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Volume 57, issue 07, 2020

Contextual and Interactional Approaches to Advancing Leadership and Entrepreneurship Research pp. 915-930 Downloads
Jeffrey M. Pollack, Jon C. Carr, Andrew C. Corbett, Crystal L. Hoyt, Franz Kellermanns, Bradley L. Kirkman and Corinne Post
Leader Emergence in Nascent Venture Teams: The Critical Roles of Individual Emotion Regulation and Team Emotions pp. 931-961 Downloads
Charlotta Sirén, Vivianna Fang He, Henrik Wesemann, Zoe Jonassen, Dietmar Grichnik and Georg von Krogh
Entrepreneurial Leadership as Creative Brokering: The Process and Practice of Co‐creating and Advancing Opportunity pp. 962-1001 Downloads
Elizabeth Long Lingo
Entrepreneurial Hustle: Navigating Uncertainty and Enrolling Venture Stakeholders through Urgent and Unorthodox Action pp. 1002-1036 Downloads
Greg Fisher, Regan Stevenson, Emily Neubert, Devin Burnell and Donald F. Kuratko
Hubristic Start‐up Founders – The Neglected Bright and Inevitable Dark Manifestations of Hubristic Leadership in New Venture Creation Processes pp. 1037-1067 Downloads
Janina Sundermeier, Martin Gersch and Jörg Freiling

Volume 57, issue 06, 2020

Preserving a Professional Institution: Emotion in Discursive Institutional Work pp. 735-774 Downloads
Elizabeth Goodrick, Lee C. Jarvis and Trish Reay
Managing Legitimacy in Business‐Driven Social Change: The Role of Relational Work pp. 775-804 Downloads
Verena Girschik
An Institutional Theory Approach to the Evolution of the Corporate Social Performance – Corporate Financial Performance Relationship pp. 805-836 Downloads
Jacob Brower and Peter A. Dacin
Divided we stand: How contestation can facilitate institutionalization pp. 837-866 Downloads
Eun Young Song
Actors and Actorhood in Institutional Theory pp. 867-872 Downloads
Gerardo Patriotta
People, Actors, and the Humanizing of Institutional Theory pp. 873-884 Downloads
Maxim Voronov and Klaus Weber
Inhabited Actors: Internalizing Institutions through Communication and Actorhood Models pp. 885-897 Downloads
Alex Bitektine, Patrick Haack, Joel Bothello and Johanna Mair
Institutions and Actorhood as Co‐Constitutive and Co‐Constructed: The Argument and Areas for Future Research pp. 898-910 Downloads
Renate E. Meyer and Eero Vaara

Volume 57, issue 05, 2020

Managing Technological, Sociopolitical, and Institutional Change in the New Normal pp. 411-437 Downloads
David Ahlstrom, Jean‐Luc Arregle, Michael A. Hitt, Gongming Qian, Xufei Ma and Dries Faems
Does Monetary Aid Catalyse New Business Creation? Analysing the Impact of Global Aid Flows on Formal and Informal Entrepreneurship pp. 438-469 Downloads
Elizabeth M. Moore, Luis Alfonso Dau and Jonathan Doh
Packs, Troops and Herds: Prosocial Cooperatives and Innovation in the New Normal pp. 470-504 Downloads
Pablo Muñoz, Jonathan Kimmitt and Dimo Dimov
Towards a Democratic New Normal? Investor Reactions to Interim‐Regime Dominance during Violent Events pp. 505-536 Downloads
Omar El Nayal, Arjen Slangen, J. (Hans) van Oosterhout and Marc van Essen
Transformational Strategies and Productivity Growth: A Transformational‐Activities Perspective on Stagnation in the New‐Normal Business Landscape pp. 537-568 Downloads
Joseph Clougherty, Tomaso Duso, Jo Seldeslachts and Lorenzo Ciari
Navigating the New Normal: Political Affinity and Multinationals’ Post‐Acquisition Performance pp. 569-596 Downloads
Dinesh Hasija, Ru‐Shiun Liou and Alan Ellstrand
The Bribery Paradox in Transition Economies and the Enactment of ‘New Normal’ Business Environments pp. 597-625 Downloads
Kimberly A. Eddleston, Elitsa R. Banalieva and Alain Verbeke
The Emergence of Proto‐Institutions in the New Normal Business Landscape: Dialectic Institutional Work and the Dutch Drone Industry pp. 626-663 Downloads
Katrin M. Smolka and Pursey P. M. A. R. Heugens
The Roles of Chinese CEOs in Managing Individualistic Cultures in Cross‐border Mergers and Acquisitions pp. 664-697 Downloads
Hong Zhu, Qi Zhu and Zhiwen Ding
Thriving in the New Normal: The HR Microfoundations of Capabilities for Business Model Innovation. An Integrated Literature Review pp. 698-726 Downloads
Mark Loon, Lilian Otaye‐Ebede and Jim Stewart

