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Volume 48, issue 3, 2019

Valence influence in electoral competition with rank objectives pp. 713-753 Downloads
Alexander Shapoval, Shlomo Weber and Alexei Zakharov
Composition independence in compound games: a characterization of the Banzhaf power index and the Banzhaf value pp. 755-768 Downloads
Ori Haimanko
An equitable Nash solution to nonconvex bargaining problems pp. 769-779 Downloads
Yongsheng Xu and Naoki Yoshihara
Multiplayer games as extension of misère games pp. 781-796 Downloads
Koki Suetsugu
Cooperation and endogenous repetition in an infinitely repeated social dilemma pp. 797-834 Downloads
Kenju Kamei
Paths to stable allocations pp. 835-862 Downloads
Ágnes Cseh and Martin Skutella
Majority judgment and strategy-proofness: a characterization pp. 863-886 Downloads
Stefano Vannucci
Dynamic matching pennies on networks pp. 887-920 Downloads
Zhigang Cao, Cheng-zhong Qin, Xiaoguang Yang and Boyu Zhang
Strategic information transmission despite conflict pp. 921-956 Downloads
Stéphan Sémirat
Matching with restricted trade pp. 957-977 Downloads
Mustafa Oǧuz Afacan
Weakly differentially monotonic solutions for cooperative games pp. 979-997 Downloads
André Casajus and Koji Yokote
My scientific first-born: a clarification pp. 999-1000 Downloads
Robert Aumann

Volume 48, issue 2, 2019

Compromises and Rewards: stable and non-manipulable probabilistic matching pp. 365-392 Downloads
Jens Gudmundsson
PSPACE-complete two-color planar placement games pp. 393-410 Downloads
Kyle Burke and Robert A. Hearn
On the equal treatment imputations subset in the bargaining set for smooth vector-measure games with a mixed measure space of players pp. 411-421 Downloads
Avishay Aiche
Equilibrium payoffs in repeated two-player zero-sum games of finite automata pp. 423-431 Downloads
O. V. Baskov
On random stable partitions pp. 433-480 Downloads
Boris Pittel
Differential game of optimal pursuit of one evader by many pursuers pp. 481-490 Downloads
Mehdi Salimi and Massimiliano Ferrara
A generalization of Arc-Kayles pp. 491-511 Downloads
Antoine Dailly, Valentin Gledel and Marc Heinrich
Catch games: the impact of modeling decisions pp. 513-541 Downloads
János Flesch, Dries Vermeulen and Anna Zseleva
Non-manipulability of uniform price auctions with a large number of objects pp. 543-569 Downloads
Tomoya Tajika and Tomoya Kazumura
Limited focus in dynamic games pp. 571-607 Downloads
Andrés Perea and Elias Tsakas
Deferred acceptance is minimally manipulable pp. 609-645 Downloads
Martin Van der Linden
On the ordinal equivalence of the Jonhston, Banzhaf and Shapley–Shubik power indices for voting games with abstention pp. 647-671 Downloads
Joseph Armel Momo Kenfack, Bertrand Tchantcho and Bill Proces Tsague
Rationalizability in multicriteria games pp. 673-685 Downloads
Yasuo Sasaki
Team incentives with imperfect mutual inference pp. 687-712 Downloads
Alice Peng-Ju Su

