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Volume XXI, issue 2, 2021

Drivers for Development Triggered by the Trilogy Tourism-Underwater Cultural Heritage-Environmental Protection, in Maritime Spatial Planning pp. 2-11 Downloads
Kamer-Ainur Aivaz, Mari-Isabella Stan and Ionela Ionițiu
Why Should Fisheries and Agriculture Be Considered Priority Domains for Maritime Spatial Planning in the Black Sea? A Stakeholder Perspective pp. 12-20 Downloads
Kamer-Ainur Aivaz, Mari-Isabella Stan and Dragoş-Florian Vintilă
Money Laundering and Its Understanding by the Current Romanian Legal System – Origins, Mechanisms and Implications pp. 21-26 Downloads
Akad Yassar Al-Kasawnih
The Role of Leadership in Modern Education pp. 27-32 Downloads
Mashhour Khalaf Abdallah Al-Rabie
Leadership and Its Importance in Sustainable Development pp. 33-37 Downloads
Mashhour Khalaf Abdallah Al-Rabie
Englishization and the Appeal of Multinational Corporations among Business Students pp. 38-47 Downloads
Oana Alexandra Alexa
Determinants of the New Companies Formation in E.U Member Countries. An Autoregressive ARDL Model Approach pp. 48-57 Downloads
Dalina Andrei
The Current Needs of the Agrarian System in the South-East Region pp. 58-63 Downloads
Daniela - Lavinia Balasan, Dragoş Horia Buhociu and Cristinel Ferţu
Statistical Analysis of the Impact of Application of the European Union Rules on the Number of Death from Traffic Accidents and the CO Pollution pp. 64-70 Downloads
Alina Barbulescu and Cristian Stefan Dumitriu
Selection of Features of Smart Cities in the Western Region of Romania pp. 71-78 Downloads
Cristian Dan BiriÈ™ and Valentin Partenie Munteanu
The European Union, the United States and China Main Actors in the Global Economy pp. 79-85 Downloads
Ion Botescu
Public Innovation in Romania: Financing Smart City Initiatives Using European Funds in Small and Medium Sized Cities pp. 86-94 Downloads
Alina-Ramona Butnariu and Procopie-Florin Gusul
The Influence of Culture on Accounting Disclosure among Islamic Countries pp. 95-100 Downloads
Maria Alina Caratas, Elena Cerasela Spătariu and Gabriela Gheorghiu
Analysis of GDP per Capita Convergence Speed in the Member States of the European Union pp. 101-108 Downloads
Viorica Chirila and Ciprian Chirila
The Process of Contemporary Globalization in the Context of the Covid-19 Pandemic pp. 109-117 Downloads
Tudor Colomeischi
The Influence of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Online Acquisitions pp. 118-124 Downloads
Tudor Colomeischi
Rethinking the Welfare State in Global Economy Affected by Pandemic Crisis pp. 125-129 Downloads
Ioana Claudia Dobre
Composites in Wind Energy pp. 130-134 Downloads
Anamaria-Nadie Emin (Leonte)
The Challenge of Language and Cultural Identity in Post-Colonial Africa’s National Economic Development pp. 135-141 Downloads
Gideon Simon Ghajiga and Dikeledi Jacobeth Warlimont
Structural Developments in Agricultural Activity after Romania's Accession to the European Union pp. 142-152 Downloads
Cosmin Ivascu and Adina Elena Danuletiu
On the 125th Anniversary of the Construction of the Modern Port of Constanta (Romania), the Largest Port on the Black Sea: Recent Developments, Perspectives, and New Development Strategies pp. 153-163 Downloads
Ion Danut Juganaru
G20 Countries: About Investments and Productivity Growth in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic pp. 164-170 Downloads
Luiza Loredana Nastase
A Challenge of Services Management - Balancing the Price of Transportation pp. 171-177 Downloads
Norina Popovici and Daniel Firică
Social Benefits Expenses and their Financing in the Member States of the European Union pp. 178-184 Downloads
Ana-Maria Roman
Case Study on KOF Globalization Index for Greece, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania and Hungary pp. 185-192 Downloads
Anca Ioana Troto (Iacob)
Study on Some Aspects of the Economic and Social Impact of the Covid 19 Pandemic pp. 194-203 Downloads
Solomia Andres
Student Satisfaction and Learning Outcomes during Online Course Delivery - A Case Study pp. 204-209 Downloads
Baca Eleonora
The Impact of COVID 19 Pandemic on the Entrepreneurial Environment pp. 210-214 Downloads
Camelia Baesu
Digitalization of Public Administration in Romania pp. 215-220 Downloads
Camelia Baesu
The Performance Potential of Future Employees in the Hospitality Industry in Terms of Cognitive Reflection Test pp. 221-225 Downloads
Razvan-Dorin Burz and Alexandru Duta
Assessing ESP Reading Skills. Case Study on Business Topics pp. 226-232 Downloads
Alina Buzarna-Tihenea (Galbeaza)
Corporate Governance During the Covid-19 Pandemic pp. 233-238 Downloads
Maria Alina Caratas, Elena Cerasela Spatariu and Raluca Andreea Trandafir
Larry Page and Internet Entrepreneurship pp. 239-243 Downloads
Stefan-Alexandru Catana, Sorin-George Toma and Catalin Gradinaru
