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Volume XXIII, issue 2, 2023

Oil and Gas Production, Exports and Imports as Critical Business Internationalization Operations for companies in Globalization: An Analytical Approach pp. 2-11 Downloads
Anis Benabed
Multinational Companies as a Business Internationalization Driving Strategy: Implications for Competitive Advantage and Business Values pp. 12-19 Downloads
Anis Benabed
Advancing Sustainable Development: The Role of European Environmental Law in Regional Integration and Globalization pp. 20-27 Downloads
Florica Brasoveanu
Transparency and Public Participation in EU Environmental Decisionmaking: Strengthening Global Governance and Regional Cooperation pp. 28-35 Downloads
Florica Brasoveanu
Methods of Measuring and Analyzing Inflation and Its Effect on Economic Growth pp. 36-45 Downloads
Irina-Stefana Cibotariu
Internal Control Tools to Strengthen the Fight Against Fraud in the European Union pp. 46-52 Downloads
Irina-Stefana Cibotariu
Strategies for Implementing Sustainability in Entrepreneurial Businesses pp. 53-60 Downloads
Claudia Ramona Ciocnitu (Stoiconi)
Local Development through Collaborative Action: A Study on the Central Dobrogea Local Action Group (GAL-DC) and its Project-Based Associative Framework pp. 61-71 Downloads
Elena Condrea, Stefania-Rodica Hubel (Anghel) and Mari-Isabella Stan
The Hidden Mechanisms and Impact of International Economic Crime: A Bibliometric Perspective pp. 72-79 Downloads
Oana-Iulia Florea, Kamer-Ainur Aivaz and Diane-Paula Vancea
Economic Challenges on Motherhood and Womanhood and the Issue of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in the South African Society pp. 80-89 Downloads
Fazel Ebrihiam Freeks, Dikeledi Jacobeth Warlimont and Pius-Shaun Warlimont
Enhancing Governance and Public Administration Reform in BRICS Countries: Challenges and Opportunities pp. 90-96 Downloads
Gideon Simon Ghajiga, Dikeledi Jacobeth Warlimont and Lavinia Eugenia Nadrag
Innovation at the Global Level: An Analysis of the Global Innovation Index in the Period 2021-2023 pp. 97-104 Downloads
Catalin Gradinaru, Sorin-George Toma and Andra Modreanu
Inflation Dynamics in Post-Independence Rwanda pp. 105-116 Downloads
Deogratius W.H. Kimolo, Nicholas M. Odhiambo and Sheilla Nyasha
Integrating Ecotourism into Regional Development: A Study on Natura 2000 Sites in the North-East Region of Romania pp. 117-127 Downloads
Irina Teodora Manolescu, Mihai Talmaciu and Mioara Mihaila
Immediate Geopolitical and Economic Considerations on the IsraelHamas Conflict in the First Two Weeks since 7 October 2023 pp. 128-135 Downloads
Bogdan Munteanu
Eco-Innovation – Pioneer of the Green Economy in the Development of the Entrepreneurial Environment. Study Case: Eco-Innovation Performance across Post-Socialist Countries in Europe pp. 136-144 Downloads
Maria Orhean Vranceanu, Ancuta Lucaci and Carmen Eugenia Nastase
Enhancing International Public-Private Partnerships by Entering New Markets like Asia and Africa pp. 145-153 Downloads
Cristina Iuliana Petrovan (Maranda)
A Demographic Exploration of Associative Entities in the Local Action Group pp. 154-163 Downloads
Anca Cristina Stanciu, Stefania-Rodica Hubel (Anghel) and Mari-Isabella Stan
ISO 37001 - A Global Anti Bribery Standard pp. 164-169 Downloads
Anca Cristina Stanciu and Valentina Irena Tudoran (Niculiță)
The Impact of Tax Avoidance in the European Union pp. 170-174 Downloads
Laurentiu-Mihai Tanase, Maxim Cetulean and Norina Popovici
The Evolution of the World Motor Vehicle Production in the Period 2018-2022 pp. 175-179 Downloads
Sorin-George Toma
Action Nominalizations in Business English: A Corpus Study pp. 181-189 Downloads
Camelia Bejan
Developing Speaking Skills through Debates. Case Study Proposal in Business English pp. 190-197 Downloads
Alina Buzarna-Tihenea (Galbeaza)
The Social Impact of Digital Transformation at the European Level pp. 198-202 Downloads
Maxim Cetulean, Laurentiu-Mihai Tanase and Norina Popovici
Landmarks in A. C. Cuza’s Economic Thinking pp. 203-208 Downloads
Sorinel Cosma
Ion Ionescu de la Brad’s Economic and Social Thinking pp. 209-213 Downloads
Sorinel Cosma
Energy Efficiency Financing, an Opportunity to Reduce Energy Poverty in the South-East Region of Romania pp. 214-222 Downloads
Doru Claudiu Damean and Diana Joita
The Use of EI (Emotional Intelligence) in Crisis Management: The Relevance of Keynes' Thinking for the Post-Capitalist Society pp. 223-231 Downloads
Mihaiela Eugenia David
The Impact of the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict on Romania's Economy pp. 232-236 Downloads
Ioana Raluca Diaconu and Bogdan Andrei Tiliuta
