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Volume 45, issue 6, 2019

Consumer Deceleration pp. 1142-1163 Downloads
Katharina C Husemann, Giana M Eckhardt, Eileen Fischer and Julie L Ozanne
Delicate Snowflakes and Broken Bonds: A Conceptualization of Consumption-Based Offense pp. 1164-1193 Downloads
Peggy J Liu, Cait Lamberton, James R Bettman, Gavan J Fitzsimons, Eileen Fischer, Linda L Price and Peter R Darke
Curiosity Tempts Indulgence pp. 1194-1212 Downloads
Kyra L Wiggin, Martin Reimann, Shailendra P Jain, Darren W Dahl, Margaret C Campbell and Paul M Herr
A Sweet Romance: Divergent Effects of Romantic Stimuli on the Consumption of Sweets pp. 1213-1229 Downloads
Xiaojing Yang, Huifang Mao, Lei Jia, Melissa G Bublitz, Eileen Fischer and Lauren Block
Therapeutic Servicescapes and Market-Mediated Performances of Emotional Suffering pp. 1230-1253 Downloads
Leighanne Higgins, Kathy Hamilton, Eileen Fischer and Craig Thompson
Guilt Dynamics: Consequences of Temporally Separating Decisions and Actions pp. 1254-1273 Downloads
Kristen E Duke, On Amir, Eileen Fischer, Amna Kirmani and Jennifer J Argo
Slider Scale or Text Box: How Response Format Shapes Responses pp. 1274-1293 Downloads
Manoj Thomas, Ellie J Kyung, Gita V Johar and Rajesh Bagchi
Bidding Frenzy: Speed of Competitor Reaction and Willingness to Pay in Auctions pp. 1294-1314 Downloads
Gerald Häubl, Peter Popkowski Leszczyc, Mary Frances Luce, Gita V Johar and Rebecca W Hamilton
Preference Reversals in Willingness to Pay and Choice pp. 1315-1330 Downloads
Michael O’Donnell, Ellen R K Evers, Vicki G Morwitz and Kristin Diehl
Similarity as a Double-Edged Sword: The Positive and Negative Effects of Showcasing Similar Previous Winners on Perceived Likelihood of Winning in Sweepstakes pp. 1331-1349 Downloads
Sandra Laporte, Barbara Briers, Eileen Fischer and Lauren Block
The Influence of Incidental Similarity on Observers’ Causal Attributions and Reactions to a Service Failure pp. 1350-1368 Downloads
Lisa C Wan, Robert S WyerJr., Vicki G Morwitz, Amna Kirmani and Valerie S Folkes
No Small Matter: How Company Size Affects Consumer Expectations and Evaluations pp. 1369-1384 Downloads
Linyun W Yang, Pankaj Aggarwal, Laura Peracchio, Gita Johar and Margaret C Campbell

Volume 45, issue 1, 2018

Culture, Relationship Norms, and Dual Entitlement pp. 1-20 Downloads
Haipeng (Allan) Chen, Lisa E Bolton, Sharon Ng, Dongwon Lee, Dian Wang, Vicki MorwitzEditor and Sharon ShavittAssociate Editor
The Fresh Start Mindset: Transforming Consumers’ Lives pp. 21-48 Downloads
Linda L Price, Robin A Coulter, Yuliya Strizhakova, Ainslie E Schultz, Eileen FischerEditor and Sharon ShavittAssociate Editor
In-Store Spending Dynamics: How Budgets Invert Relative-Spending Patterns pp. 49-67 Downloads
Daniel Sheehan, Koert Van Ittersum, Mary Frances LuceEditor, Gita JoharEditor and Brian RatchfordAssociate Editor
How Am I Doing? Perceived Financial Well-Being, Its Potential Antecedents, and Its Relation to Overall Well-Being pp. 68-89 Downloads
Richard G Netemeyer, Dee Warmath, Daniel Fernandes, John G LynchJr., Eileen FischerEditor and Olivier ToubiaAssociate Editor
Stranger Danger: When and Why Consumer Dyads Behave Less Ethically Than Individuals pp. 90-108 Downloads
Hristina Nikolova, Cait Lamberton, Nicole Verrochi Coleman, Vicki MorwitzEditor and Stijn van OsselaerAssociate Editor
Other People’s Money: Money’s Perceived Purchasing Power Is Smaller for Others Than for the Self pp. 109-125 Downloads
Evan Polman, Daniel A Effron, Meredith R Thomas, Vicki MorwitzEditor and Pankaj AggarwalAssociate Editor
Beauty, Effort, and Misrepresentation: How Beauty Work Affects Judgments of Moral Character and Consumer Preferences pp. 126-147 Downloads
Adriana Samper, Linyun W Yang, Michelle E Daniels, Eileen FischerEditor and Leonard LeeAssociate Editor
Property Lines in the Mind: Consumers’ Psychological Ownership and Their Territorial Responses pp. 148-168 Downloads
Colleen P Kirk, Joann Peck, Scott D Swain, Darren DahlEditor and Jennifer ArgoAssociate Editor
How Long Did I Wait? The Effect of Construal Levels on Consumers’ Wait Duration Judgments pp. 169-184 Downloads
Jing Wang, Jiewen Hong, Rongrong Zhou, Mary Frances LuceEditor, Gita JoharEditor and Hans BaumgartnerAssociate Editor
That’s Not How I Remember It: Willfully Ignorant Memory for Ethical Product Attribute Information pp. 185-207 Downloads
Rebecca Walker Reczek, Julie R Irwin, Daniel M Zane, Kristine R Ehrich, Mary Frances LuceEditor, Darren DahlEditor and Page MoreauAssociate Editor
When Being in a Positive Mood Increases Choice Deferral pp. 208-225 Downloads
Jordan Etkin, Anastasiya Pocheptsova Ghosh, Darren DahlEditor and Aparna LabooAssociate Editor

