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Volume 58, issue 12, 2021

Corporate Social Responsibility Research in the Journal of Management Studies: A Shift from a Business‐Centric to a Society‐Centric Focus pp. E1-E17 Downloads
Christopher Wickert
Theorizing Diversity in Management Studies: New Perspectives and Future Directions pp. 2003-2023 Downloads
Corinne Post, Daniel Muzio, Riikka Sarala, Liqun Wei and Dries Faems
Why Difference Makes a Difference: Diversity, Inequality, and Institutionalization pp. 2024-2051 Downloads
Nancy DiTomaso
From Cultural Differences to Identity Politics: A Critical Discursive Approach to National Identity in Multinational Corporations pp. 2052-2081 Downloads
Eero Vaara, Janne Tienari and Alexei Koveshnikov
From Attention to Action: The Influence of Cognitive and Ideological Diversity in Top Management Teams on Business Model Innovation pp. 2082-2110 Downloads
Somendra Narayan, Jatinder S. Sidhu and Henk W. Volberda
Bridging Caste Divides: Middle‐Status Ambivalence, Elite Closure, and Lower‐Status Social Withdrawal pp. 2111-2136 Downloads
Arjun Bhardwaj, Sushanta Kumar Mishra, Israr Qureshi, Kunal Kamal Kumar, Alison M. Konrad, Marc‐David L. Seidel and Babita Bhatt
The Relationship Between Team Deep‐Level Diversity and Team Performance: A Meta‐Analysis of the Main Effect, Moderators, and Mediating Mechanisms pp. 2137-2179 Downloads
María del Carmen Triana, Kwanghyun Kim, Seo‐Young Byun, Dora María Delgado and Winfred Arthur
Both Diversity and Meritocracy: Managing the Diversity‐Meritocracy Paradox with Organizational Ambidexterity pp. 2180-2206 Downloads
Alison M. Konrad, Orlando C. Richard and Yang Yang
Interpersonal Outcomes of Religious Identity Management at Work pp. 2207-2239 Downloads
Afra S. Ahmad, Eden King, Alex Lindsey, Isaac Sabat, Cassandra Phetmisy and Amanda Anderson
Organizational Demographic Faultlines: Their Impact on Collective Organizational Identification, Firm Performance, and Firm Innovation pp. 2240-2274 Downloads
Ulrich Leicht‐Deobald, Hendrik Huettermann, Heike Bruch and Barbara S. Lawrence

Volume 58, issue 11, 2021

Corporate Strategy and the Theory of the Firm in the Digital Age pp. 1695-1720 Downloads
Markus Menz, Sven Kunisch, Julian Birkinshaw, David J. Collis, Nicolai J. Foss, Robert E. Hoskisson and John E. Prescott
First Impressions Stick: Market Entry Strategies and Category Priming in the Digital Domain pp. 1721-1760 Downloads
Paolo Aversa, Annelore Huyghe and Giulia Bonadio
Understanding interorganizational big data technologies: How technology adoption motivations and technology design shape collaborative dynamics pp. 1761-1799 Downloads
Katharina Cepa
Chief Digital Officers: An Analysis of the Presence of a Centralized Digital Transformation Role pp. 1800-1831 Downloads
Sebastian Firk, André Hanelt, Jana Oehmichen and Michael Wolff
Same Old Song with a Different Melody: The Paradox of Market Reach and Financial Performance on Digital Platforms pp. 1832-1868 Downloads
Mikko Hänninen and Anssi Smedlund
Signalling Strategies of Exporters on Internet Business‐to‐Business Platforms pp. 1869-1898 Downloads
Ruey‐Jer “Bryan” Jean and Daekwan Kim
Overcoming the Early‐stage Conundrum of Digital Platform Ecosystem Emergence: A Problem‐Solving Perspective pp. 1899-1932 Downloads
Ramya K. Murthy and Anoop Madhok
Strategic Decision Making in the Digital Age: Expert Sentiment and Corporate Capital Allocation pp. 1933-1961 Downloads
Steffen Nauhaus, Johannes Luger and Sebastian Raisch
Technological Frames in the Digital Age: Theory, Measurement Instrument, and Future Research Areas pp. 1962-1993 Downloads
Patrick Spieth, Tobias Röth, Thomas Clauss and Christoph Klos

