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Transportation Research Part B: Methodological

1979 - 2021

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Volume 48, issue C, 2013

An instantaneous kinematic wave theory of diverging traffic pp. 1-16 Downloads
Wen-Long Jin and H. Michael Zhang
Integrated modeling framework for leasing urban roads: A case study of Fresno, California pp. 17-30 Downloads
Omid M. Rouhani, Debbie Niemeier, Christopher Knittel and Kaveh Madani
Sampling of alternatives in Multivariate Extreme Value (MEV) models pp. 31-52 Downloads
Cristian Guevara and Moshe E. Ben-Akiva
Metropolis–Hastings sampling of paths pp. 53-66 Downloads
Gunnar Flötteröd and Michel Bierlaire
Risk-neutral second best toll pricing pp. 67-87 Downloads
(Jeff) Ban, Xuegang, Michael C. Ferris, Lisa Tang and Shu Lu

Volume 47, issue C, 2013

Analysis of asymmetric driving behavior using a self-learning approach pp. 1-14 Downloads
Dali Wei and Hongchao Liu
A stochastic model of traffic flow: Gaussian approximation and estimation pp. 15-41 Downloads
Saif Eddin Jabari and Henry X. Liu
Mitigating negative impacts of near-side bus stops on cars pp. 42-56 Downloads
Weihua Gu, Michael J. Cassidy, Vikash V. Gayah and Yanfeng Ouyang
Liner ship route capacity utilization estimation with a bounded polyhedral container shipment demand pattern pp. 57-76 Downloads
Shuaian Wang, Qiang Meng and Michael G.H. Bell
Fundamental properties of volume–capacity ratio of a private toll road in general networks pp. 77-86 Downloads
Shuaian Wang, Qiang Meng and Zhiyuan Liu
Optimal deployment of public charging stations for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles pp. 87-101 Downloads
Fang He, Di Wu, Yafeng Yin and Yongpei Guan
Dynamic user equilibrium based on a hydrodynamic model pp. 102-126 Downloads
Terry L. Friesz, Ke Han, Pedro A. Neto, Amir Meimand and Tao Yao
Truthful multi-unit transportation procurement auctions for logistics e-marketplaces pp. 127-148 Downloads
George Q. Huang and Su Xiu Xu

Volume 46, issue 10, 2012

The impact of speed limits on traffic equilibrium and system performance in networks pp. 1295-1307 Downloads
Hai Yang, Xiaolei Wang and Yafeng Yin
On the capacity of highway checkpoints: Models for unconventional configurations pp. 1308-1321 Downloads
Weihua Gu, Michael J. Cassidy and Yuwei Li
Effects of high-speed rail and air transport competition on prices, profits and welfare pp. 1322-1333 Downloads
Hangjun Yang and Anming Zhang
Strategies for sharing bottleneck capacity among buses and cars pp. 1334-1345 Downloads
S. Ilgin Guler and Michael J. Cassidy
The morning commute under flat toll and tactical waiting pp. 1346-1359 Downloads
Feng Xiao, Wei Shen and H. Michael Zhang
The traffic statics problem in a road network pp. 1360-1373 Downloads
Wen-Long Jin
Practical and empirical identifiability of hybrid discrete choice models pp. 1374-1383 Downloads
Sebastián Raveau, María Francisca Yáñez and Juan de Dios Ortúzar
Analyzing fluctuations in car-following pp. 1384-1392 Downloads
Peter Wagner
Exploiting the fundamental diagram of urban networks for feedback-based gating pp. 1393-1403 Downloads
Mehdi Keyvan-Ekbatani, Anastasios Kouvelas, Ioannis Papamichail and Markos Papageorgiou
Optimal advance detector location for green termination systems on high-speed isolated rural intersections pp. 1404-1418 Downloads
Lili Du, Anuj Sharma and Srinivas Peeta
Flexible build-operate-transfer contracts for road franchising under demand uncertainty pp. 1419-1439 Downloads
Zhijia Tan and Hai Yang
Microscopic traffic hysteresis in traffic oscillations: A behavioral perspective pp. 1440-1453 Downloads
Danjue Chen, Jorge A. Laval, Soyoung Ahn and Zuduo Zheng
Congestion derivatives for a traffic bottleneck with heterogeneous commuters pp. 1454-1473 Downloads
Tao Yao, Mike Mingcheng Wei, Bo Zhang and Terry Friesz
Track maintenance production team scheduling in railroad networks pp. 1474-1488 Downloads
Fan Peng and Yanfeng Ouyang
On centroid connectors in static traffic assignment: Their effects on flow patterns and how to optimize their selections pp. 1489-1503 Downloads
(Sean) Qian, Zhen and H.M. Zhang
Dynamic congestion pricing with demand uncertainty: A robust optimization approach pp. 1504-1518 Downloads
Byung Do Chung, Tao Yao, Terry L. Friesz and Hongcheng Liu
Morning commute with competing modes and distributed demand: User equilibrium, system optimum, and pricing pp. 1519-1534 Downloads
Eric J. Gonzales and Carlos F. Daganzo
A new one-level convex optimization approach for estimating origin–destination demand pp. 1535-1555 Downloads
Wei Shen and Laura Wynter
Cargo routing and empty container repositioning in multiple shipping service routes pp. 1556-1575 Downloads
Dong-Ping Song and Jing-Xin Dong
On the estimation of arterial route travel time distribution with Markov chains pp. 1576-1590 Downloads
Mohsen Ramezani and Nikolas Geroliminis
A continuous approximation model for the fleet composition problem pp. 1591-1606 Downloads
Ola Jabali, Michel Gendreau and Gilbert Laporte
The effect of variability of urban systems characteristics in the network capacity pp. 1607-1623 Downloads
Nikolas Geroliminis and Burak Boyacı
A network sensor location procedure accounting for o–d matrix estimate variability pp. 1624-1638 Downloads
Fulvio Simonelli, Vittorio Marzano, Andrea Papola and Iolanda Vitiello
On the spatial partitioning of urban transportation networks pp. 1639-1656 Downloads
Yuxuan Ji and Nikolas Geroliminis
Dynamic user equilibrium with a path based cell transmission model for general traffic networks pp. 1657-1684 Downloads
Satish V. Ukkusuri, Lanshan Han and Kien Doan