Volume 57, issue 03, 2020

How Collective Engagement Creates Competitive Advantage for Organizations: A Business‐Level Model of Shared Vision, Competitive Intensity, and Service Performance pp. 177-209 Downloads
Liat Eldor
In and Out of Balance: Industry Relatedness, Learning Capabilities and Post‐Acquisition Innovative Performance pp. 210-245 Downloads
Elena Cefis, Orietta Marsili and Damiana Rigamonti
Saving Our Oceans: Scaling the Impact of Robust Action Through Crowdsourcing pp. 246-286 Downloads
Amanda J. Porter, Philipp Tuertscher and Marleen Huysman
Person or Job? Change in Person‐Job Fit and Its Impact on Employee Work Attitudes over Time pp. 287-313 Downloads
Tae‐Yeol Kim, Sebastian C. Schuh and Yahua Cai
Strategic CSR: A Concept Building Meta‐Analysis pp. 314-350 Downloads
Pushpika Vishwanathan, Hans (J.) van Oosterhout, Pursey P. M. A. R. Heugens, Patricio Duran and Marc van Essen
Advancing Theory with Review Articles pp. 351-376 Downloads
Corinne Post, Riikka Sarala, Caroline Gatrell and John E. Prescott
Obituary pp. 406-407 Downloads
Timothy Clark

Volume 57, issue 01, 2020

Connecting Eastern and Western Perspectives on Management: Translation of Practices Across Organizations, Institution and Geographies pp. 1-24 Downloads
Igor Filatotchev, Li‐Qun Wei, Riikka M. Sarala, Penny Dick and John E. Prescott
Confucian Entrepreneurship: Towards a Genealogy of a Conceptual Tool pp. 25-56 Downloads
Andrew Smith and Miriam Kaminishi
Reversing the Translation Flow: Moving Organizational Practices from Japan to the U.S pp. 57-86 Downloads
D. Eleanor Westney and Rebecca Piekkari
The Surprising Duality of Jugaad: Low Firm Growth and High Inclusive Growth pp. 87-128 Downloads
Dean A. Shepherd, Vinit Parida and Joakim Wincent
Parasites and Paragons: Ownership Reform and Concentrated Interest among Minority Shareholders pp. 129-162 Downloads
Nan Jia, Jing Shi, Changyun Wang and Yongxiang Wang
The Transferability of Western Business Education to the East pp. 163-170 Downloads
Paul W. Beamish