Development and Economic Progress in Mihail Kogălniceanu’s Writings pp. 244-248 Downloads
Sorinel Cosma
Nicolae Bălcescu and the History-Economics-Sociology Triad pp. 249-254 Downloads
Sorinel Cosma
Assessing the Current Situation of the Grape Market in Romania pp. 255-260 Downloads
Lacramioara Alina Dracea
Study Regarding the Tourism Sector in Romanian Economy pp. 261-266 Downloads
Maria Liliana Druiu
Specific Aspects Regarding Tourism and Travel in European Union pp. 267-273 Downloads
Maria Liliana Druiu
The Discursive Features of the Written Tourism Discourse Specific to the Travel Guide pp. 273-277 Downloads
Elena Dumitrascu
Linear Fuzzy Regressions versus Power Fuzzy Regressions pp. 278-285 Downloads
Ovidiu Gherasim
Regulations Regarding Nonfinancial Reporting and Socially Responsible Behavior pp. 286-294 Downloads
Mihai-Florentin Herciu
The Evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility and the Impact on the Organizations pp. 295-303 Downloads
Mihai-Florentin Herciu
The Importance of Implementing Quality Systems in the Economic Development of the Constanta Metropolitan Area pp. 304-311 Downloads
Stefania-Rodica Hubel (Anghel), Gabriela Iuliana Paraschiv (Ganea) and Anca Cristina Stanciu
Employability Skills: Correspondent Hard and Soft Employability Skills for Main Economic Sectors pp. 312-318 Downloads
Dana Ichim Somogyi
Prevalence of Depression in Adults in Constanta County, Romania, Before and During the Covid-19 Pandemic pp. 319-324 Downloads
Miorita Melina Iordache and Costin Octavian Sorici
Zonulin as a Biomarker in Mental Illness - Review pp. 325-331 Downloads
Miorita Melina Iordache and Cristina Tocia
Strategy for the Transfer of River Freight Transport, From the Danube, on an Inland Canal in the South of Romania pp. 332-341 Downloads
Florin Iordanoaia
Snake Island (Black Sea): Sharing Strategic and Economic Benefits pp. 342-357 Downloads
Cristina Mihaela Lazar and Ionel Bostan
Financial Communication Inside Companies pp. 358-362 Downloads
Georgiana Maria Lungu and Radu Nicolae Baluna
Media Representation of Coronavirus in Romanian Online Press. National, European, and International Themes pp. 363-373 Downloads
Georgiana Manole-Andrei and Florinela Mocanu
Analysis of Meat Consumption in the Context of Income Changes pp. 374-377 Downloads
Daniela Maracine
Analysis of Fruit Consumption in the Context of Income Change pp. 378-381 Downloads
Daniela Maracine
The Effects of African Swine Fever Virus On Romanian Agriculture pp. 382-390 Downloads
Dorin Martin, Maria Girip and Radu Antohe
English and Modern Business in Nowadays Romania Case Study- An ESP Course for Business Students pp. 391-394 Downloads
Carmen-Liliana Maruntelu
Digitalization – The Key to Smart City Development pp. 395-405 Downloads
Ana-Angela Milan
A Proposal for a Bankruptcy Risk Detection Model – Adaptation of the Taffler Model pp. 406-412 Downloads
Madalin-Mihai Motoc
Particularities of the Insolvency Legislative Evolution. Winners, Opportunists and Losers in the Covid-19 Pandemic pp. 413-418 Downloads
Madalin-Mihai Motoc
An Analysis of the Main Forms of Legal Organization Used in Running Small Businesses in Romania pp. 419-427 Downloads
Dorinela Nancu and Camelia Mihai
Trading Companies in Romania pp. 428-435 Downloads
Dorinela Nancu and Camelia Mihai
Extending the Scope of the EU ETS by Including Road Transport and Shipping pp. 436-443 Downloads
Daniela Panait (Zanescu)
Optimizing the Value Chain of Recycling Biodegradable and Compostable Packaging for Sustainable Development and the Circular Economy pp. 444-452 Downloads
Gabriela Iuliana Paraschiv (Ganea), Stefania Rodica Hubel (Anghel) and Anca Cristina Stanciu
Investment and the Importance of Investment in the European EconomyComparative Analysis pp. 453-460 Downloads
Nadia Marcela Pasca
Satisfying the Needs of Consumers - Tourists in Terms of the Quality of Services Provided pp. 461-467 Downloads
Nicolae Platon, Felicia Zaporojan and Elena Cabac
Students' Perception Regarding the Development of E-learning Activities in Higher Education pp. 468-474 Downloads
Alexandra Popa, Cristina Elena Georgescu and Raluca Andreea Trandafir
The Teachers Career Evolution in Romanian Pre-University Education pp. 475-479 Downloads
Mariana Popa (Petrescu)
Coronavirus Pandemic Crisis pp. 480-485 Downloads
Oana Iuliana Rujoiu
The Creative Tourism – An Interactive Type of Cultural Tourism pp. 486-492 Downloads
Diana Sava
Global Financial Crisis: Economic and Social Impact pp. 493-499 Downloads
Corina-Florentina Scarlat (Mihai) and Eleodor-Alin Mihai
Risk - The Element of Uncertainty in Business Activity pp. 500-505 Downloads
Sofia Scutari
The Rule of Law, From Doctrine to Citizen pp. 506-511 Downloads
Adriana Alina Spatariu
Assessment of Adequate Use of Public Funds and Ensuring Institutional Performance pp. 512-519 Downloads
