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1970, volume 78, issue 6

Economic Aid as a Unilateral Transfer of Resources pp. 1213-27 Downloads
George C Abbott
Inflation, the Payments Period, and the Demand for Money pp. 1228-63 Downloads
Robert Barro
Personal Philanthropic Contributions pp. 1264-91 Downloads
Robert A Schwartz
Price, Quality, and Market Share pp. 1292-1309 Downloads
Keith Cowling and A J Rayner
The Issuing of Corporate Securities pp. 1310-24 Downloads
John G Cragg and Nevins D Baxter
Inflation, Specification Bias, and the Impact of Interest Rates pp. 1325-39 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
Real Balances and the Demand for Money pp. 1340-54 Downloads
Douglas Fisher
The Effects of Price Supports on Output and Factor Prices in Agriculture pp. 1355-61 Downloads
Robert Auerbach
Slum Housing: A Proposal pp. 1362-66 Downloads
Stanley Lebergott
A Neglected Issue in Public-Goods Theory: The Monopsony Problem pp. 1367-71 Downloads
Robert L Bish and O'Donoghue, Patrick D
What Makes for a Beautiful Problem in Science? pp. 1372-77 Downloads
Paul Samuelson
A First Lesson in Econometrics pp. 1378-79 Downloads
John Siegfried

1970, volume 78, issue 5

The Marginal Efficiency of Capital, the Internal Rate of Return and Net Present Value: An Analysis of Investment Criteria pp. 1017-27 Downloads
James B Ramsey
Efficiency Aspects of Local School Finance pp. 1028-40 Downloads
Robin Barlow
Social Returns from Public Transport Investment: A Case Study of the Ohio Canal pp. 1041-60 Downloads
Roger L Ransom
Welfare Maximization When Domestic Factor Movement Entails External Diseconomies pp. 1061-68 Downloads
V K Ramaswami
Issue Elasticity in Political Systems pp. 1069-92 Downloads
D A Strickland and R E Johnston
Defense Profits and the Renegotiation Board in the Aerospace Industry pp. 1093-1105 Downloads
A M Agapos and Lowell E Gallaway
Optimal Terms of Foreign Assistance pp. 1106-14 Downloads
Frank, Charles R,
Factor Prices and Technical Change in Agricultural Development: The United States and Japan, 1880-1960 pp. 1115-41 Downloads
Yujiro Hayami and Vernon Ruttan
Excess Capacity in Monopolistic Competition pp. 1142-49 Downloads
Yoram Barzel
The Effective Rates of Protection and the Question of Labor Protection in the United States: A Comment pp. 1150-62 Downloads
Bela Balassa, Stephen E Guisinger and Daniel M Schydlowsky
Work Effort under Proportional and Progressive Taxation pp. 1163-67 Downloads
Henry J Cassidy
Bayesian Analysis and Duopoly Theory pp. 1168-84 Downloads
Richard M Cyert and Morris H DeGroot
McKinnon on Futures Markets and Buffer Stocks pp. 1185-90 Downloads
William Poole
A Note on Advertising and Industrial Concentration pp. 1191-94 Downloads
Morton Schnabel
An Aspect of Inequality of Opportunity pp. 1195-1202 Downloads
Edward F Denison

1970, volume 78, issue 4

Reassessment of Keynes's Views on Money pp. 617-25 Downloads
Roy Harrod
A Welfare Analysis of Latin American Economic Union: Six Industry Studies pp. 626-54 Downloads
Martin Carnoy
Resource Allocation in Traditional Agriculture: A Study of Andhra Pradesh pp. 655-84 Downloads
Wellisz, Stanislaw, et al
Leon Walras in the Light of His Correspondence and Related Papers pp. 685-701 Downloads
Donald A Walker
Economies of Scale, Penrose Effect, Growth of Plants and Their Size Distribution pp. 702-16 Downloads
T Y Shen
General Equilibrium and the Effective Rate of Protection pp. 717-24 Downloads
James Anderson
A Note on the Economic Consequences of the Second Bank of the United States pp. 725-28 Downloads
Stanley L Engerman
The Theory of Optimal Multi-Product Output and Pricing under Joint Costs and Variable Technology pp. 729-44 Downloads
Alan Abouchar
Habit Formation and Dynamic Demand Functions pp. 745-63 Downloads
Robert Pollak
A Critique of Some Recent Empirical Research on the Explanation of the Term Structure of Interest Rates: Comment pp. 764-67 Downloads
Charles Nelson
Corporation Tax Shifting: A Response pp. 768-73 Downloads
Marian Krzyzaniak and Richard A Musgrave
Corporation Tax Shifting: A Rejoinder pp. 774-77 Downloads
John G Cragg, Arnold Harberger and Peter Mieszkowski
Engel's Formula for Estimating the Costs of Producing an Individual: A Note pp. 778-82 Downloads
Elchanan Cohn
The Present Value of the Past pp. 783-92 Downloads
Wolf, Charles,
On Passive Money pp. 805-14 Downloads
Julio H G Olivera
Stabilization Policy-The Chilean Case pp. 815-25 Downloads
Jorge Cauas
Some Reflections on Latin American Industrialization Policy pp. 826-56 Downloads
Joseph Grunwald
Fiscal Policy in Latin America pp. 857-89 Downloads
Albert G Hart
Issues of Land Reform pp. 890-905 Downloads
Edmundo Flores
Agricultural Policy and Land Reform pp. 906-47 Downloads
Solon L Barraclough
Planning in Crisis pp. 948-65 Downloads
Richard D Mallon
Development Alternatives for Latin America pp. 966-1006 Downloads
Hollis B Chenery and Peter Eckstein
Economic Policy Problems in Latin America: A Review pp. 1007-16 Downloads
Arnold Harberger

