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1974 - 2023

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Volume 50, issue 1, 2023

More Gamer, Less Girl: Gendered Boundaries, Tokenism, and the Cultural Persistence of Masculine Dominance pp. 2-24 Downloads
Jenna Drenten, Robert L Harrison and Nicholas J Pendarvis
Misperception of Multiple Risks in Medical Decision-Making pp. 25-47 Downloads
Mehdi Mourali and Zhiyong Yang
On Breaking Functional Fixedness: How the Aha! Moment Enhances Perceived Product Creativity and Product Appeal pp. 48-69 Downloads
Sara Caprioli, Christoph Fuchs and Bram Van den Bergh
Market Work and the Formation of the Omnivorous Consumer Subject pp. 70-92 Downloads
Anissa Pomiès and Zeynep Arsel
Tensions in the Enactment of Neoliberal Consumer Responsibilization for Waste pp. 93-115 Downloads
Hélène Cherrier and Meltem Türe
Is Your Sample Truly Mediating? Bayesian Analysis of Heterogeneous Mediation (BAHM) pp. 116-141 Downloads
Tatiana L Dyachenko and Greg M Allenby
Stars versus Bars: How the Aesthetics of Product Ratings “Shape” Product Preference pp. 142-166 Downloads
He (Michael) Jia, Echo Wen Wan and Wanyi Zheng
Days-of-the-Week Effect in Temporal Judgments pp. 167-189 Downloads
Tatiana Sokolova
Giving Suggestions: Using Quantity Requests to Increase Donations pp. 190-210 Downloads
Alice Moon and Eric M VanEpps
Beyond Numbers: An Ambiguity–Accessibility–Applicability Framework to Explain the Attraction Effect pp. 211-232 Downloads
Sharlene He and Brian Sternthal

Volume 49, issue 5, 2023

The Influence of Budgets on Consumer Spending pp. 697-720 Downloads
Marcel F Lukas, Ray Charles “Chuck” Howard, Amna Kirmani, Andrew T Stephen and Ajay Kalra
Get Your Science Out of Here: When Does Invoking Science in the Marketing of Consumer Products Backfire? pp. 721-740 Downloads
Aviva Philipp-Muller, John P Costello, Rebecca Walker Reczek, Stacy Wood and Lisa E Bolton
The Pursuit of Meaning and the Preference for Less Expensive Options pp. 741-761 Downloads
Nicole L Mead, Lawrence E Williams, J Jeffrey Inman, Stacy Wood and Susan M Broniarczyk
Brand Morphogenesis: The Role of Heterogeneous Consumer Sub-assemblages in the Change and Continuity of a Brand pp. 762-785 Downloads
Susanna Molander, Jacob Ostberg, Lisa Peñaloza, Eileen Fischer, Linda L Price, Markus Giesler, Güliz Ger and Zeynep Arsel
L’Art Pour l’Art: Experiencing Art Reduces the Desire for Luxury Goods pp. 786-810 Downloads
Yajin Wang, Alison Jing Xu, Ying Zhang, Bernd Schmitt and Christoph Fuchs
Automation Assemblages in the Internet of Things: Discovering Qualitative Practices at the Boundaries of Quantitative Change pp. 811-837 Downloads
Thomas P Novak, Donna L Hoffman, Linda L Price, Andrew T Stephen and Ashlee Humphreys
Products in Disguise: Communicating Product Benefits with Surface Mimicry pp. 838-860 Downloads
Anneleen Van Kerckhove, Caroline De Bondt, Maggie Geuens, Darren W Dahl, J Jeffrey Inman, Stacy Wood and Lisa E Bolton
Bundle Selection and Variety Seeking: The Importance of Combinatorics pp. 861-881 Downloads
Michael O’Donnell, Clayton R Critcher, Leif D Nelson, Amna Kirmani and Gerald Häubl
Dysplacement and the Professionalization of the Home pp. 882-903 Downloads
Annetta Grant, Jay M Handelman, Linda L Price, Markus Giesler and Hope Jensen Schau
There and Back Again: Bleed from Extraordinary Experiences pp. 904-925 Downloads
Davide C Orazi, Tom van Laer, Linda L Price, Markus Giesler and Christina Goulding
The 5S's of Consumer Health: A Framework and Curation of JCR Articles on Health and Medical Decision-Making pp. 926-939 Downloads
Szu-chi Huang and Leonard Lee

