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1974 - 2021

Current editor(s): Bernd Schmitt, June Cotte, Markus Giesler, Andrew Stephen and Stacy Wood

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Volume 48, issue 3, 2021

Emotionally Numb: Expertise Dulls Consumer Experience pp. 355-373 Downloads
Matthew D Rocklage, Derek D Rucker, Loran F Nordgren, J Jeffrey Inman and Chris Janiszewski
Online Advertising Suppresses Visual Competition during Planned Purchases pp. 374-393 Downloads
Ralf van der Lans, Rik Pieters, Michel Wedel, Vicki G Morwitz, J Jeffrey Inman and Olivier Toubia
Wordify: A Tool for Discovering and Differentiating Consumer Vocabularies pp. 394-414 Downloads
Dirk Hovy, Shiri Melumad, J Jeffrey Inman, Richard J Lutz and Charles F Hofacker
The Impact of a Two-Step Choice Process on Trade-Off Decisions pp. 415-427 Downloads
Jing Lei, Ying Zhang, Vicki G Morwitz, Amna Kirmani and Kristin Diehl
How Do Platforms Empower Consumers? Insights from the Affordances and Constraints of Reclame Aqui pp. 428-455 Downloads
Robert V Kozinets, Daniela Abrantes Ferreira, Paula Chimenti, Linda L Price and Christina Goulding
Multitasking as Consumer Compensatory Control pp. 456-473 Downloads
Jerry J Han, Susan M Broniarczyk and Leonard Lee
Safe Together, Vulnerable Apart: How Interstitial Space in Text Logos Impacts Brand Attitudes in Tight versus Loose Cultures pp. 474-491 Downloads
Tanvi Gupta, Henrik Hagtvedt, Margaret C Campbell and Chris Janiszewski
Creating Responsible Subjects: The Role of Mediated Affective Encounters pp. 492-512 Downloads
Domen Bajde, Pilar Rojas-Gaviria, Eileen Fischer, Linda L Price and Ashlee Humphreys
Erratum: On My Own: The Aversion to Being Observed during the Preference-Construction Stage pp. 514-514 Downloads
Yonat Zwebner and Rom Y Schrift

Volume 48, issue 2, 2021

Audio Mining: The Role of Vocal Tone in Persuasion pp. 189-211 Downloads
Xin (Shane) Wang, Shijie Lu, X I Li, Mansur Khamitov, Neil Bendle, J. Jeffrey Inman and Andrew T Stephen
The Embodiment of Consumer Knowledge pp. 212-234 Downloads
Nick Llewellyn, Linda L Pricer and Zeynep Arsel
What Makes Content Engaging? How Emotional Dynamics Shape Success pp. 235-250 Downloads
Jonah Berger, Yoon Duk Kim, Robert Meyer, J. Jeffrey Inman and Andrew T Stephen
How and Why Our Eating Decisions Neglect Infrequently Consumed Foods pp. 251-269 Downloads
Abigail B Sussman, Anna Paley, Adam L Alter, Margaret C Campbell and Susan M Broniarczyk
Hoping for the Worst? A Paradoxical Preference for Bad News pp. 270-288 Downloads
Kate Barasz, Serena F Hagerty, Margaret C Campbell and Simona Botti
The Regeneration of Consumer Movement Solidarity pp. 289-308 Downloads
Andreas Chatzidakis, Pauline Maclaran, Rohit Varman, Eileen Fischer, Linda L Price and Eileen Fischer
Space as a Resource in the Politics of Consumer Identity pp. 309-332 Downloads
Andre F Maciel, Melanie Wallendorf, Eileen Fischer, Linda L Price and Zeynep Arsel
Language and Consumer Dishonesty: A Self-Diagnosticity Theory pp. 333-351 Downloads
Phyliss Jia Gai, Stefano Puntoni, Margaret C Campbell and Peter R Darke

