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Volume 16, issue 4, 1990

An Evaluation Cost Model of Consideration Sets pp. 393-408 Downloads
John R Hauser and Birger Wernerfelt
The Effects of Bargainable Attributes and Attribute Range Knowledge on Consumer Choice Processes pp. 409-19 Downloads
Merrie Brucks and Paul H Schurr
The Formation of Expected Future Price: A Reference Price for Forward-Looking Consumers pp. 420-32 Downloads
Robert Jacobson and Carl Obermiller
Consumer Skepticism of Advertising Claims: Testing Hypotheses from Economics of Information pp. 433-41 Downloads
Gary T Ford, Darlene B Smith and John L Swasy
Conditions Facilitating Successful Discounting in Consumer Decision Making pp. 442-51 Downloads
Yaacov Schul and David Mazursky
Age Differences in Product Categorization pp. 452-60 Downloads
Deborah Roedder John and Mita Sujan
Attention to Social Comparison Information: An Individual Difference Factor Affecting Consumer Conformity pp. 461-71 Downloads
William O Bearden and Randall L Rose
Predicting Memory for Components of TV Commercials from EEG pp. 472-78 Downloads
Michael L Rothschild and Yong J Hyun
Modeling Distance Structures in Consumer Research: Scale versus Order in Validity Assessment pp. 479-89 Downloads
Daniel R Denison and Claes Fornell
Conjoint Analysis on Objects with Environmentally Correlated Attributes: The Questionable Importance of Representative Design pp. 490-97 Downloads
William L Moore and Morris B Holbrook
Consumer Response to Humor in Advertising: A Series of Field Studies Using Behavioral Observation pp. 498-501 Downloads
Cliff Scott, David M Klein and Jennings Bryant

Volume 16, issue 3, 1989

The Effect of Advertising on Attitude Accessibility, Attitude Confidence, and the Attitude-Behavior Relationship pp. 269-79 Downloads
Ida E Berger and Andrew A Mitchell
The Role of Attitude Accessibility in the Attitude-to-Behavior Process pp. 280-89 Downloads
Russell H Fazio, Martha C Powell and Carol J Williams
Product-Level Choice: A Top-Down or Bottom-Up Process? pp. 289-99 Downloads
C Whan Park and Daniel C Smith
The Differential Processing of Product Category and Noncomparable Choice Alternatives pp. 300-309 Downloads
Michael D Johnson
Who Is the Celebrity Endorser? Cultural Foundations of the Endorsement Process pp. 310-21 Downloads
Grant McCracken
Literary Criticism and Consumer Research: Overview and Illustrative Analysis pp. 322-34 Downloads
Barbara B Stern
Using Drama to Persuade pp. 335-43 Downloads
John Deighton, Daniel Romer and Josh McQueen
Money Talks: Perceived Advertising Expense and Expected Product Quality pp. 344-53 Downloads
Amna Kirmani and Peter Wright
Ambiguity, Processing Strategy, and Advertising-Evidence Interactions pp. 354-60 Downloads
Young-Won Ha and Stephen J Hoch
Situational Ethnicity and Consumer Behavior pp. 361-71 Downloads
Douglas M Stayman and Rohit Deshpande
Equity and Disconfirmation Perceptions as Influences on Merchant and Product Satisfaction pp. 372-83 Downloads
Richard L Oliver and John E Swan

Volume 16, issue 2, 1989

Putting Consumer Experience Back into Consumer Research: The Philosophy and Method of Existential-Phenomenology pp. 133-46 Downloads
Craig J Thompson, William B Locander and Howard R Pollio
Compulsive Buying: A Phenomenological Exploration pp. 147-57 Downloads
Thomas C O'Guinn and Ronald J Faber
Choice Based on Reasons: The Case of Attraction and Compromise Effects pp. 158-74 Downloads
Itamar Simonson
Effects of Country-of-Origin and Product-Attribute Information on Product Evaluation: An Information Processing Perspective pp. 175-87 Downloads
Sung-Tai Hong and Wyer, Robert S,
The Effect of Vivid Attributes on the Evaluation of Alternatives: The Role of Differential Attention and Cognitive Elaboration pp. 188-96 Downloads
Ann L McGill and Punam Anand
The Influence of a Brand Name's Association Set Size and Word Frequency on Brand Memory pp. 197-207 Downloads
Joan Meyers-Levy
Buyer Uncertainty and Information Search pp. 208-15 Downloads
Joel E Urbany, Peter R Dickson and William L Wilkie
Colonial Consumers in Revolt: Buyer Values and Behavior during the Nonimportation Movement, 1764-1776 pp. 216-26 Downloads
Terrence H Witkowski
Heaven on Earth: Consumption at Heritage Village, USA pp. 227-38 Downloads
Thomas C O'Guinn and Russell W Belk
Toward a Broadened Theory of Preference Formation and the Diffusion of Innovations: Cases from Zinder Province, Niger Republic pp. 239-67 Downloads
Eric J Arnould

