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1971, volume 79, issue 6

Measuring Human Capital Returns pp. 1195-1215 Downloads
C M Lindsay
Economic Stabilization in Wartime: A Comparative Case Study of Korea and Vietnam pp. 1216-43 Downloads
G E Makinen
Do Blacks Pay More for Housing? pp. 1244-57 Downloads
Victoria Lapham
Collusion and Entry pp. 1258-77 Downloads
John T Wenders
Executive Motivations, Earnings, and Consequent Equity Performance pp. 1278-92 Downloads
Robert Tempest Masson
Safety Margins and Profit Maximization in the Theory of the Firm pp. 1293-1301 Downloads
Richard H Day, Dennis J Aigner and Kenneth R Smith
An Economic Model of a Professional Sports League pp. 1302-19 Downloads
Mohamed El-Hodiri and James Quirk
Optimal Replacement of Capital Goods: The Early New England and British Textile Firm pp. 1320-34 Downloads
Jeffrey Williamson
Investment and the Rate of Interest pp. 1335-45 Downloads
Agnar Sandmo
Consumer Discount Rate and the Horizon: New Evidence pp. 1346-59 Downloads
Michael Landsberger
Optimal Commodity and Trade Taxes pp. 1360-68 Downloads
Rüdiger Dornbusch
Marshall and Turvey on Peak Load or Joint Product Pricing pp. 1369-77 Downloads
Michael Crew and Paul R Kleindorfer
Residential Location in a Three-dimensional City pp. 1378-87 Downloads
Colin Wright
Applications of a Theorem by Scarf on Cooperative Solutions to N-Person Games to Problems of Disarmament pp. 1388-96 Downloads
Peter Jason Kalman
The Possibility of a Paretian Liberal: Impossibility Theorems and Cardinal Utility pp. 1397-1402 Downloads
Yew-Kwang Ng
The Impossibility of a Paretian Liberal: Comment by Two Who are Unreconstructed pp. 1403-05 Downloads
Claude Hillinger and Victoria Lapham
The Impossibility of a Paretian Liberal: Reply pp. 1406-07 Downloads
Amartya Sen
The Balanced-Budget Policy and Income Stability pp. 1408-11 Downloads
Oystein Pettersen
Capital Formation by Expenditures on Education in 1960 pp. 1412-17 Downloads
Lewis C Solmon
Cash Reserve Ratios and Banking Reserve Behavior pp. 1418-19 Downloads
Phaup, Marvin M,
Cash Reserves Ratios and Banking Reserves Behavior: A Clarification pp. 1420-21 Downloads
J A Galbraith and Anna L Guthrie

1971, volume 79, issue 5

Money, Interest, and Prices in Market Disequilibrium pp. 943-61 Downloads
Herschel Grossman
The Optimal Rate of Secular Inflation pp. 962-82 Downloads
Prakash Lohani and Earl A Thompson
Technological Externalities and Resource Allocation pp. 983-1001 Downloads
Lawrence D Schall
Notes on the Economics of Infinity pp. 1002-11 Downloads
Karl Shell
Migration Flows, Their Determinants and the Effects of Return Migration pp. 1012-31 Downloads
John Vanderkamp
Rates of Amortization of Advertising Expenditures pp. 1032-58 Downloads
Yoram Peles
The Theory of the Multinational Firm: Optimal Behavior under Different Tariff and Tax Rates pp. 1059-72 Downloads
Thomas Horst
A Theory of Risk Preference in Gambling pp. 1073-83 Downloads
Jagdish Handa
Alienation, Freedom, and Economic Organization pp. 1084-94 Downloads
Edwin G Dolan
The Square-Root Law of Precautionary Reserves pp. 1095-1104 Downloads
Julio H G Olivera
Ibn Khaldun: A Fourteenth-Century Economist pp. 1105-18 Downloads
Jean David C Boulakia
Joint Products, Collective Goods, and External Effects: Comment pp. 1119-28 Downloads
David Bradford
Joint Products, Collective Goods, and External Effects: Comment pp. 1129-35 Downloads
Estelle James
Joint Products, Collective Goods, and External Effects: Comment pp. 1136-37 Downloads
Neil M Singer
Joint Products, Collective Goods, and External Effects: Comment pp. 1138-40 Downloads
J Hayden Boyd
Joint Products, Collective Goods, and External Effects: Reply pp. 1141-50 Downloads
E J Mishan
Area Employment Conditions and Labor-Force Participation: A Microstudy pp. 1151-60 Downloads
Malcolm Cohen, Robert Lerman and Samuel Rea
The Demand for Money and the Price Level pp. 1161-70 Downloads
Dean S Dutton
A Note on United States Direct Investment and Human Capital pp. 1171-75 Downloads
Raymond Lubitz
The Welfare Implications of Homosexuality pp. 1176-77 Downloads
Falero, Frank,