Volume 49, issue 4, 2022

When Is HILO Low? Price Image Formation Based on Frequency versus Depth Pricing Strategies (The Influence of Prior Beliefs, Frequency Cues, and Magnitude Cues on Consumers’ Perceptions of Comparative Price Data) pp. 543-560 Downloads
Daniel Sheehan, Ryan Hamilton and Ramnath K Chellappa
The Off by 100% Bias: The Effects of Percentage Changes Greater than 100% on Magnitude Judgments and Consumer Choice (Numerosity and Consumer Behavior) pp. 561-573 Downloads
Matthew Fisher and Milica Mormann
Experiential and Analytical Price Evaluations: How Experiential Product Description Affects Prices (The Utility of an Information Processing Approach for Behavioral Price Research) pp. 574-594 Downloads
Arnaud Monnier and Manoj Thomas
Offline Context Affects Online Reviews: The Effect of Post-Consumption Weather (Mobile Ad Effectiveness: Hyper-Contextual Targeting with Crowdedness) pp. 595-615 Downloads
Leif Brandes and Yaniv Dover
Social-Jetlagged Consumers and Decreased Conspicuous Consumption (Circadian Typology: A Comprehensive Review) pp. 616-633 Downloads
Yunlu Yin and Zhongqiang (Tak) Huang
Work-to-Unlock Rewards: Leveraging Goals in Reward Systems to Increase Consumer Persistence (Naiveté, Projection Bias, and Habit Formation in Gym Attendance) pp. 634-656 Downloads
Marissa A Sharif and Kaitlin Woolley
Money, Sacrificial Work, and Poor Consumers (The Low Literate Consumer) pp. 657-677 Downloads
Rohit Varman, Hari Sreekumar and Russell W Belk
Why Are Donors More Generous with Time Than Money? The Role of Perceived Control over Donations on Charitable Giving (Appraisals of Control and Predictability in Adapting to a Chronic Disease) pp. 678-696 Downloads
John P Costello and Selin A Malkoc

Volume 49, issue 3, 2022

Spending and Happiness: The Role of Perceived Financial Constraints (Does Spending Money on Others Promote Happiness?: A Registered Replication Report) pp. 373-388 Downloads
Rodrigo S Dias, Eesha Sharma and Gavan J Fitzsimons
Expression Modalities: How Speaking Versus Writing Shapes Word of Mouth (Affective and Semantic Components in Political Person Perception) pp. 389-408 Downloads
Jonah Berger, Matthew D Rocklage and Grant Packard
Almost Equal: Consumption under Fragmented Stigma (“The Low Literate Consumer) pp. 409-429 Downloads
Christian A Eichert and Marius K Luedicke
Let Me Show You What I Did versus What I Have: Sharing Experiential versus Material Purchases Alters Authenticity and Liking of Social Media Users (How Extraverted Is Inferring Personality from E-Mail Addresses) pp. 430-449 Downloads
Francesca Valsesia and Kristin Diehl
Tangential Immersion: Increasing Persistence in Boring Consumer Behaviors (“What Does Doodling Do?) pp. 450-472 Downloads
Alicea Lieberman, Andrea C Morales and O N Amir
Tweets We Like Aren’t Alike: Time of Day Affects Engagement with Vice and Virtue Tweets (Specious Reward: A Behavioral Theory of Impulsiveness and Impulse Control) pp. 473-495 Downloads
Ozum Zor, Kihyun Hannah Kim and Ashwani Monga
Chronic Consumer Liminality: Being Flexible in Precarious Times (Understanding Difficult Consumer Transitions: The in/Dividual Consumer in Permanent Liminality) pp. 496-519 Downloads
Laetitia Mimoun and Fleura Bardhi
Moving, Fast or Slow: How Perceived Speed Influences Mental Representation and Decision Making (Seeing the Big Picture: The Effect of Height on the Level of Construal) pp. 520-542 Downloads
Yael Shani-Feinstein, Ellie J Kyung and Jacob Goldenberg