Adriana Alina Spatariu
Remote Working: How the Working Life Changed During the COVID-19 Pandemic pp. 520-526 Downloads
Petruta Ionela Stanca and Tudor Tarbujaru
Human Capital Theory in Respect to Cultural, Digital Implications and Integrated Communication pp. 527-531 Downloads
Robert Daniel Stanescu and Alexandra Cristina Dinu
The Tracking of Industrial and Digital Revolutions and the Importance of Human Capital Development pp. 532-537 Downloads
Robert Daniel Stanescu and Alexandra Cristina Dinu
The Life Expectancy and the Economic Conditions in Pandemic Context in EU pp. 538-541 Downloads
Adina Titei
European Investigation Order's Issuance Procedure for Smuggling Crime Investigation pp. 542-547 Downloads
Corina-Maria Tudor (Barbu)
The Dynamics of the Verbal and Non-verbal Communication Process in Professional Rapports pp. 548-553 Downloads
Cristina Mihaela Zamfir
Uncertainty Management Using Triangular Fuzzy Numbers with Associated Variable Indicators pp. 555-561 Downloads
Ionel Ciprian Alecu
Managerial Challenges and the Impact of the Pandemic at the Level of a Corporate Governance Enterprise pp. 562-569 Downloads
Solomia Andres
Business Strategy: Choosing the Right Fit pp. 570-574 Downloads
Gabriela Nicoleta Andrișan and Andra Modreanu
An Overview on the Entrepreneurship in Constanta County during the COVID-19 Pandemic pp. 575-579 Downloads
Ionut Antohi
Quality Management in the Romanian Tourism Industry: An Approach Regarding the Rural Mountain Areas pp. 580-588 Downloads
Corina Aurora Barbu and Elena Condrea
Management Strategies for the Recovery of the Romanian Tourism Industry in the Covid-19 Pandemic Context pp. 589-598 Downloads
Corina Aurora Barbu
The Internal Managerial Control Applicable to Public Entities: Regulation, Achievements, Perspectives pp. 599-607 Downloads
Ionel Bostan and Cristina Mihaela Lazar
The Aim of Primary and Secondary Sources in International Supply Chain Selection Process pp. 608-617 Downloads
Veronica Bulat and Irina Calugareanu
Conflict Management in Organizations – The Role of Alternative Dispute Resolution pp. 618-622 Downloads
Agata Elena Bulei
Employees' Perceptions Concerning the Influences of Training and Personal Development Programs on Performance, Productivity, and Profit pp. 623-628 Downloads
Elena Cristina Cernatescu, Andra-Nicoleta Ploscaru and Simona Dumitriu
Study on Employees' Perception of the Characteristics of the Activity Improved through Training and Personal Development pp. 629-635 Downloads
Elena Cristina Cernatescu, Michael Marian Nicolescu and Marian Cazacu
The Role of Marketing in Luxury Tourism: A Case Study on the Structures of Tourist Reception in Romania pp. 636-645 Downloads
Raluca-Giorgiana Chivu (Popa)
Marketing Through Social Networks - Analysis of the Presence in Social Media of Romanian Consumers pp. 646-652 Downloads
Raluca-Giorgiana Chivu (Popa), Bianca-Cristiana Voicu and IonuÈ›-Claudiu Popa
Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development pp. 653-662 Downloads
Florinel Cimpeanu and Maria Aurelia Ruse
Statistical Approaches in Railway Transport pp. 663-670 Downloads
Daniel Dăneci-Pătrău
Implementation Assessment Approach for Market-Driven Projects pp. 671-680 Downloads
Elena Dobre
Facial Coding as a Neuromarketing Technique: An Overview pp. 681-687 Downloads
Denisa Adriana Dragoi
Methods, Instruments and Scales Used for Country Image Measurement: A Literature Review pp. 688-698 Downloads
Denisa Adriana Dragoi
Evolution of Stress at Work During Pandemic Context for Romanian Employees pp. 699-704 Downloads
Diana-Andreea Dumitrache and Delia-Mioara Popescu
The Impact of COVID 19 on Tourism Services pp. 705-711 Downloads
Daniel Firică and Norina Popovici
Some Peculiarities of the Japanese Management’s Model pp. 712-716 Downloads
Lucia Fraticiu
Study on the Students’ Opinion on the Educational Offer of a Bachelor’s Degree Program in Business Administration pp. 717-727 Downloads
Liliana Gherghina
The Opinion of Business Administration Graduates on the Skills Acquired During Undergraduate Studies pp. 728-736 Downloads
Liliana Gherghina
Marketing Simulations in Education: A Brief Overview for the Markstrat Simulator pp. 737-742 Downloads
Catalin Gradinaru, Sorin-George Toma and Stefan-Alexandru Catana
Management Based on Data Analysis. Part Two. Artificial Intelligence Data Modeling pp. 743-748 Downloads
Constantin Ilie and Andreea-Daniela Moraru
Management Based on Data Analysis. Part One. Data Visualization Analysis pp. 749-757 Downloads
Ilie Margareta and Ilie Constantin
Modern Communication Methods in Online Education pp. 758-762 Downloads
Alina Elena Ionascu, Gabriela Gheorghiu and Florina Mihai (Leta)
Practices of Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting for Semiconductor and Chip Manufacturing Industry – A Multicriterial Analysis on INTEL and AMD pp. 763-772 Downloads