Volume 44, issue 6, 2018

Consumer and Object Experience in the Internet of Things: An Assemblage Theory Approach pp. 1178-1204 Downloads
Donna L Hoffman, Thomas P Novak, Eileen FischerEditor and Robert KozinetsAssociate Editor
The Effect of an Interruption on Risk Decisions pp. 1205-1219 Downloads
Daniella M Kupor, Wendy Liu, On Amir, Darren DahlEditor and Simona BottiAssociate Editor
How the Intention to Share Can Undermine Enjoyment: Photo-Taking Goals and Evaluation of Experiences pp. 1220-1237 Downloads
Alixandra Barasch, Gal Zauberman, Kristin Diehl, Gita JoharEditor and Rebecca HamiltonAssociate Editor
Happy Wife, Happy Life: Food Choices in Romantic Relationships pp. 1238-1256 Downloads
Jonathan Hasford, Blair Kidwell, Virginie Lopez-Kidwell, Darren DahlEditor and Jaideep SenguptaAssociate Editor
When Public Recognition for Charitable Giving Backfires: The Role of Independent Self-Construal pp. 1257-1273 Downloads
Bonnie Simpson, Katherine White, Juliano Laran, Vicki MorwitzEditor and Sharon ShavittAssociate Editor
Automated Text Analysis for Consumer Research pp. 1274-1306 Downloads
Ashlee Humphreys, Rebecca Jen-Hui Wang, Eileen FischerEditor and Linda PriceAssociate Editor
Multistage Decision Processes: The Impact of Attribute Order on How Consumers Mentally Represent Their Choice pp. 1307-1324 Downloads
Rom Y Schrift, Jeffrey R Parker, Gal Zauberman, Shalena Srna, Vicki MorwitzEditor and Stijn van OsselaerAssociate Editor
Creating a Consumable Past: How Memory Making Shapes Marketization pp. 1325-1342 Downloads
Katja Brunk, Markus Giesler, Benjamin J Hartmann, Darren DahlEditor and Craig ThompsonAssociate Editor
Digital Goods Are Valued Less Than Physical Goods pp. 1343-1357 Downloads
Ozgun Atasoy, Carey K Morewedge, Vicki MorwitzEditor and Kristin DiehlAssociate Editor
Going against the Flow: The Effects of Dynamic Sensorimotor Experiences on Consumer Choice pp. 1358-1378 Downloads
Mina Kwon, Rashmi Adaval, Laura PeracchioEditor, Eileen FischerEditor and Lauren BlockAssociate Editor
When Two Wrongs Make a Right: Using Conjunctive Enablers to Enhance Evaluations for Extremely Incongruent New Products pp. 1379-1396 Downloads
Theodore J Noseworthy, Kyle B Murray, Fabrizio Di Muro, Gita JoharEditor and Page MoreauAssociate Editor

