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Volume 36, issue 6, 2010

Broadening the Scope of Consumer Research pp. v-vii Downloads
John Deighton, Debbie MacInnis, Ann McGill and Baba Shiv
The Disciplinary Status of Consumer Behavior: A Sociology of Science Perspective on Key Controversies pp. 899-914 Downloads
Deborah J. MacInnis and Valerie S. Folkes
I'll Have What She's Having: Effects of Social Influence and Body Type on the Food Choices of Others pp. 915-929 Downloads
Brent McFerran, Darren W. Dahl, Gavan J. Fitzsimons and Andrea C. Morales
The Effects of Thin and Heavy Media Images on Overweight and Underweight Consumers: Social Comparison Processes and Behavioral Implications pp. 930-949 Downloads
Dirk Smeesters, Thomas Mussweiler and Naomi Mandel
The Comfort Food Fallacy: Avoiding Old Favorites in Times of Change pp. 950-963 Downloads
Stacy Wood
The Long and Short of It: Why Are Stocks with Shorter Runs Preferred? pp. 964-982 Downloads
Priya Raghubir and Sanjiv R. Das
Will This Trip Really Be Exciting? The Role of Incidental Emotions in Product Evaluation pp. 983-991 Downloads
Hakkyun Kim, Kiwan Park and Norbert Schwarz
When Do Incidental Mood Effects Last? Lay Beliefs versus Actual Effects pp. 992-1001 Downloads
Anastasiya Pocheptsova and Nathan Novemsky
Choosing Your Future: Temporal Distance and the Balance between Self-Control and Indulgence pp. 1002-1015 Downloads
Juliano Laran
Consumer Identity Work as Moral Protagonism: How Myth and Ideology Animate a Brand-Mediated Moral Conflict pp. 1016-1032 Downloads
Marius K. Luedicke, Craig J. Thompson and Markus Giesler
Believe Me, I Have No Idea What I'm Talking About: The Effects of Source Certainty on Consumer Involvement and Persuasion pp. 1033-1049 Downloads
Uma R. Karmarkar and Zakary L. Tormala
Revisiting Individual Choices in Group Settings: The Long and Winding (Less Traveled) Road? pp. 1050-1057 Downloads
Pascale Quester and Alexandre Steyer
Pragmatic Learning Theory: An Inquiry-Action Framework for Distributed Consumer Learning in Online Communities pp. 1058-1081 Downloads
Rama K. Jayanti and Jagdip Singh

Volume 36, issue 5, 2010

In Memoriam Martin Fishbein pp. ii-iii Downloads
Joel Cohen, Icek Ajzen and Dolores Albarracin
Sharing pp. 715-734 Downloads
Russell Belk
Value from Regulatory Construal Fit: The Persuasive Impact of Fit between Consumer Goals and Message Concreteness pp. 735-747 Downloads
Angela Y. Lee, Punam Anand Keller and Brian Sternthal
The Effects of Advertising Copy on Sensory Thoughts and Perceived Taste pp. 748-756 Downloads
Ryan S. Elder and Aradhna Krishna
The Development of Consumer-Based Consumption Constellations in Children pp. 757-777 Downloads
Lan Nguyen Chaplin and Tina M. Lowrey
The Persuasive Role of Incidental Similarity on Attitudes and Purchase Intentions in a Sales Context pp. 778-791 Downloads
Lan Jiang, Joandrea Hoegg, Darren W. Dahl and Amitava Chattopadhyay
Pleasurable Surprises: A Cross-Cultural Study of Consumer Responses to Unexpected Incentives pp. 792-805 Downloads
Ana Valenzuela, Barbara Mellers and Judi Strebel
To Each His Own? How Comparisons with Others Influence Consumers' Evaluations of Their Self-Designed Products pp. 806-819 Downloads
C. Page Moreau and Kelly B. Herd
The Storied Life of Singularized Objects: Forces of Agency and Network Transformation pp. 820-837 Downloads
Amber M. Epp and Linda L. Price
The Quest for Authenticity in Consumption: Consumers' Purposive Choice of Authentic Cues to Shape Experienced Outcomes pp. 838-856 Downloads
Michael B. Beverland and Francis J. Farrelly
Questing for Well-Being at Weight Watchers: The Role of the Spiritual-Therapeutic Model in a Support Group pp. 857-875 Downloads
Risto Moisio and Mariam Beruchashvili
Contrast and Assimilation Effects of Processing Fluency pp. 876-889 Downloads
Hao Shen, Yuwei Jiang and Rashmi Adaval
Disambiguating the Role of Ambiguity in Perceptual Assimilation and Contrast Effects pp. 890-897 Downloads
Michelle P. Lee and Kwanho Suk