Volume 58, issue 09, 2021

The Relationship between Stakeholder Theory and Corporate Social Responsibility: Differences, Similarities, and Implications for Social Issues in Management pp. 1441-1470 Downloads
Sergiy D. Dmytriyev, R. Edward Freeman and Jacob Hörisch
The Lived Experience of Managerialization: Understanding Values Conflict in Non‐profits through a Pragmatic Institutionalism pp. 1471-1506 Downloads
Erynn E. Beaton, Rich DeJordy and Pacey Foster
Helping While Competing? The Complex Effects of Competitive Climates on the Prosocial Identity and Performance Relationship pp. 1507-1531 Downloads
Emily M. David, Tae‐Yeol Kim, Matt Rodgers and Tingting Chen
Are There Limits to Diversification in Emerging Economies? Distinguishing between Firm‐Level and Business Group Strategies pp. 1532-1568 Downloads
Shaleen Gopal, K. S. Manikandan and J. Ramachandran
You Speak, I Speak: The Social‐Cognitive Mechanisms of Voice Contagion pp. 1569-1608 Downloads
Thomas W. H. Ng, Lorenzo Lucianetti, Dennis Y. Hsu, Frederick H. K. Yim and Kelly L. Sorensen
How Country Reputation Differentials Influence Market Reaction to International Acquisitions pp. 1609-1639 Downloads
Chengguang Li, Oded Shenkar, William E. Newburry and Yinuo Tang
Distance as Diversity: Two Sides of the Same Coin? pp. 1640-1643 Downloads
Jonathan P. Doh
International Management as Management of Diversity: Reconceptualizing Distance as Diversity pp. 1644-1668 Downloads
Fabrice Lumineau, Marvin Hanisch and Olivier Wurtz
Integrating Diversity into Distance Research for Added Rigor, Parsimony, and Relevance pp. 1669-1689 Downloads
Tatiana Kostova and Sjoerd Beugelsdijk

Volume 58, issue 07, 2021

A Systematic Review of the Literature on Digital Transformation: Insights and Implications for Strategy and Organizational Change pp. 1159-1197 Downloads
André Hanelt, René Bohnsack, David Marz and Cláudia Antunes Marante
A Meta‐Analytic Integration of Acquisition Performance Prediction pp. 1198-1236 Downloads
David R. King, Gang Wang, Mehdi Samimi and Andres Felipe Cortes
Acquirers’ Reception of Signals in M&A Markets: Effects of Acquirer Experiences on Target Selection pp. 1237-1266 Downloads
Cheng‐Wei Wu and Jeffrey J. Reuer
Great Successes and Great Failures: The Impact of Project Leader Status on Project Performance and Performance Extremeness pp. 1267-1293 Downloads
Balazs Szatmari, Dirk Deichmann, Jan van den Ende and Brayden G. King
Building Character: The Formation of a Hybrid Organizational Identity in a Social Enterprise pp. 1294-1330 Downloads
Joep P. Cornelissen, Ona Akemu, Jeroen G. F. Jonkman and Mirjam D. Werner
How Life Experiences and Cultural Context Matter: A Multilevel Framework of Global Leader Effectiveness pp. 1331-1362 Downloads
Mansour Javidan, David A. Waldman and Danni Wang
Social Entrepreneurship’s Solutionism Problem pp. 1363-1370 Downloads
Dominic Chalmers
COVID‐19 and the Future of Management Studies. Insights from Leading Scholars pp. 1371-1377 Downloads
Daniel Muzio and Jonathan Doh
Strategic Human Resource Management and COVID‐19: Emerging Challenges and Research Opportunities pp. 1378-1382 Downloads
David G. Collings, John McMackin, Anthony J. Nyberg and Patrick M. Wright
Researching the Post‐Pandemic Professional Service Firm: Challenging our Assumptions pp. 1383-1388 Downloads
Laura Empson
The Impact of Quarantines, Lockdowns, and ‘Reopenings’ on the Commercialization of Science: Micro and Macro Issues pp. 1389-1394 Downloads
Donald S. Siegel and Maribel Guerrero
Covid‐19 and The Study of Professionals and Professional Work pp. 1395-1399 Downloads
Timothy Hoff
Complexity and COVID‐19: Leadership and Followership in a Complex World pp. 1400-1404 Downloads
Mary Uhl‐Bien
Corporate Governance Research in the Wake of a Systemic Crisis: Lessons and Opportunities from the COVID‐19 Pandemic pp. 1405-1410 Downloads
Alessandro Zattoni and Amedeo Pugliese
Complex Times, Complex Time: The Pandemic, Time‐Based Theorizing and Temporal Research in Management and Organization Studies pp. 1411-1415 Downloads
Sven Kunisch, Blagoy Blagoev and Jean M. Bartunek
Recalibrating Management Research for the Post‐COVID‐19 Scientific Enterprise pp. 1416-1420 Downloads
Stav Fainshmidt, Daniel S. Andrews, Ajai Gaur and Andreas Schotter
No Need to Know It All: Implications of COVID‐19 for Corporate Communication Research pp. 1421-1425 Downloads
Wei Guo and Albert A. Cannella
Burning Down the House: COVID‐19 and Institutions pp. 1426-1430 Downloads
A. Wren Montgomery and M. Tina Dacin
COVID‐19 and the Scope of the Firm pp. 1431-1435 Downloads
Mike W. Peng and Nishant Kathuria

