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Volume 72, issue 5, 2019

Acknowledgments pp. 1047-1049 Downloads
Introduction to a Special Issue on Entrepreneurship and Employment: Connecting Labor Market Institutions, Corporate Demography, and Human Resource Management Practices pp. 1050-1064 Downloads
M. Diane Burton, Robert W. Fairlie and Donald Siegel
Occupational Licensure and Entrepreneurs: The Case of Tax Preparers in the United States pp. 1065-1093 Downloads
Kyle W. Albert, Roman V. Galperin and Aleksandra Kacperczyk
Academic Entrepreneurship: The Bayh-Dole Act versus the Professor’s Privilege pp. 1094-1122 Downloads
Thomas Åstebro, Serguey Braguinsky, Pontus Braunerhjelm and Anders Broström
Do Start-ups Provide Employment Opportunities for Disadvantaged Workers? pp. 1123-1148 Downloads
Daniel Fackler, Michaela Fuchs, Lisa Hölscher and Claus Schnabel
Experience and Entrepreneurship: A Career Transition Perspective pp. 1149-1181 Downloads
Christopher I. Rider, Peter Thompson, Aleksandra Kacperczyk and Joacim TÃ¥g
Local Prior Employment and Ecosystem Dynamics pp. 1182-1199 Downloads
Paige Clayton, Mary Donegan, Maryann Feldman, Allison Forbes, Nichola Lowe and Alyse Polly
Is It All About Who You Know? Prior Work Connections and Entrepreneurial Success pp. 1200-1224 Downloads
Sarada and Oana Tocoian
The Productivity Advantage of Serial Entrepreneurs pp. 1225-1261 Downloads
Kathryn Shaw and Anders Sørensen
Measuring Job Creation, Growth, and Survival among the Universe of Start-ups in the United States Using a Combined Start-up Panel Data Set pp. 1262-1277 Downloads
Robert W. Fairlie, Javier Miranda and Nikolas Zolas
Book Review: Dying for a Paycheck: How Modern Management Harms Employee Health and Company Performance—and What We Can Do About It. By Jeffrey Pfeffer pp. 1278-1279 Downloads
Paul Osterman
Book Review: From Head Shops to Whole Foods: The Rise and Fall of Activist Entrepreneurs. By Joshua Clark Davis pp. 1279-1281 Downloads
Jason L. Newton
Book Review: Uberland: How Algorithms Are Rewriting the Rules of Work. By Alex Rosenblat pp. 1281-1283 Downloads
Hannah Johnston
Book Review: Ghost Work: How to Stop Silicon Valley from Building a New Global Underclass. By Mary L. Gray and Siddharth Suri pp. 1283-1285 Downloads
Benjamin Shestakofsky
Book Review: The Innovation Illusion: How So Little Is Created by So Many Working So Hard. By Fredrik Erixon and Björn Weigel pp. 1285-1286 Downloads
Carl J. Schramm
Book Review: Measuring Entrepreneurial Businesses: Current Knowledge and Challenges. Edited by John Haltiwanger, Erik Hurst, Javier Miranda, and Antoinette Schoar pp. 1287-1288 Downloads
Sameeksha Desai and A. J. Herrmann
Corrigendum: Unions and Non-Standard Work: Union Representation and Wage Premiums across Non-Standard Work Arrangements in Canada, 1997–2014 pp. 1289-1289 Downloads
Indices to Volume 72, 2019 pp. 1290-1296 Downloads

