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Volume 29, issue 4, 2003

The Devaluation Effect: Activating a Need Devalues Unrelated Objects pp. 463-73 Downloads
C Miguel Brendl, Arthur B Markman and Claude Messner
Consumer Perceptions of Price (Un)Fairness pp. 474-91 Downloads
Lisa E Bolton, Luk Warlop and Joseph W Alba
Why Do People Suggest What They Do Not Want? Using Context Effects to Influence Others' Choices pp. 492-506 Downloads
Rebecca W Hamilton
The Time Course and Impact of Consumers' Erroneous Beliefs about Hedonic Contrast Effects pp. 507-16 Downloads
Nathan Novemsky and Rebecca K Ratner
Looking Back: Exploring the Psychology of Queuing and the Effect of the Number of People Behind pp. 517-30 Downloads
Rongrong Zhou and Dilip Soman
Cognitive Determinants of Consumers' Time Perceptions: The Impact of Resources Required and Available pp. 531-38 Downloads
Susan Powell Mantel and James J Kellaris
Locus of Equity and Brand Extension pp. 539-50 Downloads
Stijn M J van Osselaer and Joseph W Alba
Individual Differences in the Centrality of Visual Product Aesthetics: Concept and Measurement pp. 551-65 Downloads
Peter H Bloch, Frederic F Brunel and Todd J Arnold
Sympathy and Empathy: Emotional Responses to Advertising Dramas pp. 566-78 Downloads
Jennifer Edson Escalas and Barbara B Stern
Visual and Verbal Rhetorical Figures under Directed Processing versus Incidental Exposure to Advertising pp. 579-87 Downloads
Edward F McQuarrie and David Mick
Self-Reports in Consumer Research: The Challenge of Comparing Cohorts and Cultures pp. 588-94 Downloads
Norbert Schwarz
Brand Synthesis: The Multidimensionality of Brand Knowledge pp. 595-600 Downloads
Kevin Lane Keller

Volume 29, issue 3, 2002

Inherent Rule Variability in Consumer Choice: Changing Rules for Change's Sake pp. 293-305 Downloads
Aimee Drolet
Investigating the Effectiveness of Product Placements in Television Shows: The Role of Modality and Plot Connection Congruence on Brand Memory and Attitude pp. 306-18 Downloads
Cristel Antonia Russell
Coping with Ambivalence: The Effect of Removing a Neutral Option on Consumer Attitude and Preference Judgments pp. 319-34 Downloads
Stephen M Nowlis, Barbara E Kahn and Ravi Dhar
Effect of Face Value on Product Valuation in Foreign Currencies pp. 335-47 Downloads
Priya Raghubir and Joydeep Srivastava
Materialism and Well-Being: A Conflicting Values Perspective pp. 348-70 Downloads
James E Burroughs and Aric Rindfleisch
The Influence of Level of Processing on Advertising Repetition Effects pp. 371-82 Downloads
Christie L Nordhielm
The Protean Quality of Subcultural Consumption: An Ethnographic Account of Gay Consumers pp. 383-99 Downloads
Steven M Kates
The Effect of Group Membership Salience on the Avoidance of Negative Outcomes: Implications for Social and Consumer Decisions pp. 400-415 Downloads
Donnel A Briley and Wyer, Robert S,
Prior Knowledge and Complacency in New Product Learning pp. 416-26 Downloads
Stacy L Wood and Lynch, John G,
The Politics of Consumption: A Re-inquiry on Thompson and Haytko's (1997) "Speaking of Fashion." pp. 427-40 Downloads
Jeff B Murray
Valves of Desire: A Historian's Perspective on Parents, Children, and Marketing pp. 441-47 Downloads
Gary Cross
Product Experience Is Seductive pp. 448-54 Downloads
Stephen J Hoch