Oana Raluca Ivan, Andrei Octavian Harmanas and Mihai Cosma
Using Digital Marketing to Study Customer Behavior pp. 773-778 Downloads
Mariana Juganaru, Razvan Andronache and Ruxandra Florentina Mihutiu (Firica)
Using Digital Marketing for Product Development and Communication Strategies pp. 779-786 Downloads
Mariana Juganaru, Razvan Andronache and Ruxandra Florentina Mihutiu (Firica)
What Do Consumers Know About the Relationship Between Soft Drinks and Their Health? pp. 787-796 Downloads
Anca Madar and Nicoleta Andreea Neacsu
The Brand Reflected in the Mind of the Consumer. Conceptual Map of the Starbucks Brand pp. 797-806 Downloads
Adriana Manolica, Elena Muntean and Raluca-Alexandra Jelea
Marketing Semiotics - the Universal Language of E-Consumer pp. 807-815 Downloads
Adriana Manolica, Alexandra Florescu and Beniamin-Vladut Faraonel
Management of the Pharmaceutical Entity's Resources in the Conditions of the Sanitary Crisis of COVID-19 pp. 816-822 Downloads
Doina Margaritti, Cristina Tase and Sirma Tomos
Improving Production Flows by Integrating AOA Critical Networks pp. 823-829 Downloads
Lucia Violeta Melnic, Marian Andrei Gurău and Ruxandra Marin
Coaching and Mentoring Study Hypothesis Testing with the SPSS Software pp. 830-835 Downloads
Angela-Eliza Micu and Daniel Popa
Strategy: An Overview pp. 836-841 Downloads
Andra Modreanu, Gabriela Nicoleta Andrisan and Maria-Alexandra Sarbu
Towards Sustainability in Banking Services Development. Customer Satisfaction with Banking Services – Influences and Perspectives pp. 842-848 Downloads
Andreea-Daniela Moraru and Margareta Ilie
A Methodological Approach for the Journey through Real-Time Marketing: From Customer Journey Analytics to Personalization Engines pp. 849-855 Downloads
Claudiu-Catalin Munteanu and Adina Cristea
The Evolution of Real Estate Markets in Romania pp. 856-864 Downloads
Oana Petrisor-Mateut
The Influence of the Exchange Rate on the Real Estate Market pp. 865-869 Downloads
Oana Petrisor-Mateut
Innovative Marketing Strategies for the Development of Tourism in Romania pp. 870-878 Downloads
Alexandra Popa, Alina-Elena Ionascu and Dana Nicoleta Domolescu
Security Management from the Perspective of Internal Control and Audit pp. 879-885 Downloads
Ionut Riza, Catalina Sitnikov and Costinel Cristian Militaru
Post-pandemic Challenges and Evolutions for the Romanian E-Commerce Market pp. 886-892 Downloads
Adrian Serban Comanescu
The Challenges and Importance of Virtual Teams During the COVID-19 Pandemic pp. 893-899 Downloads
Petruta Ionela Stanca and Tudor Tarbujaru
Green Brand Positioning as a Strategy to Guide the Green Marketing Mix: A Perspective on the Organic Food Supply Chain pp. 900-910 Downloads
Mihai Stoica
The Role of the Leader and the Manager in the Organizational Changes pp. 911-919 Downloads
Bogdan Andrei Tiliuta and Ioana Raluca Diaconu
Challenges of Executive Leaders in the Context of the COVID-19 Crisis. Aspects from the International and Romanian Environment pp. 920-926 Downloads
Anamaria Tohatan
Performance Measurement and Characterization of Financial Indicators of Agricultural Companies in Romania pp. 928-934 Downloads
Maria Petronela Aron
Uncertainty, Risks, and Challenges in the Accounting Profession during the COVID-19 Pandemic pp. 935-939 Downloads
Nicoleta Asalos, Bianca Zota and Luminita Iona Stefanica
Financial Impact Accounting in Determining the Fiscal Result pp. 940-944 Downloads
Marius Boita, Luminita Paiusan and Adina Maria Motica
The Impact of Information Technologies on the Activity of Accountants pp. 945-952 Downloads
Leliana Diana Bolcu and Mihaela-Raluca Boharu (Mircea)
Outsourcing of the Accounting and Financial Function pp. 953-961 Downloads
Leliana Diana Bolcu and Mihaela-Raluca Boharu (Mircea)
The Romanian Education Budget: Financing Pre-University Education (2001–2020) pp. 962-969 Downloads
Alina Caldararu (Iliescu), Gabriella Szekeres (Vancza) and Mihai Paunica
Cash-Flow Of The Horeca Sector In Romania Under The Impact Of Covid-19 pp. 970-975 Downloads
Silviu Carstina, Radu Buziernescu and Anca-Alina Buziernescu
The Importance of Internal Audit In Public Sector Research - A Bibliometric Study - pp. 976-986 Downloads
Marius Ionel Cetina and Oana Raluca Ivan
Aspects Regarding Mergers and Acquisitions in the Pandemic Context pp. 987-992 Downloads
Irina Chiriac
The Impact of Access to Finance on the Performance of the SME Sector pp. 993-1002 Downloads
Erika-Maria Doaca
The External Public Audit of the Budgetary Programs – Preparatory Activities pp. 1003-1012 Downloads
Cristian Dragan, Ana Cornelia Olteanu and Viorela Georgiana Stinga
The Fintech Industry in Romania - Assessing the Level of Acceptance for the Financial Services Consumers pp. 1013-1022 Downloads
Cristina Duhnea and Georgiana-Loredana Schipor
