 Downloads
Tanya Y. Tian, Brayden G King and Edward B. Smith
Discovery, discernment, and exploitation: Entrepreneurial mechanisms at the nexus of individual and opportunity pp. 2858-2887 Downloads
Moshe A. Barach and Christopher I. Rider
Managing risk in corporate groups: Limited liability, asset partitioning, and risk compartmentalization pp. 2888-2921 Downloads
Sharon Belenzon, Honggi Lee and Andrea Patacconi
The theory‐based view: Entrepreneurial microfoundations, resources, and choices pp. 2922-2949 Downloads
Robert Wuebker, Todd Zenger and Teppo Felin
Giant cluster formation and integrating role of bridges in social diffusion pp. 2950-2985 Downloads
Sungyong Chang, Jeho Lee and Jaeyong Song
Disentangling the corporate effect on subsidiary performance pp. 2986-3011 Downloads
Daniel S. Andrews, Stav Fainshmidt, Markus Fitza and Sumit Kundu
Shifting perspectives: How scrutiny shapes the relationship between CEO gender and acquisition activity pp. 3012-3041 Downloads
Daniel L. Gamache, Cynthia E. Devers, Felice B. Klein and Timothy Hannigan
Scaling nonhierarchically: A theory of conflict‐free organizational growth with limited hierarchical growth pp. 3042-3064 Downloads
Eucman Lee, Ekin Ilseven and Phanish Puranam

Volume 44, issue 11, 2023

Building a bridge to the future: Prospective legitimation in nascent markets pp. 2597-2633 Downloads
Derek Harmon, Eunice Rhee and Yun Ha Cho
Board experiential diversity and corporate radical innovation pp. 2634-2657 Downloads
Aurora Genin, Wenting Ma, Vineet Bhagwat and Gennaro Bernile
Bad medicine: Litigation, competition, and the marketing of prescription opioids pp. 2658-2687 Downloads
David Tan and Nicole V. West
Light‐touch integration: A study on cross‐border acquisitions by emerging market multinationals pp. 2688-2723 Downloads
Lisa Tang and Minyuan Zhao
Training with AI: Evidence from chess computers pp. 2724-2750 Downloads
Fabian Gaessler and Henning Piezunka
Information voids and cross‐border bandwagons of foreign direct investment into an emerging economy pp. 2751-2782 Downloads
Jing Yu Yang, Minyoung Kim, Jiatao Li and Jane Wenzhen Lu
Governing crowdsourcing for unconstrained innovation problems pp. 2783-2817 Downloads
Michael A. Zaggl, Arvind Malhotra, Oliver Alexy and Ann Majchrzak
Can powerful allies protect the CEO against performance declines? The role of the CEO's subgroup power in CEO dismissal pp. 2818-2830 Downloads
Jihae You, Taekjin Shin and Yunhyung Chung

Volume 44, issue 10, 2023

Finding the right path to the top: How past interorganizational moves impact executive selection outcomes pp. 2341-2376 Downloads
Shinjae Won and Matthew Bidwell
Who gains and who loses from more information in technology markets? Evidence from the Sunshine Act pp. 2377-2412 Downloads
Huiyan Zhang, Lee Branstetter, Raffaele Conti and Samir Mamadehussene
Knowledge seeking and anonymity in digital work settings pp. 2413-2442 Downloads
Maren Mickeler, Pooyan Khashabi, Marco Kleine and Tobias Kretschmer
Blinded by the person? Experimental evidence from idea evaluation pp. 2443-2459 Downloads
Linus Dahlander, Arne Thomas, Martin W. Wallin and Rebecka C. Ångström
Incidence and performance of spinouts and incumbent new establishments: Role of selection and redeployability within parent firms pp. 2460-2488 Downloads
Natarajan Balasubramanian and Mariko Sakakibara
The disparate economic outcomes of stigma: Evidence from the arms industry pp. 2489-2533 Downloads
Mohamad Sadri, Alessandro Piazza, Kam Phung and Wesley Helms
When opportunity meets ability: The moderating effects of prolific inventors on novel drug innovation following product development failure in biotechnology pp. 2534-2565 Downloads
Daniel Tzabbar, Amrita Lahiri, Donghwi Josh Seo and Warren Boeker
More effective solutions? Senior managers and non‐routine problem solving pp. 2566-2593 Downloads
Benoit Decreton, Esther Tippmann, Phillip C. Nell and Andrew Parker

