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Volume 20, issue 4, 1994

The Role of Labeling Processes in Elderly Consumers' Responses to Age Segmentation Cues pp. 503-19 Downloads
Kelly Tepper
Spokesperson Fame and Vividness Effects in the Context of Issue-Relevant Thinking: The Moderating Role of Competitive Setting pp. 520-34 Downloads
Timothy B Heath, Michael S McCarthy and David L Mothersbaugh
The Effects of Multiple Product Endorsements by Celebrities on Consumers' Attitudes and Intentions pp. 535-47 Downloads
Carolyn Tripp, Thomas D Jensen and Les Carlson
Comparing Consumers' Recall of Prepurchase and Postpurchase Product Evaluation Experiences pp. 548-60 Downloads
Gardial, Sarah Fisher, et al
An Integrative Framework for Understanding Two-Sided Persuasion pp. 561-74 Downloads
Ayn E Crowley and Wayne D Hoyer
Exploring Language Effects in Ethnic Advertising: A Sociolinguistic Perspective pp. 575-85 Downloads
Scott Koslow, Prem N Shamdasani and Ellen E Touchstone
Process Tracing of Emotional Responses to TV Ads: Revisiting the Warmth Monitor pp. 586-600 Downloads
Piet Vanden Abeele and Douglas L MacLachlan
Classical and Vignette Television Advertising Dramas: Structural Models, Formal Analysis, and Comsumer Effects pp. 601-15 Downloads
Barbara B Stern
Consumers and Their Animal Companions pp. 616-32 Downloads
Elizabeth C Hirschman
Inductive Inference and Replications: A Bayesian Perspective pp. 633-43 Downloads
Kalyan Raman
Work and/or Fun: Measuring Hedonic and Utilitarian Shopping Value pp. 644-56 Downloads
Barry J Babin, William R Darden and Mitch Griffin
The Impact of Airbag Adoption on Relative Personal Injury and Absolute Collision Insurance Claims pp. 657-62 Downloads
Steven P Peterson and George E Hoffer

Volume 20, issue 3, 1993

Introspection in Consumer Research: Implementation and Implications pp. 339-59 Downloads
Melanie Wallendorf and Merrie Brucks
Structure, Cooperation, and the Flow of Market Information pp. 360-75 Downloads
Jonathan Frenzen and Kent Nakamoto
Preattentive Mere Exposure Effects pp. 376-92 Downloads
Chris Janiszewski
Gift Giving as Agapic Love: An Alternative to the Exchange Paradigm Based on Dating Experiences pp. 393-417 Downloads
Russell W Belk and Gregory S Coon
Cognitive, Affective, and Attribute BAses of the Satisfaction Response pp. 418-30 Downloads
Richard L Oliver
The Effects of Accessibility of Information in Memory on Judgments of Behavioral Frequency pp. 431-40 Downloads
Geeta Menon
Consumer Evaluations of Multiple versus Single Price Change pp. 441-50 Downloads
Tridib Mazumdar and Sung Youl Jun
Assessing the Dimensionality and Structure of the Consumption Experience: Evaluation, Feeling, and Satisfaction pp. 451-66 Downloads
Haim Mano and Richard L Oliver
When to Say When: Effects of Supply on Usage pp. 467-77 Downloads
Valerie S Folkes, Ingrid M Martin and Kamal Gupta
Consumer Tipping: A Cross-Country Study pp. 478-88 Downloads
Michael Lynn, George M Zinkhan and Judy Harris
Assessing Demand Artifacts in Consumer Research: An Alternative Perspective pp. 489-95 Downloads
William K Darley and Jeen-Su Lim
Alternative Perspective: A Critique pp. 496-501 Downloads
Terence A Shimp, Eva M Hyatt and David J Snyder

Volume 20, issue 2, 1993

The Influence of Classical Conditioning Procedures on Subsequent Attention to the Conditioned Brand pp. 171-89 Downloads
Chris Janiszewski and Luk Warlop
Goal-Oriented Experiences and the Development of Knowledge pp. 190-207 Downloads
Cynthia Huffman and Michael J Houston
A Model of Consumers' Preventive Health Behaviors: The Role of Health Motivation and Health Ability pp. 208-28 Downloads
Christine Moorman and Erika Matulich
Gift Selection for Easy and Difficult Recipients: A Social Roles Interpretation pp. 229-44 Downloads
Cele Otnes, Tina M Lowrey and Young Chan Kim
Nostalgia and Consumption Preferences: Some Emerging Patterns of Consumer Tastes pp. 245-56 Downloads
Morris B Holbrook
The Influence of Positive Affect on Variety Seeking among Safe, Enjoyable Products pp. 257-70 Downloads
Barbara E Kahn and Alice M Isen
The Effects of Mood, Involvement, and Quality of Store Experience on Shopping Intentions pp. 271-80 Downloads
William R Swinyard
Young Children's Processing of a Televised Narrative: Is a Picture Really Worth a Thousand Words? pp. 281-93 Downloads
Laura A Peracchio
The Effects of Argument Structure and Affective Tagging on Product Attitude Formation pp. 294-302 Downloads
James M Munch, Gregory W Boller and John L Swasy
Social Desirability Bias and the Validity of Indirect Questioning pp. 303-15 Downloads
Robert J Fisher
Capturing and Creating Public Opinion in Survey Research pp. 316-29 Downloads
Carolyn J Simmons, Barbara A Bickart and Lynch, John G,
Interpreting Interactions: Raw Means or Residual Means? pp. 330-38 Downloads
Ross, William T, and Elizabeth H Creyer

