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1979 - 2021

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Volume 45, issue 10, 2011

State-dependent congestion pricing with reference-dependent preferences pp. 1501-1526 Downloads
Charles Lindsey
The tax treatment of company cars, commuting and optimal congestion taxes pp. 1527-1544 Downloads
Bruno De Borger and Bart Wuyts
Travel time variability and airport accessibility pp. 1545-1559 Downloads
Paul Koster, Eric Kroes and Erik Verhoef
Additive measures of travel time variability pp. 1560-1571 Downloads
Leonid Engelson and Mogens Fosgerau
On a mean field game approach modeling congestion and aversion in pedestrian crowds pp. 1572-1589 Downloads
Aimé Lachapelle and Marie-Therese Wolfram
A threshold model of social contagion process for evacuation decision making pp. 1590-1605 Downloads
Samiul Hasan and Satish V. Ukkusuri
Bounded rationality and irreversible network change pp. 1606-1618 Downloads
Xiaolei Guo and Henry X. Liu
Modeling stochastic perception error in the mean-excess traffic equilibrium model pp. 1619-1640 Downloads
Anthony Chen, Zhong Zhou and William H.K. Lam
Multi-class percentile user equilibrium with flow-dependent stochasticity pp. 1641-1659 Downloads
Nie, Yu (Marco)
Finding the most reliable path with and without link travel time correlation: A Lagrangian substitution based approach pp. 1660-1679 Downloads
Tao Xing and Xuesong Zhou
Confidence interval estimation for path flow estimator pp. 1680-1698 Downloads
Piya Chootinan and Anthony Chen
Optimal selection of build–operate-transfer projects on transportation networks pp. 1699-1709 Downloads
Di Wu, Yafeng Yin and Siriphong Lawphongpanich
Designing a home-to-work bus service in a metropolitan area pp. 1710-1726 Downloads
Alessandro Perugia, Luigi Moccia, Jean-François Cordeau and Gilbert Laporte
Analytical and grid-free solutions to the Lighthill–Whitham–Richards traffic flow model pp. 1727-1748 Downloads
Pierre-Emmanuel Mazaré, Ahmad H. Dehwah, Christian G. Claudel and Alexandre M. Bayen
Complementarity formulations for the cell transmission model based dynamic user equilibrium with departure time choice, elastic demand and user heterogeneity pp. 1749-1767 Downloads
Lanshan Han, Satish Ukkusuri and Kien Doan
A shockwave profile model for traffic flow on congested urban arterials pp. 1768-1786 Downloads
Xinkai Wu and Henry X. Liu
Transit-network design methodology for actual-size road networks pp. 1787-1804 Downloads
Saeed Asadi Bagloee and Ceder, Avishai (Avi)
Schedule-based transit assignment model with vehicle capacity and seat availability pp. 1805-1830 Downloads
Younes Hamdouch, H.W. Ho, Agachai Sumalee and Guodong Wang
Dynamic bus holding strategies for schedule reliability: Optimal linear control and performance analysis pp. 1831-1845 Downloads
Yiguang Xuan, Juan Argote and Carlos F. Daganzo
Bicycle commuting in Melbourne during the 2000s energy crisis: A semiparametric analysis of intraday volumes pp. 1846-1862 Downloads
Michael Smith and Göran Kauermann

Volume 45, issue 9, 2011

Capacity drops at merges: An endogenous model pp. 1302-1313 Downloads
Ludovic Leclercq, Jorge A. Laval and Nicolas Chiabaut
Platoon-based traffic flow model for estimating breakdown probability at single-lane expressway bottlenecks pp. 1314-1330 Downloads
Yasuhiro Shiomi, Toshio Yoshii and Ryuichi Kitamura
A porous flow approach to modeling heterogeneous traffic in disordered systems pp. 1331-1345 Downloads
Rahul Nair, Hani S. Mahmassani and Elise Miller-Hooks
Characterization of traffic oscillation propagation under nonlinear car-following laws pp. 1346-1361 Downloads
Xiaopeng Li and Yanfeng Ouyang
Evidence of convective instability in congested traffic flow: A systematic empirical and theoretical investigation pp. 1362-1377 Downloads
Martin Treiber and Arne Kesting
Freeway traffic oscillations: Microscopic analysis of formations and propagations using Wavelet Transform pp. 1378-1388 Downloads
Zuduo Zheng, Soyoung Ahn, Danjue Chen and Jorge Laval
A splitting rate model of traffic re-routeing and traffic control pp. 1389-1409 Downloads
Mike Smith and Richard Mounce
Dynamic network loading: A stochastic differentiable model that derives link state distributions pp. 1410-1423 Downloads
Carolina Osorio, Gunnar Flötteröd and Michel Bierlaire
Managing evacuation networks pp. 1424-1432 Downloads
Carlos F. Daganzo and Stella K. So
Animal dynamics based approach for modeling pedestrian crowd egress under panic conditions pp. 1433-1449 Downloads
Nirajan Shiwakoti, Majid Sarvi, Geoff Rose and Martin Burd
Dynamic ride-sharing: A simulation study in metro Atlanta pp. 1450-1464 Downloads
Niels A.H. Agatz, Alan L. Erera, Martin W.P. Savelsbergh and Xing Wang
A maximum entropy-least squares estimator for elastic origin–destination trip matrix estimation pp. 1465-1482 Downloads
Chi Xie, Kara M. Kockelman and S. Travis Waller
On the existence of pricing strategies in the discrete time heterogeneous single bottleneck model pp. 1483-1500 Downloads
Kien Doan, Satish Ukkusuri and Lanshan Han