Volume 72, issue 2, 2019

Editorial Essay: Introduction to a Special Issue in Honor of Henry Farber pp. 263-265 Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter and Alexandre Mas
The Consequences of Long-Term Unemployment: Evidence from Linked Survey and Administrative Data pp. 266-299 Downloads
Katharine Abraham, John Haltiwanger, Kristin Sandusky and James R. Spletzer
To the New World and Back Again: Return Migrants in the Age of Mass Migration pp. 300-322 Downloads
Ran Abramitzky, Leah Boustan and Katherine Eriksson
School District Reform in Newark: Within- and Between-School Changes in Achievement Growth pp. 323-354 Downloads
Mark Chin, Thomas J. Kane, Whitney Kozakowski, Beth E. Schueler and Doug Staiger
Social Ties and the Job Search of Recent Immigrants pp. 355-381 Downloads
Deepti Goel and Kevin Lang
The Rise and Nature of Alternative Work Arrangements in the United States, 1995–2015 pp. 382-416 Downloads
Lawrence Katz and Alan Krueger
Union Threat Effects and the Decline in Employer-Provided Health Insurance pp. 417-445 Downloads
Craig A. Olson
The Returns to Elite Degrees: The Case of American Lawyers pp. 446-479 Downloads
Paul Oyer and Scott Schaefer
State Collective Bargaining Laws and Public-Sector Pay pp. 480-508 Downloads
Eric J. Brunner and Andrew Ju
Book Review: Rules without Rights: Land, Labor, and Private Authority in the Global Economy by Tim Bartley pp. 509-510 Downloads
Mari Sako
Book Review: Reducing Inequalities in Europe: How Industrial Relations and Labour Policies Can Close the Gap Edited by Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead pp. 510-512 Downloads
Thomas Prosser
Book Review: Workers without Borders: Posted Work and Precarity in the EU by Ines Wagner pp. 512-514 Downloads
Markus Helfen
Book Review: Politics at Work: How Companies Turn Their Workers into Lobbyists by Alexander Hertel-Fernandez pp. 514-515 Downloads
Jake Rosenfeld
Book Review: Working for Respect: Community and Conflict at Walmart by Adam Reich and Peter Bearman pp. 516-517 Downloads
Maite Tapia
Book Review: Social Movements and Organized Labour: Passions and Interests Edited by Jürgen R. Grote and Claudius Wagemann pp. 517-519 Downloads
Ian Thomas MacDonald

Volume 72, issue 1, 2019

Worker Voice in America: Is There a Gap between What Workers Expect and What They Experience? pp. 3-38 Downloads
Thomas A. Kochan, Duanyi Yang, William T. Kimball and Erin L. Kelly
Too Good to Be True? A Comment on Hall and Krueger’s Analysis of the Labor Market for Uber’s Driver-Partners pp. 39-68 Downloads
Janine Berg and Hannah Johnston
Reply to the Comment by Berg and Johnston pp. 69-74 Downloads
Jonathan V. Hall and Alan Krueger
The Autonomy Paradox: How Night Work Undermines Subjective Well-Being of Internet-Based Freelancers pp. 75-100 Downloads
Andrey Shevchuk, Denis Strebkov and Shannon N. Davis
Locate Your Nearest Exit: Mass Layoffs and Local Labor Market Response pp. 101-126 Downloads
Andrew Foote, Michel Grosz and Ann Stevens
Before It Gets Better: The Short-Term Employment Costs of Regulatory Reforms pp. 127-157 Downloads
Andrea Bassanini and Federico Cingano
Resolving Discrimination Complaints in Employment Arbitration: An Analysis of the Experience in the Securities Industry pp. 158-184 Downloads
J. Ryan Lamare and David B. Lipsky
Experimental Evidence on the Long-Term Effects of a Youth Training Program pp. 185-222 Downloads
Pablo Ibarrarán, Jochen Kluve, Laura Ripani and David Rosas Shady
Do Field Experiments on Labor and Housing Markets Overstate Discrimination? A Re-examination of the Evidence pp. 223-252 Downloads
David Neumark and Judith Rich
Book Review: Where Bad Jobs Are Better: Retail Jobs Across Countries and Companies by Françoise Carré and Chris Tilly pp. 253-255 Downloads
David Weil
Book Review: Humans as a Service: The Promise and Perils of Work in the Gig Economy by Jeremias Prassl pp. 255-256 Downloads
Louis Hyman
Book Review: The Rise of the Working-Class Shareholder: Labor’s Last Best Weapon by David Webber pp. 256-258 Downloads
Tessa Hebb
Book Review: Temp: How American Work, American Business, and the American Dream Became Temporary by Louis Hyman pp. 258-259 Downloads
Peter Cappelli

