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Transportation Research Part B: Methodological

1979 - 2021

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Volume 37, issue 10, 2003

An analysis of the impact of information and communication technologies on non-maintenance shopping activities pp. 857-881 Downloads
Chandra R. Bhat, Aruna Sivakumar and Kay W. Axhausen
Storage space allocation in container terminals pp. 883-903 Downloads
Chuqian Zhang, Jiyin Liu, Yat-wah Wan, Katta G. Murty and Richard J. Linn
Comparing whole-link travel time models pp. 905-926 Downloads
Malachy Carey and Y. E. Ge

Volume 37, issue 9, 2003

Pseudo-periodicity in a travel-time model used in dynamic traffic assignment pp. 769-792 Downloads
Malachy Carey and Mark McCartney
Analyzing heterogeneity and unobserved structural effects in route-switching behavior under ATIS: a dynamic kernel logit formulation pp. 793-814 Downloads
Karthik K. Srinivasan and Hani S. Mahmassani
Estimation of origin-destination trip-tables based on a partial set of traffic link volumes pp. 815-836 Downloads
Hanif D. Sherali, Arvind Narayanan and R. Sivanandan
Simulation estimation of mixed discrete choice models using randomized and scrambled Halton sequences pp. 837-855 Downloads
Chandra R. Bhat

Volume 37, issue 8, 2003

A latent class model for discrete choice analysis: contrasts with mixed logit pp. 681-698 Downloads
William Greene and David Hensher
Airline deregulation and external costs: a welfare analysis pp. 699-718 Downloads
Youdi Schipper, Piet Rietveld and Peter Nijkamp
Prediction of minor stream delays at a limited priority freeway merge pp. 719-735 Downloads
Jonathan Bunker and Rod Troutbeck
Kalman filtering estimation of traffic counts for two network links in tandem pp. 737-745 Downloads
Denos Gazis and Chiu Liu
Stochastic models for the dispatch of consolidated shipments pp. 747-768 Downloads
SIla Çetinkaya and James H. Bookbinder

Volume 37, issue 7, 2003

A joint mode-transit service choice model incorporating the effect of regional transport service timetables pp. 595-614 Downloads
Ennio Cascetta and Andrea Papola
A multi-modal supply-demand equilibrium model for predicting intercity freight flows pp. 615-640 Downloads
J. Enrique Fernández L., Joaquín de Cea Ch. and Alexandra Soto O.
An extended model and procedural framework for planning multi-modal passenger journeys pp. 641-660 Downloads
Mark E. T. Horn
Stability of macroscopic traffic flow modeling through wavefront expansion pp. 661-679 Downloads
Jingang Yi, Hao Lin, Luis Alvarez and Roberto Horowitz

Volume 37, issue 6, 2003

Quasi-variational inequality formulation of the multiclass dynamic traffic assignment problem pp. 501-519 Downloads
Michiel Bliemer and Piet H. L. Bovy
On the distribution schemes for determining flows through a merge pp. 521-540 Downloads
W. L. Jin and H. M. Zhang
Berth scheduling by simulated annealing pp. 541-560 Downloads
Kap Hwan Kim and Kyung Chan Moon
Anisotropic property revisited--does it hold in multi-lane traffic? pp. 561-577 Downloads
H. M. Zhang
A tabu search heuristic for the static multi-vehicle dial-a-ride problem pp. 579-594 Downloads
Jean-François Cordeau and Gilbert Laporte

Volume 37, issue 5, 2003

Origin-based algorithms for combined travel forecasting models pp. 405-422 Downloads
Hillel Bar-Gera and David Boyce
On the optimal fare policies in urban transportation pp. 423-435 Downloads
Pål Andreas Pedersen
Berth allocation with service priority pp. 437-457 Downloads
Akio Imai, Etsuko Nishimura and Stratos Papadimitriou
A methodology for estimating capacity at ramp weaves based on gap acceptance and linear optimization pp. 459-483 Downloads
Ponlathep Lertworawanich and Lily Elefteriadou
The exact clear zone envelope for piecewise-linear alignment data pp. 485-499 Downloads
David J. Lovell and Tomohisa Iida

Volume 37, issue 4, 2003

A comparative analysis of bus transit vehicle scheduling models pp. 301-322 Downloads
Ali Haghani, Mohamadreza Banihashemi and Kun-Hung Chiang
Dynamic dilemma zone based on driver behavior and car-following model at highway-rail intersections pp. 323-344 Downloads
Young J. Moon and Fred Coleman
Network with degradable links: capacity analysis and design pp. 345-363 Downloads
Hong K. Lo and Yeou-Koung Tung
Information value and sequential decision-making in a transport setting: an experimental study pp. 365-386 Downloads
Laurent Denant-Boèmont and R. Petiot
A methodology for weighting observations from complex endogenous sampling pp. 387-401 Downloads
Ryuichi Kitamura, Toshiyuki Yamamoto and Hiromu Sakai