Volume 16, issue 1, 1989

The Sacred and the Profane in Consumer Behavior: Theodicy on the Odyssey pp. 1-38 Downloads
Russell W Belk, Melanie Wallendorf and Sherry, John F,
Schema Congruity as a Basis for Product Evaluation pp. 39-54 Downloads
Joan Meyers-Levy and Alice M Tybout
Contextual Influences on Perceptions of Merchant-Supplied Reference Prices pp. 55-66 Downloads
Donald R Lichtenstein and William O Bearden
Priming Price: Prior Knowledge and Context Effects pp. 67-75 Downloads
Paul M Herr
Utility and Choice: An Empirical Study of Wife/Husband Decision Makin g pp. 87-97 Downloads
Michael B Menasco and David J Curry
The Effect of Goal-Setting and Daily Electronic Feedback on In-home Energy Use pp. 98-105 Downloads
Jeannet H van Houwelingen and W Fred van Raaij
On the Use of Component Scores in the Presence of Group Structure pp. 106-12 Downloads
William R Dillon, Narendra Mulani and Donald G Frederick
The Effects of Background Music in Advertising: A Reassessment pp. 113-18 Downloads
James J Kellaris and Anthony D Cox
Some Exploratory Findings on the Development of Musical Tastes pp. 119-24 Downloads
Morris B Holbrook and Robert M Schindler
An Over-Extended Self? Comment pp. 125-28 Downloads
Joel B Cohen
Extended Self and Extending Paradigmatic Perspective: Comment pp. 129-32 Downloads
Russell W Belk

Volume 15, issue 4, 1989

Context Effects on Effort and Accuracy in Choice: An Enquiry into Adaptive Decision Making pp. 411-21 Downloads
Noreen M Klein and Manjit S Yadav
The Effects of Situational Factors on In-Store Grocery Shopping Behavior: The Role of Store Environment and Time Available for Shopping pp. 422-33 Downloads
C Whan Park, Easwar S Iyer and Daniel C Smith
The Comprehension/Miscomprehension of Print Communication: Selected Findings pp. 434-43 Downloads
Jacob Jacoby and Wayne D Hoyer
Assessing the Role of Brand-Related Cognitive Responses as Mediators of Communication Effects on Cognitive Structure pp. 444-56 Downloads
Manoj Hastak and Jerry C Olson
Becoming a Consumer Society: A Longitudinal and Cross-cultural Content Analysis of Print Ads from Hong Kong, the People's Republic of China, and Taiwan pp. 457-72 Downloads
David K Tse, Russell W Belk and Nan Zhou
Measurement of Consumer Susceptibility to Interpersonal Influence pp. 473-81 Downloads
William O Bearden, Richard G Netemeyer and Jesse E Teel
A Citation Analysis of the Journal of Consumer Research pp. 492-97 Downloads
Siew Meng Leong
Information Overload and the Nonrobustness of Linear Models: A Comment pp. 498-503 Downloads
Robert J Meyer and Eric J Johnson
Assessing Biases in Measuring Decision Effectiveness and Information Overload pp. 504-08 Downloads
Kevin Lane Keller and Richard Staelin

Volume 15, issue 3, 1988

Measuring Market Efficiency and Welfare Loss pp. 289-302 Downloads
Wagner A Kamakura, Brian T Ratchford and Jagdish Agrawal
Comparability and Hierarchical Processing in Multialternative Choice pp. 303-14 Downloads
Michael D Johnson
Who Do We Know: Predicting the Interests and Opinions of the American Consumer pp. 315-24 Downloads
Stephen J Hoch
The Theory of Reasoned Action: A Meta-analysis of Past Research with Recommendations for Modifications and Future Research pp. 325-43 Downloads
Blair H Sheppard, Jon Hartwick and Paul R Warshaw
The Ideology of Consumption: A Structural-Syntactical Analysis of "Dallas" and "Dynasty." pp. 344-59 Downloads
Elizabeth C Hirschman
Are All the Effects of Ad-Induced Feelings Mediated by A(subscript)Ad? pp. 368-733 Downloads
Douglas M Stayman and David A Aaker
How Consumers Are Affected by the Framing of Attribute Information before and after Consuming the Product pp. 374-78 Downloads
Irwin P Levin and Gary J Gaeth
The Formation of Affective Judgments: The Cognitive-Affective Model versus the Independence Hypothesis pp. 386-91 Downloads
Punam Anand, Morris B Holbrook and Debra Stephens
Conjoint Internal Validity under Alternative Profile Presentations pp. 392-97 Downloads
Paul E Green, Kristiaan Helsen and Bruce Shandler
On the Scientific Status of Consumer Research and the Need for an Interpretive Approach to Studying Consumption Behavior pp. 398-402 Downloads
Morris B Holbrook and John O'Shaughnessy
Relativism Revidivus: In Defense of Critical Relativism pp. 403-06 Downloads
Paul F Anderson
Preference Trees, Preference Hierarchies, and Consumer Behavior pp. 407-09 Downloads
Don L Coursey

