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Volume 18, issue 4, 1992

Levels of Subjective Comprehension in Advertising Processing and Their Relations to Ad Perceptions, Attitudes, and Memory pp. 411-24 Downloads
David Mick
How Do Young Children Learn to Be Consumers? A Script-Processing Approach pp. 425-40 Downloads
Laura A Peracchio
Feeling and Liking Responses to Television Programs: An Examination of Two Explanations for Media-Context Effects pp. 441-51 Downloads
Murry, John P,, John L Lastovicka and Surendra N Singh
A Study of Information Search Behavior during the Categorization of New Products pp. 452-63 Downloads
Julie L Ozanne, Merrie Brucks and Dhruv Grewal
Selective Recall and Information Use in Consumer Preferences pp. 464-74 Downloads
Carolyn L Costley and Merrie Brucks
The Role of Expectancy and Relevancy in Memory for Verbal and Visual Information: What Is Incongruency? pp. 475-92 Downloads
Susan E Heckler and Terry L Childers
A Comparison of Attitudes and Emotions as Predictors of Behavior at Diverse Levels of Behavioral Experience pp. 493-504 Downloads
Chris T Allen, Karen A Machleit and Susan Schultz Kleine
State versus Action Orientation and the Theory of Reasoned Action: An Application to Coupon Usage pp. 505-18 Downloads
Richard P Bagozzi, Hans Baumgartner and Youjae Yi
How Does Motivation Moderate the Impact of Central and Peripheral Processing on Brand Attitudes and Intentions? pp. 519-29 Downloads
Scott B MacKenzie and Richard A Spreng
Generalizing the Sensitivity Conditions in an Overall Index of Product Quality pp. 530-35 Downloads
Praveen K Kopalle and Donna L Hoffman
Item Context and the Stability of Entity-Based and Attribute-Based Multiattribute Scaling Methods pp. 536-45 Downloads
R Kenneth Teas and John K Wong

Volume 18, issue 3, 1991

Autodriving: A Photoelicitation Technique pp. 257-72 Downloads
Deborah D Heisley and Sidney J Levy
A Critical Appraisal of Demand Artifacts in Consumer Research pp. 273-83 Downloads
Terence A Shimp, Eva M Hyatt and David J Snyder
Contrast Effects in Consumer Judgments: Changes in Mental Representations or in the Anchoring of Rating Scales? pp. 284-97 Downloads
Lynch, John G,, Dipankar Chakravarti and Anusree Mitra
Homeless Women, Special Possessions, and the Meaning of "Home": An Ethnographic Case Study pp. 298-310 Downloads
Ronald Paul Hill
Contextual Influences on the Meanings Ascribed to Ordinary Consumption Objects pp. 311-24 Downloads
Kleine, Robert E, and Jerome B Kernan
Ignoring Irrelevant Information: Situational Determinants of Consumer Learning pp. 325-45 Downloads
J Wesley Hutchinson and Joseph W Alba
Adapting Cutoffs to the Choice Environment: The Effects of Attribute Correlation and Reliability pp. 346-57 Downloads
Joel Huber and Noreen M Klein
Elaborating on Elaboration: The Distinction between Relational and Item-Specific Elaboration pp. 358-67 Downloads
Joan Meyers-Levy
Economic Dimensions of Household Gift Giving pp. 368-79 Downloads
Thesia Garner and Janet Wagner
The Effect of Semantic Cues on Consumer Perceptions of Reference Price Ads pp. 380-91 Downloads
Donald R Lichtenstein, Scot Burton and Eric J Karson
Exploring More Than 24 Hours a Day: A Preliminary Investigation of Polychronic Time Use pp. 392-401 Downloads
Carol Felker Kaufman, Paul M Lane and Jay D Lindquist
Assessing the Influence of Journal of Consumer Research: A Citation Analysis pp. 402-10 Downloads
Joseph A Cote, Siew Meng Leong and Jane Cote

