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1988, volume 96, issue 6

The Case of the Negative Nominal Interest Rates: New Estimates of the Term Structure of Interest Rates during the Great Depression pp. 1111-41 Downloads
Stephen Cecchetti
Welfare Effects of British Free Trade: Debate and Evidence from the 1840s pp. 1142-64 Downloads
Douglas Irwin
Altruism and Time Consistency: The Economics of Fait Accompli pp. 1165-82 Downloads
Assar Lindbeck and Jörgen Weibull
Consumption Technology and the Intrafamily Distribution of Resources pp. 1183-1205 Downloads
Reuben Gronau
Risk, Futures Pricing, and the Organization of Production in Commodity Markets pp. 1206-20 Downloads
David Hirshleifer
The Efficiency of Investment in the Presence of Aggregate Demand Spillovers pp. 1221-31 Downloads
Andrei Shleifer and Robert Vishny
Real Wages over the Business Cycle: Estimating the Impact of Heterogeneity with Micro Data pp. 1232-66 Downloads
Michael Keane, Robert Moffitt and David Runkle
The Structure of Simple General Equilibrium Models with Frictional Unemployment pp. 1267-93 Downloads
Carl Davidson, Lawrence Martin and Steven Matusz
Women's Labor Supply and Marital Choice pp. 1294-1302 Downloads
Shoshana Grossbard and Shoshana Neuman
Price Dispersion and Inflation: Evidence from Israel pp. 1303-14 Downloads
Theresa Van Hoomissen
Is Antitrust Enforcement Effective? Comment pp. 1315-28 Downloads
Craig M Newmark

1988, volume 96, issue 5

How Big Is the Random Walk in GNP? pp. 893-920 Downloads
John Cochrane
The Relation between Price and Marginal Cost in U.S. Industry pp. 921-47 Downloads
Robert Hall
Physicians' Services and the Division of Labor across Local Markets pp. 948-82 Downloads
James R Baumgardner
Are Consumers Ricardian? Evidence for the United States pp. 983-1004 Downloads
Paul Evans
An Analysis of Congressional Voting on Legislation Limiting Congressional Campaign Expenditures pp. 1005-21 Downloads
Bruce Bender
Organized Labor and the Scope of International Specialization pp. 1022-47 Downloads
Robert Staiger
Balanced Matching and Labor Market Equilibrium pp. 1048-65 Downloads
Kenneth Burdett and Tara Vishwanath
Mr. Smith and the Preachers: The Economics of Religion in the Wealth of Nations pp. 1066-88 Downloads
Gary M Anderson
The Probability of Gross Violations of a Present Value Variance Inequality pp. 1089-92 Downloads
Robert Shiller
The Probability of Gross Violations of a Present Value Variance Inequality: Reply pp. 1093-96 Downloads
Allan W Kleidon
Urban Commuting Journeys Are Not "Wasteful." pp. 1097-110 Downloads
Michelle J White

1988, volume 96, issue 4

A Theory of Rational Addiction pp. 675-700 Downloads
Gary Becker and Kevin Murphy
Learning by Doing and the Introduction of New Goods pp. 701-17 Downloads
Nancy Stokey
Housing Investment in the United States pp. 718-40 Downloads
Robert Topel and Sherwin Rosen
Innovation and Reputation pp. 741-65 Downloads
Robert A Miller
Unlimited Liability as a Barrier to Entry pp. 766-84 Downloads
Jack L Carr and G Frank Mathewson
High School Graduation, Performance, and Wages pp. 785-820 Downloads
Andrew Weiss
General Equilibrium with Real Time Search in Labor and Product Market s pp. 821-31 Downloads
Birger Wernerfelt
Reputation and Hierarchy in Dynamic Models of Employment pp. 832-54 Downloads
W. Bentley Macleod and James Malcomson
Estimates of the Returns to Quality and Coauthorship in Economic Academia pp. 855-66 Downloads
Raymond Sauer
Heterogeneity, Tournaments, and Hierarchies pp. 867-81 Downloads
Sudipto Bhattacharya and J Luis Guasch
Arbitrage during the Dollar-Sterling Gold Standard, 1899-1908: An Economic Approach pp. 882-92 Downloads
Pablo Spiller and Robert O Wood