1971, volume 79, issue 4

Evaluation of Life and Limb: A Theoretical Approach pp. 687-705 Downloads
E J Mishan
A Study of the Effects of Competition in the Tax-exempt Bond Market pp. 706-38 Downloads
Reuben Kessel
Short-Term Capital Movements of the United Kingdom, 1963-1967 pp. 739-75 Downloads
Zoran Hodjera
Using a Probabilistic Frontier Production Function to Measure Technical Efficiency pp. 776-94 Downloads
Charles Timmer
Interprovincial Migration in Canada as a Human Capital Decision pp. 795-804 Downloads
Gene Laber and Richard X Chase
Banks' Demand for Excess Reserves pp. 805-25 Downloads
Peter A Frost
Assessing the Dynamic Efficiency of Automatic Stabilizers pp. 826-45 Downloads
John Helliwell and Fred Gorbet
Government Revenue from Inflation pp. 846-56 Downloads
Milton Friedman
The Response of Prices and Income to Monetary Policy: An Analysis Based upon a Differential Phillips Curve pp. 857-66 Downloads
David W Peterson, Eugene M Lerner and Edward J Lusk
Reversals of Assumptions and Implications pp. 867-77 Downloads
Louis De Alessi
Productive Efficiency in the Steam-Electric Generating Industry pp. 878-86 Downloads
Wesley D Seitz
Resource Allocation in Traditional Agriculture: Republican China, 1937-1940 pp. 887-96 Downloads
Scott R Dittrich and Ramon H Myers
The Effect of Minimum Wages on Teenage Unemployment Rates pp. 897-902 Downloads
Thomas Gale Moore
Some Substitution Effects in the Location Decision of a Firm pp. 903-08 Downloads
W David C Wright
The "Bridge Game" Economy: An Example of Indivisibilities pp. 909-12 Downloads
Martin Shubik
Public Decisions as Public Goods pp. 913-18 Downloads
Gordon Tullock
The Contract Curve and the Production Possibility Curve pp. 919-23 Downloads
Frank S T Hsiao
Profitability of Monopolization by Vertical Integration pp. 924-25 Downloads
John M Vernon and Daniel A Graham
A Note on Transport Costs and the Choice of a Tariff Valuation Base pp. 926-28 Downloads
Waters, W G,
Joint Products and On-the-Job Training pp. 929-31 Downloads
A G Holtmann
On the Regulation of Industry: A Correction pp. 932 Downloads
Lester G Telser
The Inverted Tetrahexahedron: A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Strucutre of the ICBM pp. 933-37 Downloads
Dudley G Luckett

1971, volume 79, issue 3

A Theory of Foreign Exchange Speculation under Alternative Systems pp. 407-36 Downloads
E. Canterbery
Distortions in Factor Markets and the General Equilibrium Model of Production pp. 437-59 Downloads
Ronald W Jones
The Interdependence between Income and Education pp. 460-80 Downloads
George S Tolley and E Olson
An Application of the Shephard Duality Theorem: A Generalized Leontief Production Function pp. 481-507 Downloads
Walter Diewert
Efficiency, Distribution, and the Role of Government in a Market Economy pp. 508-26 Downloads
Paul Feldman
Costs and Benefits of Medical Research: A Case Study of Poliomyelitis pp. 527-44 Downloads
Burton A Weisbrod
Differential Capital Charges and Resource Allocation in Soviet Industry pp. 545-61 Downloads
Judith Thornton
Oskar Lange's Theory of Socialist Planning pp. 562-77 Downloads
Paul Craig Roberts
Uncertainty, Entrepreneurship, and Sharecropping in India pp. 578-95 Downloads
C H Hanumantha Rao
Price Trends, Economic Growth, and the Canadian Balance of Trade: A Three-Country Model pp. 596-613 Downloads
Roger Sedjo
Effect on Prices of Japan's Entry into World Commerce after 1858 pp. 614-28 Downloads
J Richard Huber
What Went Wrong? pp. 629-41 Downloads
Robert Eisner
Preferences, Separability, and the Patinkin Model pp. 642-51 Downloads
Cliff Lloyd
The Relationship between Permanent Income and Measured Variables pp. 652-60 Downloads
M V Arak and Alan Spiro
American Inventiveness, 1870-1920 pp. 661-67 Downloads
Robert Higgs
On Domestic Demand and Ability to Export pp. 668-72 Downloads
Jacob A Frenkel
On Domestic Demand and Ability to Export: An Additional Comment pp. 673-74 Downloads
Giorgio Basevi
A Simple Macroeconomic Model with a Government Budget Restraint: A Comment pp. 675-79 Downloads
Frank G Steindl
Some Additional Comments on the Effect of Various Marketing Systems of the Prices of Alcoholic Beverages pp. 680-81 Downloads
Sidney M Blumner and Ralph B Hutchinson

