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Volume 38, issue 6, 2012

In Defense of Bumbling pp. 981 - 987 Downloads
Joseph W. Alba
The "Visual Depiction Effect" in Advertising: Facilitating Embodied Mental Simulation through Product Orientation pp. 988 - 1003 Downloads
Ryan S. Elder and Aradhna Krishna
What to Say When: Influencing Consumer Choice by Delaying the Presentation of Favorable Information pp. 1004 - 1021 Downloads
Xin Ge, Gerald Häubl and Terry Elrod
A Mouth-Watering Prospect: Salivation to Material Reward pp. 1022 - 1029 Downloads
David Gal
Reminders of Money Elicit Feelings of Threat and Reactance in Response to Social Influence pp. 1030 - 1046 Downloads
Jia (Elke) Liu, Dirk Smeesters and Kathleen D. Vohs
Super Size Me: Product Size as a Signal of Status pp. 1047 - 1062 Downloads
David Dubois, Derek D. Rucker and Adam D. Galinsky
From Physical Weight to Psychological Significance: The Contribution of Semantic Activations pp. 1063 - 1075 Downloads
Meng Zhang and Xiuping Li
The Dynamic Impact of Variety among Means on Motivation pp. 1076 - 1092 Downloads
Jordan Etkin and Rebecca K. Ratner
Are White Lies as Innocuous as We Think? pp. 1093 - 1102 Downloads
Jennifer J. Argo and Baba Shiv
Lenses of the Heart: How Actors' and Observers' Perspectives Influence Emotional Experiences pp. 1103 - 1115 Downloads
Iris W. Hung and Anirban Mukhopadhyay
The Lonely Consumer: Loner or Conformer? pp. 1116 - 1128 Downloads
Jing Wang, Rui (Juliet) Zhu and Baba Shiv
Do Payment Mechanisms Change the Way Consumers Perceive Products? pp. 1129 - 1139 Downloads
Promothesh Chatterjee and Randall L. Rose
Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid: How Word of Mouth Influences the Storyteller pp. 1140 - 1154 Downloads
Sarah G. Moore
Life Satisfaction, Self-Determination, and Consumption Adequacy at the Bottom of the Pyramid pp. 1155 - 1168 Downloads
Kelly D. Martin and Ronald Paul Hill

Volume 38, issue 5, 2012

The Beauty of Boundaries: When and Why We Seek Structure in Consumption pp. 775 - 790 Downloads
Keisha M. Cutright
The Influence of Bite Size on Quantity of Food Consumed: A Field Study pp. 791 - 795 Downloads
Arul Mishra, Himanshu Mishra and Tamara M. Masters
How Marketplace Performances Produce Interdependent Status Games and Contested Forms of Symbolic Capital pp. 796 - 814 Downloads
Tuba Üstüner and Craig J. Thompson
The Dynamics of Goal Revision: A Cybernetic Multiperiod Test-Operate-Test-Adjust-Loop (TOTAL) Model of Self-Regulation pp. 815 - 832 Downloads
Chen Wang and Anirban Mukhopadhyay
Affective Influences on Evaluative Processing pp. 833 - 845 Downloads
Paul M. Herr, Christine M. Page, Bruce E. Pfeiffer and Derick F. Davis
When Blemishing Leads to Blossoming: The Positive Effect of Negative Information pp. 846 - 859 Downloads
Danit Ein-Gar, Baba Shiv and Zakary L. Tormala
Social Information in the Retail Environment: The Importance of Consumption Alignment, Referent Identity, and Self-Esteem pp. 860 - 871 Downloads
Darren W. Dahl, Jennifer J. Argo and Andrea C. Morales
The Attribute Carryover Effect: What the "Runner-Up" Option Tells Us about Consumer Choice Processes pp. 872 - 885 Downloads
Wendy Attaya Boland, Merrie Brucks and Jesper H. Nielsen
Unpacking What a "Relationship" Means to Commercial Buyers: How the Relationship Metaphor Creates Tension and Obscures Experience pp. 886 - 908 Downloads
Christopher P. Blocker, Mark B. Houston and Daniel J. Flint
On the Dangers of Pulling a Fast One: Advertisement Disclaimer Speed, Brand Trust, and Purchase Intention pp. 909 - 919 Downloads
Kenneth C. Herbst, Eli J. Finkel, David Allan and Gráinne M. Fitzsimons
The Role of Bolstering and Counterarguing Mind-Sets in Persuasion pp. 920 - 932 Downloads
Alison Jing Xu and Robert S. Wyer
Extending Culturally Symbolic Brands: A Blessing or a Curse? pp. 933 - 947 Downloads
Carlos J. Torelli and Rohini Ahluwalia
Doing Poorly by Doing Good: Corporate Social Responsibility and Brand Concepts pp. 948 - 963 Downloads
Carlos J. Torelli, Alokparna Basu Monga and Andrew M. Kaikati
Influence via Comparison-Driven Self-Evaluation and Restoration: The Case of the Low-Status Influencer pp. 964 - 980 Downloads
Edith Shalev and Vicki G. Morwitz