Volume 20, issue 1, 1993

An Exploration of High-Risk Leisure Consumption through Skydiving pp. 1-23 Downloads
Richard L Celsi, Randall L Rose and Thomas W Leigh
River Magic: Extraordinary Experience and the Extended Service Encounter pp. 24-45 Downloads
Eric J Arnould and Linda L Price
Does Measuring Intent Change Behavior? pp. 46-61 Downloads
Vicki G Morwitz, Eric J Johnson and David C Schmittlein
Brand Retrieval, Consideration Set Composition, Consumer Choice, and the Pioneering Advantage pp. 62-75 Downloads
Kardes, Frank R, et al
The Influence of New Brand Entry on Subjective Brand Judgments pp. 76-86 Downloads
Yigang Pan and Donald R Lehmann
Category-Based Applications and Extensions in Advertising: Motivating More Extensive Ad Processing pp. 87-99 Downloads
Ronald C Goodstein
Characteristic, Beneficial, and Image Attributes in Consumer Judgments of Similarity and Preference pp. 100-110 Downloads
Roxanne Lefkoff-Hagius and Charlotte H Mason
A Consumer-Side Experimental Examination of Signaling Theory: Do Consumers Perceive Warranties as Signals of Quality? pp. 111-23 Downloads
William Boulding and Amna Kirmani
The Importance of Others' Welfare in Evaluating Bargaining Outcomes pp. 124-37 Downloads
Kim P Corfman and Donald R Lehmann
Reassessing the Impact of Television Advertising Clutter pp. 138-46 Downloads
Tom J Brown and Michael L Rothschild
Alcoholic Beverage Warnings in Magazine and Television Advertisements pp. 147-56 Downloads
Todd Barlow and Michael S Wogalter
Age Differences in Consumers' Search for Information: Public Policy Implications pp. 157-69 Downloads
Catherine A Cole and Siva K Balasubramanian

Volume 19, issue 4, 1993

Discovery-Oriented Consumer Research pp. 489-504 Downloads
William D Wells
The Intellectual Structure of Consumer Research: A Bibliometric Study of Author Cocitations in the First 15 Years of the Journal of Consumer Research pp. 505-17 Downloads
Donna L Hoffman and Morris B Holbrook
Feminist Thought: Implications for Consumer Research pp. 518-36 Downloads
Julia M Bristor and Eileen Fischer
Ideology in Consumer Research, 1980 and 1990: A Marxist and Feminist Critique pp. 537-55 Downloads
Elizabeth C Hirschman
Feminist Literary Criticism and the Deconstruction of Ads: A Postmodern View of Advertising and Consumer Responses pp. 556-66 Downloads
Barbara B Stern
Female Labor Force Participation and Time-Saving Household Technology: A Case Study of the Microwave from 1978 to 1989 pp. 567-79 Downloads
R S Oropesa
A Conceptual and Empirical Comparison of Alternative Household Life Cycle Models pp. 580-94 Downloads
Charles M Schaninger and William D Danko
Historical Method in Consumer Research: Developing Causal Explanations of Change pp. 595-610 Downloads
Ruth Ann Smith and David S Lux
A Longitudinal Study of Product Form Innovation: The Interaction between Predispositions and Social Messages pp. 611-25 Downloads
David F Midgley and Grahame R Dowling
Assessing the Cross-National Applicability of Consumer Behavior Models: A Model of Attitude toward Advertising in General pp. 626-36 Downloads
Durvasula, Srinivas, et al
Toward a Theory of Agenda Setting in Negotiations pp. 637-54 Downloads
P V Balakrishnan, Charles Patton and Phillip A Lewis
Caution in the Use of Difference Scores in Consumer Research pp. 655-62 Downloads
J Paul Peter, Churchill, Gilbert A, and Tom J Brown