Volume 48, issue 1, 2021

Beliefs about Whether Spending Implies Wealth pp. 1-21 Downloads
Heather Barry Kappes, Joe J Gladstone, Hal E Hershfield, J. Jeffrey Inman and Ashwani Monga
The Politicization of Objects: Meaning and Materiality in The U.S. Cannabis Market pp. 22-50 Downloads
Aimee Dinnin Huff, Ashlee Humphreys, Sarah J.S. Wilner, Eileen FischerEditor, Price Linda LEditor and Julie L Ozanne
Exploratory Shopping: Attention Affects In-Store Exploration and Unplanned Purchasing pp. 51-76 Downloads
Mathias C Streicher, Zachary Estes, Oliver B Büttner, J. Jeffrey Inman and Barbara E Kahn
How Do Consumers React to Company Moral Transgressions? The Role of Power Distance Belief and Empathy for Victims pp. 77-101 Downloads
Haiyue (Felix) Xu, Lisa E Bolton, Karen Page Winterich, Amna Kirmani and Sankar Sen
Makeup Who You Are: Self-Expression Enhances the Perceived Authenticity and Public Promotion of Beauty Work pp. 102-122 Downloads
Rosanna K Smith, Michelle R vanDellen, Lan Anh N Ton, Amna Kirmani and JoAndrea Hoegg
How the Eyes Connect to the Heart: The Influence of Eye Gaze Direction on Advertising Effectiveness pp. 123-146 Downloads
Rita Ngoc To, Vanessa M Patrick, Margaret C Campbell and JoAndrea Hoegg
How You Estimate Calories Matters: Calorie Estimation Reversals pp. 147-168 Downloads
Kaitlin Woolley, Peggy J. Liu, Amna Kirmani and Lauren Block
The Psychology of Marginal Utility pp. 169-188 Downloads
Xilin Li, Christopher K Hsee, J Jeffrey Inman and Hilke Plassmann

Volume 47, issue 6, 2020

The Preference for Moderation Scale pp. 831-854 Downloads
Aimee Drolet, Mary Frances Luce, Li Jiang, Benjamin C Rossi and Reid Hastie
Re-examining the Experiential Advantage in Consumption: A Meta-Analysis and Review pp. 855-877 Downloads
Evan Weingarten and Joseph K Goodman
Not Too Far to Help: Residential Mobility, Global Identity, and Donations to Distant Beneficiaries pp. 878-889 Downloads
Yajin Wang, Amna Kirmani and Xiaolin Li
Attachment to and Detachment from Favorite Stores: An Affordance Theory Perspective pp. 890-913 Downloads
Stefania Borghini, John F Sherry and Annamma Joy
Assimilating and Differentiating: The Curvilinear Effect of Social Class on Green Consumption pp. 914-936 Downloads
Li Yan, Hean Tat Keh and Jiemiao Chen
Budget Depreciation: When Budgeting Early Increases Spending pp. 937-958 Downloads
Yuna Choe and Christina Kan
Disorder and Downsizing pp. 959-977 Downloads
Gretchen R Ross, Margaret G Meloy and Lisa E Bolton
Status Pivoting pp. 978-1002 Downloads
Dafna Goor, Anat Keinan and Nailya Ordabayeva
Do versus Don’t: The Impact of Framing on Goal-Level Setting pp. 1003-1024 Downloads
Mirjam A Tuk, Sonja Prokopec and Bram Van den Bergh
When Sharing Isn’t Caring: The Influence of Seeking The Best on Sharing Favorable Word of Mouth about Unsatisfactory Purchases pp. 1025-1046 Downloads
Nicholas J Olson and Rohini Ahluwalia

