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Volume 34, issue 6, 2008

Conflict and Compromise: Drama in Marketplace Evolution pp. 739-753 Downloads
Markus Giesler
Of Chameleons and Consumption: The Impact of Mimicry on Choice and Preferences pp. 754-766 Downloads
Robin J. Tanner, Rosellina Ferraro, Tanya L. Chartrand, James R. Bettman and Rick Van Baaren
Tightwads and Spendthrifts pp. 767-782 Downloads
Scott I. Rick, Cynthia E. Cryder and George Loewenstein
Conscious and Nonconscious Components of Superstitious Beliefs in Judgment and Decision Making pp. 783-793 Downloads
Thomas Kramer and Lauren Block
Confirmation and the Effects of Valenced Political Advertising: A Field Experiment pp. 794-806 Downloads
Joan M. Phillips, Joel E. Urbany and Thomas J. Reynolds
Does Touch Affect Taste? The Perceptual Transfer of Product Container Haptic Cues pp. 807-818 Downloads
Aradhna Krishna and Maureen Morrin
Of Frog Wines and Frowning Watches: Semantic Priming, Perceptual Fluency, and Brand Evaluation pp. 819-831 Downloads
Aparna A. Labroo, Ravi Dhar and Norbert Schwarz
Social Capital Production in a Virtual P3 Community pp. 832-849 Downloads
Charla Mathwick, Caroline Wiertz and Ko de Ruyter
Protection of Prior Learning in Complex Consumer Learning Environments pp. 850-864 Downloads
Marcus Cunha, Chris Janiszewski and Juliano Laran
Technology/Ideology: How Ideological Fields Influence Consumers' Technology Narratives pp. 865-881 Downloads
Robert V. Kozinets
Context Effects in Diverse-Category Brand Environments: The Influence of Target Product Positioning and Consumers' Processing Mind-Set pp. 882-896 Downloads
Kyeongheui Kim and Joan Meyers-Levy
The Effect of Temporal Frame on Information Considered in New Product Evaluation: The Role of Uncertainty pp. 897-913 Downloads
Susan Jung Grant and Alice M. Tybout
How I Decide Depends on What I Spend: Use of Heuristics Is Greater for Time than for Money pp. 914-922 Downloads
Ritesh Saini and Ashwani Monga

Volume 34, issue 5, 2008

The Cultural Construction of Risk Understandings through Illness Narratives pp. 579-594 Downloads
Nancy Wong and Tracey King
Reconstructing the South: How Commercial Myths Compete for Identity Value through the Ideological Shaping of Popular Memories and Countermemories pp. 595-613 Downloads
Craig Thompson and Kelly Tian
Fact or Fiction: An Investigation of Empathy Differences in Response to Emotional Melodramatic Entertainment pp. 614-623 Downloads
Jennifer J. Argo, Rui (Juliet) Zhu and Darren W. Dahl
Reducing Satiation: The Role of Categorization Level pp. 624-634 Downloads
Joseph P. Redden
Consumer Wait Management Strategies for Negative Service Events: A Coping Approach pp. 635-648 Downloads
Elizabeth Gelfand Miller, Barbara E. Kahn and Mary Frances Luce
The Effects of Appetitive Stimuli on Out-of-Domain Consumption Impatience pp. 649-656 Downloads
Xiuping Li
Mood and Comparative Judgment: Does Mood Influence Everything and Finally Nothing? pp. 657-669 Downloads
Cheng Qiu and Catherine W. M. Yeung
Time Will Tell: The Distant Appeal of Promotion and Imminent Appeal of Prevention pp. 670-681 Downloads
Cassie Mogilner, Jennifer L. Aaker and Ginger L. Pennington
Be Fit and Be Strong: Mastering Self-Regulation through Regulatory Fit pp. 682-695 Downloads
Jiewen Hong and Angela Y. Lee
Attribute Conflict in Consumer Decision Making: The Role of Task Compatibility pp. 696-705 Downloads
Anish Nagpal and Parthasarathy Krishnamurthy
Order of Entry and the Moderating Role of Comparison Brands in Brand Extension Evaluation pp. 706-712 Downloads
James L. Oakley, Adam Duhachek, Subramanian Balachander and S. Sriram
How Does Drug and Supplement Marketing Affect a Healthy Lifestyle? pp. 713-726 Downloads
Lisa E. Bolton, Americus Reed, Kevin G. Volpp and Katrina Armstrong
Procedural Priming and Consumer Judgments: Effects on the Impact of Positively and Negatively Valenced Information pp. 727-737 Downloads
Hao Shen and Robert S. Wyer

