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Transportation Research Part B: Methodological

1979 - 2021

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Volume 35, issue 10, 2001

Modeling the impact of pre-trip information on commuter departure time and route choice pp. 887-902 Downloads
Rong-Chang Jou
A non-compensatory choice model incorporating attribute cutoffs pp. 903-928 Downloads
Joffre Swait
A note on highway capacity pp. 929-937 Downloads
H. M. Zhang

Volume 35, issue 9, 2001

Modeling urban taxi services in congested road networks with elastic demand pp. 819-842 Downloads
K. I. Wong, S. C. Wong and Hai Yang
Intelligent simulation and prediction of traffic flow dispersion pp. 843-863 Downloads
Fengxiang Qiao, Hai Yang and William H. K. Lam
Analytical models of international alliances in the airline industry pp. 865-886 Downloads
Jong-Hun Park, Anming Zhang and Yimin Zhang

Volume 35, issue 8, 2001

Alternative tree logit models: comments on a paper of Koppelman and Wen pp. 717-724 Downloads
Andrew Daly
Alternative nested logit models: a response to comments by Andrew Daly on an earlier paper of Frank Koppelman and Chieh-hua Wen pp. 725-729 Downloads
Frank S. Koppelman, Vaneet Sethi and Chieh-hua Wen
On the equivalence between stationary link flow patterns and traffic network equilibria pp. 731-748 Downloads
Ding Zhang, Anna Nagurney and Jiahao Wu
An adaptive routing algorithm for in-vehicle route guidance systems with real-time information pp. 749-765 Downloads
Liping Fu
Simultaneous locomotive and car assignment at VIA Rail Canada pp. 767-787 Downloads
Jean-François Cordeau, Guy Desaulniers, Norbert Lingaya, François Soumis and Jacques Desrosiers
Optimal timetables for public transportation pp. 789-813 Downloads
André de Palma and Charles Lindsey

Volume 35, issue 7, 2001

The generalized nested logit model pp. 627-641 Downloads
Chieh-Hua Wen and Frank S. Koppelman
Choice set generation within the generalized extreme value family of discrete choice models pp. 643-666 Downloads
Joffre Swait
Inference for origin-destination matrices: estimation, prediction and reconstruction pp. 667-676 Downloads
Martin L. Hazelton
Quasi-random maximum simulated likelihood estimation of the mixed multinomial logit model pp. 677-693 Downloads
Chandra R. Bhat
Stochastic modeling and real-time prediction of vehicular lane-changing behavior pp. 695-716 Downloads
Jiuh-Biing Sheu and Stephen G. Ritchie

Volume 35, issue 6, 2001

The freight routing problem of time-definite freight delivery common carriers pp. 525-547 Downloads
Cheng-Chang Lin
An activity-based time-dependent traffic assignment model pp. 549-574 Downloads
William H. K. Lam and Yafeng Yin
A stochastic estimation approach to real-time prediction of incident effects on freeway traffic congestion pp. 575-592 Downloads
Jiuh-Biing Sheu, Yi-Hwa Chou and Liang-Jen Shen
A universal procedure for capacity determination at unsignalized (priority-controlled) intersections pp. 593-623 Downloads
Ning Wu

Volume 35, issue 5, 2001

A model for calculating optimal vertical alignments of interchanges pp. 423-445 Downloads
Yusin Lee and Juey-Fu Cheng
A direct redistribution model of congestion pricing pp. 447-460 Downloads
Jeffrey L. Adler and Mecit Cetin
Dynamic user optimal assignment with physical queues for a many-to-many OD pattern pp. 461-479 Downloads
Masao Kuwahara and Takashi Akamatsu
A bridge between travel demand modeling and activity-based travel analysis pp. 481-506 Downloads
W. W. Recker
Airline seat management with rejection-for-possible-upgrade decision pp. 507-524 Downloads
Peng-Sheng You