Volume 47, issue 5, 2021

Our Journal, Our Intellectual Home pp. 633-635 Downloads
Bernd H Schmitt, June Cotte, Markus Giesler, Andrew T Stephen and Stacy Wood
The Role of Emotion Discourse and Pathic Stigma in the Delegitimization of Consumer Practices pp. 636-653 Downloads
Carmen Valor, Javier Lloveras, Eleni Papaoikonomou, Eileen Fischer, Linda L Price and Ashlee Humphreys
Reviewing Experts’ Restraint from Extremes and Its Impact on Service Providers pp. 654-674 Downloads
Peter Nguyen, Xin (Shane) Wang, Xi Li, June Cotte, J Jeffrey Inman and Andrew T Stephen
Hiding from the Truth: When and How Cover Enables Information Avoidance pp. 675-697 Downloads
Kaitlin Woolley, Jane L Risen, Linda L Price and Rebecca Walker Reczek
I Own, So I Help Out: How Psychological Ownership Increases Prosocial Behavior pp. 698-715 Downloads
Ata Jami, Maryam Kouchaki, Francesca Gino, Gita V Johar, Margaret C Campbell and Cait Lamberton
Goal Conflict Encourages Work and Discourages Leisure pp. 716-736 Downloads
Jordan Etkin, Sarah A Memmi, Linda L Price and Leonard Lee
You Will Not Remember This: How Memory Efficacy Influences Virtuous Behavior pp. 737-754 Downloads
Maferima Touré-Tillery, Maryam Kouchaki, Amna Kirmani and Stefano Puntoni
The Effects of Numerical Divisibility on Loneliness Perceptions and Consumer Preferences pp. 755-771 Downloads
Dengfeng Yan, Jaideep Sengupta, Vicki G Morwitz, J Jeffrey Inman and Pankaj Aggarwal
A Dragging-Down Effect: Consumer Decisions in Response to Price Increases pp. 772-786 Downloads
Shirley Zhang, Abigail B Sussman, Christopher K Hsee, J Jeffrey Inman and RajeshBagchi
How Concrete Language Shapes Customer Satisfaction pp. 787-806 Downloads
Grant Packard, Jonah Berger, J Jeffrey Inman and Andrew T Stephen
How Does Religion Affect Consumer Response to Failure and Recovery by Firms? pp. 807-828 Downloads
Jamie D Hyodo, Lisa E Bolton, Darren W DahlEditor, J Jeffrey Inman and Naomi Mandel

Volume 47, issue 4, 2020

On My Own: The Aversion to Being Observed during the Preference-Construction Stage pp. 475-499 Downloads
Yonat Zwebner and Rom Y Schrift
The Zero Bias in Target Retirement Fund Choice pp. 500-522 Downloads
Ajay Kalra, Xiao Liu and Wei Zhang
Make It Hot? How Food Temperature (Mis)Guides Product Judgments pp. 523-543 Downloads
Amanda P Yamim, Robert Mai and Carolina O C Werle
The Small Predicts Large Effect in Crowdfunding pp. 544-565 Downloads
Tingting Fan, Leilei Gao and Yael Steinhart
System 1 Is Not Scope Insensitive: A New, Dual-Process Account of Subjective Value pp. 566-587 Downloads
Dan R Schley, Bart De Langhe and Andrew R Long
Should I Touch the Customer? Rethinking Interpersonal Touch Effects from the Perspective of the Touch Initiator pp. 588-607 Downloads
Andrea Webb Luangrath, Joann Peck and Anders Gustafsson
The Effect of Categorization on Goal Progress Perceptions and Motivation pp. 608-630 Downloads
Marissa A Sharif and Kaitlin Woolley

Volume 47, issue 3, 2020

In Times of Trouble: A Framework for Understanding Consumers’ Responses to Threats pp. 311-326 Downloads
Margaret C Campbell, J Jeffrey Inman, Amna Kirmani and Linda L Price
Citizen-Consumers Wanted: Revitalizing the American Dream in the Face of Economic Recessions, 1981–2012 pp. 327-349 Downloads
Gokcen Coskuner-Balli
From Cradle to Grave: How Childhood and Current Environments Impact Consumers’ Subjective Life Expectancy and Decision-Making pp. 350-372 Downloads
Chiraag Mittal, Vladas Griskevicius and Kelly L Haws
Disgusted and Afraid: Consumer Choices under the Threat of Contagious Disease pp. 373-392 Downloads
Chelsea Galoni, Gregory S Carpenter and Hayagreeva Rao
The Influence of Disease Cues on Preference for Typical versus Atypical Products pp. 393-411 Downloads
Yunhui Huang and Jaideep Sengupta
Preference Refinement after a Budget Contraction pp. 412-430 Downloads
Gretchen R Ross, Margaret G Meloy and Kurt A Carlson
A Little Piece of Me: When Mortality Reminders Lead to Giving to Others pp. 431-453 Downloads
Lea Dunn, Katherine White and Darren W Dahl
Consumers Prefer “Natural” More for Preventatives Than for Curatives pp. 454-471 Downloads
Sydney E Scott, Paul Rozin and Deborah A Small
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