Volume 34, issue 4, 2007

Pursuing Parenthood: Integrating Cultural and Cognitive Perspectives on Persistent Goal Striving pp. 425-440 Downloads
Eileen Fischer, Cele C. Otnes and Linda Tuncay
Influentials, Networks, and Public Opinion Formation pp. 441-458 Downloads
Duncan J. Watts and Peter Sheridan Dodds
Unfixed Resources: Perceived Costs, Consumption, and the Accessible Account Effect pp. 459-467 Downloads
Carey K. Morewedge, Leif Holtzman and Nicholas Epley
Is That Car Smiling at Me? Schema Congruity as a Basis for Evaluating Anthropomorphized Products pp. 468-479 Downloads
Pankaj Aggarwal and Ann L. McGill
Growing up in a Material World: Age Differences in Materialism in Children and Adolescents pp. 480-493 Downloads
Lan Nguyen Chaplin and Deborah Roedder John
How Enjoyable Was It? Remembering an Affective Reaction to a Previous Consumption Experience pp. 494-505 Downloads
Elizabeth Cowley
Consuming with Others: Social Influences on Moment-to-Moment and Retrospective Evaluations of an Experience pp. 506-524 Downloads
Suresh Ramanathan and Ann L. McGill
Are All Out-Groups Created Equal? Consumer Identity and Dissociative Influence pp. 525-536 Downloads
Katherine White and Darren W. Dahl
Consumer Responses to Performance Failures by High-Equity Brands pp. 537-545 Downloads
Michelle L. Roehm and Michael K. Brady
Is There a Substitute for Direct Experience? Comparing Consumers' Preferences after Direct and Indirect Product Experiences pp. 546-555 Downloads
Rebecca W. Hamilton and Debora Viana Thompson
The Effect of Mind-Sets on Consumer Decision Strategies pp. 556-566 Downloads
Alison Jing Xu and Robert S. Wyer
When Thinking Beats Doing: The Role of Optimistic Expectations in Goal-Based Choice pp. 567-578 Downloads
Ying Zhang, Ayelet Fishbach and Ravi Dhar

Volume 34, issue 3, 2007

From the Editor * pp. 279-282 Downloads
John Deighton
On the Consumption of Negative Feelings pp. 283-300 Downloads
Eduardo B. Andrade and Joel B. Cohen
The Biasing Health Halos of Fast-Food Restaurant Health Claims: Lower Calorie Estimates and Higher Side-Dish Consumption Intentions pp. 301-314 Downloads
Pierre Chandon and Brian Wansink
The Duration Heuristic pp. 315-326 Downloads
Catherine W. M. Yeung and Dilip Soman
When Two Plus Two Is Not Equal to Four: Errors in Processing Multiple Percentage Changes pp. 327-340 Downloads
Haipeng (Allan) Chen and Akshay R. Rao
Writing with Pictures: Toward a Unifying Theory of Consumer Response to Images pp. 341-356 Downloads
Linda M. Scott and Patrick Vargas
When the Same Prime Leads to Different Effects pp. 357-368 Downloads
S. Christian Wheeler and Jonah Berger
On the Psychology of Loss Aversion: Possession, Valence, and Reversals of the Endowment Effect pp. 369-376 Downloads
Lyle Brenner, Yuval Rottenstreich, Sanjay Sood and Baler Bilgin
The Role of the Need for Cognitive Closure in the Effectiveness of the Disrupt-Then-Reframe Influence Technique pp. 377-385 Downloads
Frank R. Kardes, Bob M. Fennis, Edward R. Hirt, Zakary L. Tormala and Brian Bullington
Wanting a Bit(e) of Everything: Extending the Valuation Effect to Variety Seeking pp. 386-394 Downloads
Caroline Goukens, Siegfried Dewitte, Mario Pandelaere and Luk Warlop
Anticipated Group Interaction: Coping with Valence Asymmetries in Attitude Shift pp. 395-405 Downloads
Adam Duhachek, Shuoyang Zhang and Shanker Krishnan
Phonetic Symbolism and Brand Name Preference pp. 406-414 Downloads
Tina M. Lowrey and L. J. Shrum
Taste versus the Market: An Extension of Research on the Consumption of Popular Culture pp. 415-424 Downloads
Morris B. Holbrook and Michela Addis