Volume 71, issue 5, 2018

Acknowledgments pp. 1007-1009 Downloads
Industry Studies Research: ILR Review Paper Wins 2018 First Place Award pp. 1010-1012 Downloads
Editorial Essay: From Cautious Optimism to Renewed Pessimism: Labor Voice and Labor Scholarship in China pp. 1013-1028 Downloads
Sarosh Kuruvilla
Mobilization without Movement: How the Chinese State “Fixed†Labor Insurgency pp. 1029-1052 Downloads
Patricia Chen and Mary Gallagher
Taming Labor: Workers’ Struggles, Workplace Unionism, and Collective Bargaining on a Chinese Waterfront pp. 1053-1077 Downloads
Tim Pringle and Quan Meng
Overcoming Collective Action Problems Facing Chinese Workers: Lessons from Four Protests against Walmart pp. 1078-1105 Downloads
Chunyun Li and Mingwei Liu
The Poverty Reduction of Social Security and Means-Tested Transfers pp. 1106-1153 Downloads
Bruce D. Meyer and Derek Wu
Did the Affordable Care Act Young Adult Provision Affect Labor Market Outcomes? Analysis Using Tax Data pp. 1154-1178 Downloads
Bradley Heim, Ithai Lurie and Kosali Simon
Do Start-ups Pay Less? pp. 1179-1200 Downloads
M. Diane Burton, Michael Dahl and Olav Sorenson
Husband’s Unemployment and Wife’s Labor Supply: The Added Worker Effect across Europe pp. 1201-1231 Downloads
Julia Bredtmann, Sebastian Otten and Christian Rulff
Choosing a Control Group for Displaced Workers pp. 1232-1254 Downloads
Pawel Krolikowski
Book Review: Firms as Political Entities: Saving Democracy through Economic Bicameralism by Isabelle Ferreras pp. 1255-1256 Downloads
Michael J. Piore
Book Review: Reconstructing Solidarity: Labour Unions, Precarious Work, and the Politics of Institutional Change in Europe Edited by Virginia Doellgast, Nathan Lillie, and Valeria Pulignano pp. 1257-1258 Downloads
Lowell Turner
Book Review: Informal Workers and Collective Action: A Global Perspective Edited by Adrienne E. Eaton, Susan J. Schurman, and Martha A. Chen pp. 1258-1260 Downloads
Aurora Trif
Book Review: A Century of Wealth in America by Edward N. Wolff pp. 1260-1262 Downloads
Gerald Friedman
Indices to Volume 71, 2018 pp. 1263-1269 Downloads

Volume 71, issue 4, 2018

Introduction to a Special Issue on the Impact of Immigrant Legalization Initiatives: International Perspectives on Immigration and the World of Work pp. 807-822 Downloads
Maria Lorena Cook, Shannon Gleeson, Kati L. Griffith and Lawrence Kahn
The Impact of Acquiring Unrestricted Work Authorization on Romanian and Bulgarian Migrants in the United Kingdom pp. 823-852 Downloads
Martin Ruhs and Jonathan Wadsworth
Employment of Undocumented Immigrants and the Prospect of Legal Status: Evidence from an Amnesty Program  pp. 853-881 Downloads
Carlo Devillanova, Francesco Fasani and Tommaso Frattini
Legal but Deportable: Institutionalized Deportability and the Limits of Collective Bargaining among Participants in Canada’s Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program pp. 882-907 Downloads
Leah F. Vosko
From “Migrant†to “Citizenâ€: Labor Market Integration of Former Live-In Caregivers in Canada pp. 908-936 Downloads
Rupa Banerjee, Philip Kelly, Ethel Tungohan, Petronila Cleto, Conely de Leon, Mila Garcia, Marco Luciano, Cynthia Palmaria and Chris Sorio
Book Review: Making Immigrant Rights Real: Nonprofits and the Politics of Integration in San Francisco by Els de Graauw pp. 937-938 Downloads
Doris Marie Provine
Book Review: The Politics of Immigration: Partisanship, Demographic Change, and American National Identity by Tom K. Wong pp. 938-940 Downloads
Mark Bergfeld
Book Review: Scratching Out a Living: Latinos, Race, and Work in the Deep South by Angela Stuesse and On the Line: Slaughterhouse Lives and the Making of the New South by Vanesa Ribas pp. 940-943 Downloads
Eric Arce
Book Review: Living on the Margins: Undocumented Migrants in a Global City by Alice Bloch and Sonia McKay pp. 943-945 Downloads
Dario Azzellini
Book Review: The Economic and Fiscal Consequences of Immigration Edited by Francine D. Blau and Christopher Mackie pp. 945-947 Downloads
Kevin Shih
Book Review: I Am Not a Tractor! How Florida Farmworkers Took on the Fast Food Giants and Won by Susan L. Marquis pp. 947-949 Downloads
Janice R. Fine
Book Review: Border Lives: Fronterizos, Transnational Migrants, and Commuters in Tijuana by Sergio Chávez and Deported: Immigrant Policing, Disposable Labor and Global Capitalism by Tanya Maria Golash-Boza pp. 949-953 Downloads
Claudia Maria López
Book Review: Precarious Claims: The Promise and Failure of Workplace Protections in the United States by Shannon Gleeson pp. 953-955 Downloads
Elaine Draper
Learning about Democracy at Work: Cross-National Evidence on Individual Employee Voice Influencing Political Participation in Civil Society pp. 956-985 Downloads
John Budd, J. Ryan Lamare and Andrew R. Timming
Collective Action and Customer Service in Retail pp. 986-1001 Downloads
Suresh Naidu and Adam Reich