Volume 56, issue 12, 2019

The Challenges of March and Simon’s Organizations: Introduction to the Special Issue pp. 1517-1526 Downloads
Philip Bromiley, Rouslan Koumakhov, Denise M. Rousseau and William H. Starbuck
Evolving Reactions: 60 Years with March and Simon's ‘Organizations’ pp. 1527-1536 Downloads
Karl E. Weick
An Empirical Assessment of the Influence of March and Simon’s Organizations: The Realized Contribution and Unfulfilled Promise of a Masterpiece pp. 1537-1569 Downloads
Marc H. Anderson and Russell K. Lemken
60 Years of March and Simon’s Organizations: An Empirical Examination of its Impact and Influence on Subsequent Research pp. 1570-1604 Downloads
Ralf Wilden, Jan Hohberger, Timothy M. Devinney and Fabrice Lumineau
Attainment Discrepancy and New Geographic Market Entry: The Moderating Roles of Vertical Pay Disparity and Horizontal Pay Dispersion pp. 1605-1629 Downloads
Elizabeth Lim
Causality Rules: Performance Feedback on Hierarchically Related Goals and Capital Investment Variability pp. 1630-1654 Downloads
Ambra Mazzelli, Robert S. Nason, Alfredo De Massis and Josip Kotlar
The Manager’s Notepad: Working Memory, Exploration, and Performance pp. 1655-1682 Downloads
Daniella Laureiro‐Martinez, Stefano Brusoni, Amulya Tata and Maurizio Zollo
The Dynamics of Embedded Rules: How Do Rule Networks Affect Knowledge Uptake of Rules in Healthcare? pp. 1683-1712 Downloads
Kejia Zhu and Martin Schulz
The Hierarchical Erosion Effect: A New Perspective on Perceptual Differences and Business Performance pp. 1713-1747 Downloads
Cristina B. Gibson, Julian Birkinshaw, Dana McDaniel Sumpter and Tina Ambos
Imagination, Self‐Knowledge, and Poise: Jim March’s Lessons for Leadership pp. 1753-1765 Downloads
Gerardo Patriotta

Volume 56, issue 11, 2019

The Who, Where, What, How and When of Market Entry pp. 1241-1259 Downloads
Gideon D. Markman, Peter Gianiodis, G. Tyge Payne, Christopher Tucci, Igor Filatotchev, Reddi Kotha and Eric Gedajlovic
Spoils from the Spoiled: Strategies for Entering Stigmatized Markets pp. 1260-1286 Downloads
Angelique Slade Shantz, Eileen Fischer, Aurora Liu and Moren Lévesque
Five Configurations of Opportunism in International Market Entry pp. 1287-1313 Downloads
Alain Verbeke, Luciano Ciravegna, Luis E. Lopez and Sumit K. Kundu
Following in Partners’ Footsteps: An Uncertainty‐Reduction Perspective on Firms’ Choice of New Markets pp. 1314-1344 Downloads
Alex Makarevich and Young‐Choon Kim
Do Prior Experiences of Top Executives Enable or Hinder Product Market Entry? pp. 1345-1376 Downloads
Hakan Ener
Fearlessly Swimming Upstream to Risky Waters: The Role of Geographic Entry in Innovation pp. 1377-1413 Downloads
Curba Morris Lampert, Minyoung Kim, Timothy David Hubbard, Raja Roy and George Leckie
Through the Looking‐Glass: The Impact of Regional Institutional Logics and Knowledge Pool Characteristics on Opportunity Recognition and Market Entry pp. 1414-1451 Downloads
Siddharth Vedula, Jeffrey G. York and Andrew C. Corbett
Follow the Crowd or Follow the Trailblazer? The Differential Role of Firm Experience in Product Entry Decisions in the US Video Game Industry pp. 1452-1481 Downloads
Hakan Ozalp and Tobias Kretschmer
Entry‐Timing Advantages in Renewable Natural Resources Industries pp. 1482-1512 Downloads
Alejandro Mac Cawley, Ángel Sevil, Roberto S. Vassolo and José Ignacio Sepúlveda Vargas