Volume 45, issue 8, 2011

Supply chain disruption and risk management pp. 1125-1127 Downloads
Terry L. Friesz
A single-period analysis of a two-echelon inventory system with dependent supply uncertainty pp. 1128-1151 Downloads
Behdad Masih-Tehrani, Susan H. Xu, Soundar Kumara and Haijun Li
A frequency-based maritime container assignment model pp. 1152-1161 Downloads
Michael G.H. Bell, Xin Liu, Panagiotis Angeloudis, Achille Fonzone and Solmaz Haji Hosseinloo
Build-to-order supply chain network design under supply and demand uncertainties pp. 1162-1176 Downloads
Cheng-Chang Lin and Tsai-Hsin Wang
Robust optimization for emergency logistics planning: Risk mitigation in humanitarian relief supply chains pp. 1177-1189 Downloads
Aharon Ben-Tal, Byung Do Chung, Supreet Reddy Mandala and Tao Yao
Reliable logistics networks design with facility disruptions pp. 1190-1211 Downloads
Peng Peng, Lawrence V. Snyder, Andrew Lim and Zuli Liu
Competition and disruption in a dynamic urban supply chain pp. 1212-1231 Downloads
Terry L. Friesz, Ilsoo Lee and Cheng-Chang Lin
The Pollution-Routing Problem pp. 1232-1250 Downloads
Tolga Bektas and Gilbert Laporte
Product substitution and dual sourcing under random supply failures pp. 1251-1265 Downloads
Mengshi Lu, Simin Huang and Zuo-Jun Max Shen
Strategies for customer service level protection under multi-echelon supply chain disruption risk pp. 1266-1283 Downloads
Amanda J. Schmitt
A multiobjective chance constrained programming model for supplier selection under uncertainty pp. 1284-1300 Downloads
R. Ufuk Bilsel and A. Ravindran

Volume 45, issue 7, 2011

The maximum approximate composite marginal likelihood (MACML) estimation of multinomial probit-based unordered response choice models pp. 923-939 Downloads
Chandra R. Bhat
A simulation evaluation of the maximum approximate composite marginal likelihood (MACML) estimator for mixed multinomial probit models pp. 940-953 Downloads
Chandra R. Bhat and Raghuprasad Sidharthan
Embedding risk attitude and decision weights in non-linear logit to accommodate time variability in the value of expected travel time savings pp. 954-972 Downloads
David Hensher, William Greene and Zheng Li
Recovery of inter- and intra-personal heterogeneity using mixed logit models pp. 973-990 Downloads
Stephane Hess and Kenneth Train
Joint inventory-location problem under the risk of probabilistic facility disruptions pp. 991-1003 Downloads
Qi Chen, Xiaopeng Li and Yanfeng Ouyang
A bottom-up solution for the multi-facility optimal pavement resurfacing problem pp. 1004-1017 Downloads
Nakul Sathaye and Samer Madanat
Improving travel efficiency by parking permits distribution and trading pp. 1018-1034 Downloads
Xiaoning Zhang, Hai Yang and Hai-Jun Huang
Dynamic user equilibrium with side constraints for a traffic network: Theoretical development and numerical solution algorithm pp. 1035-1061 Downloads
R.X. Zhong, A. Sumalee, T.L. Friesz and William H.K. Lam
Real-time traffic estimation using data expansion pp. 1062-1079 Downloads
Roger Lederman and Laura Wynter
Robust single-track train dispatching model under a dynamic and stochastic environment: A scenario-based rolling horizon solution approach pp. 1080-1102 Downloads
Lingyun Meng and Xuesong Zhou
Scheduling freight trains traveling on complex networks pp. 1103-1123 Downloads
Shi Mu and Maged Dessouky

