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Transportation Research Part B: Methodological

1979 - 2021

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Volume 143, issue C, 2021

Modeling and analyzing a taxi market with a monopsony taxi owner and multiple rentee-drivers pp. 1-22 Downloads
Baicheng Li and W.Y. Szeto
Integrated planning of berth allocation and vessel sequencing in a seaport with one-way navigation channel pp. 23-47 Downloads
Baoli Liu, Zhi-Chun Li, Dian Sheng and Yadong Wang
Capturing the interaction between travel time reliability and route choice behavior based on the generalized Bayesian traffic model pp. 48-64 Downloads
Zheng Zhu, Atabak Mardan, Shanjiang Zhu and Hai Yang
A polynomial-time algorithm for user-based relocation in free-floating car sharing systems pp. 65-85 Downloads
Maximilian Schiffer, Gerhard Hiermann, Fabian Rüdel and Grit Walther
Integrated railway timetable rescheduling and dynamic passenger routing during a complete blockage pp. 86-123 Downloads
Shuguang Zhan, S.C. Wong, Pan Shang, Qiyuan Peng, Jiemin Xie and S.M. Lo
The Robust Bulk Ship Routing Problem with Batched Cargo Selection pp. 124-159 Downloads
Lingxiao Wu, Shuaian Wang and Gilbert Laporte
Car following behavioral stochasticity analysis and modeling: Perspective from wave travel time pp. 160-176 Downloads
Junfang Tian, Chenqiang Zhu, Danjue Chen, Rui Jiang, Guanying Wang and Ziyou Gao
Temporal-spatial allocation of bottleneck capacity for managing morning commute with carpool pp. 177-200 Downloads
Ling-Ling Xiao, Tian-Liang Liu, Hai-Jun Huang and Ronghui Liu
The location and location-routing problem for the refugee camp network design pp. 201-220 Downloads
Okan Arslan, Gül Çulhan Kumcu, Bahar Yetiş Kara and Gilbert Laporte
The impact of autonomous vehicles on commute ridesharing with uncertain work end time pp. 221-248 Downloads
Yan Zhao, Xiaolei Guo and Henry X. Liu
Optimizing storage location assignment in an automotive Ro-Ro terminal pp. 249-281 Downloads
Xiaojing Chen, Feng Li, Bin Jia, Jianjun Wu, Ziyou Gao and Ronghui Liu

Volume 142, issue C, 2020

Strategies for transit fleet design considering peak and off-peak periods using the single-line model pp. 1-18 Downloads
Sergio Jara-Diaz, Andrés Fielbaum and Antonio Gschwender
On integrating carsharing and parking sharing services pp. 19-44 Downloads
Sisi Jian, Wei Liu, Xiaolei Wang, Hai Yang and S. Travis Waller
Combining multiple imputation and control function methods to deal with missing data and endogeneity in discrete-choice models pp. 45-57 Downloads
Raja Gopalakrishnan, Cristian Guevara and Moshe Ben-Akiva
The relationship between car following string instability and traffic oscillations in finite-sized platoons and its use in easing congestion via connected and automated vehicles with IDM based controller pp. 58-83 Downloads
Jie Sun, Zuduo Zheng and Jian Sun
Adjacent lane dependencies modulating wave velocity on congested freeways-An empirical study pp. 84-99 Downloads
Benjamin Coifman and Balaji Ponnu
A semi-“smart predict then optimize” (semi-SPO) method for efficient ship inspection pp. 100-125 Downloads
Ran Yan, Shuaian Wang and Kjetil Fagerholt
Congestion pricing and capacity for internationally interlinked airports pp. 126-142 Downloads
Ming Hsin Lin
Optimization of demand-oriented train timetables under overtaking operations: A surrogate-dual-variable column generation for eliminating indivisibility pp. 143-173 Downloads
Xiaopeng Tian and Huimin Niu
A simulation optimization method for deep-sea vessel berth planning and feeder arrival scheduling at a container port pp. 174-196 Downloads
Shuai Jia, Chung-Lun Li and Zhou Xu
Taxi-hailing platforms: Inform or Assign drivers? pp. 197-212 Downloads
Luoyi Sun, Ruud H. Teunter, Guowei Hua and Tian Wu
On ride-pooling and traffic congestion pp. 213-231 Downloads
Jintao Ke, Hai Yang and Zhengfei Zheng