Volume 46, issue 9, 2012

Bisection-based trial-and-error implementation of marginal cost pricing and tradable credit scheme pp. 1085-1096 Downloads
Xiaolei Wang and Hai Yang
Arterial travel time forecast with streaming data: A hybrid approach of flow modeling and machine learning pp. 1097-1122 Downloads
Aude Hofleitner, Ryan Herring and Alexandre Bayen
Optimal threshold-based network-level transportation infrastructure life-cycle management with heterogeneous maintenance actions pp. 1123-1143 Downloads
James C. Chu and Yin-Jay Chen
A global optimization method for continuous network design problems pp. 1144-1158 Downloads
Changmin Li, Hai Yang, Daoli Zhu and Qiang Meng
On the stability of traffic perimeter control in two-region urban cities pp. 1159-1176 Downloads
Jack Haddad and Nikolas Geroliminis
Linking discrete choice to continuous demand within the framework of a computable general equilibrium model pp. 1177-1201 Downloads
Truong Truong and David Hensher
How much can holding and/or limiting boarding improve transit performance? pp. 1202-1217 Downloads
Felipe Delgado, Juan Carlos Munoz and Ricardo Giesen
On the holding-back problem in the cell transmission based dynamic traffic assignment models pp. 1218-1238 Downloads
Kien Doan and Satish V. Ukkusuri
Do more US airports need slot controls? A welfare based approach to determine slot levels pp. 1239-1259 Downloads
Prem Swaroop, Bo Zou, Michael O. Ball and Mark Hansen
A capacity-increasing mechanism in freeway traffic pp. 1260-1272 Downloads
Kwangho Kim and Michael J. Cassidy
Design of more equitable congestion pricing and tradable credit schemes for multimodal transportation networks pp. 1273-1287 Downloads
Di Wu, Yafeng Yin, Siriphong Lawphongpanich and Hai Yang
On the design of public infrastructure systems with elastic demand pp. 1288-1293 Downloads
Carlos F. Daganzo

Volume 46, issue 8, 2012

Using prospect theory to investigate the low marginal value of travel time for small time changes pp. 917-932 Downloads
Katrine Hjorth and Mogens Fosgerau
Managing congestion and emissions in road networks with tolls and rebates pp. 933-948 Downloads
Linxi Chen and Hai Yang
User rationality and optimal park-and-ride location under potential demand maximization pp. 949-970 Downloads
José Holguı´n-Veras, Wilfredo F. Yushimito, Felipe Aros-Vera and Reilly, John (Jack)
Is the travel time of private roads too short, too long, or just right? pp. 971-983 Downloads
Vincent van den Berg and Erik Verhoef
Optimal team deployment in urban search and rescue pp. 984-999 Downloads
Lichun Chen and Elise Miller-Hooks
A kinematic wave theory of multi-commodity network traffic flow pp. 1000-1022 Downloads
Wen-Long Jin
Stochastic traffic assignment, Lagrangian dual, and unconstrained convex optimization pp. 1023-1042 Downloads
Chi Xie and S. Travis Waller
Parametric search and problem decomposition for approximating Pareto-optimal paths pp. 1043-1067 Downloads
Chi Xie and S. Travis Waller
Public-transit frequency setting using minimum-cost approach with stochastic demand and travel time pp. 1068-1084 Downloads
Yuval Hadas and Matan Shnaiderman

