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Transportation Research Part B: Methodological

1979 - 2021

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Volume 41, issue 10, 2007

Design of vehicle routing zones for large-scale distribution systems pp. 1079-1093 Downloads
Yanfeng Ouyang
A route-based solution algorithm for dynamic user equilibrium assignments pp. 1094-1113 Downloads
Sangjin Han
Spillback congestion in dynamic traffic assignment: A macroscopic flow model with time-varying bottlenecks pp. 1114-1138 Downloads
Guido Gentile, Lorenzo Meschini and Natale Papola
A macroscopic theory for unsignalized intersections pp. 1139-1150 Downloads
Estelle Chevallier and Ludovic Leclercq

Volume 41, issue 9, 2007

Behavioural insights into the modelling of freight transportation and distribution systems pp. 921-923 Downloads
David Hensher and Miguel Andres Figliozzi
Agency decision making in freight distribution chains: Establishing a parsimonious empirical framework from alternative behavioural structures pp. 924-949 Downloads
David Hensher, Sean M. Puckett and John Rose
A micro-simulation model of shipment size and transport chain choice pp. 950-965 Downloads
Gerard de Jong and Moshe Ben-Akiva
The design and interpretation of freight stated preference experiments seeking to elicit behavioural valuations of journey attributes pp. 966-980 Downloads
Tony Fowkes
Tour-based microsimulation of urban commercial movements pp. 981-1013 Downloads
J.D. Hunt and K.J. Stefan
Analysis of the efficiency of urban commercial vehicle tours: Data collection, methodology, and policy implications pp. 1014-1032 Downloads
Miguel Andres Figliozzi
The relative impact of consignee behaviour and road traffic congestion on distribution costs pp. 1033-1049 Downloads
Jayaram K. Sankaran and Lincoln Wood
Real time simulation of auctioning and re-scheduling processes in hybrid freight markets pp. 1050-1066 Downloads
J.H.R. van Duin, L.A. Tavasszy and E. Taniguchi
Procurement of transportation services in spot markets under a double-auction scheme with elastic demand pp. 1067-1078 Downloads
Rodrigo A. Garrido

Volume 41, issue 8, 2007

Effects of HOV lanes on freeway bottlenecks pp. 809-822 Downloads
Monica Menendez and Carlos F. Daganzo
A structural state space model for real-time traffic origin-destination demand estimation and prediction in a day-to-day learning framework pp. 823-840 Downloads
Xuesong Zhou and Hani S. Mahmassani
Stackelberg games and multiple equilibrium behaviors on networks pp. 841-861 Downloads
Hai Yang, Xiaoning Zhang and Qiang Meng
The traffic equilibrium problem with nonadditive costs and its monotone mixed complementarity problem formulation pp. 862-874 Downloads
Rhoda P. Agdeppa, Nobuo Yamashita and Masao Fukushima
Crane double cycling in container ports: Planning methods and evaluation pp. 875-891 Downloads
A.V. Goodchild and C.F. Daganzo
Optimal price schedules for storage of inbound containers pp. 892-905 Downloads
Kap Hwan Kim and Ki Young Kim
The latest arrival hub location problem for cargo delivery systems with stopovers pp. 906-919 Downloads
Hande Yaman, Bahar Y. Kara and Barbaros Ç. Tansel

Volume 41, issue 7, 2007

Hybrid approaches to the solutions of the "Lighthill-Whitham-Richards" model pp. 701-709 Downloads
Ludovic Leclercq
The Aw-Rascle and Zhang's model: Vacuum problems, existence and regularity of the solutions of the Riemann problem pp. 710-721 Downloads
Jean-Patrick Lebacque, Salim Mammar and Habib Haj-Salem
Car following theory with lateral discomfort pp. 722-735 Downloads
Banihan Gunay
A rejected-reinsertion heuristic for the static Dial-A-Ride Problem pp. 736-755 Downloads
Ying Luo and Paul Schonfeld
An improved solution algorithm for the constrained shortest path problem pp. 756-771 Downloads
Luis Santos, João Coutinho-Rodrigues and John R. Current
Parametric action decision trees: Incorporating continuous attribute variables into rule-based models of discrete choice pp. 772-783 Downloads
Theo Arentze and Harry Timmermans
A practical test for the choice of mixing distribution in discrete choice models pp. 784-794 Downloads
Mogens Fosgerau and Michel Bierlaire
Normalization and correlation of cross-nested logit models pp. 795-808 Downloads
E. Abbe, M. Bierlaire and T. Toledo

Volume 41, issue 6, 2007

Sensitivity analysis of the variable demand probit stochastic user equilibrium with multiple user-classes pp. 593-615 Downloads
Richard D. Connors, Agachai Sumalee and David P. Watling
Equilibrium properties of the morning peak-period commuting in a many-to-one mass transit system pp. 616-631 Downloads
Qiong Tian, Hai-Jun Huang and Hai Yang
A random bidding and supply land use equilibrium model pp. 632-651 Downloads
Francisco J. Martínez and Rodrigo Henríquez
Assessing uncertainty in urban simulations using Bayesian melding pp. 652-669 Downloads
Hana Sevcíková, Adrian E. Raftery and Paul A. Waddell
Spillovers, merging traffic and the morning commute pp. 670-683 Downloads
Alejandro Lago and Carlos F. Daganzo
Modeling the process of information relay through inter-vehicle communication pp. 684-700 Downloads
Xiubin Wang

