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Volume 56, issue 09, 2019

Mutual Gains? Health‐Related HRM, Collective Well‐Being and Organizational Performance pp. 1045-1072 Downloads
Hendrik Huettermann and Heike Bruch
When Do Expert Teams Fail to Create Impactful Inventions? pp. 1073-1104 Downloads
Simon J. D. Schillebeeckx, Yimin Lin and Gerard George
Well It’s Only Fair: How Perceptions of Manager Discretion in Bonus Allocation Affect Intrinsic Motivation pp. 1105-1137 Downloads
Rebecca Hewett and Hannes Leroy
Board Committees in Corporate Governance: A Cross‐Disciplinary Review and Agenda for the Future pp. 1138-1193 Downloads
Kalin D. Kolev, David B. Wangrow, Vincent L. Barker and Donald J. Schepker
The Context of Entrepreneurship pp. 1194-1196 Downloads
Gerardo Patriotta and Don Siegel
The Context of Entrepreneurial Judgment: Organizations, Markets, and Institutions pp. 1197-1213 Downloads
Nicolai J. Foss, Peter G. Klein and Christian Bjørnskov
Beyond Homo Entrepreneurus: Judgment and the Theory of Cultural Entrepreneurship pp. 1214-1236 Downloads
Michael Lounsbury, Joel Gehman and Mary Ann Glynn

Volume 56, issue 07, 2019

Theories from the Lab: How Research on Science Commercialization can Contribute to Management Studies pp. 865-894 Downloads
Riccardo Fini, Einar Rasmussen, Johan Wiklund and Mike Wright
How do Scientists Contribute to the Performance of Innovative Start‐ups? An Imprinting Perspective on Open Innovation pp. 895-928 Downloads
Davide Hahn, Tommaso Minola and Kimberly A. Eddleston
Logics, Leaders, Lab Coats: A Multi‐Level Study on How Institutional Logics are Linked to Entrepreneurial Intentions in Academia pp. 929-965 Downloads
Caren Klingbeil, Thorsten Semrau, Mark Ebers and Hendrik Wilhelm
Markets under the Microscope: Making Scientific Discoveries Valuable through Choreographed Contestations pp. 966-999 Downloads
Katy Mason, Martin Friesl and Chris J. Ford
Public Funding for Science and the Value of Corporate R&D Projects; Evidence from Project Initiation and Termination Decisions in Cell Therapy pp. 1000-1039 Downloads
Hsini Huang and Simcha Jong

Volume 56, issue 06, 2019

Are All Private Benefits of Control Ineffective? Principal–Principal Benefits, External Governance Quality, and Firm Performance pp. 725-757 Downloads
Steve Sauerwald, Pursey P. M. A. R. Heugens, Roxana Turturea and Marc van Essen
When do Dynamic Capabilities Lead to Competitive Advantage? The Importance of Strategic Fit pp. 758-787 Downloads
Stav Fainshmidt, Lucas Wenger, Amir Pezeshkan and Mark R. Mallon
Achieving Temporal Ambidexterity in New Ventures pp. 788-822 Downloads
Stephanie L. Wang, Yadong Luo, Vladislav Maksimov, Jinyun Sun and Nikhil Celly
Anchors in Rough Seas: Understanding Category Spanning as a Source of Market Coordination pp. 823-853 Downloads
Martina Montauti
The Imposter Syndrome, or the Mis‐Representation of Self in Academic Life pp. 854-861 Downloads
Joel Bothello and Thomas J. Roulet

Volume 56, issue 05, 2019

The Five Paradoxes of Meaningful Work: Introduction to the special Issue ‘Meaningful Work: Prospects for the 21st Century’ pp. 481-499 Downloads
Catherine Bailey, Marjolein Lips‐Wiersma, Adrian Madden, Ruth Yeoman, Marc Thompson and Neal Chalofsky
Outcomes of Meaningful Work: A Meta‐Analysis pp. 500-528 Downloads
Blake A. Allan, Cassondra Batz-Barbarich, Haley M. Sterling and Louis Tay
The Experience of Untapped Potential: Towards a Subjective Temporal Understanding of Work Meaningfulness pp. 529-557 Downloads
Giverny De Boeck, Nicky Dries and Hans Tierens
The Dark Side of Deeply Meaningful Work: Work‐Relationship Turmoil and the Moderating Role of Occupational Value Homophily pp. 558-588 Downloads
Carrie R. Oelberger
Struggling with Meaningfulness when Context Shifts: Volunteer Work in a German Refugee Shelter pp. 589-616 Downloads
Mona Florian, Jana Costas and Dan Kärreman
Serving Time: Volunteer Work, Liminality and the Uses of Meaningfulness at Music Festivals pp. 617-654 Downloads
Maria Laura Toraldo, Gazi Islam and Gianluigi Mangia
The Sociomaterial Negotiation of Social Entrepreneurs’ Meaningful Work pp. 655-684 Downloads
Gillian Symon and Rebecca Whiting
Datification and the Pursuit of Meaningfulness in Work pp. 685-717 Downloads
Mari‐Klara Stein, Erica L. Wagner, Pamela Tierney, Sue Newell and Robert D. Galliers