Volume 34, issue 2, 2007

Where Consumers Diverge from Others: Identity Signaling and Product Domains pp. 121-134 Downloads
Jonah Berger and Chip Heath
Countervailing Market Responses to Corporate Co-optation and the Ideological Recruitment of Consumption Communities pp. 135-152 Downloads
Craig J. Thompson and Gokcen Coskuner-Balli
Threats to Hope: Effects on Reasoning about Product Information pp. 153-161 Downloads
Gustavo de Mello, Deborah J. MacInnis and David W. Stewart
Distortion of Price Discount Perceptions: The Right Digit Effect pp. 162-173 Downloads
Keith S. Coulter and Robin A. Coulter
The Influence of Ceiling Height: The Effect of Priming on the Type of Processing That People Use pp. 174-186 Downloads
Joan Meyers-Levy and Rui (Juliet) Zhu
Perceptual Focus Effects in Choice pp. 187-199 Downloads
Ryan Hamilton, Jiewen Hong and Alexander Chernev
Learning from Mixed Feedback: Anticipation of the Future Reduces Appreciation of the Present pp. 200-211 Downloads
Tom Meyvis and Alan D. J. Cooke
Immediate and Delayed Emotional Consequences of Indulgence: The Moderating Influence of Personality Type on Mixed Emotions pp. 212-223 Downloads
Suresh Ramanathan and Patti Williams
Goal Control of Attention to Advertising: The Yarbus Implication pp. 224-233 Downloads
Rik Pieters and Michel Wedel
Compromise and Attraction Effects under Prevention and Promotion Motivations pp. 234-247 Downloads
Mehdi Mourali, Ulf Bckenholt and Michel Laroche
"My" Brand or "Our" Brand: The Effects of Brand Relationship Dimensions and Self-Construal on Brand Evaluations pp. 248-259 Downloads
Vanitha Swaminathan, Karen L. Page and Zeynep Grhan-Canli
Relaxing Measurement Invariance in Cross-National Consumer Research Using a Hierarchical IRT Model pp. 260-278 Downloads
Martijn G. De Jong, Jan-Benedict E. M. Steenkamp and Jean-Paul Fox

Volume 34, issue 1, 2007

On the Perceived Value of Money: The Reference Dependence of Currency Numerosity Effects pp. 1-10 Downloads
Klaus Wertenbroch, Dilip Soman and Amitava Chattopadhyay
Whence Univalent Ambivalence? From the Anticipation of Conflicting Reactions pp. 11-21 Downloads
Joseph R. Priester, Richard E. Petty and Kiwan Park
License to Sin: The Liberating Role of Reporting Expectations pp. 22-31 Downloads
Gavan J. Fitzsimons, Joseph C. Nunes and Patti Williams
The Moderating Influence of Advertising Context on Ad Repetition Effects: The Role of Amount and Type of Elaboration pp. 32-40 Downloads
Prashant Malaviya
Dominated Consumer Acculturation: The Social Construction of Poor Migrant Women's Consumer Identity Projects in a Turkish Squatter pp. 41-56 Downloads
Tuba Stner and Douglas B. Holt
For Better or For Worse? Valenced Comparative Frames and Regulatory Focus pp. 57-65 Downloads
Shailendra Pratap Jain, Charles Lindsey, Nidhi Agrawal and Durairaj Maheswaran
The Influence of Chronic and Situational Self-Construal on Categorization pp. 66-76 Downloads
Shailendra Pratap Jain, Kalpesh Kaushik Desai and Huifang Mao
Explaining Cognitive Lock-In: The Role of Skill-Based Habits of Use in Consumer Choice pp. 77-88 Downloads
Kyle B. Murray and Gerald Hubl
Exploring the Cognitive Mechanism that Underlies Regulatory Focus Effects pp. 89-96 Downloads
Rui (Juliet) Zhu and Joan Meyers-Levy
An Examination of Different Explanations for the Mere Exposure Effect pp. 97-103 Downloads
Xiang Fang, Surendra Singh and Rohini Ahluwalia
Consumer-Product Skill Matching: The Effects of Difficulty on Relative Self-Assessment and Choice pp. 104-110 Downloads
Katherine A. Burson
The Impact of the Internet on Consumers' Use of Information Sources for Automobiles: A Re-Inquiry pp. 111-119 Downloads
Brian T. Ratchford, Debabrata Talukdar and Myung-Soo Lee
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