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Volume 7, issue 4, 1981

The Role of Perception of Time in Consumer Research pp. 335-42 Downloads
Robert J Graham
Allocation of Time to the Mass Media pp. 343-55 Downloads
Jacob Hornik and Mary Jane Schlinger
Television Nonviewers: An Endangered Species? pp. 356-59 Downloads
Marilyn Jackson-Beeck and John P Robinson
Measuring Values of Travel Time Savings pp. 360-71 Downloads
Jay R Cherlow
Influences on Married Women's Volunteer Work Participation pp. 372-79 Downloads
Vicki R Schram and Marilyn M Dunsing
The Effect of Fertility on the Time Use of Working Wives pp. 380-87 Downloads
Janet C Hunt and B F Kiker
Taxation and the Consumption of Household Time pp. 388-94 Downloads
Jane H Leuthold
Allocating Discretionary Time: Complementarity among Activities pp. 395-406 Downloads
Morris B Holbrook and Donald R Lehmann
The Use of Time: An Integrated Conceptual Model pp. 407-19 Downloads
Laurence P Feldman and Jacob Hornik

Volume 7, issue 3, 1980

Attribution Theory and Advertising Effectiveness pp. 219-24 Downloads
Sparkman, Richard M, and William B Locander
A Developmental Study of Consumer Information-Processing Strategies pp. 225-33 Downloads
Noel Capon and Deanna Kuhn
Effects of Prior Knowledge and Experience and Phase of the Choice Process on Consumer Decision Processes: A Protocol Analysis pp. 234-48 Downloads
James R Bettman and C Whan Park
Estimating Demand Functions for Product Characteristics: The Case of Automobiles pp. 249-62 Downloads
Manoj K Agarwal and Brian T Ratchford
One Job or Two Jobs: The Implications for Young Wives pp. 263-71 Downloads
Marianne A Ferber and Bonnie Birnbaum
Innovativeness, Novelty Seeking, and Consumer Creativity pp. 283-95 Downloads
Elizabeth C Hirschman
Individual Differences in Search Behavior for a Nondurable pp. 296-307 Downloads
William L Moore and Donald R Lehmann
The Nominal Group Technique: Its Potential for Consumer Research pp. 308-13 Downloads
John D Claxton, J R Brent Ritchie and Judy Zaichkowsky
Individual, Product Class, and Task-Related Factors in Consumer Information Processing pp. 314-26 Downloads
Noel Capon and Marian Burke
"Consumer Decision Making-Fact or Fiction?" Comment pp. 331-33 Downloads
Michael Ursic
"Consumer Decision Making-Fact or Fiction?" Rejoinder pp. 333-34 Downloads
Richard W Olshavsky and Donald H Granbois

Volume 7, issue 2, 1980

The Cost of Thinking pp. 99-111 Downloads
Steven M Shugan
Predictors of Attendance at the Performing Arts pp. 112-20 Downloads
Alan R Andreasen and Russell W Belk
Determinants of Physician and Pharmacist Support of Generic Drugs pp. 121-30 Downloads
William O Bearden and J Barry Mason
Joint Purchasing Decisions: A Comparison of Influence Structure in Family and Couple Decision-Making Units pp. 131-40 Downloads
Pierre Filiatrault and J R Brent Ritchie
A Simulation Study of Methods for Hypothesis Testing in Factor Analysis pp. 141-50 Downloads
Franklin Acito, Ronald D Anderson and Jack L Engledow
Message-Evoked Thoughts: Persuasion Research Using Thought Verbalizations pp. 151-75 Downloads
Peter Wright
Product Class Advertising Effects on First-Time Buyers' Decision Strategies pp. 176-88 Downloads
Peter Wright and Peter D Rip
Changing Roles of Women-A Life-Style Analysis pp. 189-97 Downloads
Alladi Venkatesh
Books on Quantitative Methods for Consumer Research pp. 198-210 Downloads
Vithala R Rao
Do Consumers Benefit from Auto Manufacturer Rebates to Dealers? pp. 211-14 Downloads
Steven M Crafton and George E Hoffer
The Family Life Cycle: An Alternative Approach pp. 214-17 Downloads
Frederick W Derrick and Alane K Lehfeld