Volume 44, issue 5, 2018

Our Vision for the Journal of Consumer Research: It’s All about the Consumer pp. 955-959 Downloads
J Jeffrey Inman, Margaret C Campbell, Amna Kirmani and Linda L Price
Context-Dependent Drivers of Discretionary Debt Decisions: Explaining Willingness to Borrow for Experiential Purchases pp. 960-973 Downloads
Stephanie M Tully, Eesha Sharma, Darren DahlEditor and Paul HerrAssociate Editor
Standards of Beauty: The Impact of Mannequins in the Retail Context pp. 974-990 Downloads
Jennifer J Argo, Darren W Dahl, Laura PeracchioEditor and Rashmi AdavalAssociate Editor
Coke vs. Pepsi: Brand Compatibility, Relationship Power, and Life Satisfaction pp. 991-1014 Downloads
Danielle J Brick, Gràinne M Fitzsimons, Tanya L Chartrand, Gavan J Fitzsimons, Gita JoharEditor and Sharon ShavittAssociate Editor
Delegating Decisions: Recruiting Others to Make Choices We Might Regret pp. 1015-1032 Downloads
Mary Steffel, Elanor F Williams, Vicki MorwitzEditor and Andrea MoralesAssociate Editor
How Goal Specificity Shapes Motivation: A Reference Points Perspective pp. 1033-1051 Downloads
Scott G Wallace, Jordan Etkin, Johar GitaEditor and Rajesh BagchiAssociate Editor
“I Want to Know the Answer! Give Me Fish ’n’ Chips!”: The Impact of Curiosity on Indulgent Choice pp. 1052-1067 Downloads
Chen Wang, Yanliu Huang, Vicki MorwitzEditor and Stijn van OsselaerAssociate Editor
The Influence of Social Crowding on Brand Attachment pp. 1068-1084 Downloads
Xun (Irene) Huang, Zhongqiang (Tak) Huang, Robert S WyerJr, Darren DahlEditor and JoAndrea HoeggAssociate Editor
Made by Mistake: When Mistakes Increase Product Preference pp. 1085-1103 Downloads
Taly Reich, Daniella M Kupor, Rosanna K Smith, Darren DahlEditor and JoAndrea HoeggAssociate Editor
Facing Dominance: Anthropomorphism and the Effect of Product Face Ratio on Consumer Preference pp. 1104-1122 Downloads
Ahreum Maeng, Pankaj Aggarwal, Vicki MorwitzEditor and Zeynep Gürhan-CanlıAssociate Editor
The Impact of Crowding on Calorie Consumption pp. 1123-1140 Downloads
Stefan J Hock, Rajesh Bagchi, Darren DahlEditor and Eduardo AndradeAssociate Editor
Feeling Economically Stuck: The Effect of Perceived Economic Mobility and Socioeconomic Status on Variety Seeking pp. 1141-1156 Downloads
Sunyee Yoon, Hyeongmin Christian Kim, Vicki MorwitzEditor and Simona BottiAssociate Editor
Increasing the Power of Your Study by Increasing the Effect Size pp. 1157-1173 Downloads
Tom Meyvis, Stijn M J Van Osselaer, Dahl DarrenEditor, Eileen FischerEditor, Gita JoharEditor and Vicki MorwitzEditor

Volume 44, issue 4, 2017

Making Sense from (Apparent) Senselessness: The JCR Lens pp. 719-723 Downloads
Darren W Dahl, Eileen Fischer, Gita V Johar and Vicki G Morwitz
How Self-Control Shapes the Meaning of Choice pp. 724-737 Downloads
Aner Sela, Jonah Berger, Joshua Kim, Gita JoharEditor and Leonard LeeAssociate Editor
Consumer Responses to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Contribution Type pp. 738-758 Downloads
Diogo Hildebrand, Yoshiko DeMotta, Sankar Sen, Ana Valenzuela, Laura PeracchioEditor, Gita JoharEditor and Jaideep SenguptaAssociate Editor
Self-Expression Cues in Product Rating Distributions: When People Prefer Polarizing Products pp. 759-777 Downloads
Bella Rozenkrants, S Christian Wheeler, Baba Shiv, Gita JoharEditor and Derek RuckerAssociate Editor
Retracted: Witnessing Moral Violations Increases Conformity in Consumption pp. 778-793 Downloads
Ping Dong, Chen-Bo Zhong, Darren DahlEditor and Jennifer ArgoAssociate Editor
The Price of Beauty: Differential Effects of Design Elements with and without Cost Implications in Nonprofit Donor Solicitations pp. 794-815 Downloads
Claudia Townsend, Darren DahlEditor and Page MoreauAssociate Editor
Out-of-Category Brand Imitation: Product Categorization Determines Copycat Evaluation pp. 816-832 Downloads
Femke van Horen, Rik Pieters, Darren DahlEditor and Page MoreauAssociate Editor
Eliciting Time versus Money: Time Scarcity Underlies Asymmetric Wage Rates pp. 833-852 Downloads
Ashwani Monga, Frank May, Rajesh Bagchi, Gita JoharEditor and Zeynep Gürhan-CanliAssociate Editor
To Profit or Not to Profit? The Role of Greed Perceptions in Consumer Support for Social Ventures pp. 853-876 Downloads
Saerom Lee, Lisa E Bolton, Karen Page Winterich, Vicki MorwitzEditor and Lauren BlockAssociate Editor
So Close I Can Almost Sense It: The Interplay between Sensory Imagery and Psychological Distance pp. 877-894 Downloads
Ryan S Elder, Ann E Schlosser, Morgan Poor, Lidan Xu, Darren DahlEditor and JoAndrea HoeggAssociate Editor
Cultivating Optimism: How to Frame Your Future during a Health Challenge pp. 895-915 Downloads
Donnel A Briley, Melanie Rudd, Jennifer Aaker, Vicki MorwitzEditor and Sharon ShavittAssociate Editor
Fill Up Your Senses: A Theory of Self-Worth Restoration through High-Intensity Sensory Consumption pp. 916-938 Downloads
Rishtee K Batra, Tanuka Ghoshal, Gita JoharEditor and Derek RuckerAssociate Editor
Asking Questions with Reflexive Focus: A Tutorial on Designing and Conducting Interviews pp. 939-948 Downloads
Zeynep Arsel, Darren DahlEditor, Eileen FischerEditor, Gita JoharEditor and Vicki MorwitzEditor