Analysis of the Employed Population Evolution and of the Gross Domestic Product in Services, in the Western Region of Romania pp. 237-246 Downloads
Liliana Gherghina
Reaching Destinations Through Virtual Tourism – The Case of Romania pp. 247-257 Downloads
Ioana Gutu and Romeo Asiminei
The Connection between Business Ethics and the Organizational Culture pp. 258-266 Downloads
Florina (Mihai) Leta
Uncovering the Attractiveness of the Romanian Market: A Data-Driven Approach pp. 267-276 Downloads
Daniel Lipara and Marian Ionel
New Challenges of Financial Communication in the Context of Sustainability Standards pp. 277-281 Downloads
Georgiana Maria Lungu, Costin Daniel Avram and Luminita Popescu
Digital Transformation of Agriculture in Romania: A Change Management Perspective pp. 282-291 Downloads
Paul Stefan Markovits
The World Electricity Production and the Current Global Energy Crisis in Brief pp. 292-299 Downloads
Daniela-Melania Mihai and Smaranda-Nicoleta-Cristina Toma
Pupils Left Behind? An Analysis on the Data from National Evaluation Exams in Romania 2023 pp. 300-306 Downloads
Andreea Mirica, Adina Neamtu and Irina-Elena Stoica
Civil Service Reform – Expectations Related to the Implementation of The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) pp. 307-315 Downloads
Alunica Morariu
Phasing of the Contest for the Occupation of Public Office, a Solution to Increasing Competition and Transparency in the Process of Recruiting Candidates pp. 316-325 Downloads
Alunica Morariu
The Dark Side of Digitalisation: Wealthier but Unhappier pp. 326-334 Downloads
Aurora Murgea
Digitalisation and Happiness in the European Union pp. 335-342 Downloads
Aurora Murgea
The Potential of Introducing Heat Pumps (HP) and Thermal Energy Storage for the Crucea Commune, Constanta, Romania Systems in Order to Enable the Decarbonization in Romania pp. 343-353 Downloads
Stere Stamule, Marian Oancea and Nicolae Vrana
The Potential of Introducing Heat Pumps (HP) and Thermal Eenergy Storage for the Tulcea Municipality, Romania Systems in Order to Enable the Decarbonization in Romania pp. 354-363 Downloads
Stere Stamule and Marian Oancea
Effective Promotion and Communication in modern Censuses: A study about 2021 Romania’s Census pp. 364-369 Downloads
Irina-Elena Stoica
Web Scraping and Review Analytics. Extracting Insights from Commercial Data pp. 370-379 Downloads
Andreea-Maria Tanasa, Simona-Vasilica Oprea and Adela Bara
Social Protection Expenditure - Comparisons and Discussions for the EU Countries pp. 380-383 Downloads
Adina Titei
Analysis of Management Challenges and Strategies in Human Resources at the Level of a Company with a Tradition in Resita pp. 385-393 Downloads
Solomia Andres
The Use of Digital Technologies in Tourism Management pp. 394-401 Downloads
Corina Aurora Barbu, Alexandra Popa and Roxana-Marcela Zaharia
Implementation of Knowledge Management in Intelligence Agencies: a VOSviewer bibliometric analysis pp. 402-410 Downloads
Nicolae Alexandru Budeanu
Unveiling the Power of Social Media: Innovative Strategies and SOCMINT Insights in Modern Marketing pp. 411-417 Downloads
Raluca-Giorgiana Chivu (Popa) and Ionut-Claudiu Popa
The Impact of Online Advertising on the Purchase Decision pp. 418-425 Downloads
Georgiana Elena Constantin and Anca Ioana Blaga
The Management of Organizational Culture Change in Financial-Banking Institutions in Iaşi County - Case Study pp. 426-436 Downloads
Ioana Raluca Diaconu and Bogdan Andrei Tiliuta
The Influence of Social Groups on the Voting Behavior of the Resita Voter pp. 437-441 Downloads
Gabriel Dinu and Loredana Dinu
Analysis of Consumer Perception Regarding the Quality of Services Offered by Casa Ecologica Guesthouse pp. 442-452 Downloads
Loredana Dinu, Gabriel Dinu and Jeanina-Biliana Ciurea
The Impact of Social Networks on Buying Decisions pp. 453-458 Downloads
Adriana Ioana Filip (Croitoru) and Malina Darja
The Identification of the Preference, Motivation, Attitude and Satisfaction of Consumers towards Resorts from the Semenic Tourist Area pp. 459-469 Downloads
Liliana Gherghina
Employees’ Perception of Corporate Sustainable Development: A Bibliometric Examination pp. 470-480 Downloads
Erika-Ligia Heler
Trends in the Evolution of the Average Length of Stay in Tourist Destinations on the Romanian Black Sea Coast pp. 481-490 Downloads
Ion Danut Juganaru and Narcisa Georgiana Mosoiu
A Story of Vision and Leadership: Unveiling the Samsung Electronics Brand's Path to Success pp. 491-500 Downloads
Komalpreet Kaur, Elena Zhao and Vanina Adoriana Trifan
Organizational Performance and Corporate Governance from the Inside Out pp. 501-510 Downloads