Volume 71, issue 3, 2018

Are Bonus Pools Driven by Their Incentive Effects? Evidence from Fluctuations in Gainsharing Incentives pp. 567-599 Downloads
Alan Benson and Sima Sajjadiani
The United Auto Workers’ Attempts to Unionize Volkswagen Chattanooga pp. 600-624 Downloads
Stephen J. Silvia
The Hangover: The Lasting Impact of Early Conflict on the Duration of Bargaining Relationships pp. 625-646 Downloads
Bradley R. Weinberg
Do Minimum Wages Lead to Job Losses? Evidence from OECD Countries on Low-Skilled and Youth Employment pp. 647-675 Downloads
Simon Sturn
Do Employers Have More Monopsony Power in Slack Labor Markets? pp. 676-704 Downloads
Boris Hirsch, Elke Jahn and Claus Schnabel
An Analysis of the Labor Market for Uber’s Driver-Partners in the United States pp. 705-732 Downloads
Jonathan V. Hall and Alan Krueger
Firms’ Adjustments to Employment Protection Legislation: Evidence from South Korea pp. 733-759 Downloads
Jisun Baek and WooRam Park
Asymmetric Labor Market Reforms: Effects on Wage Growth and Conversion Probability of Fixed-Term Contracts pp. 760-788 Downloads
Marta Silva, Luis Martins and Helena Lopes
Book Review: Precarious Lives: Job Insecurity and Well-Being in Rich Democracies by Arne L. Kalleberg pp. 789-790 Downloads
Chris Tilly
Book Review: The Marketization of Employment Services: The Dilemmas of Europe’s Work-First Welfare States by Ian Greer, Karen N. Breidahl, Matthias Knuth, and Flemming Larsen pp. 790-792 Downloads
Chiara Benassi
Book Review: Who Will Care for Us? Long-Term Care and the Long-Term Workforce by Paul Osterman pp. 792-794 Downloads
Carrie R. Leana
Book Review: Rights on Trial: How Workplace Discrimination Law Perpetuates Inequality by Ellen Berrey, Robert L. Nelson, and Laura Beth Nielsen pp. 794-796 Downloads
Risa Lieberwitz
Book Review: A Decisive Decade: An Insider’s View of the Chicago Civil Rights Movement during the 1960s by Robert B. McKersie pp. 796-797 Downloads
Esta R. Bigler
Book Review: (Not) Getting Paid to Do What You Love: Gender, Social Media, and Aspirational Work by Brooke Erin Duffy pp. 798-799 Downloads
Ilana Gershon
Corrigendum: Equality for Whom? Organizational Policies and the Gender Gap across the German Earnings Distribution pp. 800-801 Downloads