Volume 44, issue 3, 2017

Blue and Red Voices: Effects of Political Ideology on Consumers’ Complaining and Disputing Behavior pp. 477-499 Downloads
Kiju Jung, Ellen Garbarino, Donnel A. Briley and Jesse Wynhausen
A Research Agenda on Political Ideology in Consumer Research: A Commentary on Jung et al.’s “Blue and Red Voices” pp. 500-502 Downloads
David Crockett and Nicholas Pendarvis
The Politics of Buying, Boycotting, Complaining, and Disputing: An Extension of the Research Program by Jung, Garbarino, Briley, and Wynhausen pp. 503-510 Downloads
John T. Jost, Melanie Langer and Vishal Singh
Political Ideology and Consumer Research beyond Complaining Behavior: A Response to the Commentaries pp. 511-518 Downloads
Kiju Jung, Ellen Garbarino, Donnel A. Briley and Jesse Wynhausen
Will the Consistent Organic Food Consumer Step Forward? An Empirical Analysis pp. 519-535 Downloads
Hans Jørn Juhl, Morten H. J. Fenger and John Thøgersen
Social-Recognition versus Financial Incentives? Exploring the Effects of Creativity-Contingent External Rewards on Creative Performance pp. 536-553 Downloads
Ravi Mehta, Darren W. Dahl and Rui (Juliet) Zhu
Paths to Respectability: Consumption and Stigma Management in the Contemporary Black Middle Class pp. 554-581 Downloads
David Crockett
Liquid Consumption pp. 582-597 Downloads
Fleura Bardhi and Giana M. Eckhardt
How and Why Conversational Value Leads to Happiness for Experiential and Material Purchases pp. 598-612 Downloads
Wilson Bastos and Merrie Brucks
Social Acceptance and Word of Mouth: How the Motive to Belong Leads to Divergent WOM with Strangers and Friends pp. 613-632 Downloads
Zoey Chen
Remembering Satiation: The Role of Working Memory in Satiation pp. 633-650 Downloads
Noelle M. Nelson and Joseph P. Redden
It’s Too Pretty to Use! When and How Enhanced Product Aesthetics Discourage Usage and Lower Consumption Enjoyment pp. 651-672 Downloads
Freeman Wu, Adriana Samper, Andrea C. Morales and Gavan J. Fitzsimons
Brand-Aid pp. 673-691 Downloads
Martin Reimann, Sandra Nuñez and Raquel Castaño
Meaningful Mediation Analysis: Plausible Causal Inference and Informative Communication pp. 692-716 Downloads
Rik Pieters