Volume 141, issue C, 2020

Mixing distributions of tastes with a Combination of Nested Logit (CoNL) kernel: Formulation and performance analysis pp. 1-23 Downloads
Fiore Tinessa, Vittorio Marzano and Andrea Papola
The heterogeneous multicrew scheduling and routing problem in road restoration pp. 24-58 Downloads
Alfredo Moreno, Douglas Alem, Michel Gendreau and Pedro Munari
Queue profile estimation at a signalized intersection by exploiting the spatiotemporal propagation of shockwaves pp. 59-71 Downloads
Zhengli Wang, Liyun Zhu, Bin Ran and Hai Jiang
Decomposition and distributed optimization of real-time traffic management for large-scale railway networks pp. 72-97 Downloads
Xiaojie Luan, Bart De Schutter, Lingyun Meng and Francesco Corman
Optimal assignment for the single-household shared autonomous vehicle problem pp. 98-115 Downloads
Taner Cokyasar and Jeffrey Larson
The stochastic container relocation problem with flexible service policies pp. 116-163 Downloads
Yuanjun Feng, Dong-Ping Song, Dong Li and Qingcheng Zeng
Dynamic discretization discovery for the service network design problem with mixed autonomous fleets pp. 164-195 Downloads
Yannick Oskar Scherr, Mike Hewitt, Bruno Albert Neumann Saavedra and Dirk Christian Mattfeld
A multiple discrete extreme value choice model with grouped consumption data and unobserved budgets pp. 196-222 Downloads
Chandra R. Bhat, Aupal Mondal, Katherine E. Asmussen and Aarti C. Bhat
Emergency vehicle lane pre-clearing: From microscopic cooperation to routing decision making pp. 223-239 Downloads
Jiaming Wu, Balázs Kulcsár, Soyoung Ahn and Xiaobo Qu
Locally optimal routes for route choice sets pp. 240-266 Downloads
Samuel M. Fischer

Volume 140, issue C, 2020

A hybrid algorithm for the static bike-sharing re-positioning problem based on an effective clustering strategy pp. 1-21 Downloads
Chang Lv, Chaoyong Zhang, Kunlei Lian, Yaping Ren and Leilei Meng
Pricing and infrastructure fees in shaping cooperation in a model of high-speed rail and airline competition pp. 22-41 Downloads
Óscar Álvarez-SanJaime, Pedro Cantos-Sánchez, Rafael Moner-Colonques and José Sempere-Monerris
A generic multi-scale framework for microscopic traffic simulation part II – Anticipation Reliance as compensation mechanism for potential task overload pp. 42-63 Downloads
Simeon C. Calvert, Wouter J. Schakel and J.W.C. van Lint
Stable dynamic pricing scheme independent of lane-choice models for high-occupancy-toll lanes pp. 64-78 Downloads
Wen-Long Jin, Xuting Wang and Yingyan Lou
A many-to-many assignment game and stable outcome algorithm to evaluate collaborative mobility-as-a-service platforms pp. 79-100 Downloads
Theodoros P. Pantelidis, Joseph Y.J. Chow and Saeid Rasulkhani
The electric vehicle routing problem with time windows and synchronised mobile battery swapping pp. 101-129 Downloads
Ramin Raeesi and Konstantinos G. Zografos
Analysis of ride-sharing with service time and detour guarantees pp. 130-150 Downloads
Carlos F. Daganzo, Yanfeng Ouyang and Haolin Yang
Incorporating vehicle self-relocations and traveler activity chains in a bi-level model of optimal deployment of shared autonomous vehicles pp. 151-175 Downloads
Qing Li and Feixiong Liao
A time-slot based signal scheme model for fixed-time control at isolated intersections pp. 176-192 Downloads
Chunhui Yu, Wanjing Ma and Xiaoguang Yang
The merits of privileged parking pp. 193-209 Downloads
Roman Zakharenko
An actor-critic deep reinforcement learning approach for metro train scheduling with rolling stock circulation under stochastic demand pp. 210-235 Downloads
Cheng-shuo Ying, Andy H.F. Chow and Kwai-Sang Chin
Enhancing discrete choice models with representation learning pp. 236-261 Downloads
Brian Sifringer, Virginie Lurkin and Alexandre Alahi
Estimation of a recursive link-based logit model and link flows in a sensor equipped network pp. 262-281 Downloads
Tim P. van Oijen, Winnie Daamen and Serge P. Hoogendoorn
Integrated timetable rescheduling and passenger reassignment during railway disruptions pp. 282-314 Downloads
Yongqiu Zhu and Rob M.P. Goverde