1970, volume 78, issue 3

Interest Rates and Monetary Policy pp. 431-55 Downloads
William E Gibson
Factor Price Equalization in a Dynamic Economy pp. 456-88 Downloads
Joseph Stiglitz
The Brookings Model in Action: A Review Article pp. 489-525 Downloads
Robert Gordon
The Optimum Enforcement of Laws pp. 526-36 Downloads
George Stigler
A Note on Metzler's Wealth Effect pp. 537-39 Downloads
Paul E Smith
A Note on Interest Parity and the Supply of Arbitrage Funds pp. 540-45 Downloads
Martin Prachowny
The Effective Exchange Rate: Employment and Growth in a Foreign Exchange-Constrained Economy pp. 546-64 Downloads
Richard Nelson
The Aggregation of Heterogeneous Capital Goods and Various Trade Theorems pp. 565-71 Downloads
Keith Acheson
Optimality, 'Public' Goods, and Local Governments: A General Theoretical Analysis pp. 572-85 Downloads
Mark V Pauly
Some Implications of Postwar Primary-Product Trends pp. 586-97 Downloads
Richard C Porter
Toward Experimental Economics pp. 598-607 Downloads
Barry Castro and Kenneth Weingarten

1970, volume 78, issue 2

A Theoretical Framework for Monetary Analysis pp. 193-238 Downloads
Milton Friedman
Trade Credit and the Money Market pp. 239-67 Downloads
Arthur B Laffer
A Sectoral Econometric Study of the Postwar Residential Housing Market: An Opposite View pp. 268-73 Downloads
Lawrence B Smith
A Sectoral Econometric Study of the Postwar Residential Housing Market: Reply pp. 274-78 Downloads
Eugene A Brady
Public Goods, Externalities, and International Relations pp. 279-90 Downloads
Michael Connolly
Measured Productivity and Price Change: Some Empirical Evidence on Service Industry Bias, Motion Picture Theaters pp. 291-305 Downloads
Robert D Lamson
On Equilibrium in Labor Markets pp. 306-10 Downloads
Albert Rees
Information and Consumer Behavior pp. 311-29 Downloads
Phillip Nelson
Domestic Demand and Ability to Export pp. 330-37 Downloads
Giorgio Basevi
Rational Expectations and the Cobweb Theory pp. 338-52 Downloads
B Peter Pashigian
Commercial-Bank Uniqueness pp. 353-55 Downloads
Joseph Aschheim
Optimum International Reserves and the Speed of Adjustment pp. 356-76 Downloads
Peter B Clark
The Effect of Traveling Time on the Demand for Passenger Transportation pp. 377-94 Downloads
Reuben Gronau
Some Further Comments on Drewnowski's Economic Theory of Socialism pp. 395-403 Downloads
Jorn Henrik Petersen
Some Welfare Implications of International Price Stabilization pp. 404-17 Downloads
Benton F Massell
Gupta's Invalid Dichotomy: A Comment pp. 418-20 Downloads
John L Scadding
Marriage Customs and Opportunity Costs pp. 421-23 Downloads
Madelyn L Kafoglis

1970, volume 78, issue 1

Capital Investment in Commercial Banking and Its Relationship to Portfolio Regulation pp. 1-26 Downloads
Sam Peltzman
Factor Proportions and Comparative Advantage in the Long Run pp. 27-34 Downloads
Ronald Findlay
Education in Production pp. 35-59 Downloads
F Welch
Tax Changes Linked to Government Expenditure Changes and the Magnitude of Fluctuations in National Income pp. 60-67 Downloads
David J Smyth
Aggregation of Labor Inputs in the Economics of Growth and Planning: Experiments with a Two-Level CES Function pp. 68-81 Downloads
Samuel Bowles
Cash Reserve Ratios and Banking Reserve Bahavior pp. 82-83 Downloads
J A Galbraith and Anna L Guthrie
Hicks- and Harrod-Neutral Technical Progress and the Relative Stability of a Two-Sector Growth Model with Fixed Coefficients pp. 84-96 Downloads
Raveendra Batra
Matching, Vacancies, and Mobility pp. 97-105 Downloads
Harrison C White
Factor Substitutability and Comparative Advantage: A Comment pp. 106-08 Downloads
M L Eysenbach
Factor Substitutability and Comparative Advantage: Reply pp. 109-11 Downloads
Kanji Haitani
Taxation, Substitution, and Industrial Location pp. 112-32 Downloads
McLure, Charles E,
Consumer's Surplus and Micro-Macro: Comment pp. 133-35 Downloads
Robert Piron
Consumer's Surplus and Micro-Macro: A Reply pp. 135-36 Downloads
Abba P Lerner
Consumer's Surplus and Micro-Macro: Comment on Piron and Lerner pp. 137-38 Downloads
Harry G Johnson
Consumer's Surplus and Micro-Macro: Rejoinder pp. 137 Downloads
Robert Piron
Consumer's Surplus and Micro-Macro: Methodological Epilogue pp. 138-39 Downloads
Abba P Lerner
Flexible Exchange Rates and Oligopoly Pricing: A Study of Canadian Markets pp. 140-51 Downloads
Dunn, Robert M,
The Impossibility of a Paretian Liberal pp. 152-57 Downloads
Amartya Sen
Factor Prices, Factor Proportions, and Regional Factor Endowments pp. 158-64 Downloads
John Moroney
On the Economics of Law and Order pp. 165-74 Downloads
John R Harris
Criteria for Public Investment: A Comment pp. 175-77 Downloads
William H Oakland
Criteria for Public Investment: A Reply pp. 178-80 Downloads
E J Mishan
Some Observations on the Causes and Consequences of the Shortage of Change in Northeast Brazil pp. 181-84 Downloads
Herman E Daly
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