Trends of the Energy Market Reflection on the Capital Market in Romania pp. 1023-1030 Downloads
Silvia Ghiță-Mitrescu
The Analysis of the Local Budgets’ Contribution in the Formation of the Public Financial Resources pp. 1031-1040 Downloads
Ileana Iulia Istudor, Florina Mocanu and Mariana Zamfir
Study on the Need to Regulate the Audit Profession and the Determinants of the Improvement of the Internal Managerial Control and the Internal Audit in Relation to the External Audit pp. 1041-1045 Downloads
Gabriela Mangu (Giurea)
Improving the Internal Managerial Control and the Internal Audit in Relation to the External Audit pp. 1046-1050 Downloads
Gabriela Mangu (Giurea)
Bibliometric Analysis on the Recent Trends in Dividend Policy Research pp. 1051-1059 Downloads
Eugen-Axel Mihancea, Marilen-Gabriel Pirtea and Florin-Claudiu Boțoc
The Impact of Investments in Intangible Assets and Implications on SMEs’ Performance. A Systematic Literature Review pp. 1060-1071 Downloads
Roxana-Gabriela Mozolea and Sorin Gabriel Anton
Financial Intermediation in Romania pp. 1072-1077 Downloads
Irena Munteanu and Elena Dobre
The Use of ROA and ROE in Study of a Bank’s Profitability pp. 1078-1083 Downloads
Irena Munteanu and Constantina Alina Ilie
The Impact of the Increase in Market Interest Rates on The Credit Risk of Guarantees Issued Under the SME Invest Program pp. 1084-1087 Downloads
Dumitru Nancu
Considerations Regarding the Use of Information Technology in the Creation of Current Models of Entities' Accounting pp. 1088-1094 Downloads
Traian Cristin Nicolae
The Impаct of Tаxаtion аnd Crisis on Sаvings – An Interdisciplinаry Рpproаch pp. 1095-1100 Downloads
Oаnа Oprisan and Рnа-Mаriа Dumitrаche (Șerbănescu)
Assessing Portfolio Risks Involving Bitcoin and Ethereum Using Vector Autoregressive Model pp. 1101-1109 Downloads
Andrei Popescu
Cost Management Regarding S.C. Adarco Invest S.R.L. Petroșani pp. 1110-1119 Downloads
Ileana – Sorina Rakos
Supreme Audit Institutions and the Strive Towards an Open Data Culture pp. 1120-1130 Downloads
Mihai-Răzvan Sanda and Cristina-Petrina Trincu-Dragusin
The Role of Accounting in Conducting Judicial Accounting Expertises and their Evolution in the Digital Era pp. 1131-1137 Downloads
Andreea-Cristina Savu and Lucian Badalau
Financial Audit from Robotization to Digitization pp. 1138-1144 Downloads
Andreea-Cristina Savu
An ARCH/GARCH Approach on Euro/RON Exchange Rate Volatility pp. 1145-1152 Downloads
Luciana Simion and Antonia Mihai
Does the Disclosure of Performance Indicators Impact Bank Profitability? Empirical Study for the Romanian Banking System pp. 1153-1160 Downloads
Nina Sinitin and Adela Socol
A Critical Survey on Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH), Adaptive Market Hypothesis (AMH) and Fractal Markets Hypothesis (FMH) Considering Their Implication on Stock Markets Behavior pp. 1161-1165 Downloads
Cristi Spulbar, Ramona Birau and Lucian Florin Spulbar
Investigating Short and Long Run Volatility Movements in the Context of COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case Study for Norwegian Stock Market pp. 1166-1171 Downloads
Cristi Spulbar, Ramona Birau and Jatin Trivedi

Volume XXI, issue 1, 2021

The Dynamics of the Degree of Investment at the Level of Economic Agents whose Main Activity is Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing in the Context of the Concerns regarding Coastal Development pp. 2-8 Downloads
Kamer-Ainur Aivaz
The Dynamics and Challenges related to the Sustainable Development of Marine Fishing and Aquaculture Activities. Spatial Maritime Planning and Solutions in the Coastal Region of Romania pp. 9-17 Downloads
Kamer-Ainur Aivaz
Determinants of New Companies’ Formation in Romania at Regional Level. A Fixed Effects Model (FEM) Approach pp. 18-27 Downloads
Dalina Andrei
Methods and Techniques for Rural Development of the South-East Region pp. 28-33 Downloads
Daniela – Lavinia Balasan, Florin – Marian Buhociu and Cristinel Ferțu
The Economy of Romania and Foreign Direct Investments pp. 34-40 Downloads
Ion Botescu
Marketing and Management Strategies in Order to Increase Rural Tourism in Romania - Implementing National Development Programmes by Government Institutions or Other Types of Organizations pp. 41-49 Downloads
Alina Elena Cerchia (IonaÅŸcu) and Alexandra Zaif (Popa)
Innovation in Public Sector through European Funds: What is the Role of Local Authorities in Regional Development and Implementation of Smart City Solutions in Romania? pp. 50-58 Downloads
Liliana Chihaia (Sava), Procopie-Florin Gusul and Alina-Ramona Butnariu
Macroeconomic Impact of Natural Disasters in Albania pp. 59-66 Downloads
Valbona Cinaj and Rebeka Ribaj
Information Systems Models in the Hotel Industry and Effects on the Economy (The case of Albania) pp. 67-75 Downloads