1971, volume 79, issue 2

Investment, Scale, and Growth pp. 214-31 Downloads
Yoram Barzel
Research and Development in Industrial Growth pp. 232-56 Downloads
William N Leonard
Optimal Forward Exchange Positions pp. 257-69 Downloads
Hayne Leland
The Theory of Asset Choice: Simultaneous Holding of Short and Long Positions in the Futures Market pp. 270-93 Downloads
Nicholas W Schrock
The Effect on White Incomes of Discrimination in Employment pp. 294-313 Downloads
Barbara R Bergmann
Effects of Mergers and Acquisitions on Business Firm Concentration pp. 314-22 Downloads
Yuji Ijiri and Herbert Simon
A Monetary Theory of Nominal Income pp. 323-37 Downloads
Milton Friedman
Women versus the Malthusian Trap: The Cosmetic Motive for Birth Control pp. 338-44 Downloads
Martin Gerhard Giesbrecht
Interindustry Flows and Meade's Second-Best Index pp. 345-50 Downloads
Jaroslav Vanek
Futures Markets and Buffer Stocks: A Reply to William Poole pp. 351-55 Downloads
Ronald McKinnon
On the Regulation of Industry: A Reply pp. 356-63 Downloads
Harold Demsetz
On the Regulation of Industry: Rejoinder pp. 364-65 Downloads
Lester G Telser
Comment on Returns to Scale and Growth pp. 366-67 Downloads
Thomas J Finn and Koteswara Rao Kadiyala
A Note on the Houthakker-Taylor Demand Analysis pp. 368-71 Downloads
John W L Winder
'Forced Saving' and the Rate of Interest pp. 372-75 Downloads
Morris Perlman

1971, volume 79, issue 1

A Bargaining Model of the Pure Theory of Public Expenditure pp. 1-29 Downloads
Hirofumi Shibata
Risk, Return, and Equilibrium pp. 30-55 Downloads
Eugene Fama
The Demand for Leisure pp. 56-76 Downloads
John D Owen
The Adjustment of the Economy to Monetary Changes pp. 77-96 Downloads
Burton Zwick
Capacity and Market Structure pp. 97-113 Downloads
S Sankar Sengupta
On Optimizing 'Gains' from Pakistan's Export Bonus Scheme pp. 114-27 Downloads
Syed Nawab Haider Naqvi
The Use of Effective Tariffs pp. 128-41 Downloads
Benjamin I Cohen
The Analysis of Public Policy in Dynamic Urban Models pp. 142-53 Downloads
Wallace Oates, E. Howrey and William Baumol
Patterns of Hospital Use: An Analysis of Short-Run Variations pp. 154-65 Downloads
John A Rafferty
Some Theorems in the Theory of Efficient Transfers pp. 166-76 Downloads
Edgar Olsen
Measuring the Permanent Income of a Household: An Experiment in Methodology pp. 177-85 Downloads
R Ramanathan
Hyperinflation and the Dynamics of the Demand for Money in China, 1945-1949 pp. 186-95 Downloads
Teh-wei Hu
"Drewnowski's Economic Theory of Socialism," by Paul Craig Roberts: A Reply pp. 196-99 Downloads
Jan Drewnowski
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