Volume 46, issue 6, 2012

Route choice in pedestrian evacuation under conditions of good and zero visibility: Experimental and simulation results pp. 669-686 Downloads
Ren-Yong Guo, Hai-Jun Huang and S.C. Wong
Modeling transport management and land use over time pp. 687-709 Downloads
Xiaosu Ma and Hong K. Lo
Modeling the effects of integrated rail and property development on the design of rail line services in a linear monocentric city pp. 710-728 Downloads
Zhi-Chun Li, William H.K. Lam, S.C. Wong and Keechoo Choi
Accommodating multiple constraints in the multiple discrete–continuous extreme value (MDCEV) choice model pp. 729-743 Downloads
Marisol Castro, Chandra R. Bhat, Ram M. Pendyala and Sergio Jara-Diaz
A behavioral car-following model that captures traffic oscillations pp. 744-761 Downloads
Danjue Chen, Jorge Laval, Zuduo Zheng and Soyoung Ahn
The value of travel time variability with trip chains, flexible scheduling and correlated travel times pp. 762-780 Downloads
Erik Jenelius
Synergistic sensor location for link flow inference without path enumeration: A node-based approach pp. 781-788 Downloads
ManWo Ng

Volume 46, issue 5, 2012

Latent class model for car following behavior pp. 563-578 Downloads
Haris N. Koutsopoulos and Haneen Farah
Optimal paths in dynamic networks with dependent random link travel times pp. 579-598 Downloads
He Huang and Song Gao
Synchronization of bus timetabling pp. 599-614 Downloads
Omar J. Ibarra-Rojas and Yasmin A. Rios-Solis
Liner ship route schedule design with sea contingency time and port time uncertainty pp. 615-633 Downloads
Shuaian Wang and Qiang Meng
Dynamic traffic assignment approximating the kinematic wave model: System optimum, marginal costs, externalities and tolls pp. 634-648 Downloads
Malachy Carey and David Watling
Optimizing the freight train connection service network of a large-scale rail system pp. 649-667 Downloads
Bo-Liang Lin, Zhi-Mei Wang, Li-Jun Ji, Ya-Ming Tian and Guo-Qing Zhou

Volume 46, issue 4, 2012

A self-coördinating bus route to resist bus bunching pp. 481-491 Downloads
John J. Bartholdi and Donald D. Eisenstein
Information provision by regulated public transport companies pp. 492-510 Downloads
Bruno De Borger and Mogens Fosgerau
Joint optimization of pavement maintenance and resurfacing planning pp. 511-519 Downloads
Weihua Gu, Yanfeng Ouyang and Samer Madanat
A bottom-up optimal pavement resurfacing solution approach for large-scale networks pp. 520-528 Downloads
Nakul Sathaye and Samer Madanat
Hub location under uncertainty pp. 529-543 Downloads
Sibel A. Alumur, Stefan Nickel and Francisco Saldanha-da-Gama
A statistical deterioration forecasting method using hidden Markov model for infrastructure management pp. 544-561 Downloads
Kiyoshi Kobayashi, Kiyoyuki Kaito and Nam Lethanh

Volume 46, issue 3, 2012

Non-unique flows in macroscopic first-order intersection models pp. 343-359 Downloads
Ruben Corthout, Gunnar Flötteröd, Francesco Viti and Chris M.J. Tampère
Continuous-time point-queue models in dynamic network loading pp. 360-380 Downloads
Ban, Xuegang (Jeff), Jong-Shi Pang, Henry X. Liu and Rui Ma
Airport complementarity: Private vs. government ownership and welfare gravitation pp. 381-388 Downloads
Benny Mantin
Modeling and solving continuous-time instantaneous dynamic user equilibria: A differential complementarity systems approach pp. 389-408 Downloads
Ban, Xuegang (Jeff), Jong-Shi Pang, Henry X. Liu and Rui Ma
Prediction and field validation of traffic oscillation propagation under nonlinear car-following laws pp. 409-423 Downloads
Xiaopeng Li, Xin Wang and Yanfeng Ouyang
Developing Responsive Rail Services through collaboration pp. 424-439 Downloads
April Kuo and Elise Miller-Hooks
User-equilibrium route flows and the condition of proportionality pp. 440-462 Downloads
Hillel Bar-Gera, David Boyce and Nie, Yu (Marco)
Inverse optimization with endogenous arrival time constraints to calibrate the household activity pattern problem pp. 463-479 Downloads
Joseph Y.J. Chow and Will W. Recker

Volume 46, issue 2, 2012

Recent developments in discrete choice model formulation, estimation, and inference pp. 273-275 Downloads
Chandra R. Bhat
Modeling social interactions between individuals for joint activity scheduling pp. 276-290 Downloads
Nicole Ronald, Theo Arentze and Harry Timmermans
Development and estimation of a semi-compensatory model with a flexible error structure pp. 291-304 Downloads
Sigal Kaplan, Yoram Shiftan and Shlomo Bekhor
Estimation of the mixed logit likelihood function by randomized quasi-Monte Carlo pp. 305-320 Downloads
D. Munger, L’Ecuyer, P., F. Bastin, C. Cirillo and B. Tuffin
A Monte Carlo experiment to analyze the curse of dimensionality in estimating random coefficients models with a full variance–covariance matrix pp. 321-332 Downloads
Elisabetta Cherchi and Cristian Guevara
Calculating errors for measures derived from choice modelling estimates pp. 333-341 Downloads
Andrew Daly, Stephane Hess and Gerard de Jong
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