Volume 36, issue 4, 2009

Gaming Emotions in Social Interactions pp. 539-552 Downloads
Eduardo B. Andrade and Teck Ho
Opportunity Cost Neglect pp. 553-561 Downloads
Shane Frederick, Nathan Novemsky, Jing Wang, Ravi Dhar and Stephen Nowlis
When Mental Simulation Hinders Behavior: The Effects of Process-Oriented Thinking on Decision Difficulty and Performance pp. 562-574 Downloads
Debora Viana Thompson, Rebecca W. Hamilton and Petia K. Petrova
Variety Amnesia: Recalling Past Variety Can Accelerate Recovery from Satiation pp. 575-584 Downloads
Jeff Galak, Joseph P. Redden and Justin Kruger
Emotional Persuasion: When the Valence versus the Resource Demands of Emotions Influence Consumers' Attitudes pp. 585-599 Downloads
Loraine Lau-Gesk and Joan Meyers-Levy
Seeking Freedom through Variety pp. 600-610 Downloads
Jonathan Levav and Rui (Juliet) Zhu
Why Do Consumers Buy Extended Service Contracts? pp. 611-623 Downloads
Tao Chen, Ajay Kalra and Baohong Sun
When Uncertainty Brings Pleasure: The Role of Prospect Imageability and Mental Imagery pp. 624-633 Downloads
Yih Hwai Lee and Cheng Qiu
Effects of Temporal Distance and Memory on Consumer Judgments pp. 634-645 Downloads
Yeung-Jo Kim, Jongwon Park and Robert S. Wyer
Distinctive Roles of Lead Users and Opinion Leaders in the Social Networks of Schoolchildren pp. 646-659 Downloads
Jan Kratzer and Christopher Lettl
Promotional Bundles and Consumers' Price Judgments: When the Best Things in Life Are Not Free pp. 660-670 Downloads
Michael A. Kamins, Valerie S. Folkes and Alexander Fedorikhin
Escaping the Gift Economy pp. 671-685 Downloads
Jean-Sébastien Marcoux
Nationalism and Ideology in an Anticonsumption Movement pp. 686-700 Downloads
Rohit Varman and Russell W. Belk
The Denomination Effect pp. 701-713 Downloads
Priya Raghubir and Joydeep Srivastava

Volume 36, issue 3, 2009

Tragic Choices: Autonomy and Emotional Responses to Medical Decisions pp. 337 - 352 Downloads
Simona Botti, Kristina Orfali and Sheena S. Iyengar
Forecasting and Backcasting: Predicting the Impact of Events on the Future pp. 353 - 366 Downloads
Jane E. J. Ebert, Daniel T. Gilbert and Timothy D. Wilson
Evaluating the Benefits of Distraction on Product Evaluations: The Mind-Set Effect pp. 367 - 379 Downloads
Davy Lerouge
Vicarious Goal Fulfillment: When the Mere Presence of a Healthy Option Leads to an Ironically Indulgent Decision pp. 380 - 393 Downloads
Keith Wilcox, Beth Vallen, Lauren Block and Gavan J. Fitzsimons
Self-Regulating Enhances Self-Regulation in Subsequent Consumer Decisions Involving Similar Response Conflicts pp. 394 - 405 Downloads
Siegfried Dewitte, Sabrina Bruyneel and Kelly Geyskens
The Presence of Variety Reduces Perceived Quantity pp. 406 - 417 Downloads
Joseph P. Redden and Stephen J. Hoch
Unraveling Priming: When Does the Same Prime Activate a Goal versus a Trait? pp. 418 - 433 Downloads
Aner Sela and Baba Shiv
The Effect of Mere Touch on Perceived Ownership pp. 434 - 447 Downloads
Joann Peck and Suzanne B. Shu
Regulating Risk or Risking Regulation? Construal Levels and Depletion Effects in the Processing of Health Messages pp. 448 - 462 Downloads
Nidhi Agrawal and Echo Wen Wan
The Influence of Categorical Attributes on Choice Context Effects pp. 463 - 477 Downloads
Young-Won Ha, Sehoon Park and Hee-Kyung Ahn
Testing Behavioral Hypotheses Using an Integrated Model of Grocery Store Shopping Path and Purchase Behavior pp. 478 - 493 Downloads
Sam K. Hui, Eric T. Bradlow and Peter S. Fader
Coming to a Restaurant Near You? Potential Consumer Responses to Nutrition Information Disclosure on Menus pp. 494 - 503 Downloads
Elizabeth A. Howlett, Scot Burton, Kenneth Bates and Kyle Huggins
The Use of Western Brands in Asserting Chinese National Identity pp. 504 - 523 Downloads
Lily Dong and Kelly Tian
The Impact of Accessible Identities on the Evaluation of Global versus Local Products pp. 524 - 537 Downloads
Yinlong Zhang and Adwait Khare