Volume 19, issue 3, 1992

A Consumer Values Orientation for Materialism and Its Measurement: Scale Development and Validation pp. 303-16 Downloads
Marsha L Richins and Scott Dawson
A Meaning-Based Model of Advertising Experiences pp. 317-38 Downloads
David Mick and Claus Buhl
Moving Possessions: An Analysis Based on Personal Documents from the 1847-1869 Mormon Migration pp. 339-61 Downloads
Russell W Belk
The Consumption of Performance pp. 362-72 Downloads
John Deighton
Consumer Covariation Judgments: Theory or Data Driven? pp. 373-86 Downloads
Cornelia Pechmann and S Ratneshwar
Asymmetric Response to Price in Consumer Brand Choice and Purchase Quantity Decisions pp. 387-400 Downloads
Lakshman Krishnamurthi, Tridib Mazumdar and S P Raj
The Discounting of Discounts and Promotion Thresholds pp. 401-11 Downloads
Sunil Gupta and Lee G Cooper
Price Premium Variations as a Consequence of Buyers' Lack of Information pp. 412-23 Downloads
Akshay R Rao and Mark E Bergen
When Timing Matters: The Influence of Temporal Distance on Consumers' Affective and Persuasive Responses pp. 424-33 Downloads
Joan Meyers-Levy and Durairaj Maheswaran
The Role of Optimum Stimulation Level in Exploratory Consumer Behavior pp. 434-48 Downloads
Jan-Benedict E M Steenkamp and Hans Baumgartner
Tactile Stimulation and Consumer Response pp. 449-58 Downloads
Jacob Hornik
A Clinical Screener for Compulsive Buying pp. 459-69 Downloads
Ronald J Faber and Thomas C O'Guinn
An Examination of the Use of Unacceptable Levels in Conjoint Analysis pp. 470-76 Downloads
Raj Mehta, William L Moore and Teresa M Pavia
An Investigation into the Social Context of Early Adoption Behavior pp. 477-86 Downloads
Robert J Fisher and Linda L Price

Volume 19, issue 2, 1992

Hypothesized and Confounded Explanations in Theory Tests: A Bayesian Analysis pp. 139-54 Downloads
David Brinberg, Lynch, John G, and Alan G Sawyer
The Consciousness of Addiction: Toward a General Theory of Compulsive Consumption pp. 155-79 Downloads
Elizabeth C Hirschman
On Resonance: A Critical Pluralistic Inquiry into Advertising Rhetoric pp. 180-97 Downloads
Edward F McQuarrie and David Mick
The Influence of Familial and Peer-Based Reference Groups on Consumer Decisions pp. 198-211 Downloads
Terry L Childers and Akshay R Rao
Low-Involvement Learning: Memory without Evaluation pp. 212-25 Downloads
Scott A Hawkins and Stephen J Hoch
Peripheral Persuasion and Brand Choice pp. 226-39 Downloads
Paul W Miniard, Deepak Sirdeshmukh and Daniel E Innis
Some Effects of Schematic Processing on Consumer Expectations and Disconfirmation Judgments pp. 240-55 Downloads
Douglas M Stayman, Dana L Alden and Karen H Smith
The Effect of Prior Knowledge on Price Acceptability and the Type of Information Examined pp. 256-70 Downloads
Akshay R Rao and Wanda A Sieben
The Ecological Validity of Photographic Slides and Videotapes in Simulating the Service Setting pp. 271-81 Downloads
John E G Bateson and Michael K Hui
Knowledge Development and Scientific Status in Consumer-Behavior Research: A Social Exchange Perspective pp. 282-91 Downloads
George M Zinkhan, Martin S Roth and Mary Jane Saxton
A Structural Modeling Approach to the Measurement and Meaning of Cognitive Age pp. 292-301 Downloads
Robert E Wilkes

Volume 19, issue 1, 1992

An Attributional Analysis of Resistance to Group Pressure Regarding Illicit Drug and Alcohol Consumption pp. 1-13 Downloads
Randall L Rose, William O Bearden and Jesse E Teel
Making Inferences about Missing Information: The Effects of Existing Information pp. 14-25 Downloads
Ross, William T, and Elizabeth H Creyer
Does Attitude toward the Ad Endure? The Moderating Effects of Attention and Delay pp. 26-33 Downloads
Amitava Chattopadhyay and Prakash Nedungadi
Antecedents and Consequences of Attitude toward the Ad: A Meta-analysis pp. 34-51 Downloads
Steven P Brown and Douglas M Stayman
The Value of Time Spent in Price-Comparison Shopping: Survey and Experimental Evidence pp. 52-61 Downloads
Howard Marmorstein, Dhruv Grewal and Raymond P H Fishe
An Empirical Analysis of Internal and External Reference Prices Using Scanner Data pp. 62-70 Downloads
Glenn E Mayhew and Russell S Winer
Comparing Dynamic Consumer Choice in Real and Computer-Simulated Environments pp. 71-82 Downloads
Burke, Raymond R, et al
The Influence of Processing Conversational Information on Inference, Argument Elaboration, and Memory pp. 83-92 Downloads
Gloria Penn Thomas
The Generation and Consequences of Communication-Evoked Imagery pp. 93-104 Downloads
Paula Fitzgerald Bone and Pam Scholder Ellen
The Influence of Anticipating Regret and Responsibility on Purchase Decisions pp. 105-18 Downloads
Itamar Simonson
Value-System Segmentation: Exploring the Meaning of LOV pp. 119-32 Downloads
Wagner A Kamakura and Thomas P Novak
The Influence of Purchase Quantity and Display Format on Consumer Preference for Variety pp. 133-38 Downloads
Itamar Simonson and Russell S Winer
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