Volume 58, issue 06, 2021

The Distinctive Domain of the Sharing Economy: Definitions, Value Creation, and Implications for Research pp. 927-948 Downloads
Gideon D. Markman, Marvin Lieberman, Michael Leiblein, Li‐Qun Wei and Yonggui Wang
The Sharing Economy and Business Model Design: A Configurational Approach pp. 949-976 Downloads
Feifei Jiang, Xiaoying Zheng, Di Fan, Pengxiang Zhang and Sali Li
Contextualizing the Sharing Economy pp. 977-1001 Downloads
Guo Bai and S. Ramakrishna Velamuri
Assessing Trust and Risk Perceptions in the Sharing Economy: An Empirical Study pp. 1002-1032 Downloads
Huimin Gu, Tingting (Christina) Zhang, Can Lu and Xiaoxiao Song
A Relational‐Models View to Explain Peer‐to‐Peer Sharing pp. 1033-1069 Downloads
Nicole Stofberg, Flore Bridoux, Francesca Ciulli, Niccolò Pisani, Ans Kolk and Marlene Vock
Regulated Dependence: Platform Workers’ Responses to New Forms of Organizing pp. 1070-1106 Downloads
Jovana Karanović, Hans Berends and Yuval Engel
When Stigma Doesn’t Transfer: Stigma Deflection and Occupational Stratification in the Sharing Economy pp. 1107-1139 Downloads
Kam Phung, Sean Buchanan, Madeline Toubiana, Trish Ruebottom and Luciana Turchick‐Hakak
Caring as an Organizing Principle: Reflections on Ethnography of and as Care pp. 1146-1153 Downloads
Samantha Ortiz Casillas