Volume 37, issue 3, 2003

The formation and structure of vehicle clusters in the Payne-Whitham traffic flow model pp. 207-223 Downloads
W. L. Jin and H. M. Zhang
Dynamic traffic modelling and dynamic stochastic user equilibrium assignment for general road networks pp. 225-249 Downloads
Sangjin Han
A theoretical probe of a German experiment on stationary moving traffic jams pp. 251-261 Downloads
Wei-Hua Lin and Hong K. Lo
TRANSYT derivatives for area traffic control optimisation with network equilibrium flows pp. 263-290 Downloads
Suh-Wen Chiou
Solving the multi-buyer joint replenishment problem with a modified genetic algorithm pp. 291-299 Downloads
Chi Kin Chan, Bernard K. -S. Cheung and André Langevin

Volume 37, issue 2, 2003

An evolutionary model for simultaneously optimizing three-dimensional highway alignments pp. 107-128 Downloads
Jyh-Cherng Jong and Paul Schonfeld
Modeling commercial vehicle empty trips with a first order trip chain model pp. 129-148 Downloads
José Holguín-Veras and Ellen Thorson
Modeling transfer and non-linear fare structure in multi-modal network pp. 149-170 Downloads
Hong K. Lo, C. W. Yip and K. H. Wan
Two improved numerical algorithms for the continuous dynamic network loading problem pp. 171-190 Downloads
J. M. Rubio-Ardanaz, J. H. Wu and M. Florian
The effectiveness of panels in detecting changes in discrete travel behavior pp. 191-206 Downloads
Ryuichi Kitamura, Toshiyuki Yamamoto and Satoshi Fujii

Volume 37, issue 1, 2003

Structural equation modeling for travel behavior research pp. 1-25 Downloads
Thomas F. Golob
Driver memory, traffic viscosity and a viscous vehicular traffic flow model pp. 27-41 Downloads
H. M. Zhang
Operating costs and market organization in railway services. The case of Italy, 1980-1995 pp. 43-61 Downloads
Paolo Mancuso and Pierfrancesco Reverberi
Lane-based optimization of signal timings for isolated junctions pp. 63-84 Downloads
C. K. Wong and S. C. Wong
Study on propagation speed of small disturbance from a car-following approach pp. 85-99 Downloads
Rui Jiang and Qing-Song Wu
On the consistency of a class of traffic flow models pp. 101-105 Downloads
H. M. Zhang

Volume 36, issue 10, 2002

Shortest viable hyperpath in multimodal networks pp. 853-874 Downloads
Angélica Lozano and Giovanni Storchi
An activity-episode generation model that captures interactions between household heads: development and empirical analysis pp. 875-896 Downloads
Darren M. Scott and Pavlos S. Kanaroglou
The existence, uniqueness and computation of an arc-based dynamic network user equilibrium formulation pp. 897-918 Downloads
Byung-Wook Wie, Roger L. Tobin and Malachy Carey
A capacity restraint transit assignment with elastic line frequency pp. 919-938 Downloads
William H. K. Lam, Jing Zhou and Zhao-han Sheng
On the convergence of the algorithm for bilevel programming problems by Clegg and Smith pp. 939-944 Downloads
Guy Cohen, Jean-Pierre Quadrat and Laura Wynter

Volume 36, issue 9, 2002

Operational car assignment at VIA Rail Canada pp. 755-778 Downloads
Norbert Lingaya, Jean-Françcois Cordeau, Guy Desaulniers, Jacques Desrosiers and Françcois Soumis
Network pricing optimization in multi-user and multimodal context with elastic demand pp. 779-798 Downloads
Giuseppe Bellei, Guido Gentile and Natale Papola
Demand-supply equilibrium of taxi services in a network under competition and regulation pp. 799-819 Downloads
Hai Yang, S. C. Wong and K. I. Wong
The optimal sizing of the storage space and handling facilities for import containers pp. 821-835 Downloads
Kap Hwan Kim and Hong Bae Kim
The total demand scale: a new measure of quality for static and dynamic origin-destination trip tables pp. 837-850 Downloads
Michel Bierlaire
Erratum to "Sensitivity analysis of the prohibit-based stochastic user equilibrium assignment model" by Stephen D. Clark and David P. Watling [Transportation Research Part B 36 (7) (2002) 617-635] pp. 851-851 Downloads
S. D. Clark

Volume 36, issue 8, 2002

Risk-averse user equilibrium traffic assignment: an application of game theory pp. 671-681 Downloads
Michael G. H. Bell and Chris Cassir
An analytical shock-fitting algorithm for LWR kinematic wave model embedded with linear speed-density relationship pp. 683-706 Downloads
S. C. Wong and G. C. K. Wong
Second-best congestion pricing in general networks. Heuristic algorithms for finding second-best optimal toll levels and toll points pp. 707-729 Downloads
Erik Verhoef
The role of speed-flow relationship in congestion pricing implementation with an application to Singapore pp. 731-754 Downloads
Michael Z. F. Li

