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1974 - 2023

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Volume 9, issue 4, 1983

Electoral Turnout in Rational Voting and Consumption Perspectives pp. 337-46 Downloads
Randall G Chapman and Kristian S Palda
Quality, Price, Advertising, and Published Quality Ratings pp. 347-56 Downloads
Robert B Archibald, Clyde A Haulman and Moody, Carlisle E,
Price Search in a Product Market pp. 357-65 Downloads
John Carlson and Robert J Gieseke
A Model of Consumer Information Search Behavior for New Automobiles pp. 366-80 Downloads
Girish N Punj and Richard Staelin
On the Meaning of Leisure: An Investigation of Some Determinants of the Subjective Experience pp. 381-92 Downloads
Lynette S Unger and Jerome B Kernan
Persuasion in Family Decision-Making pp. 393-402 Downloads
Rosann L Spiro
Industrial Organization and Consumer Satisfaction-Dissatisfaction pp. 403-12 Downloads
Claes Fornell and William T Robinson
Psychological Commitment and Its Effects on Post-Decision Evaluation and Preference Stability among Voters pp. 413-31 Downloads
Lawrence A Crosby and James R Taylor
Consumer Acquisition Priorities for Home Appliances: A Replication and Re-evaluation pp. 432-35 Downloads
Peter R Dickson, Robert F Lusch and William L Wilkie
Societal Development and Family Purchasing Roles: A Cross-National Study pp. 436-42 Downloads
Green, Robert T, et al
Issues in the Application of Covariance Structure Analysis: A Comment pp. 443-48 Downloads
Claes Fornell
Issues in the Application of Covariance Structure Analysis: A Further Comment pp. 449-50 Downloads
Richard P Bagozzi

Volume 9, issue 3, 1982

On the External Validity of Experiments in Consumer Research pp. 225-39 Downloads
Lynch, John G,
The Concept of External Validity pp. 240-44 Downloads
Bobby J Calder, Lynn W Phillips and Alice M Tybout
Do Cognitive Responses Mediate the Effects of Advertising Content on Cognitive Structure? pp. 245-62 Downloads
Jerry C Olson, Daniel R Toy and Philip A Dover
Behavioral Intention Formation: The Inderdependency of Attitudinal and Social Influence Variables pp. 263-78 Downloads
Michael J Ryan
A Longitudinal Study of Television Advertising Effects pp. 279-86 Downloads
George P Moschis and Roy L Moore
Self-Concept in Consumer Behavior: A Critical Review pp. 287-300 Downloads
M Joseph Sirgy
An Attribution Explanation of the Disproportionate Influence of Unfavorable Information pp. 301-10 Downloads
Richard W Mizerski
Variety Seeking Behavior: An Interdisciplinary Review pp. 311-22 Downloads
Leigh McAlister and Edgar Pessemier
Post-Purchase Consumer Processes and the Complaining Consumer pp. 323-28 Downloads
Mary C Gilly and Betsy D Gelb

Volume 9, issue 2, 1982

The Experiential Aspects of Consumption: Consumer Fantasies, Feelings, and Fun pp. 132-40 Downloads
Morris B Holbrook and Elizabeth C Hirschman
A Dynamic Attribute Satiation Model of Variety-Seeking Behavior pp. 141-50 Downloads
Leigh McAlister
Joint Decisions in Home Purchasing: A Muddling-Through Process pp. 151-62 Downloads
C Whan Park
Barriers to Consumer Choice of Energy Efficient Products pp. 163-70 Downloads
C Dennis Anderson and John D Claxton
Correlates of Interpersonal Purchase Influence in Organizations pp. 171-82 Downloads
Robert J Thomas
Reference Group Influence on Product and Brand Purchase Decisions pp. 183-94 Downloads
William O Bearden and Michael J Etzel
Consumer Demand for Automobiles: A Disaggregated Market Approach pp. 195-99 Downloads
James Wetzel and George Hoffer
Behavioral Evidence on the Effects of Televised Food Messages on Children pp. 200-205 Downloads
Gerald J Gorn and Marvin E Goldberg
On the Predictive Validity of Joint-Space Models in Consumer Evaluations of New Concepts pp. 206-10 Downloads
William L Moore and Holbrook, Morris, B
Mental Mapping of Two Supermarkets pp. 211-15 Downloads
Robert Sommer and Susan Aitkens
Estimating Demand Functions for Product Characteristics: Comment pp. 219-20 Downloads
Jon Nelson
Estimating Demand Functions for Product Characteristics: Reply pp. 221-24 Downloads
Brian T Ratchford and Manoj K Agarwal

