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1989, volume 97, issue 6

Product Development and International Trade pp. 1261-83 Downloads
Gene Grossman and Elhanan Helpman
Profit Regulation of Defense Contractors and Prizes for Innovation pp. 1284-1305 Downloads
William P Rogerson
Convergence of Least-Squares Learning in Environments with Hidden State Variables and Private Information pp. 1306-22 Downloads
Albert Marcet and Thomas Sargent
Currency and Credit in a Private Information Economy pp. 1323-44 Downloads
Robert Townsend
Optimal Contracts under Costly State Falsification pp. 1345-63 Downloads
Jeffrey Lacker and John Weinberg
Cost of Business Cycles with Indivisibilities and Liquidity Constraints pp. 1364-83 Downloads
Ayse Imrohoruglu
Rationing and Rent Dissipation in the Presence of Heterogeneous Individuals pp. 1384-94 Downloads
Wing Suen
Why Democracies Produce Efficient Results pp. 1395-1424 Downloads
Donald Wittman
Is Schooling "Mostly in the Genes"? Nature-N urture Decomposition Using Data on Relatives pp. 1425-46 Downloads
Jere Behrman and Paul Taubman
Giving with Impure Altruism: Applications to Charity and Ricardian Equivalence pp. 1447-58 Downloads
James Andreoni
Durable-Goods Monopoly with Discrete Demand pp. 1459-78 Downloads
Mark Bagnoli, Stephen Salant and Joseph E Swierzbinski
Unemployment Insurance and Short-Time Compensation: The Effects on Layoffs, Hours per Worker, and Wages pp. 1479-96 Downloads
Kenneth Burdett and Randall Wright
Wasteful Commuting Again pp. 1497-1504 Downloads
Bruce W Hamilton

1989, volume 97, issue 5

Industrialization and the Big Push pp. 1003-26 Downloads
Kevin Murphy, Andrei Shleifer and Robert Vishny
The Employer Size-Wage Effect pp. 1027-59 Downloads
Charles Brown and James Medoff
The Simple Economics of Optimal Auctions pp. 1060-90 Downloads
Jeremy Bulow and John Roberts
Optimal Forecasting Incentives pp. 1091-1112 Downloads
Kent Osband
Transportation, State Marketing, and the Taxation of the Agricultural Hinterland pp. 1113-37 Downloads
Mark Gersovitz
A Fresh Look at the Rotten Kid Theorem--and Other Household Mysteries pp. 1138-59 Downloads
Ted Bergstrom
Collusion in Ocean Shipping: A Test of Monopoly and Empty Core Model s pp. 1160-79 Downloads
William Sjostrom
Trade in Producer Services: A Heckscher-Ohlin Approach pp. 1180-96 Downloads
James Melvin
An Accurate Measurement of the Crowd-Out Effect, Income Effect, and Price Effect for Charitable Contributions pp. 1197-1207 Downloads
Bruce Robert Kingma
The Importance of Local Fiscal Conditions in Analyzing Local Labor Markets pp. 1208-31 Downloads
Joseph Gyourko and Joseph Tracy
The Curse of Knowledge in Economic Settings: An Experimental Analysis pp. 1232-54 Downloads
Colin Camerer, George Loewenstein and Martin Weber
Are Business Cycles Asymmetric? A Correction pp. 1255-60 Downloads
Daniel Sichel

1989, volume 97, issue 4

The Incidence and Efficiency Costs of Corporate Taxation When Corporate and Noncorporate Firms Produce the Same Good pp. 749-80 Downloads
Jane Gravelle and Laurence Kotlikoff
The Impact of China's Economic Reforms on Agricultural Productivity Growth pp. 781-807 Downloads
John McMillan, John Whalley and Lijing Zhu
An Estimated Model of Entrepreneurial Choice under Liquidity Constraints pp. 808-27 Downloads
David Evans and Boyan Jovanovic
Reputation Acquisition in Debt Markets pp. 828-62 Downloads
Douglas Diamond
Precautionary Saving and the Timing of Taxes pp. 863-79 Downloads
Miles Kimball and N. Gregory Mankiw
Dynamics of R&D and Investment in the Scientific Sector pp. 880-904 Downloads
Saul Lach and Mark Schankerman
Consumption Smoothing, Migration, and Marriage: Evidence from Rural India pp. 905-26 Downloads
Mark Rosenzweig and Oded Stark
On Money as a Medium of Exchange pp. 927-54 Downloads
Nobuhiro Kiyotaki and Randall Wright
Currency Substitution, Foreign Inflation, and Terms-of-Trade Dynamics pp. 955-64 Downloads
Chau-nan Chen, Tien-wang Tsaur and Shun-chieh Liu
Are Sunspots Necessary? pp. 965-73 Downloads
Stephen Spear
Bioeconomics and the Bowhead Whale pp. 974-87 Downloads
Jon M Conrad
Seasonal Fluctuations and the Life Cycle-Permanent Income Model of Consumption: A Correction pp. 988-91 Downloads
William B English, Jeffrey Miron and David Wilcox
Tournaments, Piece Rates, and the Shape of the Payoff Function pp. 992-98 Downloads
Robert Drago and John Heywood
An Efficiency-Wage Theory of the Weather pp. 999-1001 Downloads
Robert Barro