Volume 38, issue 4, 2011

Opportunity Cost Consideration pp. 595 - 610 Downloads
Stephen A. Spiller
The Bad Thing about Good Games: The Relationship between Close Sporting Events and Game-Day Traffic Fatalities pp. 611 - 621 Downloads
Stacy Wood, Melayne McInnes and David A. Norton
Attaining Satisfaction pp. 622 - 631 Downloads
Cecile K. Cho and Gita Venkataramani Johar
Magical Thinking and Consumer Coping pp. 632 - 649 Downloads
Yannik St. James, Jay M. Handelman and Shirley F. Taylor
How Does Organizational Identification Form? A Consumer Behavior Perspective pp. 650 - 666 Downloads
Melea Press and Eric J. Arnould
When Imitation Doesn't Flatter: The Role of Consumer Distinctiveness in Responses to Mimicry pp. 667 - 680 Downloads
Katherine White and Jennifer J. Argo
The Construal (In)compatibility Effect: The Moderating Role of a Creative Mind-Set pp. 681 - 696 Downloads
Xiaojing Yang, Torsten Ringberg, Huifang Mao and Laura A. Peracchio
Affect-Gating pp. 697 - 711 Downloads
Dan King and Chris Janiszewski
From Inherent Value to Incentive Value: When and Why Pointless Effort Enhances Consumer Preference pp. 712 - 742 Downloads
Sara Kim and Aparna A. Labroo
Living U.S. Capitalism: The Normalization of Credit/Debt pp. 743 - 762 Downloads
Lisa Peñaloza and Michelle Barnhart
Shall I Tell You Now or Later? Assimilation and Contrast in the Evaluation of Experiential Products pp. 763 - 773 Downloads
Keith Wilcox, Anne L. Roggeveen and Dhruv Grewal

Volume 38, issue 3, 2011

Knowing Where They Stand: The Role of Inferred Distributions of Others in Misestimates of Relative Standing pp. 407 - 419 Downloads
Andrew D. Gershoff and Katherine A. Burson
When Does the Past Repeat Itself? The Interplay of Behavior Prediction and Personal Norms pp. 420 - 430 Downloads
Pierre Chandon, Ronn J. Smith, Vicki G. Morwitz, Eric R. Spangenberg and David E. Sprott
Seeing Is Eating: How and When Activation of a Negative Stereotype Increases Stereotype-Conducive Behavior pp. 431 - 444 Downloads
Margaret C. Campbell and Gina S. Mohr
Grapes of Wrath: The Angry Effects of Self-Control pp. 445 - 458 Downloads
David Gal and Wendy Liu
Predicting Consumption Time: The Role of Event Valence and Unpacking pp. 459 - 473 Downloads
Claire I. Tsai and Min Zhao
The Signature Effect: Signing Influences Consumption-Related Behavior by Priming Self-Identity pp. 474 - 489 Downloads
Keri L. Kettle and Gerald Häubl
Psychological Distance and the Dual Role of Price pp. 490 - 504 Downloads
Torsten Bornemann and Christian Homburg
Helpful Hopefulness: The Effect of Future Positive Emotions on Consumption pp. 505 - 524 Downloads
Karen Page Winterich and Kelly L. Haws
The Effects of Duration Knowledge on Forecasted versus Actual Affective Experiences pp. 525 - 534 Downloads
Min Zhao and Claire I. Tsai
Knowing Too Much: Expertise-Induced False Recall Effects in Product Comparison pp. 535 - 554 Downloads
Ravi Mehta, Joandrea Hoegg and Amitav Chakravarti
An Interpretive Frame Model of Identity-Dependent Learning: The Moderating Role of Content-State Association pp. 555 - 577 Downloads
Kathryn R. Mercurio and Mark R. Forehand
I Imagine, I Experience, I Like: The False Experience Effect pp. 578 - 594 Downloads
Priyali Rajagopal and Nicole Votolato Montgomery