Lacramioara Mansour, Elena Cerasela Spatariu and Gabriela Gheorghiu
Study on Recruiters Opinion Towards AI-Tools to Facilitate the Hiring Process within a Company pp. 511-517 Downloads
Angela-Eliza Micu and Alexandra Dogarescu
Tourist Demand for Romania Over the Last Three Decades pp. 518-525 Downloads
Daniela-Melania Mihai and Smaranda-Nicoleta-Cristina Toma
The Impact of Organisational Communication Quality on Employee Satisfaction pp. 526-534 Downloads
Mirela Felicia Petric, Cristina Ionela Toadere and Claudiu Feier
Human Resources Management in Tourism Industry pp. 535-543 Downloads
Alexandra Popa, Corina Aurora Barbu and Roxana-Marcela Zaharia
Entrepreneurship Issues in Post Covid Period. Case of Romanian SME’s pp. 544-548 Downloads
Alina Putan and Malina Darja
Quality in Higher Education: A Comparison Between Legal and Academic Approaches pp. 549-555 Downloads
Cristina Teodora Roman and Cristina Ionela Bulat
Study on Consumers’ Opinion Towards Doggie-to-go-bags in the Context of Food Waste Management pp. 556-561 Downloads
Dimitrie Stoica, Angela-Eliza Micu and Maricica Stoica
Google Ads, Meta, TikTok, which Is the Best Way of Paid Promotion? pp. 562-568 Downloads
Adrian Serban Comanescu
The Role of Communication in Managing Resistance to Change pp. 569-576 Downloads
Mihaela Rodica Somlea
The Impact of Management Practices on Organizational Effectiveness in a Transport Company pp. 577-585 Downloads
Cristina Ionela Toadere, Maria Metz and Claudiu Feier
Exploring Perceptions and Practices in Organizing University Scientific Research pp. 586-594 Downloads
Cristian Marius Toma, Irina Teodora Manolescu and Vasilica Toma
Workaholism: A Modern Epidemic in Professional Environments pp. 595-602 Downloads
Otilia Maria Trasca
Poverty as a Determinant of Corruption – A Parametric Approach pp. 604-613 Downloads
Andreea-Simina Ardelean, Ionut-Constantin Cuceu and Viorela-Ligia Vaidean
Updating and Developing the Normative Framework for Strengthening the Internal Public Audit Function in State Institutions and Companies pp. 614-622 Downloads
Nicoleta Asalos and Ionel Bostan
Aspects of Accounting Cost for Development of Customized Software Products pp. 623-632 Downloads
Galina Badicu, Victor Cojocaru and Dorinela Nancu
Critical Analysis of the Sharpe Ratio: Assessing Performance and Risk in Financial Portfolio Management pp. 633-639 Downloads
Alexandrina Brinza, Viorica Ioan and Ioana Lazarescu
The Influence of Covid-19 Pandemy on Financial Fraud Risk Assessment pp. 640-651 Downloads
Georgiana Burlacu and Ioan-Bogdan Robu
Methodology for Implementing the Investment Decision in the Certain Economic Environment pp. 652-661 Downloads
Mihaela – Lavinia Ciobanica
Fiscal Policies to Diminish the Deficit in Romania pp. 662-669 Downloads
Corina Georgiana Cioroiu, Alina Elena Ionascu and Andreea Larisa Olteanu (Burca)
Current Research Trends in IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers: a Comprehensive Review pp. 670-678 Downloads
Ana-Carolina Cojocaru, Nicolai Jieri and Nicoleta Asalos
The Effects of Budget Constraints in the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Romania pp. 679-682 Downloads
Narcis-Alexandru Corman
Main Expenditures of NATO through NSIP in Romania pp. 683-687 Downloads
Carina-Bianca Daranuta
The Role of ESG Factors in Improving Firm Financial Performance pp. 688-693 Downloads
Alexandra Danila
Econometric Insights into Non-Governmental Credit Fluctuations: A Case Study of Romania pp. 694-699 Downloads
Cezar Catalin Ene
Assessing Economic Inequality Through the Lorenz Curve in Central and Eastern European Countries pp. 700-706 Downloads
Maria Simona Ene
Relevance Versus Irrelevance of Scientific Research Skills to the Practice of the Accounting Profession pp. 707-717 Downloads
Lilia Grigoroi, Cristina Mihaela Lazar and Svetlana Mihaila
Insolvency of Companies in Romania pp. 718-724 Downloads
Iulia Cristina Iuga, Ionela Cornelia Cioca and Teodor Hada
Emphasizing the Coercive Side of the Anti-Tax Evasion Rules pp. 725-732 Downloads
Cristina Lazar and Ionel Bostan
Accounting Treatment of Tax on Income According to NAS and IFRS pp. 733-739 Downloads
Liliana Lazari and Roman Vieru
Bibliometric Analysis of the Literature on Reporting Non-Financial Information in Emerging Economy Countries pp. 740-744 Downloads
Aurel-Constantin Lupu and Oana Raluca Ivan
Non-Financial Reporting Frameworks in Emerging Economies pp. 745-750 Downloads
Aurel-Constantin Lupu and Oana Raluca Ivan
Organizational Culture, Corporate Governance and Accounting Outcomes pp. 751-759 Downloads
Lacramioara Mansour, Elena Cerasela Spatariu and Gabriela Gheorghiu
Tax Evasion in the European Union pp. 760-766 Downloads
