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Volume 43, issue 4, 2016

A Tutorial in Consumer Research: Process Theorization in Cultural Consumer Research pp. 497-508 Downloads
Markus Giesler and Craig J. Thompson
The Systemic Creation of Value Through Circulation in Collaborative Consumer Networks pp. 509-533 Downloads
Bernardo Figueiredo and Daiane Scaraboto
Loss of Control and Self-Regulation: The Role of Childhood Lessons pp. 534-548 Downloads
Noah VanBergen and Juliano Laran
The Contingent Nature of the Symbolic Associations of Visual Design Elements: The Case of Brand Logo Frames pp. 549-566 Downloads
Tatiana M. Fajardo, Jiao Zhang and Michael Tsiros
Is Eco-Friendly Unmanly? The Green-Feminine Stereotype and Its Effect on Sustainable Consumption pp. 567-582 Downloads
Aaron R. Brough, James E. B. Wilkie, Jingjing Ma, Mathew S. Isaac and David Gal
Click or Skip: The Role of Experience in Easy-Click Checking Decisions pp. 583-597 Downloads
Yefim Roth, Michaela Wänke and Ido Erev
Why Does Psychological Distance Influence Construal Level? The Role of Processing Mode pp. 598-613 Downloads
Dengfeng Yan, Jaideep Sengupta and Jiewen Hong
Take It or Leave It: How Choosing versus Rejecting Alternatives Affects Information Processing pp. 614-635 Downloads
Tatiana Sokolova and Aradhna Krishna
Silver Spoons and Platinum Plans: How Childhood Environment Affects Adult Health Care Decisions pp. 636-656 Downloads
Chiraag Mittal and Vladas Griskevicius

Volume 43, issue 3, 2016

Men and the Middle: Gender Differences in Dyadic Compromise Effects pp. 355-371 Downloads
Hristina Nikolova and Cait Lamberton
Slowing Down in the Good Old Days: The Effect of Nostalgia on Consumer Patience pp. 372-387 Downloads
Xun (Irene) Huang, Zhongqiang (Tak) Huang and Robert S. Wyer
Hedonic Escalation: When Food Just Tastes Better and Better pp. 388-406 Downloads
Cammy Crolic and Chris Janiszewski
Altering Speed of Locomotion pp. 407-428 Downloads
Bram Van Den Bergh, Nico Heuvinck, Gaby A. C. Schellekens and Iris Vermeir
Coping and Construal Level Matching Drives Health Message Effectiveness viaResponse Efficacy or Self-Efficacy Enhancement pp. 429-447 Downloads
DaHee Han, Adam Duhachek and Nidhi Agrawal
Why Focusing on the Similarity of Substitutes Leaves a Lot to Be Desired pp. 448-459 Downloads
Zachary G. Arens and Rebecca W. Hamilton
Repayment Concentration and Consumer Motivation to Get Out of Debt pp. 460-477 Downloads
Keri L. Kettle, Remi Trudel, Simon Blanchard and Gerald Häubl
When Brand Logos Describe the Environment: Design Instability and the Utility of Safety-Oriented Products pp. 478-496 Downloads
Ryan Rahinel and Noelle M. Nelson

Volume 43, issue 2, 2016

Tutorials in Consumer Research pp. 199-199 Downloads
Darren Dahl, Eileen Fischer, Gita Johar and Vicki Morwitz
A Tutorial in Consumer Research: Knowledge Creation and Knowledge Appreciation in Deductive-Conceptual Consumer Research pp. 200-209 Downloads
Chris Janiszewski, Aparna A. Labroo and Derek D. Rucker
Does Variety Among Activities Increase Happiness? pp. 210-229 Downloads
Jordan Etkin and Cassie Mogilner
Wanting Ever More: Acquisition Procedure Motivates Continued Reward Acquisition pp. 230-245 Downloads
Yan Zhang and Leilei Gao
The Recycled Self: Consumers’ Disposal Decisions of Identity-Linked Products pp. 246-264 Downloads
Remi Trudel, Jennifer J. Argo and Matthew D. Meng
All That Glitters Is Not Gold: How Others’ Status Influences the Effect of Power Distance Belief on Status Consumption pp. 265-281 Downloads
Huachao Gao, Karen Page Winterich and Yinlong Zhang
Anthropomorphized Helpers Undermine Autonomy and Enjoyment in Computer Games pp. 282-302 Downloads
Sara Kim, Rocky Peng Chen and Ke Zhang
Numbers Are Gendered: The Role of Numerical Precision pp. 303-316 Downloads
Dengfeng Yan
Does a Dollar Get You a Dollar’s Worth of Merchandise? The Impact of Power Distance Belief on Price-Quality Judgments pp. 317-333 Downloads
Ashok K. Lalwani and Lura Forcum
In Pursuit of Good Karma: When Charitable Appeals to Do Right Go Wrong pp. 334-353 Downloads
Katina Kulow and Thomas Kramer