Volume 45, issue 6, 2011

How a fast lane may replace a congestion toll pp. 845-851 Downloads
Mogens Fosgerau
Distribution-free travel time reliability assessment with probability inequalities pp. 852-866 Downloads
ManWo Ng, W.Y. Szeto and S. Travis Waller
Multiple equilibria in a dynamic traffic network pp. 867-879 Downloads
Takamasa Iryo
A dual decomposition method for sector capacity constrained traffic flow optimization pp. 880-902 Downloads
D. Sun, A. Clinet and A.M. Bayen
Operational macroscopic modeling of complex urban road intersections pp. 903-922 Downloads
Gunnar Flötteröd and Jannis Rohde

Volume 45, issue 5, 2011

The corridor problem: Preliminary results on the no-toll equilibrium pp. 743-768 Downloads
Richard Arnott and Elijah DePalma
Increasing the capacity of signalized intersections with separate left turn phases pp. 769-781 Downloads
Yiguang Xuan, Carlos F. Daganzo and Michael J. Cassidy
On the macroscopic stability of freeway traffic pp. 782-788 Downloads
Carlos F. Daganzo
Traveler delay costs and value of time with trip chains, flexible activity scheduling and information pp. 789-807 Downloads
Erik Jenelius, Lars-Göran Mattsson and David Levinson
Global optimization method for mixed transportation network design problem: A mixed-integer linear programming approach pp. 808-827 Downloads
Paramet Luathep, Agachai Sumalee, William H.K. Lam, Zhi-Chun Li and Hong K. Lo
Bus congestion, optimal infrastructure investment and the choice of a fare collection system in dedicated bus corridors pp. 828-844 Downloads
Alejandro Tirachini and David Hensher

Volume 45, issue 4, 2011

Morning commute problem considering route choice, user heterogeneity and alternative system optima pp. 619-642 Downloads
Yang Liu and Nie, Yu (Marco)
Clockwise hysteresis loops in the Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram: An effect of network instability pp. 643-655 Downloads
Vikash V. Gayah and Carlos F. Daganzo
Lane changing patterns of bane and benefit: Observations of an uphill expressway pp. 656-666 Downloads
Anthony D. Patire and Michael J. Cassidy
Optimal allocation of turns to lanes at an isolated signal-controlled junction pp. 667-681 Downloads
C.K. Wong and B.G. Heydecker
Network-based real option models pp. 682-695 Downloads
Joseph Y.J. Chow and Amelia C. Regan
Equilibrium properties of taxi markets with search frictions pp. 696-713 Downloads
Hai Yang and Teng Yang
On the capacity of isolated, curbside bus stops pp. 714-723 Downloads
Weihua Gu, Yuwei Li, Michael J. Cassidy and Julia B. Griswold
Intermodal hub-and-spoke network design: Incorporating multiple stakeholders and multi-type containers pp. 724-742 Downloads
Qiang Meng and Xinchang Wang

Volume 45, issue 3, 2011

The multinomial logit model revisited: A semi-parametric approach in discrete choice analysis pp. 461-473 Downloads
Baibing Li
Generalized extreme value (GEV)-based error structures for multiple discrete-continuous choice models pp. 474-489 Downloads
Abdul Rawoof Pinjari
Collection, spillback, and dissipation in pedestrian evacuation: A network-based method pp. 490-506 Downloads
Ren-Yong Guo, Hai-Jun Huang and S.C. Wong
Stochastic cell transmission model (SCTM): A stochastic dynamic traffic model for traffic state surveillance and assignment pp. 507-533 Downloads
A. Sumalee, R.X. Zhong, T.L. Pan and W.Y. Szeto
Robust Wardrop's user equilibrium assignment under stochastic demand and supply: Expected residual minimization approach pp. 534-552 Downloads
Chao Zhang, Xiaojun Chen and Agachai Sumalee
A generalized modeling framework to analyze interdependencies among infrastructure systems pp. 553-579 Downloads
Pengcheng Zhang and Srinivas Peeta
Managing network mobility with tradable credits pp. 580-594 Downloads
Hai Yang and Xiaolei Wang
Airport congestion pricing and passenger types pp. 595-604 Downloads
Achim I. Czerny and Anming Zhang
Properties of a well-defined macroscopic fundamental diagram for urban traffic pp. 605-617 Downloads
Nikolas Geroliminis and Jie Sun