Volume 35, issue 4, 2001

Generic gas-kinetic traffic systems modeling with applications to vehicular traffic flow pp. 317-336 Downloads
Serge P. Hoogendoorn and Piet H. L. Bovy
A finite difference approximation of a non-equilibrium traffic flow model pp. 337-365 Downloads
H. M. Zhang
Propagation of perturbations in dense traffic flow: a model and its implications pp. 367-389 Downloads
Jose M. del Castillo
Value of travel time: a theoretical legitimization of some nonlinear representative utility in discrete choice models pp. 391-400 Downloads
Thierry Blayac and Anne Causse
The dynamic berth allocation problem for a container port pp. 401-417 Downloads
Akio Imai, Etsuko Nishimura and Stratos Papadimitriou

Volume 35, issue 3, 2001

Estimation of dynamic origin-destination trip tables for a general network pp. 217-235 Downloads
Hanif D. Sherali and Taehyung Park
Probability of breakdown at freeway merges using Markov chains pp. 237-254 Downloads
Jodie L. Evans, Lily Elefteriadou and Natarajan Gautam
A model for time- and budget-constrained activity demand analysis pp. 255-269 Downloads
Kara Maria Kockelman
Running times on railway sections with heterogeneous train traffic pp. 271-292 Downloads
Tijs Huisman and Richard J. Boucherie
Cellular automata microsimulation for modeling bi-directional pedestrian walkways pp. 293-312 Downloads
Victor J. Blue and Jeffrey L. Adler
Erratum to "Game theory approach to measuring the performance reliability of transport networks" [Transportation Research Part B 34 (6) pp. 533545 (2000)] pp. 313-313 Downloads
Michael G.H. Bell

Volume 35, issue 2, 2001

Topological network design of pedestrian networks pp. 107-135 Downloads
David H. Mitchell and J. MacGregor Smith
Parameter estimation in a trip distribution model by random perturbation of a descent method pp. 137-161 Downloads
Mirian Buss Gonçalves and José Eduardo Souza de Cursi
A path-based traffic assignment algorithm based on the TRANSYT traffic model pp. 163-181 Downloads
S. C. Wong, Chao Yang and Hong K. Lo
MASTER: macroscopic traffic simulation based on a gas-kinetic, non-local traffic model pp. 183-211 Downloads
Dirk Helbing, Ansgar Hennecke, Vladimir Shvetsov and Martin Treiber
On the development of the nested logit model pp. 213-216 Downloads
Juan de Dios Ortúzar

Volume 35, issue 1, 2001

Transport bilevel programming problems: recent methodological advances pp. 1-4 Downloads
Hai Yang and Michael G. H. Bell
An overview of nontraditional formulations of static and dynamic equilibrium network design pp. 5-21 Downloads
Terry L. Friesz and Samir Shah
A bi-level programming approach for trip matrix estimation and traffic control problems with stochastic user equilibrium link flows pp. 23-40 Downloads
Michael J. Maher, Xiaoyan Zhang and Dirck Van Vliet
Bilevel programming applied to optimising urban transportation pp. 41-70 Downloads
Janet Clegg, Mike Smith, Yanling Xiang and Robert Yarrow
Cone projection versus half-space projection for the bilevel optimisation of transportation networks pp. 71-82 Downloads
J. Clegg and M. J. Smith
An equivalent continuously differentiable model and a locally convergent algorithm for the continuous network design problem pp. 83-105 Downloads
Q. Meng, Hai Yang and M. G. H. Bell

Volume 34, issue 8, 2000

A reactive dynamic user equilibrium model in network with queues pp. 605-624 Downloads
Jun Li, Okitsugu Fujiwara and Shogo Kawakami
A predictive dynamic traffic assignment model in congested capacity-constrained road networks pp. 625-644 Downloads
C. O. Tong and S. C. Wong
Minimal-revenue congestion pricing Part II: An efficient algorithm for the general case pp. 645-665 Downloads
Robert B. Dial

Volume 34, issue 7, 2000

Estimation of origin-destination matrices from link flows on uncongested networks pp. 549-566 Downloads
Martin L. Hazelton
A multi-level cross-classified model for discrete response variables pp. 567-582 Downloads
Chandra R. Bhat
Structural properties of solutions arising from a nonequilibrium traffic flow theory pp. 583-603 Downloads
H. M. Zhang