Corina Elena Manta and Alexandra Danila
The Impact of IFRS on Audit Quality in Romania pp. 767-774 Downloads
Andreea Mocanu, Maria Grosu and Ioan-Bogdan Robu
The Banking System in Romania in the Current Period pp. 783-788 Downloads
Irena Munteanu
The European Central Bank, The Federal Reserve System and the Challenge of Inflation pp. 789-794 Downloads
Irena Munteanu
Reflections on Methods of Digital Processing of Very Large Amounts of Accounting Information pp. 795-801 Downloads
Traian Cristin Nicolae
Considerations Regarding Applications of Financial Instruments in Accounting Systems pp. 802-809 Downloads
Traian Cristin Nicolae
The Importance of ESG in the Real Estate Investments pp. 810-817 Downloads
Andreea Larisa Olteanu (Burca) and Alina Elena Ionascu
Weaknesses and Strengths in the Evolution of the Romanian Tax System pp. 818-825 Downloads
Oana Oprisan and Ana-Maria Dumitrache (Serbanescu)
Assessing the Impact of European Funds Absorption in Romania in the Context of Financial Stability pp. 826-832 Downloads
Oana Oprisan and Ana-Maria Dumitrache (Serbanescu)
Contributions to the Improvement of the Process of Internal Audit at Public Educational Entities by Using Chatbots pp. 833-840 Downloads
Anisoara – Elena Pavelescu (Belbe)
Effect of the Annual Financial Results on the Stock Price pp. 841-848 Downloads
Mitica Pepi
Impact of Non-Financial Reporting on Stakeholder Decisions pp. 849-855 Downloads
Alina Putan
The Importance of Financial Profitability on the Activity of a Company pp. 856-860 Downloads
Mircea-Iosif Rus
Fiscal Risk in the Activity of a Company pp. 861-865 Downloads
Mircea-Iosif Rus
Exploring the Dynamics of Digital Assets through Vector Autoregressive Modeling (VAR): Implications for Fintech and Financial Systems pp. 866-876 Downloads
Andrei Cristian Spulbar
Analysis of Investment Projects by Discounting Methods pp. 877-883 Downloads
Mariana Zamfir

Volume XXIII, issue 1, 2023

Intellectual Property versus Artificial Intelligence pp. 2-6 Downloads
Constantin Anechitaoe
The National Maritime Border – The Border of the European Union pp. 7-12 Downloads
Constantin Anechitaoe
Fostering Business Internationalization and Resilience for Business and Companies: Risks and Resilience in Globalization pp. 13-23 Downloads
Anis Benabed
Globalization and the Trending insights of Sustainable Business, Energy and Artificial intelligence for companies: Trends and Values pp. 24-33 Downloads
Anis Benabed and Andreea-Cristina Boeru
Transition of Medical Waste Management (MWM) from Romania to the Circular Economy Paradigm: Expectations and Objective Limits pp. 34-41 Downloads
Patricia Bostan, Cristina Lazar and Ionel Bostan
The Impact of Regional Development on the Environment pp. 42-49 Downloads
Florica Brasoveanu
The Role of Legislation and Legal Institutions in Promoting Sustainable Development at the Regional Level pp. 50-57 Downloads
Florica Brasoveanu
The Future of Blockchain Technology and its Application and Challenges with Regard to International Migration within the African Union pp. 58-63 Downloads
Charles Chatta, Dikeledi Jacobeth Warlimont and Lebogang Nawa
Global Village, Different Customs pp. 64-69 Downloads
Alina Costea
Reflections on Croatia's Accession to the Euro Area pp. 70-76 Downloads
Adina Criste and Iulia Lupu
Regional Development at the European Level: A Bibliometric Analysis from 2019 to 2023 pp. 77-86 Downloads
Ionut Marius Croitoru, Cosmin Alexandru Spiridon and Geanin Georgian Jurubita
Evolution of Romanian Imports and Exports in 2022, The Year with the Highest Inflation pp. 87-90 Downloads
Ioana Claudia Dobre
Financial Crisis Cyclicality in Europe under the US Financial Disturbances’ Impact. A Logical Framework pp. 91-97 Downloads
Cristina Drumea
Administration, Financing and Decentralization of the Schools System in Romania pp. 98-106 Downloads
Adriana Ioana Filip (Croitoru), Mihaela Gabriela Todrican (Rosca) and Romeo Aurelian Clinciu
Researching Local Community Satisfaction in Mihai Viteazu Village pp. 107-112 Downloads
Adriana Ioana Filip (Croitoru) and Monica Ioana Toader
Leap-Frogging the Competition through Blue Ocean Strategy: A Compelling Case For Small and Medium Enterprises pp. 113-121 Downloads
Gideon Simon Ghajiga, Dikeledi Jacobeth Warlimont and Pius Shaun Warlimont
The Transition to a More Sustainable Business Model in Tourism. Sustainable Coastal Destinations Best Practices pp. 122-131 Downloads
Ion Danut Juganaru and Bogdan Pletea
Credibility and Convergence: Did Euroization Deliver for Montenegro? pp. 132-136 Downloads
Lara-Greta Merling and Kevin M. Cashman