Volume 29, issue 2, 2002

The Scope and Persistence of Mere-Measurement Effects: Evidence from a Field Study of Customer Satisfaction Measurement pp. 159-67 Downloads
Utpal M Dholakia and Vicki G Morwitz
The Propositon-Probability Model of Argument Structure and Message Acceptance pp. 168-87 Downloads
Charles S Areni
Taking Stock of Stockbrokers: Exploring Momentum versus Contrarian Investor Strategies and Profiles pp. 188-98 Downloads
Morrin, Maureen, et al
Self-Control for the Righteous: Toward a Theory of Precommitment to Indulgence pp. 199-217 Downloads
Ran Kivetz and Itamar Simonson
A Role for Poetry in Consumer Research pp. 218-34 Downloads
Sherry, John F, and John W Schouten
When Web Pages Influence Choice: Effects of Visual Primes on Experts and Novices pp. 235-45 Downloads
Naomi Mandel and Eric J Johnson
The Impact of Private versus Public Consumption on Variety-Seeking Behavior pp. 246-57 Downloads
Rebecca K Ratner and Barbara E Kahn
Source and Nonsource Cues in Advertising and Their Effects on the Activation of Cultural and Subcultural Knowledge on the Route to Persuasion pp. 258-69 Downloads
Anne M Brumbaugh
How Prevalent Is the Negativity Effect in Consumer Environments? pp. 270-79 Downloads
Rohini Ahluwalia
Losing Consciousness: Automatic Influences on Consumer Judgment, Behavior, and Motivation pp. 280-85 Downloads
John A Bargh
Toward a Personology of the Customer pp. 286-92 Downloads
Hans Baumgartner

Volume 29, issue 1, 2002

An Experimental Investigation of the Joint Effects of Advertising and Peers on Adolescents' Beliefs and Intentions about Cigarette Consumption pp. 5-19 Downloads
Cornelia Pechmann and Susan J Knight
Can Consumers Escape the Market? Emancipatory Illuminations from Burning Man pp. 20-38 Downloads
Robert V Kozinets
Effects of Inconsistent Attribute Information on the Predictive Value of Product Attitudes: Toward a Resolution of Opposing Perspectives pp. 39-56 Downloads
Jaideep Sengupta and Gita Venkataramani Johar
Why Do Brands Cause Trouble? A Dialectical Theory of Consumer Culture and Branding pp. 70-90 Downloads
Douglas B Holt
A Gravity-Based Multidimensional Scaling Model for Deriving Spatial Structures Underlying Consumer Preference/Choice Judgments pp. 91-100 Downloads
DeSarbo, Wayne S, et al
Anticipating Discussion about a Product: Rehearsing What to Say Can Affect Your Judgments pp. 101-15 Downloads
Ann E Schlosser and Sharon Shavitt
Regret in Repeat Purchase versus Switching Decisions: The Attenuating Role of Decision Justifiability pp. 116-28 Downloads
J Jeffrey Inman and Marcel Zeelenberg
"Deep" and "Surface" Cues: Brand Extension Evaluations by Children and Adults pp. 129-41 Downloads
Shi Zhang and Sanjay Sood
The Ego Factor in Tourism pp. 146-51 Downloads
Dean MacCannell

Volume 28, issue 4, 2002

Toward a Theory of Consumer Choice as Sociohistorically Shaped Practical Experience: The Fits-Like-a-Glove (FLAG) Framework pp. 515-32 Downloads
Douglas E Allen
We're at As Much Risk As We Are Led to Believe: Effects of Message Cues on Judgments of Health Risk pp. 533-49 Downloads
Geeta Menon, Lauren G Block and Suresh Ramanathan
Consumer Value Systems in the Age of Postmodern Fragmentation: The Case of the Natural Health Microculture pp. 550-71 Downloads
Craig J Thompson and Maura Troester
Automatic Construction and Use of Contextual Information for Product and Price Evaluations pp. 572-88 Downloads
Rashmi Adaval and Kent B Monroe
Combinatory and Separative Effects of Rhetorical Figures on Consumers' Effort and Focus in Ad Processing pp. 589-602 Downloads
David L Mothersbaugh, Bruce Huhmann and George R Franke
Factors Affecting Encoding, Retrieval, and Alignment of Sensory Attributes in a Memory-Based Brand Choice Task pp. 603-17 Downloads
Stewart Shapiro and Mark T Spence
Consumers' Beliefs about Product Benefits: The Effect of Obviously Irrelevant Product Information pp. 618-35 Downloads
Tom Meyvis and Chris Janiszewski
Can Mixed Emotions Peacefully Coexist? pp. 636-49 Downloads
Patti Williams and Jennifer L Aaker
Counterfactual Thinking and Advertising Responses pp. 650-58 Downloads
Parthasarathy Krishnamurthy and Anuradha Sivaraman

