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1962, volume 70

Reflections on Investment in Man pp. 1 Downloads
Theodore Schultz
Investment in Human Capital: A Theoretical Analysis pp. 9 Downloads
Gary Becker
Education and Investment in Human Capital pp. 106 Downloads
Burton A. Weisbrod
An Experimental Study of Competitive Market Behavior pp. 111 Downloads
Vernon Smith
Education, Economic Growth, and Gaps in Information pp. 124 Downloads
Edward F. Denison
Health as an Investment pp. 129 Downloads
Selma J. Mushkin
The Homohypallagic Production Function, Factor-Intensity Reversals, and the Heckscher-Ohlin Theorem pp. 138 Downloads
Bagicha S. Minhas
Real Assets and the Theory of Interest pp. 157 Downloads
George Horwich
Forces Producing Disturbances in the Value of Output: A Reply pp. 170 Downloads
Jerome Stein
Forces Producing Disturbances in the Value of Output: Rejoinder pp. 177 Downloads
Clark Warburton
A Note on Disarmament and Effective Demand pp. 183 Downloads
Leslie Fishman
Vault Cash and Free Reserves: Some Evidence pp. 187 Downloads
Jack C. Rothwell
The Incidence of the Corporation Income Tax pp. 215 Downloads
Arnold Harberger
Externalities, Welfare, and the Theory of Games pp. 241 Downloads
Otto A. Davis and Andrew Whinston
Business Cycles, Residential Construction Cycles, and the Mortgage Market pp. 263 Downloads
William W. Alberts
Marshall's Principles After Guillebaud pp. 282 Downloads
George Stigler
Contracted Research and the Case for Big Business pp. 294 Downloads
William L. Baldwin
Weinstein on Featherbedding: A Comment pp. 299 Downloads
N. J. Simler
An Experimental Study of Competitive Market Behavior pp. 322 Downloads
Vernon Smith
Why Visiting Economists Fail pp. 325 Downloads
Dudley Seers
An Expected-Income Measure of Economic Welfare pp. 355 Downloads
Burton A. Weisbrod
Production Functions and Capital Depreciation pp. 368 Downloads
Stephen Enke
Rational Action and Economic Theory pp. 380 Downloads
Israel M. Kirzner
The Friedman Proposal for Auctioning Treasury Bills pp. 386 Downloads
Henry Goldstein
A Note on "Tariffs, the Terms of Trade, and the Distribution of the National Income" pp. 393 Downloads
I. A. McDougall
Foster and Catchings: A Mathematical Reappraisal pp. 400 Downloads
John A. Carlson
Free Reserves Up or Level? pp. 403 Downloads
Haskel Benishay
The Costs of Automobile Model Changes since 1949 pp. 433 Downloads
Franklin M. Fisher, Zvi Griliches and Carl Kaysen
Hours of Work in the United States: A Cross-Sectional Analysis pp. 452 Downloads
T. Aldrich Finegan
Advertising and Cigarettes pp. 471 Downloads
Lester G. Telser
The Demand for Durable Goods: Permanent or Transitory Income? pp. 500 Downloads
Paul E. Smith
Effects of Inflation pp. 521 Downloads
Reuben A. Kessel and Armen Alchian
Labor as a Quasi-Fixed Factor pp. 538 Downloads
Walter Oi
Firm Size and Rate of Growth pp. 556 Downloads
Stephen Hymer and Peter Pashigian
Economic Articles in the Westminister Review and Their Authors, 1824-51 pp. 570 Downloads
Frank W. Fetter
On Total Productivity and All That pp. 597 Downloads
Evsey D. Domar
Counter-Speculation and the Forward Exchange Market: A Comment pp. 609 Downloads
R. Z. Aliber