Volume 45, issue 2, 2011

A prospect-based user equilibrium model with endogenous reference points and its application in congestion pricing pp. 311-328 Downloads
Hongli Xu, Yingyan Lou, Yafeng Yin and Jing Zhou
A cell-based Merchant-Nemhauser model for the system optimum dynamic traffic assignment problem pp. 329-342 Downloads
Nie, Yu (Marco)
A dynamic traffic assignment model for a continuum transportation system pp. 343-363 Downloads
Yanqun Jiang, S.C. Wong, H.W. Ho, Peng Zhang, Ruxun Liu and Agachai Sumalee
On the degradation of performance for traffic networks with oblivious users pp. 364-371 Downloads
George Karakostas, Taeyon Kim, Anastasios Viglas and Hao Xia
Applications of wavelet transform for analysis of freeway traffic: Bottlenecks, transient traffic, and traffic oscillations pp. 372-384 Downloads
Zuduo Zheng, Soyoung Ahn, Danjue Chen and Jorge Laval
Hysteresis in traffic flow revisited: An improved measurement method pp. 385-391 Downloads
Jorge A. Laval
Frequency-based transit assignment considering seat capacities pp. 392-408 Downloads
Jan-Dirk Schmöcker, Achille Fonzone, Hiroshi Shimamoto, Fumitaka Kurauchi and Michael G.H. Bell
An appraisal of a column-generation-based algorithm for centralized train-conflict resolution on a metropolitan railway network pp. 409-429 Downloads
Yun-Hong Min, Myoung-Ju Park, Sung-Pil Hong and Soon-Heum Hong
Optimizing the demand captured by a railway system with a regular timetable pp. 430-446 Downloads
Roberto Cordone and Francesco Redaelli
Estimating a model of dynamic activity generation based on one-day observations: Method and results pp. 447-460 Downloads
Theo A. Arentze, Dick Ettema and Harry J.P. Timmermans

Volume 45, issue 1, 2011

The value of travel time variance pp. 1-8 Downloads
Mogens Fosgerau and Leonid Engelson
Nonlinear pricing on private roads with congestion and toll collection costs pp. 9-40 Downloads
Judith Y.T. Wang, Charles Lindsey and Hai Yang
First-best marginal cost toll for a traffic network with stochastic demand pp. 41-59 Downloads
Agachai Sumalee and Wei Xu
Congestion tolling in the bottleneck model with heterogeneous values of time pp. 60-78 Downloads
Vincent van den Berg and Erik Verhoef
Optimal congestion taxes in a time allocation model pp. 79-95 Downloads
Bruno De Borger
The independence of volume-capacity ratio of private toll roads in general networks pp. 96-101 Downloads
Di Wu, Yafeng Yin and Hai Yang
Route swapping in dynamic traffic networks pp. 102-111 Downloads
Richard Mounce and Malachy Carey
The econometric estimation of airports' cost function pp. 112-127 Downloads
Juan Carlos Martín and Augusto Voltes-Dorta
A competitive, charter air-service planning model for student athlete travel pp. 128-149 Downloads
Gautam Gupta, Anne Goodchild and Mark Hansen
CO2 emissions: Are land-use changes enough for California to reduce VMT? Specification of a two-part model with instrumental variables pp. 150-161 Downloads
David Heres and Deb Niemeier
Biofuel refinery location and supply chain planning under traffic congestion pp. 162-175 Downloads
Yun Bai, Taesung Hwang, Seungmo Kang and Yanfeng Ouyang
Approximate network loading and dual-time-scale dynamic user equilibrium pp. 176-207 Downloads
Terry L. Friesz, Taeil Kim, Changhyun Kwon and Matthew A. Rigdon
A mixed-integer linear program for optimizing sensor locations along freeway corridors pp. 208-217 Downloads
Adam Danczyk and Henry X. Liu
Reliable sensor deployment for network traffic surveillance pp. 218-231 Downloads
Xiaopeng Li and Yanfeng Ouyang
Discretised link travel time models based on cumulative flows: Formulations and properties pp. 232-254 Downloads
Jiancheng Long, Ziyou Gao and W.Y. Szeto
An empirical analysis on the arterial fundamental diagram pp. 255-266 Downloads
Xinkai Wu, Henry X. Liu and Nikolas Geroliminis
Reducing bunching with bus-to-bus cooperation pp. 267-277 Downloads
Carlos F. Daganzo and Josh Pilachowski
Macroscopic relations of urban traffic variables: Bifurcations, multivaluedness and instability pp. 278-288 Downloads
Carlos F. Daganzo, Vikash V. Gayah and Eric J. Gonzales
A generic class of first order node models for dynamic macroscopic simulation of traffic flows pp. 289-309 Downloads
Chris M.J. Tampère, Ruben Corthout, Dirk Cattrysse and Lambertus H. Immers
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