Volume 58, issue 05, 2021

Challenges and Best‐practice Recommendations for Designing and Conducting Interviews with Elite Informants pp. 649-672 Downloads
Angelo M. Solarino and Herman Aguinis
The Millennial ‘Meh’: Correlated Groups as Collective Agents in the Automobile Field pp. 673-717 Downloads
A. Wren Montgomery, Kimberly S. Wolske and Thomas P. Lyon
Hybrid Context, Management Practices and Organizational Performance: A Configurational Approach pp. 718-748 Downloads
Leroy White, Andy Lockett, Graeme Currie and James Hayton
Legitimacy Revisited: Disentangling Propriety, Validity, and Consensus pp. 749-781 Downloads
Patrick Haack, Oliver Schilke and Lynne Zucker
Stakeholder Agency Relationships: CEO Stock Options and Corporate Tax Avoidance pp. 782-814 Downloads
Leon Zolotoy, Don O’Sullivan, Geoffrey P. Martin and Robert M. Wiseman
The Role of Substantive Actions in Sensemaking During Strategic Change pp. 815-848 Downloads
Ann‐Kristin Weiser
Setting the Tone for the Team: A Multi‐Level Analysis of Managerial Control, Peer Control, and their Consequences for Job Satisfaction and Team Performance pp. 849-878 Downloads
Jorge Walter, Markus Kreutzer and Karin Kreutzer
The Future of the Corporation pp. 879-886 Downloads
Gerardo Patriotta
The Future of the Corporation and the Economics of Purpose pp. 887-901 Downloads
Colin Mayer
Corporate Purpose Needs Democracy pp. 902-913 Downloads
Gerald F. Davis
The Mobilization of Noncooperative Spaces: Reflections from Rohingya Refugee Camps pp. 914-921 Downloads
Rashedur Chowdhury

Volume 58, issue 03, 2021

Management Research that Makes a Difference: Broadening the Meaning of Impact pp. 297-320 Downloads
Christopher Wickert, Corinne Post, Jonathan P. Doh, John E. Prescott and Andrea Prencipe
Rallying the Troops and Defending against Sanctions: A Government Body Breaking Decision‐Making Rules to Fund Entrepreneurial Ventures pp. 321-358 Downloads
Dean A. Shepherd, Jeaneth Johansson, Malin Malmström and Joakim Wincent
The Process Affordances of Strategy Toolmaking when Addressing Wicked Problems pp. 359-388 Downloads
Gary T. Burke and Carola Wolf
When Three’s (Good) Company: Third‐Party Friendships on Cooperation across Departments pp. 389-420 Downloads
Sze‐Sze Wong, Wai Fong Boh and Anne Wu
The Direct and Moderating Effects of Endogenous Corporate Social Responsibility on Firm Valuation: Theoretical and Empirical Evidence from the Global Financial Crisis pp. 421-456 Downloads
Sean T. Hannah, Naz Sayari, Frederick H. deB. Harris and Carol L. Cain
Political CSR at the Coalface – The Roles and Contradictions of Multinational Corporations in Developing Workplace Dialogue pp. 457-486 Downloads
Juliane Reinecke and Jimmy Donaghey
Meanings of Theory: Clarifying Theory through Typification pp. 487-516 Downloads
Jörgen Sandberg and Mats Alvesson
The Business Model Phenomenon: Towards Theoretical Relevance pp. 517-527 Downloads
John E. Prescott and Igor Filatotchev
What can Strategy Learn from the Business Model Approach? pp. 528-539 Downloads
Lyda S. Bigelow and Jay B. Barney
A Business Model View of Strategy pp. 540-553 Downloads
Gianvito Lanzolla and Constantinos Markides
High Flying Business Schools: Working Together to Address the Impact of Management Education and Research on Climate Change pp. 554-561 Downloads
Michael J. Gill
COVID‐19 and Global Governance pp. 562-566 Downloads
David L. Levy
Pandemics and Network Scholarship pp. 567-571 Downloads
Tiziana Casciaro
Sensemaking in the Time of COVID‐19 pp. 572-576 Downloads
Marlys K. Christianson and Michelle A. Barton
Whither Critical Management and Organization Studies? For a Performative Critique of Capitalist Flows in the Wake of the COVID‐19 Pandemic pp. 577-581 Downloads
Patrizia Zanoni
Organisational Change in a (Post‐) Pandemic World: Rediscovering Interests and Values pp. 582-586 Downloads
John M. Amis and Royston Greenwood
Can you Speak Covid‐19? Languages and Social Inequality in Management Studies pp. 587-591 Downloads
Rebecca Piekkari, Susanne Tietze, Jo Angouri, Renate Meyer and Eero Vaara
Temporal Strategies and Firms’ Speedy Responses to COVID‐19 pp. 592-596 Downloads
David Ahlstrom and Linda C. Wang
A Few Implications of the COVID‐19 Pandemic for International Business Strategy Research pp. 597-601 Downloads
Alain Verbeke and Wenlong Yuan
How COVID‐19 Informs Business Sustainability Research: It’s Time for a Systems Perspective pp. 602-606 Downloads
Pratima (Tima) Bansal, Sylvia Grewatsch and Garima Sharma
Inequality in the Time of Corona Virus pp. 607-610 Downloads
Kamal A. Munir