1989, volume 97, issue 3

The Seasonal Cycle and the Business Cycle pp. 503-34 Downloads
Robert Barsky and Jeffrey Miron
Tulipmania pp. 535-60 Downloads
Peter Garber
Pay Equality and Industrial Politics pp. 561-80 Downloads
Edward Lazear
Consumer Discrimination and Self-employment pp. 581-605 Downloads
George Borjas and Stephen Bronars
Rational Expectations Business Cycles in Search Equilibrium pp. 606-19 Downloads
Peter Diamond and Drew Fudenberg
Entry and Exit Decisions under Uncertainty pp. 620-38 Downloads
Avinash Dixit
The Joint Determination of Union Status and Union Wage Effects: Some Tests of Alternative Models pp. 639-67 Downloads
Chris Robinson
Mechanism Design with Incomplete Information: A Solution to the Implementation Problem pp. 668-91 Downloads
Thomas Palfrey and Sanjay Srivastava
Labor Specialization and the Extent of the Market pp. 692-705 Downloads
Sunwoong Kim
Real Wages, Employment, and the Phillips Curve pp. 706-20 Downloads
Scott Sumner and Stephen Silver
Imitation, Entrepreneurship, and Long-run Growth pp. 721-39 Downloads
James Schmitz
Oil and Macroeconomy When Prices Go Up and Down: An Extension of Hamilton's Results pp. 740-44 Downloads
Knut Anton Mork

1989, volume 97, issue 2

Two Models of Measurements and the Investment Accelerator pp. 251-87 Downloads
Thomas Sargent
Social Security Benefits, Consumption Expenditure, and the Life Cycle Hypothesis pp. 288-304 Downloads
David Wilcox
Consumption and Liquidity Constraints: An Empirical Investigation pp. 305-46 Downloads
Stephen Zeldes
Public Ownership of the External World and Private Ownership of Self pp. 347-67 Downloads
Herve Moulin and John Roemer
Nash Equilibrium Tariffs for the United States and Canada: The Roles of Country Size, Scale Economies, and Capital Mobility pp. 368-86 Downloads
James Markusen and Randall Wigle
The Changing Empirical Definition of Money: Some Estimates from a Model of the Demand for Money Substitutes pp. 387-97 Downloads
Michael Belongia and James Chalfant
Family Resources, Family Size, and Access to Financing for College Education pp. 398-419 Downloads
Jere Behrman, Robert Pollak and Paul Taubman
Unbundling the Voting Rights and Profit Claims of Common Shares pp. 420-43 Downloads
Douglas H Blair, Devra Golbe and James M Gerard
The Welfare Analysis of Product Innovations, with an Application to Computed Tomography Scanners pp. 444-79 Downloads
Manuel Trajtenberg
Palgrave Resurrected: A Review Article pp. 480-96 Downloads
John K Whitaker

1989, volume 97, issue 1

The Prewar Business Cycle Reconsidered: New Estimates of Gross National Product, 1869-1908 pp. 1-37 Downloads
Christina Romer
The Estimation of Prewar Gross National Product: Methodology and New Evidence pp. 38-92 Downloads
Nathan Balke and Robert Gordon
Malthus Was Right after All: Poor Relief and Birth Rates in Southeastern England pp. 93-114 Downloads
George R Boyer
The Safety Regulation of U.S. Nuclear Power Plants: Violations, Inspections, and Abnormal Occurrences pp. 115-54 Downloads
Jonathan Feinstein
A Constant Recontracting Model of Sovereign Debt pp. 155-78 Downloads
Jeremy Bulow and Kenneth Rogoff
The Influence of Household Composition on Household Expenditure Patterns: Theory and Spanish Evidence pp. 179-200 Downloads
Angus Deaton, Javier Ruiz-Castillo and Duncan Thomas
An Experimental Evaluation of Weakest Link/Best Shot Models of Public Goods pp. 201-25 Downloads
Glenn Harrison and Jack Hirshleifer
How to Make the Central Bank Look Good pp. 226-32 Downloads
Dean Taylor
How to Make the Central Bank Look Good: A Reply pp. 233-35 Downloads
Peter Spencer
Transaction Costs and the Interest Parity Theorem: Comment pp. 236-43 Downloads
Esfandiar Maasoumi and John Pippenger
Efficient Pricing and Budgetary Balance pp. 244-49 Downloads
Miles H Sonstegaard
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