Volume 7, issue 1, 1980

Toward a Theory of Segmentation by Objectives in Social Marketing pp. 1-13 Downloads
Seymour H Fine
Predispositions toward Generic Drug Acceptance pp. 14-23 Downloads
Lambert, Zarrel V, et al
Organizational Psychographics and Innovativeness pp. 24-31 Downloads
Thomas S Robertson and Yoram Wind
Consumer Response to Initial Product Trial: A Bayesian Analysis pp. 32-41 Downloads
Carol A Scott and Richard F Yalch
The Effect of Information-Processing Ability on Processing Accuracy pp. 42-48 Downloads
Walter A Henry
Intrapersonal Affective Influences on Consumer Satisfaction with Products pp. 49-54 Downloads
Robert A Westbrook
The Impact of Permanent and Transitory Income on Household Automobile Expenditure pp. 55-66 Downloads
J William Levedahl
Designing Persuasive Communication Campaigns: A Multimessage Communication Model pp. 67-77 Downloads
Jeffrey E Danes and John E Hunter
Consumer Resource Allocation Models at the Individual Level pp. 78-87 Downloads
Richard R Batsell
Voluntary Response to Energy Conservation Appeals: Comment [Voluntarism and Price Response: Consumer Reaction to the Energy Shortage] pp. 88-92 Downloads
James Walker
Psychobiology and Consumer Research: A Problem of Construct Validity: Comment [Activation Research: Psychobiological Approaches in Consumer Research] pp. 92-95 Downloads
Michael J Ryan
Rejoinder [Activation Research: Psychobiological Approaches in Consumer Research] pp. 96-98 Downloads
Werner Kroeber-Riel

Volume 6, issue 4, 1980

Credit Cards: An Interdisciplinary Survey pp. 327-37 Downloads
Gillian Garcia
Strategies Used by Working and Nonworking Wives to Reduce Time Pressures pp. 338-48 Downloads
Myra H Strober and Charles B Weinberg
Life Cycle Cost: A New Form of Consumer Information pp. 349-60 Downloads
R Bruce Hutton and William L Wilkie
Costs Incurred by Residential Electricity Consumers Due to Power Failures pp. 361-69 Downloads
Mohan Munasinghe
The Direction of Causality between Perceptions, Affect, and Behavior: An Application to Travel Behavior pp. 370-76 Downloads
David J Reibstein, Christopher H Lovelock and Ricardo de P Dobson
Nonlinear Relations in a Complex Model of Buyer Behavior pp. 377-88 Downloads
Michel Laroche and John A Howard
Consumer Behavior and Psychological Reactance pp. 389-405 Downloads
Mona A Clee and Robert A Wicklund
The Effect of Experience: A Matter of Salience? pp. 406-13 Downloads
Alice M Tybout and Richard F Yalch
A Second Look at Children and the Advertising of Premiums pp. 414-20 Downloads
Louise A Heslop and Adrian B Ryans
Children's Responses to Repetitive Television Commercials pp. 421-24 Downloads
Gerald J Gorn and Marvin E Goldberg
Time and the Rate of Adoption of Innovations pp. 425-28 Downloads
Richard W Olshavsky