Volume 56, issue 09, 2019

Mutual Gains? Health‐Related HRM, Collective Well‐Being and Organizational Performance pp. 1045-1072 Downloads
Hendrik Huettermann and Heike Bruch
When Do Expert Teams Fail to Create Impactful Inventions? pp. 1073-1104 Downloads
Simon J. D. Schillebeeckx, Yimin Lin and Gerard George
Well It’s Only Fair: How Perceptions of Manager Discretion in Bonus Allocation Affect Intrinsic Motivation pp. 1105-1137 Downloads
Rebecca Hewett and Hannes Leroy
Board Committees in Corporate Governance: A Cross‐Disciplinary Review and Agenda for the Future pp. 1138-1193 Downloads
Kalin D. Kolev, David B. Wangrow, Vincent L. Barker and Donald J. Schepker
The Context of Entrepreneurship pp. 1194-1196 Downloads
Gerardo Patriotta and Donald Siegel
The Context of Entrepreneurial Judgment: Organizations, Markets, and Institutions pp. 1197-1213 Downloads
Nicolai J. Foss, Peter G. Klein and Christian Bjørnskov
Beyond Homo Entrepreneurus: Judgment and the Theory of Cultural Entrepreneurship pp. 1214-1236 Downloads
Michael Lounsbury, Joel Gehman and Mary Ann Glynn

Volume 56, issue 07, 2019

Theories from the Lab: How Research on Science Commercialization can Contribute to Management Studies pp. 865-894 Downloads
Riccardo Fini, Einar Rasmussen, Johan Wiklund and Mike Wright
How do Scientists Contribute to the Performance of Innovative Start‐ups? An Imprinting Perspective on Open Innovation pp. 895-928 Downloads
Davide Hahn, Tommaso Minola and Kimberly A. Eddleston
Logics, Leaders, Lab Coats: A Multi‐Level Study on How Institutional Logics are Linked to Entrepreneurial Intentions in Academia pp. 929-965 Downloads
Caren Klingbeil, Thorsten Semrau, Mark Ebers and Hendrik Wilhelm
Markets under the Microscope: Making Scientific Discoveries Valuable through Choreographed Contestations pp. 966-999 Downloads
Katy Mason, Martin Friesl and Chris J. Ford
Public Funding for Science and the Value of Corporate R&D Projects; Evidence from Project Initiation and Termination Decisions in Cell Therapy pp. 1000-1039 Downloads
Hsini Huang and Simcha Jong

Volume 56, issue 06, 2019

Are All Private Benefits of Control Ineffective? Principal–Principal Benefits, External Governance Quality, and Firm Performance pp. 725-757 Downloads
Steve Sauerwald, Pursey P. M. A. R. Heugens, Roxana Turturea and Marc van Essen
When do Dynamic Capabilities Lead to Competitive Advantage? The Importance of Strategic Fit pp. 758-787 Downloads
Stav Fainshmidt, Lucas Wenger, Amir Pezeshkan and Mark R. Mallon
Achieving Temporal Ambidexterity in New Ventures pp. 788-822 Downloads
Stephanie L. Wang, Yadong Luo, Vladislav Maksimov, Jinyun Sun and Nikhil Celly
Anchors in Rough Seas: Understanding Category Spanning as a Source of Market Coordination pp. 823-853 Downloads
Martina Montauti
The Imposter Syndrome, or the Mis‐Representation of Self in Academic Life pp. 854-861 Downloads
Joel Bothello and Thomas J. Roulet

Volume 56, issue 05, 2019

The Five Paradoxes of Meaningful Work: Introduction to the special Issue ‘Meaningful Work: Prospects for the 21st Century’ pp. 481-499 Downloads
Catherine Bailey, Marjolein Lips‐Wiersma, Adrian Madden, Ruth Yeoman, Marc Thompson and Neal Chalofsky
Outcomes of Meaningful Work: A Meta‐Analysis pp. 500-528 Downloads
Blake A. Allan, Cassondra Batz-Barbarich, Haley M. Sterling and Louis Tay
The Experience of Untapped Potential: Towards a Subjective Temporal Understanding of Work Meaningfulness pp. 529-557 Downloads
Giverny De Boeck, Nicky Dries and Hans Tierens
The Dark Side of Deeply Meaningful Work: Work‐Relationship Turmoil and the Moderating Role of Occupational Value Homophily pp. 558-588 Downloads
Carrie R. Oelberger
Struggling with Meaningfulness when Context Shifts: Volunteer Work in a German Refugee Shelter pp. 589-616 Downloads
Mona Florian, Jana Costas and Dan Kärreman
Serving Time: Volunteer Work, Liminality and the Uses of Meaningfulness at Music Festivals pp. 617-654 Downloads
Maria Laura Toraldo, Gazi Islam and Gianluigi Mangia
The Sociomaterial Negotiation of Social Entrepreneurs’ Meaningful Work pp. 655-684 Downloads
Gillian Symon and Rebecca Whiting
Datification and the Pursuit of Meaningfulness in Work pp. 685-717 Downloads
Mari‐Klara Stein, Erica L. Wagner, Pamela Tierney, Sue Newell and Robert D. Galliers

