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1974 - 2020

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Volume 46, issue 6, 2020

The Many-Faced Consumer: Consumption Consequences of Balancing Multiple Identities pp. 1011-1030 Downloads
Julian K Saint Clair, Mark R Forehand, Darren W Dahl, J Jeffrey Inman and Jaideep Sengupta
The Impostor Syndrome from Luxury Consumption pp. 1031-1051 Downloads
Dafna Goor, Nailya Ordabayeva, Anat Keinan, Sandrine Crener, Eileen Fischer, Linda L PriceE and Pankaj Aggarwal
People Rely Less on Consumer Reviews for Experiential than Material Purchases pp. 1052-1075 Downloads
Hengchen Dai, Cindy Chan, Cassie Mogilner, Darren W Dahl, Margaret C Campbell and Cait Lamberton
Saving Your Self: How Identity Relevance Influences Product Usage pp. 1076-1092 Downloads
Daniel Sheehan, Sara Loughran Dommer, Darren W Dahl, Amna Kirmani and Derek D Rucker
The Secrecy Effect: Secret Consumption Increases Women’s Product Evaluations and Choice pp. 1093-1109 Downloads
Maria A Rodas, Deborah Roedder John, Vicki G Morwitz, J Jeffrey Inman and Andrea C Morales
The Impact of Resource Scarcity on Price-Quality Judgments pp. 1110-1124 Downloads
Hanyong Park, Ashok K Lalwani and David H Silvera

Volume 46, issue 5, 2020

Probable Cause: The Influence of Prior Probabilities on Forecasts and Perceptions of Magnitude pp. 833-852 Downloads
Daniella Kupor, Kristin Laurin, Chris JaniszewskiAssociate Editor and J Jeffrey InmanEditor
Contraction with Unpacking: When Unpacking Leads to Lower Calorie Budgets pp. 853-870 Downloads
Miaolei (Liam) Jia, Xiuping Li, Aradhna Krishna, Lisa E BoltonAssociate Editor, Darren W DahlEditor and Margaret C CampbellEditor
Company Worth Keeping: Personal Control and Preferences for Brand Leaders pp. 871-886 Downloads
Joshua T Beck, Ryan Rahinel, Alexander Bleier, Simona BottiAssociate Editor, Darren W DahlEditor and J Jeffrey InmanEditor
The Uncertain Self: How Self-Concept Structure Affects Subscription Choice pp. 887-903 Downloads
Jennifer Savary, Ravi Dhar, Andrea C MoralesAssociate Editor, Gita V JoharEditor and J Jeffrey InmanEditor
Profiling Victims of Investment Fraud: Mindsets and Risky Behaviors pp. 904-914 Downloads
Marguerite Deliema, Doug Shadel, Karla Pak, Olivier ToubiaAssociate Editor, Gita V JoharEditor and J Jeffrey InmanEditor
Smiling Signals Intrinsic Motivation pp. 915-935 Downloads
Yimin Cheng, Anirban Mukhopadhyay, Patti Williams, Zeynep Gürhan-CanliAssociate Editor, Eileen FischerEditor and Margaret C CampbellEditor
The Influence of Product Anthropomorphism on Comparative Judgment pp. 936-955 Downloads
Feifei Huang, Vincent Chi Wong, Echo Wen Wan, Pankaj AggarwalAssociate Editor, Vicki G MorwitzEditor and Margaret C CampbellEditor
I Am, Therefore I Buy: Low Self-Esteem and the Pursuit of Self-Verifying Consumption pp. 956-973 Downloads
Anika Stuppy, Nicole L Mead, Stijn M J Van Osselaer, JoAndrea HoeggAssociate Editor, Eileen FischerEditor and Kirmani AmnaEditor
The Meaning of Distraction: How Metacognitive Inferences from Distraction during Multitasking Affect Brand Evaluations pp. 974-994 Downloads
Daniel M Zane, Robert W Smith, Rebecca Walker Reczek, JoAndrea HoeggAssociate Editor, Gita V JoharEditor and J Jeffrey InmanEditor
Consumer Research Insights on Brands and Branding: A JCR Curation pp. 995-1001 Downloads
Kevin Lane Keller, J Jeffrey InmanEditor, Margaret C CampbellEditor, Amna KirmaniEditor and Linda L PriceEditor