Volume 71, issue 2, 2018

How Credible Is Trade Union Research? Forty Years of Evidence on the Monopoly–Voice Trade-Off pp. 287-305 Downloads
Chris Doucouliagos, Richard Freeman, Patrice Laroche and T. Stanley
Do Highly Unionized Companies Compensate Their CEOs Less in Periods of Financial Distress? Evidence from Canada pp. 306-328 Downloads
Muhammad Umar Boodoo
The Disability Employment Puzzle: A Field Experiment on Employer Hiring Behavior pp. 329-364 Downloads
Mason Ameri, Lisa Schur, Meera Adya, F. Scott Bentley, Patrick McKay and Douglas Kruse
Expanding Employment Discrimination Protections for Individuals with Disabilities: Evidence from California pp. 365-393 Downloads
Patrick Button
More Than a Feeling: The Role of Empathetic Care in Promoting Safety in Health Care pp. 394-425 Downloads
Carrie Leana, Jirs Meuris and Cait Lamberton
Career Implications of Having a Female-Friendly Supervisor pp. 426-457 Downloads
Steven Bednar and Dora Gicheva
Foreign Ownership and Wages: Evidence from Hungary, 1986–2008 pp. 458-491 Downloads
John S. Earle, Almos Telegdy and Gábor Antal
The Perfect Storm: Graduating during a Recession in a Segmented Labor Market pp. 492-524 Downloads
Daniel Fernández-Kranz and Núria Rodríguez-Planas
The Effect of Permanent Employment on Absenteeism: Evidence from Labor Reform in Spain pp. 525-549 Downloads
Inmaculada García-Mainar, Colin Green and María Navarro Paniagua
Book Review: Structural Crisis and Institutional Change in Modern Capitalism: French Capitalism in Transition by Bruno Amable pp. 550-552 Downloads
Wolfgang Streeck
Book Review: Trajectories of Neoliberal Transformation: European Industrial Relations since the 1970s by Lucio Baccaro and Chris Howell pp. 552-554 Downloads
Guglielmo Meardi
Book Review: Public Service Management and Employment Relations in Europe: Emerging from the Crisis edited by Stephen Bach and Lorenzo Bordogna pp. 554-555 Downloads
Harry C. Katz
Book Review: China at Work: A Labour Process Perspective on the Transformation of Work and Employment in China edited by Mingwei Liu and Chris Smith pp. 555-558 Downloads
Frederic C. Deyo
Book Review: Domestic Workers of the World Unite! A Global Movement for Dignity and Human Rights by Jennifer N. Fish pp. 558-559 Downloads
Gay W. Seidman
Book Review: Capital without Borders: Wealth Managers and the One Percent by Brooke Harrington pp. 559-561 Downloads
Patrick Inglis
Corrigendum: Credible Research Designs for Minimum Wage Studies: A Response to Neumark, Salas, and Wascher pp. 562-562 Downloads

Volume 71, issue 1, 2018

In Search of the High Road: Meaning and Evidence pp. 3-34 Downloads
Paul Osterman
Are Local Minimum Wages Absorbed by Price Increases? Estimates from Internet-Based Restaurant Menus pp. 35-63 Downloads
Sylvia Allegretto and Michael Reich
The Impact of Training on Innovation pp. 64-87 Downloads
Benoit Dostie
What Do Performance Appraisals Do? pp. 88-116 Downloads
Peter Cappelli and Martin J. Conyon
Negotiating Flexibility: External Contracting and Working Time Control in German and Danish Telecommunications Firms pp. 117-142 Downloads
Virginia Doellgast and Peter Berg
Back to Work: Parental Benefits and Mothers’ Labor Market Outcomes in the Medium Run pp. 143-173 Downloads
Jochen Kluve and Sebastian Schmitz
Temporary Employment, Demand Volatility, and Unions: Firm-Level Evidence pp. 174-207 Downloads
Francesco Devicienti, Paolo Naticchioni and Andrea Ricci
The Occupational Feminization of Wages pp. 208-241 Downloads
John Addison, Orgul Ozturk and Si Wang
Sexual Orientation and Earnings: New Evidence from the United Kingdom pp. 242-272 Downloads
Cevat Giray Aksoy, Christopher S. Carpenter and Jeff Frank
Book Review: The Economics of Trade Unions: A Study of a Research Field and Its Findings by Hristos Doucouliagos, Richard B. Freeman, and Patrice Laroche pp. 273-276 Downloads
John Addison
Book Review: Down and Out in the New Economy: How People Find (or Don’t Find) Work Today by Ilana Gershon pp. 276-278 Downloads
Peter Cappelli
Book Review: Anthropologies of Unemployment: New Perspectives on Work and Its Absence Edited by Jong Bum Kwon and Carrie M. Lane pp. 278-280 Downloads
Aliya Hamid Rao
Book Review: The Economics of Women, Men, and Work by Francine D. Blau and Anne E. Winkler pp. 280-281 Downloads
Shahina Amin
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