Volume 49, issue 2, 2022

It’s Good to Be Different: How Diversity Impacts Judgments of Moral Behavior (Nonprofits Are Seen as Warm and For-Profits as Competent: Firm Stereotypes Matter) pp. 177-201 Downloads
Uzma Khan and Ajay Kalra
Mapping Consumers’ Context-Dependent Consumption Preferences: A Multidimensional Unfolding Approach (An Empirical Comparison of Logit Choice Models with Discrete versus Continuous Representations of Heterogeneity) pp. 202-228 Downloads
Junghyun Park, Minki Kim and Pradeep Chintagunta
Repair, Consumption, and Sustainability: Fixing Fragile Objects and Maintaining Consumer Practices (Matter in or out of Place? Bicycle Parking Strategies and Their Effects on People, Practices and Places) pp. 229-251 Downloads
D Matthew Godfrey, Linda L Price and Robert F Lusch
Sizes Are Gendered: The Effect of Size Cues in Brand Names on Brand Stereotyping (Consumer Evaluations of Brand Extensions) pp. 252-267 Downloads
Kuangjie Zhang, Shaobo (Kevin) Li and Sharon Ng
Really Rewarding Rewards: Strategic Licensing in Long-Term Healthy Food Consumption (The Club Store Effect: Impact of Shopping in Warehouse Club Stores on Consumers’ Packaged Food Purchases) pp. 268-287 Downloads
Rishika Rishika, Sven Feurer and Kelly L Haws
Egocentric Processing: The Advantages of Person-Related Features in Consumers’ Product Decisions (Dimensions of Brand Personality) pp. 288-311 Downloads
Liad Weiss
Courtesy Stigma Management: Social Identity Work among China’s “Leftover Women” (The Low Literate Consumer) pp. 312-335 Downloads
Chihling Liu and Robert V Kozinets
Banking Happiness (Nostalgia: Retreat or Support in Difficult Times?) pp. 336-358 Downloads
Ali Faraji-Rad and Leonard Lee
Promoting Data Richness in Consumer Research: How to Develop and Evaluate Articles with Multiple Data Sources (The Critical Role of Methodological Pluralism for Policy-Relevant Empirical Marketing Research) pp. 359-372 Downloads
Simon J Blanchard, Jacob Goldenberg, Koen Pauwels and David A Schweidel

Volume 49, issue 1, 2022

Racial Oppression and Racial Projects in Consumer Markets: A Racial Formation Theory Approach (The Ghetto Marketing Life Cycle: A Case of Underachievement) pp. 1-24 Downloads
David Crockett
Influencer-Generated Reference Groups (Nonprofits Are Seen as Warm and For-Profits as Competent: Firm Stereotypes Matter) pp. 25-45 Downloads
Jeffrey K Lee and Enric Junqué de Fortuny
A Liberating-Engagement Theory of Consumer Fun (Pleasure Principles: A Review of Research on Hedonic Consumption) pp. 46-73 Downloads
Travis Tae Oh and Michel Tuan Pham
Consumption Ideology (Ideology and Terror: A Novel Form of Government) pp. 74-95 Downloads
Bernd Schmitt, J Joško Brakus and Alessandro Biraglia
Consumer Timework (Understanding Difficult Consumer Transitions: The In/Dividual Consumer in Permanent Liminality) pp. 96-111 Downloads
Thomas Derek Robinson, Ela Veresiu and Ana Babić Rosario
Your Cheatin' Heart: How Emotional Intelligence and Selfishness Impact the Incidence of Consumer Fraud (Consumers’ Trust in Feelings as Information) pp. 112-131 Downloads
Jonathan Hasford, Blair Kidwell, David M Hardesty and Adam Farmer
Consumers Believe That Products Work Better for Others (Age-Related Decline in Executive Function Predicts Better Advice-Giving in Uncomfortable Social Contexts) pp. 132-153 Downloads
Evan Polman, Ignazio Ziano, Kaiyang Wu and Anneleen Van Kerckhove
Loved As-Is: How God Salience Lowers Interest in Self-Improvement Products (Cross-Domain Effects of Guilt on Desire for Self-Improvement Products) pp. 154-174 Downloads
Lauren Grewal, Eugenia C Wu and Keisha M Cutright
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