Valbona Cinaj and Bashkim Ruseti
An Overview of Macroprudential Policy in the European Union Countries in the Last Decade pp. 76-81 Downloads
Adina Criste and Iulia Lupu
Opportunities to Finance Cross-Border Regions from European Funds and in Particular the INTERREG Initiative pp. 82-88 Downloads
Oleksand Diakoniuk and Liliana Chihaia (Sava)
Seafarers’ Religion and Regional Development pp. 89-93 Downloads
Liviu Razvan Dragomir
Seafarers’ Religion and Globalization pp. 94-99 Downloads
Liviu Razvan Dragomir
The Challenges of Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution in the South African Power Sector pp. 100-107 Downloads
Gideon Simon Ghajiga and Dikeledi Jacobeth Warlimont
BlockChain (BC), Technology Notary in Data Driven Marketing (DDM) Contracts pp. 108-118 Downloads
Ermal Haxhiaj and Bia Çera
Infant-Child Mortality and Maternal Employment in Nigeria pp. 119-126 Downloads
Nnenna Igboanugo Ifunanyachukwu and Olufemi Saibu
The Beach Extention Project in Mamaia Resort, on the Romanian Black Sea Coast: Certain Benefits, but also Numerous Tourist Complaints pp. 127-136 Downloads
Ion Danut Juganaru
Inferring on the Right to Health in the New World Order pp. 137-142 Downloads
Claudia Livia Pau and Mihaela Martin
Health and Social Justice pp. 143-152 Downloads
Claudia Livia Pau and Mihaela Martin
The Impact of Entrepreneurship Education in Developing Soft Skills for Students from Non-Economic Faculties pp. 153-162 Downloads
Claudia Sălceanu, Marinela Grigore and Costin Octavian Sorici
Can the Degree of Indebtedness of the Economic Agents Operating in the Construction Sector in Constanta County Influence the Development of the Coastal Area ? pp. 163-170 Downloads
Mari-Isabella Stan and Dragos-Florian Vintila
An Investigation of the Structure of Fixed Assets of Construction Companies in the Context of Coastal Area Development pp. 171-178 Downloads
Mari-Isabella Stan and Dragos-Florian Vintila
Impact of Actions of ex-Soviet Cross-Border Organized Crime Groups on Regional Economic Development pp. 179-186 Downloads
Marius Traistaru
Managing Students’ Attention and Dealing with Cognitive Fatigue during Online Business Communication Courses pp. 188-192 Downloads
Eleonora Baca
Markov Switching Model for Financial Time Series pp. 193-198 Downloads
Alina Barbulescu and Cristian Stefan Dumitriu
Insights from Companies Research: Sustainability Matters pp. 199-206 Downloads
Emilia-Zorica Bozga
Highlighting Readability Issues by the Content Analysis of a Legal Text, for Translation Purposes. Case Study pp. 207-214 Downloads
Alina Buzarna-Tihenea (Gălbează) and Lavinia Nadrag
Corporate Law’s Legal Relationship pp. 215-219 Downloads
Sorin Calafus
The Traders - Subjects of Private Law’s Legal Relationship pp. 220-226 Downloads
Sorin Calafus
Silver Population – The New ‘Gold’ for Our Society pp. 227-234 Downloads
Mihaela Cazacu, Mihaela Mihai and Crina-Dana Ionescu
Incurring Civil Liability towards the Administrator of the Insolvent Company pp. 235-239 Downloads
Maria Cazanel
Connection between the Education Strategies and Economic Development pp. 240-245 Downloads
Irina Chiriac
Learners’ Attitude towards Online Education during the COVID-19 Pandemic with Focus on ESP pp. 246-254 Downloads
Olivia Chirobocea-Tudor
Equestrian Tourism pp. 255-260 Downloads
Gabriela-Liliana Cioban and Mihaela Coca (Sarafescu)
Sentiment Analysis Using Machine Learning Approach pp. 261-270 Downloads
Andreea-Maria Copaceanu
The Main Particularities of A. D. Xenopol’s Economic Thought pp. 271-275 Downloads
Sorinel Cosma
Constantin Dobrogeanu-Gherea’s Economic Writings – Between Tradition and Modernity pp. 276-282 Downloads
Sorinel Cosma
Financial Ethics in the Usage of Public Funds. Evidence from the Romanian Higher Education pp. 283-288 Downloads
Cristina Drumea
The Printed Travel Guide in the Analysis of the Tourist Discourse. The Presentation of the Travel Guide in Romanian and French pp. 289-295 Downloads
Elena Dumitrascu and Carmen-Liliana Maruntelu
Critical Thinking – Impressions of Students from High School Level pp. 296-304 Downloads
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The Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Romania’s Trade Balance pp. 311-318 Downloads
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Accommodation Service and its Importance in the Hospitality Sector pp. 319-323 Downloads
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Analysis of Market Services Compared to Public Services in Romania pp. 324-327 Downloads
Marian Ionel
Assessment of Innovative Sustainable Businesses in Europe. A Case Study in the field of Renewable Energy pp. 328-335 Downloads
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The Importance of Financial Communication in the Investment Decision pp. 336-340 Downloads