How Effective Was Assistance to the Vulnerable Countries During the Pandemic? Comparing the Debt Service Suspension Initiative and Special Drawing Rights pp. 138-145 Downloads
Lara Merling and Kevin Cashman
The War Economy in The Russian-Ukrainian Conflict pp. 146-152 Downloads
Cristian Mosnianu
A Framework for Implementing a Twin Peak Financial Regulatory Model: Institutional Logics Theoretical Perspective pp. 153-161 Downloads
Pumela Msweli and Dexter L. Ryneveldt
Voices of Women in Boards Count, Effective Participation Counts More: A Board Gender Diversity Theoretical Framework pp. 162-170 Downloads
Pumela Msweli and Xoliswa Eugenia Kule
Exploring the Impact of Companies’ Profiles on Environmental Activities pp. 171-181 Downloads
Gabriela Iuliana Paraschiv (Ganea) and Mari-Isabella Stan
A Brief Survey Concerning Environmental Action: The Need for Collective Engagement pp. 182-191 Downloads
Gabriela Iuliana Paraschiv (Ganea) and Mari-Isabella Stan
Hate Crimes in Globalization Era Good Practices in Analysing them in European Union Countries pp. 192-199 Downloads
Claudia Livia Pau, Mihaela Martin and Florenta Diana Tanase
Digitalization in Project Management pp. 200-208 Downloads
Irina Andreea Pegulescu
Comparative Study Between the Development of the Call Center Industry in Romania's Macroregions pp. 209-218 Downloads
Adrian Pop
The Comparative Study of the Attractiveness of Eastern European Business Environments pp. 219-228 Downloads
Adrian Pop
Machine Learning Diagnosis of Dengue Fever: A Cost-Effective Approach for Early Detection and Treatment pp. 229-238 Downloads
Hamzat Salami, Joy Eleojo Ebeh and Yakubu Ojo Aminu
Social Responsibility in Retail Trade pp. 239-244 Downloads
Anca Cristina Stanciu and Irena Niculita
Transfer Pricing in the European Union Context pp. 245-248 Downloads
Laurentiu-Mihai Tanase, Irene-Ioana Draghici and Norina Popovici
Creating a Narrative Arc for Business Communication CoursesPromoting Attention, Motivation, and Meaningfulness pp. 250-255 Downloads
Eleonora Baca
The Public Employment Service – the "Catalyst" for Connecting Employers and the Unemployed in the Labour Market pp. 256-264 Downloads
Alic Birca
Overall Impact of Specific Regulations on the Statutory Auditor's Behavior pp. 265-275 Downloads
Angelica Buboi (Danaila)
Interviews in Business Communication pp. 276-282 Downloads
Alina Buzarna-Tihenea (Galbeaza)
Project-Based Learning in ESP. Case Study in Economic Sciences pp. 283-289 Downloads
Alina Buzarna-Tihenea (Galbeaza) and Lavinia Nadrag
The Difference Between the Average Score at the National Assessment Examination and the Average Score in Lower Secondary School Cycle – a Comparative Analysis for Romania Between 2019-2022 pp. 290-297 Downloads
Octavian Ceban, Ionela-Roxana Petcu and Andreea Mirica
Study on the Consumption and Demand of Organic Food Products pp. 298-303 Downloads
Monica Chelaru (Gaidargi), Tudor Andrei Holerga and Catalin Gheorghe Zemeleaga
Pre-Pack Proceeding - A Hybrid and Derogatory Safeguard Tool. Member States’ Future Obligation of Integrating a New Mechanism in Their National Insolvency Law pp. 304-310 Downloads
Corina Georgiana Cioroiu and Daniel Lipara
European Projects – Opportunities for Institutional Development of Education in Romania pp. 311-318 Downloads
Romeo-Aurelian Clinciu
Assessing the Impact of Professional Development Programs on Employee Performance in Educational Settings pp. 319-325 Downloads
Romeo-Aurelian Clinciu
Nicolae Șuțu's Economic Works: Relevance and Particularities pp. 326-330 Downloads
Sorinel Cosma
Traditional and Modern Aspects in Ion Ghica's Economic Writings pp. 331-336 Downloads
Sorinel Cosma
Study on ESG Practices in Romanian Food Sector pp. 337-343 Downloads
Alexandra Danila and Dorinela Nancu
The Juridical-Canonical Basis of the Management of Movable and Immovable Ecclesiastical Property pp. 344-351 Downloads
Nicolae V. Dura and Catalina Mititelu
The Managerial Activity of the Central Executive Organisms of the Romanian Orthodox Church pp. 352-359 Downloads
Nicolae V. Dura and Catalina Mititelu
A Snapshot of Where We Are. A Gross Domestic Product Analysis Related to Household Energy Price Index in the European Union pp. 360-367 Downloads
Giorgiana Roxana Ene
Is Climate Policy Effectiveness Important for Country’s Competitiveness Among EU Member States? pp. 368-377 Downloads
Ion Frecautan, Carmen Nastase and Serghey Grishunin
The Influence of Respondents' Residence on their Perception of Sustainable Tourism Issues pp. 378-387 Downloads
Stefania-Rodica Hubel (Anghel) and Elena Condrea
Age and Perception: Exploring the Influence on Sustainable Tourism pp. 388-396 Downloads
Stefania-Rodica Hubel (Anghel) and Elena Condrea