Volume 56, issue 03, 2019

Do Disruptive Visions Pay Off? The Impact of Disruptive Entrepreneurial Visions on Venture Funding pp. 303-342 Downloads
Timo van Balen, Murat Tarakci and Ashish Sood
Growing Followers: Exploring the Effects of Leader Humility on Follower Self‐Expansion, Self‐Efficacy, and Performance pp. 343-371 Downloads
Jianghua Mao, Chia‐Yen (Chad) Chiu, Bradley P. Owens, Jacob A. Brown and Jianqiao Liao
Indirect Reciprocity and Corporate Philanthropic Giving: How Visiting Officials Influence Investment in Privately Owned Chinese Firms pp. 372-407 Downloads
Ming Jia, Yi Xiang and Zhe Zhang
Authentication as Institutional Maintenance Work pp. 408-440 Downloads
Sylvain Colombero and Eva Boxenbaum
Objectivity and Truth: The Role of the Essay in Management Scholarship pp. 441-447 Downloads
Roy Suddaby

Volume 56, issue 01, 2019

Meta‐Analytic Research in Management: Contemporary Approaches, Unresolved Controversies, and Rising Standards pp. 1-18 Downloads
James G. Combs, T. Russell Crook and Andreas Rauch
A Process Perspective on Organizational Failure: A Qualitative Meta‐Analysis pp. 19-56 Downloads
Stefanie Habersang, Jill Küberling‐Jost, Markus Reihlen and Christoph Seckler
How Competitive Action Mediates the Resource Slack–Performance Relationship: A Meta‐Analytic Approach pp. 57-90 Downloads
Christina Matz Carnes, Kai Xu, David G. Sirmon and Reha Karadag
Organizational Controls and Performance Outcomes: A Meta‐Analytic Assessment and Extension pp. 91-133 Downloads
Vikrant Sihag and Serge A. Rijsdijk
Illuminating the ‘Face’ of Justice: A Meta‐Analytic Examination of Leadership and Organizational Justice pp. 134-171 Downloads
Elizabeth P. Karam, Jinyu Hu, Robert B. Davison, Matthew Juravich, Jennifer D. Nahrgang, Stephen E. Humphrey and D. Scott DeRue
Board Antecedents of CEO Duality and the Moderating Role of Country‐level Managerial Discretion: A Meta‐analytic Investigation pp. 172-202 Downloads
Gang Wang, Kaitlyn DeGhetto, B. Parker Ellen and Bruce T. Lamont
Innovation Offshoring, Institutional Context and Innovation Performance: A Meta‐Analysis pp. 203-233 Downloads
Nina Rosenbusch, Michael Gusenbauer, Isabella Hatak, Matthias Fink and Klaus E. Meyer
Viceroys or Emperors? An Institution‐Based Perspective on Merger and Acquisition Prevalence and Shareholder Value pp. 234-269 Downloads
A. J. J. (Ron) Maas, P. P. M. A. R. (Pursey) Heugens and Taco H. Reus
Does the Diversification–Firm Performance Relationship Change Over Time? A Meta‐Analytical Review pp. 270-298 Downloads
Monika Schommer, Ansgar Richter and Amit Karna

Volume 55, issue 12, 2018

Identity Co‐Formation in an Emerging Industry: Forging Organizational Distinctiveness and Industry Coherence Through Sensemaking and Sensegiving pp. 1323-1355 Downloads
Ileana Stigliani and Kimberly D. Elsbach
Stock Return or Sales Growth? Multiple Performance Feedback and Strategic Investments Under Securities Analysts’ Earnings Pressure pp. 1356-1385 Downloads
Yu Zhang and Yan Gong
Alliance Portfolio Diversity and Innovation: The Interplay of Portfolio Coordination Capability and Proactive Partner Selection Capability pp. 1386-1422 Downloads
Philip Degener, Indre Maurer and Suleika Bort
Executives’ Stakeholder Values in the Prediction of Work Process Change pp. 1423-1451 Downloads
Nathan T. Washburn, David A. Waldman, Mary F. Sully de Luque and Min Z. Carter
“I Shot the Sheriff”: Irony, Sarcasm and the Changing Nature of Workplace Resistance pp. 1452-1487 Downloads
Rafael Alcadipani, John Hassard and Gazi Islam
Navigating a Dialectical Journey on Paradox Research: An Introduction to the Point–Counterpoint on Paradox Theory pp. 1488-1489 Downloads
Dries Faems and Igor Filatotchev
Seeing the Forest and the Trees: How a Systems Perspective Informs Paradox Research pp. 1490-1506 Downloads
Jonathan Schad and Pratima Bansal
The Learning Spiral: A Process Perspective on Paradox pp. 1507-1526 Downloads
Sebastian Raisch, Timothy J. Hargrave and Andrew H. van de Ven