1988, volume 96, issue 3

Incentives in Academics: Why Is There Tenure? pp. 453-72 Downloads
Lorne Carmichael
A Nonuniform Pricing Model of Union Wages and Employment pp. 473-508 Downloads
Peter Kuhn
The Division of Labor, Local Markets, and Worker Organization pp. 509-27 Downloads
James R Baumgardner
Gibson's Paradox and the Gold Standard pp. 528-50 Downloads
Robert Barsky and Lawrence Summers
The Characteristics Model, Hedonic Prices, and the Clientele Effect pp. 551-67 Downloads
Larry Jones
Distinguishing Panics and Information-Based Bank Runs: Welfare and Policy Implications pp. 568-92 Downloads
Charles J Jacklin and Sudipto Bhattacharya
A Neoclassical Model of Unemployment and the Business Cycle pp. 593-617 Downloads
James Hamilton
Intergenerational Flows of Time and Goods: Consequences of Slowing Population Growth pp. 618-51 Downloads
Ronald Lee and Shelley Lapkoff
The Institutional Framework and Economic Development pp. 652-62 Downloads
Gerald W Scully
The Impact of Product Recalls on the Wealth of Sellers: A Reexamination pp. 663-70 Downloads
George Hoffer, Stephen Pruitt and Robert Reilly

1988, volume 96, issue 2

Money and the Stock Market pp. 221-45 Downloads
Milton Friedman
Permanent and Temporary Components of Stock Prices pp. 246-73 Downloads
Eugene Fama and Kenneth French
Mathematical Vindication of Ricardo on Machinery pp. 274-82 Downloads
Paul Samuelson
Plan and Market in China's Agricultural Commerce pp. 283-307 Downloads
Terry Sicular
Is Everything Neutral? pp. 308-38 Downloads
B. Douglas Bernheim and Kyle Bagwell
Intertemporal Substitution in Consumption pp. 339-57 Downloads
Robert Hall
Transactions Costs and Covered Interest Arbitrage: Theory and Evidence pp. 358-70 Downloads
Kevin Clinton
Why Have Some Farmers Opposed Futures Markets? pp. 371-82 Downloads
B Peter Pashigian
Time and Punishment: An Intertemporal Model of Crime pp. 383-90 Downloads
Michael L Davis
Accounting for Changes in Tastes pp. 391-410 Downloads
James Chalfant and Julian Alston
Compensating Differentials and Self-selection: An Application to Lawyers pp. 411-28 Downloads
John Goddeeris
Pickering's Collected Malthus: A Review Article pp. 429-46 Downloads
Peter Groenewegen

1988, volume 96, issue 1

Legal Restrictions, "Sunspots," and Peel's Bank Act: The Real Bills Doctrine versus the Quantity Theory Reconsidered pp. 3-19 Downloads
Bruce Smith
A General Index of Technical Change pp. 20-41 Downloads
Badi Baltagi and James M Griffin
Employment Contracts, Influence Activities, and Efficient Organization Design pp. 42-60 Downloads
Paul Milgrom
Takeover Threats and Managerial Myopia pp. 61-80 Downloads
Jeremy Stein
Normal Backwardation and the Inventory Effect pp. 81-99 Downloads
Rodney D Fort and James Quirk
Bilateral Tradings as an Efficient Auction over Time pp. 100-115 Downloads
Donald R Deere
A Capital Asset Pricing Model with Time-Varying Covariances pp. 116-31 Downloads
Tim Bollerslev, Robert Engle and Jeffrey Wooldridge
The Industrial Organization of Congress; or, Why Legislatures, Like Firms, Are Not Organized as Markets pp. 132-63 Downloads
Barry Weingast and William J Marshall
On the Optimal Pricing Policy of a Monopolist pp. 164-76 Downloads
Charles A Wilson
Foresight and Public Utility Regulation pp. 177-88 Downloads
Michael Gort and Richard A Wall
Maximum Hours Legislation and Female Employment: A Reassessment pp. 189-205 Downloads
Claudia Goldin
Hold Your Bets: Another Look at the Efficiency of the Gambling Market for National Football League Games: Comment pp. 206-13 Downloads
Sauer, Raymond D, et al
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