Romania’s Tourism Market. Trends and Influencing Factors pp. 397-401 Downloads
Marian Ionel
Importance and Impact of Tourist Resources and Attractions on Tourist Destinations pp. 402-405 Downloads
Marian Ionel
Aspects of Gender Vulnerability in the Just Transition Process pp. 406-412 Downloads
Diana Joita and Doru Claudiu Damean
Ethics in Education: Exploring the Ethical Implications of Artificial Intelligence Implementation pp. 413-421 Downloads
Florina (Mihai) Leta and Diane Paula Corina Vancea
Comparative Analysis of Investor Communication Practices in Listed Companies pp. 422-431 Downloads
Georgiana Maria Lungu, Costin Daniel Avram and Radu Baluna
The Edupreneur: Empowering Education through Entrepreneurial Innovation pp. 432-437 Downloads
Carmen-Liliana Maruntelu
Understanding Commodity Investments: Factor Analysis and Bibliometric Findings pp. 438-443 Downloads
Ionela Munteanu and Marioara Mirea
The Role of Phrasal Verbs in Business Communication pp. 444-448 Downloads
Lavinia Nădrag
EU Energy Plans between Energy Justice and Ethical Dilemmas. Expectations and Future Education pp. 449-457 Downloads
Florentina-Stefania Neagu, Mihaela Purcaru and Marta Tache
Harmonizing Hydrogen Colour Codes: Need for an Economic Policy Framework for a Global Hydrogen Market pp. 458-465 Downloads
Elena-Loredana Ocenic
Big Data Management and NoSQL Databases pp. 466-475 Downloads
Simona-Vasilica Oprea, Adela Bara and Niculae Oprea
Eco-Innovation in the Corporate Sustainability Process and the Entrepreneurs' Vision: Implications and Opportunities for Sustainable Businesses in the Era of Climate Change pp. 476-487 Downloads
Tatiana Paduraru
Face-to-Face versus Online or Hybrid: How Students Perceive the Educational Framework pp. 488-495 Downloads
Ioana Pleșcau and Catalin Drob
The Gender Pay Gap: A Roadblock to Gender Equality and Sustainable Development pp. 496-504 Downloads
Mariana Robu
Exploring the Wage Gap in the Republic of Moldova: A Vital Issue of Elderly System pp. 505-512 Downloads
Mariana Robu
Aspects of Digitalization within Caraș–Severin Local Communities pp. 513-523 Downloads
Florenta – Diana Tanase, Mihaela Martin and Claudia-Livia Pau
Considerations to Eco-Innovation and Its Relationship with Economic Growth pp. 524-528 Downloads
Adina Titei
Knowledge Vulnerabilities: Definitions and Interpretations pp. 529-536 Downloads
Vlad-Mihai Ursache
Understanding Customers' Opinion using Web Scraping and Natural Language Processing pp. 537-544 Downloads
Alin-Gabriel Vaduva, Simona-Vasilica Oprea and Dragos-Catalin Barbu
Romanian Agricultural Exports– Recent Trendsand Performance Issues pp. 545-552 Downloads
Catalin Gheorghe Zemeleaga, Tudor Andrei Holerga and Monica Chelaru (Gaidargi)
Consumer Perception Research on Online Influencer Marketing: A Review of Key Findings and Implication pp. 554-558 Downloads
Ingrid Georgeta Apostol and Giulia Elena Zaharia
Employees’ Commitment to Sustainable Development Goals Approach pp. 559-564 Downloads
Florin-Aurelian Birchi, Laurentiu-Stelian Mihai and Patricia Cristiana Boruzescu
The Impact of Sport Activities on Young Critical Thinking pp. 565-569 Downloads
Patricia Cristiana Boruzescu and Florin-Aurelian Birchi
Exploring Barriers to Adoption of AR filters on Social Media pp. 570-576 Downloads
Elena Bostanica, Elena Goga and Mihai Orzan
Current Research Directions in Approaching the Effects Generated by of Corruption and Political Risk on Competitiveness and Organizational Performance pp. 577-585 Downloads
Bianca Andreea Calin
Increasing the Efficiency of the Enterprise Management Process (Case study Termoelectrica JSCo) pp. 586-592 Downloads
Irina Calugareanu and Bunduchi Denis
Materialism Unwrapped: Examining the Values Promoted in Television Commercials for Games and Toys During the Holiday Season. A Content Analysis of December 2020 and 2021 pp. 593-601 Downloads
Camelia Cojan
The Phenomenon of Resistance to Organizational Change in Companies of the Republic of Moldova Under the Conditions of Industrialization 4.0 pp. 602-610 Downloads
Irina Dorogaia
Evaluating the Effects of Employee Recruitment and Selection Practices on the Organizational Change Process pp. 611-616 Downloads
Simona Dumitriu, Andra-Nicoleta Ploscaru and Ramona-Cristina Ghita
The Impact of New Technologies on the Future of Marketing: the Challenges of Adopting Artificial Intelligence-Generated Influencers in Marketing Strategies. Is the Romanian Market Ready for this Emerging Trend? pp. 617-620 Downloads
Iasmina-Iulia Gradinescu, Elena Bostanica and Mihai Orzan
Strategic Elements of Diversity Management in the Educational System - Case Study: CLIM pp. 621-625 Downloads
Ana -Alina Ichim