Volume 18, issue 2, 1991

The Critical Imagination: Emancipatory Interests in Consumer Research pp. 129-44 Downloads
Jeff B Murray and Julie L Ozanne
The Use of Comparative Advertising for Brand Positioning: Association versus Differentiation pp. 145-60 Downloads
Cornelia Pechmann and S Ratneshwar
The Differential Role of Characteristics of Music on High- and Low-Involvement Consumers' Processing of Ads pp. 161-73 Downloads
Deborah J Macinnis and C Whan Park
Perceived Control and the Effects of Crowding and Consumer Choice on the Service Experience pp. 174-84 Downloads
Michael K Hui and John E G Bateson
Evaluation of Brand Extensions: The Role of Product Feature Similarity and Brand Concept Consistency pp. 185-93 Downloads
C Whan Park, Sandra Milberg and Robert Lawson
The Self-Manipulation of My Pervasive, Perceived Vital Energy through Product Use: An Introspective-Praxis Perspective pp. 194-207 Downloads
Stephen J Gould
Value Segmentation: A Model for the Measurement of Values and Value Systems pp. 208-18 Downloads
Wagner A Kamakura and Jose Afonso Mazzon
Repositioning for Changing Preferences: The Case of Beef versus Poultry pp. 219-32 Downloads
Eugene W Anderson and Steven M Shugan
An Empirical Test of a Model of External Search for Automobiles pp. 233-42 Downloads
Narasimhan Srinivasan and Brian T Ratchford
Content-Analysis Research: An Examination of Applications with Directives for Improving Research Reliability and Objectivity pp. 243-50 Downloads
Richard H Kolbe and Melissa S Burnett
Prediction of Consumer Behavior by Experts and Novices pp. 251-56 Downloads
J. Armstrong

Volume 18, issue 1, 1991

A Program of Classical Conditioning Experiments Testing Variations in the Conditioned Stimulus and Context pp. 1-12 Downloads
Terence A Shimp, Elnora W Stuart and Randall W Engle
"We Gather Together": Consumption Rituals of Thanksgiving Day pp. 13-31 Downloads
Melanie Wallendorf and Eric J Arnould
Positivism and Paradigm Dominance in Consumer Research: Toward Critical Pluralism and Rapproachement pp. 32-44 Downloads
Shelby D Hunt
Consumer Normal Price Estimation: Market versus Personal Standards pp. 45-51 Downloads
Joel E Urbany and Peter R Dickson
Comprehension's Role in Persuasion: The Case of Its Moderating Effect on the Persuasive Impact of pp. 52-62 Downloads
S Ratneshwar and Shelly Chaiken
Exploring Differences in Males' and Females' Processing Strategies pp. 63-70 Downloads
Joan Meyers-Levy and Durairaj Maheswaran
Social Comparison and the Idealized Images of Advertising pp. 71-83 Downloads
Marsha L Richins
The Dimensionality of Consumption Emotion Patterns and Consumer Satisfaction pp. 84-91 Downloads
Robert A Westbrook and Richard L Oliver
Picture-Based Persuasion Processes and the Moderating Role of Involvement pp. 92-107 Downloads
Miniard, Paul W, et al
A Polarization Model for Describing Group Preferences pp. 108-18 Downloads
Vithala R Rao and Joel H Steckel
The Influence of External Constraints on Brand Choice: The Lone-Alternative Effect pp. 119-27 Downloads
Rashi Glazer, Barbara E Kahn and William L Moore

Volume 17, issue 4, 1991

A Multistage Model of Customers' Assessments of Service Quality and Value pp. 375-84 Downloads
Ruth Bolton and James H Drew
Determinants of Household Expenditures for Services pp. 385-97 Downloads
Horacio Soberon-Ferrer and Rachel Dardis
Artifacts, Identity, and Transition: Favorite Possessions of Indians and Indian Immigrants to the United States pp. 398-411 Downloads
Raj Mehta and Russell W Belk
Selves in Transition: Symbolic Consumption in Personal Rites of Passage and Identity Reconstruction pp. 412-25 Downloads
John W Schouten
Multitrait-Multimethod Matrices in Consumer Research pp. 426-39 Downloads
Richard P Bagozzi and Youjae Yi
Consumer Responses to Advertising: The Effects of Ad Content, Emotions, and Attitude toward the Ad on Viewing Time pp. 440-53 Downloads
Thomas J Olney, Morris B Holbrook and Rajeev Batra
Effects of Word-of-Mouth and Product-Attribute Information on Persuasion: An Accessibility-Diagnosticity Perspective pp. 454-62 Downloads
Paul M Herr, Frank R Kardes and John Kim
Memory and Evaluation Effects in Competitive Advertising Environments pp. 463-76 Downloads
Kevin Lane Keller
Inference Effects without Inference Making? Effects of Missing Information on Discounting and Use of Presented Information pp. 477-91 Downloads
Carolyn J Simmons and Lynch, John G,
Time-Inconsistent Preferences and Consumer Self-Control pp. 492-507 Downloads
Stephen J Hoch and George Loewenstein
Consumer Multiattribute Judgments under Attribute-Weight Uncertainity pp. 508-22 Downloads
Barbara E Kahn and Robert J Meyer