Volume 44, issue 8, 2023

Task bottlenecks and resource bottlenecks: A holistic examination of task systems through an organization design lens pp. 1839-1878 Downloads
Samina Karim, Chi‐Hyon Lee and Manuela N. Hoehn‐Weiss
Growing platforms within platforms: How platforms manage the adoption of complementor products in the presence of network effects? pp. 1879-1910 Downloads
Shiva Agarwal, Cameron D. Miller and Martin Ganco
Navigating windows of opportunity: The role of international experience pp. 1911-1938 Downloads
Elisabet Garrido, Claudio Giachetti and Juan P. Maicas
Disentangling the role of the institutional environment in the ownership competence framework: A comment on Foss et al. (2021) pp. 1939-1954 Downloads
Guilherme Fowler A. Monteiro and Bruno Varella Miranda
Ownership competence: The enabling and constraining role of institutions pp. 1955-1964 Downloads
Nicolai J. Foss, Peter G. Klein, Lasse B. Lien, Thomas Zellweger and Todd Zenger
Weathering a demand shock: The impact of prior vertical scope on post‐shock firm response pp. 1965-2004 Downloads
Najoung Lim, Seojin Kim and Rajshree Agarwal
Salary transparency and gender pay inequality: Evidence from Canadian universities pp. 2005-2034 Downloads
Elizabeth Lyons and Laurina Zhang
Who depends on why: Toward an endogenous, purpose‐driven mechanism in organizations' reference selection pp. 2035-2059 Downloads
Johannes Luger
Are seed accelerators status springboards for startups? Or sand traps? pp. 2060-2096 Downloads
Benjamin L. Hallen, Susan L. Cohen and Sung Ho Park

Volume 44, issue 7, 2023

Diverse knowledge exploration and diffusion in MNCs pp. 1589-1615 Downloads
Heather Berry
Two faces of decomposability in organizational search: Evidence from singles versus albums in the music industry 1995–2015 pp. 1616-1652 Downloads
Sungyong Chang
Pioneering digital platform ecosystems: The role of aligned capabilities and motives in shaping key choices and performance outcomes pp. 1653-1697 Downloads
Audra Wormald, Sonali K. Shah, Serguey Braguinsky and Rajshree Agarwal
Director departure following political ideology (in)congruence with an incoming CEO pp. 1698-1732 Downloads
John R. Busenbark, Jonathan Bundy and M.K. Chin
How do investors really react to the appointment of Black CEOs? pp. 1733-1752 Downloads
Seung‐Hwan Jeong, Ann Mooney, Yangyang Zhang and Timothy J. Quigley
The dynamics of related diversification: Evidence from the health insurance industry following the Affordable Care Act pp. 1753-1779 Downloads
Yue Maggie Zhou, Weikun Yang and Sendil Ethiraj
Using supervised machine learning to scale human‐coded data: A method and dataset in the board leadership context pp. 1780-1802 Downloads
Joseph S. Harrison, Matthew A. Josefy, Matias Kalm and Ryan Krause
Meta‐analysis of the corporate planning–organizational performance relationship: A research note pp. 1803-1819 Downloads
Peter Maik Hamann, Oliver Halw and Thomas W. Guenther
Does CEO emotion matter? CEO affectivity and corporate social responsibility pp. 1820-1835 Downloads
Linlin Wang, Ya Lin, Wan Jiang, Haibin Yang and Huazhong Zhao

Volume 44, issue 6, 2023

Renewing the resource‐based view: New contexts, new concepts, and new methods pp. 1357-1390 Downloads
Constance E. Helfat, Aseem Kaul, David J. Ketchen, Jay B. Barney, Olivier Chatain and Harbir Singh
Hyperspecialization and hyperscaling: A resource‐based theory of the digital firm pp. 1391-1424 Downloads
Gianluigi Giustiziero, Tobias Kretschmer, Deepak Somaya and Brian Wu
Artificial intelligence and the changing sources of competitive advantage pp. 1425-1452 Downloads
Sebastian Krakowski, Johannes Luger and Sebastian Raisch
Unpacking the “O” in VRIO: The role of workflow interdependence in the loss and replacement of strategic human capital pp. 1453-1487 Downloads
Jongsoo Kim and Richard Makadok
Value, rent, and profit: A stakeholder resource‐based theory pp. 1488-1513 Downloads
J. W. Stoelhorst
Resource origins and search pp. 1514-1533 Downloads
Teppo Felin, Stuart Kauffman and Todd Zenger
Strategic resource decay pp. 1534-1561 Downloads
Reha Karadag and Laura Poppo
A formal framework for the RBV: Resource dynamics as a Markov process pp. 1562-1586 Downloads
Phebo D. Wibbens

