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Volume 35, issue 6, 2009

It's Time to Vote: The Effect of Matching Message Orientation and Temporal Frame on Political Persuasion pp. 877-889 Downloads
Hakkyun Kim, Akshay R. Rao and Angela Y. Lee
Feeling Superior: The Impact of Loyalty Program Structure on Consumers' Perceptions of Status pp. 890-905 Downloads
Xavier Drèze and Joseph C. Nunes
Acts of Benevolence: A Limited-Resource Account of Compliance with Charitable Requests pp. 906-924 Downloads
Bob M. Fennis, Loes Janssen and Kathleen D. Vohs
Possession and Access: Consumer Desires and Value Perceptions Regarding Contemporary Art Collection and Exhibit Visits pp. 925-940 Downloads
Yu Chen
Variety, Vice, and Virtue: How Assortment Size Influences Option Choice pp. 941-951 Downloads
Aner Sela, Jonah Berger and Wendy Liu
Specification Seeking: How Product Specifications Influence Consumer Preference pp. 952-966 Downloads
Christopher K. Hsee, Yang Yang, Yangjie Gu and Jie Chen
Behavioral Consistency and Inconsistency in the Resolution of Goal Conflict pp. 967-984 Downloads
Juliano Laran and Chris Janiszewski
When Brand Personality Matters: The Moderating Role of Attachment Styles pp. 985-1002 Downloads
Vanitha Swaminathan, Karen M. Stilley and Rohini Ahluwalia
The Influence of Causal Conditional Reasoning on the Acceptance of Product Claims pp. 1003-1011 Downloads
Elise Chandon and Chris Janiszewski
Bilingualism and the Emotional Intensity of Advertising Language pp. 1012-1025 Downloads
Stefano Puntoni, Bart de Langhe and Stijn M. J. van Osselaer
The Effect of Regulatory Orientation and Decision Strategy on Brand Judgments pp. 1026-1038 Downloads
Echo Wen Wan, Jiewen Hong and Brian Sternthal
Releasing the Regret Lock: Consumer Response to New Alternatives after a Sale pp. 1039-1059 Downloads
Michael Tsiros

Volume 35, issue 5, 2009

Memories as Assets: Strategic Memory Protection in Choice over Time pp. 715-728 Downloads
Gal Zauberman, Rebecca K. Ratner and B. Kyu Kim
The Power of Strangers: The Effect of Incidental Consumer Brand Encounters on Brand Choice pp. 729-741 Downloads
Rosellina Ferraro, James R. Bettman and Tanya L. Chartrand
Blackjack in the Kitchen: Understanding Online versus Casino Gambling pp. 742-758 Downloads
June Cotte and Kathryn A. Latour
The Marketplace Management of Illicit Pleasure pp. 759-771 Downloads
Christina Goulding, Avi Shankar, Richard Elliott and Robin Canniford
Lines in the Sand: The Role of Motivated Categorization in the Pursuit of Self-Control Goals pp. 772-787 Downloads
Cait Poynor and Kelly L. Haws
Asymmetries in the Sequential Learning of Brand Associations: Implications for the Early Entrant Advantage pp. 788-799 Downloads
Marcus Cunha and Juliano Laran
Psychological Distancing: Why Happiness Helps You See the Big Picture pp. 800-809 Downloads
Aparna A. Labroo and Vanessa M. Patrick
Unrealistically Optimistic Consumers: A Selective Hypothesis Testing Account for Optimism in Predictions of Future Behavior pp. 810-822 Downloads
Robin J. Tanner and Kurt A. Carlson
How Inferences about Missing Attributes Decrease the Tendency to Defer Choice and Increase Purchase Probability pp. 823-837 Downloads
Kunter Gunasti and William T. Ross
The Influence of Self-Construal on Impulsive Consumption pp. 838-850 Downloads
Yinlong Zhang and L. J. Shrum
The Effect of Brand Commitment on the Evaluation of Nonpreferred Brands: A Disconfirmation Process pp. 851-863 Downloads
Sekar Raju, H. Rao Unnava and Nicole Votolato Montgomery
Objective and Subjective Knowledge Relationships: A Quantitative Analysis of Consumer Research Findings pp. 864-876 Downloads
Jay P. Carlson, Leslie H. Vincent, David M. Hardesty and William O. Bearden