Volume 46, issue 4, 2019

Resistance to Medical Artificial Intelligence pp. 629-650 Downloads
Chiara Longoni, Andrea Bonezzi and Carey K Morewedge
In Brands We Trust? A Multicategory, Multicountry Investigation of Sensitivity of Consumers’ Trust in Brands to Marketing-Mix Activities pp. 651-670 Downloads
Koushyar Rajavi, Tarun Kushwaha and Jan-Benedict E M Steenkamp
The Material-Experiential Asymmetry in Discounting: When Experiential Purchases Lead to More Impatience pp. 671-688 Downloads
Joseph K Goodman, Selin A Malkoc and Mosi Rosenboim
Was Television Responsible for a New Generation of Smokers? pp. 689-707 Downloads
Michael Thomas
Extending the Boundaries of Sensory Marketing and Examining the Sixth Sensory System: Effects of Vestibular Sensations for Sitting versus Standing Postures on Food Taste Perception pp. 708-724 Downloads
Dipayan Biswas, Courtney Szocs and Annika Abell
Variety in Self-Expression Undermines Self-Continuity pp. 725-749 Downloads
Jacqueline R Rifkin and Jordan Etkin
Lead by Example? Custom-Made Examples Created by Close Others Lead Consumers to Make Dissimilar Choices pp. 750-773 Downloads
Jennifer K D’Angelo, Kristin Diehl and Lisa A Cavanaugh
Charities Can Increase the Effectiveness of Donation Appeals by Using a Morally Congruent Positive Emotion pp. 774-790 Downloads
Shreyans Goenka and Stijn M J van Osselaer
Ignored or Rejected: Retail Exclusion Effects on Construal Levels and Consumer Responses to Compensation pp. 791-807 Downloads
Jayati Sinha and Fang-Chi Lu
Filling an Empty Self: The Impact of Social Exclusion on Consumer Preference for Visual Density pp. 808-824 Downloads
Lei Su, Echo Wen Wan and Yuwei Jiang
From Atoms to Bits and Back: A Research Curation on Digital Technology and Agenda for Future Research pp. 825-832 Downloads
Bernd Schmitt

Volume 46, issue 3, 2019

A Framework for Understanding Consumer Choices for Others pp. 407-434 Downloads
Peggy J Liu, Steven K Dallas, Gavan J Fitzsimons, Linda L Price and Rebecca Walker Reczek
How Well Do Consumer-Brand Relationships Drive Customer Brand Loyalty? Generalizations from a Meta-Analysis of Brand Relationship Elasticities pp. 435-459 Downloads
Mansur Khamitov, Xin (Shane) Wang, Matthew Thomson, Vicki G Morwitz, J Jeffrey Inman and JoAndrea Hoegg
Consumer Movements and Value Regimes: Fighting Food Waste in Germany by Building Alternative Object Pathways pp. 460-482 Downloads
Johanna F Gollnhofer, Henri A Weijo, John W Schouten, Eileen Fischer, Linda L Price and Güliz Ger
The Body as (Another) Place: Producing Embodied Heterotopias Through Tattooing pp. 483-507 Downloads
Dominique Roux, Russell Belk, Vicki G Morwitz, Margaret C Campbell and Güliz Ger
Wine for the Table: Self-Construal, Group Size, and Choice for Self and Others pp. 508-527 Downloads
Eugenia C Wu, Sarah G Moore, Gavan J Fitzsimons, Gita V Johar, Amna Kirmani and Simona Botti
Differential Construal of Exercise versus Diet and Implications for Weight Control pp. 528-544 Downloads
Erica Mina Okada, Gita V Johar, Amna Kirmani and Jaideep Sengupta
The Pleasure of Assessing and Expressing Our Likes and Dislikes pp. 545-563 Downloads
Daniel He, Shiri Melumad, Michel Tuan Pham, Vicki G Morwitz, Amna Kirmani and Chris Janiszewski
The Best Laid Plans: Why New Parents Fail to Habituate Practices pp. 564-589 Downloads
Tandy Chalmers Thomas, Amber M Epp, Eileen Fischer, Margaret C Campbell and Ashlee Humphreys
The Devil You Know: Self-Esteem and Switching Responses to Poor Service pp. 590-605 Downloads
Irene Consiglio, Stijn M J van Osselaer, Darren W Dahl, Amna Kirmani and L J Shrum
The Influence of Health Motivation and Calorie Ending on Preferences for Indulgent Foods pp. 606-619 Downloads
Jungsil Choi, Yexin Jessica Li, Adriana Samper, Vicki G Morwitz, Margaret C Campbell and Lisa E Bolton
Consuming Technocultures: An Extended JCR Curation pp. 620-627 Downloads
Robert V Kozinets, J Jeffrey Inman, Margaret C Campbell, Amna Kirmani and Linda L Price