Volume 44, issue 2, 2017

Editors-ElectJanuary 1, 2018–December 31, 2020 pp. i5-i5 Downloads
Richard J. LutzPresident
Conceptualizing Consciousness in Consumer Research pp. 231-251 Downloads
Lawrence E. Williams and T. Andrew Poehlman
Consumers (and Consumer Researchers) Need Conscious Thinking in Addition to Unconscious Processes: A Call for Integrative Models, A Commentary on Williams and Poehlman pp. 252-257 Downloads
Roy F. Baumeister, Cory J. Clark, Jonghan Kim and Stephan Lau
An Interdisciplinary Lens on Consciousness: The Consciousness Continuum and How to (Not) Study It in the Brain and the Gut, A Commentary on Williams and Poehlman pp. 258-265 Downloads
Hilke Plassmann and Milica Mormann
How to Study Consciousness in Consumer Research, A Commentary on Williams and Poehlman pp. 266-275 Downloads
Steven Sweldens, Mirjam A. Tuk and Mandy Hütter
The Case for Considering Consciousness Second: Response to Baumeister et al.; Plassmann and Mormann; and Sweldens, Tuk, and Hütter pp. 276-282 Downloads
T. Andrew Poehlman and Lawrence E. Williams
Attention, Attitudes, and Action: When and Why Incidental Fear Increases Consumer Choice pp. 283-312 Downloads
Nicole Verrochi Coleman, Patti Williams, Andrea C. Morales and Andrew Edward White
The Effect of Future Event Markers on Intertemporal Choice Is Moderated by the Reliance on Emotions versus Reason to Make Decisions pp. 313-331 Downloads
Frank May
Consuming for an Imagined Future: Middle-Class Consumer Lifestyle and Exploratory Experiences in the Transition to Adulthood pp. 332-360 Downloads
Michelle F. Weinberger, Jane R. Zavisca and Jennifer M. Silva
Routines Disrupted: Reestablishing Security through Practice Alignment pp. 361-380 Downloads
Marcus Phipps and Julie L. Ozanne
Round Off the Bargaining: The Effects of Offer Roundness on Willingness to Accept pp. 381-395 Downloads
Dengfeng Yan and Jorge Pena-Marin
Color Saturation Increases Perceived Product Size pp. 396-413 Downloads
Henrik Hagtvedt and S. Adam Brasel
Products as Pals: Engaging with Anthropomorphic Products Mitigates the Effects of Social Exclusion pp. 414-431 Downloads
James A. Mourey, Jenny G. Olson and Carolyn Yoon
Fired Up for the Future: How Time Shapes Sharing pp. 432-447 Downloads
Evan Weingarten and Jonah Berger
Contextual Influences on Message Persuasion: The Effect of Empty Space pp. 448-464 Downloads
Canice M. C. Kwan, Xianchi Dai and Robert S. WyerJr.
Keeping It Real in Experimental Research—Understanding When, Where, and How to Enhance Realism and Measure Consumer Behavior pp. 465-476 Downloads
Andrea C. Morales, On Amir and Leonard Lee

Volume 44, issue 1, 2017

Uncertainty Increases the Reliance on Affect in Decisions pp. 1-21 Downloads
Ali Faraji-Rad and Michel Tuan Pham
Editors-ElectJanuary 1, 2018–December 31, 2020 pp. i5-i5 Downloads
Richard J. LutzPresident
Selling Pain to the Saturated Self pp. 22-43 Downloads
Rebecca Scott, Julien Cayla and Bernard Cova
Redefining Home: How Cultural Distinctiveness Affects the Malleability of In-Group Boundaries and Brand Preferences pp. 44-61 Downloads
Carlos J. Torelli, Rohini Ahluwalia, Shirley Y. Y. Cheng, Nicholas J. Olson and Jennifer L. Stoner
When Bigger Is Better (and When It Is Not): Implicit Bias in Numeric Judgments pp. 62-79 Downloads
Ellie J. Kyung, Manoj Thomas and Aradhna Krishna
Costly Curves: How Human-Like Shapes Can Increase Spending pp. 80-98 Downloads
Marisabel Romero and Adam W. Craig
Social Exclusion and Consumer Switching Behavior: A Control Restoration Mechanism pp. 99-117 Downloads
Lei Su, Yuwei Jiang, Zhansheng Chen and C. Nathan DeWall
Conspicuous Consumption of Time: When Busyness and Lack of Leisure Time Become a Status Symbol pp. 118-138 Downloads
Silvia Bellezza, Neeru Paharia and Anat Keinan
Play at Any Cost: How Cosplayers Produce and Sustain Their Ludic Communal Consumption Experiences pp. 139-159 Downloads
Anastasia Seregina and Henri A. Weijo
A Ticket for Your Thoughts: Method for Predicting Content Recall and Sales Using Neural Similarity of Moviegoers pp. 160-181 Downloads
Samuel B. Barnett and Moran Cerf
Power Distance Belief, Power, and Charitable Giving pp. 182-195 Downloads
Dahee Han, Ashok K. Lalwani and Adam Duhachek
Crowdsourcing Consumer Research pp. 196-210 Downloads
Joseph K. Goodman and Gabriele Paolacci
MTurk Character Misrepresentation: Assessment and Solutions pp. 211-230 Downloads
Kathryn Sharpe Wessling, Joel Huber and Oded Netzer
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