Volume 9, issue 1, 1982

Developmental Recognition of Consumption Symbolism pp. 4-17 Downloads
Russell W Belk, Kenneth D Bahn and Robert N Mayer
Memory and Attentional Factors in Consumer Choice: Concepts and Research Methods pp. 18-37 Downloads
Lynch, John G, and Thomas K Srull
Warranty and Other Extrinsic Cue Effects on Consumers' Risk Perceptions pp. 38-46 Downloads
Terence A Shimp and William O Bearden
Consumer Conduct in Product Liability Litigation pp. 47-55 Downloads
Fred W Morgan and Dana I Avrunin
The Effects of Television Commercial Repetition on Cognitive Response and Message Acceptance pp. 56-65 Downloads
George E Belch
Monitoring Communication Effects: A Cognitive Structure/Cognitive Response Approach pp. 66-76 Downloads
Daniel R Toy
The Effects of Advertising on High and Low Loyalty Consumer Segments pp. 77-89 Downloads
S P Raj
Adding Asymmetrically Dominated Alternatives: Violations of Regularity and the Similarity Hypothesis pp. 90-98 Downloads
Joel Huber, John W Payne and Christopher Puto
Constructing Joint Spaces from Pick-Any Data: A New Tool for Consumer Analysis pp. 99-105 Downloads
Morris B Holbrook, William L Moore and Russell S Winer
Satisfaction, Commitment, and Knowledge of Customers on a Mandatory Participation Time-of-Day Electricity Pricing Experiment pp. 106-14 Downloads
Thomas A Heberlein, Daniel Linz and Bonnie P Ortiz
Search Behavior: A Note [Consumer Decision Making-Fact or Fiction] pp. 115-16 Downloads
Roger Dickinson
Perception of Time in Consumer Research: Comment pp. 116-18 Downloads
Terence A Shimp
Perception of Time in Consumer Research: Rejoinder pp. 119-20 Downloads
Robert J Graham

Volume 8, issue 4, 1982

Consumer Response to In-Store Price Information Environments pp. 357-69 Downloads
Valarie A Zeithaml
A Selective Review of Travel-Mode Choice Models pp. 370-80 Downloads
Richard Barff, David MacKay and Richard W Olshavsky
Self-Perception Based Strategies for Stimulating Energy Conservation pp. 381-90 Downloads
Chris T Allen
The Demand for Consumption Time: A Longitudinal Perspective pp. 391-97 Downloads
John A Menefee
The Impact of Enriching Case and Statistical Information on Consumer Judgments pp. 398-406 Downloads
Peter R Dickson
Working Wives and Convenience Consumption pp. 407-18 Downloads
Michael D Reilly
Information Load and Consumer Decision Making pp. 419-30 Downloads
Naresh K Malhotra
Information-Presentation Format and Learning Goals as Determinants of Consumers' Memory Retrieval and Choice Processes pp. 431-41 Downloads
Gabriel Biehal and Dipankar Chakravarti
Experiences with the Bettman-Park Verbal-Protocol Coding Scheme pp. 442-48 Downloads
Gabriel Biehal and Dipankar Chakravarti
Can Consumers Calculate Best Buys? pp. 449-53 Downloads
Noel Capon and Deanna Kuhn
Life Styles and Consumption Patterns pp. 453-55 Downloads
Stephen C Cosmas
Consumer Acquisition Patterns for Durable Goods: Australian Evidence pp. 456-60 Downloads
Yvonne Clarke and Geoffrey N Soutar
One-Sided versus Two-Sided Comparative Message Appeals for New Brand Introductions pp. 460-65 Downloads
Michael Etgar and Stephen A Goodwin
Parameter Stability and "Carry-Over Effects" in a Consumer Decision-Process Model pp. 465-71 Downloads
Farley, John U, et al
Comparing Derived Importance Weights Across Attributes pp. 471-74 Downloads
Dick R Wittink, Lakshman Krishnamurthi and Julia B Nutter
Choice Strategy in a Difficult Task Environment pp. 474-79 Downloads
Roger A Formisano, Richard W Olshavsky and Shelley Tapp