Volume 55, issue 11, 2018

Perspectives on Disruptive Innovations pp. 1025-1042 Downloads
Arun Kumaraswamy, Raghu Garud and Shahzad (Shaz) Ansari
Disruptive Innovation: An Intellectual History and Directions for Future Research pp. 1043-1078 Downloads
Clayton M. Christensen, Rory McDonald, Elizabeth J. Altman and Jonathan E. Palmer
Embracing Bewilderment: Responding to Technological Disruption in Heterogeneous Market Environments pp. 1079-1121 Downloads
Saeed Khanagha, Mohammad Taghi Ramezan Zadeh, Oli R. Mihalache and Henk W. Volberda
Why Do Incumbents Respond Heterogeneously to Disruptive Innovations? The Interplay of Domain Identity and Role Identity pp. 1122-1165 Downloads
Nadine Kammerlander, Andreas König and Melanie Richards
Unpacking the Disruption Process: New Technology, Business Models, and Incumbent Adaptation pp. 1166-1202 Downloads
Alessio Cozzolino, Gianmario Verona and Frank T. Rothaermel
Disruption in Platform‐Based Ecosystems pp. 1203-1241 Downloads
Hakan Ozalp, Carmelo Cennamo and Annabelle Gawer
Unobtrusive Maintenance: Temporal Complexity, Latent Category Control and the Stalled Emergence of the Cleantech Sector pp. 1242-1277 Downloads
Charlene Zietsma, Trish Ruebottom and Angelique Slade Shantz
An Ecosystem‐Level Process Model of Business Model Disruption: The Disruptor's Gambit pp. 1278-1316 Downloads
Yuliya Snihur, Llewellyn D. W. Thomas and Robert A. Burgelman

Volume 55, issue 09, 2018

How a Firm's Domestic Footprint and Domestic Environmental Uncertainties Jointly Shape Added Cultural Distances: The Roles of Resource Dependence and Headquarters Attention pp. 883-909 Downloads
Guus Hendriks, Arjen H. L. Slangen and Pursey P. M. A. R. Heugens
To the Rescue!? Brokering a Rapid, Scaled and Customized Compassionate Response to Suffering after Disaster pp. 910-942 Downloads
Trenton A. Williams and Dean A. Shepherd
Corporate Governance in China: A Meta‐Analysis pp. 943-979 Downloads
Canan C. Mutlu, Marc Van Essen, Mike W. Peng, Sabrina F. Saleh and Patricio Duran
Let’s Talk about Language: A Review of Language‐Sensitive Research in International Management pp. 980-1013 Downloads
Päivi Karhunen, Anne Kankaanranta, Leena Louhiala‐Salminen and Rebecca Piekkari
Fast Food Research in the Era of Unplanned Obsolescence pp. 1014-1020 Downloads
Michael Marinetto

Volume 55, issue 07, 2018

Managing Persistent Tensions on the Frontline: A Configurational Perspective on Ambidexterity pp. 739-769 Downloads
Alexander Zimmermann, Sebastian Raisch and Laura B. Cardinal
When a Sinner Does a Good Deed: The Path‐Dependence of Reputation Repair pp. 770-808 Downloads
Haibing Shu and Sonia Man‐Lai Wong
Partner Type Diversity in Alliance Portfolios: Multiple Dimensions, Boundary Conditions and Firm Innovation Performance pp. 809-836 Downloads
John Hagedoorn, Boris Lokshin and Ann‐Kristin Zobel
Navigating Ambivalence: Perceived Organizational Prestige–Support Discrepancy and Its Relation to Employee Cynicism and Silence pp. 837-872 Downloads
Karim Mignonac, Olivier Herrbach, Carolina Serrano Archimi and Caroline Manville
Poles Apart: The Arctic & Management Studies pp. 873-879 Downloads
Gail Whiteman and Dmitry Yumashev