Education 4.0. Between Generation Z and Industry 4.0 needs pp. 626-632 Downloads
Constantin Ilie and Margareta Ilie
Entrepreneurship Trends. How the Future Looks Like pp. 633-640 Downloads
Margareta Ilie and Constantin Ilie
Marketing of Tourism Destinations in the Post-Covid Era – Challenges of the New Normal pp. 641-647 Downloads
Elena Manuela Istoc, Mihaela Adina Mateescu and Daniela Nicoleta Baleanu
Recent Evolutions and Trends in the Trade Fairs and Exhibitions Industry, before and after the COVID-19 Pandemic. The ROMEXPO Company’s Case (Romania) pp. 648-658 Downloads
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Investigating Jewellery Buying Behaviour During the Pandemic pp. 668-677 Downloads
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Organizational Culture - Promoter of Technological Innovation and Sustainable Development pp. 678-687 Downloads
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Study on Measuring and Analysing the Quality of Road Freight Transport Service pp. 688-695 Downloads
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The Impact of Major Crises on the Behaviour of the Consumer of Tourism Services - A Perspective on the Impact of the Covid-19 Crisis pp. 696-702 Downloads
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Exploring the Role of Leadership in Shaping Successful Strategic Management Practices pp. 709-715 Downloads
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A New Perspective to Talent Management in Romanian Public Institutions pp. 716-722 Downloads
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Marketing Strategies Applied on the Romanian Pharmaceutical Market pp. 723-730 Downloads
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Perceptions on the Managerial Competencies Needed in the Organization of Festivals: Case Study pp. 731-741 Downloads
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Influencer’s Authenticity from the Perspective of Generation Z Consumers pp. 742-749 Downloads
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Digitalization of Medical Services - A New Ally for Malpractice Risk Management pp. 750-756 Downloads
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Analysis of the Influences of Professional Training and Personal Development Practices Exercised in the Change Process pp. 757-761 Downloads
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Commonalities and Dissimilarities in the Process of Innovation Management. A Comparable Perspective Based on Business Size pp. 762-767 Downloads
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The Importance of Ethical Communication in the Medical System pp. 768-771 Downloads
Ana-Maria Predila
Risk and Security Management for Accident Prevention pp. 772-781 Downloads
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The Relevance of the Correlation of Some Economic Variables For the Achievement of Sustainable Development Objectives At the Level of the European Union pp. 782-786 Downloads
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Improving the Management of Local Public Administration pp. 787-795 Downloads
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Human Resource Management from the Perspective of Ergonomical Requirements at the Workplace pp. 796-804 Downloads
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How to Manage HoReCa Food Waste by Using Digital Technologies? pp. 805-814 Downloads
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The Evolution of the World’s Most Valuable Brands in the Period 2018-2023 pp. 815-821 Downloads
Sorin-George Toma
The Age of Agile Enterprises pp. 822-828 Downloads
Sorin-George Toma
Study on Visual Identity Elements Used in the Coffee Market in the Digital Age pp. 829-837 Downloads
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Adapting Organizational Culture Analysis Tools for SMEs: Application for Veterinary Clinics pp. 838-848 Downloads
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Research Based on Secondary Data into the Influence of Colours on the Online Consumer’s Behaviour pp. 849-858 Downloads
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Testing Population Health Security through a Correlative Economic Development Model pp. 860-868 Downloads
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Pharma Sector under the Influence of the Parafiscal Mechanism: Clawback Tax pp. 869-875 Downloads
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Orientation of Public Audit Missions to the IT Activity Carried Out within the State Authorities/Entities pp. 876-885 Downloads