Volume 56, issue 03, 2019

Do Disruptive Visions Pay Off? The Impact of Disruptive Entrepreneurial Visions on Venture Funding pp. 303-342 Downloads
Timo van Balen, Murat Tarakci and Ashish Sood
Growing Followers: Exploring the Effects of Leader Humility on Follower Self‐Expansion, Self‐Efficacy, and Performance pp. 343-371 Downloads
Jianghua Mao, Chia‐Yen (Chad) Chiu, Bradley P. Owens, Jacob A. Brown and Jianqiao Liao
Indirect Reciprocity and Corporate Philanthropic Giving: How Visiting Officials Influence Investment in Privately Owned Chinese Firms pp. 372-407 Downloads
Ming Jia, Yi Xiang and Zhe Zhang
Authentication as Institutional Maintenance Work pp. 408-440 Downloads
Sylvain Colombero and Eva Boxenbaum
Objectivity and Truth: The Role of the Essay in Management Scholarship pp. 441-447 Downloads
Roy Suddaby

Volume 56, issue 01, 2019

Meta‐Analytic Research in Management: Contemporary Approaches, Unresolved Controversies, and Rising Standards pp. 1-18 Downloads
James G. Combs, T. Russell Crook and Andreas Rauch
A Process Perspective on Organizational Failure: A Qualitative Meta‐Analysis pp. 19-56 Downloads
Stefanie Habersang, Jill Küberling‐Jost, Markus Reihlen and Christoph Seckler
How Competitive Action Mediates the Resource Slack–Performance Relationship: A Meta‐Analytic Approach pp. 57-90 Downloads
Christina Matz Carnes, Kai Xu, David G. Sirmon and Reha Karadag
Organizational Controls and Performance Outcomes: A Meta‐Analytic Assessment and Extension pp. 91-133 Downloads
Vikrant Sihag and Serge A. Rijsdijk
Illuminating the ‘Face’ of Justice: A Meta‐Analytic Examination of Leadership and Organizational Justice pp. 134-171 Downloads
Elizabeth P. Karam, Jinyu Hu, Robert B. Davison, Matthew Juravich, Jennifer D. Nahrgang, Stephen E. Humphrey and D. Scott DeRue
Board Antecedents of CEO Duality and the Moderating Role of Country‐level Managerial Discretion: A Meta‐analytic Investigation pp. 172-202 Downloads
Gang Wang, Kaitlyn DeGhetto, B. Parker Ellen and Bruce T. Lamont
Innovation Offshoring, Institutional Context and Innovation Performance: A Meta‐Analysis pp. 203-233 Downloads
Nina Rosenbusch, Michael Gusenbauer, Isabella Hatak, Matthias Fink and Klaus Meyer
Viceroys or Emperors? An Institution‐Based Perspective on Merger and Acquisition Prevalence and Shareholder Value pp. 234-269 Downloads
A. J. J. (Ron) Maas, P. P. M. A. R. (Pursey) Heugens and Taco H. Reus
Does the Diversification–Firm Performance Relationship Change Over Time? A Meta‐Analytical Review pp. 270-298 Downloads
Monika Schommer, Ansgar Richter and Amit Karna
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