Volume 55, issue 06, 2018

Meta†Analysis of Coefficient Alpha: A Reliability Generalization Study pp. 583-618 Downloads
Lindsey M. Greco, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Bethany S. Cockburn and Zhenyu Yuan
The Convergence and Divergence of Job Discretion Between Occupations and Institutional Regimes in Europe from 1995 to 2010 pp. 619-647 Downloads
David Holman and Anthony Rafferty
Socio†Emotional Wealth Separation and Decision†Making Quality in Family Firm TMTs: The Moderating Role of Psychological Safety pp. 648-676 Downloads
Pieter Vandekerkhof, Tensie Steijvers, Walter Hendriks and Wim Voordeckers
Picking the Measuring Stick: The Role of Leaders in Social Comparisons pp. 677-702 Downloads
Karan Sonpar, Ian J. Walsh, Federica Pazzaglia, Miranda Eng and Ali Dastmalchian
Prying Eyes: A Dramaturgical Approach to Professional Surveillance pp. 703-727 Downloads
Laura M. Visser, Inge L. Bleijenbergh, Yvonne W. M. Benschop and Allard Van Riel
Making a Niche: The Marketization of Management Research and the Rise of ‘Knowledge Branding’ pp. 728-734 Downloads
Afshin Mehrpouya and Hugh Willmott

Volume 55, issue 05, 2018

What We Talk About When We Talk About Inequality: An Introduction to the Journal of Management Studies Special Issue pp. 381-393 Downloads
Roy Suddaby, Garry D. Bruton and James P. Walsh
The Institutional Work of Exploitation: Employers’ Work to Create and Perpetuate Inequality pp. 394-423 Downloads
Ralph Hamann and Stephanie Bertels
‘Why Even Bother Trying?’ Examining Discouragement among Racial†Minority Entrepreneurs pp. 424-456 Downloads
François Neville, Juanita Kimiyo Forrester, Jay O'Toole and Allan Riding
Breaking Boundaries: Exploring the Process of Intersective Market Activity of Immigrant Entrepreneurship in the Context of High Economic Inequality pp. 457-485 Downloads
Eliada Wosu Griffin†El and Joy Olabisi
The Legitimacy of Inequality: Integrating the Perspectives of System Justification and Social Judgment pp. 486-516 Downloads
Patrick Haack and Jost Sieweke
Achieving Social and Economic Equality by Unifying Business and Ethics: Adam Smith as the Cause of and Cure for the Separation Thesis pp. 517-544 Downloads
Scott L. Newbert
Poverty's Monument: Social Problems and Organizational Field Emergence in Historical Perspective pp. 545-577 Downloads
R. Daniel Wadhwani

Volume 55, issue 03, 2018

Toward a Cognitive View of Signalling Theory: Individual Attention and Signal Set Interpretation pp. 209-231 Downloads
Will Drover, Matthew S. Wood and Andrew C. Corbett
Flow Signals: Evidence from Patent and Alliance Portfolios in the US Biopharmaceutical Industry pp. 232-264 Downloads
Turanay Caner, Olga Bruyaka and John E. Prescott
Strategic Flexibility in New High†Technology Ventures pp. 265-294 Downloads
Ye Dai, John C. Goodale, Gukdo Byun and Fangsheng Ding
Resource Dependence and Network Relations: A Test of Venture Capital Investment Termination in China pp. 295-319 Downloads
Yanfeng Zheng and Jun Xia
In Pursuit of Time: Business Plan Sequencing, Duration and Intraentrainment Effects on New Venture Viability pp. 320-351 Downloads
Christian Hopp and Francis J. Greene

Volume 55, issue 01, 2018

Knowledge Worker Mobility in Context: Pushing the Boundaries of Theory and Methods pp. 1-26 Downloads
Mike Wright, Valentina Tartari, Kenneth G. Huang, Francesco Di Lorenzo and Janet Bercovitz
Context Factors and the Performance of Mobile Individuals in Research Teams pp. 27-59 Downloads
Chiara Franzoni, Giuseppe Scellato and Paula Stephan
Leaving Employment to Entrepreneurship: The Value of Co†worker Mobility in Pushed and Pulled†Driven Start†ups pp. 60-85 Downloads
Vera Rocha, Anabela Carneiro and Celeste Varum
The Impact of Knowledge Worker Mobility through an Acquisition on Breakthrough Knowledge pp. 86-107 Downloads
Haemin Dennis Park, Michael D. Howard and David M. Gomulya
Do Higher Wages Reduce Knowledge Worker's Job Mobility? Evidence for Swedish Inventors pp. 108-145 Downloads
Olof Ejermo and Torben Schubert
Pre†Exit Bundling, Turnover of Professionals, and Firm Performance pp. 146-173 Downloads
Rhett A. Brymer and David G. Sirmon
Virtual Mobility and the Lonely Cloud: Theorizing the Mobility†Isolation Paradox for Self†Employed Knowledge†Workers in the Online Home†Based Business Context pp. 174-203 Downloads
Elizabeth Daniel, MariaLaura Di Domenico and Daniel Nunan
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