Volume 35, issue 4, 2008

Stigma by Association in Coupon Redemption: Looking Cheap because of Others pp. 559-572 Downloads
Jennifer J. Argo and Kelley J. Main
The Blissful Ignorance Effect: Pre- versus Post-action Effects on Outcome Expectancies Arising from Precise and Vague Information pp. 573-585 Downloads
Himanshu Mishra, Baba Shiv and Dhananjay Nayakankuppam
Recalling Past Temptations: An Information-Processing Perspective on the Dynamics of Self-Control pp. 586-599 Downloads
Anirban Mukhopadhyay, Jaideep Sengupta and Suresh Ramanathan
Tempt Me Just a Little Bit More: The Effect of Prior Food Temptation Actionability on Goal Activation and Consumption pp. 600-610 Downloads
Kelly Geyskens, Siegfried Dewitte, Mario Pandelaere and Luk Warlop
Emotional Calibration Effects on Consumer Choice pp. 611-621 Downloads
Blair Kidwell, David M. Hardesty and Terry L. Childers
An Expanded Conceptualization and a New Measure of Compulsive Buying pp. 622-639 Downloads
Nancy M. Ridgway, Monika Kukar-Kinney and Kent B. Monroe
Focusing on Desirability: The Effect of Decision Interruption and Suspension on Preferences pp. 640-652 Downloads
Wendy Liu
Context-Dependent Effects of Goal Primes pp. 653-667 Downloads
Juliano Laran, Chris Janiszewski and Marcus Cunha
The Effects of a Different Category Context on Target Brand Evaluations pp. 668-679 Downloads
Myungwoo Nam and Brian Sternthal
Seize the Day! Encouraging Indulgence for the Hyperopic Consumer pp. 680-691 Downloads
Kelly L. Haws and Cait Poynor
Language Choice in Advertising to Bilinguals: Asymmetric Effects for Multinationals versus Local Firms pp. 692-705 Downloads
Aradhna Krishna and Rohini Ahluwalia
Effects of Temporal and Social Distance on Consumer Evaluations pp. 706-713 Downloads
Kyeongheui Kim, Meng Zhang and Xiuping Li

Volume 35, issue 3, 2008

Introduction: The Moment and Place for a Special Issue pp. 377-379 Downloads
David Mick
Flying under the Radar: Perverse Package Size Effects on Consumption Self-Regulation pp. 380-390 Downloads
Rita Coelho do Vale, Rik Pieters and Marcel Zeelenberg
The Effects of Reduced Food Size and Package Size on the Consumption Behavior of Restrained and Unrestrained Eaters pp. 391-405 Downloads
Maura L. Scott, Stephen M. Nowlis, Naomi Mandel and Andrea C. Morales
Using Extremeness Aversion to Fight Obesity: Policy Implications of Context Dependent Demand pp. 406-422 Downloads
Kathryn M. Sharpe, Richard Staelin and Joel Huber
Participatory Action Research pp. 423-439 Downloads
Julie L. Ozanne and Bige Saatcioglu
Choosing Outcomes versus Choosing Products: Consumer-Focused Retirement Investment Advice pp. 440-456 Downloads
Daniel Goldstein, Eric J. Johnson and William Sharpe
Cost of Being Poor: Retail Price and Consumer Price Search Differences across Inner-City and Suburban Neighborhoods pp. 457-471 Downloads
Debabrata Talukdar
A Room with a Viewpoint: Using Social Norms to Motivate Environmental Conservation in Hotels pp. 472-482 Downloads
Noah J. Goldstein, Robert B. Cialdini and Vladas Griskevicius
Exploring the Social and Business Returns of a Corporate Oral Health Initiative Aimed at Disadvantaged Hispanic Families pp. 483-494 Downloads
Shuili Du, Sankar Sen and C. B. Bhattacharya
Preferences for Enhancement Pharmaceuticals: The Reluctance to Enhance Fundamental Traits pp. 495-508 Downloads
Jason Riis, Joseph P. Simmons and Geoffrey P. Goodwin
Shifting Signals to Help Health: Using Identity Signaling to Reduce Risky Health Behaviors pp. 509-518 Downloads
Jonah Berger and Lindsay Rand
An Empathy-Helping Perspective on Consumers' Responses to Fund-Raising Appeals pp. 519-531 Downloads
Robert J. Fisher, Mark Vandenbosch and Kersi D. Antia
Friends of Victims: Personal Experience and Prosocial Behavior pp. 532-542 Downloads
Deborah A. Small and Uri Simonsohn
The Happiness of Giving: The Time-Ask Effect pp. 543-557 Downloads
Wendy Liu and Jennifer Aaker