Volume 36, issue 2, 2009

Anticipating Adaptation to Products pp. 149 - 159 Downloads
Jing Wang, Nathan Novemsky and Ravi Dhar
Enhancing the Television-Viewing Experience through Commercial Interruptions pp. 160 - 172 Downloads
Leif D. Nelson, Tom Meyvis and Jeff Galak
In Search of Homo Economicus: Cognitive Noise and the Role of Emotion in Preference Consistency pp. 173 - 187 Downloads
Leonard Lee, On Amir and Dan Ariely
Happiness for Sale: Do Experiential Purchases Make Consumers Happier than Material Purchases? pp. 188 - 198 Downloads
Leonardo Nicolao, Julie R. Irwin and Joseph K. Goodman
Donation Behavior toward In-Groups and Out-Groups: The Role of Gender and Moral Identity pp. 199 - 214 Downloads
Karen Page Winterich, Vikas Mittal and William T. Ross
Sex in Advertising: Gender Differences and the Role of Relationship Commitment pp. 215 - 231 Downloads
Darren W. Dahl, Jaideep Sengupta and Kathleen D. Vohs
Consumer Evaluations of Hybrid Products pp. 232 - 241 Downloads
Priyali Rajagopal and Robert E. Burnkrant
Lay Theories of Emotion Transience and the Search for Happiness: A Fresh Perspective on Affect Regulation pp. 242 - 254 Downloads
Aparna A. Labroo and Anirban Mukhopadhyay
Consumer Identity Renaissance: The Resurgence of Identity-Inspired Consumption in Retirement pp. 255 - 276 Downloads
Hope Jensen Schau, Mary C. Gilly and Mary Wolfinbarger
"The Time vs. Money Effect": Shifting Product Attitudes and Decisions through Personal Connection pp. 277 - 291 Downloads
Cassie Mogilner and Jennifer Aaker
The Contrasting Effects of Culture on Consumer Tolerance: Interpersonal Face and Impersonal Fate pp. 292 - 304 Downloads
Haksin Chan, Lisa C. Wan and Leo Y. M. Sin
The Distinct Influence of Cognitive Busyness and Need for Closure on Cultural Differences in Socially Desirable Responding pp. 305 - 316 Downloads
Ashok K. Lalwani
The Accuracy-Enhancing Effect of Biasing Cues pp. 317 - 327 Downloads
Wouter Vanhouche and Stijn M. J. van Osselaer
Price Endings, Left-Digit Effects, and Choice pp. 328 - 335 Downloads
Kenneth C. Manning and David E. Sprott

Volume 36, issue 1, 2009

From the Editor pp. v-vi Downloads
John Deighton
The Safety of Objects: Materialism, Existential Insecurity, and Brand Connection pp. 1-16 Downloads
Aric Rindfleisch, James E. Burroughs and Nancy Wong
The Impact of Add-On Features on Consumer Product Evaluations pp. 17-28 Downloads
Marco Bertini, Elie Ofek and Dan Ariely
The "Shaken Self": Product Choices as a Means of Restoring Self-View Confidence pp. 29-38 Downloads
Leilei Gao, S. Christian Wheeler and Baba Shiv
The Devil Is in the Deliberation: Thinking Too Much Reduces Preference Consistency pp. 39-46 Downloads
Loran F. Nordgren and Ap Dijksterhuis
"Why My Mother Never Threw Anything Out": The Effect of Product Freshness on Consumption pp. 47-55 Downloads
Sankar Sen and Lauren G. Block
The Fit of Thinking Style and Situation: New Measures of Situation-Specific Experiential and Rational Cognition pp. 56-72 Downloads
Thomas P. Novak and Donna L. Hoffman
Influence of Contagious versus Noncontagious Product Groupings on Consumer Preferences pp. 73-82 Downloads
Arul Mishra
Temporal Sequence Effects: A Memory Framework pp. 83-92 Downloads
Nicole Votolato Montgomery and H. Rao Unnava
Intergenerationally Gifted Asset Dispositions pp. 93-111 Downloads
Tonya Williams Bradford
Parity Product Features Can Enhance or Dilute Brand Evaluation: The Influence of Goal Orientation and Presentation Format pp. 112-121 Downloads
Prashant Malaviya and Brian Sternthal
Category Activation Model: A Spreading Activation Network Model of Subcategory Positioning When Categorization Uncertainty Is High pp. 122-136 Downloads
Joseph Lajos, Zsolt Katona, Amitava Chattopadhyay and Miklos Sarvary
When Does Choice Reveal Preference? Moderators of Heuristic versus Goal-Based Choice pp. 137-147 Downloads
Aimee Drolet, Mary Frances Luce and Itamar Simonson
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