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The Impact of Population Income Growth on Bread Consumption pp. 341-344 Downloads
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Romanian Tourism Destinations – A Diagnostic Analysis pp. 345-350 Downloads
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Scenarios for the Impact of GSM-5G Networks on the Economic Development pp. 351-358 Downloads
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Corporate Social Responsability: An Overview pp. 359-368 Downloads
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Tax Facilities for Romanian Companies in Combating the Crisis Generated by COVID-19 pp. 369-376 Downloads
Lucia Morosan-Danila and Otilia-Maria Bordeianu
The Role of the National Agency for Fiscal Administration in Combating Insolvencies Generated by Economic Frauds in Romania pp. 377-384 Downloads
Madalin-Mihai Motoc
Particularities of Fraud in Reorganization Operations pp. 385-391 Downloads
Madalin-Mihai Motoc
Translation Issues in the Legal Field of the European Union. Case Study on Specialized Terminology pp. 392-399 Downloads
Lavinia Nadrag and Alina Buzarna-Tihenea (Galbează)
The Management of the Romanian Pre-university Education. A Current Scientific Assessment pp. 400-403 Downloads
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Discovering the Need to Apply Leadership Strategies in Digital Education pp. 404-407 Downloads
Delia Nedelcu and Cornelia Petre (Stan)
Teaching Functional Language for Business Purposes pp. 408-411 Downloads
Alina Popescu
Mapping out the Impact of Covid-19 on the Tourism Industry: from Crisis to Recovery pp. 412-418 Downloads
Veronica Popovici and Alina-Lavinia Popovici
Challenges Relating Sustainable Structural Transformation pp. 419-425 Downloads
Oana Iuliana Rujoiu
Is There a Necessary Prerequisite to Follow Ethical Issues in Entrepreneurship and Business ? pp. 426-428 Downloads
Cristi Spulbar, Ramona Birau and Jatin Trivedi
Sustainable Trade - Current Aspects pp. 429-433 Downloads
Anca Cristina Stanciu
Organizational Rewards in the Online Work Environment. Is There Any Chance of Full Accomplishment ? pp. 434-438 Downloads
Elena-Sabina Turnea
Workplace Orientation: Norms, Rules, Roles and Values as Principles of Ethical Behaviour and Effective Communication pp. 439-447 Downloads
Cristina Mihaela Zamfir
The Chain Reactions of Business Models and Strategies pp. 449-454 Downloads
Gabriela Andrisan and Andra Modreanu
The Role of the Food Service Industry for the Tourism Destination Development pp. 455-462 Downloads
Codruta Baltescu
Flexible Forms of Work in Romania during Pandemic COVID-19 pp. 463-469 Downloads
Alina Madalina Belu, Ionela Staneci (Drinceanu) and Aurel Dinca
Entrepreneurship in the Educational Field. Modernization of Romanian Education by Professionalizing the Function of Director pp. 470-477 Downloads
Simona Bratasanu (Lupu)
Covid-19 Pandemic – A New Aspect of Social Sustainability pp. 478-484 Downloads
Maria-Alina Caratas, Elena-Cerasela Spătariu and Gabriela Gheorghiu
Marketing Mix in Healthcare Services pp. 485-489 Downloads
Stefan Catana and Sorin-George Toma
The Influence of Digitalisation on SMEs pp. 490-495 Downloads
Jeanina Ciurea, Loredana Dinu and Gabriel Dinu
Covid-19 Crisis and the New Challenges for Supreme Audit Institutions Management pp. 496-505 Downloads
Marius Silviu Culea and Daniel Constantin
The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Electronic Commerce in Resita pp. 506-514 Downloads
Gabriel Dinu, Loredana Dinu and Jeanina Ciurea
Artificial Intelligence Tools for Maritime Business Development in the Algorithmic Age pp. 515-522 Downloads
Cristina Dragomir and Simona Luize Utureanu
Traditional Gastronomy in the Perception of Romania’s Z Generation pp. 523-529 Downloads
Georgica Gheorghe, Mihail - Ovidiu Tanase and Liliana Nicodim
Social Media and Public Universities. Theoretical Aspects pp. 530-534 Downloads
Alexandru Grigoras
Strategic Planning Role in Organizations in Romania – Part of Management pp. 535-541 Downloads
Silvia Mioara Ilie (Troi), Mariana Paraschiva Olaru (Staicu) and Costinel Cristian Militaru
The Return of Major Music Festivals in Romania, Postponed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Controversies over Possible Discriminations Regarding Not Allowing the Participation of Non-Vaccinated Spectators pp. 542-551 Downloads
Ion Danut Juganaru
Modern Means of Promoting Flower Sales in Constanța pp. 552-558 Downloads
Mariana Juganaru and Ruxandra Florentina Firica
Implementing Marketing Principles in Pre-university Education, during the Covid-19 Pandemic pp. 559-565 Downloads
Mariana Juganaru and Ilinca Teodora Beches
Can Companies Achieve Their Quality Goals Using the Right Strategies? pp. 566-571 Downloads
Anca Madar and Nicoleta Andreea Neacsu
The Consumer Explained through the Extended-Self pp. 572-581 Downloads