1961, volume 69

Statistical Tests of Rival Monetary Rules pp. 1 Downloads
M. Bronfenbrenner
The Evaluation of Public Services pp. 107 Downloads
Francesco Forte and James Buchanan
The Financial Development of Japan, 1878-1958 pp. 122 Downloads
David J. Ott
Correct Public Prediction and the Stability of Equilibrium pp. 142 Downloads
Evangelos A. Devletoglou
How Income Ought to be Distributed: Paradox Lost pp. 162 Downloads
Franklin M. Fisher and Jerome Rothenberg
Vault Cash and Free Reserves pp. 181 Downloads
Milton Friedman
Industrial Research and the New Competition pp. 183 Downloads
James S. Worley
The Availability of Term Life and of Health Insurance as Factors Affecting the Demand for Money pp. 187 Downloads
Walter Williams
Problems of Majority Voting: In Defense of Majority Voting pp. 192 Downloads
Anthony Downs
Problems of Majority Voting: Reply to a Traditionalist pp. 200 Downloads
Gordon Tullock
The Economics of Information pp. 213 Downloads
George Stigler
Welfare Aspects of Benefit-Cost Analysis pp. 226 Downloads
John V. Krutilla
Land Values and the Measurement of Highway Benefits pp. 236 Downloads
Herbert Mohring
The Search for a Risk Premium pp. 250 Downloads
Roger W. Gray
Elasticities of Substitution and Constant-Output Demand Curves for Labor pp. 261 Downloads
Jora R. Minasian
How Income Ought To Be Distributed: Paradox Regained pp. 271 Downloads
Robert H. Strotz
Bank Earnings and the Competition for Savings pp. 279 Downloads
William G. Dewald
Bank Earnings and Savings Deposits: A Comment pp. 283 Downloads
Allan R. Drebin
Bank Earnings and the Competition for Savings: A Reply pp. 286 Downloads
Deane Carson
A Method Sometimes Identifying Disturbances Which Produce Changes in Money National Income pp. 288 Downloads
Martin J. Bailey
What Changed Money Income? A Reply pp. 292 Downloads
Jerome Stein
Industrialization, Factor Markets, and Agricultural Development pp. 319 Downloads
William H. Nicholls
The Economic Theory of Socialism: A Suggestion for Reconsideration pp. 341 Downloads
Jan Drewnowski
Flight Insurance and the Theory of Choice pp. 355 Downloads
Robert Eisner and Robert H. Strotz
The Economy of Patronage pp. 369 Downloads
James Q. Wilson
Integration and Competition in the Oil Industry: A Review Article pp. 381 Downloads
Harold F. Williamson and Ralph Louis Andreano
A Note on Convexity of the Aggregate Production Set pp. 386 Downloads
Stanley Reiter
The Valuation of Human Capital pp. 425 Downloads
Burton A. Weisbrod
The Behavior of the Consumer Money Supply since World War II pp. 437 Downloads
E. R. Wicker
The Lag in Effect of Monetary Policy pp. 447 Downloads
Milton Friedman
The Lag in Effect of Monetary Policy: Reply pp. 467 Downloads
J. M. Culbertson
Convexity Assumptions, Allocative Efficiency, and Competitive Equilibrium pp. 478 Downloads
Tjalling Koopmans
On Convexity, Efficiency, and Markets pp. 480 Downloads
Francis M. Bator
On Convexity, Efficiency, and Markets: A Reply pp. 484 Downloads
M. J. Farrell
On Convexity, Efficiency, and Markets: Rejoinder pp. 489 Downloads
Francis M. Bator
Comments on Non-Convexity pp. 490 Downloads
Jerome Rothenberg
Comments on Non-Convexity: Rejoinder pp. 493 Downloads
M. J. Farrell
The Effect of Monopoly: A Correction pp. 494 Downloads
David Schwartzman
Optimal Resource Allocation in an Imperfect Market Setting pp. 529 Downloads
Albert Fishlow and Paul David
A Disaggregated View of Technical Change pp. 547 Downloads
Benton F. Massell
The Effect of Unionization on Wages in the Transit Industry pp. 558 Downloads
Melvin Lurie
The Lemon Prorate in the Long Run pp. 573 Downloads
Roy J. Smith
Forces Producing Disturbances in the Value of Output pp. 587 Downloads
Clark Warburton
The Report of the Commission on Money and Credit pp. 605 Downloads
Karl Brunner
Statistical Tests of Rival Monetary Rules: Quarterly Data Supplement pp. 621 Downloads
M. Bronfenbrenner
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