Volume 46, issue 2, 2019

Sharing-Dominant Logic? Quantifying the Association between Consumer Intelligence and Choice of Social Access Modes pp. 201-222 Downloads
Jaakko Aspara, Kristina Wittkowski, Vicki G Morwitz, J Jeffrey Inman and Olivier Toubia
Unexpected-Framing Effect: Impact of Framing a Product Benefit as Unexpected on Product Desire pp. 223-245 Downloads
Monica Wadhwa, Jeehye Christine Kim, Amitava Chattopadhyay, Wenbo Wang, Vicki G Morwitz, Linda L Price and Chris Janiszewski
Ironic Consumption pp. 246-266 Downloads
Caleb Warren, Gina S Mohr, Eileen Fischer, Amna Kirmani and Cait Lamberton
What Happens in Vegas Stays on TripAdvisor? A Theory and Technique to Understand Narrativity in Consumer Reviews pp. 267-285 Downloads
Tom van Laer, Jennifer Edson Escalas, Stephan Ludwig, Ellis A van den Hende, Gita V Johar, J Jeffrey Inman and Paul M Herr
Hedonic Contrast Effects Are Larger When Comparisons Are Social pp. 286-306 Downloads
Carey K Morewedge, Meng Zhu, Eva C Buechel, Vicki G Morwitz, Linda L Price and Andrea C Morales
Nonconscious Nudges: Encouraging Sustained Goal Pursuit pp. 307-329 Downloads
Juliano Laran, Chris Janiszewski, Anthony Salerno, Gita V Johar, Margaret C Campbell and Cait Lamberton
License to Assemble: Theorizing Brand Longevity pp. 330-350 Downloads
Chloe Preece, Finola Kerrigan, Daragh O’reilly, Eileen Fischer, J Jeffrey Inman and Julie L Ozanne
It’s the End of the Competition: When Social Comparison Is Not Always Motivating for Goal Achievement pp. 351-370 Downloads
Elaine Chan, Barbara Briers, Darren W Dahl, Linda L Price and Simona Botti
Restraint That Blinds: Attention Narrowing and Consumers’ Response to Numerosity in Self-Control Decisions pp. 371-387 Downloads
Keith Wilcox, Sonja Prokopec, Vicki G Morwitz, Amna Kirmani and Rajesh Bagchi
The Bad Can Be Good: When Benign and Malicious Envy Motivate Goal Pursuit pp. 388-405 Downloads
Anthony Salerno, Juliano Laran, Chris Janiszewski, Darren W Dahl, Linda L Price and Cait Lamberton

Volume 46, issue 1, 2019

Learning to Become a Taste Expert pp. 1-19 Downloads
Kathryn A Latour, John A Deighton, Darren W Dahl, Margaret C Campbell and C Page Moreau
Does Time of Day Affect Variety-Seeking? pp. 20-35 Downloads
Kelley Gullo, Jonah Berger, Jordan Etkin, Bryan Bollinger, Vicki G Morwitz, J Jeffrey Inman and Andrea C Morales
Head versus Heart: The Effect of Objective versus Feelings-Based Mental Imagery on New Product Creativity pp. 36-52 Downloads
Kelly B Herd, Ravi Mehta, Gita V Johar, Linda L Price and Stacy Wood
RETRACTED: Crush on You: Romantic Crushes Increase Consumers’ Preferences for Strong Sensory Stimuli pp. 53-68 Downloads
Xun (Irene) Huang, Ping Dong, Meng Zhang, Darren W Dahl, Linda L Price and Jaideep Sengupta
The Fun and Function of Uncertainty: Uncertain Incentives Reinforce Repetition Decisions pp. 69-81 Downloads
Luxi Shen, Christopher K Hsee, Joachim H Talloen, Gita V Johar, Amna Kirmani and Stijn M J van Osselaer
Room for Opportunity: Resource Scarcity Increases Attractiveness of Range Marketing Offers pp. 82-98 Downloads
Linying (Sophie) Fan, Xueni (Shirley) Li, Yuwei Jiang, Gita V Johar, Amna Kirmani and Rajesh Bagchi
Identity Threats, Compensatory Consumption, and Working Memory Capacity: How Feeling Threatened Leads to Heightened Evaluations of Identity-Relevant Products pp. 99-118 Downloads
Nicole Verrochi Coleman, Patti Williams, Andrea C Morales, Gita V Johar, Amna Kirmani and Jennifer J Argo
Undermining the Restorative Potential of Compensatory Consumption: A Product’s Explicit Identity Connection Impedes Self-Repair pp. 119-139 Downloads
Nimish Rustagi, L J Shrum, Darren W Dahl, Linda L Price and Derek D Rucker
The Impact of Acquisition Mode on Expected Speed of Product Mastery and Subsequent Consumer Behavior pp. 140-158 Downloads
R Dustin Harding, Diogo Hildebrand, Thomas Kramer, Jannine D Lasaleta, Vicki G Morwitz, Amna KirmaniEditor and Chris Janiszewski
A Quiet Disquiet: Anxiety and Risk Avoidance due to Nonconscious Auditory Priming pp. 159-179 Downloads
Michael L Lowe, Katherine E Loveland, Aradhna Krishna, Eileen Fischer, Amna Kirmani and Andrea C Morales
Deception Memory: When Will Consumers Remember Their Lies? pp. 180-199 Downloads
Elizabeth Cowley, Christina I Anthony, Darren W DahlEditor, Amna Kirmani and Peter R Darke
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