Volume 28, issue 3, 2001

Reference Price and Price Perceptions: A Comparison of Alternative Models pp. 339-54 Downloads
Ronald W Niedrich, Subhash Sharma and Douglas H Wedell
Walking the Hedonic Product Treadmill: Default Contrast and Mood-Based Assimilation in Judgments of Predicted Happiness with a Target Product pp. 355-68 Downloads
Rajagopal Raghunathan and Julie R Irwin
Consuming the American West: Animating Cultural Meaning and Memory at a Stock Show and Rodeo pp. 369-98 Downloads
Lisa Penaloza
Withholding Consumption: A Social Dilemma Perspective on Consumer Boycotts pp. 399-417 Downloads
Sankar Sen, Zeynep Gurhan-Canli and Vicki Morwitz
Recommendation or Evaluation? Task Sensitivity in Information pp. 418-38 Downloads
Andrew D Gershoff, Susan M Broniarczyk and Patricia M West
The Moderating Effect of Perceived Risk on Consumers' Evaluations of Product Incongruity: Preference for the Norm pp. 439-49 Downloads
Margaret C Campbell and Ronald C Goodstein
On the Use of College Students in Social Science Research: Insights from a Second-Order Meta-analysis pp. 450-61 Downloads
Robert A Peterson
The Effect of Novel Attributes on Product Evaluation pp. 462-72 Downloads
Ashesh Mukherjee and Wayne D Hoyer
Embarrassment in Consumer Purchase: The Roles of Social Presence and Purchase Familiarity pp. 473-81 Downloads
Darren W Dahl, Rajesh V Manchanda and Jennifer J Argo
Scripted Thought: Processing Korean Hancha and Hangul in a Multimedia Context pp. 482-93 Downloads
Nader T Tavassoli and Jin K Han
The Perils of N = 1 pp. 494-98 Downloads
William D Wells
The Creative Destruction of Decision Research pp. 499-505 Downloads
George Loewenstein
What If Consumer Experiments Impact Variances as Well as Means? Response Variability as a Behavioral Phenomenon pp. 506-11 Downloads
Jordan J Louviere

Volume 28, issue 2, 2001

Emotional Contagion Effects on Product Attitudes pp. 189-201 Downloads
Daniel J Howard and Charles Gengler
Two Ways of Learning Brand Associations pp. 202-23 Downloads
Stijn M J van Osselaer and Chris Janiszewski
Nonconscious and Contaminative Effects of Hypothetical Questions on Subsequent Decision Making pp. 224-38 Downloads
Gavan J Fitzsimons and Baba Shiv
Gift Giving in Hong Kong and the Continuum of Social Ties pp. 239-56 Downloads
Annamma Joy
The Moderating Effect of Knowledge and Resources on the Persuasive Impact of Analogies pp. 257-72 Downloads
Michelle L Roehm and Brian Sternthal
Improving Parameter Estimates and Model Prediction by Aggregate Customization in Choice Experiments pp. 273-83 Downloads
Neeraj Arora and Joel Huber
Moderators of Language Effects in Advertising to Bilinguals: A Psycholinguistic Approach pp. 284-95 Downloads
David Luna and Laura A Peracchio
A Consumer Perspective on Price-Matching Refund Policies: Effect on Price Perceptions and Search Behavior pp. 296-307 Downloads
Joydeep Srivastava and Nicholas Lurie
Digitizing Consumer Research pp. 331-36 Downloads
Eric J Johnson

Volume 28, issue 1, 2001

Sometimes It Just Feels Right: The Differential Weighting of Affect-Consistent and Affect-Inconsistent Product Information pp. 1-17 Downloads
Rashmi Adaval
Effects of Brand Logo Complexity, Repetition, and Spacing on Processing Fluency and Judgment pp. 18-32 Downloads
Chris Janiszewski and Tom Meyvis
"I" Seek Pleasures and "We" Avoid Pains: The Role of Self-Regulatory Goals in Information Processing and Persuasion pp. 33-49 Downloads
Jennifer L Aaker and Angela Y Lee
Consumer's Need for Uniqueness: Scale Development and Validation pp. 50-66 Downloads
Kelly Tepper Tian, William O Bearden and Gary L Hunter
Persistent Preferences for Product Attributes: The Effects of the Initial Choice Context and Uninformative Experience pp. 89-104 Downloads
A V Muthukrishnan and Frank R Kardes
The Role of Sensory-Specific Satiety in Attribute-Level Variety Seeking pp. 105-20 Downloads
J Jeffrey Inman
Consumer Self-Confidence: Refinements in Conceptualization and Measurement pp. 121-34 Downloads
William O Bearden, David M Hardesty and Randall L Rose
The Influence of Task Complexity on Consumer Choice: A Latent Class Model of Decision Strategy Switching pp. 135-48 Downloads
Joffre Swait and Wiktor Adamowicz
The Desperate Need for Replications pp. 149-58 Downloads
John E Hunter
Opportunities for Improving Consumer Research through Latent Variable Structural Equation Modeling pp. 159-66 Downloads
Scott B MacKenzie
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