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The Dilemma of Financial Autonomy in the Management of Public Finances at the Level of Local Governments pp. 886-895 Downloads
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Accounting and Tax Specifics Regarding Cryptocur pp. 896-901 Downloads
Ionela Cornelia Cioca
Transfer Prices Report. Case Study in Romania pp. 902-909 Downloads
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The Stability of the Revenues to the Budget of the European Union pp. 910-913 Downloads
Irene-Ioana Draghici, Laurentiu-Mihai Tanase and Norina Popovici
Analysis of the Sustainable Development of the Eastern European Countries from the Perspective of the Transition to the Green Economy pp. 914-922 Downloads
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NEETs’ Perception on Financing an Entrepreneurial Endeavour pp. 923-931 Downloads
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Level of Financial Education in South-Eastern Europe pp. 932-939 Downloads
Alina Elena Ionascu, Alexandra Popa and Roxana Marcela Zaharia
The Impact of Economic Freedom on the Economic Growth in EU Countries pp. 940-950 Downloads
Iulia Iuga and Ruxandra Lazea
Developments in Cryptocurrency Transactions and Implications for Audit and Accounting Activities pp. 951-957 Downloads
Flavius Valentin Jakubowicz, Ionela Munteanu and Marioara Mirea
Improving Economic Efficiency of an Entity through Comprehensive Analysis of Receivables pp. 958-968 Downloads
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Accounting Informational System – Directions, Challenges, Risks and Opportunities pp. 969-977 Downloads
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Exploratory Analysis of Assets Nonconformities in Financial Statements pp. 978-985 Downloads
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A Bibliometric Analysis on Fraud in Accounting pp. 986-995 Downloads
Alina (Chiriac) Matei and Kamer-Ainur Aivaz
Are Coins and Notes History in The US ? pp. 996-1000 Downloads
Irena Munteanu and Valentina Punga
Bank Lending in Romania after the Covid 19 Pandemic pp. 1001-1006 Downloads
Irena Munteanu
Possibilities of the Development of the Application of Financial Instruments in the Accounting Systems pp. 1007-1013 Downloads
Traian Cristin Nicolae
Reflections on the Effect of Massive Data on Digitalized Accounting Information pp. 1014-1021 Downloads
Traian Cristin Nicolae
Catalyzing Change: ESG Integration in the Global Economy for a Resilient and Responsible Future pp. 1022-1031 Downloads
Andreea-Larisa Olteanu (Burcă), Corina Aurora Barbu and Alexandra Popa
ESG Reporting Standards in The Banking Sector: A Global Analysis pp. 1032-1039 Downloads
Andreea-Larisa Olteanu (Burcă), Alina Elena Ionascu and Roxana Marcela Zaharia
Tax Pressure on People's Incomes pp. 1040-1045 Downloads
Oana Oprisan and Ana-Maria Dumitrache (Serbanescu)
Impact of COVID-19 on Cryptocurrency Markets pp. 1046-1052 Downloads
Oana Oprisan and Ana-Maria Dumitrache (Serbanescu)
The Impact of Sustainability in Research-Development-Innovation Activity pp. 1053-1058 Downloads
Mircea-Iosif Rus
Evaluating the Impact of Emerging Technologies on the ECB's Mandate: Can the European Central Bank Use Distributed Ledger Technology and Digital Euro to Advance Financial Inclusion in Europe? pp. 1059-1070 Downloads
Cristina Sbirneciu and Nicoleta Valentina Florea
The Impact of Public Debt on Sustainable Development. The Romanian Case Study pp. 1071-1082 Downloads
Alin-Vasile Strachinaru
Quantifying Economic Performance: Forecasting in the Romanian Clothing Industry pp. 1083-1093 Downloads
Teodora Maria Suciu
Requirements for Audit Firms Regarding the Prevention and Combating of Money Laundering pp. 1094-1102 Downloads
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The Relationship Between the Environmental Tax Revenues and the Greenhouse Gas Emission in Romania pp. 1103-1111 Downloads
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Developments and Perspectives Regarding the Impact of Digital Transformation on the Banking System in Romania pp. 1112-1122 Downloads
Gabriela Traila
Political Budget Cycles. Evidence from Romania pp. 1123-1130 Downloads
Adina Trandafir
A Brief Analysis on the Dynamic Effects of the Minimum Wage on the Economy in Romania pp. 1131-1140 Downloads
Mariana Vlad
Analysis of Fulfillment of the Objectives for Sustainable Development in Romania pp. 1141-1148 Downloads
Razvan-Aurelian Munteanu
The Competitiveness of the Romanian Agri-Food Sector in the Context of Sustainable Development pp. 1149-1156 Downloads
Irina-Elena Petrescu, Mihai Istudor, Razvan-Aurelian Munteanu and Alexandra Nedelcu
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