Volume 43, issue 1, 2016

Continuity Through Change: Navigating Temporalities Through Heirloom Rejuvenation pp. 1-25 Downloads
Meltem Türe and Güliz Ger
When Boastful Word of Mouth Helps versus Hurts Social Perceptions and Persuasion pp. 26-43 Downloads
Grant Packard, Andrew D. Gershoff and David B. Wooten
Too Exciting to Fail, Too Sincere to Succeed: The Effects of Brand Personality on Sensory Disconfirmation pp. 44-67 Downloads
Aparna Sundar and Theodore J. Noseworthy
Dynamics of Communicator and Audience Power: The Persuasiveness of Competence versus Warmth pp. 68-85 Downloads
David Dubois, Derek D. Rucker and Adam D. Galinsky
How Content Acquisition Method Affects Word of Mouth pp. 86-102 Downloads
Zoey Chen and Jonah Berger
Healthy-Left, Unhealthy-Right: Can Displaying Healthy Items to the Left (versus Right) of Unhealthy Items Nudge Healthier Choices? pp. 103-112 Downloads
Marisabel Romero and Dipayan Biswas
Decision Comfort pp. 113-133 Downloads
Jeffrey R. Parker, Donald R. Lehmann and Yi Xie
The Ant and the Grasshopper: Understanding Personal Saving Orientation of Consumers pp. 134-155 Downloads
Utpal Dholakia, Leona Tam, Sunyee Yoon and Nancy Wong
An Audience of One: Behaviorally Targeted Ads as Implied Social Labels pp. 156-178 Downloads
Christopher A. Summers, Robert W. Smith and Rebecca Walker Reczek
Why, When, and How Personal Control Impacts Information Processing: A Framework pp. 179-197 Downloads
Anne-Sophie Chaxel

Volume 42, issue 3, 2015

The Foresight Effect: Local Optimism Motivates Consistency and Local Pessimism Motivates Variety pp. 361-377 Downloads
Adelle X. Yang and Oleg Urminsky
Dominant Consumption Rituals and Intragroup Boundary Work: How Non-Celebrants Manage Conflicting Relational and Identity Goals pp. 378-400 Downloads
Michelle F. Weinberger
Cross-Domain Effects of Guilt on Desire for Self-Improvement Products pp. 401-419 Downloads
Thomas Allard and Katherine White
The Mere-Reaction Effect: Even Nonpositive and Noninformative Reactions Can Reinforce Actions pp. 420-434 Downloads
Christopher K. Hsee, Yang Yang and Bowen Ruan
Spending on Daughters versus Sons in Economic Recessions pp. 435-457 Downloads
Kristina M. Durante, Vladas Griskevicius, Joseph P. Redden and Andrew Edward White
On the Persuasiveness of Similar Others: The Role of Mentalizing and the Feeling of Certainty pp. 458-471 Downloads
Ali Faraji-Rad, Bendik M. Samuelsen and Luk Warlop
Status, Caste, and Market in a Changing Indian Village pp. 472-498 Downloads
Ram Manohar Vikas, Rohit Varman and Russell W. Belk
Pride and Regulatory Behavior: The Influence of Appraisal Information and Self-Regulatory Goals pp. 499-514 Downloads
Anthony Salerno, Juliano Laran and Chris Janiszewski