Volume 8, issue 3, 1981

Complexities of Household Energy Consumption and Conservation pp. 233-42 Downloads
J R Brent Ritchie, Gordon H G McDougall and John D Claxton
Voluntary Simplicity Lifestyles and Energy Conservation pp. 243-52 Downloads
Dorothy Leonard-Barton
Household Behavior and the Use of Natural Gas for Home Heating pp. 253-57 Downloads
Theo M M Verhallen and W Fred Raaij
Electricity Consumption by the Elderly: Policy Implications pp. 258-64 Downloads
G Keith Warriner
Energy-Related Adaptation in Low-Income Nonmetropolitan Wisconsin Counties pp. 265-70 Downloads
Marta Tienda and Osei-Mensah Aborampah
Exploring the Consumer Decision Process in the Adoption of Solar Energy Systems pp. 271-78 Downloads
Duncan G Labay and Thomas C Kinnear
The Feasibility of Changing Electricity Consumption Patterns pp. 279-90 Downloads
Jack J Kasulis, David A Huettner and Neil J Dikeman
The Value of Incentives in Stimulating Energy Conservation pp. 291-98 Downloads
R Bruce Hutton and Dennis L McNeill
"Consciousness" in Energy Conservation Behavior: An Exploratory Study pp. 299-305 Downloads
Louise A Heslop, Lori Moran and Amy Cousineau
Preferred Solutions to the Energy Crisis as a Function of Causal Attributions pp. 306-12 Downloads
Russell Belk, John Painter and Richard Semenik
Consumers' Preferences for Alternative Energy Conservation Policies: A Trade-Off Analysis pp. 313-21 Downloads
Peter D Bennett and Noreen Klein Moore
Consumer Adaptation to Gasoline Price Increases pp. 322-30 Downloads
Robert E Pitts, John F Willenborg and Daniel L Sherrell
Evaluating Energy Conservation Programs: Is Verbal Report Enough? pp. 331-35 Downloads
E Scott Geller
Tax Credits as a Means of Influencing Consumer Behavior pp. 335-38 Downloads
Robert E Pitts and James L Wittenbach
Energy Usage and the Conserver Society: Review of the 1979 AMA Conference on Ecological Marketing pp. 339-42 Downloads
Henion, Karl E,
Consumer Energy Research: A Review pp. 343-54 Downloads
McDougall, Gordon H G, et al

Volume 8, issue 2, 1981

Identifying Misleading Advertising pp. 119-31 Downloads
J Edward Russo, Barbara L Metcalf and Debra Stephens
Consumer Behavior and Consumer Well-Being: An Economist's Digest pp. 132-43 Downloads
Suranyi-Unger, Theodore,
Age Differences in Children's Responses to Television Advertising: An Information-Processing Approach pp. 144-53 Downloads
Deborah L Roedder
Television Use by Adults and Children: A Multivariate Analysis pp. 154-61 Downloads
W Keith Bryant and Jennifer L Gerner
Forecasting the Ultimate Acceptance of an Innovation: The Effects of Information pp. 162-71 Downloads
Peter C Wilton and Edgar A Pessemier
Determinants of Credit Card Accounts: An Application of Tobit Analysis pp. 172-82 Downloads
Jean Kinsey
The Use of Economic Reasoning to Increase Satisfaction with Family Decision Making pp. 183-88 Downloads
Marilyn Kourilsky and Trudy Murray
Wife's Occupational Status as a Consumer Behavior Construct pp. 189-96 Downloads
Charles M Schaninger and Chris T Allen
Designing Research for Application pp. 197-207 Downloads
Bobby J Calder, Lynn W Phillips and Alice M Tybout
The Influence of Cognitive Personality Traits and Demographics on Consumer Information Acquisition pp. 208-16 Downloads
Charles M Schaninger and Donald Sciglimpaglia
Determinants of Price Dependency: Personal and Perceptual Factors pp. 217-22 Downloads
Michael Etgar and Naresh K Malhotra
Familiarity and Its Impact on Consumer Decision Biases and Heuristics pp. 223-30 Downloads
C Whan Park and V Parker Lessig

Volume 8, issue 1, 1981

The Federal Poverty Thresholds: Appearance and Reality pp. 1-10 Downloads
James H Hauver, John A Goodman and Marc A Grainer
Consumer Search and Public Policy pp. 11-22 Downloads
Beales, Howard, et al
Hemispheral Lateralization: Implications for Understanding Consumer Behavior pp. 23-36 Downloads
Flemming Hansen
How Valid are Product Descriptions and Protocols in Choice Experiments? pp. 37-42 Downloads
Raymond J Smead, James B Wilcox and Robert E Wilkes
Effects of Consumer Information and Education on Cognition and Choice pp. 43-56 Downloads
Lawrence A Crosby and James R Taylor
Measuring Children's Attitudes toward Television Commercials: Extension and Replication pp. 57-61 Downloads
Glen Riecken and A Coskun Samli
Design of Subscription Programs for a Performing Arts Series pp. 67-75 Downloads
Imran S Currim, Charles B Weinberg and Dick R Wittink
Estimating Choice Probabilities in Multiattribute Decision Making pp. 76-84 Downloads
Paul E Green, J Douglas Carroll and Wayne S DeSarbo
Inference in Hierarchical Choice Processes from Panel Data pp. 85-96 Downloads
Vithala R Rao and Darius Jal Sabavala
Two-factor Theory and Consumer Satisfaction: Replication and Extension pp. 97-102 Downloads
R Neil Maddox
Feature Interactions in Consumer Judgments of Verbal versus Pictorial Presentations pp. 103-13 Downloads
Morris B Holbrook and William L Moore
Toward a Definition of the Consumerist Segment in France pp. 114-17 Downloads
Alain J P Jolibert and Gary Baumgartner
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