Volume 36, issue 7, 2002

A model of route perception in urban road networks pp. 577-592 Downloads
Ennio Cascetta, Francesco Russo, Francesco A. Viola and Antonino Vitetta
A unified mixed logit framework for modeling revealed and stated preferences: formulation and application to congestion pricing analysis in the San Francisco Bay area pp. 593-616 Downloads
Chandra R. Bhat and Saul Castelar
Sensitivity analysis of the probit-based stochastic user equilibrium assignment model pp. 617-635 Downloads
Stephen D. Clark and David P. Watling
Day-to-day variation in Markovian traffic assignment models pp. 637-648 Downloads
Martin L. Hazelton
A decision model for gap acceptance and capacity at intersections pp. 649-663 Downloads
Moshe A. Pollatschek, Abishai Polus and Moshe Livneh
Reversibility of the time-dependent shortest path problem pp. 665-668 Downloads
Carlos F. Daganzo
Erratum to "Activity pattern similarity: a multidimensional sequence alignment method" [Transportation Research Part B 36 (5) (2002) 385-403] pp. 669-669 Downloads
Chang-Hyeon Joh, Theo Arentze, Frank Hofman and Harry Timmermans

Volume 36, issue 6, 2002

Scheduling dial-a-ride paratransit under time-varying, stochastic congestion pp. 485-506 Downloads
Liping Fu
A continuum theory for the flow of pedestrians pp. 507-535 Downloads
Roger L. Hughes
Dynamic crane deployment in container storage yards pp. 537-555 Downloads
Chuqian Zhang, Yat-wah Wan, Jiyin Liu and Richard J. Linn
The spatial analysis of activity stop generation pp. 557-575 Downloads
Chandra Bhat and Huimin Zhao

Volume 36, issue 5, 2002

Activity pattern similarity: a multidimensional sequence alignment method pp. 385-403 Downloads
Chang-Hyeon Joh, Theo Arentze, Frank Hofman and Harry Timmermans
A new continuum model for traffic flow and numerical tests pp. 405-419 Downloads
Rui Jiang, Qing-Song Wu and Zuo-Jin Zhu
A cell-based variational inequality formulation of the dynamic user optimal assignment problem pp. 421-443 Downloads
Hong K. Lo and W. Y. Szeto
A multiclass, multicriteria traffic network equilibrium model with elastic demand pp. 445-469 Downloads
Anna Nagurney and June Dong
Road network toll pricing and social welfare pp. 471-483 Downloads
Paolo Ferrari

Volume 36, issue 4, 2002

Group-based optimization of a time-dependent TRANSYT traffic model for area traffic control pp. 291-312 Downloads
S. C. Wong, W. T. Wong, C. M. Leung and C. O. Tong
A reserve capacity model of optimal signal control with user-equilibrium route choice pp. 313-323 Downloads
Gao Ziyou and Song Yifan
A rule-based real-time traffic responsive signal control system with transit priority: application to an isolated intersection pp. 325-343 Downloads
François Dion and Bruce Hellinga
Traffic subflow estimation and bootstrap analysis from filtered counts pp. 345-359 Downloads
Urban Hjorth
Potential demand for alternative fuel vehicles pp. 361-384 Downloads
John Dagsvik, Tom Wennemo, Dag G. Wetterwald and Rolf Aaberge

Volume 36, issue 3, 2002

A simplified car-following theory: a lower order model pp. 195-205 Downloads
G. F. Newell
A continuous-time model of departure time choice for urban shopping trips pp. 207-224 Downloads
Chandra R. Bhat and Jennifer L. Steed
Capacity reliability of a road network: an assessment methodology and numerical results pp. 225-252 Downloads
Anthony Chen, Hai Yang, Hong K. Lo and Wilson H. Tang
Modeling and solving the dynamic user equilibrium route and departure time choice problem in network with queues pp. 253-273 Downloads
Hai-Jun Huang and William H. K. Lam
A non-equilibrium traffic model devoid of gas-like behavior pp. 275-290 Downloads
H. M. Zhang

Volume 36, issue 2, 2002

Local truckload pickup and delivery with hard time window constraints pp. 97-112 Downloads
Xiubin Wang and Amelia C. Regan
A methodology for sustainable traveler information services pp. 113-130 Downloads
Hong K. Lo and W. Y. Szeto
A behavioral theory of multi-lane traffic flow. Part I: Long homogeneous freeway sections pp. 131-158 Downloads
Carlos F. Daganzo
A behavioral theory of multi-lane traffic flow. Part II: Merges and the onset of congestion pp. 159-169 Downloads
Carlos F. Daganzo
Modeling the spatial behavior of infrastructure condition pp. 171-194 Downloads
Rabi G. Mishalani and Haris N. Koutsopoulos

Volume 36, issue 1, 2002

Specification and estimation of the nested logit model: alternative normalisations pp. 1-17 Downloads
David Hensher and William Greene
Benefit distribution and equity in road network design pp. 19-35 Downloads
Qiang Meng and Hai Yang
Dynamic identification of origin-destination matrices in the presence of incomplete observations pp. 37-57 Downloads
Baibing Li and Bart De Moor
Nonparametric identification of daily activity durations using kernel density estimators pp. 59-82 Downloads
Jeffrey P. Kharoufeh and Konstadinos G. Goulias
Behaviour of a whole-link travel time model used in dynamic traffic assignment pp. 83-95 Downloads
Malachy Carey and Mark McCartney
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