Volume 44, issue 5, 2023

Differentiation in microenterprises pp. 1141-1167 Downloads
Natalie A. Carlson
Perceptions of political Self‐Dealing? An empirical investigation of market returns surrounding the disclosure of politician stock purchases pp. 1168-1198 Downloads
Mirzokhidjon Abdurakhmonov, Roary E. Snider, Jason W. Ridge and Dinesh Hasija
Corporate social counterpositioning: How attributes of social issues influence competitive response pp. 1199-1217 Downloads
Aharon Mohliver, Donal Crilly and Aseem Kaul
Cascading innovation: R&D team design and performance implications of mobility pp. 1218-1253 Downloads
Melody H. Chang
A rivalry‐based theory of gender diversity pp. 1254-1291 Downloads
John Kenneth Mawdsley, Lionel Paolella and Rodolphe Durand
Hitting reset: Industry evolution, generational technology cycles, and the dynamic value of firm experience pp. 1292-1327 Downloads
Hakan Ozalp, J.P. Eggers and Franco Malerba
Do employees' views matter in corporate governance? The relationship between employee approval and CEO dismissal pp. 1328-1354 Downloads
Danni Wang, Qi Zhu, Bruce J. Avolio, Wei Shen and David Waldman

Volume 44, issue 4, 2023

Managing ecosystem emergence and evolution: Strategies for ecosystem architects pp. O1-O27 Downloads
Jarryd Daymond, Eric Knight, Maria Rumyantseva and Steven Maguire
Trade‐offs to using standardized tools: Innovation enablers or creativity constraints? pp. 909-942 Downloads
Milan Miric, Hakan Ozalp and Erdem Dogukan Yilmaz
Innovation and profitability following antitrust intervention against a dominant platform: The wild, wild west? pp. 943-976 Downloads
Sruthi Thatchenkery and Riitta Katila
When stronger patent law reduces patenting: Empirical evidence pp. 977-1012 Downloads
Yun Hou, I.P.L. Png and Xi Xiong
Divestment of relational assets following acquisitions: Evidence from the biopharmaceutical industry pp. 1013-1052 Downloads
Vivek Tandon, Navid Asgari and Ram Ranganathan
Stronger together: Country‐of‐origin agglomeration and multinational enterprise location choice in an adverse institutional environment pp. 1053-1083 Downloads
Yong Li, Jing Li, Peng Zhang and Sunhwan Gwon
A cognitive perspective on real options investment: CEO overconfidence pp. 1084-1110 Downloads
Joon Mahn Lee, Jung Chul Park and Guoli Chen
The “CEO in context” technique revisited: A replication and extension of Hambrick and Quigley (2014) pp. 1111-1138 Downloads
Tobias Keller, Martin Glaum, Andreas Bausch and Thorsten Bunz

Volume 44, issue 3, 2023

Does imitation increase or decrease demand for an original product? Understanding the opposing effects of discovery and substitution pp. 639-671 Downloads
Erdem Dogukan Yilmaz, Ivana Naumovska and Milan Miric
The effects of CEO activism: Partisan consumer behavior and its duration pp. 672-703 Downloads
Young Hou and Christopher W. Poliquin
Peering into a crystal ball: Forecasting behavior and industry foresight pp. 704-736 Downloads
Rahul Kapoor and Daniel Wilde
Going beyond optimal distinctiveness: Strategic positioning for gaining an audience composition premium pp. 737-777 Downloads
Majid Majzoubi and Eric Yanfei Zhao
Collaborations that hurt firm performance but help employees’ careers pp. 778-811 Downloads
Henning Piezunka and Thorsten Grohsjean
Precarious situations: A prelude to hiring more hubristic chief executive officers pp. 812-828 Downloads
Aaron D. Hill, Tessa Recendes and Yuting Yang
The future of the web? The coordination and early‐stage growth of decentralized platforms pp. 829-857 Downloads
Ying‐Ying Hsieh and Jean‐Philippe Vergne
Revisiting managerial “style”: The replicability and falsifiability of manager fixed effects for firm policies pp. 858-886 Downloads
Victor Esteban Jarosiewicz and David Gaddis Ross
Academic stars and licensing experience in university technology commercialization pp. 887-905 Downloads
David H. Hsu and Jeffrey M. Kuhn