Volume 6, issue 3, 1979

Choosing Multiple Items from a Product Class pp. 213-24 Downloads
Leigh McAlister
Consumer Initial Processing in a Difficult Media Environment pp. 225-36 Downloads
Peter H Webb
Detecting and Correcting Deceptive Advertising pp. 237-46 Downloads
Gary M Armstrong, Metin N Gurol and Frederick A Russ
Children's Receptivity to Proprietary Medicine Advertising pp. 247-55 Downloads
Thomas S Robertson, John R Rossiter and Terry C Gleason
Concrete Action Plans in TV Messages to Increase Reading of Drug Warnings pp. 256-69 Downloads
Peter Wright
Evaluation of Consumer Education Programs pp. 270-79 Downloads
Paul N Bloom and Gary T Ford
Retrospective Self-Insight on Factors Considered in Product Evaluation pp. 280-94 Downloads
Barton Weitz and Peter Wright
Response Time, Conflict, and Involvement in Brand Choice pp. 295-304 Downloads
Tyzoon T Tyebjee
The Effect of Promotional Techniques on Purchase of Preventive Dental Care pp. 305-08 Downloads
Betsy D Gelb and Mary C Gilly
Family Income Effects on Measurement of Children's Attitudes toward Television Commercials pp. 308-11 Downloads
William O Bearden, Jesse E Teel and Robert R Wright
Family Member Influence in Household Decision Making pp. 312-16 Downloads
George J Szybillo, Arlene K Sosanie and Aaron Tenenbein
On "A Programming Model of Consumer Choice among Multiattributed Brands" pp. 317-19 Downloads
Ronald R Yager
A Programming Model of Consumer Choice among Multiattributed Brands: Rejoinder pp. 319-21 Downloads
J M Blin

Volume 6, issue 2, 1979

Consumer Decision Making-Fact or Fiction? pp. 93-100 Downloads
Richard W Olshavsky and Donald H Granbois
Decision Making among the Young: A Socialization Perspective pp. 101-12 Downloads
George P Moschis and Roy L Moore
A Path Analysis of Preventive Health Care Decision Models pp. 113-22 Downloads
Richard L Oliver and Philip K Berger
The Attribution Process in Consumer Decision Making pp. 123-40 Downloads
Richard W Mizerski, Linda L Golden and Jerome B Kernan
Information Format and Choice Task Effects in Decision Making pp. 141-53 Downloads
James R Bettman and Michel A Zins
Task Complexity and Contingent Processing in Brand Choice pp. 154-65 Downloads
Denis A Lussier and Richard W Olshavsky
Preference, Search, and Choice: An Integrative Approach pp. 166-76 Downloads
David A Sheluga, James Jaccard and Jacob Jacoby
Decision Making under Uncertainty: A Direct Measurement Approach pp. 177-91 Downloads
Thomas V Bonoma and Wesley J Johnston
Some Effects of Differing Information Processing Strategies on Husband-Wife Joint Decisions pp. 192-203 Downloads
David J Curry and Michael B Menasco
The 1980 Census of Population: Content and Coverage Improvement Plans pp. 204-12 Downloads
Mark S Littman

Volume 6, issue 1, 1979

Public Policy and Consumer Information: Impact of the New Energy Labels pp. 1-11 Downloads
Dennis L McNeill and William L Wilkie
A Modernized Family Life Cycle pp. 12-22 Downloads
Patrick E Murphy and William A Staples
Television and Interpersonal Influences on Adolescent Consumer Learning pp. 23-35 Downloads
Churchill, Gilbert A, and George P Moschis
The Pain-Pill-Pleasure Model and Illicit Drug Consumption pp. 36-46 Downloads
Terence A Shimp and Robert F Dyer
Consumer Acquisition Patterns for Durable Goods pp. 47-57 Downloads
Jack J Kasulis, Robert F Lusch and Stafford, Edward F,
Differences in Consumer Purchase Behavior by Credit Card Payment System pp. 58-66 Downloads
Elizabeth C Hirschman
An Hedonic Index for Breakfast Cereals pp. 67-75 Downloads
Karen J Morgan, Edward J Metzen and S R Johnson
Operationalizing Economic Models of Demand for Product Characteristics pp. 76-84 Downloads
Brian T Ratchford
Operationalizing Economic Models of Demand for Product Characteristics: Comment pp. 85-87 Downloads
George W Ladd and Martin Zober
Commentary on "The Neglected Variety Drive" pp. 88-91 Downloads
Robert D Rogers
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