Volume 38, issue 2, 2011

Celebrity Contagion and the Value of Objects pp. 215 - 228 Downloads
George E. Newman, Gil Diesendruck and Paul Bloom
Choice, Rejection, and Elaboration on Preference-Inconsistent Alternatives pp. 229 - 241 Downloads
Juliano Laran and Keith Wilcox
Bringing Us Together or Driving Us Apart: The Effect of Soliciting Consumer Input on Consumers' Propensity to Transact with an Organization pp. 242 - 259 Downloads
Wendy Liu and David Gal
The Role of Relationship Norms in Responses to Service Failures pp. 260 - 277 Downloads
Lisa C. Wan, Michael K. Hui and Robert S. Wyer
Making Magic: Fetishes in Contemporary Consumption pp. 278 - 299 Downloads
Karen V. Fernandez and John L. Lastovicka
The Last Name Effect: How Last Name Influences Acquisition Timing pp. 300 - 307 Downloads
Kurt A. Carlson and Jacqueline M. Conard
How to Make a 29% Increase Look Bigger: The Unit Effect in Option Comparisons pp. 308 - 322 Downloads
Mario Pandelaere, Barbara Briers and Christophe Lembregts
Truly, Madly, Deeply: Consumers in the Throes of Material Possession Love pp. 323 - 342 Downloads
John L. Lastovicka and Nancy J. Sirianni
Stereotype Threat in the Marketplace: Consumer Anxiety and Purchase Intentions pp. 343 - 357 Downloads
Kyoungmi Lee, Hakkyun Kim and Kathleen D. Vohs
The Effects of Ad Context and Gender on the Identification of Visually Incongruent Products pp. 358 - 375 Downloads
Theodore J. Noseworthy, June Cotte and Seung Hwan (Mark) Lee
Effects of Construal Level on the Price-Quality Relationship pp. 376 - 389 Downloads
Dengfeng Yan and Jaideep Sengupta
The Impact of Product Name on Dieters' and Nondieters' Food Evaluations and Consumption pp. 390 - 405 Downloads
Caglar Irmak, Beth Vallen and Stefanie Rosen Robinson

Volume 38, issue 1, 2011

Intuitive Biases in Choice versus Estimation: Implications for the Wisdom of Crowds pp. 1 - 15 Downloads
Joseph P. Simmons, Leif D. Nelson, Jeff Galak and Shane Frederick
The Zero-Comparison Effect pp. 16 - 26 Downloads
Mauricio M. Palmeira
Getting Ahead of the Joneses: When Equality Increases Conspicuous Consumption among Bottom-Tier Consumers pp. 27 - 41 Downloads
Nailya Ordabayeva and Pierre Chandon
Marketplace Tensions in Extraordinary Experiences pp. 42 - 61 Downloads
Gülnur Tumbat and Russell W. Belk
When Your World Must Be Defended: Choosing Products to Justify the System pp. 62 - 77 Downloads
Keisha M. Cutright, Eugenia C. Wu, Jillian C. Banfield, Aaron C. Kay and Gavan J. Fitzsimons
Been There, Done That: The Impact of Effort Investment on Goal Value and Consumer Motivation pp. 78 - 93 Downloads
Ying Zhang, Jing Xu, Zixi Jiang and Szu-Chi Huang
Gaming with Mr. Slot or Gaming the Slot Machine? Power, Anthropomorphism, and Risk Perception pp. 94 - 107 Downloads
Sara Kim and Ann L. McGill
A Coal in the Heart: Self-Relevance as a Post-Exit Predictor of Consumer Anti-Brand Actions pp. 108 - 125 Downloads
Allison R. Johnson, Maggie Matear and Matthew Thomson
How Credit Card Payments Increase Unhealthy Food Purchases: Visceral Regulation of Vices pp. 126 - 139 Downloads
Manoj Thomas, Kalpesh Kaushik Desai and Satheeshkumar Seenivasan
Safety First? The Role of Emotion in Safety Product Betrayal Aversion pp. 140 - 150 Downloads
Andrew D. Gershoff and Jonathan J. Koehler
Indulgence or Self-Control: A Dual Process Model of the Effect of Incidental Pride on Indulgent Choice pp. 151 - 163 Downloads
Keith Wilcox, Thomas Kramer and Sankar Sen
It's Not Me, It's You: How Gift Giving Creates Giver Identity Threat as a Function of Social Closeness pp. 164 - 181 Downloads
Morgan K. Ward and Susan M. Broniarczyk
On Intertemporal Selfishness: How the Perceived Instability of Identity Underlies Impatient Consumption pp. 182 - 198 Downloads
Daniel M. Bartels and Oleg Urminsky
Carryover Effects of Self-Control on Decision Making: A Construal-Level Perspective pp. 199 - 214 Downloads
Echo Wen Wan and Nidhi Agrawal
Solidarity of Purpose: Building an Understanding of Consumers through a Community of Scholars pp. ii - viii Downloads
Ann McGill, Laura Peracchio and Mary Frances Luce
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