Volume 48, issue 1, 2019

Equivalences among five game specifications, including a new specification whose nodes are sets of past choices pp. 1-32 Downloads
Peter Streufert
General distribution of consumers in pure Hotelling games pp. 33-59 Downloads
Gaëtan Fournier
Simultaneous but independent ultimatum game: strategic elasticity or social motive dependency? pp. 61-80 Downloads
Philipp E. Otto and Daniel Dittmer
An analysis of dual-issue final-offer arbitration pp. 81-108 Downloads
Brian R. Powers
Pre-communication in a coordination game with incomplete information pp. 109-141 Downloads
Zhuozheng Li, Huanxing Yang and Lan Zhang
The effects of third-party transfers in sequential anchored bargaining pp. 143-155 Downloads
Suchan Chae and Seho Kim
The core of roommate problems: size and rank-fairness within matched pairs pp. 157-179 Downloads
Paula Jaramillo, Cagatay Kayi and Flip Klijn
An epistemic approach to stochastic games pp. 181-203 Downloads
Andrés Perea and Arkadi Predtetchinski
Efficient and incentive compatible exchange of real-time information pp. 205-242 Downloads
William Phan
Preference profiles for efficiency, fairness, and consistency in school choice problems pp. 243-266 Downloads
Eun Jeong Heo
Comparison of information structures in stochastic games with imperfect public monitoring pp. 267-285 Downloads
Daehyun Kim
Path monotonicity, consistency and axiomatizations of some weighted solutions pp. 287-310 Downloads
Pedro Calleja and Francesc Llerena
Bankruptcy problems with reference-dependent preferences pp. 311-336 Downloads
Andrea Gallice
Full implementation of social choice functions in dominant strategies pp. 337-361 Downloads
Sven O. Krumke, Clemens Thielen, Philipp Weinschenk and Stephan Westphal

Volume 47, issue 4, 2018

A unifying model of strategic network formation pp. 1033-1063 Downloads
Norma Olaizola and Federico Valenciano
Ex-post price stability with convex costs pp. 1065-1085 Downloads
Martin Byford
Single-payoff farsighted stable sets in strategic games with dominant punishment strategies pp. 1087-1111 Downloads
Toshiyuki Hirai
Improved bounds on equilibria solutions in the network design game pp. 1113-1135 Downloads
Akaki Mamageishvili, Matúš Mihalák and Simone Montemezzani
Paths to stability and uniqueness in two-sided matching markets pp. 1137-1150 Downloads
Vinay Ramani and K. S. Mallikarjuna Rao
A Shapley value representation of network potentials pp. 1151-1157 Downloads
Satoshi Nakada
Linearity of the core correspondence pp. 1159-1167 Downloads
Dénes Pálvölgyi, Hans Peters and Dries Vermeulen
A generalization of the Egalitarian and the Kalai–Smorodinsky bargaining solutions pp. 1169-1182 Downloads
Dominik Karos, Nozomu Muto and Shiran Rachmilevitch
Stable and Pareto optimal group activity selection from ordinal preferences pp. 1183-1209 Downloads
Andreas Darmann
Warm-glow giving in networks with multiple public goods pp. 1211-1238 Downloads
Lionel Richefort
Equal treatment without large numbers pp. 1239-1259 Downloads
Camelia Bejan and Juan Camilo Gómez
Divide the dollar and conquer more: sequential bargaining and risk aversion pp. 1261-1286 Downloads
Philip Grech and Oriol Tejada
The modified stochastic game pp. 1287-1327 Downloads
Eilon Solan
Auctions with an asking price pp. 1329-1350 Downloads
Peyman Khezr and Flavio Menezes

Volume 47, issue 3, 2018

Evolutionary games and matching rules pp. 707-735 Downloads
Martin Jensen and Alexandros Rigos
Consistency requirements and pattern methods in cost sharing problems with technological cooperation pp. 737-765 Downloads
Eric Bahel and Christian Trudeau
Group activity selection problem with approval preferences pp. 767-796 Downloads
Andreas Darmann, Edith Elkind, Sascha Kurz, Jérôme Lang, Joachim Schauer and Gerhard Woeginger
Invertibility modulo dead-ending no- $$\mathcal {P}$$ P -universes pp. 797-809 Downloads
Gabriel Renault
Hotelling’s location model with negative network externalities pp. 811-837 Downloads
Hans Peters, Marc Schröder and Dries Vermeulen
The price of anarchy and stability in general noisy best-response dynamics pp. 839-855 Downloads
Paolo Penna
The degree value for games with communication structure pp. 857-871 Downloads
Erfang Shan, Guang Zhang and Xiaokang Shan
Asymmetric voluntary cooperation: a repeated sequential best-shot experiment pp. 873-891 Downloads
Lisa Bruttel and Werner Güth
Games with the total bandwagon property meet the Quint–Shubik conjecture pp. 893-912 Downloads
Jun Honda
A note on associated consistency and linear, symmetric values pp. 913-925 Downloads
Norman L. Kleinberg
Selecting contestants for a rent-seeking contest pp. 927-947 Downloads
Jean-François Mercier
Game theory with translucent players pp. 949-976 Downloads
Joseph Halpern and Rafael Pass
Corruption and botnet defense: a mean field game approach pp. 977-999 Downloads
V. N. Kolokoltsov and O. A. Malafeyev
Behavior and deliberation in perfect-information games: Nash equilibrium and backward induction pp. 1001-1032 Downloads
Giacomo Bonanno