Volume 35, issue 2, 2008

Nonconscious Goals and Consumer Choice pp. 189-201 Downloads
Tanya L. Chartrand, Joel Huber, Baba Shiv and Robin J. Tanner
The Mere Categorization Effect: How the Presence of Categories Increases Choosers' Perceptions of Assortment Variety and Outcome Satisfaction pp. 202-215 Downloads
Cassie Mogilner, Tamar Rudnick and Sheena S. Iyengar
Asian Brands and the Shaping of a Transnational Imagined Community pp. 216-230 Downloads
Julien Cayla and Giana M. Eckhardt
Politicizing Consumer Culture: Advertising's Appropriation of Political Ideology in China's Social Transition pp. 231-244 Downloads
Xin Zhao and Russell W. Belk
Will I Spend More in 12 Months or a Year? The Effect of Ease of Estimation and Confidence on Budget Estimates pp. 245-256 Downloads
Glden Lkmen, Manoj Thomas and Vicki G. Morwitz
Desire to Acquire: Powerlessness and Compensatory Consumption pp. 257-267 Downloads
Derek D. Rucker and Adam D. Galinsky
Recalling Mixed Emotions pp. 268-278 Downloads
Jennifer Aaker, Aimee Drolet and Dale Griffin
One Individual, Two Identities: Frame Switching among Biculturals pp. 279-293 Downloads
David Luna, Torsten Ringberg and Laura A. Peracchio
The Interactive Effect of Cultural Symbols and Human Values on Taste Evaluation pp. 294-308 Downloads
Michael W. Allen, Richa Gupta and Arnaud Monnier
The Sweet Escape: Effects of Mortality Salience on Consumption Quantities for High- and Low-Self-Esteem Consumers pp. 309-323 Downloads
Naomi Mandel and Dirk Smeesters
Choice Set Configuration as a Determinant of Preference Attribution and Strength pp. 324-336 Downloads
Song-Oh Yoon and Itamar Simonson
The Effect of Self-Construal on Spatial Judgments pp. 337-348 Downloads
Aradhna Krishna, Rongrong Zhou and Shi Zhang
Future Preference Uncertainty and Diversification: The Role of Temporal Stochastic Inflation pp. 349-359 Downloads
Linda Court Salisbury and Fred M. Feinberg
Designing Discrete Choice Experiments: Do Optimal Designs Come at a Price? pp. 360-375 Downloads
Jordan J. Louviere, Towhidul Islam, Nada Wasi, Deborah Street and Leonie Burgess
Erratum pp. 376-376 Downloads
Eric J. Arnould and Craig J. Thompson

Volume 35, issue 1, 2008

Remembrance pp. 1-3 Downloads
Robert E. Kleine
Editorial pp. 5-8 Downloads
Gavan J. Fitzsimons
The Effect of Making a Prediction about the Outcome of a Consumption Experience on the Enjoyment of That Experience pp. 9-20 Downloads
Naomi Mandel and Stephen M. Nowlis
Automatic Effects of Brand Exposure on Motivated Behavior: How Apple Makes You "Think Different" pp. 21-35 Downloads
Grinne M. Fitzsimons, Tanya L. Chartrand and Gavan J. Fitzsimons
Babyfaces, Trait Inferences, and Company Evaluations in a Public Relations Crisis pp. 36-49 Downloads
Gerald J. Gorn, Yuwei Jiang and Gita Venkataramani Johar
Family Identity: A Framework of Identity Interplay in Consumption Practices pp. 50-70 Downloads
Amber M. Epp and Linda L. Price
The Perils of Hedonic Editing pp. 71-84 Downloads
Elizabeth Cowley
Bikinis Instigate Generalized Impatience in Intertemporal Choice pp. 85-97 Downloads
Bram Van den Bergh, Siegfried Dewitte and Luk Warlop
Counting Every Thought: Implicit Measures of Cognitive Responses to Advertising pp. 98-118 Downloads
Yanliu Huang and J. Wesley Hutchinson
What's Not to Like? Preference Asymmetry in the False Consensus Effect pp. 119-125 Downloads
Andrew D. Gershoff, Ashesh Mukherjee and Anirban Mukhopadhyay
Considering the Future: The Conceptualization and Measurement of Elaboration on Potential Outcomes pp. 126-141 Downloads
Gergana Y. Nenkov, J. Jeffrey Inman and John Hulland
Estimating Multiple Consumer Segment Ideal Points from Context-Dependent Survey Data pp. 142-153 Downloads
Wayne S. DeSarbo, A. Selin Atalay, David LeBaron and Simon Blanchard
Consumer Emotional Intelligence: Conceptualization, Measurement, and the Prediction of Consumer Decision Making pp. 154-166 Downloads
Blair Kidwell, David M. Hardesty and Terry L. Childers
Surcharges and Seller Reputation pp. 167-177 Downloads
Amar Cheema
Can Evaluative Conditioning Change Attitudes toward Mature Brands? New Evidence from the Implicit Association Test pp. 178-188 Downloads
Bryan Gibson
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