Volume 139, issue C, 2020

Travel cost budget based user equilibrium in a bottleneck model with stochastic capacity pp. 1-37 Downloads
Qiumin Liu, Rui Jiang, Ronghui Liu, Hui Zhao and Ziyou Gao
Towards delivery-as-a-service: Effective neighborhood search strategies for integrated delivery optimization of E-commerce and static O2O parcels pp. 38-63 Downloads
Yuan Wang, Linfei Lei, Dongxiang Zhang and Loo Hay Lee
An MIP-based heuristic solution approach for the locomotive assignment problem focussing on (dis-)connecting processes pp. 64-80 Downloads
Martin Scheffler, Janis S. Neufeld and Michael Hölscher
Public transport trajectory planning with probabilistic guarantees pp. 81-101 Downloads
Balázs Varga, Tamás Tettamanti, Balázs Kulcsár and Xiaobo Qu
Machine learning-driven algorithms for the container relocation problem pp. 102-131 Downloads
Canrong Zhang, Hao Guan, Yifei Yuan, Weiwei Chen and Tao Wu
Integrated strategic and operational planning of dry port container networks in a stochastic environment pp. 132-164 Downloads
Kamran Sarmadi, Mehdi Amiri-Aref, Jing-Xin Dong and Christian Hicks
Quantum probability: A new method for modelling travel behaviour pp. 165-198 Downloads
Thomas O. Hancock, Jan Broekaert, Stephane Hess and Charisma F. Choudhury
Aggregation, disaggregation and decomposition methods in traffic assignment: historical perspectives and new trends pp. 199-223 Downloads
Mark P.H. Raadsen, Michiel Bliemer and Michael G.H. Bell
Revealing personal activities schedules from synthesizing multi-period origin-destination matrices pp. 224-258 Downloads
Haris Ballis and Loukas Dimitriou
Modeling the interactions of pedestrians and cyclists in mixed flow conditions in uni- and bidirectional flows on a shared pedestrian-cycle road pp. 259-284 Downloads
Ning Guo, Rui Jiang, S.C. Wong, Qing-Yi Hao, Shu-Qi Xue, Yao Xiao and Chao-Yun Wu
Exact matching of attractive shared rides (ExMAS) for system-wide strategic evaluations pp. 285-310 Downloads
Rafał Kucharski and Oded Cats
Fifty years of the bottleneck model: A bibliometric review and future research directions pp. 311-342 Downloads
Zhi-Chun Li, Hai-Jun Huang and Hai Yang
Airline investments in exclusive airport facilities: Timing decisions under demand ambiguity pp. 343-363 Downloads
Shiyuan Zheng, Xiaowen Fu, Changmin Jiang and Ying-En Ge
Drone routing with energy function: Formulation and exact algorithm pp. 364-387 Downloads
Chun Cheng, Yossiri Adulyasak and Louis-Martin Rousseau
Green technology adoption for fleet deployment in a shipping network pp. 388-410 Downloads
Lu Zhen, Yiwei Wu, Shuaian Wang and Gilbert Laporte
Pricing and equilibrium in on-demand ride-pooling markets pp. 411-431 Downloads
Jintao Ke, Hai Yang, Xinwei Li, Hai Wang and Jieping Ye
Winners and losers from road pricing with heterogeneous travelers and a mixed-traffic bus alternative pp. 432-446 Downloads
Lewis J. Lehe
Modeling and managing heterogeneous ride-sourcing platforms with government subsidies on electric vehicles pp. 447-472 Downloads
Dong Mo, Jingru Yu and Xiqun Michael Chen
Security analysis for fixed-time traffic control systems pp. 473-495 Downloads
Anthony Lopez, Wenlong Jin and Mohammad Abdullah Al Faruque
Regulating a public transit monopoly under asymmetric cost information pp. 496-522 Downloads
Yanshuo Sun, Hengye Gong, Qianwen Guo, Paul Schonfeld and Zhongfei Li
Emergent hypercongestion in Vickrey bottleneck networks pp. 523-538 Downloads
Dario Frascaria, Neil Olver and Erik Verhoef
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