Volume 58, issue 01, 2021

Corporate Entrepreneurship and Family Business: Learning Across Domains pp. 1-26 Downloads
Tommaso Minola, Nadine Kammerlander, Franz W. Kellermanns and Frank Hoy
Entrepreneurial by Design: How Organizational Design Affects Family and Non‐family Firms’ Opportunity Exploitation pp. 27-62 Downloads
Alfredo De Massis, Kimberly A. Eddleston and Paola Rovelli
Next Generation External Venturing Practices in Family Owned Businesses pp. 63-103 Downloads
Marcela Ramírez‐Pasillas, Hans Lundberg and Mattias Nordqvist
System‐Spanning Values Work and Entrepreneurial Growth in Family Firms pp. 104-134 Downloads
Johanna Raitis, Innan Sasaki and Josip Kotlar
Responding to Digital Transformation by External Corporate Venturing: An Enterprising Family Identity and Communication Patterns Perspective pp. 135-164 Downloads
Reinhard Prügl and Dinah Isabel Spitzley
Family versus Non‐Family Firm Franchisors: Behavioural and Performance Differences pp. 165-200 Downloads
Francesco Chirico, Dianne H. B. Welsh, R. Duane Ireland and Philipp Sieger
Narrow‐Framing and Risk Preferences in Family and Non‐Family Firms pp. 201-235 Downloads
Hanqing “Chevy” Fang, Esra Memili, James J. Chrisman and Linjia Tang
News from the Editors: Celebrating the Past, Welcoming the Future pp. 238-239 Downloads
Jonathan P. Doh and Daniel Muzio
How Crisis Reveals the Structures of Practices pp. 240-244 Downloads
David Seidl and Richard Whittington
Covid‐19 and Our Understanding of Risk, Emergencies, and Crises pp. 245-248 Downloads
Linda Rouleau, Markus Hällgren and Mark de Rond
COVID‐19 and the New Technologies of Organizing: Digital Exhaust, Digital Footprints, and Artificial Intelligence in the Wake of Remote Work pp. 249-253 Downloads
Paul M. Leonardi
Grand Challenges, Covid‐19 and the Future of Organizational Scholarship pp. 254-258 Downloads
Jennifer Howard‐Grenville
Strategic Management Theory in a Post‐Pandemic and Non‐Ergodic World pp. 259-264 Downloads
Michael A. Hitt, Jean‐Luc Arregle and R. Michael Holmes
‘15 Days to Slow the Spread’: Covid‐19 and Collective Resilience pp. 265-269 Downloads
Mary Ann Glynn
The Impact of the Covid‐19 Pandemic on Firms’ Organizational Designs pp. 270-274 Downloads
Nicolai J. Foss
COVID's Impacts on the Field of Labour and Employment Relations pp. 275-279 Downloads
Adrienne Eaton and Charles Heckscher
COVID‐19 and the Future of CSR Research pp. 280-284 Downloads
Andrew Crane and Dirk Matten
Social Entrepreneurship and COVID‐19 pp. 285-288 Downloads
Sophie Bacq and G. T. Lumpkin
Shifting Team Research after COVID‐19: Evolutionary and Revolutionary Change pp. 289-293 Downloads
Deborah Ancona, Henrik Bresman and Mark Mortensen
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