Volume 34, issue 6, 2000

Adaptive estimation of daily demands with complex calendar effects for freight transportation pp. 451-469 Downloads
Gregory A. Godfrey and Warren B. Powell
Optimal signal timing for an oversaturated intersection pp. 471-491 Downloads
Tang-Hsien Chang and Jen-Ting Lin
Traffic equilibrium problem with route-specific costs: formulation and algorithms pp. 493-513 Downloads
Hong K. Lo and Anthony Chen
A dynamic traffic equilibrium assignment paradox pp. 515-531 Downloads
Takashi Akamatsu
A game theory approach to measuring the performance reliability of transport networks pp. 533-545 Downloads
Michael G. H. Bell
Erratum to "An approach to modelling time-varying flows on congested networks" [Transportation Research Part B 34(3) 157-183] pp. 547-547 Downloads
Malachy Carey and Eswaran Subrahmanian

Volume 34, issue 5, 2000

Joint mixed logit models of stated and revealed preferences for alternative-fuel vehicles pp. 315-338 Downloads
David Brownstone, David S. Bunch and Kenneth Train
Evaluation of trip-inducing effects of new freeways using a structural equations model system of commuters' time use and travel pp. 339-354 Downloads
Satoshi Fujii and Ryuichi Kitamura
A simultaneous model of household activity participation and trip chain generation pp. 355-376 Downloads
Thomas F. Golob
A stochastic transit assignment model considering differences in passengers utility functions pp. 377-402 Downloads
Otto Anker Nielsen
Forecasting freight transportation demand with the space-time multinomial probit model pp. 403-418 Downloads
Rodrigo A. Garrido and Hani S. Mahmassani
Global maximum likelihood estimation procedure for multinomial probit (MNP) model parameters pp. 419-449 Downloads
Yu-Hsin Liu and Hani S. Mahmassani

Volume 34, issue 4, 2000

Shortest paths in traffic-light networks pp. 241-253 Downloads
Yen-Liang Chen and Hsu-Hao Yang
Modeling the capacity and level of service of urban transportation networks pp. 255-275 Downloads
Hai Yang, Michael G. H. Bell and Qiang Meng
Some observations on stochastic user equilibrium and system optimum of traffic assignment pp. 277-291 Downloads
Joseph N. Prashker and Shlomo Bekhor
Estimation of critical gaps in two major streams pp. 293-313 Downloads
O. Hagring

Volume 34, issue 3, 2000

An approach to modelling time-varying flows on congested networks pp. 157-183 Downloads
Malachy Carey and Eswaran Subrahmanian
Access control on networks with unique origin-destination paths pp. 185-202 Downloads
David J. Lovell and Carlos F. Daganzo
Optimization of the transportation expense of a firm with contractual supplies pp. 203-217 Downloads
Chavdar A. Dangalchev
Representation of heteroskedasticity in discrete choice models pp. 219-240 Downloads
Marcela A. Munizaga, Benjamin G. Heydecker and Juan de Dios Ortúzar

Volume 34, issue 2, 2000

The paired combinatorial logit model: properties, estimation and application pp. 75-89 Downloads
Frank S. Koppelman and Chieh-Hua Wen
A multiobjective model for passenger train services planning: application to Taiwan's high-speed rail line pp. 91-106 Downloads
Yu-Hern Chang, Chung-Hsing Yeh and Ching-Cheng Shen
Solving the pickup and delivery problem with time windows using reactive tabu search pp. 107-121 Downloads
William P. Nanry and J. Wesley Barnes
Continuum modeling of multiclass traffic flow pp. 123-146 Downloads
Serge P. Hoogendoorn and Piet H. L. Bovy
Fictitious play for finding system optimal routings in dynamic traffic networks pp. 147-156 Downloads
Alfredo Garcia, Daniel Reaume and Robert L. Smith

Volume 34, issue 1, 2000

Distinguishing taste variation from error structure in discrete choice data pp. 1-15 Downloads
Joffre Swait and Adriana Bernardino
Optimal demand for operating lease of aircraft pp. 17-29 Downloads
Tae Hoon Oum, Anming Zhang and Yimin Zhang
A reduction method for local sensitivity analyses of network equilibrium arc flows pp. 31-51 Downloads
Hsun-Jung Cho, Tony E. Smith and Terry L. Friesz
Trip distribution forecasting with multilayer perceptron neural networks: A critical evaluation pp. 53-73 Downloads
M. Mozolin, J. -C. Thill and E. Lynn Usery
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