Volume 44, issue 2, 2023

Managerial political power and the reallocation of resources in the internal capital market pp. 369-414 Downloads
Dongil Daniel Keum
Standing on the parent's shoulder or in its shadow? Alliance partner overlap between employee spinouts and their parents pp. 415-440 Downloads
Shweta Gaonkar and Mahka Moeen
Online communities on competing platforms: Evidence from game wikis pp. 441-476 Downloads
Johannes Loh and Tobias Kretschmer
Changes in industry and corporate effects in the United States, 1978–2019 pp. 477-490 Downloads
Ming zhu Wang
Using supervised machine learning for large‐scale classification in management research: The case for identifying artificial intelligence patents pp. 491-519 Downloads
Milan Miric, Nan Jia and Kenneth G. Huang
Dynamic capabilities and governance: An empirical investigation of financial performance of the higher education sector pp. 520-548 Downloads
Sohvi Heaton, David Teece and Eugene Agronin
Do ambitious entrepreneurs benefit more from training? pp. 549-575 Downloads
Reddi Kotha, Balagopal (Bala) Vissa, Yimin Lin and Anne‐Valérie Corboz
The option value in complements within platform‐based ecosystems pp. 576-609 Downloads
Puay Khoon Toh and Shiva Agarwal
Multi‐project work and project performance: Friends or foes? pp. 610-636 Downloads
Anatoli Colicev, Tuuli Hakkarainen and Torben Pedersen

Volume 44, issue 1, 2023

Empirical inquiry without hypotheses: A question‐driven, phenomenon‐based approach to strategic management research pp. 3-10 Downloads
Melissa E. Graebner, Anne Marie Knott, Marvin B. Lieberman and Will Mitchell
Entry diversion: Deterrence by diverting submarket entry pp. 11-47 Downloads
Bilgehan Uzunca and Bruno Cassiman
The firm as an architect of polycentric governance: Building open institutional infrastructure in emerging markets pp. 48-85 Downloads
Aline Gatignon and Laurence Capron
The entrepreneurial process: Evidence from a nationally representative survey pp. 86-116 Downloads
Victor M. Bennett and Aaron K. Chatterji
The risk of being ranked: Investor response to marginal inclusion on the 100 Best Corporate Citizens list pp. 117-140 Downloads
Ben W. Lewis and W. Chad Carlos
Entrepreneurial teams' acquisition of talent: Evidence from technology manufacturing industries using a two‐sided approach pp. 141-170 Downloads
Florence Honoré and Martin Ganco
The performance effects of creative imitation on original products: Evidence from lab and field experiments pp. 171-196 Downloads
Liangyan Wang, Brian Wu, Cornelia Pechmann and Yitong Wang
What is a pivot? Explaining when and how entrepreneurial firms decide to make strategic change and pivot pp. 197-230 Downloads
Jacqueline Kirtley and Siobhan O'Mahony
Are U.S. firms becoming more short‐term oriented? Evidence of shifting firm time horizons from implied discount rates, 1980–2013 pp. 231-263 Downloads
Rachelle C. Sampson and Yuan Shi
Changing the channel: Digitization and the rise of “middle tail” strategies pp. 264-287 Downloads
Mary J. Benner and Joel Waldfogel
Bad bets: Nonlinear incentives, risk, and performance pp. 288-310 Downloads
Rui J. P. de Figueiredo, Evan Rawley and Orie Shelef
Whom should a leader imitate? Using rivalry‐based imitation to manage strategic risk in changing environments pp. 311-342 Downloads
Dmitry Sharapov and Jan‐Michael Ross
The effects of strategy and institutions on value creation and appropriation in firms: A longitudinal study of three telecom companies pp. 343-366 Downloads
Philipp Kern and Howard Gospel
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