Volume 15, issue 2, 1988

Possessions and the Extended Self pp. 139-68 Downloads
Russell W Belk
Choices from Sets Including Remembered Brands: Use of Recalled Attributes and Prior Overall Evaluations pp. 169-84 Downloads
Lynch, John G,, Howard Marmorstein and Michael F Weigold
Hemispherically Lateralized EEG as a Response to Television Commercials pp. 185-98 Downloads
Rothschild, Michael L, et al
Preconscious Processing Effects: The Independence of Attitude Formation and Conscious Thought pp. 199-209 Downloads
Chris Janiszewski
The Role of Involvement in Attention and Comprehension Processes pp. 210-24 Downloads
Richard L Celsi and Jerry C Olson
Spontaneous Inference Processes in Advertising: The Effects of Conclusion Omission and Involvement on Persuasion pp. 225-33 Downloads
Frank R Kardes
Interdependencies in Social and Economic Decision Making: A Conditional Logit Model of the Joint Homeownership-Mobility Decision pp. 234-42 Downloads
Steven D Silver
Correlates of Price Acceptability pp. 243-52 Downloads
Donald R Lichtenstein, Peter H Bloch and William C Black
The Moderating Effect of Prior Knowledge on Cue Utilization in Product Evaluations pp. 253-64 Downloads
Akshay R Rao and Kent B Monroe
Modeling Ambiguity in Decisions under Uncertainty pp. 265-72 Downloads
Barbara E Kahn and Rakesh K Sarin
An Investigation of Individual Responses to Tensile Price Claims pp. 273-79 Downloads
Mary F Mobley, William O Bearden and Jesse E Teel
The Effect of Probability and Consequence Levels on the Focus of Consumer Judgments in Risky Situations pp. 280-83 Downloads
William D Diamond
Increasing Contributions in Solicitation Campaigns: The Use of Large and Small Anchorpoints pp. 284-87 Downloads
Cynthia Fraser, Robert E Hite and Paul L Sauer

Volume 15, issue 1, 1988

The Situational Importance of Recall and Inference in Consumer Decision Making pp. 1-12 Downloads
Amitava Chattopadhyay and Joseph W Alba
The Availability Heuristic and Perceived Risk pp. 13-23 Downloads
Valerie S Folkes
The Effects of Advertisement Encoding on the Failure to Discount Information: Implications for the Sleeper Effect pp. 24-36 Downloads
David Mazursky and Yaacov Schul
Durables and Wives' Employment Yet Again pp. 37-47 Downloads
W Keith Bryant
Buyer-Seller Negotiations around the Pacific Rim: Differences in Fundamental Exchange Processes pp. 48-54 Downloads
John L Graham
Competitive Interference and Consumer Memory for Advertising pp. 55-68 Downloads
Raymond R Burke and Thomas K Srull
Rhetorical Question, Summarization Frequency, and Argument Strength Effects on Recall pp. 69-76 Downloads
James M Munch and John L Swasy
Parental Style and Consumer Socialization of Children pp. 77-94 Downloads
Les Carlson and Sanford Grossbart
The Effect of Plausible and Exaggerated Reference Prices on Consumer Perceptions and Price Search pp. 95-110 Downloads
Joel E Urbany, William O Bearden and Dan C Weilbaker
What Does Familiarity Breed? Complexity as a Moderator of Repetition Effects in Advertisement Evaluation pp. 111-16 Downloads
Dena S Cox and Anthony D Cox
Search Monitor: An Approach for Computer-Controlled Experiments Involving Consumer Information Search pp. 117-21 Downloads
Merrie Brucks
Sex Typing and Consumer Behavior: A Test of Gender Schema Theory pp. 122-28 Downloads
Bernd H Schmitt, France Leclerc and Laurette Dube-Rioux
Relativism for Consumer Research? [On Method in Consumer Research: A Critical Relativist Perspective] pp. 129-32 Downloads
Harvey Siegel
Relative to What--That Is the Question: A Reply [On Method in Consumer Research: A Critical Relativist Perspective] pp. 133-37 Downloads
Paul F Anderson
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