Volume 42, issue 2, 2015

JCR Updates: A Note from the Editors pp. 177-177 Downloads
Darren Dahl, Eileen Fischer, Gita Johar and Vicki Morwitz
The Value of Time pp. 178-195 Downloads
Anouk Festjens and Chris Janiszewski
Turning to Space: Social Density, Social Class, and the Value of Things in Stores pp. 196-213 Downloads
Thomas Clayton O’Guinn, Robin J. Tanner and Ahreum Maeng
Attention Modes and Price Importance: How Experiencing and Mind-Wandering Influence the Prioritization of Changeable Stimuli pp. 214-234 Downloads
Ryan Rahinel and Rohini Ahluwalia
Women Skating on the Edge: Marketplace Performances as Ideological Edgework pp. 235-265 Downloads
Craig J. Thompson and Tuba Üstüner
Inhibited from Bowling Alone pp. 266-283 Downloads
Rebecca K. Ratner and Rebecca W. Hamilton
Do Materialists Prefer the "Brand-as-Servant"? The Interactive Effect of Anthropomorphized Brand Roles and Materialism on Consumer Responses pp. 284-299 Downloads
Hyeongmin Christian Kim and Thomas Kramer
Persuasion, Interrupted: The Effect of Momentary Interruptions on Message Processing and Persuasion pp. 300-315 Downloads
Daniella M. Kupor and Zakary L. Tormala
Strength without Elaboration: The Role of Implicit Self-Theories in Forming and Accessing Attitudes pp. 316-339 Downloads
Jaehwan Kwon and Dhananjay Nayakankuppam
When Temptations Come Alive: How Anthropomorphism Undermines Self-Control pp. 340-358 Downloads
Julia D. Hur, Minjung Koo and Wilhelm Hofmann

Volume 42, issue 1, 2015

The Evolution of JCR: A View through the Eyes of Its Editors pp. 1-4 Downloads
Darren Dahl, Eileen Fischer, Gita Johar and Vicki Morwitz
The Journal of Consumer Research at 40: A Historical Analysis pp. 5-18 Downloads
Xin (Shane) Wang, Neil T. Bendle, Feng Mai and June CotteXin
"Lordy, Lordy, Look Who’s 40!" The Journal of Consumer Research Reaches a Milestone pp. 19-29 Downloads
Justine M. Rapp and Ronald Paul Hill
Attitude Predictability and Helpfulness in Online Reviews: The Role of Explained Actions and Reactions pp. 30-44 Downloads
Sarah G. Moore
How, When, and Why Do Attribute-Complementary versus Attribute-Similar Cobrands Affect Brand Evaluations: A Concept Combination Perspective pp. 45-58 Downloads
Vanitha Swaminathan, Zeynep Gürhan-Canli, Umut KubatVanitha Swaminathan and Ceren Hayran
Seeking Lasting Enjoyment with Limited Money: Financial Constraints Increase Preference for Material Goods over Experiences pp. 59-75 Downloads
Stephanie M. Tully, Hal E. Hershfield and Tom Meyvis
When Brands Reflect Our Ideal World: The Values and Brand Preferences of Consumers Who Support versus Reject Society’s Dominant Ideology pp. 76-92 Downloads
Steven Shepherd, Tanya L. Chartrand and Gavan J. Fitzsimons
Pursuing Attainment versus Maintenance Goals: The Interplay of Self-Construal and Goal Type on Consumer Motivation pp. 93-108 Downloads
Haiyang Yang, Antonios Stamatogiannakis and Amitava Chattopadhyay
Indigenes’ Responses to Immigrants’ Consumer Acculturation: A Relational Configuration Analysis pp. 109-129 Downloads
Marius K. Luedicke
Domesticating Public Space through Ritual: Tailgating as Vestaval pp. 130-151 Downloads
Tonya Williams Bradford and John F. Sherry
Selling, Sharing, and Everything In Between: The Hybrid Economies of Collaborative Networks pp. 152-176 Downloads
Daiane Scaraboto
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