Volume 47, issue 2, 2018

Special issue on combinatorial game theory pp. 375-377 Downloads
Aviezri Fraenkel, Urban Larsson, Carlos P. Santos and Bernhard von Stengel
Entrepreneurial Chess pp. 379-415 Downloads
Elwyn Berlekamp and Richard M. Low
Algebraic games—playing with groups and rings pp. 417-450 Downloads
Martin Brandenburg
A q-player impartial avoidance game for generating finite groups pp. 451-461 Downloads
Bret J. Benesh and Marisa R. Gaetz
Two-player Tower of Hanoi pp. 463-486 Downloads
Jonathan Chappelon, Urban Larsson and Akihiro Matsuura
Ice sliding games pp. 487-508 Downloads
Paul Dorbec, Éric Duchêne, André Fabbri, Julien Moncel, Aline Parreau and Éric Sopena
Impartial achievement and avoidance games for generating finite groups pp. 509-542 Downloads
Dana C. Ernst and Nándor Sieben
A note on the eternal dominating set problem pp. 543-555 Downloads
Stephen Finbow, Serge Gaspers, Margaret-Ellen Messinger and Paul Ottaway
Sterling stirling play pp. 557-576 Downloads
Michael Fisher, Richard J. Nowakowski and Carlos Santos
Rulesets for Beatty games pp. 577-594 Downloads
Lior Goldberg and Aviezri S. Fraenkel
Global Fibonacci nim pp. 595-611 Downloads
Urban Larsson and Simon Rubinstein-Salzedo
Wythoff partizan subtraction pp. 613-652 Downloads
Urban Larsson, Neil A. McKay, Richard J. Nowakowski and Angela A. Siegel
Games with guaranteed scores and waiting moves pp. 653-671 Downloads
Urban Larsson, Richard J. Nowakowski and Carlos P. Santos
Multi-player Last Nim with Passes pp. 673-693 Downloads
Wen An Liu and Juan Yang
Impartial poker nim pp. 695-705 Downloads
Craig Tennenhouse

Volume 47, issue 1, 2018

Tempered best response dynamics pp. 1-34 Downloads
Dai Zusai
The core and the steady bargaining set for convex games pp. 35-54 Downloads
Josep Maria Izquierdo and Carles Rafels
Uniqueness of optimal strategies in Captain Lotto games pp. 55-101 Downloads
Nadav Amir
The expected externality mechanism in a level-k environment pp. 103-131 Downloads
Olga Gorelkina
Consistency and the core in games with externalities pp. 133-154 Downloads
Takaaki Abe
How to identify experts in a community? pp. 155-173 Downloads
Balázs Sziklai
Informed entry in auctions pp. 175-205 Downloads
Diego Aycinena, Hernan Bejarano and Lucas Rentschler
Optimal deterrence of cooperation pp. 207-227 Downloads
Stéphane Gonzalez and Aymeric Lardon
Proportional rules for state contingent claims pp. 229-246 Downloads
Sinan Ertemel and Rajnish Kumar
All-pay auctions with endogenous bid timing: an experimental study pp. 247-271 Downloads
Tracy Liu
Reserve prices in repeated auctions pp. 273-299 Downloads
Patrick Hummel
Asymmetric outside options in ultimatum bargaining: a systematic analysis pp. 301-329 Downloads
Heike Hennig-Schmidt, Bernd Irlenbusch, Rainer Rilke and Gari Walkowitz
Hybrid mechanisms for Vickrey–Clarke–Groves and generalized second-price bids pp. 331-350 Downloads
Patrick Hummel
Exploding offers and unraveling in two-sided matching markets pp. 351-373 Downloads
Siqi Pan
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