Volume 41, issue 5, 2007

A time series analysis framework for transportation infrastructure management pp. 493-505 Downloads
Pablo L. Durango-Cohen
A comprehensive analysis of built environment characteristics on household residential choice and auto ownership levels pp. 506-526 Downloads
Chandra R. Bhat and Jessica Y. Guo
Convergence of piecewise-linear envelope curves in transportation design pp. 527-539 Downloads
Tomohisa Iida and David J. Lovell
Retaining desirable properties in discretising a travel-time model pp. 540-553 Downloads
Malachy Carey and Y.E. Ge
A generalized model and solution algorithm for estimation of the dynamic freeway origin-destination matrix pp. 554-572 Downloads
Pei-Wei Lin and Gang-Len Chang
Maintenance, service quality and congestion pricing with competing roads pp. 573-591 Downloads
André de Palma, Moez Kilani and Charles Lindsey

Volume 41, issue 4, 2007

Complementary versus semi-complementary airline partnerships pp. 381-393 Downloads
Volodymyr Bilotkach
Hub-and-spoke network alliances and mergers: Price-location competition in the airline industry pp. 394-409 Downloads
Nicole Adler and Karen Smilowitz
Dynamic network yield management pp. 410-425 Downloads
Xiubin Wang and Fenghuan Wang
A latent class accelerated hazard model of activity episode durations pp. 426-447 Downloads
Backjin Lee and Harry J.P. Timmermans
Estimation of the time-dependency of values of travel time and its reliability from loop detector data pp. 448-461 Downloads
Henry X. Liu, Xiaozheng He and Will Recker
Sensitivity analysis of signal control with physical queuing: Delay derivatives and an application pp. 462-477 Downloads
Andy H.F. Chow and Hong K. Lo
Decreasing the passenger waiting time for an intercity rail network pp. 478-492 Downloads
P. Vansteenwegen and D. Van Oudheusden

Volume 41, issue 3, 2007

Congestion pricing for multi-modal transportation systems pp. 275-291 Downloads
Younes Hamdouch, Michael Florian, Donald W. Hearn and Siriphong Lawphongpanich
Competition and efficiency of private toll roads pp. 292-308 Downloads
Feng Xiao, Hai Yang and Deren Han
Bounded acceleration close to fixed and moving bottlenecks pp. 309-319 Downloads
Ludovic Leclercq
Single-track train timetabling with guaranteed optimality: Branch-and-bound algorithms with enhanced lower bounds pp. 320-341 Downloads
Xuesong Zhou and Ming Zhong
N-tracked railway traffic re-scheduling during disturbances pp. 342-362 Downloads
Johanna Törnquist and Jan A. Persson
Capturing correlation with subnetworks in route choice models pp. 363-378 Downloads
E. Frejinger and M. Bierlaire
Corrigendum to "Urban gridlock: Macroscopic modeling and mitigation approaches" [Transportation Research Part B 41 (2007) 49-62] pp. 379-379 Downloads
Carlos F. Daganzo

Volume 41, issue 2, 2007

Advanced modelling of train operations in stations and networks pp. 145-147 Downloads
Ingo A. Hansen
The scheduled waiting time on railway lines pp. 148-158 Downloads
E. Wendler
Scheduling trains on a network of busy complex stations pp. 159-178 Downloads
Malachy Carey and Ivan Crawford
Railway timetable stability analysis using max-plus system theory pp. 179-201 Downloads
Rob M.P. Goverde
Optimizing capacity utilization of stations by estimating knock-on train delays pp. 202-217 Downloads
Jianxin Yuan and Ingo A. Hansen
Stochastic delay propagation in railway networks and phase-type distributions pp. 218-230 Downloads
Ludolf E. Meester and Sander Muns
A constraint programming model for real-time train scheduling at junctions pp. 231-245 Downloads
Joaquin Rodriguez
A traffic management system for real-time traffic optimisation in railways pp. 246-274 Downloads
Maura Mazzarello and Ennio Ottaviani

Volume 41, issue 1, 2007

Sensitivity analysis of separable traffic equilibrium equilibria with application to bilevel optimization in network design pp. 4-31 Downloads
Magnus Josefsson and Michael Patriksson
A dynamical system model of the traffic assignment problem pp. 32-48 Downloads
Wen-Long Jin
Urban gridlock: Macroscopic modeling and mitigation approaches pp. 49-62 Downloads
Carlos F. Daganzo
Multinomial choice and nonparametric average derivatives pp. 63-81 Downloads
Myoung-jae Lee and Young-sook Kim
Relation between traffic density and capacity drop at three freeway bottlenecks pp. 82-95 Downloads
Koohong Chung, Jittichai Rudjanakanoknad and Michael J. Cassidy
An exploration of the relationship between mode choice and complexity of trip chaining patterns pp. 96-113 Downloads
Xin Ye, Ram M. Pendyala and Giovanni Gottardi
A generalized and efficient algorithm for estimating transit route ODs from passenger counts pp. 114-125 Downloads
Yuwei Li and Michael J. Cassidy
Investment timing and trading strategies in the sale and purchase market for ships pp. 126-143 Downloads
Amir Alizadeh and Nikos K. Nomikos
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