Adriana Manolica, Marius-Iulian Cluci and Teodora Roman
Values, Attitudes and Lifestyles Based Typologies as Predictors for Consumer Impulsiveness pp. 582-591 Downloads
Adriana Manolica, Ioana-Tatiana Topciu and Teodora Roman
The Influence of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Tourism in Romania pp. 592-600 Downloads
Corina Aurora Marin (Barbu) and Elena Condrea
Strategies for Improving Management in Hotels on the Romanian Coast pp. 601-610 Downloads
Corina Aurora Marin (Barbu) and Elena Condrea
Overview of Change in Organizations. Resistance to Change. A Literature Review pp. 611-620 Downloads
Maria Metz
Telework - Between Obligation and Solution During the COVID-19 Pandemic pp. 621-629 Downloads
Lucia Morosan-Danila, Claudia-Elena Grigoras-Ichim and Otilia-Maria Bordeianu
Quality Strategies Applied on the Market of Integrated Security Systems pp. 630-636 Downloads
Nicoleta Andreea Neacsu and Anca Madar
Рsрects of Tourism Promotion in the Vаmа Veche - 2 Mаi Areа pp. 637-643 Downloads
Oаnа Oрrișаn, Ștefаniа-Rodicа Hubel (РNghel) and Gаbrielа-Iuliаnа Раrаschiv (Gаneа)
Training and Professional Improvement throughout the Teaching Career in the Romanian Secondary Education System pp. 644-648 Downloads
Mariana Popa (Petrescu)
Designing the Coaching and Mentoring Strategy in Romania under the Pressure of the Pandemic Caused by SARS-Cov2 Virus pp. 649-657 Downloads
Popa Daniel and Micu Angela-Eliza
The New Public Management, a Factor of Novelty in the Public Administration pp. 658-666 Downloads
Florina Popa
Assessment of Customer Satisfaction in the Luxury Hotels in Bucharest pp. 667-672 Downloads
Norina Popovici, Camelia Mihai and Daniel Firica
The Organizational Culture of State Operated Healthcare Facilities pp. 673-676 Downloads
Norina Popovici, Maria Gabriela Horga and Laura Botoc (Pascu)
Big Pharma, Big Business pp. 677-683 Downloads
Sorin-George Toma and Stefan Catana
Artificial Intelligence Models for Financial Time Series pp. 685-690 Downloads
Alina Barbulescu and Cristian Stefan Dumitriu
Estimating Volatility and Investment Risk: An Empirical Case Study for NIFTY MIDCAP 50 Index of National Stock Exchange (NSE) in India pp. 691-696 Downloads
Ramona Birau, Jatin Trivedi and Cristi Spulbar
Underevaluation of the Taxable Base as a Result of Policies Aggressive Accountants Source Generator of Tax Fraud pp. 697-702 Downloads
Marius Boita, Luminita Paiusan and Eduard Ajtay
Financial Audit Procedures Employed in Sustainability Assurance pp. 703-709 Downloads
Nina Adriana Buica, Marioara Avram and Magdalena Mihai
Microaccounting and Macroaccounting: Characteristics and Interferences pp. 710-718 Downloads
Cristian Cenar and Iuliana Cenar
Economic Pictures, the Tools for a Macroeconomic Analysis pp. 719-728 Downloads
Cristian Cenar and Iuliana Cenar
The Real Estate Market in Romania – A Post COVID Analysis pp. 729-735 Downloads
Alina Elena Cerchia (Ionaşcu), Alexandra Zaif (Popa) and Daniel Lipară
Agricultural Holdings from Concept to Economic Performance pp. 736-740 Downloads
Claudiu – Florin Deac and Margareta Fagadar (Ghisa)
Increasing Public Administrative Responsibility by Modernizing the IT System for Reporting the Financial Statements of Public Institutions pp. 741-749 Downloads
Margareta Fagadar (Ghisa), Claudiu – Florin Deac and Alexandru -Teodor Coracioni
Considerations About the Application of Accrual Accounting on the Public Sector in Romania pp. 750-756 Downloads
Cristina Elena Georgescu
Fiscal and Accounting Aspects Regarding the Gambling pp. 757-765 Downloads
Teodor Hada and Ionela Cornelia Cioca
Aspects Regarding the Registration in Accounting of Some Active Support Measures for Employees and Employers in Romania During 2020 pp. 766-771 Downloads
Teodor Hada, Iulia Cristina Iuga and Dorin Wainberg
Study on Ethics and Integrity in the Use of Big Data in Analysis and Research pp. 772-781 Downloads
Anca Ioana Iacob (Troto)
Economic Theories that Explain the Emergence of Tax Evasion pp. 782-790 Downloads
Roxana-Aurelia Mart and Bogdan-Dumitru Cosofret
Considerations on the Application of Information Technology Tools in Building the Accounting of Entities pp. 791-797 Downloads
Traian Cristin Nicolae
Current Issues Regarding the Recording in Accounting of the Financial Instruments for Financing the Activity of the Entities pp. 798-806 Downloads
Traian Cristin Nicolae
The Imраct of Tаx Evаsion on Fiscаl Equity in Romаniа in the Рeriod 2010-2020 pp. 807-812 Downloads
Oаnа Oрrișаn and Рnа-Mаriа Dumitrаche (Serbаnescu)
Central Banks Digital Currency - Opportunities and Innovation pp. 813-822 Downloads
Andrei Popescu
Do Non-Performing Loans Influence the Profitability of Banks? Evidence from a European Banking Group pp. 823-832 Downloads
Adela Socol and Nina Sinitin
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