Volume 17, issue 3, 1990

Sociocognitive Analysis of Group Decision Making among Consumers pp. 245-62 Downloads
James C Ward and Peter H Reingen
Recall and Consumer Consideration Sets: Influencing Choice without Altering Brand Evaluations pp. 263-76 Downloads
Prakash Nedungadi
Determinants of Product Evaluation: Effects of the Time Interval between Knowledge of a Product's Country of Origin and Information about Its Specific Attributes pp. 277-88 Downloads
Sung-Tai Hong and Wyer, Robert S,
The Role of Time in the Action of the Consumer pp. 289-302 Downloads
Michelle M Bergadaa
The Homeless in America: An Examination of Possessions and Consumption Behaviors pp. 303-21 Downloads
Ronald Paul Hill and Mark Stamey
Self-Gifts: Phenomenological Insights from Four Contexts pp. 322-32 Downloads
David Mick and Michelle DeMoss
More than a Labor of Love: Gender Roles and Christmas Gift Shopping pp. 333-45 Downloads
Eileen Fischer and Stephen J Arnold
The Lived Meaning of Free Choice: An Existential-Phenomenological Description of Everyday Consumer Experiences of Contemporary Married Women pp. 346-61 Downloads
Craig J Thompson, William B Locander and Howard R Pollio
The Effects of Stimulus and Consumer Characteristics on the Utilization of Nutrition Information pp. 362-74 Downloads
Christine Moorman

Volume 17, issue 2, 1990

Alternative Approaches to Understanding the Determinants of Typicality pp. 111-26 Downloads
Barbara Loken and James C Ward
Trying to Consume pp. 127-40 Downloads
Richard P Bagozzi and Paul R Warshaw
Effects of Brand Awareness on Choice for a Common, Repeat-Purchase Product pp. 141-48 Downloads
Wayne D Hoyer and Steven P Brown
When Consumer Behavior Goes Bad: An Investigation of Adolescent Shoplifting pp. 149-59 Downloads
Dena Cox, Anthony D Cox and George P Moschis
The Effect of Perceived Advertising Costs on Brand Perceptions pp. 160-71 Downloads
Amna Kirmani
The Effects of Advertiser Reputation and Extremity of Advertising Claim on Advertising Effectiveness pp. 172-79 Downloads
Marvin E Goldberg and Jon Hartwick
The Effects of Comparative Advertising on Attention, Memory, and Purchase Intentions pp. 180-91 Downloads
Cornelia Pechmann and David W Stewart
Predicting the Effectiveness of Different Strategies of Advertising Variation: A Test of the Repetition-Variation Hypotheses pp. 192-202 Downloads
David W Schumann, Richard E Petty and D Scott Clemons
The Role of Mood in Advertising Effectiveness pp. 203-14 Downloads
Rajeev Batra and Douglas M Stayman
The Effects of Contextual Priming in Print Advertisements pp. 215-22 Downloads
Youjae Yi
Understanding Jingles and Needledrop: A Rhetorical Approach to Music in Advertising pp. 223-36 Downloads
Linda M Scott
The Logic of Mere Exposure: A Reinterpretation pp. 237-41 Downloads
Timothy B Heath
Reinterpretation of Mere Exposure or Exposure of Mere Reinterpretation? pp. 242-44 Downloads
Punam Anand and Morris B Holbrook

Volume 17, issue 1, 1990

Purchasing Behavior in Embedded Markets pp. 1-12 Downloads
Jonathan K Frenzen and Harry L Davis
A Sociocultural Analysis of a Midwestern American Flea Market pp. 13-30 Downloads
Sherry, John F,
Secular Immorality and the American Ideology of Affluence pp. 31-42 Downloads
Elizabeth C Hirschman
Expenditure Pattern Differentials between One-Earner and Dual-Earner Households: 1972-1973 and 1984 pp. 43-52 Downloads
Rose M Rubin, Bobye J Riney and David J Molina
The Influence of Print Advertisement Organization on Affect toward a Brand Name pp. 53-65 Downloads
Chris Janiszewski
The Effects of Knowledge, Motivation, and Type of Message on Ad Processing and Product Judgments pp. 66-73 Downloads
Durairaj Maheswaran and Brian Sternthal
Promotion Signal: Proxy for a Price Cut? pp. 74-81 Downloads
J Jeffrey Inman, Leigh McAlister and Wayne D Hoyer
Memory-Based Inferences during Consumer Choice pp. 82-93 Downloads
Alan Dick, Dipankar Chakravarti and Gabriel Biehal
Factorial Preference Structures pp. 94-104 Downloads
William L Moore
On Comparing Alternative Segmentation Schemes: The List of Values (LOV) and Values and Life Styles (VALS) pp. 105-09 Downloads
Thomas P Novak and Bruce MacEvoy
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